4624/Mission 0: Yo Ro Shi Ku

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Mission 0: Yo Ro Shi Ku
Date of Scene: 01 October 2016
Location: Tokyo-52605 <NXC>
Synopsis: It's been over a year and a half since Tokyo-52605 Unified, and Ouma is finally reaching out to the Confederacy. An invitation has been sent by Ouma; in response, a number of Confederate representatives have gone to a meeting of Ouma's members, to make introductions and work out the beginnings of a working relationship ...
Cast of Characters: 707, 1041, 127, 691, 977, Wo, 11
Tinyplot: Restoration of the Killing Stone

Xiaomu (707) has posed:
By now, Tokyo-52605 is probably at least a known factor to the Confederacy - the 'home field' of a Japanese government agency called Shinra, and the city where a couple of Shinra agents (and Union Elites) are based. Whether the Confederacy expected an open invitation from a group opposed to Shinra, though - that's another question entirely. But one which is being answered.

There was a specific warpgate mentioned in the invitation - one which Shinra hasn't been able to start monitoring, yet, for whatever reason. There were guides, some looking mostly human (except for stray features like a horn or two on the forehead, a 'bald spot' that looks like it holds a pool of water), others less so (such as the woman whose neck is as long and sinuous as any snake's). And there are guards: a couple of feral-looking catgirls at one sewer-tunnel intersection, an oni at least twice human height with a cudgel like a telephone pole where you come out above ground, and a woman who might be utterly gorgeous behind that surgical mask who leans against the wall next to a warehouse door.

Inside the warehouse is something of a who's-who and what's-what of legend, myth, and folklore ... and not all of it is Japanese. The outsiders are given various looks - sometimes suspicious, but never outright hostile ... unless one of the visitors drops a reason for any of their 'hosts' to *be* hostile.

Adele Rozenbach (1041) has posed:
Adele had other things to do, but never let it be said she doesn't aid the confederacy. Tonight's Gargoyle is Alexander, a tiny little man with two faces melded together at the single, wide mouth, growing away from eachother sideways, until the head splits right below the ears. That overly wide mouth has multiple rows of sharpened shark-like teeth, and poison drips from every single tooth.

His entire body is clad in bone plates, with each of those plats covered in spikes. His left arm has large pincers, like those of a crab, and his right arm ends in a tentacle like a squid, ending in an oblong extremity covered in some kind of gluey substance.

His tail is is long and reaches over beyond his shoulder, if stretched out it can easily reach four or five feet in front of him. The tip of that tail is a large opening, lined with teeth like the mouth of a lamprey. Alexander is quietly present.

Kirikou (127) has posed:
    Perhaps not the best representation of Confederate badassery, Kirikou himself looks almost suitably thuggish. Black-skinned and with hair in cornrows, wearing some bling, he looks like someone with gang or at least hip-hop influence. And while he's fairly tall for his age and built roughly like a quarterback, his glasses don't exactly fit the hardcore ganger image. Neither do the two kids who trail him. While Kirikou's around 16 years or so old, the two kids behind him are perhaps half that. Where he's decked out in bling and sneers, they're dressed in OshKosh and scowls. To be fair, they DO look like they're able to look after themselves in a fighty sort of way. They have that confidence and attitude that suggests they've seen a number of battles if not murders. Kirikou's instructed them, before they came through, to have their game faces on and not to let down the side.

    Still, the trio are almost perfectly mundane-looking. No obvious weapons, no inhuman features. They're travelling incognito so as to not attract undue attention, at least theoretically. They give little reaction to the guides. Well, Kirikou doesn't at least. The Twins do occasionally crack their grim facade. They're more likely to do that for things that are cute than for things that are scary though. And ... well, for them, cute might well be a fluffy pile of sewer rats. Kirikou himself only reacts to the catgirls, and that with a scowl. The snake-necked woman gets only a studied nonchalance. The woman behind the mask gets more of an outright study. Whether that's because he's trying to evaluate the purpose of such an out-of-place person here or simply because he's checking out a potentially gorgeous woman, well, he's not about to say. He's a teenager and a badass professional killer. Either is well within possibility.

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
Yari is here! So much as she believes in her Confederate human allies (and secretly, several Union ones), she always feels slightly more at home amongst non-humans. Thus, she's come dressed in a simple cheongsam in a midnight blue, with her hair done up in a bun. She has a kunai to hold it in place. Also just in case their 'hosts' prove treacherous.

Her tail and horns in full view, she'll bow to the guides and guards as they pass by into the warehouse. She stays just behind her fellow Confederates, silently, ready to act in case of treachery. Sparking up her black and red pipe, her eye scans those gathered.

