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The Gundam that Fell to Earth
Date of Scene: 17 April 2015
Location: Future Century Earth
Synopsis: A Gundam falls to Earth. Chaos ensues.
Cast of Characters: Maya, 385, Reina Kinney, 428, Karian Icefang, 513, 591, 678, Sanary Rondel, 748

Domon Kasshu (748) has posed:
     For those Elites who arrive by ship, there awaits a curious sight. Surrounded by hundreds of floating landmasses specially terraformed and insulated from the void of space, this Earth looks... well, a little homely at best. It shows clear signs of deforestation, pollution, and destruction even from here, and the only thing clearly identifying it as an Earth is the similar shape of the landmasses. Indeed, there's even some sort of energy barrier surrounding the planet, which looks suspiciously similar to the ropes of a boxing ring. There's quite a lot of traffic between the floating landmasses, but only a few ships travel from Earth to the landmasses, and hardly any leave the planet, even though, despite the sorry state, it's clear Earth is still inhabited.

     Entering the area around Earth, any vessel that ventures too close to the landmasses will be inundated with IFF requests from any number of them, in any number of languages. It seems that people here are extremely suspicious of one another, and, given the state of the planet between them, it's easy to see why. As for the state of the planet itself?

     Countless shimmering objects may be seen hurtling towards it. The objects, as they land, look like a garden of beautiful flowers, but the reality of their impact is likely far uglier. Each seems to have come from one of the floating colonies, and each one is headed for a specific country... except for one. The landmass that Earth natives would recognize as Italy seems to have received /two/ of these little presents. Anyone who bothered to triangulate the signal would find the landmass to be the originating point of the broadcast.

     And how are things /on/ the planet? Mass pandemonium.

     As the first Multiversal visitors to this world arrive, that's the phrase which comes to mind. The place looks like a warzone, made no better by the blood-red hue of the evening sky. Well-traveled visitors might place the locale as Italy, but this Italy has surely seen better days. The buildings, those that still stand, are dirty and unkempt, some of them sporting boarded up windows. Condemned and out of business shops outnumber functional stores, and few merchants are desperate enough to keep their businesses open in this panic. Indeed, several of them can be seen packing up and getting out of town.

     Everyone seems to be running in a certain direction, whether on foot or by car--away from one certain locus. Whatever's there, it's seriously spooking the locals. Some take the opportunity to loot or vandalize rather than pack up, and the police force seems thoroughly overworked trying to control them. Police choppers hover over the area, and a few seem to be patrolling the same area the citizens are fleeing from. Searchlights and raid sirens are the name of the game here.

     A crowd of what can only be described as thugs roars by on motorcycles, banged-up jalopies, and stolen rides, splitting off at every other streat in search of something. What in the world is going on in this city? Almost no one is paying attention to the arrival of the Elites, whether they came by Warpgate or ship.

Rock Lee (678) has posed:
Rock Lee arrived by gate, somewhere. But he's long run beyond that. Now he's hopping from rooftop to rooftop. Warzones are nothing new to him, but he's never seen the aftermath of a meteor fall.

He spots the men on motorcycles driving all over, and they all seem to be going after something, so he starts trying to pay attention to where they converge, following their lead.

People often wonder how Rock Lee is a functional ninja. Well, he's keeping to the shadows on rooftops, not making a sound, tracking motorcycles on foot.

It's pretty ninja.

Finna (513) has posed:
    Meteorites apparently mean fallen stars. And fallen stars means starmetal! Whether this holds true outside Creation Finna cannot say for certain, but... she's gonna look!

    She's never SEEN a Fallen Star so this is beyond exciting!

    So exciting, in fact, that she forgets all about trying to sneak or anything and just goes blitzing out of the warp gate, possibly leaping off the heads of some people investigating it and onto the nearest building. Leap, hop, whooosh! She's seeking out the highest location in easy reach to scan around...

Aoko Aozaki (591) has posed:

    "We're lost, Dorothy, won't you admit it?" asks a short, white-haired, red-eyed girl in elegant white clothes, voice singsonging playfully.
    "We're not lost!" insists Aoko, the taller, red-haired woman contrasting the short one's outfit with... a white t-shirt and jeans. "I know where we're going! Italy!"
    "Is that so, Dorothy? But where is the yellow brick road, then?"


    Aoko emerges from the Warp Gate, along with White Len. She pumps her fist up in the air victoriously. "SEE? Italy! I told you I knew where we were going!"
    "The Wizard must be away, then, look at the state of this place. Cracked and broken emerald, no grand city in sight."

    She looks, finally, at the state of the world.
    Yeah okay, this isn't prime vacation territory. Why's everyone running? Aoko frowns, and decides to head in that direction. "Come, Toto! I think vacation just turned into fun!"
    "I'm not a dog, you know," White Len frowns, and follows along.

Karian Icefang has posed:
    Speaking of Canines, A mass of armor and an equally massive wall of fur made their way to the site. It was Karian and his giant wolf Ygdril. The crash had drawn them, but the sight of this earth stunned them. "What in the Allfathers name happened here?" He asks softly, heading to what appeared to be the opposite direction of the fleeing people.

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
Yuna is more than a little familiar with Gundams and related mecha - and on that mental note, she does keep meaning to go visit Yulia and Avel again, sometime, and see how they're doing. Obviously that won't happen tonight, though; she has meteorites - and apparently, a newly-Unified world - to investigate.

The Mike-maru-go, Yuna's cruiser, drops out of FTL drive a decent distance out from this new iteration of Earth, and upon seeing the number of colonies parked in orbit, Yuna settles for guiding her cruiser into a parking orbit around the Moon. "Okay, Elner, let's 'port down. If we need the ship on the surface, can you teleport back and bring it down?"

The little robo-faerie nods, "If necessary, yes. Finding a good landing spot first is probably in order, though." And with that, Elner blips out of view, along with the 'civilian' forms of Erina, Jiina, and Marina.

A few seconds later, Yuna and her passengers (Maya at least, possibly others if they wanted to come in by spacecraft) would be teleported down to join Elner on the surface. Yuna's already in her Light Suit - hopefully she won't need it this trip, but given what that broadcast said about a 'Gundam Fight,' she doubts there's a big international tea party in the offing. Seeing the state of the Earth's surface only reinforces those doubts.

Reina Kinney has posed:
    Reina heard about what happened, and decided that she'd best check it out. She decided to let her craft remain in the headquarters for the time being and hitch a ride with Yuna on the Mike-maru-go instead. As she rides there with her colleagues, Reina goes over what she knows mentally. "A meteorite crash. Where I come from, those aren't as uncommon as one might think, but this isn't the Gurhal system," She comments to no one in particular. "Still, who knows what that thing's capable of?" Once they get into orbit, Reina stands up and prepares to teleport down with the others.

    Unlike Yuna, Reina's arriving on foot, since her personal suit isn't available at the moment. She could summon it if need be, but right now her biggest issue is investigating what happened here. She takes out her binoculars and attempts to get a glimpse at the meteorite if possible. "Son of a De Rol Le," She comments with a more common Gurhalian curse word. "This is worse than even I anticipated!"

Maya has posed:
Things falling from the skies, floating landmasses in space? Hey that's just like home, the flying land thing that is. She was thankful to get a lift and there was a niggling feeling about the deisgn of the land in space, yet? She has been in the multiverse so long she chalks it up just to it remind her of home. FOr now she looks over to Yuna as they get ready to jump at this points, however the mention of a Gundam fight brings up memories of Souji. However she needs to focus oin the task at hand here.

"You about ready and the planet looks pretty wrecked, from up here."

Maya notes just before they teleport down to the planet. Maya for her self looks like something out of some post nuclear war movie with all the leather and metal she's got o

Juno Eclipse (428) has posed:
Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's...

...absolutely nothing, unless you're looking at an spectrum that can show you heat. There's a faint ripple in the air over the plains in question, but nothing that would appear to disturb Earth's sensory equipment. That's because the Rogue Shadow is absolutely optimised for stealth work.

The sleek transport has come in from a shallow trajectory, shallow enough to avoid undue attention or produce too much of a heat signature. Sloughing off the heat of reentry from its shields, keeping its cloaking device firmly turned on, the ship is all but invisible to the naked eye. Only the most perceptive would notice a faint rippling in the air -- but they haven't got much reason to look skyward, have they? Not unless they're looking for more meteors.

It's not really a planet, though. It's a bizarre collection of landmasses terraformed and insulated, and even the Rogue Shadow's pilot isn't certain what to make of this.

"Well, will you look at that...?" Juno Eclipse glances sidelong to her passenger, before grimacing. "Oh. Sorry."

