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The Assassin's Council
Date of Scene: 03 January 2015
Location: Fuyuki Zero <FZ>
Synopsis: In a castle owned by the Einzberns, just outside Fuyuki City, various people assemble to discuss how to save Irisviel and Illyasviel von Einzbern from the machinations of a magus family.
Cast of Characters: Maya, Staren, 206, 253, 560, 591, 603, 617, 641, 664
Tinyplot: Fate/Zero Tolerance

Emiya Kiritsugu (603) has posed:
A mansion/castle owned by the Einzberns, just outside of Fuyuki City, in the middle of a forest, is the meeting place selected. While Kiritsugu prefers to keep people away from this Fuyuki to avoid making them targets and to avoid causing the other Masters to take the presence of these outsiders as provocation of some kind and disobey the Church in order to start the Grail War early, for now this seems a secure enough location. There are Bounded Fields throughout the forest, but Kiritsugu is not proficient enough at magecraft to use them. The castle itself is rigged with traps, but he is meeting everyone in the garden outside, so that shouldn't be a problem.

Psyber has been here before, as has Chloe - even if her stay may have been brief, since she was just recovering from all her prana expenditure after attacking Kiritsugu. It is late-afternoon / early evening, and the air is a bit chilly. However, the sky is relatively clear.

Kiritsugu is seated on a stone bench, with his arms resting on his knees, his gaze down at the ground. Maiya Hisau is seated next to him, and going over information on a laptop. She has a similarly emotionless expression on her face as Kiritsugu's does.

Emiya Shirou (560) has posed:
    It takes Emiya Shirou quite an effort to get out here. There is no warp gate anywhere nearby, and the forest is a treacherous path indeed. If he didn't have specific instructions he might get lost for hours. It might indeed be luck that leads him into the meeting place...

    And the Einzbern castle, way out in the middle of nowhere, is a sight grandiose and utterly strange enough to get him gaping bewilderedly, disbelief momentarily setting in. "There's a whole castle out here?!"

    How RIDICULOUS is that?

Chloe von Einzbern (617) has posed:
"Oh, what you didn't know?" That would be Chloe. As usual the dark-skinned girl just sort of appears from out of the blue at shirou's side. Hands folded behind her head, she's in some casual clothes at the moment; no need for her Archer outfit. "The mansion is kind of old news, big brother.

Yep she's been here before, after that little 'Tried to attack her father' debacle.

Psyber (253) has posed:
    Psyber is hanging out and doing his best impression of a chimney, smoking up a storm because he arrives on the scene with a casual sort of gait and a wave. The cigarette that dangles out of his mouth allows him to exhale casual amounts of smoke persistently as he approaches the Magus whom is currently staring at the ground.

"How now, brown cow?" He asks to Kiritsugu, hands coming up to fold behind his head in a casual gesture as he watches the two expressionless magi.

Harry Dresden (206) has posed:
    How about we add some more Magi?
    Harry Dresden rubs at his face. This place makes his head hurt. Wayyyy too much magic in one place for anyone's good. And that's coming from a guy who's got death-traps on his front door 'just in case'.
    That said he's travelling light tonight, just his staff and possibly his rod under that duster of his. The Detective grumps and waves at the other similarly dressed men and snorts. "I'd get a new look but I'm not sure who had it first, honestly."
    He also smiles over at Chloe. "Hey kiddo."

Staren has posed:
    Staren has yet to /meet/ Kiritsugu. However, from hearing the man on the radio, he seemed to have a... practicalness to him that Staren appreciated, so he looked forward to meeting Shirou's alternate-universe father.

    His standard procedure is to come through the warpgate, then repeatedly use his personal teleporter until he reaches the target site. For getting anywhere on an Earth-size planet, this is usually good enough, though it might take a minute or so of repeated teleporting. On the Multiversal surface... well, hopefully it's close enough to a warpgate.

    The people he's seen before get nods. "Shirou. Psyber. Harry." He looks between Chloe, Kiritzugu, and Maiya, and decides to start with approaching the man who called them here. "Staren. Researcher of problems for the Union." He extends a hand to shake, and smiles slightly. "Pleased to finally meet you."

Aoko Aozaki (591) has posed:
    There is an Aoko in a corner.

    Do not mind her.

    Red hair, white t-shirt, jeans, perfect soccer mom look.