Kirikou /does/ get an elbow to the side and a shake of the head as he scowls at the catgirls. /Behave/, Kiri! Be more like your two kid-Weapons!

Ixqor Nathrach (977) has posed:
Having emerged from the designated warpgate, Ixqor removed the helm from his head and inhaled deeply. He could almost taste the palpable energies that surrounded this would be lair of monsters and men. Magic and sorcery was abounding, so much so he might mistake this place for a cults gathering place. Never the less he was not here to enjoy the titilating energies that washed over his psychically gifted body. There was work to be done, and so he strode forth with the rest of the called elites. Were they for the most part human, or human sized, he would tower over them, standing at nearly seven foot eight while wearing his armor, and being wide enough wearing it to take up a small doorway. His face was palid, to the point where he looked dead, or near it, but his eyes burned a bright hazel, and his almost cocky smile told a very different story. He was very much alive, especially in a den of supposed sin like this.

     His eyes wandered to teh various creatures that they passed by. All appeared to be mutated to him, once human, now gifted by some fantastical, indescribable energies. He knew they were not gifted by his gods, but they would be revered as such for their 'enhancements'. He gave them curt waves or nods, striding confidently through the doorway to the warehouse. As they came to halt in the warehouse, Ixqor looked at the other Elites. A frail looking man, of signifgantly smaller stature with two faces, and a long tail. Surely HE was extremely revered by his gods, if he had any. Though Ixqor could not tell, this little man appeared capable enough, perhaps a sorcerer liek him, or a demagouge, so he decided to ask instead of guessing.

     "Well met, scion. Who or what brings you here, gifted one?" He sensed no psychic powers about the small creature, but it was likely worth study regardless. His eyes idly looked to the teenage boy and his lackies then. This was no place for children, though, they seemed to be armed and ready to kill. His stomach lurched and he blinked a few times, keeping cool though. Their pressence made him uncomfortable and he wasn't sure why. He though to himself again. 'This is no place for children'. Another came, a reptilian woman, one taht appears to have some manners about her, judging by the bowing. And something more, magical potential. His psyche was beginning to grow accustomed to sensing the magic of other planes, though he coudl hardly tell how capable she was. No matter. Any magical capability is extremely useful in his eyes, even if it is only of use to the daemon within his sword to feed upon. Speaking of that blade, it hung by his waist, sheethed, with teh star of chaos shinning like a microscopic star. It was alluring to look at, but almost terrifying in some aspects. Having checked out the party that had assembled so far, Ixqor patiently waited for the representatives of this shadowy clan to show themselves, and present their offer.

Wo has posed:
As they would be traveling through less obvious channels, the Wo-class aircraft carrier did not bother with attempting to conceal her less human features. Despite this, she scarcely imagined they would be travelling through the city's drainage system, and yet here they are. Any uncertain or analytic looks to her appearance are essentially ignored, as she's used to them by now from Boston, even though these are different sets of eyes, with very different ideals. Despite that, though, especially that surgical masked woman -- there's a familiar, almost nostalgic feeling about this whole set of affairs. She's more than used to hanging out with personified secrets the world was never meant to see.

    She walks patiently, along with the other visiting Elites, stopping only for a moment when her enormous, bulbous creature that she wears for a hat bumps into a low-hanging bit of pipe and is knocked off her head. While the vent ducts on it almost seem to be ready to cry, if they had the capability, it seems to fare better once her gloved hands retrieve it and buff out the scratches to its exterior. All better.

    The warehouse is an interesting, if not unexpected, venue. You might think that visiting dignitaries might at least warrant a hotel, but from the details of the dispatch, it seems that these may be the disadvantaged sort of opposition fighters. It's on their turf, as well, so for the time being, while her cyan blue eyes sweep those gathered, and those like her that are still gathering, she will merely wait her turn and allow them to speak first.

Metal Man (11) has posed:
Metal Man :Was curious to see what the locals had to offer and so he was here. Metal Man had most of his combat armour removed so he didn't draw too much attention given how many blades his form was normally covered in? Would certainly get attention. What he does know there's a hell of alot of myhtical beings here but hey he seems to not be looking for a fight.

"So quite the assortment of people here...tonight."

Xiaomu (707) has posed:
The 'Gargoyle' Alexander draws a few curious looks upon reaching the warehouse; however, nobody asks any questions. He might feel like he kind of blends in, given what a few of the spectres look like.

