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Monstrous Venom
Date of Scene: 01 June 2015
Location: Danbur <DB>
Synopsis: Hana leads an expedition to gather monster venom, and the party gets a task to fulfil.
Thanks to: Kudos to Hana for coming up with the idea for where to gather this reagent and then running this scene!
Cast of Characters: Staren, Kagenashi, Mandy Rose (Dropped), 579, Lyria Mason, 673, Pius Athanor, Hiei
Tinyplot: The Great Work

Pius Athanor has posed:
    MUSIC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lcn9-hBS2KE

    The time has come to collect the final reagent that Pius has requested for his Magnum Opus. And surely this final material will be far easier than slaying a dragon, battling reptilian cavern dwellers, harnessing a force of nature and persuading a little unicorn that you are indeed the tooth fairy?

    What's curious today though is that Pius himself has decided to come with the others for this trip to Hana's world. The alchemist is of poor health, and he looks even more tired today as he walks next to Diane, grasping his walking stick. His younger sister is far healthier, and she has assumed the duty of carrying the backpack with the necessary items for this trip. Luckily it doesn't look to be too heavy for the girl.

    Pius however sounds winded, as he sees fit to talk on the trip. And he just won't shut up as they walk further into the forest and past what appears to be cars. Many cars that have seen better days, that is.

    "-and since we have enough dragon blood to bind the iron and carbon it's been easy to grow the muscle tissue we need, and I have begun the crafting of the facial structures, though I can't really proceed until we get the venom, which is needed before I begin with the nerve system!" He takes a deep breath before he does his best to keep up with the group. It appears that the talk about restoring life has drifted off into how he has spent the last week juggling his Magnum Opus and his alchemist duties to the nearby village. "So I should be able to finish the main construction in about a week or two if everything goes as planned."

    Yet his younger sister comes to a halt, stopping and giving Pius a stern look. "Only if you skip sleeping again, you mean. You have to take care of yourself!" Her words are more than stern, they are reprimanding. Of course this makes the young man annoyed as he looks down his nose at her. "Nonsense, I am..." Wheeze. "... fine!"

Kagenashi has posed:
    "You have a strange concept of 'fine,' from the sound of things."

    The serene, female voice comes from just a bit above Pius, where a fox as black as night with five flowing tails is floating calmly, as if this were entirely normal. She seems to have simply manifested out of thin air right in the middle of their trip.

    Silver eyes flit from Pius to Diane, and Kagenashi floats down a little lower, swirling through the air as if she were swimming through water. "Well, try not to push yourself too far. As significant as this accomplishment is, and as excited as I am sure you are to see it through to its end and enjoy the results, allowing yourself some brief time to accept your human frailty and rest cannot be a terribly bad idea."

    Ears prick, and the nogitsune glances ahead again, floating along over the ground. She hasn't bothered to introduce herself yet, strangely enough. "So, how much further until we find this being we need to speak to?"

Mandy Rose (Dropped) has posed:
    Mandy has been sort of staring at Pius most of the journey - at least, when he's been ranting about his Magnum Opus. She's nodding, every now and then, even taking notes in a little notepad. With a pink pen. With a cat head at the end.

    Also the notepad has butterflies on it.

    She doesn't have either her Gastly or her cyborg cat with her today. She's got Hana with her! Obviously.

Staren has posed:
    Staren gives Pius a curious look. "The one you're working to revive is dead, right? It's not like she'll get any deader if you pace yourself. But she'll /stay/ that way if you work /yourself/ to death in the meantime." Tact, Staren has none! He walks through the... car forest? "What are cars doing here, anyway?" Staren is in his normal clothes today, since this is apparently a talking mission. He's got plenty of tricks up his sleeve if it goes south, anyway.

Rory White (673) has posed:
    None of this operation went how Rory expected, but if it ends up working? She's not going to complain. Although she does ask Pius while walking along, "What happened to our original plans, anyways? Testing the existing materials for heat resistance and conductivity never happened. Also... what purpose does the venom have in your theory?"

    She's come laden down with medical supplies this time. She's carrying a bad full of Nanobandages and injectable nanite-based anti-venoms and antidotes.

Hana (579) has posed:
    This is Hana's world, but that doesn't mean that Hana has any idea what they're walking into. The flower-covered creature waddles along with Hana, careful not to topple over or run into anything along the way through the underbrush and along the barely-trodden path that cuts through this region. She pays no attention to the cars, since she's already seen what the deal is with them and has no interest in examining them again.

