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Good Night, Moon - Act II
Date of Scene: 01 January 2018
Location: Lumiere
Synopsis: A play in five parts. Part two.
Cast of Characters: 974, 513, Captain Flint, 774, Kushiko, Tomoe, Count Kord

Carna (974) has posed:
    On the tail of the first act, there seems to be a time set aside for intermission as things are set up for the next. They have just the tale of a heroine who came to Lumiere and changed the lot of the Dead who were not of the nobility, and taught some of the nobility what they had forgotten about humility and basic empathy, as construction is now underway to build a church of some kind.

    The blue-black-flamed candles scattered about the edges of the open-air theater are capped and the light from outside the circle of glyphs retreats inwards to restore visibility to those in the seats. A number of the civilian Lanterns seem so utterly shell-shocked by the alien experience, so enthralled, that they are not certain how to react. The warrior Lanterns seem intrigued as well, but regain their senses more quickly once the meager lights come back up.

Finna (513) has posed:
The tale that's been given thus far is far from the sort Finna's used to hearing, but she's saw fit to treat it with full attention. The same she gives to any tale told by the Lunar Elders at a gather!

    For a performance such as this is worth that much respect from her. And focus. Which, as anyone might realize if they know her, she has trouble giving. Restless fox is restless!

    And that might be why Dorian will find himself being subjected to a periodic BUMP on the rear from her white-furred tail swishing back and forth at hyper speed!

    "A home for everyone... a home for everyone... that does soooooouuuuund nice....."

Captain Flint has posed:
"Look there," mutters Flint to Silver with a subtle hand motion. He points out a small group of civilian Lanterns. That a play would have such a profound effect on them, that it would seem so wholly unfamiliar an experience, really conveys the Spartan lifestyles they must live.

     Silver comments on this, his brow briefly furrowing as he leans closer to Flint. "Well," he says, "It's better than the reception this would get in Nassau," he says.

     "Of course," replies Flint. "These people had civilization and lost it. Nassau, however, has never had it and doesn't trust it." He gives a thought to the heroine, and her interaction with the nobles. There were few such people in his world, exceptional enough to get reform at the point of a sword. He'd change that. "I'd wager the average citizen would see something like this as the vanguard of high society attempting to take the island from them, and mock it accordingly. Few people realize art is for everyone," adds the captain with a nod towards the stage hands working to prepare the next scene.

Dorian Pavus (774) has posed:
    It all makes sense to Dorian so far. Then again he's always been of the opinion that prioritizing individual freedoms over making the population at large not be bastards to each other tends to be a bad idea. He shifts in his seat as the lights come back up, and notes the swatting of a fox-tail. That surprises him for a moment, but then he remembers -- Multiverse. He looks in Finna's direction, not bothering with the tailswatting. Tevinter is, after all, the land of mabari -- think 'pitbull crossed with mastiff'; their tails are dangerous. Fox tail is probably slightly less so.

    "Oh, I'm sur eit SOUNDS lovely. But there's always a catch," Dorian replies. "Though at least it's not where I'm from. In Tevinter, you have some crazy bastard rise up and attempt to make life better for everyone, someone will complain that their personal freedoms are being trod upon." In a voice clearly mocking of the kind of person who would want to think it, he says, "'No, let's not lift up the whole society by enforcing things that should be common decency, I'm a rich twat and I want to still be able to take a truncheon to the underclass'." He rolls his eyes a bit. "You know the type. I'm just glad it seemed to go better for her." He tilts his head towards the stage, indicating the heroine.

Kushiko has posed:
It's a long pause before the Tenno elects to properly say anything: after all, that meditative pose of hers, floating as she does, a few feet above the ground. <"Can't help but feel there might be something tragic in the end."> How the Moon came to be, the heroine and her admirers, the conflict to come. The 'heroine' needing to impose her will for the good of others.

She unfolded her feet, the odd 'gaze' of the Orokin-enhanced Mag sweeping towards the warriors and civilians alike, momentarily pausing on those multiversally originated, particularly as Dorian puts to words of what she's thinking. <"But there's more to this play, so maybe... might not go that well.">

Tomoe has posed:
Tomoe is enjoying the show so far it's bene pretty enteraining and she's got a feeling this might tell a bit of this world's lost history in a way. She pauses at Flint's comment about art is for everyone. "I have to agree there, though the art fan and the worker might take something different from it."

