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The Ghost of the Third World War
Date of Scene: 28 August 2014
Location: Asian Plains
Synopsis: Kotone show Inga an dark truth of many modern worlds. War never changes but the means of how it is, do. The means on Kotone's world like many involve the horror of nuclear weapons.
Cast of Characters: Kotone Yamakawa, 279, 319, 437, 492, Inga

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Ghost in the Shell Earth
New Port Japan

New Port was a very young city, it was less than 50 years old and had grown out of an artificial island near what used to be Tokyo it had thrived while Tokyo it self had ... met an unfortunate end and that was part of why Kotone had invited Inga here she needed to show her something. It was evening and the lights were coming on the city was a wash of brightly coloured neon signs, street lights and so many other forms of light. People of all sorts were going about their business as she moved towards the shoreline there's a reason they need a boat to get where they are going.

The people might get notice from people some have clearly integrated mechanical parts, vets of the last two world wars most likely, or other armed conflicts and the population is a bit more mixed than one might expect from Japan as well, my how things change in some worlds. Kotone's fashion stands out slight but not as insanely so as one might expect.

"Inga welcome to New Port....this is just a stop on the trip, what I want to talk about? You need to see what I'm talking about."

Also of note there's massive building reaching several hundred meters in some cases up into the skies lighting up the night with all the windows with residents or people still at work in the office. For those who don't know Kotone she would appear to be a young Japanese woman with light blue hair and is waring a slightly showy outfit.

Blurr (492) has posed:
    There's a familiar vehicle moving down the street toward Kotone, one that she and maybe Inga probably recognize. It's a blue and white, very slick-looking hover speeder, very modern appearing and technologically advanced. As such, it probably fits right into this particular setting. How could such a large being hide in plain sight? Well there's your answer.

Maxine Sandberg (279) has posed:
Maxine decided to check in on how Kotone's doing. Plus, she hasn't seen her friend in a while and needs to get how of the lab. Plus, she needs to spend some time with Annie. She's clearly a bit tired from the long hours she's been putting in lately. It takes her eyes a moment to adjust to all the light. She smiles upon seeing the cybernetically-enchanced woman along with someone she hasn't met yet. "Hello, it's been a while."

Inga has posed:
Kotone may stand out slightly in the crowd, but Inga? Inga looks as though she wandered straight out of the dark ages.

Because, well, she did.

The young woman moves along side Kotone, putting up with the stares at her strange attire. For there she is, walking through the neon glow in a long green dress made from a soft wool, carefully embroidered with knotwork along the hem and straight neckline, pinned at the shoulders with two silver brooches. Beneath the apron-style overdress she wears a white linen shift. The outfit is belted at the waist with a woven band of red and white from which hang a curved knife, a straight knife, and several pouches. She carries in her hand a wooden staff carved with runes that hse leans on to help her walk, a limping gait evident as she moves through the streets with Kotone, her hazel eyes wide and staring, trying to take it all in.

"I have never seen so many people in one place--nor a city so large," she breathes. "I don't suppose we might...fight somewhere to sit?" she asks Kotone.

Inga looks ahead then, catching sight of Blurr. She starts at first, but shakes her head, recognizing the strange metal giant-kin. "Ah, a familiar..." well, not really 'face' "A familiar being. Greetings to you Blurr," she says.

Unsurprisingly, Kotone is known by people here. Inga looks toward Maxine and nods to her, leaning a little more heavily on her staff.

Annie Sandberg (437) has posed:
     Annie had already visited here and was familiar with the area, but she was still following along behind Maxine. It made it clear that they were a group. She waves happily to Kotone. "Hi again!" she calls out. She also doesn't know who Inga is, but looks like she wouldn't mind finding out. She then looks toward Fayt, giving him a wave as well.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
There are several posts online about her already with millions a questions about this the prevailing theory is some stunt for an upcoming move, or LARP group, and they go round and round. Not that Kotone is paying much attention to it. She looks over to Inga and smiles a little bit at her.

"We're almost there there's something I want you to be able to see It's important to what I want to talk to you about."

She also starting to catch on Inga isn't the only off worlder here right now. Blurr is spotted as is Maxine, the stuff getter aka Fayt isn't noticed just yet and then Annie drops in. Kotone is looking rather shocked at this.

"... I was not expecting so many guests but if you wish you can hear it too."