    The cars, from the looks of them, have huge holes melted into the hoods, and looking inside the hoods indicate that the entire engine block was forcefully ripped out of them for whatever reason. Much of the connecting machinery is still present in all of the vehicles, and many of them leave sludge in the dirt around them from the oils and grease that poured out of them during the process... and the melted metals that the acid turned into awful, colorful goop.

    As they head further in, car parts are more evident, and there's a point where car wheels are hanging from a tree branch from a long chain like some sort of warning sign. 'Cars beware,' perhaps. In the distance, a large hut seemingly made of scrap metal sits with a large fur and leather tarp drawn over the top of it... held down by engine blocks, by the looks of it. It's set into a cavern in the side of a hill, and the entrance indicates that the hut is not where the signs of an intelligent monster end.

Lyria Mason has posed:
Lyria Mason is curious about thing now, but hey they are nearly at the end of their quest for this, right? So far Pius had remained on the level with them, right? Well so far as Lyria was aware of anywa so here she is waiting but converned a little bit for Pius.

Pius Athanor has posed:
    Pius coughs and raises his head up to glance at the strange black fox, and he has to blink twice in order to convince himself that his eyes are not playing tricks on him. It's easier to react to Staren, actually, he is far more familiar with him rather than the nogitsune. "Just because I am not the ideal picture of health doesn't mean that I can afford to ignore my work." Something Staren says does make the man pause though, and his expression looks rather grim all of a sudden. "Young man, that is exactly the dilemma we are facing. If we do not get things sorted out in time, we will lose our chance to restore her!" He reaches into the top of his shirt, pulling on a string to get the softly glowing amphora out from the safety of his clothes, and he looks tenderly at the small glass container. "Once an essence is lost, there is no way to retrieve it, young man. It's not like you can suddenly revive somebody from beyond that, that would be necromancy." Diane looks lost in thought as she considers her brother's words, though she doesn't say anything as she falls in step next to Staren.

    Next Pius turns his attention to Rory, as her question is easy to answer. "That is what we need the venom for, dear. The venom will allow us to test and prepare the mineral. The essence of lightning alone is not enough."

    The trek into the forest becomes far more interesting as they pass by more and more cars, and Pius seems to have received some new visor as he steps up and hurries over to one of the cars. "Ah, marvelous!" He sounds outright giddy, and he leans over, studying the damage. "This venom looks quite potent, just look at how ruined these metallic vehicles are!"

    He is practically panting and heaving as they head on towards the large hut, his eyes glimmering with hope! "Come... uh... on! Almost there!" Poor Diane can only shake her head, though she follows behind him as he hurries on to knock on the door!

Mandy Rose (Dropped) has posed:
    Mandy stares at the various cars and car-parts, once Pius seems to be done talking about anything she doesn't actually know already. Now and then she trots off to go inspect something. Isn't she training to be an alchemist? Why's she suddenly so interested in a machine like a car?

    And then they come to the hut. She stares. "...Is that hut being held down by -engines-? ... Is whoever built it worried about it blowing away? Why not just make it out of something heavier?"

Kagenashi has posed:
    Kagenashi only offers a soft, thoughtful sound in response to Pius's insistence. She's not really interested in arguing with him. In fact, she can't help but feel a little curious about the end result of all this, so if it /does/ kill him in the process...

    ...well, hopefully it'll all be worth it, then.

    The black fox gives a swish of her tails, then glides down to examine the damaged cars as they pass to assess the exact damage. It's a curiously potent venom, as Pius says; even Omukade doesn't simply dissolve metal, as far as Kagenashi knows.

    Once they reach the hut, Kagenashi simply alights on the ground, sitting upright and curling her tails around herself in silent observation.

Staren has posed:
    Staren frowns a bit as Pius explains his urgency. "Nevermind then, you're entirely right. Carry on. Is there any other way we can help?" He tilts his head slightly at Pius's comment about testing and preparing minerals. "Sometime you're going to have to explain this whole process to me, it sounds fascinating."

Rory White (673) has posed:
    "Something this potent... CAN be contained safely? What should we use? Glass? I have several metamaterial containers. How much is needed?" Rory's a bit overwhelmed by the show of incredibly corroded vehicles...