Carna (974) has posed:
    There is some further time to discuss and interact before the next act. When it begins, the lights dim once more, to be replaced with that faint midnight hue. The narrator speaks once more. "Though none could measure, much time passed. Changes were wrought upon Lumiere, and the system that had once replaced rule by king continued to collapse. In the midst of it, the many temples scattered throught Lostrata began to lose the Light of the gods they were devoted to. This left the people who relied upon the miracles of their patrons in chaos and confusion."

    The curtains open upon a silhouetted background of a vast open space laid out beyond a cliff or platform of some kind, a monumental palace in the distance with many needle-like towers. Detail is hard to make out because the background is likely constructed from paper or cardboard or carved wood, but it is enough to imply tremendous scale given the smaller buildings and towers at the palace's base, indicated through back-lighting with candles.

    "But then rumors began of a new god. One whom the heroine knew. She and her followers went forth to confront this god and learn their purpose in coming to Lostrata."

    The heroine walks out onto the platform, perhaps slightly more developed than the young woman who was in the first act, or at least taller. Followed after by others in all-black to mask their forms, with only their piecemeal armor to indicate their bodies, and featureless white masks for faces.

    "'Come forth, God of Invention. I wish to speak with you and learn your intentions.' called the heroine."

    A pillar of golden light begins to shine down from above, as a horned figure completely in pale armor, with a sharp-mouthed and slit-eyed mask is lowered down on a pulley system or something.

    "'I respond to your call as you are familiar, but I do not heed demands. Ask what you wish of me with due respect, and I shall answer.'"

Finna (513) has posed:
"ooooooof." What a downer, Dorian. That's the message contained in the scorny look - almost pouty really - that Finna sends at him. Glowering, 'kill the assholes with faceripping' is the gist of what one gets from that look.

    "Do let me know of any sorts like that? Especially if they're rich, hm?" She asides to him after snorting in disgust. Yes, the request's made in an almost sweet tone.

    What could she be planning?

    She quiets instantly as the play continues... and eyes widen at the idea of, temples losing their gods? How?

    She's left staring up at the gleaming 'God of Invention', garbed in a manner she has SERIOUSLY never seen. A manner that clearly has her puzzled if her series of blinking is any sign. "... the only god left is one of... invention?"

Kushiko has posed:
God of Invention... hn. Perhaps an allegory to the changing times? Given what Kushiko herself has seen, she herself being somewhat technologically 'heavy' herself... squints. Far and further away from here, she squints, leaning forward in her chair, before settling back in.

That motif was familiar. Yet not. She couldn't place it, and it irritated her /not/ to place it, so it would likely bug her the rest of this play. <"Not one that was there from before, I don't think."> she remarks, loud enough for Finna and the others to hear.

Dorian Pavus (774) has posed:
    Dorian nods to Kushiko's words. "Oh, of course it does," he says, of her words of the heroine's work ending badly. His tone says that he's prepared for a tragic ending, in fact. "Can telling people to stop being bastards to each other ever end any way BUT badly?" Dorian is kind of a Negative Nancy at times, though, so... yeah.

    He actually laughs quietly at Finna's look. As for her offer? "If I arranged for everyone in Tevinter who deserved it to suffer an 'accident', there'd be no one left. Including me. We're not all perfect, but there ARE people worth saving there. But if there's any particularly bastard-y ones there that happen to be in the way of progress, I'll definitely let you know." He gives a smile -- an actual smile, mind you. He's grateful for the offer.

    And then the lights dim again. "Oh, here we are," Dorian remarks. "Let's see what horrible fate awaits the heroine, shall we?" He'll go quiet here, and watch to see how the story goes after that. He's genuinely curious. And maybe there's something to be learned here...

Tomoe has posed:
Once the next act starts, Tomoe will go silent as the last time she saw a play really was an affair put on by several theater students caught in SAO. So it's been a really long time and she listens what could she take from this play aside from enjoying herself there seems to be something to it. She muses about the God of Inventions and what that could entail.

Carna (974) has posed:
    Not all of the followers of the heroine seem certain about challenging a god, indicated by the way they mime turning their heads and cupping their mouths to silently whisper to each other. But most of them stand fast with the one they came to defend.