Fayt would have no hard time finding them as the reached the water's edge and there's a few park benches which Kotone moves towards to sit.

"I didn't expect so many people but ... it's all right."

Inga has posed:
Inga blinks, sighing softly. A little farther? "My hips hurt, I'm sitting," she informs Kotone, looking around to at least find somewhere to perch briefly. "Besides, it seems you have company and introductions may be necessary," she adds.

Inga looks toward Maxine and Annie, smiling softly. "Kotone has something to show me, but surely she wouldn't mind being detained for a bit," she says, glancing toward Kotone meaningfully. Inga is stubborn, and until she can rest a bit, she isn't budging. "I am Inga, daughter of Freya," she introduces. She feels like she should say more, but adding 'I'm new here' seems rather obvious.

Maxine Sandberg (279) has posed:
"Is something going on?" Maxine wasn't expecting that. "It's a pleasure to meet you Inga, I'm Maxine Sandberg and this is my daughter, Annie." She offers a hand to Inga smiling. She finally notices Blurr as well, "Sorry, I didn't see you earlier."

Blurr (492) has posed:
    Blurr drives up to the group as Kotone and Inga recognize him. The car starts to talk to them, and it might draw a few strange looks, but who knows maybe this world has talking cars too. "Inga, Kotone." he greets. "And Maxine, I think I saw you at Stark's residence before. So how's Kingsmouth? You guys figure out where those things were coming from yet?"

Annie Sandberg (437) has posed:
Annie smiles toward Inga. "It's nice to meet you, Inga!" she says. "Yeah, what's happening?" she asks, approaching Kotone and Inga. "Is it something fun?" She then looks toward Blurr. The car recognized her mom, oddly enough. She's not sure what "Kingsmouth" is, or if her mother even has anything to do with it. But apparently the others do.

Inga has posed:
Inga has actually grown sort of accustomed to talking vehicals...well, as much as she could be, considering just how alien even cars are to her, nevermind talking ones. In absence of a seat, Inga leans against a nearby wall. "We've made some discoveries, but it seems there are many more mysterious still unfolding in Kingsmouth. We have...observed that the draug breed, and how," she replies, unable to hide a bit of distaste at the memory.

Inga smiles to the mouther and daughter. "A pleasure, Maxine, Annie. Kingsmouth is a town that is...experiencing a problem with the undead, among other things. We are trying to solve the problem, but it is a rather large one," she explains with a quiet sigh.

"As to what we are doing, I suppose you must ask Kotone. She is taking me to see something--I don't think 'fun' is actually what is planned," she replies. Fun? What even /is/ that? The last time Inga had any fun was perhaps spending time with Eleanor's sisters. Its all work work work, zombies zombies, and painfully reminders that she's far from home.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa has moved to sit down and she listens to Blurr a moment longer.

"No we haven't got much on it."

She looks to Inga and the others and frowns.

"No it wasn't intend for fun, they say seeing is believing and honestly after I would like to do something that might be fun for you. I bet you might get a kick out of some of the local food."

she leans back and it seems she came prepared as she's got a pair of binoculars in one of her pockets.

"Maxine, Annie, Blurr. Well I'd come to explain to Inga about my views on war and why. Also given what the modern world could do to it self."

She passes the modern spy glass to inga and gives her a quick explanation of how to use them.

"look out over the water in that direction can you see what's out there Ruins of a city destroyed back when I was a child."

One can see the ruins of old Tokyo ruined buildings jutting out of the water and one might see large construction machinery working to reclaim the area depending on the sport your looking at but the city ruins seem to be more vast than New Port.

Maxine Sandberg (279) has posed:
"I have to admit, I'm not that familiar with the undead." They don't have them where Maxine's from after all. "If there's anything I can do to help please let me know." Maybe there's something she can to assist. "Thankfully it's relatively peaceful where we're from."

"It's unfortunate you had to go through that." She looks at the ruins and frowns. "Of course I haven't had the best experience when it comes to weapons myself."

Blurr (492) has posed:
    "Oh, so it's viviparous reproduction?" Blurr asks, upon hearing about the breeding. "Hm. Any idea if someone brought them to the island, or if they're just overpopulating?"

    He looks out over the water in the direction Kotone is pointing when she mentions the ruins. "War, I take it?" Because that's what it looks like. A war-torn world, just like his dead home planet, Cybertron. "Well at least your planet still has some nice areas that haven't been torn apart by war. Because mine certainly doesn't."