Lyria Mason has posed:
Lyria Mason says "Pius do you need any thing Pius if you do need help you just need to ask."

She forms up with everyone else she poinders about the venom as she has to agree.

"This is powerful enough for what we need I think but we need to watch for it effecting us."

She seems to be ready for trouble but she has to wonder abotu what might be the best way to contain this stuff.

Hana (579) has posed:
    The door to the hut swings open after it's knocked open, and it immediately becomes apparent that what they are dealing with is not the same thing as what Hana is, at least not in ferocity and size. When revealed, a creature about twelve feet tall, resembling a very, very large moth man, seems to emerge from the hut in a ponderous motion that suggests a certain boneless structure to its body. Six tattered moth-like wings fold around its carapace to hide much of its body, and several chitinous limbs twitch nervously underneath, with gangly fingers tipped with horrible dripping claws. Its head is not entirely bug-like, instead having a pair of large owl-like eyes under a pair of very large droopy antennae that wiggle as it smells the air for threats.
    The bug-like being stares down at the party, hunched so that they see a backdrop of the nearby branches behind its head. Its scarred face drips a yellow bile from its mouth, a mouth full of shark-like teeth that seem to be chipped and melted here and there, where the creature breathes through that mouth. An acrid smell billows from its maw.
    It stands between them and the hut, using one hand to shut the door behind it without looking at it, the metal clattering loudly. It watches them, the horrible and amazingly fluffy moth beast waiting for something from them. It turns its attention, after a second, to Hana, and hesitates with blatant and very readable, even human-like confusion when Hana waves at it.

    After regaining its composure, it says:

    "Krrrrr! What!? Whaaat what-what!?"

    It doesn't sound patient, and its voice is grating and scratchy.

Pius Athanor has posed:
    "I have no clue about why they built the hut like this, but does it really matter?" asks Pius. And he turns to look at Staren while he waits for a response at the door. "You can help me with my lab work if you wish, an extra pair of hands could be useful. Then I can explain the process and the circumstances if you are truly so curious about them."

    There's no need for Rory to wonder. Diane clears her throat and speaks up. "I have some special crystal containers with us that can hold the venom. Uh, I think we need a few bottles of it. Not large ones, but still a bit!"

    They wait, and when the door opens Pius and Diane both stare in shock and horror at the large monster that reveals itself. Just what is that thing?!

    Diane tilts her head back, her mouth open as she outright gapes, her fists tightening their hold on the shoulder straps of her backpack. Pius likewise cranes his neck, his dark eyes wide in surprise and curiosity, though he doesn't appear to be afraid, at least. No, this monster is not like Hana at all. Yet Pius does notice the yellow bile dripping, and immediately his focus is on that, on a possible solution for his difficulties in his research and work. And that seems to knock him out of his silent shock. The moth man might turn to Hana, but he speaks up after coughing once. "Good day, my good... monster! I was wondering if you are the one responsible for the damage to these metal carriages in the vicinity? If so, could we possibly bother you for a sample of your venom?"

    At least he is asking nicely, right?

Staren has posed:
    Staren tilts his head at Pius. "You're reviving the dead. Who /wouldn't/ be curious?"

    Moth monster! Staren lifts his bandana to cover his face at the smell, then has a thought and pulls his goggles over his eyes. You know, in case it spits when it talks.

    Staren doesn't have much to go on. What does the moth want? Who knows? So he lets Pius do the talking.

    He does add a sincere, "Please?" after Pius's words, though.

Mandy Rose (Dropped) has posed:
    "I'm honestly more interested in his other work," Mandy answers Staren. Staren, at least, might understand why she wouldn't be so interested in raising the dead.

    She doesn't actually appear to be completely blindsided by Moth Man. She is a little surprised it's not a small blob like Hana is, but otherwise, his appearance just... doesn't seem to bother her that much. "Maybe we can offer something in return?"

Kagenashi has posed:
    The moth man's appearance doesn't seem to bother Kagenashi. She's dealt enough with horrible monsters that this one just earns her steady, silver-eyed stare. It's confused and agitated, that much she can gather, but now they just need to figure out how to deal with it.

