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Two Illyas
Date of Scene: 29 November 2014
Location: Asian Plains
Synopsis: Chloe takes the Union to fix up Fuyuki's leylines and runs into an old acquaintance and an old enemy. Poor Illya is left as confused as ever, and Shirou never catches a break.
Cast of Characters: Maya, 560, 591, 594, 617, 641

Chloe von Einzbern (617) has posed:
Fuyuki City by night. This clandestine gathering for the sake of Leyline repairs will be taking place in the Old Town section of the city. The metropolitan lights of the skyscrapers and towering newer city can be seen not too far off in the distance, as Chloe von Einzbern waits for her crack team of magical engineers on the edge of a large bridge of red steel.

It's quiet tonight, owing to the late time, and most people already being home from work and school and just now starting to get ready for bed. Which might make a lone, foriegn-looking girl with dark skin seem so utterly out of place where she waits by the guard rail at the edge of the water, tapping her foot impatiently.

Aoko Aozaki (591) has posed:
    The network of leylines under Fuyuki is almost unmatched. It's might only be number two in Japan, but in terms of being interesting, it's number one. The Aozaki land might be spiritually superior but it can't be said a whole lot happens there as a result of the laylines. Meanwhile, Fuyuki City is... well.

    That's why it doesn't take a whole lot of effort for Aoko to convince herself she needs to be here. The woman with the long, long crimson hair and contrasting blue eyes appears, in a white t-shirt and jeans. She's carrying a big briefcase in one hand, the sort you could fit a small person inside. That's a completely arbitrary unit of measurement but you get the idea.

    She is smiling, but when is she ever not?

    "Hi, hi! So! What are we doing besides watching?"

Maya has posed:
Maya was dressed to more fit this world, a shirt, cargo pants, a strange wrist bit which was actually a computer kinda akin to a pip boy but not made to destroy one's wrists to use them. EIther way she looked far less noticable than she would hav coming in her leather armour. SO here she was she'd heard the call out and it would be easy enough to find their contact Chloe would catch sight of her.

"Hey, sorry I took a bit to get here."

She pauses at Aoko and gives the red headed woman a nod.

Emiya Shirou (560) has posed:
    Traveling through a Fuyuki that's not his own is unnerving to Emiya Shirou. He's utterly resisting the urge to traverse any of his normal haunts and takes a roundabout path to reach the given address. ONe day he'll find his Fuyuki, but in the meantime he doesn't want to confound anyone. If Taiga found a second Shirou, it could be really bad. He's not sure for who - him, or the other Shirou - but there would be all kinds of weirdness. That beast must be placated at all costs!

    So he comes biking in wearing his jacket. Under it he's got a different set of modern armor ganked from the Union armory, since the last set got shredded by Odin...

    It doesn't take him long to stroll up to Chloe after tucking his bike away off to the side. His dark-skinned little sister receives a friendly smile in greeting. "Yo. This is the spot?" He's just a BIIIIIIT confounded.

    He wasn't imagining that a ley line ran through Fuyuki across the bridge... he turns to briefly wave at Aoko, too! "Does that make two people who are foreigners but aren't here tonight? This is weird...."

Chloe von Einzbern (617) has posed:
This looks like everyone then. So Chloe is about as non-chalant as can be when Aoko, Maya, and Shirou arrive, propped against a metal beam, drumming fingers on her arm to pass the time. "Oh good you're all here. So." So. About that thing she said was going on. "Just before I ditched out on this world there was kind of sort of a Grail War scale incident going on. Not exactly the same, but there were some problems involving Heroic Spirits. It was all pretty done and handled though, but the leylines have been a little screwy ever since. Last disturbance popped up around here, so we're just going to nose our way into the Mirror World to see if anything needs fixing, and then get out of dodge before anyone notices we were here."

Easy enough, so Chloe motions for the crew to sidle up closer as she takes to a knee. What would normally be a complex and intricate thaumaturgical ritual is handled in... Seconds, without incantation, and not even bothering for any formality in the least as a shimmering circle of light spreads from her feet, opening a glowing portal. Reality and the world all around seems to get fuzzy, splitting as if a sudden bout of double vision overcame everything, and then levelling out again. The surroundings are the same. Except there are no lights from the skyscrapers in the distance. Light pollution is gone, but the sky is completely starless.

There are craters on the ground. Pockmarcks and giant gouges in the earth and concrete. Like a battle was fought here. And a single figure stands in the middle of it all.

