1244/Mi Casa Su Agua

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Mi Casa Su Agua
Date of Scene: 01 January 2015
Location: Heaven or Hell Tower <HoH>
Synopsis: Riva gave Ayako permission to enter her home, and so she does so! Heartfelt backgrounding and art ensues.
Cast of Characters: Riva Banari, Ayako Hasekawa

Riva Banari has posed:
It's the day after New Years, and Riva isn't feeling... Quite so fresh after her exuberant celebration of the event.

It was, however, very good wine. She keeps telling herself this as she drinks some orange juice and munches on some hot pockets, sort of lazing around at the moment while she watches an action movie on her TV. The place is a little messier than usual, what with her not having bothered to get up and clean yet, but she'll get to it.


Ayako Hasekawa has posed:
    There's a gentle knock on the door. Riva has invited Ayako into her residence, which basically means Ayako could enter in a multitude of ways without letting her know. But that? That would be rude. Ayako really isn't the type to simply barge in unless it's an emergency. And so, the Water Spirit's cheerful, melodic voice comes from outside the apartment, "Riva? I'm coming in."

Riva Banari has posed:
So polite! Riva perks at the knock and heads to the door, putting the movie on pause as she open it. The sight of ayako causes Riva to grin. "Hi Ayako! It's good to see you! Come on in!" As if she needed to give permission again. She steps to one side and lets the water spirit come inside and closes the door behind. "Feel free to relax!"

Ayako Hasekawa has posed:
    Ayako curtsies towards Riva with her voluminous maid uniform's skirt-why yes, she is dressed like a maid at the moment... and then grins brightly in return to Riva's grin. She follows Riva into her apartment's living room and-her amber gaze darts around extremely quickly. So. Much. To. See! Wait, is that a copy of Salvador Dali's 'Bed, Chair, and Bedside Table Ferociously Attacking A Cello'?! "Your apartment is really something else, Riva!" She smiles brightly and relaxes.

Riva Banari has posed:
"It's, well... I just got to set up a new place since I moved in here. I didn't have much stuff left after, um... stuff happened, so I decided to start fresh! And then there's the Christmas stuff..." Riva gestures to the headset, books, the stuff on the desk... "There was a lot of it, so I used it mostly for decoration aaaaaaand to fill in the blanks. There were more than a few."

Riva heads over and flops onto the couch. "It's a nice place. Psyber has some good apartments. So, can I get you anything? Or is there anything you wanted to do?" Riva watches Ayako curiously with her maid outfit, wondering what she'll do next.

Ayako Hasekawa has posed:
    Ayako nods her head slowly and then smiles softly. "Starting fresh is always nice. Even I start feeling a little grimey if I don't melt into a puddle now and then." She winks slowly and giggles brightly. Her eyes trace over the Christmas presents that Riva got and then nods her head at each one-and her eyes sparkle for a moment when she sees the watercolor paint set she gave Riva!

    And Ayako flops onto the couch right next to Riva. "It does seem like a cozy place to live." She nestles into the couch cushions and then smiles softly. "Oh no, you don't have to get me anything. But... rather...was there anything you wanted to do?" A bright smile follows. "As a Water Spirit, I love being useful, after all!"

Riva Banari has posed:
Riva finishes her glass of orange juice and sets the empty glass aside on the coffee table. "Cleanliness is important, you're right!" She giggles at that, and smiles. "There's a bunch of things we can do, though!" Riva gets back up and strolls around the room. "There's movies, TV, games, books..." And then she looks over and gestures at the studio half of the living room. "Or we can hang out in the little Art Corner over there. I don't have anything I have to do today so I'm wide open!"

She leans over and taps Ayako on the nose with a mischevious smile. "Except I'd like to make you happy! So don't worry about being useful to me so much, I want to help you today!"

Ayako Hasekawa has posed:
    Ayako quietly watches Riva drink her orange juice and then looks at the empty glass on the coffee table for a moment. Her eyes blink quickly when Riva gets up from the couch and she follows closely behind. "The Art Corner, huh...?"