Kirikou and Metal Man don't seem to draw any particular reactions; neither does Wo, although the woman with the surgical mask seems to look her over with some degree of interest. There are a couple of oni who grunt a cursory greeting - a simple 'Well met' from one, an even simpler 'Hey' from another - to Ixqor, and might be weighing the chance to challenge him to a throwdown later.

Once the Confederates have arrived, though, there's a loud thump from a dais or low stage near one end of the warehouse - or more accurately, a *THWACK* of a staff's end hammering on the wooden surface - and the various youkai quiet down, their attention migrating towards the figure who occupies the stage: seemingly human, but with dark-feathered wings folded behind his shoulders, and a nose long enough to inspire jokes .... albeit to the swiftly-ensuing regret of the jokester, given the smoldering heat in the eyes above that elongated nose.

"Brothers and sisters of the shadows," the tengu begins, "we are gathered tonight for two matters - reasons to rejoice, if all goes well. Firstly, I present to you -"

He raises his staff, plain wood that it is, and gestures across the space occupied by the Confederates; the surrounding youkai clear away a bit so that the Confederate Elites have some space to themselves: space to be seen in.

"- at last, the proof that the walls have begun to crumble," continues the tengu without missing a beat. "Honored guests from the Confederacy, I welcome you in my own name - the name of Lord Sutoku, imperial arch-tengu - and in the name of Ouma. It pleases us all that you have answered our invitation; may this meeting be the start of a long and valuable alliance."

Quiet applause rises from around the Confederates; Sutoku actually joins in the clapping, if briefly. There's an expectant pause when the applause fades, as if seeing how their guests will react to that introduction - whether they'll introduce themselves, ask questions, or whatever.

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
Yari immediately dips into a bow as introductions are made. It's low and very appropriate for a pseudo-japanese setting. She's /definitely/ feeling like home, here.

"Glory and honor, Lord Sutoku!" From a bow to a sharp, militaristic salute. The ninja stands at attention. "Ensign Yari Takane, Confederate special forces, Sir. We are honored by your gracious invitation to meet with you, and your allies." She begins, before nodding slightly as the applause fades.

"I must ask, however. You and the Ouma are an unknown entity to us. Who, or what, is the Ouma? What are your goals in regards to Shinra?" She starts off, tail flicking.

Adele Rozenbach (1041) has posed:
Alexander bows to Ixqor, "I follow the commands of the Princess, who has an interest in this operation." He says with little emotion, and leaves it at that for now. Until, at least, more have come and then the Tengu speaks. When it's done, the Gargoyle takes a mild step forward.

"I am Alexander, loyal servant of her Serene Highness, Princess Adele von und zu Rozenbach. My mistress has decreed that I aid you, and therefor my aid is yours." He steps back and lets that be his introduction, bowing once when he's back in his original position.

Kirikou (127) has posed:
    Startled, Kirikou grins sheepishly down at Yari, abruptly showing his youth. It's a surprisingly boyish smile and while it shows sheepishness it's utterly lacking in the cynicism or mockery more usual for violent killers. Yari caught him off-guard while he was letting certain associations get the better of him, and he deserved to be 'reminded'. Besides, Yari's kind of hot, especially in that kimono, and more importantly Kirikou's never had a reason to mislike her.

    He behaves himself, at least other than the called-out moment with the cats. The irony, of course, is that he's doing pretty much the opposite of his common role back home. Powerful Meisters like him are expected to go out, hunt down and kill witches who threaten the peace with their unnatural and dangerous powers. Here he is today, considering helping these magical beings against their oppressors and killers.

    This does seem to be Kirikou's sort of thing however, despite his originally-cast role. Even on his own world he'd been generally sympathetic if not outright friendly to the dangerous half-animalistic outcasts, even as he hunted down the ones that got out of line. This Shinra though, it sounds like bad business. Overzealous enforcement, fighting these people just because they're different. He doesn't mind at all delivering the smackdown to them, /especially/ if they're pretending to be the good guys here. It's the sort of thing he vastly prefers to, say, helping fellow Confederates enrich themselves through criminal behavior.

    Kirikou's reaction to the speech is a studied, careful one. He doesn't really want to cause offense here, not with potential new allies, and he does appreciate their position here. So he's polite, returning bows with a nod of the head and less-formal greetings with a wave or a slight smile. He's not into the whole Japanese bow sort of thing, though he knows of it and can appreciate the respect and return it under other circumstances.