Annie Sandberg (437) has posed:
     Annie nods in agreement with Maxine. Granted she's a bit more familiar with supernatural monsters and such, due to her father's background, but the undead aren't really in the same area. She looks over at the ruins, pondering it. "It's really sad," she says. "I'd like to do something to help either of you too. But, I don't know what I can do myself."

Inga has posed:
Inga takes the spyglass, examining it for a moment before she mimics Kotone and brings it to her eyes. "Odin's bones!" she she curses, pulling the glass away for a moment, shaking her head. That was incredibly disorienting! She tries again, giving it a moment so she can get used to it. "This is rather remarkable, to see something so far...of course, a familiar would be excellent as well..." she trails off, finding the spot Kotone referred to.

A wasteland. The building lying still and crumbling like the broken bones of a giant, jutting up toward the air in jagged defiance. "Gods...." she breathes. "It looks to have been...gigantic," she says, stiffening suddely. Her whole body grows rigid, Inga falling silent. After a moment, she begins to shake, the spyglass lowering.

Kotone at least would recognize that Inga is having a vision, her eyes rolled back in her head, lids twitching. Then, she speaks; "Fire...fire from the sky. A great cloud of destruction. One weeps, one turns his eyes away, his wings like the eagle. Not even the ravens come. Sickness...death...the folly," she says, her voice distant.

She comes out of the trance, her face drained of color, her shoulders slumping as she lets her head hang forward. Her whole body is shaking. "...This world is terrible," she says quietly.

Inga draws herself back together, straightening.

She doesn't know what to say.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa frowns a little bit.

"We almost destroyed oursleves when I was a child...we pulled back and a miracle happened. A think tank figured out a way to ... clean up the worst of it and .... "

she moves looking at Inga she frowns and does the only thing that comes in to her minv she ties to hug Inga is the only thing she can think of to do here. She hadn't intended to scar Inga, but what was she thinking Inga was from a time where engagment while horrible didn't hit the scale of carnage a modern world like her's had become or Kotone's so she's just going ot hug her now.

Maxine Sandberg (279) has posed:
Maxine's a bit confused at Inga's reaction. "Can you see into the past Inga?" That's about the only thing that would explain what just happened. "Maybe, it's a good thing I changed careers. There's no telling what might have happened if I hadn't. It might be the same as what happened here."

Blurr (492) has posed:
    Blurr is slightly startled by Inga's strange behavior, but he has witnessed it before, so it isn't all that disconcerting. "You think -that's- terrible?" He asks, somewhat incredulous. "Wait til you see -my- planet. But just to give you an idea," he says, pointing over at the ruins. "It's that, except -all- over. Oh, and there are a bunch of failed experiments running rampant, who'll eat anything or anyone they happen to see, smell, or hear."

Annie Sandberg (437) has posed:
     "That's an idea," Annie says. "Maybe we could work on finding ways to stop people from going to war against each other," she suggests. "It sounds like that's something that we all want. I bet even a lot of the people who are fighting in the wars would rather not. But... that's a really big problem to solve!" She nods. "Still, it would be nice to try anyway."

Inga has posed:
Inga feels anger rising. Why would Kotone show her this!? Hadn't she seen enough horror?

She's embraced, but doesn't immediately return the gesture, her teeth clenched. The woman takes a deep breath in through her nose and lets out out, calming somewhat. It is part of the journey. Kotone isn't showing her this to scar her or to frighten her. It is important that she understands. "A terrible event. I understand better now what is possible here. Wisdom is often painful, but...I think you for it none the less," she replies, reaching to touch the knife at her belt--not to draw it, just to touch her fingers to the iron, a sort of reassuring gesture. Freya's chosen she may be, but she is feeling the presence of the Old Man rather strongly at the moment.

Inga looks to the others, closing her eyes a moment. "I am sometimes granted a glimpse of the weaving of wyrd; what is, what was, what could still come to pass..." she explains, running her finger along the runes carved on her staff.

To Blurr, she frowns. "I am...very sorry to hear that," she replies.

To Annie, she cracks a smile. "A noble goal. I hope you will be a wise leader when you come of age."

