4731/Mission 3: Calamity of Land and Sea

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Mission 3: Calamity of Land and Sea
Date of Scene: 29 October 2016
Location: Tokyo-52605 <NXC>
Synopsis: The 1707 Houei earthquake was the most powerful quake recorded in Japanese history; seismologists refer to it as a 'megathrust' earthquake, with multiple sections of an undersea faultline erupting almost simultaneously. Between the earthquake itself and the ensuing tsunami, it affected most of the main islands of Japan, and is additionally suspected of triggering the last known eruption of Mt. Fuji.

But the legendary youkai Nurarihyon doesn't really care about ancient history. He's taken over a fairly luxurious estate in Wakayama, and a bunch of Ouma's members have been spotted in the area as well. They're looking for something, not just on land but underwater ... specifically, another fragment of the Killing Stone.

Of course Shinra is going to get involved - if only because Nurarihyon is a jerk who takes over people's houses, but they can't let Ouma get another piece of the Killing Stone, either. And naturally, both sides will likely want whatever help they can get from the Confederacy and the Union, respectively ...

Cast of Characters: 707, 691, 127, 1056, Reina Kinney, Athela Valemore, 984, Reiji Arisu, 11
Tinyplot: Restoration of the Killing Stone

Xiaomu (707) has posed:

There's a problem in Wakayama - the sort of problem that Shinra specializes in dealing with. Namely, a fairly luxurious coastal estate has been taken over by a legendary youkai known as Nurarihyon - who specializes in moving into people's homes and acting like he's the homeowner. Sometimes he's more mischievous than malevolent, but sometimes his routine takes a more ruinous turn: making the actual residents into his servants, for a start.

The fact that there's been a massive uptick in youkai activity since Nurarihyon moved in here means that Shinra is taking this situation seriously, dispatching Reiji and Xiaomu and some additional support, but they're going to need Union Elites to help ... particularly since the studies performed on the Aokigahara fragment have let Shinra confirm that ANOTHER fragment of the Killing Stone is somewhere off the coast, not far from the usurped estate.


"Bring more sake for our wonderful guests!" Nurarihyon calls out, the gregarious (and gourd-headed) youkai holding court in the main room of the mansion he's taken over. It's big enough that it could have been a daimyo's manor a few centuries ago, if he wasn't worried about invaders - it's modern architecture, not feudal fortifications, but it's spacious and has lots of modern conveniences.

It's also located directly on a ley line which leads straight to the fragment's suspected resting place. While Nurarihyon is waiting for the sake, he turns to smile at the Confederates, fanning himself briefly before snapping the fan closed. "Sadly, our kappa friends are having a great deal of trouble getting close to the fragment; I'm hoping that you'll have better luck. The river kami are probably messing things up for us, but you may be able to bypass their power just by virtue of being mortal ..."

There's a faint glint in Nurarihyon's eyes as he mentions mortals. He's not trying to mind-bend any of his Confederate guests to add them to his household staff, though .... right?

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
Yari is here! She's at the estate that the youkai has taken over, dressed in a kimono covering underwater tactical gear. Full scuba-tank and everything, just in case. After getting a few details, she awaits her companions, mask off and kunai decorating her gear rather openly. Overall, the ninja looks ready for combat.

Any fellow Confederates will get a deep bow as they all meet up at where the Ouma might have designated as a meeting point. "Glory and honor!" She offers, but otherwise remains silent as her calling demands.

She does snap up any sake offered though as she returns a peer to the youkai offering court. Her willpower is deep, and she all but seems /annoyed/ at the glint in his eyes. There's a kunai in her artificial hand. A deep cough. "I'm certain we will be able to bypass the enemy sentries, Sir. Aside from the Kamui, are there any other threats we should be aware of." Glug glug glug! Thankfully Yari's not a light drinker. Her magic gathers in her body, ready to swiften her pace underwater when the operation gets underway!

Kirikou (127) has posed:
    Kirikou's here, all decked out for undersea adventure. This requires something of an unusual gearset for him. He's wearing what appears to be a semi-armored wetsuit, complete with full-surround helmet and multiple tanks on the back for air and propulsion. And, of course, his metal gauntlets which somehow manage to make his armor look slightly less silly. On land it looks silly at least... lumbering and awkward. In its proper place however, he'll look like a sea-based tank. That or a Big Daddy minus the drill arm.

    The helmet is slung back for now, and Kirikou's still wearing his glasses. He looks almost relaxed despite the massive diving suit that has to weigh a huge amount. He needs it all. He's diving for three, after all. He grins at Yari, taking up some sake as well. Not his preferred beverage, but nothing entirely foreign to him either! No doubt Yari introduced him to the drink at one point when they shared downtime. He's not a lightweight when it comes to alcohol either, fortunately. That's owing more to his self control and body mass than any great experience though.

Camilla Ulyssa (1056) has posed:
    Camilla hadn't been drinking, but instead asked for a gourd so she could keep the sake for later. She's not a HUGE fan of water, it gets her hair and tail wet and then she smells like wet dog for a hour, but equipped with her Vestis-- her clothes, nothing fancy has changed-- it wouldn't matter if the fragment was in space, in Chernobyl or in a lake of lava. The biggest inconvenience of water really is just the fact she'll get wet.

    And the fact her Machina triggers certain elemental effects it might not work quite as well. Or too well. Doesn't really matter to her, though. That's just part of the fun.