    She is currently tossing a tiny ball of blue light up and down, twirling it between her fingers, and occasionally keeping it in mid-air over one finger, although she never directly touches it. It is surprisingly bright and annoying.

    At least she's not tweeting with her cat?

Maya has posed:
SO Maya is here leather and all at the castle she's not sure what to think about it and damn how did something like this get built in Japan? Either way she's here and she's being polite really. She keeps quiet she's not come visably armed and has found her way with the others.

"This is ... what you can do when you have enough coin and connections, really."

She looks to See Chloe Psyber, Aoko, And Harray as well.

"Psyber, Harry, Aoko."

She also turns to notice Staren as well.


Archer of Brown (664) has posed:
     An Archer materializes in the garden. Much to the benefit of literally everyone here, it's not the Fourth Grail's Archer. No, this fellow is a legend of the Old West, a man dressed mostly in black save for the bright red sash holding his sixguns to his waist. They rest against him, handles forward to facilitate a twist draw. Archer tips his hat to Kerry. "Mr. Emiya." Then, he turns his attention to Shirou. "And son."

     How does he know the redhead? "Archer," he says. "Archer of Brown, if there gets to be too many of us." The man flips an errant lock of hair from his shoulder, then crosses his arms. "My boss ought to be here in a few." He makes a taste as if he's just eaten something bitter. "He insisted."

     The Servant backs away from everyone, not turning his back on any of them, then leans against the nearest wall. He quietly retrieves a hand-rolled cigarette from his coat pocket and lights it up.

Emiya Kiritsugu (603) has posed:
Psyber receives acknowledgement when he arrives, Kiritsugu lifting his empty gaze to take in his fellow smoker. Not a great habit to have. Especially for those who do not have superhuman constitutions or regeneration and can suffer legitimate health issues as a result. But honestly, on a good day he is dealing with stuff considerably more lethal than cigarettes. He is going to die some day. It's not a huge concern.

"Well enough," he answers. He may not be a cow, but he is fairly tan, so apparently he will reply to that form of address. Shirou and Chloe arrive moments later after taking the time to advance to the castle and then locate the garden. Then Harry, who Kiritsugu is only meeting for the first time. Staren's introduction has Kiritsugu nodding briefly and making an affirmative noise in the back of his throat. He may not be very personable, but he at least gets to his feet and accepts Staren's hand to shake it.

Aoko, even with her bright and annoying ball of light, is not minded. She is not tweeting with her cat, so her behavior is totally acceptable. But if that phone came out and the cat tweets started, then there would be much crossness maybe.

As Maya arrives, Kiritsugu is just about to start speaking when he becomes aware of the haze of a Servant manifesting. Oh, good. It's just Archer of Brown. He - and his Master/Boss - were invited. Their loose affiliation is still just as loose, but if the Senator wants help with his Grail War, in exchange for help with Kiritsugu's, a show of trust on both their parts is needed. The Magus Slayer is letting Mason in on something very important to him, and Mason is expected to treat the matter with due care. Whether or not the Senator will actually become involved in offering aid or not is another matter. But Kiritsugu at least expects confidentiality. He nods to Archer, and then addresses all of those assembled.

"Thank you all for coming," Kiritsugu says, as he puts his hands in his coat pockets. "The results of an infiltration mission at the Mage Association office have been analyzed. Likely, the Mage Association itself is going to figure out what happened sooner rather than later. I am definitely not trusted, so people already had cause to be suspicious. When Illyasviel von Einzbern of my time shows up to receive her great grandfather's message, and looks considerably younger than the one who received it previously, there's going to be questions asked." The fact that there were two 'Illyas' there as well was kind of a tip-off. People were probably already getting in contact with Jubstacheit before the Union even left the area.

Maiya closes the latop and stands up next to Kiritsugu. Kiritsugu and Maiya have definitely updated their arsenal with that of more advanced worlds. That laptop looks pretty compact. "To summarize the situation for those who are not aware, the summary is that Jubstacheit von Einzbern is using my daughter, Illyasviel, in his preparations for the Fifth Holy Grail War, and has physically modified her in some way. I don't believe her mother is aware of it, or if she is, I don't believe she has been permitted to contact me about it. My family is being used and is in danger, and Jubstacheit has essentially ensured an eight-years old girl will begin training to become the vessel of the Grail itself if I don't retrieve it for the Einzberns in this war."