Still, there's no IFF from this ship; nothing to reveal it at all. There's a slight rippling where it passes by, a slight flare of heat from its engines, but otherwise, all is still as it comes in for a gentle curve to investigate; staying well clear of the objects in transit.

"PROXY, what's the comm traffic looking like?"

The gangly droid in the jumpseat behind their passenger reaches up to touch his 'forehead,' yellow photoreceptors dimming momentarily. "Too many signals to tell, Captain Eclipse. There would appear to be a great deal of confusion. They have not even noticed the arrival of other Elites."

"Hmm." Juno works her jaw, cocking an eye toward the viewscreen and frowning. "That doesn't look like a meteorite."

"No, Captain Eclipse."

"I'll see what I can find out from the sensors. I'll take us in closer; maybe we can get a look at whatever this thing is that's causing such a panic." She glances aside to her passenger. "Miss Rondel, I suggest you secure your restraints. This might get a bit bumpy; especially if any Union Elites recognise us. I'm afraid this ship /is/ a known Confederate resource, unfortunately."

Sanary Rondel has posed:
    "Starting to think this was bad idea." Clutching her armrests tightly, Sanary peers out of the windows to look down at all the chaos unfolding beneath them. Thankfully, the ride is stable enough to not have her freaking out nearly as much as her previous flights. It's not enough to keep her completely calm, of course, but it's an improvement.

    "I got the procedure done, so it's fine." The healer taps on the right side of her head, the light sheen indicating that her eye's active. "Ah, feels good being able to do that again."

    That's certainly an understatement. Adjusting the gunaxe strapped to her side, she nods to Juno quickly before tightening her restraints even more than they had been earlier. So what if it was already hard to breathe? Being careful never hurts.

Domon Kasshu (748) has posed:
     The motorcyclists and thugs fan out widely, splitting off in twos and threes. It becomes clear that they aren't vandals. No, this is a search party, and woe be upon whoever it is they're looking for. The ninja will see, at several points, that the thugs stop, enter a building, trash it in their pursuit, and leave. After a few minutes, one group of about three abruptly stops, with one of them evidently receiving a phone call. After receiving this information, all of them regroup and head out in force towards what was once an up-tempo little outlet.

     The other Elite here sticking to the buildings will see something else, since she's looking for something else. Namely, police. Lots and lots of police. They're all gathered around a huge chunk of rock--the meteorite? It's distinctly egg-shaped, and if it weren't for the /actual/ landmark beneath it, once would think that the rock itself was a landmark, with how perfectly centered it is. There are several spotlights pointed towards it, and the area has been cordoned off with police tape. There are even snipers posted on the occasional rooftop. It looks like the majority of the police effort is here.

     Sanary and Juno will see much the same thing, though the skilled pilot will also have to avoid patrolling helicoptors. The ship, having sophisticated sensors, will be able to detect that this rock, this meteorite, is extremely hot and cooling quite quickly--perhaps too quickly to be attributed to natural means, but the high amount of iron and copper and... ceramic (?) flakes in the rock make it difficult for electronics to pierce its shell. The ceramic composition seems identical to the local minerals. For the moment, the Confederate craft remains undiscovered, but the place is the very definition of a hot LZ.

     Aoko and Karian, edging through the throngs of humanity, will come across a ground-eye view of much the same, and may even see the gang of thugs cut across the street in search of something. Being as massive as he is, Karian will likely draw quite a bit of attention. Some people in the crowd seem to think his armor is police-issue, or so the murmurs of those brave enough not to flee say. The two of them won't be walking for long before they run into a line of yellow tape reading POLIZIA. From this yellow boundary, a group of officials--likely a police inspector and a few city bureaucrats--can be seen discussing something. The inspector, who looks to be in charge of this operation, looks in dire need of a cigarette, which is good, because he has one. He eyes Aoko and Karian warily as the rock behind him smolders. "And just who are you two supposed to be? I don't remember calling for a K-9 Unit. Or a kid," he says, glancing at White Len.

     Yuna and Reina will receive the occasional odd glance, especially with the former's Light Suit--but people seem more interested in escaping whatever Reina sees with the binoculars. Glimpses of brown rock may be seen--plus patrolling cops, police tape, and helicopters.

Rock Lee (678) has posed:
Rock Lee decides that it's time to act once they all set on a single location. He doesn't follow them anymore, he just picks up speed to head directly to the destination.

He stops on the roof of the outlet, then leans down at the edge of the roof to try and listen to what they're saying, and try to discern who might be their leader and other important visual information. Can these people even fight?!

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
Yuna is more or less used to people looking at her - she *is* an idol singer, after all, and she's been the Savior of Light long enough to be used to the kinds of attention that the Light Suit draws as well ... although some of those looks are admittedly easier to deal with than other kinds. Odd glances are pretty minor in the scheme of things, so she doesn't get too worried.

She is, however, trying to pick her way towards the 'meteorite'; Elner's headed for a high enough altitude to get a decent birds-eye view of the cordoned-off area, and the little robo-faerie's own sensors are trying to get a reading on whether there's anything inside that rock. If the diffractory construction of the 'rock' is sufficient to prevent even Elner from scanning ... well, there are things that can block even Elner's sensors. The remainder of the Matrix of Light - Jiina, Erina, and Marina - are more or less blending in with the locals for the time being, but they're trying not to get too far separated from Yuna herself.

Finna (513) has posed:
    It doesn't take long to sniff out - and spot - the hot space rock. But once Finna does... she tilts her head... folds her arms... grumbles. "THAT's a fallen star? ... doesn't even look a bit as neat as I imagined it! Kinda boring... but..." BUUUUUT, there's a HORDE of people guarding it! Hrm, decisions! Go and swipe it for her own, or... try to figure out just why it's so important that it should be GUARDED instead of just HAULED AWAY.

    What surprises her even more is the scents her twitching nose is picking up. Finna blinks, stands straight up, glances about a few times then... "Hyaaaup!" Takes a FLYING leap.

    A really prodigious, insanely protracted flying leap. Which results in her landing on the same roof Rock Lee's taken up residence on - somehow without making any more noise than a bird landing might. NOW she's grinning.

Reina Kinney has posed:
    Reina doesn't mind being stared at. As long as no one's getting in her way, that's fine with her. She tries to get a closer look but the few glimpses she can get are trumped by the investigating police and the investigation tape. "Falz!" Reina curses loudly. "Of all the times to have unwanted police presence."

    She's about to snap her fingers, but thinks better of it. Instead, she steps back for the time being, suspecting there's definitely more going on here than meets the eye, and she doesn't want to risk causing any problems. Then she remembers her mobile suit, and she presses a few buttons on her wrist communicator. Within a few moments, her mobile suit, only slightly larger than her, arrives. She gets into it and steadies herself. "If I can only remember how to operate this..."

Aoko Aozaki (591) has posed:
    "I'm not a kid, I'm a succ--" White Len begins, before Aoko slaps her hand atop the little girl's mouth. "She's my daughter! Hahaha~, yes, sorry. We're not from around here, sorry. What's going on?"

    With a frown, White Len backs away, turning to look around. Her eyes lock onto a group of the thugs, and she regains her smile and playfulness, looking up towards her 'mother'. "Say, I'm hungry. Do you terribly mind if I... go eat?"
    The red-headed magus hums, and then shrugs. "Sure, sure. Criminals only, though!" To which White Len gives a big grin and nods.

    The girl walks away from the cop and Aoko, skipping playfully towards the thugs. She disappears in the shadows of some of the buildings, at which point silky threads of ice and shadows lunge out and attempt to grab one of the thugs, reeling it into the shadows like a spider has just caught its prey.

    If that succeeds, there's likely going to be a loud CRUNCH, and splatters of blood gushing out of the shadows. And screams, assuredly.

Juno Eclipse (428) has posed:
Despite all of the aerial interference to avoid, Juno handles the ship with expert poise. The only sign of her tension as the ship slews one way and thrusters nudge it in another to avoid news and police helicopters is the way her jaw muscles work. She's ceased all conversation, concentrating wholly on the art of Keeping Things From Hitting The Ship. PROXY handles reporting the sensor information, instead.

"Sensors indicate that these meteorites are not meteorites at all," PROXY reports dutifully, "but are likely of sentient manufacture. Surface temperature is exceedingly high but cooling rapidly enough to suggest that there is an artificial process at work. I am detecting a high level of iron, copper, and some manner of ceramic in fragments; I'm afraid the Rogue Shadow's sensors will not be able to pierce the matrix."

"Thanks, PROXY." Juno's acknowledgement is no more than a mumble, eyes riveted on the console's readouts, along with the odd glance at the viewscreen. "Come on," she mutters irritably, teasing at the controls to nudge the ship gently sideways. "Go around me," she mutters, to the buzzing helicopters. "/Go around me/, you /pests/."