Gold eyes widen significantly as Chloe spots her. "... Hoh... I remember you..."

A figure in dark armor; as black as the night sky, a dark visor shrouding her face. She is short, but that does nothing to reduce the aura of menace that surrounds the woman; pale platinum hair bound up in a braid, she says nothing. Simply shifting her grip on the black and red blade in her hand. In an instant the woman is off like a bullet, a mighty swipe of that blade causes a ringing SHATTER of a wall of swords to break, cleaved in twain the blow is blunted just enough to not be fatal as Chloe is launched aside and put through a nearby wall.

Because her attention shifts as she aims to bring that blade down upon Aoko, next.

Maya has posed:
Maya humms as shelistens to Chloe and nods a little bit.

"I see that can be a thing magic can be a fickle thing no matter the world one is on."

She pauses for a moment as the magic gets going and suddnely things are strnge she holds her head and she looks about and stares at a place without the stars and light. She then looks at the fitgure in dark armour she stares there's an abaject look of horror on Maya's face. She seems to know this w woman ow what might be going on. She leaps back she's already summoning magic without even holding back there's gouts of blue fire leeching form Maya's body she's not screwing about.

"Fight with everything you have, do not hold back. She will have no mercy for us."

Maya's tone is utterly serious and sounding more than a little horrifed. Memories of the last Grail war she was involved in come back to her full force. Sakura, Saber, /all/ of it. Maya unleahes several cards sening a pillar of flame at the hostile attacker. Maya clearly has an idea of whom it is...

Aoko Aozaki (591) has posed:
    "Oh yeah. From what I know about the Grail business that stuff could seriously mess up the leylines, no wonder you're having problems here," Aoko popcorns, though she perks a brow at the Mirror World deal. First time she hears about THAT. Not that she minds. Surprises make everything more interesting. Her grin pretty much widens at the idea of the unknown!

    But the unknown, eventually, just looks like a Saber clone.

    "Huh? Hey, isn't that--"
    Saber, sure is.

    In an instant the Heroic Spirit puts Chloe out of the fight, and is upon Aoko. She sighs, the kind of heavy, 'I want to play around more :(' sigh. In the fraction of a second it takes for the darkened Excalibur to come down, the red-headed magus goes from idle, to a fist raised. The tiny handful of Magic Circuits in her body make a ruckus like a jet engine, and the impact of the blade craters the ground in a way indicative of a blow that'd reduce a man into slag.

    But she's still standing, one hand holding the briefcase idly, the other up, having caught the blade. Her knees almost give in, but her hand sure isn't. "Ah, geez. I don't like showing off, I wanted to take a look at the leylines."

    Her right foot smashes into the ground. A pillar of blue light erupts from under Saber, pure mana, and there's enough of it even that magic resistance won't do a thing. Aoko leaps several feet back, to land behind Shirou.

    "Your turn, Shirou! I want to see what you can do~."

Emiya Shirou (560) has posed:
    What the heck is Chloe up to?! Shirou's initially confounded by the sudden shifting and weird Magecraft at work. He glances about with increasing alarm, hands coming out of his pockets again and tension hitting maximum the moment he sees the remains of a battlefield. What the heck happened here?!

    "What is--..."

    Then his attention falls across Saber Alter. It's hard to say whether he's looking more at her sword or her visored face, but he'd recognize that armor style and dress almost anywhere. He's seen it only a few times, but the figure's engraved in his soul by now. The figure he's been trying to approach, the ruler of the town he's been breaking his back to help...

    But so, oh so very wrong. "S....Saber...?!"

    It's not her, is it? It can't be her!


    "Th-this is crazy! Saber, stop!!"

    He doesn't even really want to admit that this strange aberration is her.

    But it holds That Sword.

    Even tainted black, even though he has never seen it before, something in Shirou instinctively recognizes That Sword.

    The image that's tormented his dreams for a long time...

    "TRACE ON!"

    Just as Aoko's dealing with the slash, Shirou's running with every bit of speed he has to try and protect her. He's too late of course, but Kanshou and Bakuya are in his grasp within an instant!

    And Shirou's not attacking. The magus instead takes a defensive posture in front of Aoko. "Are you kidding?! She's too much for us! What's wrong with Saber in this world?!"

    He can't beat Sir Bedivere in swordsmanship. He's not even sure he could do it with Kanshou and Bakuya. How can he possibly take on Saber?!