Kiritsugu turns to look at Archer, then at Aoko, then at Psyber, and then to Harry, Maya, and Staren, before finishing with his gaze on Shirou and Chloe. "Whatever is done needs to be done quickly. There is a limited time frame before the Einzberns find out what I've been up to and take action themselves. What is the analysis of the situation and the options, from each of your perspectives?"

Staren has posed:
    "Hey Maya! Good to see you." He smiles, then turns back to Kiritsugu.

    Staren listens, and frowns. At Kiritsugu's question, he replies: "They've kidnapped your daughter to use her to get a wish they should know better than to trust anyway? You're making me want to kill them all before such idiocy can hurt anyone else /or/ your daughter." He sighs. "I don't suppose they have some sort of good reason for all this and they're just /really/ misguided but could be talked into a better method? As for tactical options..." he shrugs. "I'm afraid that's far too little information to go on. I barely know anything about the Mage Association or what it means for someone to be a 'vessel', or what special powers your wife... wives? And daughter can bring to bear on all this."

Emiya Shirou (560) has posed:
    "Chloe?!" Less startled this time and more just making sure, Shirou turns about to face the not-quite-Servant, showing both a faint smile and relaxing once it's affired. "Old news. It's old alright. The Einzbern family couldn't just use a hotel or a little shack, they built a whole castle way out here?!" Shirou's not sure whether to be amazed or simply disgusted at the wasteful extravagance. Oh well. There are more important things to worry about.

    Like Aoko and her little bouncy ball. No starting up old sing-a-longs, Blue!

    No wait the real important things are Archer and Kiritsugu. Shirou spots the Servant, guesses... "The Senator's Servant?" Because just making sure.

    Though the important thing is really Kiritsugu's request.

    "The situation and options? ... If he's starting training her already... does he not have any faith in you, old man?" THAT kinda bothers Shirou. Shirou knows Kiritsugu's awesome, of course he'll go far.

    The boy folds his arms. "No kid should have a burden like that thrust on them. I'd take her somewhere far away from the Grail War!"

Harry Dresden (206) has posed:
Harry grumbles at Shirou's last statement. "That isn't going to work. Not for an outfit like this. If they're going to those lengths to try and summon a Grail, they're not about to let a mere kidnapping or costodial rearrangement stop them." He's got a notepad and pencil out and is taking notes.
    "Kiritsugu, what's the situation with your War, has the Grail appeared yet, or is... is Illyasviel going to be the choice for the creation?"

Aoko Aozaki (591) has posed:
    "Well yeah," Aoko idly says towards Kiritsugu. "That's magi for you. Plan ahead! Prepare your lineage. Never assume your lifetime is going to be enough to reach your goal, so do whatever you can to ensure those who follow do it for you. Kind of a dirty trick, huh? But that's their M.O., most of them anyway. Can't throw a rock in the Clock Tower without hitting a magus with contingencies against their deaths."

    Hop. Up goes the ball.
    She'd do sing-along karaoke with the little ball but she's pretty sure if she tries to make it bounce on a flat plane it's going to blow up. I MEAN THIS IS COMPLETELY SAFE AND SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE'S DOING. Yes. That's what I posed.

    "Did you find out anything about the vampire cat? I mean, the one we chased off, not mine. You should absolutely not research my vampire cat and pretend nobody ever said I had one."

Psyber (253) has posed:
    "My current vote is a Smash and Grab. If they're relying on the girl to become the Grail, we just bust in and circumvent that," Psyber notes with a cigarette in his mouth. He doesn't receive any poor health effects from smoking and instead just gets the smooth flavor of nictotine.

    "The concept is simple," Psyber posits, taking the cigarette out of his mouth for once, "We pose as the bad guys, you pose as the good guy. We all feign a kidnapping attempt on the girl and her mother, you show up to stop us, fuck up one or two of us real bad, but we get away in the end."

    He waves his hand, "Grand theatrical act, you look like you did all you could and the entire thing looks FUBAR."

Staren has posed:
    Staren looks at Aoko. Vampire cat? 'Hmph.' He grumbles. 'Some mage they are, if they're planning on /dying/...' His ears perk up as Psyber talks and he turns towards the half-angel. "I like that plan. It's straightforward."

Maya has posed:
Maya @emit Maya is welcomed at this point in some fashion and she nods she listens for a moment and she seems to be just listening for a moment and she owners how things played out. She thinks for a moment before she opens her mouth to reply on the situation.

"Right given the things that could be done the sooner we're able to get them out of it the better.."