    Kagenashi decides for the direct approach, as she pads up to the door and takes a seat in front of the moth man, tails slowly swaying side to side. Her head lifts to look up at the creature, and she offers an addendum to Pius's own request. "Purely out of interest, really. It would hardly cause you any harm, I imagine, and we would be out of your territory as soon as it is provided. Of course, if needed, I am certain we could arrange an exchange if you would rather not go uncompensated for your venom."

Rory White (673) has posed:
    A big moth monster gets Rory excited. She's taking recordings of EVERYTHING for her XP logging endeavors! But for now remains quiet. Instead she's content to take measurements from afar about the stranger they've encountered and be ready in case things get weird. because they usually do.

    Over the Mesh she snds a message to Staren. <Do you think Mr. Athanor's attempts will work?>

Staren has posed:
�Insufficient data.� comes Staren's reply. �I know next to nothing about his situation or the process he's using. I've never gotten a chance to talk with him.�

Lyria Mason has posed:
Lyria Mason is more concerned about getting the stuff back to the lab without them ending up puddles of goo. It seems Pius has a means to contain the goo however. So they are goo right? She seems to be trying to keep her focus now as they see the monster and they attempt to talk to it? Right well maybe they can get htis without a fight she make no drive for her weapons, she'll wait to see how this plays out.

Hana (579) has posed:
    Maybe one or two of them react predictably, but the others seem to be here to talk. The Moth Man makes a very pronounced frowning expression, encountering something strange and new really isn't something he wanted to do today. He rustles his moth wings threateningly at Pius, his approach and question causing some unhappiness. Staren defuses that by saying 'Please,' prompting a softening of the creature's face, his gaze scanning the group.

    Mandy's offer snags a look, and Kagenashi's elaboration and direct approach displays a kind of honesty the monster apparently respects, by the impressed look to it. It soon folds up its spindly legs to be shorter for them all to speak to and its wings unfurl into something like a cape. The 'lining' of the cape is a rainbow of iridescent colors.

    "Need foodsss yes, bring foods lots of foods and will give all the venom you want," the moth man tells the group, his voice having taken a more hushed, but energetic and clicky tone, "Agreeable? Deal? Yellowmoth makes good deals. Bring food."

    It unfolds a narrow bug arm to point a long finger toward Hana, "Why morsel with you?" it wonders, its broken English accented with a building, wary curiosity. 'Morsel' is said in a monster language way, implying 'child' or 'youth.' It translates oddly, but that's the intent.

Staren has posed:
    Staren smiles when the 'please' seems to soften the Moth up a bit. He shrugs at the offer. "Perhaps. What do you eat?"

Hiei has posed:
Why Hiei just arrived is nobody's business. He certainly wasn't sleeping or anything!

He suddenly just sort of -appears- as he often does, in a burst of speed that appears to be more like teleportation. He's standing directly in front of Pius and Diane, arms at his sides, staring up at the moth man in complete boredom. "My sword is broken, but that shouldn't be a problem." he says almost indifferently.

Pius Athanor has posed:
    Hey, why is the moth monster frowning? He made a rather understandable request, right? It's only venom! It's not like he told it to just hand over the venom, right?

    If only Pius was as brilliant in social interaction as he is in alchemy.

    Diane visibly winces at her brother's lack of tact, and she looks a bit timid as she speaks up. "Sorry, my brother, he... is excited, Sir," she apologises as best as she can. Though she does look hopeful too as the moth man crouches a bit for them. And when it states its terms she nearly smiles. "Oh yes, that is very agreeable!" she is quick to say. Though Pius himself blinks. "What do you eat then?" Cars? Something else? Because Pius has no clue where they are going to get cars!

    The question regarding Hana though is something else, and Diane smiles brightly. "Hana is our friend!" she says with hesitation. Yet she can't help but let out a surprised gasp when Hiei is suddenly there. Pius doesn't seem surprised, and he reaches out to pat Hiei on the shoulder. "Ah, perfect. We are helping this gentlem-- gentle monster with acquiring some food, so I do not think your sword will be needed today."

Kagenashi has posed:
    "Yes, I believe that is as good a deal as we can manage," Kagenashi replies, nodding politely. "Simply tell us what you require, and we will obtain it. I trust you will offer venom in proportion to whatever we bring you?"

    Hiei's sudden appearance draws the black fox's attention next. She says nothing, but sighs inwardly; hopefully this isn't going to completely ruin their chances of diplomacy. She remembers the last time Hiei was at work all too well, and while the situation /did/ call for that, she can't help her own concern on the subject.