    She does ask Nurarihyon: "Can we touch this fragment or is it like the other one?" Probably important to someone.

Reina Kinney has posed:
Reina's also in on this. The difference here is that instead of wearing her usual uniform, she's wearing a red and black wetsuit, along with a GUARDIANS issued breathing device that slips over her nose and mouth to allow her to breathe without having to surface for air every so often. How does it work? That's for another time.

As the others arrive, Reina decides to pass the time by doing some light stretching to warm up for their underwater adventures. After all, it's always important to be prepared before doing any sort of physical activity. Of course, that doesn't generally involve getting hurt beforehand, but with Reina's luck, that just happens to be the case. As she's warming up, she happens to step on a rock, which happens to hurt quite noticeably if you're barefoot, resulting in a yell of pain from her.

For a moment, the red-head can be seen hopping up and down while muttering various curse words under her breath. After a few moments of this comedic dance, she rubs her foot a few times then sets it down. "Well, this operation is off to a nice start!"

Athela Valemore has posed:
And the distinct possibility of that broken artifact being somewhere off the estate, in the water, is why Athela is here. One of the benefits of being the Knight of Keldeo was the freedom of movement in the water, unhindered by the difference in environment or pesky things like needing to come up for air. At least two of her Pokemon could do the same, though the only one that's visibly followed her so far is her Vaporeon, who was already prowling at the edge of the meeting camp, attention fixated on the waters just beyond.

"Deal with the creature and free the rightful owners of this chateau." Athela exhaled softly, readying herself. One hand tightened around the hilt of Resolute Blade. The other gauntleted hand holds the Pokegem of her other Water type pokemon, ready to release him when it's time to crash the waves. She's trying to not feel bad for the people that need all the extra cumbersome equipment to do this. "The water is where we shall be, and put an end to this misplaced malignance."

Even if these were not specifically his seas to watch over, the presence of a corrupt artifact endangering -any- waterway was not something Keldeo was going to take lightly.

Karal Rei Lin (984) has posed:
Karal Rei Lin, upon arrival, decides to spend a decent amount of time adjusting her outfit... which, oddly enough, is startlingly fitting for the locale, if far too authentically NOT the right time period, and even differs some from any time period the region might've experienced. Even her weapon, although greatly resembling a katana, differs - the grip's wrapping is of a very different style and pattern, and it has a crossguard.

    And while she adjusts her outfit, there's the undeniable clink-clank of metal somewhere under the fabric. Armor, no doubt. Actual metal armor. Who wears that anymore?

    "So let me see if I understand this. A spirit's gone against provisions and set itself up as lord of a property and enslaved the inhabitants. Do we know why or the goals? And... uh... how do you want this resolved? Drag the spirit off to whatever court judges them? Cut them down where they stand...?"

    There's absolutely no malice or eagerness in her tone behind either proposition. She is honestly confused about how things are handled here.

Reiji Arisu has posed:
    Shinra Official Business was always an event. When you share office space with actual ninjas, you usually end up with a handful of them jumping at the bit to get in on anything that even remotely smells like honest to goodness covert operations. Reiji squats amidst a set of garbage cans behind the estate, a covert radio transmitter whispering into his ear. He's... Not dressed to kill today; not NECESSARILY to kill, anyway. Rather, he's... In what appears to be a three piece suit. His hair was even COMPLETELY black today! Apparently he can use hair dye, if he wants to. Almost as if he were trying to look like some kind of butler.

    And that's largely because that's exactly what he's doing today. After all, if they just walked in and beat Nurarihyon over his oversized head, they might not actually learn anything about Ouma's search for the local shard. And that would just put them even further ahead. Thus, Reiji has chosen a more subtle approach than the usual; he's impersonating a servant. Or rather, he will be.

    ...One such butler walks out of a nearby door, and is summarily knocked right the fuck out. His monocle and pocket watch are both pilfered, for the sake of maintaining cover. "That's... not the plan, precisely," Reiji answers the one with the oversized weapon. "We need what they know if we want to find the target before they do. So go in, figure out what you can, THEN start making arrests."

Metal Man (11) has posed:
Metal knew the nature of his mission and he's brought along Bubble Man of all people today as back up, Metal doesn't tend to travel alone when he knows a horde of Union is going to be there he looks to Nurarihyon and he nods. He gets the term mortal was not used as an instult, Metal and Bubble know they are mortal they just have ranks in hard to kill at a very high level.

"U undestand sir. Let us see what we can do."

Metal is rated for under water and Bubble /is made for it/.

"All right you lubbers lets get to this! This is what I was made for!"

He's very happy about this, seriously he's excited about this.

Karal Rei Lin (984) has posed:
Eventually Lin does something weird. The redhead slips the sheathed weapon from her belt, twirls it expertly a few times and thrusts it into... absolutely nowhere? Space flares with light like reality itself's become a second scabbard that just sucks the weapon in, stashed into a golden ripple that vanishes almost instantly.

    From there, Lin heads behind a rock and starts changing. Apparently she doesn't grok the way of things in this modern world...

Xiaomu (707) has posed:

Xiaomu is already in full meido regalia - not the usual fanservicey sort of maid you might expect from her, either, but a long skirt (ankle-length, roughly; a proper maid wouldn't wear something long enough to trip over) with an apron, etc. - and she wastes no time in helping drag the butler around the corner of the house, ensconcing him comfortably behind what might have been used for a coal scuttle, a few decades ago. She returns to the side door with the others, dusting her hands off, and forms up next to Reiji. "Just remember," she asides to the others, "if you draw Nurarihyon's attention, that gourd of a geezer is gonna try to willpower you into doing things for him. Might seem innocent, but if he gets enough of a foothold, you'll forget you don't actually work for him. I'll try to keep him from turning the pressure up."