She nods to STaren but she's also in business mode there's a lot going on here after. She looks to Psyber nodding he's got perhaps even more experiance in these things thtn she does.

"I can get into that I ... have a cover I can use for that actually if we need to for what it's worth. So my vote's with Pysber on this."

Archer of Brown (664) has posed:
     Click. Click. Click. The sound of a metal tipped cane against stone is quite distinctive, and it only becomes more noticeable the closer it gets. An old man rounds the corner. He gives Archer a meaningful look, perhaps one long enough to have communication behind it. "Thank you," he says to the Servant. He comes to a halt once he's within speaking range of everyone else, then introduces himself.

     "I'm Archer's employer. Senator Albert Mason, at your service." He makes the rounds quietly, shaking hands and patting shoulders, making sure not to speak over anyone voicing their opinions. "The gentleman in the duster has the right of it," he says, pointing with the diamond handle of his cane towards Dresden. "The Einzbern family doesn't have the brute strength of the other families. Homonculi are a convenient solution to that, in their eyes. Designer mages, if you will. Even if you could get Ilyasviel to safety, they'd just make another. Alchemists are nothing if not patient."

     Archer grunts. "You suggesting we just off the old bastard?"

     "No. He's already planning for the Fifth War despite having hired Mr. Emiya. Either he doesn't trust Kiritsugu, or he's simply making a backup plan. Either way, that only makes attacking him directly even more of a bad idea than it already is. Our feline friend has the right idea. I vote for a diplomatic approach. If you want to catch ants, use honey before vinnegar. Offer Jubstacheit something of equal or greater value."

Illya von Einzbern (641) has posed:
The von Einzbern forest is strangely familiar to Illya. However, she is... also very, very late. Like, late enough that once she managed to bail on her Fuyuki City, and thus Sella and Leysritt, she glances at Magical Ruby, and the Kaleidostick nods.

One magical girl transformation later, and ten minutes later, skirting the fields, Illya sips with intent determination, her pink magical girl outfit flutteirng in the wind of her abrupt spot as she realizes who all is here. "Uh."


Emiya Kiritsugu (603) has posed:
Oh, good. Staren broached the subject, so Kiritsugu doesn't have to. He was actually hoping this would happen. Shirou, of course, delivers the answer Kerry was expecting. It's also one he was hoping for. The others all have valid points and interesting plans. Some more complex than others. None of them quite what Kiritsugu wants. But what he desires and what needs to be done may be very different things. Once everyone has said their piece, Kiritsugu having acknowledged and greeted Mason in the process, he finally prepares to answer some of the questions being asked. Just as Illya drops in, looking fluffy and feathery and like a pink-and-white ball of floof. This is the first time Kiritsugu has seen her like this.

For a moment, he is actually speechless. Then he smiles faintly and says, "I'm glad you could make it, Illya." Then the smile dies quickly, as he explains. "The Einzbern mage family is an influential and powerful opponent, though as the Senator pointed out, they do not possess the raw combat strength of some other mage families. I was adopted into the Einzbern family because they had no one suitable to be a Master in this war. They are proud of their lineage and the purity of their blood, and yet they took in me, a heretical magus. That does not mean, however, that eliminating them would not have consequences. While the Einzberns themselves would be dangerous, they have many allies or even rivals who would make it their business to come after whoever was responsible. Many of them for their own selfish reasons, rather than a sense of 'justice'."

Not that Kiritsugu cares much about justice. Killing is killing no matter what flowery words are attached to it. "That is what magi are, as Aoko mentioned. As for the vampire cat, my investigation indicates she is a Dead Apostle by the name of Meteora Abbey. She apparently has a 'special ability' to take on the form of a black cat, and is sought by the Church's 'Burial Agency'. Beyond that, and that she is elusive, not much else is known. " Kiritsugu considers for a moment before shifting topics back.