    The twins however have little sense of decorum, and apparently little understanding of what's going on. As the gathered youkai applaud, the two begin to clap loudly and fiercely as well in perfect, eerie synchronicity. They don't say anything of course, but their applause itself is loud. Kirikou gives them a look intended to quiet them, but his rueful smile make that censure ineffective. They only stop when the rest of the room stops, turning to look at each other with broad self-satisfied smiles.

    Kirikou himself doesn't speak up, content to let Yari do the talking for now. He's diplomatic enough, but sometimes it's easier playing the brooding Heavy. He pays attention though. Her question's a good one, and one that's pretty dear to his current interests.

Wo has posed:
Whether as a measure of respect, or because of the already limited space, Wo does remove her hat again, this time holding it under her arm as one might any normal cover. Except this one is quite large, so it's basically trading horizontal space for vertical. The sometimes whimsical features of their youkai hosts does not bother her, though it does get some curious looks. Especially the one that appears to be their leader. She had certainly heard of what a tengu was, since it has been some time since her own world's unification, and the features certainly fit, if almost stereotypically so.

    Yari, a woman with which the human-form carrier is familiar from various dealings in the past, is the first to speak up from their camp. A proper officer of the Confederacy, now, it's quite fitting that she would take those first diplomatic steps. Leaning slightly on her command staff, which looks more like a vaguely cane-shaped shank of weathered steel, with her free hand, she'll take her time in mustering her own energy for response, even if she did what homework she could ahead of time, to learn more about what they were walking into. Even though, understandably, information was a bit limited, besides what the more public Shinra has been up to.

    "I am, a Wo-class air-craft carrier," she begins to speak, in her slightly hindered monotone, though Yari would at least recognize her words do flow a bit better than they used to. "I believe your kind, would think of me -- as, a tsukumogami. ...I have had, li-mited contacts, with the ones you call -- Shin-ra." Those were mostly diplomatic in nature, admittedly, since Boston is an officially designated neutral area for her kind, but she is curious, "Miss Ya-ri's line of questioning...is re-levant to me, also." From current context and the way this meeting was arranged, however, as well as that 'crumbling' comment, she's already beginning to get the gist, and it's one she identifies with, herself. A fight to be recognized? Perhaps.

Ixqor Nathrach (977) has posed:
The sorcerer brought his armored fist against his chest in a warriors salute to the Tengu speaking to them. He then took one step forward, asthough to address the whole room in his coming statements. "I greet thee, Lord Sutoku! This day is one blessed by the God's, for I do not come just as a representative of the Confederacy, I come as a prophet of the Dark God's of Chaos! I am their instrument, as much as i shall be yours in this coming conflict! I speak for them all, Khorne, god of blood, war, strength, and honour, who sits upon a throne of skulls amidst a sea of the blood of the slain, forever may he reign! For Tzeentch, the ever changing trickster god of sorceries and plots, of whom I am gifted with the powers of psychic prowess and might! For Nurgle, pestulant father of every disease known and unknown to man, of plagues that were, are, and are to come! May his putridness last an eternity! And for Slaanesh, the Prince of Excess, the siren of the Warp who calls all men and women to act on their primal instincts, and indulge in the greatest pleasures and pains! May he always corrupt the hearts of mortal man! I am one of their many messengers, and I humbly come before you with blade and bolter to offer. Know me as Alpharius!" His voice oozed charisma, a fire he usually kept inside him, as he has hardly found himself a place to openly represent his deities as such, and so his talent as a preaching man have so far went untapped.

    The sorcerer took a knee then, bowing his head to the Tengu lord. "And now I too wish to serve you, as I serve my gods, for as long you require me." Standing from his knelt position, the chaos sorcerer backed into the crowd of other chosen elites, listening and watching their introductions.

Metal Man (11) has posed:
Metal Man isn't looking for trouble heck he's trying to get a feel for everyone. He listens as the speech gets going. So they seem to be a gathering he listens and he does clap he does seem to get an idea about what's going on here. Both groups can gain from working together.

Xiaomu (707) has posed:
Yari's question is, to a large extent, expected - even obligatory - and Sutoku nods his beak-nosed head in response to the ninja. However, the rest of the introductions take priority for the moment.

The words 'loyal servant' elicit a soft wave of discontented grumbling among some of the youkai. A *servant* was sent, even one who could be as powerful as Alexander appears to be? But another rap of staff on dais silences the youkai ... it's just that the silence may be a little less welcoming thereafter. *Just* a little.

Kirikou and his young colleagues - well, their clapping may bestir a chuckle or two. It's really Wo's introduction who gets the room to warm up again. And Ixqor ...

The response is decidedly confused in some ways - maybe even chaotic - but the mood of the room seems to settle towards 'appreciative'.