    Though he bites his tongue a moment later, glancing at Chloe and then Aoko. However Aoko parried Excalibur, he doubts she can do that again... and Chloe took a nasty blow. If HE doesn't step up, then is everyone toast?

    He's not sure if Maya can keep her busy unless she's at range, either...


    "Guess I've got no choice but to take her on head-on... great....!"

    Not one bit of him isn't full of fear. But Shirou is no coward.

    Considering himself isn't an option. If it was just him, he would run. But there are others who are much more important than he is here!

    So he takes a step towards the mad Servant, and rushes in to launch a flurry with Kanshou and bakuya.

    Knowing Saber though, only the first strike will be his own. The rest will be just trying to keep her from cutting him in two.

Illya von Einzbern (641) has posed:
"Illya! Pay attention!"
Illya leaned over in an alleyway in her gym uniform, panting heavily as she looks up at the floating winged and circular talking emblem. The girls red eyes are wide. "Where's Rin-san?" She asks as she takes off again, getting out of sight from the actual normal people that live in Fuyuki City.

"I don't know! We can do this without her though!"

Magical Ruby takes to the skies for a brief moment.

"It's safe!"
"Right, let's go!"

Cue one magical girl transformation. Surrounded by a field of bubbles and clothed in golden light, Illya floats through the sky as her pink outfit takes form, before she takes to the air as magical energy springs in two giant wings from her back as she leaps forward to grab Magical Ruby, before taking off into the air, heading for the not that far away bridge.

"Huh." Magical Ruby says, then falls silent.

Illya is instantly afraid. Ruby is never this quiet.


"Focus, Illya! This is not time for you to be off chasing Miyu in your thoughts!"

"Ehhhh, you perverted old stick!"

Ruby performs the transformation into the Mirror World as normal, although Illya is surprised by the fact that Ruby twists himself in her grip, and even more surprised by the sight of Saber Alter going after-- wait, was that Chloe? Who are the rest of these people? Where's Rin and Luvia?!

Why doesn't anything make sense anymore?!

It's hard being a magical girl, it's hard and n-- well, a lot of people understand, actually, Illya is going to learn. Illya somehow gains speed for going as fast as she is - creativity, etc, etc, and spots the crowd. Ruby takes a breath at the sight of Aoko, while Illya takes in the fact that Chloe, Saber Alter, and Shirou are all the-- wait, back up five steps. Shirou?!


She hefts Magical Ruby, and there there is light, of the brightest, pinkest color from a figure in the air as Illya dives in towards Saber Alter without a second thought.

Chloe von Einzbern (617) has posed:
Things are already starting out pretty badly. Chloe is limp as she lurches out of the hole in the concrete, and looks to be utterly knocked out cold after that blow. She may have the endurance of a Heroic Spirit, but she was practically caught completely flat-footed there, and isn't going to be getting up. Which means Shirou, Aoko, and Maya are on their own.

Fortunately Aoko and Maya are already adept magical POWERHOUSES.

Though Saber has an immensely high level of magic resistance, the flames scorch her- and the sudden pillar of mana from below causes her to JINK aside. Rather than eat it head on, she relies on that inhuman speed to keep from being engulfed, jerking her head back. Not fast enough however, as that visor CRACKS, falling apart to undoubtedly reveal the face of Arturia Pendragon, the Once and Future King. And with Shirou on her path to Aoko, the blonde King SCOWLS. No words. She doesn't respond to the youth's please nor entreaties. More akin to a Berserker in mindset, yet with all the cunning grace and skill of the Saber she is, she rushes for Shirou, Excalibur swinging mightily.

Before Illyasviel von Einzbern arrives. In an instant, Saber's blade is NOT stayed, but rather she seeks to cleave THROUGH Shirou, Aoko behind him, and then turn herself upon the silver-haired child with a snarled roar of unrestrained violence, meeting her rush head on with a vicious swing of one gauntlet-clad fist.

Maya has posed:
Maya says "Stand fast..."

Maya has an idea of what Saber can do, but she's also clearly not going to hold back here she's going to keep Saber after her hopefully for the other.

"Come for for me!"

Then comes something else something she did not expect /at all/ A magical girl?! From this world? What in Marduk and Kyra's name?! She has no idea now but she does know she has to fight or she's going to not die here. Then again against Saber this is no laughing matter, no the fallen one true king of England never has and never will be a joke or a cake walk.