    And then Riva suddenly taps her on the nose. "A-ahh? Eh heh... I guess we want to make each other happy, huh?" Ayako smiles softly and then her eyes blink quickly. "Hmm? You want to help me today?" Her amber gaze turns upwards as she inclines her head to the side gently. "I... Hmmm... this... I'm not sure how to react to this!" She giggles brightly. "Usually, I'm the one helping others."

Riva Banari has posed:
"I know, it's a bit of a switch, isn't it?" Riva comments, smiling to Ayako. "You spend so much time helping others, but even you need things once in a while, don't you?" Riva asks.

Absently, she removes the blank canvas from the easel and puts up a sheet of paper against a backboard. She pulls out a set of pens and looks them over for a moment, and selects one. "How about you tell me more about yourself, Ayako? I mean, I know about you as a spirit and what you can do, and can guess a few more things, but how about you tell me more about yourself?"

She begins to sketch a few things on the paper, drawing a few sweeping lines. "I'll do some art for you while you talk. Don't worry, you won't break my concentration!"

Ayako Hasekawa has posed:
    "It is, it is..." Ayako smiles softly and closes her eyes slightly. "I honestly don't require much... although I do like piecing together new outfits and trying to make my magic more useful." Her amber eyes open back up and then blink slowly. "Hmm?"

    "Are you... making a drawing of me? I..." Ayako glances down at her maid outfit, "Sh-should I change my clothing? Unless you wanted to draw me all maid-like." She smiles softly... and then her eyes sparkle. Oh, she's in question answering mode. This Water Spirit does love answering questions, after all. "Oh! Certainly, Riva! What do you want to know?"

Riva Banari has posed:
"It might be a drawing of you. Or it might not." Riva replies in a mischeviously cryptic tone. "Do you want it to be a picture of you? But if I made a picture of you, would it be a picture of Ayako Hasekawa?" Riva continues to maintain that tone as she continues to draw lines on the sheet. A hand there, a foot there, a vague shape forming as Riva switches to some pencils almost as an afterthought.

Riva chuckles for a moment. "But don't worry too much about it. Art takes a lot of forms. It's like water like that, you know? So many things you can do, so many ways to do the same thing. But you... I've spent so much time with you and yet I realize I don't actually know all that much about /you/. Isn't that weird?"

The shapes take on more definition as Riva continues to sketch, and Riva switches between pen and pencil to add more precision to the sketch. Notably, she doesn't erase anything. She just takes whatever she does and runs with it. "What do you like to do in your spare time, for example? I mean, you love to dress up and make Healing water and clean things, but what else? Do you ever just go out and have fun? What do you like doing?"

Ayako Hasekawa has posed:
    Ayako inclines her head to the side gently when Riva replies in that cryptic tone full of mischief. She shifts slightly to look at the canvas, but then she stops herself. After all, if she is drawing her, it wouldn't be right to move so much! "Hmm? Well, of course if you made a picture of me it would be a picture of Ayako Hasekawa." She smiles softly. "Why do you ask~?"

    She smiles softly when Riva talks about art and water. "I don't think it's that weird. Everyone's always so busy that it's difficult to find times to just be with each other." When asked about her spare time, Ayako smiles softly. "Hmm... well, I like reading, playing video games, watching television, playing MMORPGs, and... well... consuming loooots of human entertainment! It's the best, after all." She giggles brightly.

Riva Banari has posed:
Riva continues to work! It is very mysterious. What could she be drawing? "Hmm... It would, wouldn't it?" Riva replies, before she arches an eyebrow. "You're definately right about that. Sometimes I have no idea when I have time to do anything but deal with crises or try to relax anymore." She looks around the easel and smirks at Ayako. "It takes time to learn about someone, doesn't it? Time and work. Things people don't always have handy. But you know, things are nice right now."

She pauses, chewing on the end of one of the pens for a moment. The pens all have teethmarks in them, this seems to be a common habit. "I certainly enjoy human entertainment. You have some good tastes. Of course, I haven't had a chance to see much else besides human entertainment until now."