Before she can say any further, there's a call from inside: "Takashirou, where's the mutton?"

That was probably meant for the butler.


Nurarihyon lets out a hearty chuckle, picking up his sake cup and lifting it in a toast. "Ho ho ho ho ho! I love your confidence, Lady Takane; no wonder you've chosen to side with Ouma!"

A servant brings a gourd for Camilla - already filled with sake, and with a wax seal around the stopper to make sure it doesn't leak. "The sea salt and water have contained most of the Nine-Tailed Fox's malignance," Nurarihyon answers her question, "so it should be safe for you to lay hands upon it. You may wish to entrust the handling to your ally with his gauntlets," he states further, inclining his head at Kirikou."

Athela Valemore has posed:
Leave the sneaking inside and getting more information to those suited for it. Athela would only be a hinderance, so instead she will patiently wait under cover out here until it is time to take to the water. And to keep watch in case the enemy tries to go for the artifact before their allies return. Someone has to be ready to act in case that scenerio comes to past, since she and her pokemon can mobilize without needing to 'gear up' as someone else put it.

Eventually she lets go of the sheathed sword's hilt once she's reassured herself, instead withdrawing a spyglass from her pack and extending it to full size. There's a lot of coastline out there to watch from their little spot.

"Vaaaaaa," the vaporeon hissed softly, a bit of mist escaping between her lips as her fins twitch anxiously.

"Patience, Sprite." Athela lifted the spyglass to one eye, squinting the other to focus her gaze down the magnifying viewer. "We need to trust our allies to get more information. We can't waste the time it would take to search blindly, even with your exceptional tracking ability."

The merfox sits at her heels and pretty much pouts like a child would. The water was sooooo close and she's not allowed in it yet. Lame.

Reiji Arisu has posed:
Apparently one of Xiaomu's many hats is 'official costume designer,' because she probably put together pretty much everything everyone's wearing. For better or for worse. Reiji straightened his tie and gingerly set the monocle onto his eye. "Remember, we're here to gather intelligence. The moment we find out where they're looking, we can move on the target. Keep your eyes and ears open. If you need extraction, give the word, worst case we stop being subtle."

A call for mutton. That's his cue. Reiji nods to the others and steps over to the package the butler was almost certainly sent out to retrieve. "Coming!" 'Takashirou' answered as he entered the mansion, "Those deliverymen missed the drop-off again. We really need to look at hiring better help."

Kirikou (127) has posed:
    "Whatever you say, bossman." Kirikou agrees cheerily, holding up his gauntlets. They clack-clack open and closed a few times, looking almost like lobster claws. Surely they haven't actually changed shape, have they? Can they even DO that? Only Kirikou would know for sure, and he hasn't really said. Either way though, the weapons show a certain organic-ness that's bound to be creepy to someone not familiar with them. And maybe even someone who is.

    It's a bit weird for Kilik to be so agreeable to someone who's not actually friend or superior. Maybe he's got orders, or maybe it's the mental influence of the youkai. Well, so long as his inclinations don't get in the way of his orders there shouldn't be a problem right? "I'm not likely to be punching anything anyways." he says agreeably. "But don't worry Yari, I got yer back." he grins, patting one hand to a shoulder-mounted shark harpoon, currently pointing safely at the ceiling. Just because he can't punch doesn't mean he's weaponless. Or, for that matter, that he can't use the Twins in other ways. He hasn't left them behind after all.

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
Yari gives a brief smile to her allies, Kiri in particular! He seemed like an underwater tank indeed!

She also raises her own glass in toast, before downing in. "Thank you, Sir! We look forward to pleasing the Ouma." A deep bow to the man, and then she nods as questions are answered. She definitely relaxes as that harpoon is mounted. Yup. Kiri has her back!

Thus, she doesn't slip towards the water line just yet. Something about Kirikou seems rather suspicious, and thus the ninja is inclined to be close.

She might be paranoid. Or she might just hate anything even vaguely like a Summon.

Camilla Ulyssa (1056) has posed:
    "Suits me just fine, not having to lay hands on the condensed death and evil," Camilla replies, before stuffing the gourd of sake somewhere in her uniform. There's probably a bunch of inner pockets on that big coat she wears like a cape. It'd make sense.

    She's getting bored of just talking, though.

    "So, are we just going to stand around for a hour and keep giving the other party a headstart? I need to know if we're operating on a handicap here or not. Otherwise I'm going for a swim now."

Metal Man (11) has posed:
Metal Man Seems to like the spirit of Nurarihyon he certainly seems like the sort of guy who'd be fun to go hit the bar up with. Howevedr that's not for tonight as they get some questiosn answered. "Look? I or Bubble Man are the best bet, we're not alive in the biological sense of the word so hopefully we'll count as non living to it but wearing gauntlets or gloves isn't a bad idea at all though." He thinks and he seems ready to move out.

"Come on let's shove off before the Union beats us to the prize."