Half a glance is cast at the sensors and the ship readouts. The cockpit is already growing uncomfortably warm, thanks to the steady output of the ship's power-hungry cloaking device. Juno sighs through her teeth. It'll last a while longer, but she'll be keeping an eye on it.

It takes some skill to dance with all of these distractions, but thus far, the others are none the wiser for her presence. Cloaking devices are wonderful things.

"What do you think, Miss Rondel? Do you want me to find a place to land, or are you alright with watching from here? I'd like a closer look at that thing in the rock, but I don't think we're going to have much luck getting close on foot." Juno eyes the readouts, jaw muscles working briefly. "The place is crawling with law enforcement and civilians both... personally, I think this is going to be our best bet, although the cloaking device won't last forever."

Maya has posed:
Maya has arrived in all the madness here really she looks to from Yuna to Teina for a moment as they are getting some looks but well? Therezs a lot more to worry about here as she moves to keep pace with Yuna.

"... I should have brought Runner with me at this rate."

There's a lot of stuff going on here with the cops and the like. She pulls out a small card, and blue fire leeches from her body into it, should anyone be paying attention. Her next action is to sense whatever it is which has fallen to earth, to get a feel for just what they are dealing with.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
    From the various on-board screens and beeping implements and... Mechanical dongles? Sanary can easily tell that there's a big rock in the ground. PROXY's report helps clarify just what it really is, although Sanary has other matters to focus on rather than that.

    Namely, the ship jerking around. However nervous she might have seemed before, at least she was quiet. She's just breaking into strained laughter now, looking and sounding significantly more confident than she should be. "It's fine! You're doing fine! Oh, this is fun. So, so fun."

    It could be going worse. They could be crashing or melting. The warmth inside the cockpit is rather worrying, however, and Sanary looks over at the Rogue Shadow's pilot at her question. "Ah, y-you know. I mean, if we're gonna be seen anyway, we might as well land somewhere safely first, right?" Her knuckles are practically white from grasping the armrests, although she does sound eerily calm about all of it. "You got any.. Uh. Any security on this if we get off the thing, Blackout?"

Juno Eclipse (428) has posed:
"Try to relax," Juno mutters, although her voice has a slightly strained edge to it. She guides the ship as smoothly as she can, but between air turbulence, dodging helicopters, and ensuring that they don't hover closely enough that the repulsors kick up tell-tale dirt from the surface, it's tough. The blue light of the consoles reflects off her face; sweat beads on her brow. "I'm a professional."

Her eyes flick to the console as one hand dances over the controls; flicking switches, pressing buttons, flipping toggles, and gently guiding the throttle lever. "I've flown the ship in far more pressing situations than this one for Inquisitor Starkiller. I've handled over a hundred combat missions in TIE fighters, which are a lot less reliable than this ship."

"You can call me Juno if we're just in the ship. I just don't like my name being out there in places where others can overhear. The ship's comm systems are secure." Juno never looks away from the controls, although she does take a brief instant to lean forward, shrug out of her jacket, and toss it somewhere behind herself.

She doesn't notice when it lands on PROXY's head. He gingerly removes the offending garment and drops it beside the jumpseat.

"Captain Eclipse, I must agree with Sanary Rondel's assessment. It would be better to set down before the stygium crystal overheats."

"One thing at a time," Juno mutters. "Give me somewhere to land, PROXY."

The lanky droid doesn't so much as hesitate. "There, twenty degrees northward. There is a clearing that should accomodate the length of the Rogue Shadow."

In answer to Sanary's question, Juno reaches over and bangs on a panel beside the pilot's chair, which pops open a hatch lid. Inside is a shiny, well-maintained blaster in a holster, magnetised to the wall.

"Right there. Prepare for landing."

That, fortunately, is a lot less nerve-wracking than dodging air traffic. The ship pulls up slightly, then turns itself to a northerly heading to set down on an empty construction lot. Or field. Or whatever happens to be close at hand. Fortunately, it's hidden behind a hill, although an aerial watcher would notice. The cloaking device shimmers off, revealing the plain-looking grey transport in its... not-glory.

Juno leans back in her seat and exhales, a little shaky. "Well, I don't think they saw us. Are you sure about going out there? We could just wait here until the cloaking device cools, and then have another go at watching from above." Juno shrugs a shoulder, rubbing at the side of her neck with one hand. "It's your choice; I'm just the pilot."

Domon Kasshu (748) has posed:
     Rock and Finna both will have a prime location to hear what's being discussed by the thugs. Their little cavalcade, a mish-mash of old beaters, stolen rides, modified junkers, and motorcycles of all kinds, sits in a ring around the outler. Their attention seems focused on a bar.

     "You think this could be him? The Gundam fighter?" asks one.

     "Whoever he is, he's not from around here. Vic says he's kept to himself all night. None of the regulars know him."

     "I'll go in and check it out," says a bear of a man in a spiked leather jacket. He wears something else, too--an arrogant smile. Some minutes pass after the man enters the bar. He exits--violently. The door flies forth from its hinges as if propelled by rockets, followed quite closely by the thug, who lands on his back with a groan. A small, circular table tolls slowly off of his gut, and out steps his apparent aggressor: a man shrouded in a red cloak with a wild mane of black hair, tied back with a matching red headband. Shouts of disbelief and "Andre!" ring out among the crowd, no one believing that the aforementioned thug, whose name is evidently Andre, could be bested so easily. Of course, now the others seem to want to try their luck against this stranger.

     Back at the crash site, Maya, Elner, and even, in passing, the Rogue Shadow's sensors all attempt to pierce the rock. With patience, and diligence, the chaff can be overcome, granting a faint outline of something. A pinecone? No... a flower. A lotus, made of some sort of metal. Not metal, no--an alloy. Whatever's inside of that lotus is the same material, but with so many distractions present, it'd take a while to discern what's lotus and what isn't.

     Reina's mobile suit is, oddly, accepted, more or less. As with Karian, most people seem to think she's a first responder in some sort of exosuit.

     The inspector, a tired-looking man with dark, tussled hair, gives Aoko a suspicious glance. "The same thing that's been going on every four years, for sixty years. The Colonies can't play nice, so they use this mudball to slug it out." He takes a drag of his cigarette. "My men have orders to detain anyone who tries to access this Gundam, so if that's why you're here, you can move on. Florence isn't going to be your battlefield this year. Or any year." It's perhaps a testament to the state of affairs this evening that the screams of criminals in the background don't phase the inspector in the slightest.

     After his explanation, the inspector's radio squawks a report. "All units, all units, rioting at Palermo Outlet, upwards of thirty involved, single agitator." He swears under his breath, giving Aoko a wary glance before tromping over to his squad car, getting in, and hauling ass.

     Juno and Sanary will be able to approach with much less police presence--chiefly because a stupidly high portion of them go tires-screeching, sirens-wailing towards another part of town. There are, however, still snipers on the rooftops, and a healthy patrol of helicopters, but the ground is at least no longer teeming with police.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
    "Wh-what're you talking about? You don't think I'm scared or something, do ya?" Sanary's definitely not handling the turbulence well if the muffled laughing and tense posture is any indication. Juno's reassurance does help a very slight amount, at least, and the healer did stop laughing outright.

    "W-will do, Juno! Ah... Don't need to call me Miss whatever if.. Yeah. Sanary's fine." Clenching her teeth, Sanary takes a moment to divert her eyes away from the window to pay attention to the inside of the ship instead. All those buttons and levers and things that aren't outside that could kill them all in a matter of seconds... Definitely better than looking outside.

    She jumps in her seat slightly at the bang on the seat, leaning over slowly to get a better look inside the hatch. "WAs thinking more about security for the ship when we're off, but... That works!" By the time she does look out the window again, the ship is on its way down, and the healer's just about ready to call it a day already.

    "We... Inside? Might not... See things." Shivering uncontrollably, she draws in a long breath before exhaling with a loud groan. "If we wait here... Might miss our chance to get intel on the thing." She takes another few moments to catch her breath before undoing her seat restraints, then sets the gunaxe in her lap and Mutters quietly herself before flashing Juno a confident grin.

    "Besides. I've got this thing, you've got that. We'll be fine."

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
Elner descends once again, the tiny robo-faerie probably escaping notice as it rendezvous with Yuna. There's not much point to staying that far up now that there are specific areas to focus on - and the lack of anything more distinct than that 'flower' shape, even with that much scanning and analysis, is sufficient to discourage even Elner from wasting time on further investigation. Suffice to say that there's an artificial construct within the rocky shell - and the shell itself is most likely artificial as well, a detail which Yuna is quick to relay to her allies.

