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Ajora's Day Mass
Date of Scene: 22 December 2014
Location: Ivalice
Synopsis: Church shenanigans
Cast of Characters: 20, 152, 183, 301, 307, 367, 385, Reina Kinney, 410, 481, 664

Faruja (152) has posed:
Faruja's yearly Mass is far smaller than last years; thrown more for religious sensibilities than any sort of political pandering. But just as much, if not more, love has gone into it. It's held in Mullonde, as is typical for the rat, and in a far smaller church than last time.

Though it may not /seem/ that much smaller. The far less used Cathedral of Ajora's Children is typically held for weddings and knightings of new Templar, and it shows. More wide than tall, it's a curiously squat bit of architecture; smooth stone, gothic architecture, all done over in white paint and gold.

The inside is covered with images of Ajora, and the founding of the Knights Templar, as well as Ajora's disciples.

There's a raised platform near the back of the cathedral, where one Father Faruja Senra stands at a podium. On one side is a full choir...as well, oddly enough, what appears to be a jazz band. They check their instruments and sheet music. Up in the choir-area one might note a duo of what appear to be drow, in nun's outfits like the rest.

At each pew, there's various young looking priests, each ready to hand out small wooden crosses and a holy tract.

When people are seated? Faruja crosses his chest. There's quite a few native Ivalicians present amidst the Elites, many of whom seem to wear Faruja's typical garb.

"Lord's blessings upon ye this Ajora's Day, my Children! Thank ye all for coming. First, as many of ye may not be native to this beautiful land of Ivalice, I shall begin by recounting the tale of how this very day came to be." Starts the rat, with a dramatic pause.

"As the Holy Saint aged, his many miracles and wisdom he spread across the land drew the jealousy of the Pharist Priests, the godless cult that held sway over the land at the time. With the death of the demon summoned by the King, they acted, in a way most foul and treacherous. For rather than openly face the Holy Saint and his followers, they used Sin itself and one of Ajora's own to bring about his ruin."

Archer of Brown (664) has posed:
     A man hitches his horse outside the cathedral. He slides off with ease, patting the animal reassuringly. He looks to his left, then his right, as if he might be under someone's watchful eye. The man straightens his flat-brimmed hat, then snaps the lapels of his waistcoat. The doors of the squat building grant him entrance.

     Before the clergy, this man appears, tall, lithe, graceful, yet... haunted. There's something about this man with his long brown hair and his horseshoe mustache and his knee-high riding boots that broadcasts his woes. He surveys the place with a tight-lipped expression. From the moment his right foot hits the floor of the church, the silver sixguns tied to his hip disappear, leaving the red sash alone to contrast with his black attire.

     His hat, too, he removes, though he does this without magic, simply holding it in one hand. The stranger approaches the nearest clergyman and accepts a cross, turning it over in his hand quietly and peering at it. He then makes his way to the nearest pew, spurs clinking softly with each step. As quietly as he entered, he sits, making sure to do so near the entrance. Every so often, he casts a suspicious glance near the entrance.

Toph Beifong (20) has posed:
    Sometimes she dislikes being an acolyte of Faruja's, even if it's useful for missios and such. But this? This is unacceptable.

    There's a pouty Toph Beifong present in the church today. Unlike some of the other Elites from outside of Ivalice, she isn't sititng in the pews however. No, she's standing on the side of the choir, the heavy robes weighing down on her small shoulders, and the glittery halo in her hair is all weird and itchy and scratchy... ugh.

    What dunderhead came up with the rule that acolytes have to be a part of the choir for mass their first year or service needs to get a rock to the noggin'.

    It smells weird in here. Her robes are uncomfy. But at least she isn't alone with this misery. Even as Faruja greets them all welcome, the blind girl mutters to the man next to her. "...do you remember the lyrics to the second song...?" she hisses under her breath. It's not like she can read fast enough even with her reading glove to keep up with the damn songs. At least her adoptive father /likes/ to sing.

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
Yuna really does need to learn more about the religion Faruja belongs to, doesn't she? But she's sitting in one of the pews, listening attentively as Faruja recites the tale of Ajora's Day. She heard it last year, but it's good to hear it again regardless.

For those who are keeping score, the idol is dressed up in a knee-length, midnight-blue dress with a bit of sky-blue trim along the hems; a royal blue shawl is draped over her shoulders with a small, almost understaed silver brooch pinning it together in front. Black tights and gray boots cover her legs and feet.

Mizuki (183) has posed:
    Mizuki would arrive shortly before the commencement of the initial sermon, an austere black cloak upon her body rather than her typical dress. It would lack any features whatsoever that distinguish themselves from that flowing onslaught of ebony, aside from perhaps a sash tied around her waist to keep the whole affair in its proper place. Her hood, though, is drawn down, allowing her hair - also quite indistinguishable from the robe's hue - to fall down as it usually would, and her eyes to gleam as the only real contradiction to the colorlessness of her current appearance. If any who know that this is not her usual manner of dress were to ask her why she is wearing this, she would likely state simply: 'This is far more humble than my norm, and humility typically bodes well in times of religious observation.'

    She would find her way to a pew in an otherwise unoccupied region of the church, provided there is such a place. Otherwise, she would simply meander as closely as she can to the Southeastern or Southwestern points in the rows of seats. And there she would sit calmly, silently, and placidly, likely consulting an Ajoran hymnal that might be present until the time comes for the Father Senra to begin his address.

    And when he does she would smile just as calmly, as if in some sort of genuine appreciation. Her attention would not err so long as he continues to speak, though she might occasionally indulge another glance at a hymnal there, or some inspection of an ornament or stained glass window there. For the most part, though, she does her utmost not to draw attention, herself expressing (through non-expression) her preference to let Faruja proceed as he typically would on this day before she intervenes.

    She would likely notice any elites as they enter the church given their tendency to stand out, and would bow her head to any who would mutually notice her, though again she would make little attempt to engage socially otherwise; at a glance it would appear she's come here more to study the religion than to converse with people. Go figure.

Reina Kinney has posed:
    Reina's arrived as well, and she's sitting in one of the pews as well. In fact, she's not too far from Yuna at this time. She isn't keeping track of who's sitting near her though, rather she's simply sitting and listening intently to what's being told of at this time.

Na`Sabal-Une Fang (367) has posed:
     Nasa's arrival is ... quiet. Nasa's wings flutter quietly as she hovers into the squat little cathedral. She was .... not exactly wearing dress clothing, having opted to wear her sweater and shorts outfit that she wore so often now-a-days, really it was a miracle that she hadn't completely worn them down to the point they were falling apart. Either unaware of, or uncaring of if it would be proper or not for her to approach, Nasa approaches the front, and specifically the two Drow that were wearing robes, hovering in front of them quietly for several long moments. As she looked upon them, there was an internal battle for the Drowess. Hatred of her own kind, but also relief that she wasn't the only one who escaped. She takes a small breath, her face an utterly emotionless blank at first... before she gives a wide, toothy grin. Though it showed off her mouthful of dangerous teeth, it was not threatening. "...Nasa greets you, sisters of the surface. ... Is glad to see you in person.. will have to getting to know you more when you are naut busy." She murmurs softly.