Reina Kinney has posed:
Once Reina recovers from her little accident, she sighs. "I hope this isn't going to be noticed by Laia or anyone else." She says, removing the scrunchee from her hair long enough to retie it into a bun. Underwater, having a long ponytail can cause some major issues. After that, she checks the area some more. "I hope there are no sharks or anything here." She pauses for a moment then chuckles. "What am I saying? I'd rather take on a shark than a De Rol Le!" She chuckles quietly to herself. "Just gotta wait for right time to move out." She adds as she puts on her breathing device.

Karal Rei Lin (984) has posed:
"I understand." Lin exclaims quietly, falling into place behind 'Takashirou', whilst wearing a sheepish and nervous grin. She doesn't know how she's supposed to act so for now she'll act as an assistant for Reiji, following close behind...

Xiaomu (707) has posed:

"Hohohohohohoho!!" Nurarihyon laughs, his gourd-shaped head tipping back in his mirth. "Yes, yes, to business. I'll have a feast of celebration ready for your return with the fragment in hand." He pours more sake for his guests, then raises his cup in a toast. "We are Ouma, our hour shall come!" And he drinks his sake down. "If any of you can trace the path of the leyline, just follow that into the depths, you'll be led straight to the fragment. Otherwise ... ah, I know!" Nurarihyon turns away briefly from his guests, looking among the servants ... "Ah, you there! Miko! Give me your gohei a moment, I need a few of its tassles."

Sure enough, there is a shrine maiden nearby, her robes in some disarray but still quite presentable ... despite the fact that she was sitting there like she'd been drugged into a stupor, or something. Nurarihyon's command induces her to jerk awake, and she staggers to her feet, walking over and detaching some of the zig-zagging paper tassles from her ritual purification wand she's carrying. Nurarihyon takes them, murmuring something ... it takes him a few tries before he's content with the results, and he hands one to each of the four Confederates. "There, those should help guide you."


There isn't a whole lot for Athela or Reina to see out on the water so far; Athela might notice a couple of water spirits, if she's sufficiently attuned, but they're not an especially strong presence.

Inside, though, Nurarihyon's command to the shrine maiden is something that's audible even in the kitchen; a few of the 'staff' look up briefly, and then a tray is handed to Reiji 'Takashirou' Arisu with a bottle of sake and a stack of fresh cups. Karal and Xiaomu are handed trays of sashimi and onigiri, respectively. Apparently, whoever's in charge of the kitchen didn't realize Nurarihyon's guests were heading out just yet ... ?

Xiaomu, for her part, takes her tray without argument, letting Reiji and Karal lead the way.

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
Charm get! With a sharp salute, the ninja nods. There's a brief glance to the miko. A slight offering of sympathy, but there's a job to do. She's drugged a few useful enemies before after all.

Thus, Yari is off towards the water, shedding her kimono in favor of the underwater gear. A leap! Sploosh! Then with a combination of handseals, kicking legs and tail, and that guiding tassle? She keeps to the darkness of the waves as she silently follows the layline, slowly breathing in and out with her tank of oxygen.

She tries to stay aware of her companions as well, especially the better-armored Kirikou!

Kirikou (127) has posed:
    Kirikou has no intention of getting far from Yari, or the other Feds for that matter. He frowns at the treatment of the Miko however. She seems out of it. Drugged, or the psychic equivalent. This isn't something he likes, but of course there's little he can do about it right now. Putting up with unpleasant allies, well, that's just a part of his life these days.

    Still it does show that he's not wholly brainwashed himself. He shakes his head as if to clear it, then finishes suiting up. He seals seals, checks hoses and power equipment, and gets ready. It's not really armor, though it IS armored. Much of the weight of the suit is to compensate for the air he has to carry though, with the armor functionality somewhat secondary. Cool-looking though!

    It's definitely a weird suit though, with pneumatic hoses running from his back over his shoulders and then along his sleeves. The suit's bulky, almost steampunk. Functional yet apparently wasteful. And, once he gets in the water, there's little air bubbles coming out from around the helmet and ... of all things, from around his gauntlets.

    Once waterbound, he switches on the propulsion system. Jets of water make him somewhat more agile in water than his bulk might suggest, though nowhere near as agile as he is on dry land. He's not superstealthy, but at least his gear isn't roaring. Kilik also checks the communications system. Hopefully his team can hear him despite being all underwater. "Hey Yari. Nice outfit!" he calls out. It's not clear if he's teasing, flirting, or just passing off a compliment that means little.

Metal Man (11) has posed:
It's time to move forward and he smirks at Hura. "THen we should make hast." He doesn't need to eat but he can and it's not pointless back up biofuel reactor. Either way it was time to head out and they will look to the Shirne Maiden. He watches the process in silence but he and Bubble Man take the wards without another word save for a nod of thanks. He seems ready to go as does Bubble Man. They got a legendary stone to grab after all, right? A Stone of DEATH.

"Let's shove off then the Union will not be waiting for us to dally."

THey mo ve to follow after Yari and both of the robot masters are not bothere.d Hell Bubble Man showing why he's made for the depths and Metal seems mostly all right as they decend!

Camilla Ulyssa (1056) has posed:
    Camilla is handed a guiding charm, which she eyes and then stuffs into a pocket. She can feel the leylines clear as day; or it'd be more accurate to say she can smell the leylines clear as day. Magic-- no, all power-- has its own particular smell to a beastman of her kind. The more powerful, the stronger and more obvious it is, and she can track those smells for quite a distance. Even underwater! Probably less impressively, though.

    Either way, she's in the water the moment the go-ahead is given, splashing with grace and then... flying? Her posture and movements are functionally the same, low-effort no-movements cutting through the water like it's not there.