But Elner DID notice that rumpus kicking up at the restaurant or whatever, so Yuna picks up her pace a bit to go and take a look. Whether she'll take a side or not, and which side ... that's still an unanswered question.

Juno Eclipse (428) has posed:
"Actually," Juno states, raking fingers through her hair as the ship winds down, "that's what PROXY is for. He's a unique droid, equipped with special holoemitters. He can imitate almost anyone's appearance, though not necessarily their abilities. If anyone finds the ship, he'll do his best intimidating impression, and they'll leave it alone. I've also got an extra blaster stowed for him if he should need to be a little more convincing."

Half a glance is cast to the gun. Axe. Thing. "Wait. Aren't you blind in one eye? Technically both eyes, without that piece of Magitech?" Oh lord, she's going to get them both killed, isn't she? "Well, if you say so."

The blonde pilot whisks off her cap to rake her fingers through her hair one last time. Sighing, she replaces the cap, tugging it back into place. "Onward and upward, I suppose. Let's go see what this is all about."

"PROXY, watch the ship, would you? We shouldn't be too long." Taking her blaster, she buckles the holster to her belt; after a moment's thought, she pulls a second one from the hatch, buckling that one as well, one blaster holstered at each hip.

"Yes, Captain Eclipse." The droid rises, creaking, and shuffles amicably to the pilot's chair to sit down. "I will keep the engines primed for you."

"If you hear from Starkiller, tell him the same thing. We won't be much longer."

"Yes, Captain Eclipse, although I do not expect to hear from him. He--"

"I know. Inquisitorial business. If he contacts us, tell him I'll be in time to extract him from whatever trouble he's gotten himself into this time."

Turning her back on the droid, she checks both blasters, glancing to Sanary. "Shall we?"

With that, the forward hatch slides open, and the ramp smoothly extends out. Juno lopes easily down from it, glancing back as it waits long enough to disembark Sanary before closing again.

Reaching up, she taps the comm headset. "PROXY will let me know if we need to get back to the ship in a hurry, so don't get too invested in whatever it is we find." Drawing one of the blasters, she checks the safety on it, shifts her grip on the handle, and jerks her chin. She's probably going to turn into a sooty mess dressed only in a tank top but whatever. Curiosity killed the science-y pilot type. "Let's go have a look, shall we?"

Rock Lee (678) has posed:
"Shhh!" Lee says as he looks back at Finna, holding a finger up to his lips. Then he suddenly leaps from his crouched position, landing on the ground below, directly in front of the cloaked man.

He stares up at the taller man, eyes perpetually wide and intense, though the rest of his face is much calmer looking. "Hello! My name is Rock Lee, Konoha's Beautiful Green Beast. I am a ninja and an officer of the Union. I am here to investigate the disturbance, and seeing the speed and ease with which that man was dispatched, I can see that you are a man of skill and authority!"

He takes a deep breath, then says, "I would like to ask what is happening right now, and how I can offer my assistance!"

Reina Kinney has posed:
    Meanwhile, Reina's watching the area from above in her mobile suit. "Finally, things are clearing up a little." She's about to move her suit in closer, but then sees that Yuna's getting an investigation on of her own. So Reina idles off to the side, covering her and watching for any possible interference.

Aoko Aozaki (591) has posed:
    "Oh! A Gundam?" Aoko taps her chin. She's heard that term before, courtesy of having been around the Multiverse... well, a lot. What context was it? Oh! Oh, right! "Giant robots! Woo, jackpot! This Italy is the best!"

    The overly excited magus grins, looking towards the massive rock. Well, egg. "Oh, but I don't know how to pilot it, sorry, so I'm not the one you're after. So what, every four years a bunch of giant robots crash on Earth and the first sucker to climb in can use it, really? I mean, shouldn't there be an official list of pilots or something? And then you could actually target them?"

    Wait, wrong question.

    "No, no! What I meant to ask was, why's it a bad thing? Giant robots are awesome. Can I go see it? I want to see it." Pleeeease? Aoko makes pleading eyes to the officer.

    ... meanwhile White Len acquires a second thug. Or attempts to, anyway. Claws of shadow and ice emerge from the ground, trying to drag the poor sucker into the alley. Eventually she'll be full or bored.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
    "Convenient. We'll be counting on you, then." Turning back to PROXY, Sanary flashes the droid a brief grin before checking her coat to make sure everything's in place. Axe, coat, sweatpants. That's about everything.

    "Mm.. Yeah, this one's the only one that works. It'll be fine. I've shot something like this a couple of times before I even got the eye procedure done and I still hit near the target!" She sounds particularly proud of that fact, although she conveniently avoids mentioning whether or not she's actually used /this/ particular weapon before.

    Still, it'll probably be fine. It's not like... Details. After making sure her old tomahawk is securely tied to her waist and hidden underneath the coat, she attached the gunaxe to the same rope inside the coat before following Juno out. Her own exit isn't nearly as graceful, tumbling off the ramp before landing on her feet at the bottom.

    "Understood. I'm pretty fast on my feet if I need to be, so I'll act on your orders." And then there's another grin. "Let's go."

Finna (513) has posed:
    Argh, mostly ignored. Finna makes a face that's rather like a volcano building up pressure, but just keeps her arms folded as Rock Lee leaps off. Instead of joining the conversation she's been marveling at the way that Andre was just sent flying without getting snapped in two from the force! Don't see that kind of pulverizing every day after all!

    Her tail's wagging at an even tempo but ears are flat. Yup, she's getting stressed.

    But nevertheless turns eagle eyes towards the distant 'fallen star' again...

    Ears will be enough to hear this guy's response after all!

Maya has posed:
Maya hears the term Gundam Fighter there is a slight reaction, she knows the term Gundam, she knows it well enough to know it could mean so many things she couldn't really guess. Maybe there's not even a robot she doesn't know really. She looks at fallen thing.

"That's no asteroid, that's worked metal some sort of alloy."

She notes.

"We should start getting people back from this. Hey this thing is some sort of craft! WE should get back!"

Maya's already starting to move back at this point.

Domon Kasshu (748) has posed:
     The cloaked man seems... quite confused by all the information Rock conveys at once. He blinks, then, spotting something just past the both of them, scowls. "I'm Domon Kasshu. You want to help? You can help me fight these GOONS!" He punctuates his dramatic shout with a leap into the air more or less on par with Rock's own abilities, landing on a thug with the sole of his work boot.

     Yuna, Reina, and Elner will discover that the scene at the bar isn't quite a riot. A riot implies chaos, numerous people fighting each other. This is a beating, perpetrated by one (or perhaps two!) against easily thirty.

     Aoko's battery of questions towards the investigator is met with an annoyed look. Standing with one foot in his police cruiser as the others all depart, he offers an answer. "No, not just anyone can get in. There /is/ an official list, because you have to be damned good to warrant that kind of money being spent on you. They have to be activated before they'll even turn on, and those Mobile Trace Systems they have would probably kill the 'first sucker to climb in' even if they did manage to get the key. I'm through playing 20 Questions with you, lady. Enjoy your stay here--such as it is. And stay out of trouble." WHUMP. The door of the police cruiser closes, and the inspector turns on his siren, heading off towards the disturbance.

     Sanary and Juno, with the attention focused elsewhere, should have a pretty decent time sneaking around to pretty much anywhere. Getting right up to the rock is a no-no with the snipers, but then again, it's not like they can crack it open with a pair of pliers.

     The fight at the bar goes on for perhaps a few minutes before the crack of a rifle disrupts it. There, in damn impressive numbers, is the Florence PD, led by the inspector from before. He's got a sneer on his face. "Red cloak. Eyebrows. Papers. /Now./ And you..." He glares at the thugs. "I know you all started this, so don't even feed me your usual crap. I'm just glad someone put you punks in your place. Go ahead and slink back to your boss Michelo. I won't waste time locking you pinheads up when he's just going to twist the DA's arm to get you out."

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
It's probably just as well that Yuna didn't get close enough to involve herself in the fight before the police made their presence known; she was close enough to see how uneven the sides *appeared*, on top of the fact that the guy in the cloak was holding his own despite the odds being so heavily stacked against him - and that was *before* Rock Lee got involved. So much for sneaky, she thinks with a wry grin.

She sidles back out of the brawl zone for a bit, and it's at this point that Erina, Jiina, and Marina rendezvous with her and Elner again. It's probably not a bad time for the Unionites to regroup - all of the remaining answers are probably going to be in one place ...