     Toph is flashed a brief grin, the drowfaerie's eyes glowing faintly in her amusement, but soon she had fluttered back to the area she was supposed to be, going to a nice relatively-shaded area of the room where she could avoid her eyes being too uncomfortable in the light. For potentially similar reasons, Nasa fluttered over to land somewhat nearby Mizuki, sitting on the pews nearby her. She bows her head towards her and flashes a brief grin towards Mizuki, before looking back up towards the front of the room.

Allyn (307) has posed:
Not sitting in the pews, well, wolves don't sit in pews, well, he does sometimes lay on benches, but today he's not. Well, it probably wouldn't make Faruja happy if he was just sprawled out on a bench here in the temple. He's laying not too far away though, so that he can keep an eye on the ratman, ears perked as he listens to the tale. Otherwise, he is rather quiet.

Jeannette Thompson (410) has posed:
It wouldn't do for someone like Jeannette to be seen here, this close to Christmas. Triancia wasn't a very religious land, and anything that had to do with church should have been done at either a church or a mosque. So she couldn't have appeared in her traditional uniform. And anything fancy caught by the press would have been something shown of The Baronness Raletza's /shocking/ escapdes into forign religion! Certainly not politically feasible. So that meant, when she wanted to learn more about Faruja's religion, she entered a few minutes late, sneaking into a pew in the back, cloak covering up her rather plain clothes.

It was around this time that she realized what she'd be like without rank and service. She was unmarried, had no children, and every bit of family she had was dead or might as well be. So it was... rather lonely, in an open church, just this side of the cold. At the very least, she was just a pew away from Tony, but that was hardly someone you conversed with.

Tony Stark (301) has posed:
The Adult Guardian who got dragged along to accompany Toph isn't exactly thrilled to be in a church either; Tony Stark tugs restlessly at his tie and settles into a pew near the outer side of the sanctuary: as close to the 'outskirts' of this thingamajig as he can get and still technically be there. And also have a clear view of the choir platform.

He may like to sing, but church music is so not his thing. And a church service from another /world/ is sure to have even less relatable content than one of the boring ceremonies from his own neighborhood. He fidgets, pulls out a hymnal and flips through it, puts it back, sighs. Keeps an eye on Toph. He may have been guilted into coming with her for moral support but that doesn't mean he approves. Fortunately, she can't see his slightly sour, grumpy expression, just feel the shape of him hooking an elbow over the back of the pew and trying to get comfortable for the long haul.

Mizuki (183) has posed:
    If she's being really honest here, she hadn't expected anyone to approach her at all tonight aside from maybe Faruja, and even then only when he was able to break himself away from the hordes of worshippers and his other friends from the greater Multiverse. So Nasa's appearance is a bit of a surprise, and judging by the smile returns with, not an entirely unwelcome one. Still, she doesn't give any further verbal acknowledgement for the time being, instead turning her gaze back to the hymnal resting in her left hand.

    And in the other hand? There she gently holds a particular silver pocketwatch quite distinct from one she would normally be seen in the possession of, lifting it to her ear so that she may hear the gentle metronome of its ticks to help her imagine the proper sound of the songs she comes across.

Faruja (152) has posed:
Archer's appearance is met with slightly odd looks from some of the clergy present, his attire striking in how different it is. But he's treated much the same as the others; one particularly enthusiastic young woman about trips over herself to cross the man and splash the smallest dab of holy water on his head. Her glasses fall off in the act, and she's soon searching for them while completely red from embarrassment.

Inwardly, Faruja is howling in laughter that his poor, poor Acolyte is forced to be on the choir. He thankfully keeps his Priestly Poker Face on.

The rotund form of Inquisitor Gramm, however, isn't. He gives a belly laugh and waves to Toph with a wide grin. Faruja's brow visibly twitches, but it goes ignored. Beside Toph, the man whispers, "'Oh Holy Faram, save we Sinful children~. From war and hate, from our own greed~ To ye we lift up our hands and sing thy praise~.' Then just humm the rest! They never listen past that part." Seems someone's done this before.

Reina and Yuna similarly are given blessings by far less fall-prone priests. Yuna in particular is slipped what appears to be a CD. Seems to be a recording of a few hymns, judging by the title!

Allyn is soon the victim of a rather young looking church-goer, a viera girl. She ooh's quietly, settles her robes, and reaches over to scritch at Allyn's ears.

"Mass is always so calming, mister doggie. Here." He's soon handed some dried jerky!

Mizuki, and likewise Jeanette, don't escape the priestly assault either. "Respectful, is sombre, my Lady." Compliments the priest at Mizuki, and the one tending to Jeanette smiles a little.

Faruja (152) has posed:
"Blessed art those whom seek humility and piety." Holy water for them both!

The pair of drow give Nasa looks. One is visibly nervous. The other is soon pretending to read her lines before they're addressed.

A long, small sigh, and they manage a smile as one. Really, the two could be sisters. The slightly taller one is silent, but the smaller nods.

"And to you, Sister. We are no longer of Below, nor above. Both are our Brothers and Sisters, if they simply open themselves to Faram. We...have a home where, at least, we aren't hated." She pauses, then reaches out to cross Nasa's forehead.

"I hope you have found such a home as well. I would be honored to call you Sister one day."

Tony as well receives the round of cross, blessings, and holy water. Unfortunately, his goes right on the tie.

"U..uhm...may I get you anything, Ser?" Mumbles a nervous looking youth of a priest.

Faruja (152) has posed:
Faruja continues his sermon, while praying for lightning bolts towards his laughing colleague.

"/Greed/, mine children! Greed. The un-ending pursuit of material gain. The effects of which so many of ye know all too well, be ye Ivalician or those beyond. For a mere eight hundred gil, the son of Faram was given over to the Pharists, to be hung alongside his Followers not half a mile away from this very place, Sers and Dames. Germonique, one of his own, took mere coin for the life of a prophet. And mayhaps more importantly, for the life of a /friend/." His voice is stern. But it softens.

"Germonique would go on to die by his own hand, out of guilt and despair. However, that is not the lesson here, mine friends."

"Ajora's Day is not about vengeance. 'Tis about forgiveness, and love. To be thankful for all that ye hath been given in this life, and for the love of friends and family."

"Just before the last breath left the Saint's body, he spoke."

"Oh Faram, forgiveth them their sins. For they know not what they do, 'tis in ignorance and Lucavi-strung sin. Bless and keep my followers. Poor, wretched Germonique above all. I forgive thee, my friend."

A small pause to let that sink in.

"May we all, in these dark times of war, disease, and treachery, strive to ever be as he. Even the one whom betrayed him knew the Saint's love, and God's. He died for all of our Sins, our weaknesses. For he was human, and like us, knew them. Only through God's wisdom was he able to overcome them. Let us never forget his sacrifice, and strive to be as loving as he."

Toph Beifong (20) has posed:
    If she's going to suffer, then the very least Tony can do is to suffer with her! As a matter of fact there had to be some threatneing done in order to persuade him to come along. Persuade, threaten... it's amazing how much he squirms when she uses the guilt card and pushes certain buttons. Then again, it's part of his job now as a dad.

    With the church being made from stone it's easier to get a good 'look' around her. But still, the grin is impossible to pick up from Toph, even if she recognizes Nasa's shape. It's easier to know where Tony is considering he's the only one with an arch reactor in his chest. He... seems kinda tense.