She pauses again, and looks over to Ayako with a measuring gaze. "How about you? I mean, You mentioned you've been around for thousands of years. What was it like in your homeland? What was it like there?"

Ayako Hasekawa has posed:
    Ayako does wonder what Riva is drawing! But... it wouldn't be nice to peek. "Yes. It would." She smiles brightly. "Oh, but it's important to rest too. And... while you rest... maybe become closer with people." A soft smile crosses her face and then she nods her head once, with emphasis, even!

    "Human entertainment is the best! I mean it so much, it must be said twice!" Ayako giggles brightly. "It's much more amazing than what some others think of as entertainment..." Her face scrunches up, but only for a moment. "Human entertainment is much more varied and tends to have something for everyone."

    And then the topic of her homeland pops up. Ayako becomes... noticiably quiet for a moment. "Hmm... well... I think the best way to describe my homeland... is to tell you about my history at the beginning!" She giggles nervously. "But... I'll make it short. Otherwise, I could be here talking for a bit too long."

Riva Banari has posed:
Ayako will see soon enough! "That's because there's a lot of different people and cultures, so people are always trying to make new things for them. It's pretty amazing."

Riva tilts her head a little as she works. "Sure, go ahead! I'm really interested to hear about it!" She smiles, switching between pencil and pen as she works.

Ayako Hasekawa has posed:
    Ayako nods her head quickly. "And the Multiverse just has So. Much. Stuff. To. Watch! I could spend thousands of years and still not make a dent in it! It's wonderful!" She giggles brightly and shakes slightly, giddy with the thought of so much media to consume.

    Ayako then takes a deep breath. "Well... from the beginning, then." She curtseys in Riva's direction. "I was created originally as a water bullet. Meant to be disposable and expendible. Said water bullet had an enchantment on it that allowed it to learn." Her amber gaze moves off to the side for a moment. "I was distinctly average at the job compared to the others. But... I still got the job done, and I learned how to kill pretty well." She smiles cheerfully at-waaiit. She's smiling at that? Yes, she clearly is.

Riva Banari has posed:
This actually seems surprising to Riva, who pauses for a moment. "A water bullet, huh? I wonder what kind of person would make something like that... So you were that bullet... And you weren't the only one." She thinks, and draws some more. "I admit, this isn't what I expected, but then, there's a lot people don't know. Please continue."

Ayako Hasekawa has posed:
    Ayako nods her head once. "Un. A water bullet. Much like this." Her body and clothing instantly turn into water in a rippling wave-almost as if she is shedding a shell. The details of her human body and clothing smooth away and gather together... and what's left is a hovering sphere of water roughly the same size as Ayako's height. "Hmm... I better change back... it's difficult to hold a conversation with a ball of water." Followed by a bright giggle.

    The water twists and swirls back into the shape of a beautiful human girl and Ayako lands lightly on her feet back in her maid outfit. "Well... as time went on, I learned a lot and became much larger and stronger. And then... well... I got chosen for an odd adjustment. I was the first to get a self-preservation program added. I'm guessing my masters wanted to keep us around and so wanted to test if such a thing would work." She shakes her head slowly. "Umm... I basically went berserk. Instead of killing the target I was assigned, I started killing pretty much everything in range. They couldn't remove it either. So instead I was placed at a location where my little rampages would be beneficial. Into a certain river."

Riva Banari has posed:
Riva, by now, is frowning a bit as she works. "I see. And since you didn't really have a... self... at that point, you didn't really have context or anything else to make decisions until that point."

There is a nod, and she sighs a little. "But it's all right. I would really like to hear more of your story, Ayako. What happened at that river? Why would it be beneficial to your masters that you harm things there?"

Ayako Hasekawa has posed:
    Ayako nods her head once. "I merely did what I was told to do, without any thought. I don't know why I was placed in that river. I wasn't really the type to ask 'why' back then." She shakes her head slowly, "All I know is what happened. I killed a lot of humans that went into that river."