    "'Why have you come to Lostrata, God of Invention?'"

    "'I have felt a presence gathering strength, while many others fall.'"

    "'You believe this growing Power to be the result of the Light of other gods failing -- or the cause?'"

    The armored figure alights upon the ground.

    "'I do not come in judgment. It is answers I seek, not to reinforce assumptions. Do not persecute this Power, and inform those who follow you to abstain from such as well, and also all the people of Lostrata. Whatever the cause or result of the loss of Light, this Wandering Power that travels from place to place, collecting strength, will be met and its intentions measured on their own merit. It is not the way of the God of Invention to destroy a source of knowledge on the basis of fear, suspicion, or a pretentious moral highground.'" Then the god ascends on the line again, as the followers of the heroine bow their heads. The heroine nods at least.

    "And so the heroine and her followers went to the Second Coin of Lostrata, to tell the nobility, for they would likely be the quickest to judge and act on their own behalf, that they were not to confront or incite animosity against what the God of Invention had named the 'Wandering Power'. And the God of Invention went alone to find this Power, and converse with it."

    The background is slid aside to reveal a street somewhere lined with white buildings like an array of temples. The small Power that had been but a child or very short person beneath a sheet crawling about now stands on its own two feet, still concealed, but walking upright.

    "'Here now, here now,' the Wandering Power said to herself. 'The offerings gathered here go to waste. The essence of souls goes stale and dark. The Light has ceased falling and no longer reaches the worshippers. I will take it into my possession for now and share it with these who need it.'"

    The sheet-wearing figure, a single eye hole cut out to look through, seems to be going about with a bowl or basin of some kind and scooping up tin foil tassles from the the ground that reflects the pale spotlight shining down upon her.

Kushiko has posed:
As the play progresses, her head cants slightly, mulling over her own thoughts as much as Dorian's words given. <"Maybe, maybe not. Something feels odd about all this. Grain of truth, isn't it, in all stories?"> Then again, given what memories she /does/ have, the Orokin and others, people were incapable of being anything but bastards. Not that she thought 'bastards'.

There's probably an analogue to her thoughts that's better left unexplored.

<"... though, that same Power as before... maybe she's going to act as she thinks the heroine would and..."> She falls silent, that odd, quiet reverberating voice of hers falling quiet, no longer moving amidst the Elites she knows here.

Dorian Pavus (774) has posed:
    "A kernet of truth to the great nut that is history. But that kernel of truth tends to get caught in people's teeth when trying to digest it," Dorian notes quietly. Not wishing to be rude to other audience members, of course, he keeps his voice only as loud as necessary to carry to Kushiko.

    He also nods to her trailed-off words. They may or may not be thinking the same thing, and either one may or may not be correct. But he watches the play otherwise silently, both feet remaining on the ground, one arm folded over his middle, the other hand (the one wearing the golden-clawed glove) curved against his chin thoughtfully.

Tomoe has posed:
Challenging a god, that's still something thar brin gs Tomoe pause, given how she's been involved in the creation of a world, minorly but still played a part. She should check upon Afterus soon. She leaned back and watches with further intrest her long ears twitching slightly, which she's totally unaware of they were doing.

"There tends to be a bit of truth in legends I find. Painfully so here in the multiverse, like creation works the way my world thought it did..."

Captain Flint has posed:
Flint's brow furrows, his chin stroking at his goatee thoughtfully. He and John Silver both share a pensive look. It seems neither one of them expected the God of Invention to be so... well, reasonable. In Silver's general experience, and in Flint's experience with media from more modern worlds, most stories like this would've set the Power up as an antagonist or a force to be worked against.

     "Oh, shit," mutters John Silver with a grin at seeing the Power. "I think I'm starting to see how this plays out."

     "Perhaps," says Flint, raising his eyebrows and nodding towards the stage. "Perhaps not. It's surprised us twice already."

Finna (513) has posed:
"The Second Coin? That's where we're exploring now, isn't it?" Finna taps the side of her cheek in thought, as numerous such whirl around in her head. But a smile's brought to her face at the God of Invention's given attitude. Not judging a thing based on morals or initial reactions, how very akin to Luna.

    She makes a mental note to keep a sharp eye out for this God of Invention in the future!