    But there is no way that the senior inquisitor escapes her notice... and Toph frowns just slightly, raising her right hand that is not covered with the reading glove just slightly from her hip... and she gestures, reaching out to the stone pew he is sitting on, shifting it right underneath where he's resting his behind... which might get itself a solid pinch for just a brief second.

    The lyrics given from the acolyte next to her earns a nod, and Toph sighs. "Got it..." Such silly lyrics. Even the badgermoles wouldn't like this, she imagines. For now she kinda zones out while she listens to Faruja enter his preachy mode. Man, that rat loves to hear himself talk, doesn't he...? This stone bench is the uncomfiest bench she's been sitting on, and that says a lot! But she does manage to sit relatively still, keeping the translated text sheet in her hand as she runs the reading glove over it, trying to memorize the songs. Jarvis would be pleased if he knew.

Na`Sabal-Une Fang (367) has posed:
     "...Is glad to hear that. Is glad you have found a place on the surface... and sounds like was soon after getting to surface, instead of wandering lost like Nasa did." Nasa murmurs, giving a small look between the two, the two drow were certainly not the only nervous ones! Nasa is still not sure she can trust them, so she was half-expecting instead of being 'crossed' to be poisoned! ... Yeah that's drow suspiciousness at work. "...Maybe. Has naut been away from Her influence long enough to trust god or goddesses again yet... but we will see... will naut entirely to closing mind off to idea." Nasa murmurs with a somewhat awkward smile at the two drowesses.

     AT THE PEWS! Nasa shifts slightly closer to Mizuki, soon likely slightly invading her personal space. Tick tick tick tick. She couldn't help but be curious of the significance of that watch. Silver, silver was a very significant metal in her world, too. Usually it signified protection or similar. She opens her mouth briefly, as if she were about to talk -- but then Faruja continued his speech, and her gaze shifted back up towards Faruja, listening to him as he spoke of the past and what Ajora's Day was about. Her eyes shift around, gazing at the various different people as she listened, reflexively taking stock of each person there and potential threats from them. Not out of fear for herself though, entirely. But overall, she stayed quiet and respectful, so far. FINALLY, she speaks up towards Mizuki in a respectful whisper, "What is ticking disc for?"

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
Yuna bows politely and with gratitude to the priest who gives her a blessing; the CD is accepted with a deeper bow and tucked away somewhere in her shawl. Gramm's laughter draws a slight glance from the blonde idol, but she doesn't react outwardly apart from that ... at least for the time being.

(It's possible that Elner is tagging along with her on this trip. No evidence exists to either confirm or refute this possibility.)

Apart from that, Yuna stays focused on the recitation, recognizing the parallels she thought she noticed last year; the benediction which seems to conclude the recitation is 'answered' on Yuna's part by quietly crossing herself - or trying to follow the lead of other Ivalician natives, if they're doing something different.

Archer of Brown (664) has posed:
     It's not difficult for a fellow to make connections between Faruja's faith and the faith of his own people. Archer's not a particularly learned man, but he can see a clear comparison between Germonique and Judas Iscariot. He's not a particularly religious man, either, but spending the occasional Sunday in church never hurt nobody.

     He accepts the benediction of the clergy politely. When the young lady's enthusiasm gets the better of her, the gunfighter patiently helps her find her glasses, then helps her up with a gentle but firm hand. It seems like he's perhaps used to that kind of reaction, especially given the smile and nod afterwards. "Don't think nothing of it, ma'am."

     For now, he's quiet. He folds his hands in his lap and gets a hymnal, flipping through it. Never much the singer or the actor, but when in Rome you do as the Romans do. Every so often, his eyes flick back to the entrance, betraying the illusory nature of his apparent calm.

Allyn (307) has posed:
Allyn wags his tail at the little girl as he gets scritched and he licks her on the cheek happily. "I've never been to anything like this before, so it is a new experience for me.." it is the truth. His ears perk some as he continues to listen to Faruja and other people around as well. It's good sometimes when people think you're just some dog, even though you look more like a wolf. He lays his head on the girl's lap.

Tony Stark (301) has posed:
Tony was wrong. The religious mythology of other worlds seems to have quite a bit in common with the stuff he's used to hearing. He wasn't wrong about it being just as boring though. After wiping the spilled holy water off his tie with a grimace -- sure it was a $200 bit of silk but it's not as if he can't buy a new one -- he raises his fist to his mouth and presses his kunckles against his lips to stifle a yawn. Pepper would be annoyed with him but she should be proud: he is TRYING not to be obvious about his boredom.

He notices Toph reading instead of paying attention and smirks. If he knew it was the song lyrics it wouldn't be as funny, but as it is he amuses himself imagining what HE'D like to be reading to let his brain escape this pit of despair.

He wonders if he could get away with playing a little Angry Pigs on his phone.

No, bad Tony. Pepper would slap you /so hard/. But then you could get back in her good graces with a naughty text or two, and...

No. That train of thought is not helpful either.

Stark folds his arms over his chest and huffs as subtly as he can, trying to brace himself for the long haul.

Reina Kinney has posed:
    Reina only briefly glances at the laughing person, cocking an eyebrow and wondering how they can do such a thing in a solemn service like this. After that, she turns to face forward again and listen to the recitation. She's not very religious, but she's finding herself getting into this.

Mizuki (183) has posed:
    "Respect," Mizuki would chime in the brief moment in which Faruja is able to break himself away from his verbal prose, "is a good starting point when one finds themselves in unfamiliar territory. 'When in Rome', as the saying goes." She would pay him a smile in addition to her words, here, all whilst maintaining a hushed tone barely shattering the boundary between perception and silence. "Nevertheless, I am glad all the same if it is conducive to the smooth continuation of your sermon. I am quite enjoying my stint as a member of your audience." With that she would likely part with him again, bowing her head...

    ... and turning to Nasa. Still maintaining her subdued tone, she would widen her eyes just slightly in acknowledgement of the drow's words. "Oh, this?" She would hold the watch out to her, flat as she can manage in her palm as the other hand slips the hymnal back into the holster on the pew. "It's a watch. They keep time, a quantity of debatable reality that was devised by sapient beings so that they may set precise deadlines and, perhaps more morbidly, have a model by which to ruminate on their own mortality. I quite like them! I don't understand why, but they have a sort of... mystique that I've yet to tear myself away from. And this particular one..." She would shut her eyes in reverie, "... this particular one is special because it was given to me by a new but still dear friend. Nevertheless, I am certain he would not mind my sharing it -- if you would like to see it for yourself, of course." With that she would hold it out to Nasa, offering her an opportunity to hold it if she so chooses.

    Through all this, she would do her utmost to keep her spare attention on Faruja's words. So much she agrees with in religion: rumination on human failing, and in that awareness, a chance at improvement. However, when it advances so far as to constitute fealty to something more nebulous and, if she may be so bold, colloquial, the whole thing loses any relevance to her. Though she has often wished dearly to pray to something (and perhaps a bit less often, tried to do so), never has it inspired feelings of any real import. Still, the reverberant emotion she feels from Faruja - and surely others in the cathedral - is enough for her.

    Ah, and the references to religiously-linked lore are lovely too. She should like to hear more parables that reference this 'Germonique' -- lore is and always has been one of the most fascinating aspects of faith to her.