Mandy Rose (Dropped) has posed:
    Mandy jumps a bit as Hiei suddenly appears in that way he does. "Why are you even here," she says in a manner that... isn't qutie actually a question. More resignation than anything.

    When 'Yellowmoth' calls Hana a morsal, Mandy instinctively reaches down to pick Hana up and take a few steps back. Because, well. He was talking about -food- just a few moments ago. "Hana is my monster," she says, evenly.

Hiei has posed:
"Because I want to see this man's tragic and ironic end, therefore I'm helping him." Hiei casually points back at Pius without actually looking at him, then he reaches up to pull the white band from his head. The large, purple eye slides open, and he says, "Whatever he eats, I'll try to find it with my Jagan. So, I'm listening."

Pius Athanor has posed:
    Hiei's strange words bring forth a reaction from both Pius and Diane, and Pius suddenly looks rather offended down at Hiei. "I beg your pardon?!" Tragic and ironic end, what is he talking about? "It's bad enough when Staren suggests I am working myself to death, and now you blabber such foolish nonsense? Clearly you have not been paying attention to what I'm doing, you young fool!" The girl however just stares at Hiei in hurt surprise. "How could you say such things...?"

Staren has posed:
    Oh it's Hiei. So this is that guy? Staren considers trying to kill him right now... Nah, that'd be rude to Pius. Also, seriously, going after Hiei, he kind of needs to be bringing his A game. No, his SSS+ game. "Ignore him." Staren replies to Pius. "I retracted my objection."

Hana (579) has posed:
    Hana burbles loudly when she's picked up by Mandy, but doesn't resist. The hold causes a look of uncertainty from Yellowmoth, who looks around the group with lidded eyes. Hiei's presence here prompts what looks like a frown, especially as he seems to make a callous remark about one of his companions. For some reason, that also offends the monster, the creature's bug-like fuzz floofing up.

    Yellowmoth chooses to ignore the behavior. "Food. Humans eat the same. Fruit, yes, bread, yes, meat, yes..." It chitters thoughtfully.

    "Bring a big box. Like box..." He reaches over to pick up a dented metal trash can to show it to them, evidently not aware of what the trash can is actually used for. "Food." Apparently they eat trash without an issue.

    Another creature pokes its head out through the door. It's another bug-like monster, but only about four feet tall. It sloooowly sticks its head around the door, the fluffy creature being a combination of chitin and fuzz but not quite moth-like. A few eyes peer through the crack, too, and a tentacle wiggles between the door frame as an apparent third monster presses a large red eye, the creatures fascinated by the sight.

    Yellowmoth hasn't noticed. He's more concerned with the group in front of him.

Rory White (673) has posed:
    With others being so weird and negative, is it any wonder Rory doesn't really talk much? Some of the peopel here are creeping her out...

    <Success will be very promising though! I'm excited to see if this works! ... At the same time, the tale of Frankenstein's Monster comes to mind.>

    Yeah, let's hope THAT doesn't happen.

Mandy Rose (Dropped) has posed:
    "Because he's a terrible person," Mandy says to Diane, quietly, while fussing over Hana's leaves. Seemingly trying to distract herself from Hiei?

    As the two smaller monsters make their presence known, she breaks into a little smile. "Aww. There's more of them. Hello!" she says, brightly, to the two monsters in the hut!

Kagenashi has posed:
    Calmly, Kagenashi floats up to hover in front of Hiei, looking him in the eye where she stops. Whether Hiei will actually listen to the serene voice coming from a floating black fox is up for debate, but the nogitsune speaks anyway, head slightly cocked and ears perked. "You should avoid offending the people you are trying to help. Even if it is truthful. We want this to go smoothly as possible, after all, do we not?"

    With that, Kagenashi turns around in midair, looking right at Yellowmoth. "This should be simple enough, then. I appreciate that you are not picky about what you choose to eat. Though..." A pause, and a silver-eyed glance to the new faces that are peering out from the doorway. "...I suppose with many more mouths to feed, your options grow wider. Still, it should not be a problem to fill something that large."

Hiei has posed:
"Bringing the dead back to life is unnatural. I'm sure some worlds differ, but most have no idea if they do or not. Bringing the dead back to life is possible with the right magical object, or perhaps all powerful being's approval. But what happens when a single mortal man tries to subvert the laws set down by those who rule over death, who enforce the laws of such things?" Hiei asks, finally turning around to face the two.

