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Coffin Rosary
Date of Scene: 28 March 2015
Location: The Central Valley
Synopsis: A few Unionites find a strange woman locked in a high-tech coffin.
Cast of Characters: 279, Inga, Lyria Mason, 740

Elphelt Valentine (740) has posed:
In a tiny town in the Central Valley, strange energy readings pick up on the Union scanners. It's not the full-blown burst of a unification of an entire world, but small enough to almost be missed at first. And it likely does, languishing for some time in the little town of Argol.

The people of the town are hard-working folk, farmers and craftsmen primarily that shuffle their goods off to the far-away trade town that allows the village to, while not exactly become rich, live utterly well by the standards of their time. More importantly, they're insignificant enough to not really get caught up in Multiversal affairs on the whole, and like things that way. But sometimes the multiverse has a way of forcing itself on a town like this.

Thus it is that, four days after the mysterious deaths started, a second burst gives the poor Elder of the town yet another mystery. And after the fear that's going through the town, the strongest of the men in the village quite literally have fire and pitchforks at the ready when the object emerges into view in the small town square.

It's a metallic coffin of obvious futuristic origin, though one of the magically sensitive amongst the villagers make note of the massive thrum of magic coming from it. Two triangular shield-like attachments float off to the left and right, chained to the thing as if to keep it aloft. A small 'bouquet' of red metal roses sit at the chest of he coffin, just above what might just be a touch-screen.

But the oddest part of all? It's open-faced, showing the occupant: a young woman, with a visor over her face, metallic bolts and other restraints drilled into the coffin to keep it secure.

The coffin floats ominously, and after several attempts by the more feisty villagers of stabbing it, the Elder calms them down. Whatever it's made out of, it's more than enough to break pitchforks.

With a sigh, the Elder of the village finally puts in a call to the Union.

Inga has posed:
A call to investigate strange readings of energy goes out through the Union. Suspected magic at work, those who are knowledgable and sensitive to such things could indeed be useful in finding out just what is happening. Indeed, it is something Inga has quite a bit of experience in, as a wisewoman. A witch, as many likely call her, some with a more favorable tone than others...

Inga arrives in the town, slightly pleased at least have choosen the right manner of dress--not that it made much difference to her. She appears in a gown of fine wool died a beautiful crimson, in a fur lined cloak, her carved oak staff in hand. She's been wandering around the town a bit, sensing the magical energy, leaving herself open to visions...anything that might help them.

When the object appears, Inga hears about it as gossip rolls over the town, carrying the word as a wave carries seaweed. She head in the direction of the mysterious object and it's occupants, frowning thoughtfully as she approaches. "Doesn't look as though it is from here," she observes. She's seen some of the multiverse by now, and this does not seem like something that would be find in this place. Technology is most certainly /not/ her thing, but she pokes what looks like a touch screen cautiously, looking around for any runes of sealing or anything of the like.

Those prodding the thing will get a look and a signal from the woman to step back. Despite short stature, she has an air of authority.

Lyria Mason has posed:
Lyria Mason had come to love being off world, getting away from the school. While she made friends and learned not all the upper crust were? Habour bound. So many of them were just so inbred it was mind boggling. She was starting to learn why on many extraveral worlds? The nobility had pushed aside one way or another. Either way here she is today wondering about the contact and well? She wanted to get out and explore, right? She looked her mPhone and looked at the result on it again. The map said this was the place, and now it's time to check out what's going on here.

The deaths are truly a problem and she's just behind Inga. The young Levitani looks to Inga and humms.

"This seems to be the case, Humm the touch screen I wonder..."

Lyria now takes a closer look at the pad and sees what she can do with it after she pockets her phone.

Maxine Sandberg (279) has posed:
Maxine got word of a high-tech coffin that was out of place that was out of place herself. That certainly gets one's attention as the scientist arrives on scene. She's wearing a lab coat as usual, she's not one to get dressed up unless it's a special occassion and she figures it's better than showing up in power armor.

She notes that Inga and Lyria have arrived ahead of her, which isn't too surprising since she came here from work. "I wonder it's from a space colony?" That would explain what it's doing here and how it ended up in this village of all places.

Elphelt Valentine (740) has posed:
The arrival of the 'Witch' by now is the least of the locals' problems. Even the priest here seems more concerned about what devilry has been brought to their lands, especially considering the slowly filling graveyard. No, for once, Inga won't have to deal with any religious strife.