Emiya Kiritsugu (603) has posed:
"Jubstacheit's objective is to use the Grail to complete - or regain, to be more precise - the Third Magic, 'Heaven's Feel'. It essentially grants true immortality, by manifesting the soul without a body after the body has died, and gaining a source of unlimited magical energy. That is my understanding, at least, based upon what Jubstacheit himself has revealed. Relocating Illyasviel to somewhere out of the Einzberns' reach is definitely something I intend to do. Making another of her may be more difficult than we imagine, as she is not just a homunculus, but also half human with a magus's blood, and likely more sophisticated alchemically than her mother. But if he is able to modify her already, then I wouldn't put it past the Einzberns to find a way to manufacture another 'Illya'." Kiritsugu's empty gaze travels around again. "If the Union - or other parties - were to act against the Einzberns, they would become targets. That needs to be acknowledged and agreed to by anyone intending to take part in such an operation. Stealing Illya away after she has been retrieved might or might not be attempted. The same is true for Irisviel. But Jubstacheit is so driven to obtain the Grail that I suspect all other passions have been nearly burnt out of him. He has extended his life repeatedly with alchemy, and is now 200 years old. Getting his wish is all he cares about anymore. I respect him despite that, but I don't trust him. So that needs to be taken into consideration when thinking about some sort of 'deal'."

Emiya Kiritsugu (603) has posed:
Kiritsugu focuses on Harry's question. "The Grail has not yet appeared, as far as I know. However, except for two remaining Servants, all seven Masters have been chosen - myself among them. Illyasviel was not meant to be the vessel of the Grail in this War." Adding on clarification for those who do not know what some of this stuff means, the tan-skinned man says, "The vessel is the Grail's host, within which it will mature as Servants are slain and absorbed into the Grail. Eventually it will take the life of its host in order to become the Grail itself."

Kiritsugu's gaze drifts downwards, but his tone doesn't change as he says, "The vessel for the Fourth Holy Grail War is Irisviel von Einzbern: Illyasviel's mother." Kiritsugu looks at Shirou, Chloe, and Illya specifically as he says this next part. "When I first met Iri, she was a hollow husk. A mindless homunculus who was meant only to function as a vessel for the Grail and nothing more. I objected to Jubstacheit, because I would have preferred a more compact animal form, for practicality's sake. Irisviel's great grandfather threw her naked into the Einzbern's Homunculus Disposal Yard, to see if she could survive for days in the freezing cold with hungry wolves and evil spirits. He told me that, if she died, he would concede that this form was not ideal and make me the new vessel I requested."

Kiritsugu turns his gaze on the others. He's intentionally trying to stir emotions in those present by sharing this story. It's very manipulative, to get what he really wants out of this meeting, without tipping off what that is. But he's also telling the whole truth, without deception. "I rescued her, but Jubstacheit was willing to throw her life away without a second thought. As Aoko pointed out, homunculi are tools to them. Disposable ones. It doesn't matter if they have hopes or dreams or even just the capacity for them. Further, giving the Einzberns what they want isn't necessarily going to save anyone. Is facilitating him gaining the Third Magic and becoming a true immortal the preferred course of action here?"

Kiritsugu pulls his hands out of his pockets and folds them in front of himself. "I can not call what Jubstacheit is doing a 'betrayal', because, from the start, Iri and I have planned to betray Jubstacheit, and use the Grail not to achieve the Third Magic, but to save the world."

Kiritsugu looks to Maiya, and says, "Pull up the information." Maiya nods and opens up her laptop, holding it up with one hand while scrolling through something with the other. "Offering the Einzberns something in exchange for Irisviel and Illyasviel is definitely an option. But I believe it should be a stalling tactic at best, while preparations are made to end their threat on a more long-term basis. However, we've learned of something recently that may make the ideal bait for such an arrangement."

Maiya turns the computer around, showing what's on the screen to everyone in turn.

An orange crystal sphere with a red star on it.

"It's called a Dragon Ball."

Harry Dresden (206) has posed:
    Okay, Harry Dresden was nodding and following along for most of that, scribbling onhis notepad... until that last message there. That picture of a Dragon Ball.
    And then he blinks a bit, looking up at Kiritsugu. "You're going to offer a Mage family who's already after a Wish that requires the death of people to create a wish that already has major multiversal factions involved."

    "You know I've heard you're crazy but... I'm not sure how you'd even sell that one. I'm intrigued though, it's ballzy."

Staren has posed:
    Staren listens. Great, so killing them all will only cause more problems. He nods slightly at the explanation that they're searching for immortality. "...I'm not sure I'm comfortable becoming a target. These sound like the 'go after your loved ones' sort of people." Beat. "...Maybe we should kill them all /and/ their allies and rivals, just to make a point."

    When Kiritsugu explains that Irisveil was thrown into the wolf pit, he repeats: "...Maybe we should kill them all /and/ their allies and rivals, just to make a point."