His large, purple, unmoving eye completely and utterly different from the two that actually focus on them. "Why do you think there are so many stories of humans failing to do such things or horrible consequences? Simple miscalculations? Perhaps. Or perhaps it's the powers that be saying 'No'."

He smiles, turning his gaze back to the moth. "Of course, I will help you in every way that I can. If you can succeed without an ironic twist, I'll acknowledge your abilities and aid you in your future endeavours. Consider it an apology."

He finally listens to the monster, then stares up for a while, trying to find, well, trash.

Lyria Mason has posed:
Lyria Mason is now peering at the monster she's not making a hostile move yet. THe terms humm get a bit of an eyebrow raised.

"Okay so we get it a meal and we don't need to worry about fighting? I can live with that."

She looks over at Hiei, she's just got this look on her face for a moment and she thinks better of it. She now thinks for a moment. Just what should they get it? So trash really? Well this seems to not be an issue right?

Pius Athanor has posed:
    "This is not the time nor the place," Pius hisses at Hiei as he seems to think they are here to discuss ethics rather than focus on getting the final reagent. "Come by the mansion tomorrow if you want to talk, but now we are getting food for this monster and his family!" He then takes Staren's advice and turns away from Hiei, making it clear he is ignoring him.

    Diane waves carefully at the two monsters with a soft smile on her face, and she even leans down a little. Hello there! Like Mandy she too is charmed by the small things, and if they need food too, then she has no problems with getting a large trash can filled!

    "Ummm, perhaps we should get them a little bit of everything...?" she suggests carefully. Then she turns to Hana. "Do you know where we can easily get food around here?" Anybody else know? They are many people, so carrying it all won't be a huge problem, now will it?

Staren has posed:
    Staren inwardly awws, look, a mothkid! So, they just need regular human food? Staren nods, "No problem! We can do that!" Staren smiles, but as he considers how to get it, he looks at Hiei and tilts his head. "If you have a problem with this man's mission, then leave. You don't have to help him."

    Staren frowns more as Hiei goes on. "What happens is what happens. Those are /stories/, and a lot of people do it /wrong/ so it doesn't work. Would /I/ be immortal if it couldn't be done?"

Hana (579) has posed:
    The Moth Man startles when the party notices the monsterlings. He turns about and pulls the door wide open and bellows a screech at the little monsters, who shrink back like children being yelled at by their father for nearly shoving a fork into an electrical outlet. They scurry away and deep into the caverns the hut is built into, then the moth shuts the door firmly and turns to look back at the group, back to being twitchy and paranoid about all of them. But they're all very gungho about helping out, so it begrudgingly nods.
    It hands the trash can to the nearest person, unless they decide they really prefer to retrieve the food themselves.

    Hana, who had been otherwise silent up until then, makes a strange burbling noise of fascination at the interaction the moth man had with the younger monsters. The Moth Man keeps looking at her, baffled by the interaction that Hana has with her, an apparent human. He keeps frowning at it, like the sight of it bothers him, but makes no verbal complaint about it. He doesn't seem to trust Mandy, but Mandy seems to make Hana happy, so...

    The Moth Man says, "Hurry hurry. Hungry, all hungry," urging with all four of its larger arms to shoo them to retrieve food. It doesn't really care from where, but it's not about to give them any venom until they get the requested supplies.

Mandy Rose (Dropped) has posed:
    Mandy continues to cuddle and fuss over Hana, getting her leaves all straightened out and wiping some of the sappy drool (drooly sap?) from her mouth with a handkerchief. She sits down on the floor - apparently, she doesn't think she'll be that much help in finding the food.

    Instead, she speaks to Moth Man! "...So you and Hana are... the same species? Or are you different but related species, like Pokemon...? I, um. Honestly don't know anything about Hana's origins, really." Also it's a good chance to get the lowdown on her pet shrub.

Lyria Mason has posed:
Lyria Mason did pack food for herself she could offer that but it's not enough she wants to give this creature a good amount of food in excahnge for what they have asked. She wants to make this deal fair as it's rare for her to run into a creature like this that isn't just well a mindless thing likje most monsters are in her world but this thing was willing to talk and work out a deal withou very resonable terms. So she's going to accep the trash can and get to work.