    Ayako then takes a deep breath. "And then... something strange happened. A girl was sacrificed to the river by some nearby villagers to try to calm it down." She taps her head with a pointer finger. "I still have the log of that." And then giggles brightly as she shakes her head slowly. "The self-preservation program actually activated properly for a change. There was something... off about the girl's magical energy. Something enough to make me not want to attack her." Ayako nods her head once. "The villagers thought I was calmed by her and made her a priestess. Was I? Not really. I just didn't want anything to do with her."

Riva Banari has posed:
Ayako tells Riva more of her story, and Riva pauses, turning to do more sketching elsewhere on the paper. "It's funny, Ayako. You talk about yourself like you're more of an AI instead of a spirit." Riva comments, and then folds her arms. "Hrm... That girl... She was special, then? Chance can cause a lot of strange things to happen."

Ayako Hasekawa has posed:
    Ayako blinks her eyes slowly, and then smiles brightly. "I am an AI. A magical one that is infused into water. But I'm a Water Spirit as well." She giggles softly.

    "Un! The girl was special! Although probably not in the normal sense. Oh, but I'll get to that later." Ayako nods her head once. "So I had a priestess now. She was..." Her cheeks get sucked in and Ayako nibbles on them for a moment as she thinks. "Her personality was odd. But," She smiles softly to herself. "She tried to interact with me. And, in time, I slowly learned that she was trying to interact with me! Because of her efforts, I learned how to hear, see, feel, speak, and shape myself. It had nothing to do with killing, but... I learned several things and began to change. And... from that, I became a Water Spirit." Ayako shakes her head slowly. "Then I started to get worshippers, and the river's water started to be used by the villagers for their agriculture. I ended up becoming an Agriculture Goddess."

Riva Banari has posed:
This causes Riva to think for a moment, and she goes 'huh'. "Well, I guess that's true, depending on how you look at it, right? It's all a matter of perspective."

She then puts down the pens and pencils, and moves over to the desk, picking up the small case of watercolor pigments. Riva smirks slightly as she heads back to the paper, then heading over to the mini-kitchen and getting some water. She begins to start wetting the resins, putting color on the paper. She smiles a little at the mention of how the girl helped her find herself. "I see. And she helped you learn how to be a you." She changes to a different color, continuing to daub color as she replies, "A Goddess od Agriculture, huh? That must have been a lot of work for you. People are always expecting a lot of things from those they worship."

Ayako Hasekawa has posed:
    Ayako nods her head once. "Un! In my view, I've always been a water spirit." She smiles softly and then blinks her eyes quickly when Riva gets up and heads into the kitchen to get some water of all things. Her cheeks puff out in a pout. "I could have gotten some water for you. But then... that would be ruining the surprise of what you're about to paint, huh...?" She giggles softly.

    "There honestly wasn't much to me then. My response to almost everything was to ask my priestess if I should kill it. The answer was usually no-which was really confusing back then, you know." Ayako shakes her head slowly. "My priestess got older and then... well..." She sighs softly. "There was something strange magically about her, remember? Well... it was... I don't know if you would call it an illness, but said magical oddity did make her sick. I couldn't do anything to help her. And... well... she died." Her amber eyes trail off towards the floor as she takes a deep breath for a moment. "I... she meant a lot to me. And so I took her name, Ayako. Also..." She gestures cheerfully at herself. "I strongly resemble her in appearance. Although~" A soft innocent whistle comes from her lips, "I do admit I... embellish quite a bit to make it prettier." She then says seriously, "It took a really, really, reaaaaaally long time to get this appearance to be convincingly human, you know."

    Ayako then nods her head when Riva says that people expect a lot from those they worship. "It's true... even after my Priestess died, I had to do a lot. Learn a lot. But even then I..." She shakes her head quickly. "I... I could barely do anything. I mean... I only really knew how to kill well."

Riva Banari has posed:
"That's right!" Riva confirms. "I can't have you ruining the surprise!"

Ayako finally finishes telling the story of her friend, and Riva stops painting at that point. She puts down the brush, and looks over to Ayako, quietly for several moments.