    Staren looks at the Dragon Ball. "That's one option. We could also offer him immortality that he can have /now/, without having to go through all this trouble. As bait, I mean. Or, if we know that it'll actually work, we can make him immortal, trap him in a box, and do whatever we want with it."

Aoko Aozaki (591) has posed:
    "Everything ends. The stars, planets, the people on them, even the dust they become. A smart magus plans for the inevitable. He doesn't plan to die, but he plans for his works to continue even after he dies. Those that try to defy mortality ironically don't tend to live long enough to pursue their work afterwards. You could say immortality robs you of your humanity! And then, well."

    Aoko shrugs towards Staren. She lobs the ball of blue of light far behind her, probably right out of a window, and it quietly detonates into a nova, illuminating the area. Mostly it casts a dramatic shadow on Aoko for a bit since it was directly behind her.

    "Meteora Abbey uh. Got it." She commits the name to memory and then stretches her arms, placing them behind her head to relax. She looks at the plan-- and then shakes her head. "The Magic is more important than immortality. If a magus wants immortality so badly he'll paint the biggest target of all time on his face he'll just go the vampire route. What you're suggesting, Kiritsugu, is to bring the big War to this world just to bait someone out with a shiny object. That's just a bad plan."

    A glance towards Psyber and Staren. "It sucks but the most direct way to deal with this without ruining everything forever is to just off the family, and then skeedadle out of this world with your family where the Clock Tower can't reach you."

Psyber (253) has posed:
    Psyber keeps a neutral look on his face. While he thought his idea was sound, and a couple people seemed to agree, he wasn't going to press it when the Archer and his Master came out against it. When the plan gets turned down, the half-angel simply gives a quiet nod to people and then resumes listening to the alternatives.

    Whether he's moved or not by Kiritsugu's story does not show on his face. Psyber has, over his many years, learned to play a mean game of emotional poker. He calmly taps his cigarette and lets the ash fall to the ground, "I see. So this is your plan." He blinks several times.

    "I cannot aid in that plan," He says a beat later, "If your desire is to simply neutralize the Einzberns, I am with Staren and willing to simply handle that in an alternate means. But I will not be implicit in involving a world in the factional war and bringing pan-Factional retribution upon it."

    Aoko voices largely the same thoughts as him and Psyber nods his head at the woman, "Right." He calmly drops the cigarette to the ground and snuffs it under foot.

Staren has posed:
    'Well, yeah, you plan both ways...' Staren mumbles in response to Ayako. "Hmm. Great magical power. There's gotta be a way we could fake it..."

    Staren blinks at Psyber. "/I'm/ cool with the superfactions eliminating these jerks. I mean, we've cooperated on stuff before." He hmms. "Otherwise... hmm, how /could/ we eliminate them... Maybe find out when they're having some important meeting... you know, the type where higher-ups will be without 'unimportant' innocents like servants and stuff around, then blow it up! Maybe with a small nuke, just to be sure. Ooh! Or we could /make/ the meeting, bait them into forming it where we want, and /then/ blow it up! I mean... these are just ideas off the top of my head. I'm sure we can do better if we think about it."

Emiya Shirou (560) has posed:
    "I can't be in favor of killing a bunch of people we've never even met to save two people!" Shirou blurts out after Staren's made his point, hints of anger and utter defiance flickering on his face. It's a shakey defiance and betrays his own wavering feelings on the matter. He does not like this. He doesn't like it at all. That cannot be the best option!

    He gives both Staren and Aoko rather difficult looks.

    But it does take him some time to fully parse the story given by Kiritsugu, let a few things sink in... "...Homonculus... disposal yard?!" But Homunculi are PEOPLE. He looks Illya's way, an image of Sieg appears in his mind's eye... Shirou grits his teeth, angry now for other reasons.

    "Everything about this war is rotten from the ground up. Calling it 'holy' must be some sick joke..." He mutters. There is NOTHING sacred, righteous or desirable about this.

    But then, SHirou doesn't care about a wish... Kiritsugu however, does.

    "A wish to save the world... at that cost!?" Shirou rapidly shakes his head, struggling to clear his thoughts. He's not against Kiritsugu! But this is an info overload. Hugely so.

Staren has posed:
    Staren blinks at Shirou. "We're not killing them all /just to save two people/. We're killing them to save /all the people they'll ever hurt or kill/ in the future."