Jeannette Thompson (410) has posed:
Jeannette Thompson looks over to the priest that offers the cross, and the track, and then takes it in her hand with a brief nod over to the woman who handed it over. "Thank you. Lovely service." She happens to say, smiling , and waiting for the priest to move on, before looking at the two items in her hand, before sliding them into the space in the pew ahead of her where the hymn box was supposed to go... All right, she didn't spend much time in church. About the only time she did was when her Barony demanded it of her for the purpose of tradition. She could pick out a few bits and pieces of the current sermon, to tell that it was roughly similar to what she had heard there. If not the content, then the nature of it. The simple... call to give, coming together, reverberant to the ceiling of this place, right down to the floor.

It was something that made her wish she could have joined in. Whatever Lord up there knew that she felt the same way at churches at home. But it was always a visator coming to a home of heart. In the end, they brought a bit of warmth, some cheer... but never stayed.

Faruja (152) has posed:
Toph's efforts yield fruit. Whumph! Poor Inquisitor Gramm falls flat on his rear, jiggling slightly from the sudden movement. He rubs himself, still feeling the pinch of stone. He glares back at the pew, then to Toph. Quaking, he makes a hasty exit out the back, kicking the door open. Many a face follows. By now? Faruja is openly scowling at the action.

Toph might note Faru feeling far, far less tense now. Oh, he's going to buy her so much ice cream later.

Ahem! Faruja uses the opportunity to wrap up, returning Mizuki's smile warmly.

"Sister Mizuki speaks the Lord's own truth! We must love and respect even our neighbor, no matter whom they art. Correct their blasphemies, their ignorance. But most of all, show them the love of God."

"In short, remember that material gain is nothing to the person right next to thee. Cherish them, and praise the Lord for being so Blessed. In Ajora's name, Amen!" Cue a chorus of 'Amen's and praise Faram from the native crowd. The two drow get into it too!

With a nod to the choir, Faruja steps down and to the side, quietly speaking with an underling as discrete priests and priestesses get to work to put out a somewhat large table. On top? What's clearly food and plates is gathered.

The young woman lets out a sigh as she's righted by Archer, straightening her glasses. That blush remains. Eeeh~

"Thank you!" Another enthusiastic little bow. She manages to keep her glasses this time.

The little girl smiles, bunny ears wobbling. "You don't get many wolves here. So it's no surprise! " A wink! Then she's quietly giggling and hugging Allyn as he lays his head on her lap.

There's a shadow looming up behind Tony. A half-human, half-snake nun frowns at the apparent boredom of one Tony Stark. IN her hand is a deadly weapon; a ruler, that she smacks in her hands as she leans up on her snake half. Then she slithers away, glaring, her lesson hopefully imparted.

The reason for that jazz band becomes clear; the piece, though religious, is very much upbeat as they begin to play. Even Ivalice cannot escape some Multiversal imports.

Only once the choir is done, does the rat step back to the pew.

He bows to the crowd. "As is traditional, we of the Holy Church art bidden to share our bounty and love with all whom come to us, this Ajora's Day. Therefore, the traditional Ajora's day meal shall be served early. Please, everyone, feel free to relax for now. We shall continue the sermon proper in one hour."

Ajora's Day, in Ivalice, is a bit deceptive; it's celebrated for most of the week until Ajora's day itself. Prayer and feasting lasts throughout most of the day. Seems it's feast and mingle time! Faruja himself steps down, already working against a small gaggle of well-wishers and blessee's. The Elites here would be able to work their way over, though!

Na`Sabal-Une Fang (367) has posed:
     Well. That wasn't quite the response Nasa had expected from Mizuki, to be honest. Nasa gives a slow nod towards her, her ears perked attentively as she listened to her, absorbing what she said. "Oooh, is like a pocket sundial or necklace sundial... understands." Nasa says with a little grin towards Mizuki. "Is long-lived too, can understand confusion and naut-understanding, but is interesting how shorter-lived races do to live. They maybe to ruminate on them, but they do to burn brilliantly, like bright fire." Nasa nods quietly, musing on things a bit.

     The mention of why it was important to her... got a more 'real' smile from Nasa, rather than a flashed grin. More subtle, mouth-closed and lips upturned. "Ah... gifts from a friend... understands why is important, yes. Uhm. Was... more wondering why you were holding up to ear, to being honest..." Nasa says, quietly admiring the watch for several long moments though. It was shiny and beautiful, which played upon her fae weaknesses. "... Ah, is very pretty gift, too..." She mumbles, her voice briefly going a little distant as she stares at the clock for just a few moments too long. She blinks a couple of times, seeming to snap out of it! "A-ah, sorry, pretty things sometimes... ahm... nevermind." She gives a little nod, lifting her head up again.

     The teachings of Ajora actually were ... not something she minded. She actually liked how they sound, and to some degree they reminded her of Eilistraeean teachings. Maybe she could trust Faruja's religion when it came to religious needs, and clerics! Even the tiny splash of holy water she'd recieved earlier felt 'true', as the corruption seeded through the short Drowess' very blood had reacted to it. Hmm. As the chior begins to sing, Nasa continues to shift her gaze around, listening to what conversations she could and keeping her eye out for any suspicious movements... well, beyond the jiggly fatman that had just broken his way out of the church. Maybe she'd have to hunt him down later and figure out his Deal.

Toph Beifong (20) has posed:
    Is that a satisfied little smile crossing Toph's lips as Gramm falls? Some might not realize just what the blind girl did, but those who know her might be able to make an educated guess as the smile is just barely not an impish smirk of satisfaction.

    Oh man, it's their turn...! The leader of the choir rises, and so does the rest of them, with Toph clutching her sheets of paper as she hurriedly rises too, looking like a deer caught in headlights as her eyes widen. Okay, she memorized this as best as she could, and it's not like she has one of the solo parts either. No, there's no way she would be conned into doing something like that! The band plays up, and the choir leader begins conducting the group of acolytes, humans and other races of Ivalice, young and old, men and women... and Toph does her very best to sing along with the choir, only looking slightly less disturbed now as they begin and she can actually join the others.

    " Ohhh, praise to the Lord! For the Saint has come!" The men in the back sing forcefully, and the women generally gathered in the middle sing in a higher pitch, creating a soothing harmony.

    "Rejoice, on Ivalice, and sing!"

    One girl behind Toph seems to be really into it, and the earthbender's eyebrow twitches as she notes how said girl is just slightly out of key to any sensitive ear. "We thank you for life, our Blessings and our faith!" Toph herself tries to sing a little louder just to tune out the noise in her ear.

    "To save us from evil, and grant us God's Grace~"

    Yet she is slightly distracted by the nun who slithers up behind Tony, and she turns her head a bit... at least until the short woman next to her elbows her with a stern look on her face. No goofing off now!

    Toph has no choice but to sing along, a miserable look on her face and looking rather out of place compared to the pious choir who all seem to be into this. "Forsaking all Sin, we walk beside thee~" The verse repeats, and two of the women then do a variation in a duet, and luckily those two women are excellent singers as they sing the praise of Ajora. This does leave Toph some opportunity to rest, though not without reaching up with her right hand to rub at her ear. Ack, the ringing noise is still there!