    She took a deep breath before plunging, searching for the particular odor of the fragment, and now she's following her nose, diving straight past the Confederates and beelining for it. It'll make navigating easy if they just follow her!

Reiji Arisu has posed:
A shrine maiden? They must have captured her from one of the nearby temples. And what he did to her gohei... Exerting control over the spirits within the sacred paper? Hmn. That could be a problem. Reiji's lips twitch almost imperceptibly into a slight, but still appropriately butlerly frown. "Mingle," he whispered over his shoulder as he took the tray of seafood treats.

Time to see what can be... overheard.

Athela Valemore has posed:
There's a few 'locals' at play in the water, but hopefully not something that is going to become a problem. They're more than likely to scatter if any trouble starts, from what limited experience with faes (and Fairy types) Athela has.

With little happening on the water at the moment she turns her spyglass up towards the coastline itself, looking farther up towards the mansion itself. Just in time to catch a glimps of the bulky form before it disappears into the water. "Our enemies are on the move," she gives a heads-up to Regina as she collapses the spyglass and tucks it away again. "Looks like we have no the leaisure of waiting for our allies."

No sooner are the words from her mouth and Sprite is on her paws bounding for the water's edge and dives in. Though there is no disruption of the water itself as the Vaporeon shifts to her watery form, quite literally becoming one with the water around her. An almost perfect elemental camoflague.

Not that Athela is far behind her. If she's watching Regina would see the young woman actually run -on- the surface of the water for several strides before finally taking a dive directly in. As soon as she's underwater she releases her other Water pokemon, grabbing the spines of the Samurott's armor and essentially riding him like one would those underwater scooters you see in the movies. Though the large sealion is probably a lot faster than those things.

If they have to they can worry about intercepting the Confederates now and deal with the actual artifact afterwards when their infiltration group has actual information.

Karal Rei Lin (984) has posed:
Although Lin's never carried quite so much food at once before, she's been training hard her whole life! ... if she can't carry one heavy and precariously loaded tray while maintaining proper balance and not spilling it, she can't call herself a martial artist.

    Her gait down the hall's a bit weird, laden with the tray, but she manages with some unexpected poise, proferring the tray to guests while looking very much new to this job, if anyone glanced at her face.

Reina Kinney has posed:
There's the sign, and it's time to move out! Reina's quick to jump into the water, albeit in a manner that keeps her from making a noticeable splash! She swims as swiftly as she can, her breathing device keeping her from running out of oxygen as she swims under the surface swiftly. "There they are, and here we go!"

Xiaomu (707) has posed:

The leyline is a fairly straight path, at least looking at it from above. Trying to follow the ground below the water, though, requires maneuvering over ridges and around seaweed and stuff. How quickly Athela, Sprite, and Reina catch up is mostly going to depend on how fast the Confederates can swim. The race appears to be on!


There aren't that many people in the main room, now that Nurarihyon's guests of honor have headed out on their business. There are a couple of tanuki near the door, a female kitsune (albeit not one whom Reiji or Xiaomu would recognize) lounging in front of the entertainment center, and the gourd-headed home-stealing youkai himself, seated in the center of the room.

"You took too long!" Nurarihyon barks at the entering 'servants'. "Our Confederate friends have already left on their errand, you were supposed to have those ready before they got here! Lazy humans," he mutters, getting to his feet. "What am I going to do with you? Good help is so hard to find among you mortals nowadays ..."

"I'm sure we could find a use for them," the kitsune girl observes, sitting up and looking at the Unionites.

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
Between the charm and the canine-Camilla? Yari's off to a good start. The beastwoman in particular gets a glance at that effortless movement.

Mental note, learn how to 'swim' like that!

Meanwhile, there's a blush beneath tactical gear! Her tail wiggles just a bit happily!

"I had it properly fitted for this mission, Mister Kilik!" She offers to the comms, proudly. Wiggle wiggle tail.

Why does she sound happy in all of this?

But the ninja doesn't end her vigilance either. Eyes are ahead, and ninja senses keened up.

Thanks to her speed-enhancing ninjutsu, she's not /quite/ as stealthy as usual, and some of Athela's pokemon might spot her! She certainly spots Sprite amidst the waves, and she draws several shuriken! Flick! Poisoned weapons flick out for the vaporeon!

Reiji Arisu has posed:
"My apologies," Reiji answers his 'master's' complaints. "But I'm afraid that isn't in my contract." Suddenly a flash of golden metal appeared in the Butler-Exorcist's offhand. Cracks of thunder rip through the air as he pulls the trigger, sending slugs of enchanted lead downrange. They don't actually HIT anyone, necessarily. Instead they go right over shoulders or under arms before freezing in mid-air and blossoming into arrays of blue light.

Sealing magic, it seems. Or at least, purification circles set up to hold the various youkai in place.

    "Nurarihyon and associated members of the Ouma organization," Reiji thunders, setting his tray aside and sliding a fresh clip into his handcannon. "You're all under arrest. I'd read you your rights, but that's not exactly my job. I recommend that you all surrender peacefully."

And of course, if they don't-- or if Nurarihyon even so much as begins to open his mouth, he's got a gun pointed at them. He can probably shoot the Youkai right in the kisser, if it comes to that.

Karal Rei Lin (984) has posed:
Lin frowns. Sheesh, not only are they conspiring to just take places over and boss people around, but... the arrogance to declare said people lazy?!