Maya does not stop the magic no, given Sabers in a whole lot of metal the lightning bolts from her finger tips comes up in short order.

Aoko Aozaki (591) has posed:
    To tip her hand, or not?

    Even at the elevated stats of a Servant-tier entity, the very worst case scenario is that this is an even fight for Aoko. The more likely scenario is that she's a very slight nudge ahead. That, though, that involves actually breaking the (admittedly awful) facade of being just a third-rate magus.

    That little reinforcement stunt, catching Excalibur, will have to be the most of it she shows for today. No, really, she'd rather see what this magical girl can do now, and the old man's stick with her.

    The red-head uses her briefcase like a shield-- if Saber swings fast, Aoko brings that thing up just as easily. The wooden and leather trunk shouldn't be able to withstand repeated sword strikes, much less from someone that strong, but it seems to be nigh-impervious to harm. Doesn't stop the fact it's Aoko's arms that tank the impacts instead of the briefcase being damaged, but the magus doesn't seem to be having the slightest bit of trouble keeping up.

    "Shirou~! You should assist Illya, I think her presence is making the Servant angry." Stating the obvious there, but might as well stop Shirou from trying to protect Aoko too much.

Emiya Shirou (560) has posed:
    That face is jarring and hard on Shirou's heart. He easily recognizes that this is not Saber, but it still is. He doesn't want to take her on, and he doubts he can win. But if he can just hold out... maybe Chloe can wake up, maybe Aoko can do something. Or maya!

    Shirou's got few options. He is mighty strong - stronger even than Saber, if she wasn't using magic. But she is, and each blow against Kanshou and Bakuya shaves away the starmetal blades while threatening to tear his arms up. Each blow he parries is by the skin of his teeth and increasingly riskier and weaker. After a dozen exchanges Kanshou explodes into fragments and Shirou barely turns Black Excalibur aside using Bakuya. But the sword cracks even as he rolls away... jsut as Saber's attention turns.

    Oh no.

    Shirou looks up from the ground, spotting... that's not Chloe?! Same face, same size, same world... which means...

    "I-.... Illya...?!" more wondering than shocked.

    She's flying.

    She's flying, and Saber Alter is STILL TAKING HER ON!

    Shirou's not sure which of the two is crazier. But he just pushes up to his feet despite how much his arm muscles protest being pushed into action again.

    Losing an arm is nothing to losing his fellows. In the Multiverse, he might even be able to have it replaced!

    Focus. Focus. Gritting his teeth, closing his eyes briefly, Shirou once again brings the images of the paired swords to mind... and instantly Kanshou and Bakuya are back in his hands. But he doesn't close in this time. Instead he HURLS them straight at Saber's back!

    Then a THIRD set appear in his hands and he throws them out to the side. TWO PAIRS close in on the Saber manifestation... can she block all four blades from cleaving into her?!

    Then a FOURTH pair appears in Shirou's hands, and he goes defensive to see if he can expose an opening... before Saber cuts Illya apart!

Illya von Einzbern (641) has posed:
Illya wasn't expecting a fist. It takes her in the side, sending the pink clad magical girl reeling across the battlefield as she reorients herself onto her feet, skidding backwards. "That hurt!" She cries, briefly childish for a moment. Sorry, Chloe.

On the flip side, Illya has no idea what kind of chaos she just threw Chloe, Shirou, and Aoko into. She immediately catapults back into the air again, flying on invisible wings without an issue. Let's see... she's fought and beaten Saber Alter once. She remembers that. That requires a card she does not have.

Chloe, unconcious, currently holds that.

She puts a hand to her leg, pulling a small card out from the brown packet. She pulls out a gold striped card and holds it forward - it holds the symbol of a Lancer. She starts flying towards Saber Alter, holding the card to Magical Ruby. "Class Card Lancer... Install!"

There's a flare of magical aura, and when it stops, Illya is standing there in a skintight blue, black, and white suit, her long hair done up to the left side of her head in a holder. She is now armed with a intricate long red spear - one that anyone who spent enough time researching the Grail War as Gae Bolg. She lands neatly on her feet, then darts forward, running slowly then gaining speed.

She then skids to a stop, thrusting the spear forward. "Gae!" She shouts. A sudden beam of red light emanates from the spear, thrusting through the air, heading irrevocably towards Saber Alter - darting around Maya, Aoko, and Shirou to go straight for the Servants' heart. "BOLG!"