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
As Faruja 'dismisses' the congregation to relax and partake in the feast, Yuna rises to her feet, doing a subdued stretch before working her way out of the pews. "Hey Reina," she greets the GUARDIAN in passing; she waves to Tony as well as she recognizes him, and makes a mental note to head over to greet him properly when she has the chance.

Other than that, she's making her way up to the front, sidling through and around some of the well-wishers. "Joyous Ajora's Day, Faruja!" she greets the monastic mouse with a bright smile and - well, if she can reach, a handshake (or possibly a hug, depending on Faruja); if she's out of range, she can at least wave to him, and does so. Toph gets waved to as well, but since she's singing with the choir that's the best Yuna can do until later.

There are other people she needs to greet properly, too ...

Tony Stark (301) has posed:
Tony jolts upright in the pew at the sudden surprising *smack* sound of a ruler against flesh. He turns startledly to see the snake nun lady slithering away, and snoots a childish, wrinkle-nosed look of petulance after her that's the match for any amount of righteous glaring. He may have even stuck his tongue out at her back but it's hard to tell from the angle he's turned.

Now the choir is up though, and this is the part he nominally came to see. So he turns back to pay attention to the music. Or at least to Toph. Although he has to admit the music isn't awful, either. For church music. Oh, poor Toph, he can tell that she's actually singing and not just lip synching, which curves his lips in a small expression of pride, but oh how he feels for her. Wait. If he's her dad now shouldn't he be doing something about this? Ah yes.

One hand comes up, raising his phone up in front of him to record all of the glorious embarrassment for Pepper to enjoy later.

His other hand slips into his suit jacket and quietly retrieves a small, inobtrusive flask which he tilts swiftly to his lips before replacing inside his jacket.

And then it's apparently time to eat! Thank god. Uh, no pun intended. Not that he's hungry, but shoveling food into his face will give his brain something to occupy it. He tucks the phone back into his pocket and gets up to go see how Toph is holding up. He noticed her rubbing her ear... "Doing okay?" he asks her quietly when he can get close. "You know it's not too late to renounce your faith and quit this whole gig," he only half-jokes. He likes and even respects Faruja, but god damn -- uh, sorry, no pun intended there either -- church services, man.

Kirika (481) has posed:
    Kirika has been absolutely silent this entire mass, her vulpine tail wrapped around her waist and her sword left at the door in the care of one of the priests beforehand. Stark, Toph, Nasa, Mizuki, Yuna, Reina, all faces she hears and sees during the mass, and some she knows better than others. As she listens and watches, she cannot help but loose herself in the sermon as well as the singing that follows it.

    She's a bit caught up with her own world's religions to truly have her heart in speaking praise of this St. Ajora, but all the same, she won't deny others this night.

    Eventually she stands from the pew, lowering her hood and managing to swerve through the crowd as the feast is announced on the way to Faruja himself.

    Upon finally reaching him, she bows her head in reverence. "Ajora's blessings, and Lady's Grace, Father Senra. Well met to you on this night." She smiles, hands clasped as she stands back up. "I thank you for allowing me the chance to attend."

Archer of Brown (664) has posed:
     While the choir sings, Archer takes to moving around and greeting people. He tried to navigate the hymnal in his lap, but to no avail. Never was much of a singer, him. He moves about the congregation, shaking hands and repeating something he remembers from his childhood. The gunfighter makes the rounds, meeting and greeting all of the clergy not currently occupied with sacred duties.

     Faruja receives a firm handshake, too. "So far, so good, Reverend," he says, not sure of the title to use. He turns, clapping the rat on the shoulder. Hell of a thing, a rat giving a sermon.

     Stark is next. "Peace be upon you," recites the gunfighter. If the billionaire genius playboy philanthropist counts history among his many areas of expertise, he might just pick out who Archer is, or appears to be.

Allyn (307) has posed:
Allyn nuzzles the little girl again and wags his tail happily and then when Fruja dismisses things he gives her another lick. "If you excuse me? I should go say hello to Faruja." he tells the little girl, "But I'll come back and play with you later, ok? I promise." he stands and hops down and pads over towards Faruja. He peers at the others who are doing the same and tries to make his way through the crowd t least. Watch out, bug ole wolf coming through. He probably smacks a few people with his tail.

Toph Beifong (20) has posed:
    Wait, is he...? Man, he can't be! When Toph realizes that Tony is actually /recording/ this, there's this desperate look there, and she resists the urge to sigh heavily. But the other acolytes are just so whiny and nagging and during rehersals they were quite adamant about not stopping during a song. So she endures it. And makes a mental note to get the clip deleted from Tony's phone later. Somehow.

    Fortunately there's food too, and when the choir finishes Toph steps down along with the other acolytes. As Tony steps up to her she sighs and mutters under her breath for his ears only. "The girl behind me always sings out of key..." The half-joke only makes her adapt a deadpan look. "The only faith I have is in earth, and I'm never giving that up. I'm only here because Twitchy /insisted/, and it's such a bother to help out here if I'm not an acolyte. UGH, these guys are too bound by rules!" But she leads the way towards where the food is, only reaching out to punch Faruja in the shoulder as she passes by him. "How long do I have to wear this silly robe for anyway?" Just how long is this mass supposed to be?

Mizuki (183) has posed:
    Mizuki just grins more and more at Faruja in kind, though her upbeat expressions are likely a bit more nuanced than Father Senra's own; that's to say, she's equal parts glad of his company and amused by the way he's able to use her words to bolster his own delivery. Not that she minds in the least, though -- if anything, she's earnestly glad of the attention. And again, if her actions have in any way made his 'performances' go more perfectly, she is simply delighted to know as much.

    The girl has just enough time to rest her elbow on the arm of a pew, casually resting a cheek in the palm of her hand before Nasa draws her attention again. Her words would elicit a series of nods from the woman, but at the chime of the final syllable of the word 'fire', her eyes would close and her skull would cease to move. Still, in spite of any severity this gesture might hint at, her expression would not budge and her words would remain every bit as even as ever. "Mmm, and that is indeed another interesting facet of time. Something so simple as a clock that serves as a reminder of the passage of days can, in itself, establish a precedent for accomplishment. Likewise, knowing one has a finite amount of time to act and experience inspires one to do more - much more - with the limited time that they have." Mizuki would briefly pause there, perhaps re-opening her eyes.

    "Though oft do I wonder why that is. What arbitrary rule is it that states interest must wane over time? I would rectify that, were I to find a way. Certainly we would lose all need for mortality - and our propensity to laud the human condition - were we to find a way to make that true. Some way to expose death and dying," She would widen her smile just slightly, "as the fairy tales, and the lack of those things as the truth." She would bat her lashes several times, emitting a small sigh as she notices Nasa gawking at the watch. Much more quietly, she would add, "... but forgive me. You happened upon one of my 'switches'. I have an awful tendency to ramble when those are pressed."

    A trifle embarrassed at her own going on, she would shift the topic as quickly as possible. "Ah! Why I was holding it up to my ear? Well. I find the ticks themselves to be their own beautiful song, really; it's calming to listen to them, and if I'm being perfectly honest I was a bit nervous to be here, at first. Not only that, but the musical nature of the noises helped me to parse the songs in the hymnals. Some may say clocks are useful for little more than telling time, but allow me to be the one to tell you that they are far, -far- for versatile than that." Her apology, though, would simply be met with a horizontal shaking of her head and a waving of her hand. "There is nothing to apologize for. It is quite beautiful, I agree. I could -- and have -- looked upon such specimens for many hours myself." Her eyes might narrow in a cunning way here, however. "... though I suspect you are drawn to it more for its sheen than its function or craft. Not that I mind that perspective at all, either~."