Back to Kotone, Inga frowns. "Is it possible to go over there? I would like to offer sacrifice to the gods, perhaps pray for the dead...or have your people also forgotten about the gods?" she asks, just barely managing to keep complete and utter misery out of her voice.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa is not sure she made the right choice here she just needed to explain to Inga about it.

"I'm not sure I ... made the right call I just ... needed to explain to you and showing was the only way."

She nods to Inga as she wishes to do pray and offer a scafrice for the dead.

"We have not, many relgions leaders of a number of faiths have condemed these weapons and their use...I will help you get out there to do what you wish to do. The ... only good thing is the world has been terrifed about using such weapons..."

Hear Blurr and grimaces more and looks to Maxine and Annie. She wonders if ... she's damaged her friendship with the temporaly lost Viking...

Maxine Sandberg (279) has posed:
"Yes, but it's difficult to get everyone to agree on anything sadly. It only takes one person to start a war." As much as Maxine would like complete peace she knows it's quite unlikely. "Are you sure it's a good idea to get closer?" If Inga's reactioning badly now, getting closer could be dangerous.

Blurr (492) has posed:
    "Uhh..." Blurr glances dubiously at Inga, and nods at Maxine. "I think I'm going to have to agree with Maxine. Besides, it might be dangerous out there, especially with all those crumbling buildings. I wouldn't go out there unless it's absolutely necessary."

Annie Sandberg (437) has posed:
     Annie can't help but giggle a bit at Inga's words. "Um... that's probably not going to happen," she says. "I tried growing up before and I didn't really like it that much. So I'm staying just how I am right now." Besides, children can be influential too, under the right circumstances. Even android children. "Yeah. It doesn't look like there's really anything left over there," she adds to Blurr's comment.

Inga has posed:
Inga reaches out to place a hand on Kotone's shoulder. "It was more powerful than simply telling me. It would have been difficult to believe without seeing. It simply reinforces what I already knew," she replies, pulling herself to her feet with the aid of her staff. "I am glad to hear that someone at least has learned from such things. It would be foolish beyond reason to see such horror and continue to use that power," she adds. She frowns to Blurr. "I am sorry that it went so far on your world. I am glad at least you had somewhere else to go."

Inga waves a dismissive hand toward Maxine, brushing away her concerns. "It is alright. It is not the first tragedy I have seen."

Then Blurr likewise expresses concern. Inga's frown deepens. "Very well, I will do it from this place--provided you can find me a place of relative privacy at least," she comments. Where does one even do ritual here? "I understand livestock is difficult to come by here, so I will make do with liquor. Surely, that is sold here?" Humanity couldn't have changed /that/ much.

A small smile to Annie, though the statement is puzzling. "I believe growing up happens whether we like it or not," she comments.

Blurr (492) has posed:
    "Yeah, millions of years of war will do that to a planet." Blurr comments, trying to sound sort of casual, though he ends up just sounding rather depressed instead. "Earth years, that is." He shakes his head.

    "Yeah, we had somewhere else to go, but I wouldn't be so quick to say I'm glad about it. Especially since countless other planets ended up just like ours because of it. Or worse." Like not even in ruins, because there weren't even ruins left behind. They were just...gone. Nothing more than a few barren asteroids that were once pieces of a planet. "Anyway, I'd better get back to base. It was good seeing you all."

    At that, he folds back up into the car again and drives off, though not quite as fast this time, so as to avoid damaging any buildings with the sonic booms.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa relaxes a good bit.

"I'm glad then and yes we still drink, so long as humans are humans will drink! I can easily get you some and I'll foot the bill, and after that we'll get something to eat on me."

She smiles a little bit and gets up to go do what she can to help Inga with the ritual she wishes to do.

Inga has posed:
Inga smiles anew, some of the burden lifting. "Well that I am glad to hear. Lead the way," she says to Kotone.

She bids Blurr farewell, and the others as well. "A pleasure meeting you both."

Maxine Sandberg (279) has posed:
"Well, there's no need to rush it, Annie." Maxine smiles at that, her daughter's already mature for her age. She figures she explains things more detail another time, it sounded like Inga was busy after all. "Yes, hopefully we can chat again soon. I should have more free time soon." It sounded like there was certainly more for them to talk about.

Annie Sandberg (437) has posed:
"Bye everyone," Annie says, ready to return home. "It was really nice meeting you," she adds to Inga and Blurr.