    Lin's frown deepens with every second that passes as her head turns to face the usurper and his kitsune accomplice.

    She heaves a sigh whilst setting down the platter carefully on a table. Good food's there, and good food shouldn't be wasted.

    "They're gone already, are they? That's fine! They'll come back."

    Lin takes a few steps from the table. Golden light flickers at her side. With a single swipe she's yanked her weapon from the gleaming ripple. The blade's still sheathed, but she's advancing slowly and with one hell of a fierce scowl!

    "It works out better in fact. They're not here to help YOU, and you won't be in any shape to help THEM later!"

    The room's filled with the unmistkable sound of steel being drawn as Lin grasps her weapon's hilt and deftly readies it threateningly.

Athela Valemore has posed:
Interception was most certainly one of the trickery strategies to attempt. One had to balance giving the enemy just enough time to lead one to their objective while still leaving oneself time to actually intercept them before they aquire it.

But down here beneath the waves and in Keldeo's domain, Athela at least had some cards in her hand hopefully in their favor. Both of her aquatic pokemon are expedient swimmers, Samurott rocketing through the water like an armored torpedo even with her on his back. Vaporeon even moreso, being able to meld with the water itself means Sprite is mostly unbothered by having to clear underwater ridges and growth as she just follows the water's natural flow across them.

She's not entirely invisible though even in the water and the sharp senses of a ninja still pick her out as she rises over one of the ridges.

However the poisoned throwing stars whizz through the water... and right through Sprite as well... except not in severe injury due to her amorpheous state.

Well that does sort of take sneaking up on them out of the equation. Ci le vi.

Sprite's form regains its solidity as she refocuses, and returns fire! Only to miss and the pulse of energy slamming into the seabed near Yari.

Or maybe it wasn't a miss after all as the elemental pulse throws up sand and mud around the ninja, turning the water murky and hard to see in.

At least hopefully long enough for Yari to not see the giant armored sealion come barreling at her through it, and that lance-like horn on his helmet does not look pleasant to be on the opposite end of!

Kirikou (127) has posed:
    Kilik grins at Yari's reaction, though of course he can't see her blush. He's not good at sensing emotions either, though she sounds proud. That can only be a good thing!

    He's not good at seeing through water either. Never mind that his glasses are kind of useless down here. He can see Yari move to engage something but can't tell what it is. He is, as it were, out of his depth. It doesn't sit well with him. First off, he prefers to tank. He's tough, fast and agile. He'd rather take a threat head on than avoid it. And leaving team-mates to take on a foe... that's twice as bad as avoiding it. It feels like cowardice. But they have their mission. He trusts his companions to stand and fight, or swim and fight as the case may be. The bravest thing might just be to trust them to fight while he completes his own mission... a role he's been in before.

    "Kick their asses, Yari!" he says in farewell. Letting her know he's turning off her tail (as it were) and heading on to the objective. Trusting in her skill and her judgment. He turns towards Camilla, goosing the water jets of his diving suit, speeding up. She's moving as if by magic here, but Kilik's biggest skill is adaptation. He'll do pretty good keeping up!

Xiaomu (707) has posed:
A meido outfit goes flying, and Xiaomu catches her tray again even as her other hand grasps her monk staff. "Yeah, we know pretty much all we needed to, and this isn't your estate in the first place, you shrivelled old gourd."

Nurarihyon hardly looks THAT shriveled, at least beyond the wizened-elder appearance he favors. And at the moment, he's grinding his teeth at the three interlopers. "Mortals will perish, their structures will crumble, but we youkai are eternal," he seethes. His gaze settles particularly on Xiaomu - but while he does start to suck in a breath to say *something* to her, he refrains. Maybe it's the sound of Lin drawing her sword, maybe it's the fact that Reiji's still got a hand cannon pointed at his face.

As for the other three youkai in the room? The tanuki aren't even trying to put up a fight; one male, one female, both holding their hands up without any sign of resistance. The kitsune looks over the Unionites, then shrugs lazily, folding her hands behind her head. "I won't make any trouble ... I might even make it worth your while," she says alluringly -

Only to get smacked in the face with Xiaomu's staff. "No beguiling my partner, *kitsune*," the huli jing grumps at her.

Nurarihyon rolls his eyes and just holds his hands where they're conveniently visible. He's had a long and mostly successful career, he's not about to let some upstarts nip that (and his life) in the bud.

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
Yari's eyes go wide. There's watery foam kicked up, sharp blades slice through water, and then Sprite comes back seemingly unharmed.

There's a vague thumbs-up to Kiri. Her eyes all but scream, 'I hate Tiny Not-Destruction-Sea-Animals'. She's well been outright out-sea'd. Which isn't much to say, given ninjas are more ground based. Maybe she should have packed the maid outfit.

WHUMP! A sea of mud and spray around her utterly destroys her vision, and so the ninja curls up into a ball. She waits, a long, hopeful moment. If she can't detect her oppoenent, time to let them get to her! Several handseals, and she sucks in a breath!


The water around her boils into nothing just before the armored sealion races for her, slamming that horn through her side and out the other end! But he'll have to deal with the momentary lack of water as she evaporates it all with her burst of flame, as well as the fire trying to lash out at the bubbly vaporeon and generally anything around her! Blood leaks into the water thanks to the pokemon's charge!