Finally, she says, quietly, "Oh, Ayako..." And she steps forward, giving her a hug. "I'm so sorry. Everything you're doing... You've been through so much."

Ayako Hasekawa has posed:
    Ayako giggles softly when Riva confirms she can't ruin the surprise. "Oh, fine. I'll be a patient Water Spirit maid then." When Riva suddenly stops painting and puts down her brush, Ayako inclines her head to the side gently. "Hmm?" As Riva looks her over quietly for a few moments. And then Riva hugs her!

    Ayako warmly hugs Riva back. "It's alright... you don't have to be sorry. Besides... I do these things because I want to, and I've been through things because I want to do them." She nods her head once and then smiles cheerfully.

    Once Ayako is freed from Riva's hug, she pauses for a moment, and then brightens. "Oh! I know. I can show you what I wore back then." She closes her eyes and gestures outwards with her hands. Her maid clothing ripples visibly for a moment and then changes form into a multi-layered blue kimono. It looks incredibly heavy from all of that cloth. A blue paper fan unfolds from the sleeves that obscure her hands. "Hmm... I can't quite make that expression I made all the time back then, though... and the form itself... it's so amateurish I can't even bare it anymore." She puffs one cheek out in a half-pout.

Riva Banari has posed:
Riva still sniffs a bit, drying her eyes as she finally lets Ayako go and gives her some 'breathing' room again. "I can't help it, Ayako. I just think about what it must have been like, and..." She shrugs. "It's... Something I think about sometimes myself." She turns away, taking her position up again at the easel and looks over Ayako's form of the moment. "Hum... Well, even if you're not proud of it, it's still very nice. We're always the worst critics of our own work."

She picks up the pen and pencil again and begins sketching again on the paper, looking back over to Ayako frequently.

Ayako Hasekawa has posed:
    Ayako nods her head once slowly, "It's true... when she died I was enormously frustrated. One of the few emotions I had made a connection with." She blinks her eyes quickly. "Hmm? Something that you think about sometimes yourself?" And then watches Riva go back to her easel. "Well... I have went back and upgraded it but... this kimono... you can barely see anything but my head. I might as well be mostly watery right now." She glances down at the clothing and shakes her head slowly.

    "Hmm... now lets see... continuing on... I was very lost without my Priestess. I mean... my solution to everything was to kill it. And without her there to tell me 'no'. Well... very quickly the settlement I was worshipped got into a conflict with another." Ayako shakes her head slowly in disappointment... of herself. "I had so many people worshipping me that I got a big head about it to boot. So it's not too surprising I ended up angering another deity." Her paper fan flutters gently as she fans herself. "To put it simply, I lost. Very quickly and very badly to boot. And so I was forced to leave that city." She nods her head once.

    "From that point on, I decided to just be a Water Spirit. No worshippers or anything like that. Getting big headed like that was a serious mistake."

Riva Banari has posed:
"Yeah." Riva replies, but she doesn't elaborate. Riva smiles faintly though, at her assessment of the kimono. "I suppose, but it all depends on how much you value having someone be able to see your body. You are really proud of your ability to look human, but that appearance still has a very refined look despite not showing very much."

Ayako then continues her story. "Oh goodness... That ended up being an unpleasant situation for everyone. She was helping you learn so much, and then she was gone." She hums, sketching a bit more. "So you had to learn a lot of things the hard way"

Ayako Hasekawa has posed:
    Ayako nods her head once. Although Riva didn't elaborate, she doesn't mind. She does giggle softly. "These clothes make me look like some sort of Japanese princess." Her head shakes slowly. "Not that I mind, but people do treat me a bit differently when I'm dressed like this."

    Ayako nods her head slowly. "Un. The hard way. The direct way." Her head inclines to the side gently and her long hair swishes and ripples. "After getting kicked out, I decided to wander around and try to help humans." She smiles wryly. "I admit, I wasn't always very good at it, and sometimes did more harm than good, but I learned. I learned a lot of things..."