Although she's not quite sure where that 'one place' is going to be, so - she's not going to call for a general rendezvous just yet. She's watching to see what happens with Domon and Rock for now, as best she can without drawing attention to herself; if she'd known lying low would be a thing she likely would've held off on the Light Suit.

Reina Kinney has posed:
    Reina decides to follow Yuna's lead, still keeping cover on her while trying to keep an eye out for anything else that might seem suspicious. Granted, this fight does seem a bit unusual, but there's something else nagging at Reina's sixth sense (if you want to call it that,) which has her slightly on edge.

Rock Lee (678) has posed:
Lee doesn't actually turn around when Domon says how he can help. Instead, he back flips and punches his hands off the ground to launch himself into the thick of the thugs. He kicks two in the face at once, trying to break their noises and disorient them. His blows are efficient but brutal. Always bone cracking, trying to put someone down as quickly as possible, even if he's not fighting to kill. "You are incredibly skilled, like a ninja!"

Aoko Aozaki (591) has posed:
    "Sure, sure! Have fun, officer, mister, sir!" Aoko salutes the man. It's obviously pretty awkward and not straight enough to be a real military salute. As he heads off in his cruiser, Aoko turns towards the shadows, clapping her hands loudly. "LEN! Stop eating, I wanna get a closer look!"

    The young girl emerges from the alley, blood around her lips. Her clothes and hair are still pristine and white, somehow. She lifts her long skirt up to take a polite, agreeing bow, regrouping with the magus.

    "Okay so, we gotta get close to that thing. But, the police doesn't want people to! Ideas?" Aoko asks.
    "The rabbit hole, of course, Alice," White Len says.
    "Ooh, ooh! I have a better idea! Besides, that's the wrong story. Balloon! We'll take a balloon. You know, like in the Wi--"
    "Yes, I know my stories, Dorothy.
    "Right! C'mon, transform."

    White Len transforms into a white cat, though her eyes are still blood red, almost glowing. She hops onto Aoko's shoulders, who grins. "Right, right! Turbine, set~."

    Magic flows into her legs, reinforcing them to absurd degrees. And then she LEAPS! With a single motion she's sky-high, and then heading straight down... for the top of the massive egg meteorite thing. A dragoon she is not, but she could probably fool someone.

Finna (513) has posed:
    "Eheheheheh...." Finna's grin is just about AUDIBLE. She likes this Domon guy too! her answer to a question that wasn't asked of her is to leap off the roof, land on her hands, and SPRING straight into the nearest goon. She spins around and manages to catch one of the men between both legs! Flipping around she sends the guy crashing into his comrades, whips around and drives a low elbow into another guy's solar plexus just as he was sneaking up behind her.

    Her assault on the goons has little artistry. Agile as a monkey and brutal as a tiger Finna applies the simple concept of hard on soft, dancing around and using her whole body and viper-like speed to make up for an apparent lack of physical strength. There's lots of elbows, kicks, flips and bouncing off the walls or springing down from the ceiling for extra momentum!

    She may not be the STRONGEST Lunar, but she DEFINITELY has skill.

    "Have some eyes on me for a change!" She yells Lee's way while going flying right through his view with one of the thugs on the bad side of her assault.

    The inspector's arrival however... things get weird if he tries to get a bead on her part in the fight.

    She simply flows out of sight as if she were a phantom the whole time, a trick of the light. Eyes tend to just slide off her, leaving her seemingly invisible as she slips off to the side and out of sight. Perhaps those with extraordinary wills shall notice the trick their perceptions play on them - like Rock Lee and Domon. But will the investigator? The thugs sure won't.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
    Even without much of a background in stealth ops, Sanary does have the sense to stay off the main streets. Granted, it does make it harder to keep moving in a consistent direction, and she's not exactly familiar with the layout of the city, and maybe...

    ... Maybe taking the lead was a terrible idea after all. "All of these streets look the same. Ugh... Why couldn't this place be more like Urbania?" That would make things significantly easier, wouldn't it? Actually knowing the streets, having some contacts, smelling... SLightly better depending on the time of day.

    Still, they do have a mission to complete, and Sanary's confident enough to keep taking the lead for the time being. With Juno in tow, they continue heading towards the strange rock, and she pauses only occasionally to observe the surrounding commotion. "Was that the...? Huh. See anything yet?"

Maya has posed:
Maya has heard the Officer's words and nods a bit she's got a basic idea of what's going on here. She oes keep back as asked she pockets the card and she however making note of everything that Aoko's getting told. She files it away nd she looks at him as he departs. She now turns her attention to where Yuna, Reinaa and Elner went to the bar. She'll catch up with them. She does arrive at the bar and just watches the battle, it's two on thirty and she's thinking it's not good odds for the more numerous group. She's not sure if she's needed to help out Rock and the Stranger, now that she thinks about it. So she watches them but with the eye of an experianced fighter. She's clearly checking out both Rock's and Domon's moves.

Juno Eclipse (428) has posed:
"What, with streets laid out on a grid?" Juno keeps pace easily beside her would-be leader, handling her blaster as though ready to fire at a moment's notice. She moves more like a soldier than a pilot, and in the midst of this chaos, she's glad she remembers her soldierly training. Maybe she's no stormtrooper commando, but she knows enough to keep herself out of too much trouble.

Starkiller is busy, but Juno herself is no slouch on the ground, fortunately. Where Sanary charges ahead blindly, Juno is more careful; she cautiously cranes around the corners of buildings, and generally seems to be trying to watch everything at once.

"Yeah." Her voice is hushed, and she's looking up, pointing as Aoko makes her tremendous leap towards the stone egg. "That. Uh, I'm pretty sure whoever she is, she's not human." 'What the hell,' her tone seems to say. "It's up to you if you want to investigate, but I doubt we're going to get any closer to that thing. I saw snipers on a few of the roofs, and it looks like they've got their sights trained on that egg-thing."

Juno rolls one shoulder. "It's up to you what you want to do. I'll support if you want to move in closer, but I'm not feeling too confident about those snipers. I'm going to bleed like the next person if I take a slug through some important organ or another, and I'm fairly certain you can't fly the ship."

Domon Kasshu (748) has posed:
     Domon fights with assistance from Finna and Rock both. For those few minutes, his dour demeanor seems to almost improve--although it's hidden behind agression and anger. He takes the odd moment to admire the moves of his sudden allies, studying them intensely in the seconds in-between swings. Then, the fun's over as one last thug splashes into the fountain. The fuzz is here. Domon sighs and puts his hands up. "Just do what they say," he advises Rock--he'd offer the same advice to Finna, but when he notices she's hiding, he doesn't say anything. "I don't care about some two-bit thugs, but the police are a different story." The stranger addresses the inspector. "I don't have them on me," he says. Domon is promptly interrupted by a female voice.

     "I've got them, Domon." A young woman roughly Domon's age comes from out of the bar, eyeing the tense polce force warily. She also casts curious glances towards everyone assembled. A fighter-type like Domon, a girl that looks like she might be another thug, an exosuit, and... huh. Wasn't there someone else here? Weird. She presents a passport to the inspector, who reads it aloud.

     "Domon Kasshu, citizen of Neo-Japan. Reason for visiting..." He narrows his eyes. "Tourism. All right, Mr. Sightseer. I want you and your friends out of here by--" He pauses. There's a distinctive rumbling. Boom. Boom. Boom. "Great. One of those idiots you beat up went and told his boss."

     "That's RIIIIGHT!" A voice like nails on a chalkboard heralds the arrival of a gigantic robot. Black and red paint covers an alloyed body designed to evoke images of the Olympians of old. "You've had your kicks. Now it's time for me to have mine! Get in your Gundam, Domon Kasshu."


     The young woman who accompanied Domon reaches into her purse and removes a small device of some sort.

     "No!" The inspector raises a hand to try and stop Rain, but she presses a button on the device. Off in the distance, the ground shakes once more. The mysterious rocky egg shatters, revealing a red lotus made of some sort of metal. Regardless of whether or not Aoko wishes for the lotus to do so, a jet engine housed in the bottom sends it rocketing towards the bar.

     "RISE, SHINING GUNDAM!" The snap of fingers permeates the air, seeming almost like an echo.

     The lotus unfolds in the air, again, with no concern for its passenger--out leaps Neo Japan's entry into the 13th Gundam Fight: Shining Gundam. Pristine white and blue, with red trim on the shoulders and a head-crest ever-so-slightly evocative of a samurai's helmet, the Gundam's cockpit opens to accept its pilot. Domon leaps in, clearing an astonishing distance considering the height of the mecha.

     "That's Domon Kasshu?!" One of the thugs gasps. "He's the King of Hearts! Michelo won't stand a chance on his own!"