The Elder gives a nod, and between Inga's air of authority and dress that makes sense for the area? She's likely the most comforting thing they've all seen these last few days, and so smartly the townsfolk abandon pitchforks and step back.

The woman's inspection may prove enlightening: the only thing sealing the woman per se seems to be that ridiculously strong metal fitted around her, going for physical rather than magical restraints. Instead, the runes etched magically into the thing seem to be drawing what little magic it can from the atmosphere, and others seem to be trying to, if Inga can recognize them, draw a purely ridiculous amount of energy from /somewhere/. They seem to be only marginally working, these ones, likely due to Inga's own conjecture. This thing is /definitely/ not from around here.

The final thing that Inga might notice with her expertise is that the woman it seems to hold is steadily consuming part of the magic powering the device. There's no real visions from the occupant of the coffin, only momentarily flashes that don't make much sense. Whatever this device is, it seems to put her under a deep coma.

Lyria and Inga get the right idea, however, as either one prodding the touch screen causes the entire coffin to light up in blues and whites along certain edges with a humming sound as it goes full-power.

A robotic voice emits from the coffin, "Valentine Pacification System version 3.0 online. Current magical conversion rate: 20. Critical energy failure estimated in twenty four hours. Backyard link percentage: 9."

The touchscreen presents three options at the top on the blue-white screen, with a ticker of various magi-tech stats running below it:

--> General Information

--> Occupant Information

--> Release Occupant

Elphelt Valentine (740) has posed:
One of the villagers, apparently more worldly than their companions, turns to Maxine.

"Ain't never seen no cryosleep chamber like that'un darlin'! Gawd dang, and what's all this about magic? I came here to get /away/ from crap like this!"

The villager tips his hat a bit, shaking his head.

"Don't like the sound of that there 'critical failure' though."

Inga has posed:
Inga notes the runes, widening her magical sight as she examines them and attempts to glean their source. "Interesting...these runes, I believe they are meant to draw power. The woman inside this device is drawning energy both from this...thing, and from...somewhere else. Her home, perhaps?" she muses out loud.

She leans back a moment, eyes wideing when the robotic voice speaks. Words appears on the screen, and Inga looks to Lyria and Maxine, lips pursing. "What does it say?" she asks.

Maxine Sandberg (279) has posed:
"Well, I don't think it's possible to completely get away from outside influence in the Multiverse...wait Pacification System does that mean it's designed to keep her inside?" Maxine suddenly sounds concerned, "I wish there was more time to study it but a critical energy failure could be dangerous."

The person inside might die or could overload and explode. "I think it would be best to clear the area before we try and open it." She can't help but to suggest. The woman might possibly attack if she was dangerous enough to be contained.

Lyria Mason has posed:
Lyria Mason would be considered a witch if she showed what she could do with her powers. However she's just a strange likely under-dressed woman with tattoos. Also goggles she gets a good look her at the thing and she wonders for a moment. The runes seem to be set up to contain something but that's not her area of skill. She does however pause for a moment.

"A weapons system of some sort?"

She pauses, as she gets a chance to look inside, she looks Hume to her at least visually.

"Whatever this thing is and yes, it looks like it. Also it looks like it's going to suffer a failure in less than a day at this point. I think we're going to need to one get people back and wake her up. If she's a soldier of some sort things might get tense."

She gives a quick glance to Maxine and Inga for a moment longer.

"Ya, the pod could deep six itself, or worse."

Elphelt Valentine (740) has posed:
When Inga opens her senses towards /those/ runes, something odd happens. The feeling of magic and pure knowledge being shoved into one's head forcefully might fill her entire being with such pressure that even such a weak link threatens to cause blood vessals to burst, bones to snap, and one's brain to raddle most painfully. When she does that, an alarm starts blaring, and the magical runes drawing in energy glow hard enough to be seen on the coffin itself.

"Warning: scrying of Backyard induction runes may lead to injury, death, or permanent mental damage and/or insanity."

As Lyria and Maxine ponder the issue, the Elder frowns a bit. Turning to his villagers, the Old Man looks to them.

"You heard the ladies! Get anything you need, then get off to the next town! If that thing blows, well, better the village than any more lives."

The villagers scramble to do just that under the tough old man's death glare.

Then the man approaches the thing, lifts his staff, and pokes the 'Occupant Information' option.


"Occupant Name: Elphelt Valentine. Race: Valentine. U.N. Risk Rating: A. Warden of the Kingdom of Illyria under King Ky Kiske. Status: Terminate at will. Release only under emergencies or Gear proximity level..."