Metal Man (11) has posed:
The leyline seem all in order the feds are moving on and Bubble Man who is made fot underwaqter is going ona head or trying to cover the others are they go. The race is going but Metal Man knows the union are coming for them and they need to stop them. They will trust in thier allies as both turn about and launch themselves towres Reina intending try and grab and restrian her. Which could be painful given Metal Man is covered in /blades/.

<<Oh you are going no where!>>

Well that's Metal and Bubble's intent and they will try to slow one of the union down for their allies.

<<I'm sending you to Davy Jones' locker Missy!>>

Camilla Ulyssa (1056) has posed:
    Sadly, Camilla could not teach Yari how to do that, because it's not really swimming at all! It's just flight. Used underwater. Magical sight would probably reveal strands of magic propulsing the fox in some capacity or another, like tiny, silent jet engines. Needless to say this lets her go much faster than normal people can swim.

    That Vaporeon's distracted by a ninja.
    Reina probably couldn't keep up.

    Camilla speeds ahead, further into the depths and away from the fight that's just breaking out. She's not hard to follow for Kirikou, but just in case, she starts glowing, burning mana for that sole purpose.

Reina Kinney has posed:
Before Reina even knows what's happening, she finds herself being grabbed by someone or something. In fact, two androids are grabbing her, one of whom hurts her quite a bit as his blades cut into her flesh and her wetsuit! "Arrrgh!" Reina yells out through her breathing device, glancing from side to side before her reflexive instincts kick in. "You're not taking me down that easily!"

Despite knowing that she's underwater and that this could easily backfire on her, Reina decides to use one of her TECHNICs to try to break free and get away. Focusing as best as she can through the pain, she calls out, "ZONDE!" And she radiates the electric TECHNIC around her, hoping to give herself a chance to get free and get some distance.

And maybe deal with that wound too...

Karal Rei Lin (984) has posed:
"Even gods will die as heaven wills." Lin retorts accusingly, bringing the blade about to point rather rudely at Nurarihyon for a brief moment before she drops back into her guard.

    She might not be traversing the world on any kind of idealogical journey to change it, but she sure as hell can't stand overt crookedness when it's right in front of her...

    She does blink a few times at the Kitsune, but is apparently too naive to figure out what she's getting at...

Athela Valemore has posed:
Heat intense enough to flash-evaporate a large portion of water is also strong enough to cause considerable discomfort to the Water types despite their resiliance to Fire. Or maybe it's because it was ninja magic. The loss of seawater does cause Lancer to hit the seabed rather hard, but the Samurott is already in motion and momentum carries through. Though the sudden increase in friction on the ground instead of through water probably kept him from ramming Yari into one of the undersea ridges. Sprite hits the seabed with a hiss and a roll, though the latter may of been intentional on her part to smother any potential burns.

Athela most definately did not enjoy the sudden heat-flash. Now she knows what it feels like in a boiling stewpot, and that's not a pleasant imagery either.

It doesn't take long for the sea to dump water back into the void left around them, even as the sea-beast's charge has been brought to a halt. Athela braces herself to stand up on Samurott's backside, glaring down at the ninja gouged by his helmet lance. Oh here it comes, this is typically where knights spout off their soliequies of honor and justice and whatnot.

... Except not, as Athela once again proves to be a bit atypical to the cliche, and instead of saying anything just shifts forward to apply the heel of her armored boot to the ninja's face.

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
This is a far more /active/ knight than most, and there's no justice speeches to be had! Just Boots to Faces! Yari's arm comes up defensively, the artificial one, and slams down that heel to her vulnerable wetsuit-clad face! There's a crunch of synthetics and other materials as Yari brings up that arm just in time for Athela's boot to impact her false arm, shattering most and otherwise kicking her back a good foot or so from the impact alone! Yari is bleeding and gasping in her air-tank amongst the now-filled waves!

Despite her hisses and general lizard sounds of pure pain, the ninja crawls herself together! Kicking her legs and tail around behind, she gets a good few feet away from the knight and her pokemon. Yet, she still weaves a grandious number of handseals, offering up a few vulnerable spots as she retreats for the knightess and her pokemon minions to strike!

Suddenly, the ninja wheels around, finishes her handseals, and all but shoves them towards Athela and company as a lightning-dragon thrusts out and grows through the rather ill-advised raiton-spell amidst the waves.

It's as powerful as any ninja magic as she has, and she's charged it up well. Thus, the ninja herself is caught in the backlash, already writhing amidst her own ninjutsu as she tries to catch Athela in an even-worse storm of water-borne lightning!

Reiji Arisu has posed:
Well. Honestly, Reiji was almost expecting more resistance than that, especially from this weird potatohead. It's really more of a bean, but this is autumn, and Reiji's seen way more potatos than beans lately. He gestures with his handcannon vaguely in the Nurarihyon's direction. His mouth, specifically. "Alright. Now I want you to release all of your 'servants' from your control. All of them. Including the divine spirits in that Gohei you whispered to a little bit ago."

    "No funny business," he warns. "What I've got in here aren't my normal bullets. Try anything, and you'll live the rest of your eternal life as an oversized disco ball." He glances briefly towards the Kitsune and only nods when Xiaomu gives her the business. "For the record, she's more dangerous than I am. So you'd best listen."

Kirikou (127) has posed:
    Kirikou has no second sight, magical or otherwise. He just follows Camilla, cutting through the depths like a shark. Or, well, more like a tank. Not the most aquatic of things, but boy can it move in one direction well. It helps when Camilla begins to glow. Convenient, that, even if it's a bit weird. "Just don't use so much light that you start floating!" he cautions.