Sanary Rondel has posed:
    "Yeah. Or at least wider so we can actually see further than a freaking block." Moving along the streets, it's easy enough to notice the huge differences between Sanary's and Juno's training. As fast as she is in navigating the actual streets, she hasn't quite adapted to the possibility of running into anyone with firearms nor checking her corners.

    Juno can handle that, at least. And if nothing else? Sanary's more than ready to play the decoy if absolutely necessary while charging ahead as she is.

    Pausing to look up where Juno's pointing, the healer squints slightly just to make sure she's sure of what she's actually looking at. "Well, you never know. I mean... Humans from our places might not be the same as humans from here or wherever else." She snickers lightly and lets out a long breath before rubbing her neck.

    "Hnn. Yeah, healing's only gonna go so far. Let's hold position here and see if-aaaah... Hah." The healer takes a moment to deactivate, then reactivate her eye just to make sure she's seeing what she thinks she is. Needless to say, her mouth's still hanging agape as the egg blows up and the flower rockets off with a giant robot popping out of it.

    "... I kinda wanna follow that thing now."

Aoko Aozaki (591) has posed:
    The meteor suddenly STARTS FLYING.
    Aoko just holds on to it, because IT CAN'T GO WRONG.

    Then the thing opens up like a flower, revealing a GUNDAM.
    Aoko carefully navigates the unfurling plates of steel and various alloys, ending up atop the head of the SHINING GUNDAM. She holds onto one of its two golden V-FINS, grinning like an idea. Her cat seems significantly more agitated at the prospect than she is.


Juno Eclipse (428) has posed:
"You're never going to want to visit any of the Core Worlds, then. The urban sprawl on the more developed planets gets mind-bendingly claustrophobic. Corulag isn't too bad, but I've heard that some of the closer Core Worlds are just maddening." Juno shrugs, although her eyes are locked on the stone not-an-egg as first Aoko investigates, and then the thing rises up and /explodes/. No, wait, it just sheds its outer layers. And somebody's riding the thing. That person who had leapt onto it from before.

Juno holsters her blaster briefly to rub at her eyes, good and firm, and then takes it in hand to look up again.

Nope. Nothing different. She just stares for a half-second, stunned.

"Uh," the pilot says, intelligently. Because really, what /does/ a rational person say to all of this? "We'll just wait here, out of sight, where they're not going to find us out. Actually, you know, the Rogue Shadow can follow all of this on sensor. Seriously. I'm not sure I want to be around if that thing decides we're not on friendly terms. It's like a cross between a droid and a ship. Seriously, what the /hell/," Juno adds, under her breath.

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
Well, this is technically why Yuna brought the whole Matrix of Light with her on this trip - keeping her options open. And given that there's about to be a giant robot throwdown, having options is likely to be a premium advantage. And she does not like what she overhears those thugs saying about Michelo 'on his own' ... how many giant robots can be hidden in a city like this, anyway?

She turns some of her attention to the Union radio, even as she remembers the part of the announcement about a 'hazard zone' around the suspected Gundam landing site ...

Maya has posed:
Maya is watching the fight she's watching how Domon fights with a curious eye. She sees the fight going on she listens as he reveals himself. Then well there are Gundams, ya there are totally Gundam's here. The Shining Gundam she watches it rise wioth more than a bit of awe, it's not often you see a sight like this even in the multiverse.

"The King of hearts...huh?"

She looks and watches as the fight start to unfold she looks over Japan's Gundam fighter and turns her attention to see just whom will be dropping in for Italy.

Givne what she hard and saw? If Domone was a wrecking ball on foot? The mobile G fighter is just going to step up his game even further. Maya takes a moment to cast a spell and she's scrambling up to get up building to get a better view of this fight and osme part of her is excited at a brawl like this, sure she likes sport even fighting events. However this also reminds her of what happened to her home, used as a proxy battle zone for two fudiing nobles that left a generation without parents...Maya shakes it off. Domon himself doesn't seem to have the intent to ... just destroy the city does he?

Rock Lee (678) has posed:
"You are very good at fighting as well! You do not have lots of formal technique, but your control of your physical prowess allows you to fight like an expert!" Lee observes, until he watches, well... lots of stuff happen.

"Woooooooooooow!" the ninja shouts as he stares up at the massive robot. "That is a giant robot!"

Reina Kinney has posed:
    All Reina can do is pull away while still in her mobile armor, gazing in disbelief at the Gundam. "Holy Falz, THAT'S what we're after?!" She blurts out, not fully comprehending what she's saying while being in shock. "I don't believe it! What do we do?!"

Finna (513) has posed:
    As soon as the investigator's distracted, Finna's right up behind Rock Lee again, grinning up a storm as if the praise were enough to her all charged up! "Can't really grade anything against a brute squad like this..." She answers modestly, rubbing the back of her head - but yes.

    Some very crazy things start happening.

    Like the appearance of a GIANT SUIT OF ARMOR. With an Aoko maybe hanging on. "Wh-WHAAAAAOHW?! GYAH! That's not a fallen star!! It's a Warstrider!?" or a Gundam. whatever that means.

    She ends up shrugging at Rock Lee. "Here I thought I was coming to see a fallen star for the first time! Guess... uh... guess not..."

Domon Kasshu (748) has posed:
     The fight begins, and at first it seems as though Neros Gundam has the advantage. The two Gundams (and Aoko) meet in a grapple, while, far below, Michelo's thugs scurry off. They're evenly matched physically, but when they break off, Neros Gundam unloads a volley--vulcan guns and beam cannons--that send Domon running for cover. Forced to use its wrist guards, Shining Gundam fires its thrusters in reverse, while tossing a smoke grenade at its opponent.

     Shining Gundam and, consequently, Aoko, take cover behind a building, at it is at this point that the Inspector's point of view seems... well, reasonable. From behind the smokescreen, Michelo fires all manner of weaponry. "Hiding from me?! See how you like these silver feet!" Beams of black energy rip across the sky, ruining the skyline--Italy's Gundam fighter isn't even using logic in his attempt to fight, he's just shooting in every possible direction, cackling like a madman over the loudspeaker in his Gundam.

     To make matters worse, some of the thugs have started opening fire with small arms on the police, while OTHERS... well. Yuna's concerns were well-grounded, and Rock's observation is as correct now as it was earlier.

     Now, there are /four/ Gundams, or, at least, two Gundams and two modified, probably stolen, outdated, military issue mobile suits with gang signs and crude phrases spray painted on them.

     "Hey, no fair!" cries Rain. "Article 6 of the Gundam Fight International Regulation: A match shall only be held on a one-on-one basis! Michelo's not just a vandal, he's a cheater!"

     The police have retreated to set up a safe perimeter, but that unfortunately leaves Michelo's goon squad unattended--and those that haven't fled have now taken up stealing, attempting to loot what they can during the confusion of the Gundam fight.

Rock Lee (678) has posed:
"Breaking the rules?!" Lee asks, eyes wide. "I will not allow it!" He suddenly goes running. He doesn't even hesitate, even with their large size. He's running in a blur, first gate open to increase his speed and strength, though no noticeable visual change.

"I will turn this into a one on one fight. Come on, Finna!" He just -assumes- that they should go fight big robots. He doesn't know how strong they are or what their powers are, or even if he could punch one of them without getting hurt. But he immediately leaps up to a building, then leaps from that, heading straight for one of the makeshift Gundams trying to get into the match. Then he swings his fist once, trying to punch it directly in the jaw with the force of a speeding car.

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
And that's basically what Yuna was worried about.

The main Union tactical frequency has a different situation unfolding on it by this point - and the words which kicked that off have left a block of ice in Yuna's stomach, but she has to stay focused, to keep her attention HERE, particularly as Michelo's ruffians show up with mobile suits of their own. "I'm not a registered Gundam Fighter, but seeing as my giant robot isn't a Gundam, can I get away with helping contain the riff-raff?" she calls out to Rain.

Elner's face is basically incapable of expression, and the robo-faerie doesn't have arms, but somehow Elner STILL looks like it wants to facepalm. Still, Elner knew why Yuna wanted the full Matrix of Light here - and as if in preparation, Jiina, Marina, and Erina abandon their civilian forms, so that there are three armored and vaguely female figures gathered around the girl in her high-tech-looking battlesuit.


The snap of Yuna's gloved fingers accompanies the eruption of a pillar of light where Yuna and her partners were clustered; within the shaft of radiance, the Matrix of Light undergoes a joint transformation, assembling and growing into a much larger form ... albeit one with a massive pair of wings spreading from its back. Yuna's own body, barely visible in the midst of the summoning, is drawn into the newly-formed shape's 'head' before the light begins to dissipate -

Revealing the full glory of the Matrix Figure, El-Line, hovering over the already-battered city. "I'm Yuna Kagurazaka, and I won't let you thugs keep doing as you please!" Yuna's voice resonates from El-Line's speakers - and as she sees Rock Lee already engaging one of the Thug-Undams, she goes for another mobile suit, trying to grapple with it and keep at least ONE guy from making things worse than they already are. Her key priority, it appears, is limiting collateral damage - which cuts down a lot on what she can actually do ...