    Jesus, this girl talks a lot, QED.

    Toph, whose voice Mizuki might have begun to recognize from various eavesdroppings on the Union radio, would likely get a prominent quirk of her brow in response for her performance, though this would only last so long as it takes Mizuki to rise from the pew, facing Nasa. "I am going to go say hello to the good Father Senra, so I'm afraid I must be excused from your presence for the time being. Though I would not be at all opposed if you should wish to accompany me, however." Either way, she would curtsy before making her way to Faruja as promised, and likewise greeting the gentlerat with a bow of her head. "Eloquent as always, o' great Deacon~." And any sarcasm that might've been hidden in the intent of her words would, as always, be drowned out by the sheer warmth the priest would feel from her.


Jeannette Thompson (410) has posed:
Oh, well. There was at least /something/ she was good at, and that was sitting in a mess and consuming large amounts of food as quickly as possible. That and at least meeting people she actually knew. She moves forward through the crowd. "Excuse me." She says. "Pardon. If you could... Oh, bother." She grumps trying to get in from the outside, before she looks over to the pews themselves. Well, she might as well at least get some exercise out of this. "You people really should open things up a little bit more here." She says, moving off to the side, quickly standing on a pew bench, then the top of it, and making it the rest of the way hoping from pew to pew. At least... if nothing stops her. With a furl of the cloak she wears, she lands with a single step close enough to where she wants to be to call out. "Reverend!" She says to Faruja. "A splendid ceremony. Informative and uplifting. Not that I can complain with anything that ends with food." A slight smile. "I shall insist on paying for my meal, however."

Tony Stark (301) has posed:
Peace be upon him? "Uh... thanks," Stark replies to the... wild west gunslinger, his eyes raking the other man up and down frankly. Perhaps, if his study of history extended beyond a lot of old spaghetti westerns, he might recognize him, but it didn't, and so he doesn't. Thus, the Archer just gets one of his noncommittally charming smiles, and then he squeezes his hand on Toph's shoulder and tries to steer toward the food.

Na`Sabal-Une Fang (367) has posed:
     There is one very good perk to having wings, when wanting to maneuver through a crowd, she can cheat, and she can cheat very easily! Because she has wings. But right now, she is vaguely sort of content to sit next to Mizuki. Though every so often she possibly looked like a squirmy child. She had a LOT of energy and it did not lend to her staying still for too long.

     But she did stay still the moment Mizuki started talking again, examining her demeanor and reactions intently as she listens to her. That ceased movement and the eyes closing were noted, thoguh Nasa was unsure if she was actually upset or angry or something, so she simply continued to listen. "Is true... elves do to take long time learning since they do to have such a long time to live, though they do to tend to explore things more fully." Nasa murmurs, ears twitching. "We do to accomplish just as much as humans do, but since elves and Drow do to have such a longer time ... we take more time to learn and grow. Elves moreso than Drow, but for reasons is to naut going to get into."

     Nasa pauses, her head tilting a bit. "Mind does to grow bored if does not have things to do. If has too long, mind does start inventing things to do... nau-mortality would be bad. Is chance many would turn to philosophers and scholars and to learn lots... but is also chance just as many would to turn to dark things out of boredom." Nasa says with a quick nod. And then she seemed to realize what she was talking about and blinked a couple of times, seriousness bleeding out of her.

     "Oooh! Is very pretty reason to hold the watch up to your ear~. And does sound very useful... timing... tick-tock-tick-tock... is soothing noise, can hear it from here." She murmurs softly, her eyes sliding half-closed thoughtfully. And then she was teased over the sheen of it that drew her attention. "A-ah... is distractable by pretty or shiny things since did become faetouched... n-normally would naut care as much about such things..!" She says, puffing out her cheeks in a slightly shy and trying to cover it up kind of way! "... Ah! Understands. ... Is going to go check around room, actually... does hope you enjoy it!" She says, grinning and standing up. After a quick little jump, Nasa's wings spread and flapped several times, the barely-visible gossamer flesh of her spiderweb-designed wings catching the light in fun little ways as she shifted her gaze around, taking stock of who all was there.

     Also possibly bringing far more attention to herself than was necessary, since she /did/ stick out like a sore thumb! Soon though, Nasa was fluttering around, her gaze on the group, still keeping checks on the people, particularly people around the two Drow... and getting to know the various people's appearances... at least the ones wearing the Ajoran robes.

Faruja (152) has posed:
Faruja turns to Toph. He smiles widely at her. Off-key or not, he's bloody /proud/.

Thus, when that punch comes? It earns her a ruffle of the hair. No, Toph, your hair shan't go un-messed with.

"Well done, Toph. Thank ye." He whispers over warmly. She might not like it, but it means a lot to the rat.

"Lady Kagurazaka!" Starts Faruja warmly as she makes her way up from the well-wishers, the rat conveniently ducking an over-enthusiastic Bangaa in favor of Yuna. That hug is happily taken, the rat seemingly not shy! Squeeeze! Then, another dab of holy water.

"And to thee, mine dear! Come, come, eat! The strawberry tarts art quite delicious! Thank ye for coming. Remind me to invite thee to tea some time, hmm?"

Faruja spies that phone of Tony's. There's a flick of his tail meaningfully.

Burmecian-to-human gesture research later, and Tony might realize the rat wants a copy too. It's rather adorable.

The fox-paladin gets a deep bow, and a cross of her chest! "Lady Kirika, ye art ever welcome. Thank thee for coming! I pray ye found it interesting? The whole affair is quite lengthy. With any luck, a few of these ones..." He waves his hand to the crowd.

"Will leave remembering family, friends, and mayhaps learning a lesson."

There's plenty of handshakes, the Ivalician natives quite warm on such an occasion. Minus Gramm, he's a jerk. Archer is met with a firm grip. Then his back is smacked! Oomph! Being tiny has its downsides.

"Blessings, Ser! Lord willing, I shan't turn it into a mockery! Nay doubt a near thing!" Comes the Inquisitor with a smile.

"Please, enjoy thineself. The Lord gave us the ability to laugh for a reason."

He then asides to Toph, "Ye can slip out while the table is being taken away. By the letter of the law, ye merely must attend one. And such a tragedy I shan't be counting heads." Wink!

Warmth that's easily returned, his tail flicking. Mizuki gets a gaze that's half amused, half on the verge of a sigh.

"Ye do me too much honor, mine dear! That I was half again a better speaker, then we wouldst be swimming in converts! And please, I wouldst make a better Bishop." Smirk! Cheeky little rat!

Blink! "Lady Thompson! Hail, Commodore." He seems a bit surprised! But pleasantly so!

He can't hide a grin. "Welcome, mine dear, and blessings! Ye truly think so? Ahh, yes, a full stomach does help one remember lessons. /Do/ remind me to attend one of thine own world's functions."

Nasa gets a good third of the room staring, mostly in awe. There's a few whispers of 'Angel!?'! and sudden increased prayers.