"From what a few of us have heard, Wo-class," Sutoku speaks, "you would seem to be not only a tsukumogami, but a vengeful ghostly spirit, which makes you doubly welcome here. However, Takane asked the most relevant question, and I would be remiss not to answer it."

The Tengu folds his arms, staff now cradled in the crook of an elbow.

"Ouma is a home for youkai, for all those beasts and apparitions and spirits who have been turned away by mortals. Humans have sought to impose their own sense of order on the world which we once ruled - an *order* which holds no place for us or our kindred. We are cast out, exiled from the places where we once held sway, caged and suppressed, walled out by the foolish mortals who believe that nothing should exist which they cannot quantify or control. And so we gather, we plan, we prepare - and when the opportunity presents itself, to remind the mortals why they fear us, to shake the foundations of their precious *ORDER* and to claw at the walls they've built - we strike forth."

And in the wake of Sutoku's explanation, a murmur rises from all of the surrounding youkai: "We are Ouma. Our time shall come."

"Does this answer your question adequately, Yari Takane?" Sutoku asks, gripping his staff again as he unfolds his arms, his wings rustling behind him.

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
The presence of Wo and Kirikou have Yari at least confident. Kiri can handle himself, and can be polite when pushed. Wo is Wo, polite and well mannered. And a ghost-ship! The minion of her least-favorite vamp-doctor is a little more worrisome, and Metal's an unknown. As for Ix?

The raving zealot has her barely containing a scowl. She inches closer to Kirikou and Wo, ready just in case his rantings set them all off. If anyone gets hurt for such things? She hopes it'll be Ix.

But at the end of it all, Yari finds herself /feeling/ for these beings. Cast out, disrespected, tossed away...if it weren't for her Legatus, it'd be the same for her. Her eye closes, and she nods. "Humans who cannot value the strength and skills of others are useless garbage. Casting you aside so, out of fear, is shameful. I cannot help but feel sympathy in your honorable cause." She begins.

Another bow. "And the Confederacy would be willing to support your cause, provided of course agreeable terms can be provided. What would you ask of us, and what would you provide in turn?"

Kirikou (127) has posed:
    Fire and Thunder don't seem to really understand what's going on here. They seem to take laughter as approval however, so no harm's done. Kilik could've left them behind of course, but they're a part of him. They're a part of his fighting anyways, and in his mind they deserve to be present when a decision's made about how and why to fight. Even if they don't fully understand or fit in, they deserve to know. And, because they're attuned to Kirikou's emotions and he to theirs, they understand more than they might otherwise show.

    Slowly the Meister stands up, stretching up to his full height. He's not nearly so physically impressive as the Chaos sorceror or the gargoyle, but then he also looks quite human. Also quite unarmed, and probably out of place because of it. He waits for a measure of attention to be turned his way, and then he begins to speak.

    "Where I'm from, people like me are trained to hunt and kill monsters." he says. His voice isn't loud, isn't threatening. He's sort of diplomatic in tone at least, though his words may seem otherwise. "But the monsters we kill are those who go too far. They're not monsters because of their bodies, they're monsters because they choose power over consequence. Most of them are as human as I am." he claims. "Except for being monsters I mean." he says, smirking.

    "Point is, I can't stand assholes who'd try to keep you down just 'cause you're different. The name's Kirikou Rung, and this is Fire and Thunder." the Meister says, gesturing to the Twins. They stand, arms crossed, in identical postures of defiant willfulness. They remain as wordless as ever, of course. "We punch things, and they explode. It'll be an honor to fight beside you, teach these assholes a lesson." he grins.

Metal Man (11) has posed:
Metal Man says "I will be honest I am an andrioid a creation of a German Man who has been living in Japan for many years. I however do get it's wise to pay attention to the old stories in my experiances even before the multiverse. Machine and man would be arrogant to presume we're are the only things in existance after all. As all of you by simply prove by being here."

he hears the frusttions but he also hears the sort of talk that will spawn monster hunters.

"I presume you have plans laid and have standards in the nature of your targets you are picking? Target thier law enforcement their poltical centers, pure the fear you generate from the attacks to put pressure upon thier leaders, turning thier fear in a tool to break down the walls of which you speak. If you wontonly slaughter? You strike me as the sort who wishes to preserve the lives of the very people he is fighting for. You will have my aid on this matter and likely several of my brotheren."