    Ayako thinks for a moment, snapping the paper fan closed and tapping it against her cheek. "I feel like I'm forge-Oh! Right. My masters were watching the whole time and not really interfering. But after a few millenia they called me back, and did a few modifications to just... basically let me free to do what I wanted." She smiles brightly. "And... that's basically where I came from."

Riva Banari has posed:
"A lot of people judge based on how someone or something looks. Sometimes I even forget you're a spirit, and way older than I am. It's kind of embarassing sometimes." Riva chuckles for a moment, and picks up her paints again. She dabs at the easel, pondering for a minute and then continuing every so often, layering color after color over the page there.

As Ayako finishes explaining herself, Riva thinks for a moment. "So... They just let you go? Who were these masters?"

Ayako Hasekawa has posed:
    Ayako nods her head quickly, agreeing with Riva. "And that's putting it lightly. It's just one reason why I'm so conscious about my appearance." And then blushes when Riva says she forgets that Ayako is a spirit sometimes. "Kyaaaa..." Yes, she's kyaa-ing happily as she blushes. "She forgets I'm a spirit and that I'm older sometimes... So much of a compliment! I'll... I'll... keep working on it so that one day you'll have to consciously remind yourself that I'm not human!" Her amber eyes positively sparkle. "Yes! That'll be my goal for now!" She giggles brightly.

    Ayako takes a deep breath and then smiles at Riva. "Un. They let me go. It seems they were collecting data about me during the whole time and found me to be a fairly positve thing to release out into the wild." She thinks for a moment, and then brightens. "Oh! During that modification, they changed my 'true form'. Before, it was that sphere of water. After, well... you've seen what I look like." She blushes lightly. "Hmm... but it was much simpler looking before." Her head nods slowly. "The orb was a crescent moon, there were no chains, and no projections from my headdress." Her amber gaze moves upwards as she thinks... "It slowly got more complicated and elaborate over time."

    Ayako then blinks her eyes quickly. "Who were they?" She then nods her head once. "Normally, it would be hard to explain, but..." A soft smile crosses her face. "Thanks to the Multiverse being what it is, I can just say they were very similar to the TSAB."

Riva Banari has posed:
"Hummmmm..." Riva ponders audibly as Ayako explains the nature of her masters. "But they were so callous..." Riva sighs, and shakes her head. "I guess there's still a lot I don't understand. I don't know if I could forgive them... but you're a lot more chill about that, it seems, than I am."

She continues to daub watercolors on the paper, filling things out, and she looks back to Ayako. "At least you can be sure, Ayako, that no matter what you look like, I'll still be yur friend, okay? You'll never have to worry about that with me. You might change your shape, but that thing that make you /you/ is still there. And that's what I like most of all."

Ayako Hasekawa has posed:
    Ayako's amber gaze slowly moves off to the side and she becomes... extremely quiet for a while. "Hmm... you shouldn't worry about them." And then nods her head once.

    She then looks back cheerfully to Riva and then smiles brightly towards her. "Un! I won't forget! I hope you won't forget that I'll be your friend too, Riva!" Ayako's amber eyes glisten, making them look golden. "I like you loooooots Riva!"

Riva Banari has posed:
Riva laughs. "Well, then that makes two of us! Friends forever, right?" She dabs a bit more at the easel, and then hums. "Welllllll, I could touch it up a bit more, I guess, but I think it's time to show you what I did!"

It's at this point that Riva turns the easel around, showing Ayako what's there with a flourish. "Ta-daaaaaa!"

There's three figures on the page, a combination of pen and pencil used to try to add more shading and definition whil the watercolors are laid into the paper, overlaid and mixed to make flowing, smooth colors. A rendition of Ayako's true appearance is there on one side, with the ornate headpiece and the delicate clothing, though a few details are off since it's been a while since shw saw it. Next to her is also Ayako, though some modifications look like they've been made mid-painting to make the figure slightly less flattering and more realistic. The trueform Ayako is floating in the air, holding hands with the other Ayako. Both of them are smiling at each other.