"Thanks, we'll get to it."

She's going to now head off to go get 'the food' well it's trash to them but its legitly food to the mothman right?"

Hiei has posed:
"I could care less about right and wrong. If he can subvert the rules of reality by sheer audacity, I want him as an ally. If he can't, then I will simply be amused." Hiei states quite bluntly, having no actual issue with what they're doing. Though he does seem to frown in disappointment after he seems to stop looking as if he's searching off into space "Finding trash seems like it will be difficult, I don't see any anywhere near here for at least twenty miles. Anyone else have ideas?"

There's a pause, and he closes his eyes, the two that aren't creepy. The third one stays open. "I apologize if I gave the appearance of ethics. I'm here to help, despite my honesty about my motives. After all, I didn't immediately try to kill him just now." he says as he points to Staren. "You're welcome."

Staren has posed:
    Staren nods to the mothman, then turns towards Pius. "So, know any places that sell food in bulk cheap?" Seriously, they all have elite budgets. Buying enough food to feed the mothfamily can't be that big a deal, right? Besides, it might not even cost that much.

    <<Do you think we should give him a food fabber?>> he asks Rory over the mesh.

    Staren looks at Hiei. "I see. Well, I like your honesty, but you're still super-dangerous to have, well, existing. I kinda want to kill you too, but you're really fast, and if we fought here, neither of us could be trusted to go on missions like this, and I /do/ honestly want to help him." Beat. "I am /all about/ subverting the rules of reality. For the right reasons, anyway. Ask anybody."

Pius Athanor has posed:
    Okay, anything to eat, really... Diane considers this and looks around. "Uh, why don't some of us go looking for berries, mushrooms and fruit in the forest here?" she suggests to the others. "Can some of you hunt, maybe? I don't think there is a market anywhere close..." Reluctantly she turns to Hiei. "Can you see anywhere nearby where we could get food easily? If not we might have to scour the area." Which might take time. Though she doesn't think Pius will be able to go too far either.

    Luckily he agrees with his sister, nodding in approval. "If we split up we could probably get more food quickly and get the venom back before it gets too late!"

Kagenashi has posed:
    "I can hunt, easily," Kagenashi replies, glancing down to Diane. "Assuming there is any life here that others would not mind soon being dead. It will only be a matter of time."

    A light nod is given before the nogitsune looks around at the others. "Let us split up, then, and as we obtain food, we may deposit it in the bin. It should fill up swiftly that way."

Hiei has posed:
"I can hunt. I'd rather have my sword to do so, but I'm sure I'll manage." Hiei says as he stares off into nowhere, trying to search for living creatures now, -large- ones. The search is visual, and he has nothing to go on, so he's primarily looking at random nearby areas, trying to find something that looks delicious. He's hunting, but without actually moving from where he stands yet

To Hiei that would be most large things that move.

He looks to Staren, then just sort of laughs a little. "The ironic thing is that this would be an opportune time to try to kill me, due to lacking my weapon of choice."

Staren has posed:
    Staren eyes Hiei, looking him up and down. "I am also lacking my weapon of choice. I'm betting your body is stronger than mine."

Pius Athanor has posed:
    With a few of them hunting, Pius looks at his sister. "Leave the backpack here, and let's see if we can find some edible herbs and berries." "Yeah." They know a lot more about plants, so maybe they will luck out?

Hana (579) has posed:
    The hunting and searching doesn't take long, because they find some manner of hidden grove full of berry bushes and what looks like an enormous stag covered in white fur with a mystical, glowing presence. The stag looks at Lyria, who would be the one who stumbled across it. Kagenashi is soon behind her, and they both can tell from looking at this creature: If they hunt it, it's a blessing on the forest and on whoever eats its meat.

    Looks like the monsters are going to be well-fed... If they act quickly. The stag looks like it's about to flee.

Kagenashi has posed:
    Upon going out, Kagenashi has already prepared. The floating, five-tailed black fox keeps the tip of every tail alight with a greenish-blue orb of fox fire, and this, really, is all she needs. When she finds the massive stag, she immediately freezes, staring up at it with her own gleaming silver eyes and flattening her ears on her head.

    A quick glance is given to Lyria, just long enough to signal that they should make their move before it flees. And then Kagenashi's on the attack.