The machine suddenly pauses, and a massive roar fills the air. From beneath one of the houses, a massive worm-like creature bursts through the wooden structure, tearing it to shreds. It's covered in brown fur, has a wide mouth enough to swallow a man whole with razor sharp, shark-like teeth. From the dripping maw, its saliva might just be acidic judging by how wood rots beneath it.

"Gear detected. Initiate emergency release?" The touch-screen gives two options here: Yes or No.

Maxine Sandberg (279) has posed:
Maxine gasps as the worm creature tears the house apart, it looks like they have no choice but to free the woman. They can't just leave the coffin here with the beast. She hates to do this but it looks like they're going to have to take action first and ask questions later. She reaches out and touches the choice labelled, "Yes."

Hopefully they wouldn't end up regretting this, but she figures the worm would likely be deemed the bigger threat if the woman is a soldier.

Inga has posed:
Inga lets out a shout that is short lived before she collapses to her knees as if buckling under the pressure of an unseen force. She groans, eyes clenched shut as blood dribbles from her nose and ears as a flood of information rushes into her. Inga is fairly used to forceful visions, becoming a channel through which deities themselves have spoken....so, it could have been a good deal worse.

Her regeneration kicks in, helping her body to heal as her mind tries to put all of its pieces back together again.

This takes a few moments. A few moments only, but in those moments chaos breaks loose and Inga is left there as a giant worm destroys a building.

Lyria Mason has posed:
Lyria Mason is very happy the Elder and others are getting out of town, it might be for hte best and well when things come down to it? She knew the U.N. might stand for united nations, but that group was as common as Earth seemed to be for some reason. She does however how dangerous this is. She picks up hearing whatever it was made to fight is there. Oh look it's a freaking Sand worm of some sort, gods this was going to get messy. AS Maxine punches it? Lyria is already moving he rapidly driving her feet into the ground and tries to turn the earth against the worm in an attempt to buy time.

"Inga?! Maxine do what you can to help the villagers. I'll try to stall this thing, while whatever she is wakes up!"

She continues with whatever it is she's doing, and a spike of earth tries to impale the Gear.

Maxine Sandberg (279) has posed:
Maxine helps carry supplies away from the village. She's not know for her physical strength but it's something she can do to help. It would be best to try and salvage what they could before it gets destroyed by the worm. Hopefully, Lyria can drive it off or the woman comes to before it starts going after the townspeople. "It's times like this, I wish I were stronger."

Elphelt Valentine (740) has posed:
Maxine hits the touch screen, and the entire machine rumbles for just a moment. Steam erupts from the bolts along the coffin as they unscrew and slowly fall out. The body of the coffin rises forward, then splits open to reveal the woman inside.

"Level 3 restrictions released. Pacification protocols shut down." Are all it states as the thing finally goes offline, only barely floating in the air right now.

The tall woman inside slumps forward lifelessly at first, ducked into a half-bow of sorts. It's an almost mechanical motion, and only reveals both that strange bridal dress as well as more of that uncanny-valley type beauty that just seems off to those not used to artificial life-forms. Finally the viser falls off, and Elphelt's green eyes blink three times.

"Nnngh...where...am I?" Comes a groggy, dazed voice from the woman. Slowly she stands up, for a moment looking utterly unaware of the strife going around her until one of the villagers nearly clips her.

Then she goes utterly straight in alarm, like a soldier at attention.

"OH CRAP A GEAR! Everyone run away!" She shouts suddenly, reaching back towards the coffin to pull out...a bouquet? The woman waves it around excitedly, flailing on one foot!

"A crazy one, too! So go that way! No no no, to your right! Ohhhh, this is why I'm not in Mister Kiske's army!" Huffs the woman in frustration as she tries to direct traffic in vain.

The Elder, strong for his age, is over to Inga quickly. "Up you go young lady!" He says as he tries to haul her bodily to her feet.

The Gear roars out as it's impaled by the earth spike, writhing and flailing in immense pain. Spittle and gobs fly everywhere, making holes in ground and buildings alike. Thankfully the villagers are smart enough to run /away/ from the creature, and no one comes to harm.

But the creature isn't defenseless eve now, and makes a horrible sucking sound. Then a massive ball of sticky, acidic saliva goes flying straight for Maxine.

"HEY! Don't you dare hurt these ladies before they've had a chance to find their ONE TRUE LOVE!" Yells out Elphelt, before she reaches into her dress.