Between and past them is a third Ayako, this one wearing the kimono that she had just shown off. This one is much more accurate since she had just been using the real thing as a guide. She has a hand on both of their shoulders.

"I am an ocean. Within me dwells multitudes." Riva says, simply.

Ayako Hasekawa has posed:
    "Un! Friends forever!" Ayako smiles brightly and then looks eagerly towards the easel as Riva turns it around. She blinks her eyes slowly as she looks at the three figures. "A-ahh..." A gentle smile crosses her face as she gathers her sleeved hands together in front of her body. "Mmm..."

    Ayako turns slowly towards Riva and smiles brightly. "A gentle giver of life that quietly loves, watches, and supports the living."

Riva Banari has posed:
"Yes!" Riva says, and smiles. "You like it? Great!" She turns and rummages in the corner pile, pulling out an empty frame. She carefully pulls it off of the easel and placed it against the backing, before closing it up. "Do you have anywhere you would like to display it?" Riva asks.

Ayako Hasekawa has posed:
    Ayako nods her head, "Oh, I do like it! Although... do you need to change into my true form?" She blushes lightly. "I don't normally like being in it, but... that's mostly around people I don't know." And then she blinks her eyes quickly at how quickly Riva moves! Riva's so excited! "Umm... I don't really have a place for myself." She giggles a bit nervously.

Riva Banari has posed:
Riva seems perenially excited. Perhaps buzzing around, you might even say. Who knows if it's a side effect of what she does or if it's just part of her nature, though. "If there's anything you want me to fix, I can, but the nature of watercolor tends to make it a 'one take' setup. Since you're coloring paper instead of daubing paints, you can't scrape them off and get a do-over. Also, the sketch lines tend to show through. You usually have to live with any mistakes you make."

Riva chuckles. "There's something kind of profound in that."

She thinks for a minute, and then she nods. "In that case, I'll keep it safe for you here. You can stay here whenever you want, of course... And if you ever get a place you want to call a home of your own, we can move it there. Will that be okay?"

Ayako Hasekawa has posed:
    Ayako smiles softly as she watches Riva buzz around. "Hmm... one take, huh?" She glances back at the painting and giggles softly as she nods. "Oh oh, it is kind of profound when you put it like that." She nods her head once, "Yes, please do keep it safe." And then her eyes blink quickly. "Oh? I... I really can stay here whenever I like? Th-thank you, Riva..." Her eyes close halfway and she smiles joyfully. "Un! That... that will be perfectly fine."

    Ayako's sleeves move about and her clothing changes shape again and coalesce into her normal casual clothing. Her hair pulls itself up and ties itself into a ponytail, and the usual red ribbon tied into a bow appears to emerge out of her hair. "Eh heh... I... I have some place to stay now... and with a good friend too..."

Riva Banari has posed:
When Ayako says to keep it safe, Riva starts rummaging in the desk and comes up with some picture hangers. She takes them over to one of the walls that doesn't already have a picture on it, and she holds up her thumb, almost comically sticking her tongue out a little in a display of concentration, before she pushes the hanger in to the wall. With a quick motion, Riva has the frame hanging on the wall shortly thereafter, displayed for anyone to see who walks into her apartment.

"Of /course/ you can stay whenever you like. I wouldn't have invited you in if I didn't think you weren't going to come crash sometimes. I can leave the sink running for you~" She says the last jokingly.

With a handwave, Riva turns and gives Ayako another big hug. This time in happiness rather than sorrow. She's a huggy person. "That's right! We can have all kinds of fun." She laughs. "Everything will be great."

Ayako Hasekawa has posed:
    Ayako watches Riva rummage around in the desk and then notes the picture hangers. She giggles softly when Riva makes a show of finding a spot to hang the picture.

    "I might stay around a lot. I hope you don't get sick of having me around." And then Ayako bursts into giggles at the 'leave the sink running for you'. "I know it's a joke but... I really could enter through the sink." She winks slowly.

    Another big hug! Ayako returns the hug cheerfully and warmly, especially since Riva seems so happy now. "Yes! Let's!"