Psyber (253) has posed:
    Psyber clarifies to Staren in an even tone, "The issue is that this would not be a cross-factional alliance for the Dragon Ball. This is an item sought by both factions, turning it into a competition. A battle. I cannot, ethically, involve an entire city or world into the war, simply in order to eliminate a small faction that I feel could be handled through alternate means. I do not object to the use of factional resources, I object to bringing the Dragon Ball in because it risks bringing the war here as a whole."

Illya von Einzbern (641) has posed:
Illya blinks. "I uh..."

"I don't know what that is." She says this, pointing at the Dragon Ball. Well at least Illya's honest.

She then pauses, her skin crawling as she thinks of her momma, or Sella, of Leysritt. "A - homunculus-- .. disposal...?" Illya's voice wavers, wibbles, and the magical girls' face just sorts of goes pale white. Oh no, bad mental image.

Maya has posed:
Maya looks to Harry for a moment and pauses.

"I think I see where he's going with this, he's going to bring the people hunting the balls down on their heads after he's well away with his family. However the amount of collertal that A lone Sayain can cause let alone the calibur of people that Serori has with her? I'm afraid it would bring the wall full out here. As for other means to go after them. I'd be more than happy to help with that still just this plan would bring the war here and make things even worse."

Archer of Brown (664) has posed:
     Archer eyes the computer screen from afar. "So that's what's got the Multiverse all stirred up these past few weeks." Hmm. "Don't seem like much."

     Senator Mason is quiet for a moment. He rests both of his hands on his cane. "Do /all/ of the Einzberns want to restore the Heaven's Feel? How does the next oldest heir view the Grail?" He continues. "If we absolutely have to eliminate Jubstacheit, I suggest making it look like an internal power struggle and replacing him with someone more manageable. Someone easily cowed, and who makes poor decisions. An imbecile, through and through. Someone who will be unilaterally reviled by his peers, who we can frame for Jubstacheit's death. Is there a family member among them who can be our patsy? If so, we simply let feudalism take its course. It's distasteful and bloody, but it leaves the Union the option of plausible deniability."

     "Sounds a bit too complex for me, Al. I think you're trying to burn the forest to get some lumber. I can handle a few greenhorn mages coming out of the woodwork every so often. What do you think a Grail War is, anyhow?" The Servant drops his cigarette and rubs it out beneath his boot. "We ought to just go along with his plan." Archer nods towards Psyber. "Simple, fast, and it gives Emiya that... what did you say? Plausible deniability."

Harry Dresden (206) has posed:
    Harry likewise nods over at Psyber. "Thing is, I know for a fact we've got more han enough underhanded and sneaky types around this damn place that would bite at a chance to do something underhanded and sneaky and possibly act their butts off to sell something like that."
    He points over at the Dragon Ball. "Chasing that is going to get a handful of murderhappy killmonkeys and every space asshole that tools around Goku's end of things to come plop themselves down here and wreck half the place digging around for it after they nuke the place."

    The wizard bites his lip, and scribbles some more on his notebook.

Emiya Kiritsugu (603) has posed:
Kiritsugu listens to the plans of others, and their objections, and considers all of them. He puts a hand to his chin as he thinks. He may be willing to use a Dragon Ball to call an army of saiyans down on the Einzberns heads, but others here are not. And he specifically gave Psyber something as a Christmas present to remind him to ensure Kiritsugu kept his promise about not endangering innocents. Psyber and Aoko both made the same point, and it's a valid one. Bringing the war with the Confederates to a world that Kiritsugu is trying to save from war very well MAY be a bad idea. But only if he doesn't get his wish. If he gets it, this world at least will be free of ALL war. But that is still a huge gamble, and involving the Confederates could cause the already-volatile Grail War to spiral out of control.

"Jubstacheit von Einzbern, at least, will not give up and will employ any means to achieve his ends. His death is almost a necessity to protect others. To my knowledge, he has no successor presently. If there was one... At least on a technical basis, it might very well be Irisviel herself." For however long she might have. But he does not say that part. "But whether she would be recognized by others is another matter. Taking her and Illyasviel somewhere safe afterwards and planning for reprisals is a solid plan and should be followed no matter what."

Kiritsugu looks up, taking in Shirou's anger at all of this discussion, and says, "Saving someone means not saving someone else. But even if it means facing enemies for the rest of my life, I'll take only the bare minimum lives necessary to protect people. To end all war, I am willing to bathe my hands in blood to ensure it is the last blood that humanity ever has to spill. But I can no longer be certain that what I am fighting for will achieve that end." Kiritsugu sighs. "It is possible the Einzbern family may not be entirely hostile to the replacement of the current family head. But I want collateral of some kind to persuade them not to take action."