Wo has posed:
Vengeful may be a strong word, these days. Certainly, when the Wo first awoke, the anger was all-consuming, and the common song of the Abyss, a relentless echo chamber, only reinforced it. Something funny happened, through the endless battle, however. She gained clarity, and a sense of self. She was able to channel and direct that anger, until she became the reasonable being that stands before the Ouma now. Nonetheless, despite those accomplishments, her place in her own world is still as a monster, and a relic of a past that the surface dwellers, as she knows them, would rather forget. It's something she refuses to let go of, until her and all of her sisters have a place at the table, and the peace and dignity of the sea is secured.

    While Sutoku's speech has a slightly more supremacist tone to it, compared to what she would say in his place, she accordingly can identify with their plight, and what has driven them to these extreme measures. Her support may not yet be unconditional, but looking at these disjointed masses gathered here, she's erring on the side of it. "I un-derstand," she finally speaks again, not seeming to do much of it, especially since Yari, and it seems Ixqor, are doing the bulk of it. "I have ma-ny others, like me...fight-ing to be seen, not forgotten. Will dis-cuss the terms, with them." As a representative of the Confederacy, however, she will mostly go as they do in this matter. Having Yari, sidling slightly closer, curiously, being the front woman helps.

    "I will make one thing, clear, how-ever," she does say, in a marginally excepting voice, given her dull tone. "If any tar-gets are innocents, in your struggle -- I would pre-fer, less lethal avenues." Note, not specifically not-lethal, and sometimes things just happen. You still have to protect your own.

Ixqor Nathrach (977) has posed:
The sorcerer seems pleased with the reaction he received, pleased enough knowing he was unaware of the organizatiosn true motives when he made his speech. Now with Sutoku's explanation, he feels even more at home, for the Ouma fight a similar cause that the forces of chaos would in his plane of origin. To destroy the illusion of order, and to put mortal man in it's place beneath the gods, and the daemon spirits who govern the warp. "I wholly respect your reasons for war, Lord Sotuko, and all of you Ouma. You fight for the same reasons the gods of my pantheon have waged war on the mortal men and women of my realm. They would shun the spirits and daemons of teh warp for their so called 'unholiness'. It is one of teh many reason I fight for my gods, and now, for you, should you allow me." He nods in agreement.

     His eyes look now to the others joining in on this cause. Alexenday may be but a servent, but should he command any of his queens might, he could still be quite the ally. This queen of his also may be worth investigating, as she no doubt holds vast political power. And, based on alexanders appearance, they may have similar tastes in philosophy, and perhaps similar goals even. He pays no mind to Yari, not noticing her intense scowl at him, and assumes she is in aggrement with the rest of the group, including himself. The teenage boy, and his two twin lackies then speak up and Ixqor wrinkles his nose. The child, as he expected, is still pure at heart, to fight for the reasons he does. Normally it would irk him that a child would be brought to war like this, however in this case, the child is coming on their own accord, and so he makes no objections, to himself or aloud.

     The spirit bound carrier then speaks up, an Ixqor listens well. Of the creatures and people present, she is the most out of place, save for himself, and she intruiges him greatly. Her origins are still unknown, and who she serves is an even greater myster, but one for another time. She brings up a non lethal avenue, and Ixqor can only shake his head. "No mortal is truly innocent. And regardless as to whether they directly turned away the proud Ouma or not, they support a system that does, and must be educated."

Xiaomu (707) has posed:
Lord Sutoku smiles wickedly, his lips parting far enough to show his teeth. (Which might be more pointy than you expect from a relatively human-looking figure ... or maybe it's just a trick of the light.) "That is why we invited you to aid us, Takane - and the second cause for celebration of which I spoke."

He spreads his wings to either side, stretching his arms out as well, almost like he were preaching. "For at last, the secrets of Tamamo-no-Mae's fate have been discovered. The fair-faced nine-tailed fox spirit, my sister as one of the Three Great Evil Youkai: her resting place is now known to us, thanks to the Hokusai Otogizoshi stolen from the humans' museum!"

A rustle of excitement spreads through the warehouse full of youkai - although if the visitors are alert to details, it's not ALL positive. Some of the youkai are actually afraid at that name, for whatever reason. But Sutoku takes no notice of it, his wings snapping back before they furl and fold once more, his arms lowering to his sides once again.

"Where Tamamo-no-Mae was slain, we will find the first part of the Sessho-Seki, the Life-Destroying Stone which her corpse became. Our studies have also laid open the resting places of the other main pieces: Aokigahara, Wakayama, and Tokyo itself. If we bring these four together, Tamamo-no-Mae's vengeful power will be restored - the mortals will have no defense against her venomous mists. Tokyo *will* fall, their society will crumble with that pillar removed, and Japan will be ours once more."