The two drow are mingling near the table, though they both spot glances in Nasa's direction every now and then. These two are definitely nervous.

"Allyn!" He's been woof'd! Faruja leans down, grabbing the wolf-man by the head, and gives a noogie between the ears. Scritch-scratchrubrub!

Jeannette Thompson (410) has posed:
Thompson's smile remains fixed on her face, though leaves her eyes just a little bit. "Ahh, please. Ms. Thompson, here. I am neither her as Raletza or as a Commodore. It wouldn't be proper or... political to be seen in either guise in a church of a forign land. Diplomacy aside, religion can still be a touchy subject, esspecially for those in the suburbs, and I am an animal that must live in that jungle, want or no.

"And... well, a lovely service. We'll just leave it at that. I don't know if I would be able to recommend my own church," She didn't have one. "but I would be glad to talk to the head of a mosque I know of in my Barony. Always talking about interfaith... speaking of which."

She looks around a moment, before seeing Toph, and nimbly stepping over, extending her hand. "Ahh... pardon me. I don't beleive we've met. Formally, in any case. Jeannette Thompson. I seem to remember seeing your picture in a briefing for Union Elites?"

Toph Beifong (20) has posed:
    Not knowing the guy that says hi to Tony, Toph looks a bit curious, but she lets him steer her towards the food. Though he will have to accept a brief stop by Faruja. And is that a look of relief on her face when she's told she doesn't need to sing anymore? "Oh, thank all that is earthy and dirty...!" she mutters, then reaches up to adjust the halo on her head after Faruja has ruffled her hair. And she turns to Tony. "Let's get some food. And then I can take of this robe, it itches!" But let's fill up their stomachs first and...


    There's a hand being extended towards her, and Toph blinks before she reaches out to shake it. "Uh, hi... Toph Beifong. Can't say I have seen your picture, sadly. Though I have heard your voice on the radio. I know most of the Union by their voices only." It's nice to get a general body shape to link the voice to though.

Mizuki (183) has posed:
    Truth be told, Nasa has discovered a few of Mizuki's most damning weaknesses this evening. The first was her propensity to ramble, which the world's best angel no doubt received an earful for. The other, she might not have noticed until now, though, for just before turning away to go to Faruja, her cheeks dye themselves a sort of incandescent cherry color. That's to say, she blushes, subtle though it may be. And why? Well, because her other weakness -- quite a terrible one -- is for cute things. And though she wouldn't say it out loud or express it in any manner more substantial than she already is here, her inner thoughts at that moment could likely be summarized like so:

    'Ohgawd it's so cute please can I hug it please pleasepleasepleaaasseeee'

    Or some approximation thereof.

    Still, she stifles her overbearing desire to kidnap the drow for some clearly overdue pampering so that she may - begrudgingly - make her way over Faruja. And to the priest's snark? Well, she would let fly even more of her own. "Perhaps so, Faruja, perhaps so. Yes, you may be the Bishop, and I shall be the scribe who takes down all your verses so that they be etched into the grand marble left beside your mausoleum. Or if the day comes when you take up the lofty station of Pope! Well, then perhaps I shall ascend the mantle of 'interior decorator' for the veritable pyramid fashioned in your honor." A bit hyperbolic, there, but hopefully not -offensively- so; she just wants to see him blush before she goes home this evening.

    And with that she would retire to the snack table, snagging some small sandwiches to share, and some tea. Alllwaaysss with the tea. She would return to Faruja with each, offering them for his own consumption, whilst she dangles a filled teacup limply with her finger, its contents suspended in the air by a bit of time magic whilst she focuses her attentions elsewhere.

    It's clear that she enjoys these small opportunities to flaunt her talents very much.

Na`Sabal-Une Fang (367) has posed:
     Flutter flutter flutter. Nasa's wings carry her here and there, her gaze shifting over the people, and sensitive ears twitching occasionally as they pick up on the whispers of 'angel'. Her wings flutter a couple more times as she moves around, trying not to entirely disappoint them with what they see, and be a good 'role model'. In short, she does her best to humbly flutter around as she kept her eyes out for possible dangers. The glances from the two drow were... unsurprising. They were nervous of a Drow, and that was frankly as it should be. Drow were the biggest danger to themselves, after all. Eventually, Nasa flutters until she's hovering above Faruja, high enough that the tips of her toes were slightly above his ears, unless he moved or something. Which would be reasonable, with a sudden shadow above you and wingflapping! "... Does like Ajora's day." Nasa eventually mumbles quietly, likely loud enough for him and other sensitive-eared beings nearby to hear, though likely lost in the noise of the rest of the crowd otherwise.

     "... People seem to think Nasa is an angel. ... Hopes does not cause problems later." She says, once more loud enough for Faruja to hear but not necessarily anyone who didn't have sensitive ears. She shifted her gaze around quietly for a few moments, before eventually fluttering to stop nearby the two Drowesses, hovering only slightly with them, so that she was at about the right height to be at eye-height with them. "... Does not know if you have to being made aware of Nasa; but is Na`Sabal-Une Fang. Is going to help get to bottom of what did happen to our other sister of the moon." She murmurs gently towards the two Drow. "Understands nervousness and suspicion. Is little suspicious of you too." She takes a slow inhale, before continuing, "But is neither here nor there... wishes to know how church is treating you. Is treating like belongs, or is like you are outsider?" She asks. She trusted Faruja, but hearing it from the other Drow... that felt important to Nasa right now.

     Nasa had not been quite oblivious enough to miss Mizuki's blush, though she didn't comment or act on it, as they had gone their separate ways shortly after. But, since she had come near the snack table that the two Drow were at, Nasa's gaze trailed towards her briefly, and she flashed a quick little smile towards Mizuki. "...Does seem our fates cross paths again~." She says, wiggling her fingers at Mizuki before she heads off with the tea again. "The snacks to look very nice~." But then Mizuki was off, unless she lingered!

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
So there's Yuna, trying to wade through the crowd to greet Faruja. Being as petite as she is, one may imagine, is *NOT* an advantage in crowds ... and you would be imagining very much correctly.

She can see out of the crowd well enough to spot Jeannette, *pew-hopping* her way to the front, and that prompts a somewhat aggravated yelp from the blonde idol singer. "Don't walk on the furniture, Commodore!" she calls out good-naturedly, "Especially not in a holy place!"

Then she finally makes her way out of the crowd to hug Faruja. "Yeah, they look great, now that I can see them," she smiles. "And I'd love to, thank you!"

She makes her way over to the table now, helping herself to some food and continuing to greet people generally - particularly waving to Nasa and Ainsley, as she recognizes them. She's not stinting with the greetings for anyone she *doesn't* know so well, though; this is a Multiversal event precisely so people can meet and mingle outside of their ordinary circles, right?

Jeannette Thompson (410) has posed:
Jeannette smiles... and stops. Oh. Right. She remembered the file might have indicated smiling wouldn't havebeen... visable. Oh, well. "I just wanted to inquire, as I saw you in the choir. Forgive me for being so... forward." She hesitates. "But, I had thought you were from a different world. Living with Mr. Stark, in fact. I was.. curious to hear on what made you choose to... ah... volunteer, here." Was that a delicate enough touch?