Athela Valemore has posed:
Athela Valemore may not be the sort for making rediculous melodramatic speeches mid-battle, but she's still honorable enough to not fling an attack at a retreating backside.

Which immeadiately comes back to haunt them as the retreat turns out to be nothing of the sort, just Yari getting distance for some more ninja hocus pocus. The technique's discharge is literally felt in the water around them due to it's rather electrical nature, and unlike the flash-heat evaporation that's going to be extremely unpleasant for her Pokemon.

Which is likely why Athela launchs off the Samurott's backside to intercept it herself. Her sword is drawn as she surges through the water, and swung in an upward motion as she channels both her Tide Caller ability and the divine force of her patron legendary into the attack. The forward surge at first rises up in a sort of underwater wave due to her using Surf as a basis for the attack, but as the crest rolls over the water briefly takes an equine-like manifestation sporting a horn much in the same shape as the knight's divine sword before it crashes headlong into the electrical dragon surge.

The collision of two almost polar opposite forces is enough to cause a tremendous underwater explosion. Even if she spared them the electrical onslaught the resulting shockwave surging back through the water catchs Athela directly and hurtles her backwards into the grimy seabed once more.

Her Pokemon fair only slightly better, as Samurott dove to shield the smaller Vaporeon with his larger, armor-clad form. That's still taking a fair share of pounding from all the other deep sea debris being flung up in the submersive blastwave.

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
That's...that's a lot of backblast! Even as Yari writhes in her own underwater backblast, as the crashing wave of water and pure power from Athela's strike bursts through her lightning-dragon more than enought to disperse it! Equines and dragons war, and send water surges towards both that blow them back, and Yari is eventually added to the foam above as she washes vaguely upwards by the water's boyancey.

Truly, the clash of dragon and unicorn meet with a frothing, furious wash of water towards anyone nearby, leaving up a wave of frothing salty water that Yari's body wakes across, leaving her wobbling above the surfaces. She flicks one final, single needle towards the knightess just before she falls unconscious amidst the waves!

It's a simple paralytic needle, designed to incapacitate rather than kill. Truly, the ninja has offer her final strike with sympathy.

Metal Man (11) has posed:
Metal Man is now engaged with Reina along with Buvvle Man but it's taking them both to keep her busy at all and he knows it the Lighting under water? Metalgets a Oh you didn't just do this! While he and Bubble Man have surge protectotr theya re still being hit with lightning bolts under water but Given Metal Man has reached out? Reina might get zotted by her own /blot/ if he can get ahold of her again!

Reina Kinney has posed:
Reina does get caught by the blot, but there's a surprise in store for Metal Man. Because even though Reina's weak against electricity, her wetsuit is reinforced to absorb electricity. So the effect is nullified entirely! She turns to give a sly wink as if to say, "Too bad!" Before swimming back towards the shore. "That was pretty good, actually... But still..." Something seems wrong to her...

Xiaomu (707) has posed:
Nurarihyon lets out a breath ... then smirks. "You can't stop Ouma's victory, you know. You might have one of the fragments, but Ouma alrady has the first, and I'm sure the third will be in our hands shortly. That only leaves the fourth, and you couldn't guess where *that* is if it were right under your noses ... your precious day of human dominance is coming to an end, the sun rests on the horizon. Soon, night will fall, and with that, youkai will rule this world once more." He flicks a hand, releasing his power's hold on the estate's human inhabitants.

The charm he placed on those paper tassles dissolves at the same moment - but by this point, Kirikou and Camilla should already be close enough to the fragment to see it for themselves. Technically, this one is supposed to be delivered to an Ouma representative instead of the Confederacy hanging onto it, but since Nurarihyon is shortly going to be either in Shinra's custody, or gone from the immediate area, the Confederates might wind up hanging onto this one too ...

Athela Valemore has posed:
Athela Valemore glubs as she breaks through the frothing waters and spits a short fountain of it out. Just because she can magically breath under water doesn't mean she wants her lungs full of it! Now where did that ninja g--

Even on the brink of unconciousness Yari's aim is exceptional, the paralytic needle catching the young woman in the neck before she can dive back down. Accursed status effects! Not being hindered in movement in water doesn't do a lick of good when you can't move at all!

Good thing her pokemon are there, but even they realize there is not much they can do that wouldn't put their incapacitated trainer at risk. Sprite grabs Athela's cloak with her teeth to pull the knight up onto Lancer's back, and at least hold her there while he swims them back to shore.

Hopefully the mansion part of the mission went better for them.

Reiji Arisu has posed:
"So what if the sun sets?" Reiji asks with a slight smile. "That's why we invented lightbulbs. As for the fourth fragment... I'm sure we'll find our way there, one way or another. Or did you think you were the only ones with an intelligence apparatus?"

After all, they do have ways to get the information they need.

Metal Man (11) has posed:
Metal Man is locked in combat and Reina has manqage to avoid it and she's able to get lose and pullback she lets her go as she's heading to shore away from the objective he's done what he's needed to do so he lets her go. He's damaged so is Bubble but they are functional still they turn to follow after thier allies with Bubble Man being the most likely to catch up first.

<<We're lucky the Doctor does not skimp in Surge Protectors>>

<<Aye we are! Who builds combat robots that are weak against lightning?!>>

Okay wily has but generally it's due to some issue with their robot's payload that makes it unavoidable.