Sutoku's gaze settles on Yari ... and it looks like the tengu's eyes are actually ablaze, glowing orange. "But we shall need help to find those fragments. If the Confederacy will aid us in finding the pieces of the Killing Stone, we shall grant you the use of that weapon after we have taken the capital city. Is this acceptable?"

Wo has posed:
"As I, am un-derstanding it," the humanoid carrier pivots on a heel to face Ixqor more directly, in resonse, "They have ne-ver, had the chance to learn...a systematic campaign, of sup-pression. If they were to be killed, be-fore they can learn the truth...they were innocent." She likely could have aptly used the term civilian, in this case, but innocent seemed to fit better, since there's still no formal military agreement in place, at least before Yari takes the piece of parchment or whatever they have drawn up back to the office. She doesn't seem willing to waver on this, though it's hard to really tell: Her face has looked almost cast into that same non-expression for the entire duration of this meeting.

    She draws quiet, however, as Sutoku goes over the details of his plan. She's not one to be off-put immediately by just outright the term 'evil' being right in one of the lynchpins of it, since surface dwellers name things funny sometimes, though it does set quite the precedent, considering what soon follows it. That face finally shows something approaching an emote, as her eyebrows subtly twist. "Your an-swer is genocide?" She lets that hang in the air for a moment, as though she's actually able to weigh it. "--your plan, is deep-ly flawed. For one, as I have come, to un-derstand...your kind needs humans. To feed upon. To trick. For a-nother...do you ex-pect, the other nations, to turn a blind eye to this?" This is without even going into whether she'd support the campaign at all.

    Lifting a black gloved hand to her forehead to rub at it, slightly, she seems mostly immune to the tense atmosphere. "I will a-wait, what the Confederacy has to say. I have res-ervations." Understated in her monotone.

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
Yari fiddles with her radio, a conversation going on that informs her well. A small breath, and after Wo speaks, the ninja adds.

"I'm in agreement with Miss Wo. Outright genocide will only weaken your position. Were I in your situation, I would gather these pieces and then use it on a single Shinra compound to demonstrate it's power. Then, you would have a powerful negotiating tool to rightly claim your place, and you would have the human 'food' that require to continue to survive. All without potentially sparking a world war that would no doubt destroy your kind entirely." Adds the ninja.

"Your terms will be sent to the Confederacy. Use of the weapon, and I would suggest the use of your more covert agents and troops as you can spare I think would be appropriate compensation." Sneaks in the ninja, more than willing to push for more. A deep bow.

"Please draft the terms, and they shall be delivered, Lord Sutoku." Offers the ninja humbly, before peering back at the others for more input. The energy running through the crowd isn't lost on her.

Metal Man (11) has posed:
Metal Man listens but also sees where this is going if one is mindless rage? You stop being the wily army and become Sigma's Mavericks he mused. He didn't speak out on this while he talked to the other feds over the secure comms. Then again he could be playing the crowd either way he'll see how this plays out one way or anotehr he's said he chip in and he shall. He is however already booting up a smart phone he has with him and running a couple of online searches, he's got some things to check before and he pauses checking the results on them. He grimaces and puts the phone away for the moment and listens.

Ixqor Nathrach (977) has posed:
Ixqor definately does not agree with the statements made by Wo and Kiri, however this is not the time or place to discuss what is right or wrong, although Ixqor knows that not much of this matters much. It is but a stepping stool to further his own goals. He need only put up a guise of empathy, as he always has. Where he may sympathize with the daemon like creatures known as the Omau, they were secondary to his primary objective. "Your terms are most generous, lord Sotuko, I believe it almost wrong of me to accept such a grascious gift. After all, it will be you to unleash it's power, and you who informed us of it's existence, and even lead us to it. But I will not deny a gift so humbly presented." Ixqor bowed deeply to the daius where the lord sat.

     "I find these terms more than agreeable, and offer my full arsenal to your cause, including the daemons and spirits of the warp. They are much like your kind, and will no doubt jump at the chance to help their own." Ixqor smiles widely, standing up tall, keeping cool amidst the stares the group is receiving. "I also agree with whatever motive or path you see fit to claim dominion over this land. Regardless of your methods, I stand with you."

Xiaomu (707) has posed:
Another rustle fills the warehouse as first Wo, then Yari, speak against the plan as set forth by Lord Sutoku; this time, the noise *doesn't* abate, and a number of the youkai closest to the Confederates begin eyeing them in a less than friendly manner. But before the tensions can escalate any further --

"They're nyat wrong, Lord Sutoku."