Chloe von Einzbern (617) has posed:
With Aoko weathering her assault and Maya flooding her body with lightning, Saber is slowed. Yet still, as Shirou struggles to keep up in the onslaught melee, when the Servant's attention is turned fully upon the magical girl, it presents a perfect opening. Kanshou and Bakuya strike true, and score rending gouges in dark armor. Servant she may be, Saber bleeds, and what bleeds can be killed.

As her gauntlet reels back from striking Illya, she steps forward, singlemindedly pressing her mindless assault, raising her sword high, it begins to glow with a vibrant, golden, light. As bright as the sun...


Aiming to cur all EVERYONE DOWN with her Noble Phantasm as she floods it with power.


Yet it doesn't happen.

The spear is thrown.

The heart is pierced.

The red light of Gae Bolg slams her dead in the chest. And with a clatter The Sword of Promised Victory falls to the ground- followed by its wielder. But what lands is not an armored body. It's a single card, inscribed with the word Saber, and a stylized image of an armor clad knight.

This however does not stop the STREAK of red lancing from out of nowhere. The sudden CLASH of white and black swords on Illya's spear as...

Chloe flings herself in an attack, eyes clouded with murderous intent.

"And here I thought I had gotten away from you... I can't even take a nap without some rookie eating a body blow that wakes me up."

Maya has posed:
Maya is now bracing for it she's getting ready and now wait there's a little girl Lancer?! Cu she is not but wait that weapon looks totally legit and down goes Saber. Which turns into card? Wait what?! Maya just /stares/. She holds a card of her own in hand just /staring at it/.

"Did...that just happen...?!"

Aoko Aozaki (591) has posed:
    "Ooooh. A reverse of causality~. Fancy!"

    Aoko, over there in the back row now, has an eye for things like that. Well, magic in general. It's a thing every good magus learns to do eventually admittedly. Pity she still hasn't figured out how to look at Servant stats. She really needs to ask a real master how the hell THAT works.

    "No, wait, that's not what I should be gawking about! Aww, where would I even start?" With the battle winding down, she walks past Shirou, pats him on the shoulder, and then staaaaaaares at Illya, still smiling. "Hello hello! Aozaki Aoko, I love magical girls. Can I have an autograph?" She produces a pen and notepad, on cue. It's legit! "Hiiii Ruby. How's the old man treating you? I'm gonna guess awful since you're with an actual person instead of him now!"

Illya von Einzbern (641) has posed:
Aaaand there's Chloe.

It's almost like this is Illya's life n-- wait a second.

Gae Bolg is brought up, the red spear meeting the twin swords with a crash as Illya stares at her own self, her sister, her own red eyes sparkling. "What is going on, anyways? Big brother? Who are these people? What was Saber doing out of the Class Card?"

These are important questions. Rin will praise her later.

"Chloe, I don't want to figh--" Her head snaps to Aoko. "You know Ruby?" The winged wand flits about in delight. "It's not too bad, once they learn. This one, of course, impossible." He says, floating around Illya's head.

"Heeeey..." Illya whines as she backs away from Chloe. She doesn't want a fight.

Aoko Aozaki (591) has posed:
    "I wouldn't say know! I would say I talk with Ruby's creator every once in a while. The last time I saw them they were confined to a chest in the Clock Tower! Ah, well... you know, normally I'd preface that with 'the one in my world' but the old man and his toys happen to like jumping dimensions, so there's no way to be sure, ha ha ha~."

    Aoko, for that matter, has no idea if there is only one Zelretch, or tons of him.
    You know, one per world.
    She finds the prospect hilarious, though.

    "Ah, sorry, sorry. I'm nobody, don't worry! Chloe asked us for help to check out what was making the leylines act weird. I guess you didn't need our help at all! I just want to ask you a dozen questions but this is an awful time and place, maybe another time over tea. So! Is everything fixed now?"

    Kinda FEELS like it, but she hasn't adjusted enough yet to tell.

Emiya Shirou (560) has posed:
    Shirou recognizes Gae Bolg's cursed properties very quickly, even if he can't consciously put words to them. That weapon is ominous, and the transformation that made it appear on such a young girl - supposedly, his sister?! - is astounding.

    "Don't get near her, she's--"

    Shirou's heroic concern for Illya is apparently misplaced.