Then she tosses a miniature cake at the creature, only for it to baloon in size. It's easily taller than the massive Gear, and has a life-sized plastic figure of Elphelt atop it. And right beside it is a mini figure of the Gear they're fighting. Weird.

But between the spike, and the wedding cake, the thing isn't moving. Then with a burst of pink after-trails, Elphelt rushes the trapped creature. From seemingly nowhere, she pulls out a slender, two handed sword, and does a flying-slice of cake and wyrm alike!


The cake splits in two, freeing the Gear, that falls into a bleeding heap. The creature finally calms down, whimpering pathetically.

Sword put away into her bouquet, Elphelt then turns to Maxine, INga, Lyria, and the Elder.

"So, uhhh...hi. Do any of you guys have a line to Mister Kiske? I'd really rather we don't kill him if we can help it. Gears like that aren't exactly, uh, in their right minds. He should be able to get a containment team." Pause. She frowns a little.

"Is everyone alright? I've got first aide." From out that magical bouquet, she pulls just that. Maxine and Inga in particular are being looked at with worry, the woman breathing in a too-even, mechanical way.

Inga has posed:
By the time she's gotten her mind back together, she's being hauled to her feet. "Unnng..." she groans in pain and confusion. Suddenly, giant worm thig! Inga's mouth drops open in shock for a moment, then looks to the see the woman in the metal box has been released and is...throwing...cake? And shouting about TRUE LOVE!

Maybe her mind isn't all the way back together after all.

Either way, she draws her knife from her belt and brings it across to slice into her arm, blood welling to the surface then rising into the air, pooling there until Inga begins to direct it, using her knife to focus her energy. The blood shouts out as Inga directs, beginning to form a hovering crimson circle around the creature that glimmers a subtle honey-gold.

Inga, blinking rapidly, looks to Elphelt. "...I haven't a clue what you are talking about, but the circle should contain it for now. Who are you?" she asks, not unkindly, but clearly a little on edge.

Maxine Sandberg (279) has posed:
Maxine looks a bit stunned as Elphelt awakens. That's certainly not the reaction, the scientist was expecting from her. She knows not to judge by apperances, but now she's wondering why the woman was sealed away to begin with. She wouldn't expect someone like to show mercy to an opponent. "I'm not familiar with who that is. Do you work for him?" The name had came up when they were entering instructions into the computer. "And more importantly are you alright? It seems like the device you were in wasn't in the best shape."

Lyria Mason has posed:
Lyria Mason watches the almost doll like woman get out of the pod question where she is and then she seems to focus on the Gear. It doesn't take too long at this point. It takes a moment to watch the end of the gears and just /stares/. Also the strange woman is talking about finding their one true love? A champion of justice, she's not looking at the moment. Then again? Given her parents well that's a story in and of it self. Still she gets the sentiments and she backs up as the thing goes down.

"I'm afraid I don't and wait it's gone mad?"

She stares at the Gear which is still alive and whimpering. She withholds her attacks on it and accepts that there's more to this than it just being a monster of some type she doesn't know about.

"I'm afraid I don't know such a man however I think we can help getting a containment team of some sort. If that thing's got a mind of it's own and isn't right in the head right now I think i understand."

Hey she gets extraveral life can come in packages that well? Would be considered monstrous or the spawn of the enemy, by people on her world.

"I'm Lyria and thank you for the help... though I think that Gear may be why villagers here have gone missing...."

Elphelt Valentine (740) has posed:
"Heeyyy, what are you doing? You'll hurt yourself! I mean, I know some guys like scarrs, but that's going way...too...far!?"

Elphelt starts as Inga /slashes her wrists/. Only to be dumstruck as the blood forms a circle around the creature, seemingly containing. Jaw open, head donk'ing to the side in surprise with eyes comically wide, she lets out a sigh.

"...Oh, you're a mage or a chi user. Well, mage I guess, you don't look japanese. Uhhh, right! I'm Elphelt Valentine! Human, definitely. Nothing strange about little me at all. Heh. Heh heh heh." Elphelt is a /terrible/ liar.

Then the woman is on Inga, trying to festoon her wrists with bandages, and inject her with magical-scientific stimulants to give her some energy. She frowns.

"...Don't tell me you went and did something stupid like try to read the Backyard induction runes on the containment unit? This looks a lot like exhaustion from Backyard exposure. You're not raving mad now, are you?"

Then she turns to Maxine, still busy fiddling with poor Inga if she can manage it.