The Magus Slayer sighs as he looks towards Senator Mason, and Archer. Archer and Staren seem to be into the same idea that Kiritsugu had. The Senator's idea may have merit if simplified - replace Jubstacheit with Irisviel herself. But the critical problem is time. They don't have time to play politics before Jubstacheit figures out what's going on. Harry, Maya, Psyber, and Aoko have all had the same objection. Shirou more or less the same, though for different reasons. That's a majority of those present. Maiya looks to Kiritsugu, and Kiritsugu looks to her. She closes the laptop and holds it at her side. That plan needs to be abandoned it seems.

Emiya Kiritsugu (603) has posed:
Then Kiritsugu catches sight of Illya's pale face - or paler than usual, at least. He can see how horrified she is. Inside, he hurts badly. He hates himself for subjecting her to that information about her mother. But hating himself is nothing new. "Don't worry, Illya. I won't let such terrible things continue." He takes in a breath and lets it out. "There is another option." Kiritsugu admits finally.

"We go to the Einzberns directly. We approach Jubstacheit von Einzbern, and inform him that the Union wishes to discuss terms of assistance in the Grail War, to minimize casualties. We will also inform him that we intend to initiate the Grail War with or without the Church's consent. With the Union's support, the Clock Tower and the Church and even the other Masters should not be able to strike directly. He may very well agree to it. His own desperation and fanatical determination to obtain the Grail will make such an alliance desirable."

Kiritsugu says, "And I will promise to summon my Servant. And then we'll aim to eliminate Jubstacheit himself - by whatever method we can all agree on, violent or otherwise - and take anyone willing to follow Irisviel as the new Einzbern head somewhere safe... With the catalyst for the summoning of the strongest Servant in our possession, just incase."

Staren has posed:
    Staren looks at Kiritsugu. "You can't end all war without changing the psychology of every person in the Multiverse and beyond. If you'd go /that/ far... I suspect the people here are far from the only ones who'd try to stop you."

    But he'll listen to the rest of the plan. "Why would the Union ally with someone like that? I'm not sure we should set a precedent of the Union pretending to offer alliances only to backstab someone. Once again... the basic plan sounds good, but the specific bait you want to use is a problem." He looks to Psyber for confirmation. "Right?"

Psyber (253) has posed:
    Psyber carefully listens to the plan that Emiya Kiritsugu proposes in alternative. Of course, as he does this, he takes a flask out of his jacket and swigs from it. He offers it to the Western Servant a moment later, "Whiskey. Scotch. Single Malt. Want some?"

    If yes, the flask is tossed to the man without a second thought. He can have his fill. Psyber then mulls over the new plan and thinks about it, "Kiritsugu is not affiliated with the Union," Psyber says in an even tone, "He is an unaffiliated party with no factional obligation, meaning that helping him is not a Union-reliant action. Therefore, it would not be a Union alliance he is proposing, so much as an alliance which featured the Einzberns, himself, and anyone willing to help him in this cause." His answer it to Staren in this particular statement.

    "There is no deal for the Union faction to participate in, so much as independant outsiders which happen to be factionally affiliated or not as the case may be." He mulls that over, looking to Aoko for her opinion on the matter.

    "I find this arrangement acceptable."

Staren has posed:
    Staren listens to Psyber's reply. "That sounds good to me." His ears and tail twitch, and he looks back to Kiritsugu.

Archer of Brown (664) has posed:
     Of course Archer accepts. In a fluid motion, he catches the bottle, pops it open, and takes a hearty swig. "Thank you kindly, stranger." The way he tips the bottle, one might get the impression it was water. "What do you say, Al?" He peers over at the senator.

     "Tabling the greater of the two issues until we get more information? Yes, I think that's wise." The senator nods his approbal towards Kerry. He should consider a career as an elected official, when this is all over.

Emiya Shirou (560) has posed:
    "Sounds like we agree on some of the basics. I'll take what I can get with a circumstance like this. Just want to make sure it doesn't go any further than it needs to." Shirou points out in a strained voice, TRYING to keep his emotional focus. Save Illyasviel. Save his sister and... adopted dad's wife. That's clear enough. Take them far away.

    Or render the entire thing so moot that the old guy doesn't care anymore. "I like that idea. It's definitely the thing to try first."