    His breath catches in his throat. A Noble Phantasm's thrown.

    A mockery of the Once and Future King is slain.

    And a Card falls to the ground.

    "... get hurt..."

    The boy's now just staring, amber-eyes wide and full of disbelief. His jaw's gaping a little...

    Even more so with Chloe making a recovery and bringing up the sword of promised victory. "A-ahhh!" Even though the weapon's true power is not unleashed, Shirou sees Chloe going for... Illya. the pat from Aoko is disregarded except for a sheepish, brief grunt and--

    "Stop! Stop fighting! ... I don't get what's going on here but are you two sisters or something?! ... Sisters shouldn't be fighting! We just beat the.... enemy..." He's hesitant to apply that word to that face...

Chloe von Einzbern (617) has posed:
Teeth grit. Kanshou and Bakuya rattle against Gae Bolg, hard enough to frighteningly crack the star metal blades. It takes a moment before Chloe grunts and disengages herself from Illya with a "Tch..."

The reason might become more readily apparent when she holds her side; wincing with pain, grasping the same place Illya got hurt, rather than her own injuries. Maya is trapped in disbelief. Aoko is chatting with Ruby like old friends. And Shirou is interjecting himself into Chloe's business now. The whole situation turns sour in Chloe von Einzbern's mouth very fast.

"I leave for a little bit and you lose the Saber Card again. You really are hopeless." She grunts before tossing her swords aside and simply beginning to walk away. "I'm not in the mood to deal with this anymore." Announced simply as she gets walking. "Have little miss goody goody over there take you back or something." Muttered before Chloe simply just... Leaves.

Illya von Einzbern (641) has posed:
Chloe runs off and Illya makes a childish exasperated noise. "Ruby--"

She doesn't finish her sentence before they're all transported out of the Mirror World, Illya sliding the Saber card into her little pouch. There's a long pause then she abruptly detransforms back into her normal gym uniform, looking up at the dark sky. "Thank you for your assistance!" She finally remembers to say, belatedly.

She glances at Shirou. "You're not /my/ onii-chan, are you?" She sounds heartbroken.

Ruby continues chattering with Aoko. "Yes, they seemt ob e fixed for now. But... yes, he's..." The emblem makes a noise. It's a strange one.

Emiya Shirou (560) has posed:
    Shirou's wincing and rubbing at an arm. That. REALLY. HURT. He didn't expect Saber's blows to be so overwhelmingly powerful. Had he had to fend offf three more, he'd've probably lost an arm... that's a chilling thought.

    Saber is some kind of monster! How's anyone supposed to beat them?!

    Regardless, he's left with Chloe huffing off, Aoko being her usual self, Maya seemingly overwhelmed...

    ... And a Heartbroken Illya. The last catches him the most. The pain in his arms doesn't matter at all next to that. So he speaks in a softer voice more appropriate for children. And oh, he is ever the kind-hearted boy Illya knows here. "Sorry... for me, this is our first meeting. Illyasviel, right...?" Then he realies that the weird winged pentagram is TALKING. He stares at it in wonder. Peer. He even leans in a little to peer more. "A... talking... huuuuuh?!" Now it's to Aoko he looks. SHE knows this? Of course. Why wouldn't madness know more madness. Hrmngh!

    Oh well. he faces Illya with warmth in his eyes and puts a hand on his hip. "Emiya Shirou. I guess things are a bit different in this world. Or maybe they're not too different. My old man told me about you, a little bit... although it's another world's version of him from my perspective and... probably yours..." He sighs, only able to shrug a little.

    But he's genuinely apologetic when he goes on to say, "Sorry. But if you need help with anything like this I don't mind. A little sister who's this brave and talented has my stamp of approval! .... except for getting into something like this in the first place!" And it quickly turns to concerned.

    "Are you alright?!"

Aoko Aozaki (591) has posed:
    "That's the old man! He's... blank. Nobody seems to have identical opinions of him. I like him! He's refreshing, and hip, and not young at all in body but in spirit he sure is!" That's probably not very accurate at all, but Aoko has a weird perspective and idealizes him a bit. Probably because as the only other living Magician she's kind of STUCK with him when she needs advice and such.

    So, might as well learn to enjoy him.

    "Now now, don't look so sad! You two might be from different worlds but you can still do stuff together, sheesh! You're frowning like it's the end of the world. C'mon, enjoy it! You don't get to meet people from alternates of your world every day. Not unless you travel with the old man anyway," Aoko muses, and then turns her back to the scene.