"I really must be in the boonies! Ugh, that must have been a time-space distortion. Weird that it didn't get any of the castle. Anyway! You could...more say I'm his prisoner, technically. Or maybe 'witness protectee'. Long story short, there's a lot of people that don't like...people like me, and he made that so I wouldn't just have a mob of angry people trying to hurt me." She pouts at that, sighing. For a moment, she looks a bit lost and saddened.

Then she perks right back up, though it might seem a little forced. "But yeah, Ky Kiske is one of the Kings of Illyria. It was my, " She pauses, muttering something like 'Directive', before catching herself. "Mission to find him. Uh, yeah, I'm okay. Was pretty close though. Not having enough magic is bad for me. But I can make it up in food!" There's a vocalized growl from her stomach that has a hint of something almost computerized. It's weird.

She blushes at that.

To Lyria, she nods.

"Oh jeez, am I in one of the islands, or the colonies? Don't you know about the Crusades, and Gears? Oh well, uh, Gears are humans that get injected with animal DNA and magic. Some turn out, well, kind-of ok. The first generation ones. Sometimes...you get that. Hard to say if you could call them sentient anymore, but sometimes that level of genetics tampering is just...well you saw the poor thing."

Then she shrugs. "That's all I know though, just the basics. You'd have to ask a real magi-geneticist for that." Pause. She stands up finally.

"Who are you guys anyway? You're strong, but you don't look like soldiers."

Maxine Sandberg (279) has posed:
Well, the device said the girl was a Valentine. The growl suggests to Maxine she's some kind of android, but that doesn't seem to bother at all. That might explain why there are people after her. Either way she's concerned about her well-being. "It's a pleasure to meet you Elphelt, I'm Maxine Sandberg." She introduces herself. She's not really that familiar with Inga or Lyria either come to think of it.

"Well, if you've been sealed away for a long period of time getting something to eat would be a good idea." She's not quite sure why she threw the cake at the monster instead of eating it, but one couldn't live on cake alone.

Inga has posed:
Inga turns toward Elphelt, ready to explain, only to be descended upon, fussed over, and /injected/ with something. Inga gasps, trying to fend off the strange woman. "I'm perfectly fine! There is no need for bandages, I will heal quickly!" she explains. "And why did you stab me with a needle!?" she demands, feeling the effects of the stimulant and letting out a shudder, eyes widening as it supercharges her already excellerated healing. The skin of her arms is reknitting before their eyes.

Inga frowns as she asks about the runes, defensive. "I was attempting to learn what you were and where you'd come from, of course I read the runes--and no, I am not raving mad....well, no more than usual," she adds, voice falling to a quiet grumble by the end. Inga takes a steps away from the girl, leaning on her staff. Odin's bones, she grows exhausted just listening to her.

But listen she does, despite growing confusion. "Well, you will not be harmed here, worry not. What do you mean, people like you?" she asks.

"I think you may be...confused. Indeed, I think you are likely in a different world. Could be you have just entered the multiverse," she says.

When she mentions food, Inga reaches into the pouch at her waist. A small thing, made of leather, yet...Inga pulls out a taco that seems quite fresh. There's a slight bit of what looks like honey on the outer package. "Here, have a taco," she offers.

"Now, I am Inga Freyjasdottir, wisewoman of Uppsala and ally of an organization called the Union," she introduces, bowing her head formally. "Not a soldier, no. A mage, as you say," she nods.

The circle of blood just keeps on floating there, magic surging through it to contain the thing within until they figure out what is to be done with it.

Lyria Mason has posed:
Lyria Mason looks to her for a moment and shakes her head. She hears about the gears and she feels a sense of abject horror. She manages to not show too much sign of it. She does listen however as she has more to say.

"That thing ... was a hume like us once?"

She pauses staring then gets back on track.

"Your on another world I'm afraid, you arrived in another dimension. I'm Lyria Mason a machinist , and I'm with the Union. Also are you okay the pod said you were low on something from somewhere called the backyard..."

The blue haired lady seems leigtly concerned about that and she looks to Maixine and then to Inga for a moment.

"Yes Inga's correct. Your a long way from home."

Elphelt Valentine (740) has posed:
"You're tired! Peering into the Backyard /should/ have killed you! This'll keep your energy up so you don't fall into a coma like that one mage back in Illyria did when he tries to fix the containment system's runes to be more efficient."

But then Inga's flesh is knitting itself back together. Elphelt looks oddly fascinated.

"Uhh, I don't mean to be rude, but are you really a human? Sure you're not a half-gear?" She whispers to Inga.