    Every orb of fox fire on her tails suddenly flashes forward as a ghostly bolt of lightning, cracking through the air to strike at the stag's head within seconds of one another. Five powerful bolts, each aimed to kill, or at least stun the beast while Lyria finishes it off.

Pius Athanor has posed:
    Meanwhile, out in the forest...

    "What about this one?"

    Pius glances up at Diane's question, and then he frowns. "No, look at the edges of those leaves! Three points, not four! The monster would surely not like that!" he huffs, then returns to checking the berry bush again, even though it seems to have been plucked clean already. There's hardly any food in this forest, is there? Diane sighs and peers down at the herbs she found, then tosses them aside with a slight pout before she resumes her search.

Lyria Mason has posed:
Lyria Mason :gets the signal from Kagenashi and moves in to go after thier prey. She means no ill will and everyone's got to eat right? The fish eat her remains someday, so it's all fair right? She's now moving to go for her weapon and she pulls the pistol to fire off several shots which should hopefully make use of the setup she's been given by Kagenashi. She is trying for a quick kill as she doesn't wnat the creature to suffer, right?

Hana (579) has posed:
    The stag rears back, startled and bellowing when struck in the face!! The mighty creature shakes his antlered head, but he gets shot square in the chest several times before he can correct himself. What they see... is the stag breaks open as if it's made of bramble, and the stag explodes in a shower of light and energy. The purpose for hunting it means that the forest suddenly alights with white energy, the otherwise sparse wilds soon blossoming with food and water that wasn't there before.

    It's magical and spreads out like a shockwave throughout the region. It'll be temporary, sure, but it's clear that it'll solve the food problem for a good while. That was the bounty of this Hunt.

Hiei has posed:
Hiei was about to go help with the stag, then raises an eyebrow when he realizes what's just happened. He grumps and sighs a bit, then stares at the moth man. "Do I need to collect this food?"

Hana (579) has posed:
    The Moth Man, startled by the change in the forest, gives an emphatic shrug toward Hiei. "This works. Give venom, yes," he tells Hiei. Yellowmoth heads into the hut, and goes to retrieve something... and returns with what looks like a jar sealed with a wax-like substance, full of the yellow venom that seems to drip from the moth beast's mouth.
    "Food for venom," he repeats, while he waits for someone to retrieve the venom.

Hiei has posed:
Hiei grunts, then immediately darts into the forest, beginning to gather any food that looks, well, large. He wraps it in large leaves to carry it easier, and is sure to only choose the -best- things. Not that anything that would eat from trash would be offended by rotting fruit, it's good to be sure...

Kagenashi has posed:
    Kagenashi seems curious, at first, once the the stag simply /explodes/ rather than dying. Interesting. Even more interesting is the sudden explosion of /life/ that follows. Well, that certainly takes care of their food problem, doesn't it?

    Kagenashi looks around at the resulting bloom, then nods in satisfaction. "Good," she remarks to Lyria. "Now gather that and bring it to our friend. This should be more than enough to take care of our arrangement, I believe."

    Is Kagenashi going to help? Psh, of course not. The fox simply floats off, heading back to Yellowmoth to make sure the transaction goes as planned.

Pius Athanor has posed:
    It's certainly curious when a forest suddenly is brimming with food, and the Athanor siblings soon enough hurry back to the hut with lots of berries and herbs. Diane has opted to use the skirt of her dress, holding the hem of it up as a makeshift basket as she walks up to the hut, and Pius has his arms full of fruit. They arrive just in time to see the moth man return with the jar of venom, and Pius looks overjoyed. "Aaah, excellent! Thank you, my good monster!" He even deposits the gathered fruit into the trash can, then helps Diane empty her large edible bounty into it as well. "Bon appetite, I hope you and your little ones will do well," Diane smiles, looking genuinely happy about this trade. It's a good one, and it all went by so peacefully too!

    Pius reaches out and takes the jar, then turns to the others with a big smile. "Thank you all for the help!"

    All the reagents have been gathered, and it's smooth sailing from here.

Lyria Mason has posed:
Lyria Mason was not expecting something like this the forest comes back to life and not only would this help Hana and the mothman? It would help any other people be they monsters or otherwise that lives in this region. She looks to Kagenashi.

"That was un expected."

She'll return at this point with what she can find along the way and it seems to acceptable to the Mothman so al ends well.