-- it's like that distinctly feline voice just popped a balloon and all the air (or tension, in this case) went rushing out. And Sutoku's ire is summarily redirected towards the speaker: a pink-haired young catgirl, with two tails rather than the usual one, and dressed in a rather abbreviated yukata. She wears it awfully well, though, the paired tails swishing behind her. "Explain yourself," Sutoku orders gruffly, gripping his staff like he's getting ready to throw it at something ... or someone.

"A lot of us youkai *do* depend on humans," the nekomata explains, tails still swishing. "It's meowre convenient to eat the fish they don't use than to raid the river ourselves, mew know?" She rubs the side of her hand against her cheek. "Nyat to mention, they're so fun to play with .... and we want the mewmans to work for us, right? They can't do *that* if they're dead either."

This time, the rustle is of (extremely grudging) agreement. Oddly, Sutoku looks the least swayed by the catgirl's argument. "You expect the vengeful spirit of Tamamo-no-Mae to show *mercy* when we unleash her?" he growls. ".... but I concede the point. For all of our kindred who have been exterminated, by mortal weapons or through their exorcist sorcery, mortal blood alone will not suffice to repay their suffering - not if all the islands of this nation were flooded with enough blood to raise the seas. Very well."

Sutoku is clearly still *pissed off*, but he looks at the Confederates. "We shall prepare a missive to be relayed to your ... *superiors*," he spits as if the word tastes bad on its way out of his mouth. They probably have human superiors of their own, these Confederate guests, but - well, Ouma occasionally finds humans who can cooperate with them despite Ouma's agenda. Or maybe he just thinks that Wo and Yari and Ixqor ought to be calling the shots themselves? Either way. "Expect it to be ready by this hour tomorrow night, if not sooner. Shall you bear it to your *leaders* by hand, or should it be received in the same manner as the invitation?"

Kirikou (127) has posed:
    Kirikou knows his opinion isn't entirely a popular one, not in the Confederacy. It's one reason he's glad Yari's here, and he's a bit surprised and rather pleased to discover Wo sharing a similar attitude. Ixqor's opinion is, however, more like what he'd expect.

    No matter. Kilik's not the sort to make grand plans and draw lines. Worse comes to worst, he could probably convince everyone that the weapon's better off in Confederacy hands rather than Ouma hands, and work for a doublecross solution. He believes it too, but that's a thought for a later time. For now he just rubs at one temple, not missing the hostility and potential division among would-be allies.

    "We're not diplomats." Kirikou abruptly says, standing up once again. "We're not even talkers. Well, not most of us." he adds. "We're fighters. The deal you offer is a good one. We help you get what you want, you help us get what we want. I think we can agree to work together on all this." he grins pleasantly enough. "We can work out the details later, including how much actual risk and effort's needed, specific plans, working details, that sort of thing." he says. "Including what the final use of the spirit of Tamamo-no-Mae will be. Might be the diplomats can come up with an idea that'll keep everyone happy." he offers blandly.

    Hey, being diplomatic is actually something in Kirikou's training. It's on the curriculum of Death Academy, strangely enough. Just because Kilik prefers to seem like a thug doesn't mean he doesn't once in a while like to pull off a surprise...

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
Yari tenses, but thankfully, kitty to the rescue! As the Lord finally seems to give in, the ninja kneels placatingly. There's a smile on her face. Not smug, but perhaps a little consoling. A brief glance to Kirikou, then Wo, then Metal Man, and finally to Ixqor.

"I shall deliver it personally, should it please you, Lord of the Tengu. For tonight, and until it is drafted, I shall be your servant."

Yup, the ninja is going full-on diplomacy mode. It helps she figures she can survive even if the youkai turn on her. And if she can make in-roads with the people here? All the better.

Especially with the cat-woman that spoke up. Oh yes. She'll be useful.

Ixqor Nathrach (977) has posed:
"On behalf of the God's of Chaos, and the daemons whom they govern, I thank you for this oppurtunity." Ixqor was more or less displeased with the intervention of the feline woman, though it may have brought the cabal into agreement with Wo, Kiri, and Yari, it has deprived Ixqor of an excellent oppurtunity. Hopefully he will get his chance anyway. "Me and my personal allies will await your orders. I shall inform a good friend of mine, a sorcerer of similar strength, of the Trickster god Tzeentch, who leads a formidable tribe of loyal followers. Perhaps I will be able to muster some of their strength to the cause. They will no doubt be in agreement with you and the Omau, and what you fight for." Ixqor stepped back, bowing once again.