She then sighs in relief. "Whoo, good. I don't like 'waking up' to someone crawling on the ground screaming. Really bad for your complexion, you know?"

Finally she just looks around, and decides the gig is up.

"Ugh, El, you're a terrible liar. Okay, okay. I'm an artificial humanoid called a Valentine. Mother makes us in the Backyard...I don't know how...to carry out her will. The first generation Valentine was emotionless, and that's why she was defeated. So Mother made me."

The Valentine looks horridly nervous, and clutches her bouquet tightly to her chest. At least until she sneezes, sending up a plume of flower petals everywhere.

That taco is snatched up and devoured ravenously, gone in the space of half a second through superhuman reflexes. Gulp.

"Ahhh, just like the ones in that vender in Illyria City! Thanks Miss...Inga." She's not even going to try that last name.

Cue Elphelt's confusion. "Wait...different world? Multiverse? Uhh...what's going on?" There's growing concern in her features now, even a little fright.

"You're joking, right?" Even a little desperate sounding.

She hides her head for a few moments in her flowers, trembling there. Her features scrunch, and she barely chokes back a sob. Turning away, she wipes away some tears.

"Okay. It's okay El. Just one more setback. It'll be fine." Mutters the woman to herself. When she turns back, that mask of cheeriness is paper thin.

"Yeah, all Valentines are from the Backyard. It's a little complicated to explain, but, uh think of it like the glue that makes the world possible!"

A nod to the creature. "Yeah, humans sometimes end up like that, especially if whoever's handling the conversion is a hack-job. Which is most of the time these days, after the Crusades. No one likes Gears, even less than Valentines."

Inga has posed:
Inga looks away, frowning slightly. "No, I'm...I'm something else," she informs Elphelt quietly, shaking her head.

"Artificial..humanoid," she repeats, as if the words have the wrong shape in her mouth. Someone who was made in a 'backyard?'. "What is this Backyard? I am not sure I understand," she asks, reaching into her pouch to produce another taco, what she offers to the woman.

In addition to the comfort of food, Inga places a comforting hand on Elphelt's arm, empathy surging. "We can help you. It is a shock...believe me, I know it well," she says. "I'll help however I can. The Union has places where you can go, so at least you will not have to worry about food and shelter while you try to figure out what has happened," she explains, glancing to the others for support.

Maxine Sandberg (279) has posed:
Well, Maxine was close. "Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be able to find your world. If you unifed that means it likely did as well." She puts a hand on Elphelt's shoulder as she tries to reassure her. She's curious to now why Valentines were disliked, she seems friendly enough. Was she part of some kind of artifical army, there were so many questions but she doesn't overwhelm her. She just arrived in the Multiverse after all. "Yes, you should just relax for now. It sounds like you've been through a lot."

Lyria Mason has posed:
Lyria Mason looks to Inga, and gets her world's magic is a bit fishy, compared to how it works on her own. Seriously what was up with those Bees? She has no idea she just knows Inga's got impressive abilities when all is said and done.

"I can get that not and humm an artfficial? I see, and now you work for this Ky? I take it."

She shakes her head throwing everything away even reason /for power/. It made her sick. However Elphelt is not at fault for this at all right?

"We'll do what we can to help you, you can trust on us for that much."

Elphelt Valentine (740) has posed:
That taco's gone almost in the same instance. Notably El is now hanging closer to Inga. Not unlike a dog really. Those rabbit-ear bits of cloth on her head are perking up happily. Weird.

"It's an alternate dimension to the world...uhh, Mister Kiske's world, I guess. It contains the source of magic and information that lets other worlds exist. That's all I really know. I, uh, only gained 'consciousness' in Mister Kiske's world. We Valentine's are programmed with our knowledge, and just kinda...kicked out of the Backyard to do what Mother wants." She sounds a little resentful, there.

"So I can't say any more than that, I'm just repeating what I've been programmed."

But then as Maxine and Inga both give her pats, she outright tries to hug the duo with a happy squeal.

"REALLY!? YOu'll help me? Even though I'm a Valentine? OH THANK YOU! I'll make it up to you, I promise! All of you! We'll find my world, Mister Kiske and even that /jerk/! And then we'll find Ram, stop her, and then everything will be a-ok! Oh, oh, and then we'll all find our PERFECT TRUE LOVES and fall forever into eternal happiness!"

Then she lets go, goes straight, and busts a nosebleed.

"Ohhhh that'd be /SO ROMANTIC/!" THUD! The overloaded bridal-bot passes out in a fit of marital bliss.