    "Well! Iiiii am going to peep around this place and check out the leylines to make sure everything's in order, you guys catch up on your brother-sister bonding! You'll be a lot happier if you can learn to enjoy the pretend, you know?"

    Happy go lucky magus, awaaaaay!

Illya von Einzbern (641) has posed:
"... Okay, so... that's Chloe. I'm Illya, yes."

Illya sighs. "In my world, I was created to become the vessel for the Holy Grail War... according to my mama, Irisviel. However, they decided to seal my power away, so I grew up normally with ... well, you, as my adoptive big brother and papa, Emiya Kiritsugu." Illya falls into rote explaining. "I was introduced to Magical Ruby there because Rin-san was collecting the cards you saw... 'Class Cards', embodiments of heroic spirits, from what my understanding is. When I contracted with Ruby, I turn into a magical girl."

This sounds a lot easier than it is.

"However, due to my seals and the magical girl power, my seal ended up breaking, creating a second... a second part of me, I think, is how it was explained? I don't know! I'm ten years old! That's Chloe. She is me, and she's not me." She tries to explain. "Chloe and I have a blood bond... if I get injured, she gets injured, so she'll stop trying to kill me."

Maya has posed:
Maya snaps out of it for the most part she looks to Ruby for a moment and tilts her head shaking her head a little bit. This is the sad part of hte multivese she could meet people she thought were long gone. It would be them but not ... the ones she knew it's sad like that, but there's not much she can do about it she smiles faintly at Ruby.

"Thank you for your help as well."

Emiya Shirou (560) has posed:
    The way Illya suddenly goes into explainin things so simply gets Shirou's lips twitching a bit frownily, but only a little! This... is not the kind of story he wants to hear. It's also pretty damned weird. "Seal? ... and Chloe is..." Boggle. Shirou rubs at his head. This is headache-worthy! "... is this the reason she's so mad at you?! .. I don't get it... sisters... you're practically sisters if that's right, why would she want to--" He bites down on that question. He really doesn't have a CLUE here and it's very frustrating.

    How can he solve it?


    Shirou siiighs, showing some aggrvation, then... "Guess it can't be helped. I'll just hae to ask her. She's been dropping by the place where I live and being a brat, but I think she just wants attention for most of it.." Nope, he had no clue.

    "Wait a moment..."

    Then he looks up, and asks, hesitantly, "Rin.... Tohsaka... Rin?"

Illya von Einzbern (641) has posed:
"Yes." Illya confirms. "She was Ruby's partner before, um, stuff happened and he contracted with me."

Poor Shirou. Illya also finds herself giving him a tight hug. Her Shirou or not, he's still a Shirou, and thus her big brother. It is a rather affectionate squeeze.

"You're welcome, miss! I'm Magical Ruby~!" The winged emblem practically bows to Maya.

Maya has posed:
Maya :Says "Twins if you get down to it and wait... Rin Toshaka?!"

Seh pauses and stare for a moment and looks at Illya for a moment nodding a little bit and saying.

"My name is Maya."

Emiya Shirou (560) has posed:
    Shirou's a bit startled to find someone hugging him! He blinks once, but ends up returning it pretty quicky, squeezing back! It also gets him right out of the funk. "I don't get what's going on anymore!" He complains with some humor. It's crazy. His strange abilities, the Multiverse, the Holy Grail War, suddenly sprouting a family including his dead adopted father, and.... well, working alongside the Knights of the Round Table and a girl King Arthur can't be much wirder than finding out Tohsaka Rin's prooooobably a magus.

    So he can only laugh a tad to let off some stress. OH WELL, he's all but saying.

    It really can'tbe helped. "Thanks, Illya."

    Yup, Shirou's Shirou.

Illya von Einzbern (641) has posed:
Too bad Chloe walked off. Here's where Illya would stick her tongue out at her.

"Okay! I should probably get introduced to some people, huh...?" She suggests as she grabs Shirous' hand, aiming to drag him off.

Poor Shirou. Poor Union.

Emiya Shirou (560) has posed:
    "-Eh......EH?!" Shirou finds himself being lead off without much of an explanation. "H-hey, what people... you mean these people--" wait a moment, Maya knows Rin too? Shirou blinks at her, but he's a bit too distracted by being dragged off by Illya! "where are we going?"