And that might get used against her if the thugs are thuggish enough.

Reina Kinney has posed:
    Meanwhile, Reina's decided that her mobile suit isn't suited for such a big fight. She decides to let the others handle this while she herself helps the civilians evacuate.

Aoko Aozaki (591) has posed:
    Aoko does her best to hold on to the Shining Gundam's right V-Fin. This is a bit harder than it looks when it starts running slash diving for cover, although once it actually stops, it gives the magus some time to look around and figure out what the heck is going on.

    Okay so the other robot is shooting... feet lasers? Everywhere? That is SO UNSAFE. Says Aoko. Well, at the moment she's being perfectly responsible and safe, ignoring her current location. Which is unsafe. Shut up.

    She decides to bend over and see if she can reach the eyes of the Shining Gundam, peeking down while upside down.

    "Hiiiiii! Hey, maybe we should get out from behind cover, that jerk is kinda blowing everything up with his fancy foot cannon thing. Also hello! I'm Aoko, you can call me Miss Blue if you want!" Bright red hair, sure. "Don't mind me or my cat being on your head!"

Sanary Rondel has posed:
    "Ech. Don't think I'll be visting any time soon, then. Sorry." Sanary manages a chuckle despite her utter bewilderment. It's the only other response she can think of other than laughing way too much, and doing that probably wouldn't help if they have any intention of staying hidden.

    Untying the gunaxe from inside her coat, the healer keeps it gripped firmly low to the ground and offers Juno a short nod. She takes a few seconds to make sure the shells are loaded into the weapon's chambers before speaking up again, looking somewhat antsy just from standing behind cover.

    "Gotcha. Yeah, I don't know how much we'll be able to do to that... /That/ if it ends up turning on us for whatever reason. Looks kinda like a... Giant inhuman Shinki, but fighting one of those at least means us being bigger. Not... THIS."

    She sighs moments later, however, looking somewhat uneasy as the fight between the giants continues, two more showing up and getting into the fray, and yet more people showing up to fight them directly. "Hey... I knew that guy was here. The fanboy!"

    Unluckily for herself and Juno, however, some of the looters just so happened to hear the healer's short outburst at recognizing Rock and begin advancing on the source of the noise. Although Sanary's ducking back into cover, it's fairly obvious that her position has been compromised.

    "Ah, crap. Okay, so... Idea. Cover me!" And with that, the axe-healer charges back out of cover, uttering a loud battle cry and fully intending to bury the head of her gunaxe into the nearest thug's head while being as loud as humanly possible.

Maya has posed:
Maya is now on a good perch, and she watches the fight. She then pauses for a moment as two other mobile suits show up with another Gundam. Shew watcvhes and is siding with Domon for this, and she hears the crack with the mention of Silver Feet. She folds her arms watching bnut then something vomes over the radio. She shaker her head a little bit. She notices the cheating and everything else but does not seem concered. She saw Domon take down how many guys on foot in a massive fight.


Juno Eclipse (428) has posed:
The earth rumbles and rolls as the two Gundams duke it out. They're far enough away that they're not a direct threat to the two Confederates, but they're close enough that the pilot is still incredibly nervous while being this far away from the ship. Juno would feel a whole lot more confident if she had the controls of the Rogue Shadow in hand.

...Instead, she's flattened against a building for support, staring out at the ruckus in... not quite awe, but something pretty close to it. Also maybe terror. Definitely a little bit of terror. It wouldn't be terror if she were in her ship but the idea of death by being stepped on is a pretty ignoble way to go.

Oh look, and now there's /another/ one of those giant robot things. Another one of those weird machines comes into being, along with an extremely unsubtle pillar of light, which leaves Juno blinking hard to clear the spots from her eyes. Well, that was interesting.

"Don't worry. You're not missing much. I'm not one for the urban sprawl, either." Juno keeps her voice quiet, because talking about familiar places is a bit of levity and sanity in the middle of rampant abnormality. "Corulag isn't so bad, but I have no reason to go back there."

She edges towards the corner, cautiously peering around the edge, leading the way with one blaster gripped in both hands. All clear. Scooting around the corner, she eyes Sanary's peculiar weapon a moment as the healer prepares it. Hopefully that thing works out well, if it comes down to weapons.

"Shinki are six inches tall. Those things are the size of a small starfighter." Juno gestures towards the Shining Gundam with her blaster, staring hungrily at the machine as though she'd love to dismantle it right here and now. "Look at that thing move. It's almost human-like. How did they /manage/ that?" She's sensible, though, and so she snaps herself out of her engineering trance. "Ugh. Fan--what? Who?"

Oh look looters. Juno curses under her breath, raising her blaster and training it on the nearest one, slinking back to flatten herself against the wall. And suddenly Sanary is gone, prompting another curse from the pilot when the healer reappears with a bellowing battle-cry. Shrinking down, she attempts to fire three precise shots around the charging Sanary, intending to drop the closest thugs with shots as non-lethal as she can manage in the confusion.

Finna (513) has posed:
    Once the weapons start taking chunks out of the Skyline, even Finna's gobsmacked by how this has developed. A minor bar brawl's one thing! Kinda common occurence, really. Nothing to get all worked up about.

    But then there's gunshots and MISSILES and LASERS and homes start getting blown to smithereens. "Take... you morons. Take it outta the city!" Well she can hope Domon Kasshu has some sense about him.

    Maybe it would be better for her to focus on the smaller stuff like defending the police, but...

    She just got invited to a fight. more opportunity to show off!

    So she goes and does that. Somehow she's managing to almost mirror the taijutsu expert's movements - leaping up to the building and moving at incredible speed!

    She's closing in with the nearest vehicle, but upon seeing the raw speed and strength Lee's bringing to the table...

    A Lunar answer sparks up in her head.

    "Hold on there, Lee!" How she manages it isn't so clear.

    But she manages to spring up at a weird diagonal, soaring kind of UNDERNEATH Lee - oh it makes sense when one sees the wings sprouting from her back. Wings that beat far too quickly for any animal. Hummingbird wings, scaled up and SOMEHOW WORKING!

    Without interrupting his punch at all she zips up in front of him for only a split-second and--


    Well, it's brief but probably EYEPOPPING for the ninja nonetheless!

    Finna wastes no time. She once again lands on the building, the wings vanishing... but in the same breath she slams one fist into an open palm!

    "This'll make it MUCH EASIER!"

    That's when she begins to CHANGE. 'begins' is a strong word - it's over in only a few seconds. But her body subtly shifts to gain a bit more muscle, height adjusting strangely. What changes the MOST is undoubtedly her face, hair, clothing, and skin tone.

    Well... that's... odd.

    Her hair's shiny black, still long enough to reach the middle of her back but done up in a fancy pontail bound by a thin red ring of cloth - nothing cutesy, just practical. She has big black irises and thick, bushy eyebrows, a lean and athletic body brimming with power... and is now clad in... well it's the same form-fitting green bodysight, arm wrappings, orange ankle warmers, and open-toed sneaker-shoes. Absent is any kind of pouch for ninja tools, but...

    "Do you guys know what time it is?!" 'Finna(?)' screams up at the offending machines...

    Then nearly vanishes into a green blur. "It's CRUNCH TIME--aaa-AAAAYAAAAAHHHH!!!"

    Finna misjudges, going flying like a rocket right past the target nearest Rock Lee's. She might land a graze, but goes tumbling through the air and onto a distant rooftop, landing in a rolling heap but skidding to a halt on all fours. "WHOAH!"

    Well. Things just got weird FAST.

Domon Kasshu (748) has posed:
     The interfering thugs get off a few cheap shots on Domon, but, pinned down by Michelo's indiscriminate barrage, he's unable to step out of cover and hit back. Luckily, Yuna, Finna, and Rock Lee come to the rescue! The enemy mobile suits are big, and they're strong--but they're slow, and clumsy. This must be what the Inspector meant earlier. Domon and Michelo have the benefit of the Mobile Trace System, but the clowns trying to gang up on Domon have to make do with joysticks, buttons, monitors, and knobs, and do so without any of the training required.