Jeannette Thompson (410) has posed:
Jeannette Thompson also, she does have time to call over to Yuna after a few moments. "Ms. Thompson, please!" She says, spreading her cloak to reveal her plain cloths and rather plain blade at her side. She wasn't going /anywhere/ without that. "And this seems like a very forgiving being, this Ajora. I'm /sure/ she'll forgive me for contributing to the reduction of congestion in the main asile.

Allyn (307) has posed:
Allyn Wags his tail as Faruja noogies him and he grabs the ratman's hand between his ajws and shakes it playfully and growls softly. Then remembering he's not a cub he nuzzles Faruja's hand. "Hello my friend." he tells Faru and his ears perk. "It's good to be here for this." yep, he seems rather content. Of course he goes around to see who else he know. Mizuki gets a good cold nosing to her hand if he can get close enough to her, and the winged girl gets a tilts of his head. strange things, but then again, so is he?"

Toph Beifong (20) has posed:
    "Yeah, I was in the front row, I imagine you would see me pretty easily..." Toph says with a shrug. "And as it is I'm not even from Goldie's world, or this one. I... I'm just helping out here, and there's this fuddy duddy rule about acolytes having to serve in the choir their first year of service." Her voice is muttering, and she lets out a huff. Oh yes, Faruja so owes her! At least there's food now at least, and Tony seems happy as he's digging in and no longer is bored by preachy mass stuff going on.

    "So umm. Yeah. I'm not really a churchy person to begin with. I prefer open air, fewer rules and clothes that don't itch," Toph continues as she reaches down to scratch her butt through the robes.

Faruja (152) has posed:
There's a slightly raised brow, then an understanding nod. "Of course, of course Ms. Thompson. We really aught converse more on the subject. Privately." Yes, she has his attention now.

Jean then gets a smile. "Enjoy, mine dear."

"/Do/ be sure to not get any crumbs on the stained glass!" Faruja calls back to Toph. Rat, friend, but still fuddy-duddy to the core.

Mizuki sends Faruja into the odd position of both wanting to play host, and not offend the Ivalicians breathing down his neck. There's a weak smile to the time lady.

"S...surely nay! The High Confessor is a seat /far/ too large for mine tail I am afraid! Besides, methinks a marble coffin and horridly gold-plated ostentatious grave marker wouldst be far more fitting for one so in love with the sound of his own voice!" Smile! Some of said crowd shares a laugh, and he's eventually un-crowded as he slinks off to the side. Right into Mizuki, and floating tea.

He looks slightly more relaxed. "Bloody miracle-worker ye art, my Lady." Sigh. That tea is taken and devoured with unsightly haste.

The sandwiches fare not better.

Faruja indeed moves, and so he gets a nasa-toe-tickle to the ears! He very nearly drops the cup. Choke!

"I am glad, Nasa. Ye art welcome here whenever ye like. Keep that lesson in mind, hmm? Mayhaps one that may well be imparted to thine earth-dwelling kin?" A slightly wider smile. Ambitious, this priest.

A shake of the head, and a smirk. "Hardly. There shall be those that sleep better tonight thanks to ye, firmer in their faith. Though ye make a most curious angel~."

The taller one is characteristically silent, but the shorter drow steps forward. There's a lump in the tall drow's pocket. It might be a gun. She fingers it nervously.

The short drow whispers, "We know. The Inquisitor...well. Too many hours being questioned in a dark room isn't entertaining, but at least it's not like home." She rubs her hand. One might notice long-faded scarrs and burn marks.

She pauses, and smiles openly. There's actual joy in her eyes. "It's like having a family. A real family, not the backstabbing, greedy, lusty people I was born to. They do not trust us fully. Not yet, especially after what happened. But even then, they care. I can walk down a street and not worry about being robbed, or hurt for someone's amusement. And when I get nightmares? The kindly old nun across the hall from my room walks over and sings me back to sleep." She never had that back home. A tear slides down her eye.

Faruja tries to look stately while being chewed on and noogie-ing a wolf-dog. It doesn't work. But he looks happy.

"Ye art welcome whenever ye wish, ye know that Allyn. I shall even spare ye the 'man's best friend' puns. Instead, ye art a good man, and I envy thine ears." Scriiiiitch.

Then, with a bow, the rat's back up towards the podium.

"And now, allow me to tell ye the tale of the Saint of Knights, a follower of Holy Ajora..."

Jeannette Thompson (410) has posed:
Jeannette gives something of a final nod of her own when Toph explains. "It was easy enough to see you, yes.. and I see. I suppose it would be less that ou were in the choir, and more that you were an acoylte. Perhaps... from personal experiance, it's me being curious on how one could adopt a forign religon. I see at least that you are no zealot." Another smile on her face. "And I think we can agree on the proper feeling of open air on the skin. I just like mind cold or flecked with sea spray."

Na`Sabal-Une Fang (367) has posed:
     "Suggests to being careful about trying to spread Ajora's word to followers of Her. Her followers are cruel and violent and unlikely to convert. ...But those wishing an escape..." Nasa murmurs in response to Faruja. "A-ah... is naut an angel, so far as Nasa knows." Nasa says, her cheeks flushing slightly purple at being referred to as an angel. She was a drowess! A dangerous monster of the underdark! ... And she was blushing over being called an angel? "... Will try to being good angel for them to think of." Nasa says softly, giving a quiet little smile towards Faruja.

     Back to Nasa with the other Drow! The sight of the hand in the pocket, and a lump... well, Nasa's eyes shifted to that intently. "...Ah, can relax. Nasa is nau threat. Would be silly to attack in crowd like this even if was..." Nasa says towards the taller drow, trying to give her a soothing smile, though her filed-down teeth might not help, a reminder of the harshness of the underdark.

     But Nasa's attention is brought towards the shorter drow, who gets a slow nod, her gaze shifting towards the scars and burn marks. Nasa actually reached out towards the hand, moving with an utter lack of care for person space, a faelike innocence surrounding her for a few moments as she attempted to take it and lift it to quietly examine the scars, looking over the back of her hand. Nasa's head lowers towards her, attempting to rest her forehead against the scars. "...Apologizes... is from a noble family... is from the type of Drow that did probably do this to you... hopes can help make it better some day, though does seem like Faruja and the rest of the church are to taking good care of you." Nasa says, lowering her hand as she smiles towards the drowess. That smile widened as she listened to the drowess speak, and watched the joy in her eyes, something rare to see in the drow. "...Is like family..."

     "... Understands. Is a good place then. Is glad you found it." Nasa says softly. "Has... found kind of similar, people who do to care for Nasa like family. A sur... a woman by the name of Addie... does call Nasa sister, she did give Nasa this outfit." She says, motioning to her outfit with a smile. Obviously well-worn, but she'd somehow managed to keep it clean in spite of her habits. "... Hopes this can be solved soon, so you two can to being safer, with nau threat of disappearing like other sister of the moon." She murmurs, lowering her hands to her side and properly returning personal space back to the two other Drowesses, landing. Due to her height, she likely was very unintimidating, shorter than even the shorter Drow most likely. Nasa had always been a runt, and when she was faetouched, it hadn't helped her either. "... To having fun paths, sisters of Ajora. Will return soon." Nasa says softly. After that, Nasa would take to the air again, keeping a watchful eye over the crowd, being a silent-ish 'guardian angel' for the rest of the event.