     "You little pests! Quit messing around in our affairs," one of the thugs hypocritically shouts through a loudspeaker. The ground erupts in clouds of dust and debris as the outdated mobile suit sprays after them with head-mounted vulcan guns. "Wha?! How are you so fast?" A metal hand swoops by, missing the two by a mile, but slamming into a building and creating a hazard for Rock Lee and... Rockette? Of course, it's much easier for two small combatants to avoid chunks of falling cement, but an enormous mobile suit? Not so much--the thug finds himself hoisted by his own petard.

     The other, engaged with Yuna, claws awkwardly at its back, trying to reach what appears to be a submachine gun and succeeding only at scraping a chunk out of a nearby bilboard. EA- A- -OE'S. More out of desperation than anything, the pilot fires vulcans wildly and uselessly into the air. Click-click-click! Out of ammo and unable to fight back,the mobile suit remains in El-Line's grasp, no longer a potential cause for collateral damage.

     "Warning: Life signs detected on Mobile Fighter exterior."

     "What?!" Shining Gundam looks to the building, spotting Aoko's reflection in the dusty, stained window. "Are you crazy? How did you even--never mind, hold on tight!" As absurd as it is to receive advice from someone clinging to your V-Wing, that absurdity has no bearing on the validity of the advice. It IS good advice, and now that Domon knows what he's going up against, he knows how to counter it. "MICHELO CHARIOT!"

     "You may have those silver feet... but I'VE GOT THESE GOLDEN HANDS!"

     Meanwhile, Juno and Sanary engage BRIGANDS! Juno's blaster is highly effective as a theft deterrent, chiefly because personal beam weaponry is /unheard/ of. One goon drops an old CRT, stunned into gawking before he falls to the swing of Sanary's MIGHTY AXE! The TV shatters, displaying dozens of images of a thug dropped by a precise shot to the shoulder from Juno. "They've got beam weapons! They've got BEAM weapons! Run!" Being essentially bullies, Michelo's thugs have no interest in fighting someone who can fight back well, especially not people who can fight back excellently.

     Domon's smoke grenade clears, and the underhanded Michelo attempts to fire his laser directly at the cockpit. Shining Gundam's left arm guard takes the brunt of the shot, while its right arm guard... draws back?

     "This hand of mine glows with an awesome POWER! Its burning grip TELLS me to defeat you!"

     Is that... prana? Is this robot overflowing with /prana/ right now? Because the mage on its v-wing is definitely feeling SOMETHING right now.

     "Take THIS! My love, my anger, and ALL OF MY SORROW!" Green energy erupts from the Gundam's hand, bathing it in an ethereal, shimmering glow. Michelo panics and fires another laser, but it may as well be butter the way Domon's outstretched hand cuts through it. "SHINING FINGER!"

     The Gundam's hand crashes into Neros Gundam's head, immediately denting it. "Michelo Chariot! It's time for you to review Article 1 of the Gundam Fight International Regulation!"

     "A-a unit whose head section has been destroyed is disqualified!"

     "That's right. And you should also review Article 2! A Gundam Fighter must never aim at the cockpit of an opponent's Gundam!" With that, Domon crushes the enemy Gundam's head like a grape, immediately disqualifying Chariot from the Gundam Fight. "I spared your life today, Michelo. Be thankful for that."

Aoko Aozaki (591) has posed:
    A magus' eye definitely can see the flows of magic, and Aoko's are pretty good besides. If this isn't magic, it's close enough to it the distinction is, well, pointless, really. It probably helps she has such a front row seat, although it's definitely a rocky ride. It's alright, she has a really solid grip on that fin. Wing? Terminology is weird.

    For most of that ride, Aoko squees loudly and in glee at the display. C'mon, it's not EVERY DAY you're on the head of the obvious protagonist of a mecha anime. Well, you know. Tropes-wise. That's not a statement of Domon literally being from an anime, more-- you know what, nevermind. TL;DR: Aoko is a genre savvy spaz.

    Once the Neros Gundam collapses, the girl (well, woman) on the Shining Gundam's head cheers, while the cat still on her shoulder looks a bit sick. "That was awesome! And probably highly destructive. I have so many questions!"

Juno Eclipse (428) has posed:
Juno keeps herself pressed against the side of the building, lowering her blaster to observe the thugs beating a hasty retreat. Apparently, her standard-issue blaster is very much a non-standard weapon in this world. She cocks an eye down to the trusty BlasTech, half-grinning as her eyes raise again. "Heh. You just can't beat the surety of a blaster in your hand, can you?"

"Sanary, pull back. We'd better fall back to the ship before we attract any more attention. Let those things duke it out however they want." She gestures with the blaster, breaking into a low lope back the direction they'd come; thankfully, she has an excellent sense of direction.

It doesn't take long, and PROXY already has the ramp lowered and the hatch opened for them; Juno doesn't so much as break stride as she bounds up the ramp, and forward into the cockpit. PROXY is already shuffling into the jumpseat, relinquishing the pilot's seat for her.

"Strap in, Sanary; we're taking off. Activating cloaking device," she announces crisply, leaning forward to adjust the controls. "Prepare for lightspeed in ten minutes."

The Rogue Shadow shimmers as the cloak engulfs it, fading out of view in time for the ship to rise up, tuturn about, and make a break for orbit; from there, it snaps into hyperspace, as silently as it had come.

Except maybe for the sonic boom it leaves behind as it sprints for orbit, despite the concealment of the cloak. Let the authorities have fun figuring /that/ one out, heh heh.

Finna (513) has posed:
    Finna - Rockette? Rock Lina? - had been sent flying from a misjudged tumble due to one miscalculation that would probably be easily figured out by a certain Gai but completely escapes her. And probably will everyone except Rock Lee until later. But that one miscalculation was epic and left her on a rooftop... taking a few moments to go through a few basic kicks and punches that happen so fast she nearly trips after the first few. But a few more tests and a few light hops and... "Good enough. Try two!"

    WHOOOOOOOOOOSH!! She's off the rooftop so fast that very little time passes until she's up in the 'face' of these crappy outdated warmachines and rejoining the fight with Rock Lee. Her movements and his are ENTIRELY different - save for one thing.

    The striking surfaces she uses while running all around the mech are the same ones she's seen him using. The same knuckles, the same heel impacts!

    All crushing blows to what she's assuming are important parts of that machine. Like it's sensors and weapons. She's running laps ALL AROUND IT at speeds quick enough to start a small whirlwind while diverting blows into every joint and weak spot she can find!

    This only stops when she's heading up the thing's back again and straight up into the air. She goes into a somersault that takes her skyward. She unfolds in the air... then does something rather odd.

    She rebounds OFF THE AIR itself, silvery light rippling from her feet... and DRIVES a glowing silver fist straight through the machine's head!

    Just in time to see the crazy things the others are up to.

    It leaves her gaping.

Rock Lee (678) has posed:
Lee starts to wipe his mouth, coughing. "This is not a good time for doing these things!" he says before he lands on the street, directly in front of the gigantic mobile suit. "Please be careful with that body, you can hurt yourself!"

"I will end this quickly to avoid the loss of life. Please, stand back and allow me." He sounds suit serious, then takes a deep breath... and -boom-. A green aura of sweat explodes from him. It glows and looks almost like magic, but no... it's pure sweat. And at the same time, his face turns completely red, while his hair blows -upward-, his eyes completely white.

"Please do not break the rules of an honorable challenge in the future." he says, speaking in multiple tones, before he runs down the street, tearing up the concrete with each step.

He unwraps his bandages, moving in a blur -almost- too quick for the human eye to keep up with.

The bandages are inexplicably long enough to wrap around the ankles of the mobile suit. Muscles flex, grips are tightened, and when he passes through the middle of the suit's legs, he -tugs-. He tugs as hard as he can, using the momentum of his speed as well. This pulls the massive robot off balance, and he 'leaps'.

His bandages are still unraveling before he drops in -front- of the mobile suit again, slamming his legs into the front of the cockpit. "OOOOORRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!"

He tugs, while the robot is still off balance. He completely and utterly bullshits gravity to overcome the strength required to lift a robot...

No, not lift... he shifts his entire body -backward-, shifting the momentum of gravity to flip the mobile suit entirely through the air, until he's performed a modified suplex on the entire massive structure and has laid it out on its back.

Maya has posed:
Maya has been watching the fight sizing up the fighters she goes wide eyed at the Shining finger. She watches it all play out as he moves in to finish it she can't help but watch how it plays out. The power of Domon's style, there's no denying it after all and Michelo well? He gets what's coming to him after all. She looks down noticing some other looters, she takes a moment then drops in on them landing in a crouch, she rises up without santyhing anything and ends up decking both of them across alley were in.

"Some things are always the same no matter the world..."

There would be scum like this who'd need to be handled and that's what she's going to do now that she knows Domon has this under control.