    "... The Church of Bleak Mercy?" She wonders under her breath at where this Wandering power might be going with things!

Carna (974) has posed:
    The God of Invention is once again lowered down upon a line to join those already on-stage. "The Wandering Power, so used to going unseen, paid the God of Invention no mind upon his arrival. Not even upon being called out to. But when that divine being stood in her path over and over..."

    What follows is the God of Invention moving in the way of the sheet-wearing figure repeatedly each time she tries to go around or a different direction. "...Even she had to realize that there was one who was aware of her existence."

    "'What's this! What's this! One who is aware of me? Knows me? Can move in rhythm to my wandering will? Such a thing has never happened! Who are you, stranger, that does what no other has done before you?'"

    The God of Invention touches down upon the stage once more. "'If is not I whose identity you should concern yourself with, little Power. Do you know yourself? If so, say to me what you should be called. Self-identification is important, before asking the name of another.'"

    The sheet-garbed thing that has been moving this way and this in excitement pauses in thought. "'I do not know who or what I am. I started off as a feeling that there must be something more. But then I watched that Heroine, and I became a hope that I could do what she could. Then that hope became a thought of what and how to affect change. When I saw there were many who rely upon the Light that falls down upon these buildings to give them guidance, to provide them nourishment for their souls, inspiration when they tire of their existence, and that their offerings were being left upon the altar without being taken, and no more Light was falling, only gathering in little pools, I said quietly to myself the word that was what I should be doing for them.' The Wandering Power stopped then, giving the God of Invention a moment to consider her words."

    The God gestures around at all the temples. "'So, nameless one, Wandering Power, you are defined not by title but by your heart, your thoughts, your words, and your actions. You have taken power from the temples of Athena, and Odin, and Amaterasu, and Vishnu, and Quetzalcoatl, and all of these others. You have, as one, amassed the divine miracles and favor of many, many gods, as well as the essence cast off by those seeking divine guidance. You are not a god, but you are a being that in some ways dwarfs them.'"

    "The small Power did not know what to say. These matters were beyond her understanding. But then this god asked of her the all-important question that would determine her destiny. 'What word did you speak to yourself that tells me what you intend to do?'"

    "The Wandering Power showed no hesitance to this question. She had no idea that there was any particular in store for her, no fear of what might happen if she spoke wrongly, or that there was such a thing as her words being wrong. They were truth. What could they be but good? 'Enlighten.' she said. 'It is my earnest wish, and what I have chosen to do, that I make this place of death and decay bright and full of light, to lift those who wallow in despair up into hope, and teach them how to be good to themselves and others. I wish to Enlighten this place, so that we can all see clearly, even in the dark, and none shall feel they are alone as long as I watch over them.'"

Kushiko has posed:
A 'glance' from the faceless Mag Warframe of Kushiko's towards some of the others, given their words. <"I'm beginning to think this will unfold in a way none of us are fully expecting."> There's hints, there's bits that, given what she, Finna, Dorian, Flint and Tomoe have done here, that it may prove worthwhile to ask later of say, a certain scholar.

Captain Flint has posed:
The names of the gods cause a spark of interest in Flint's eyes. Those are all figures from Earth mythology, sourced from a variety of cultures. Did those beings exist here in some way, or are those names merely tools the playwright used to move the plot along? Though he doesn't know what Kushiko is thinking, the two of them have the same idea. This is something worth bringing up with Enark. The history of this world might be more interesting than he thought, and already it's stranger than most he's been to. It's like a mundane world tilted on its side by some magical force. If the way the captain leans forward and rests his chin upon a hand is any indication, he's enthralled.

Count Kord has posed:
    Kord frowns a bit at the mention of gods that he doesn't recognize beyond what mention he's heard in the Multiverse so far. He shifts about in his seat some and follows the Wandering Power's movements, as its presence seems to represent something he has yet to see or experience. "Bloody Earth mythology," he complains aloud, reaching up to rub at his stubbled jaw with one of his gauntlets, careful not to scratch himself with the claws he's got on them. "What is a 'Vishnu' anyways...?" By this point, a soft red glow shines and a Murkrow manifests on his shoulder. The creature is greying, and almost crackles like a proper crow, but refrains from doing so when she realizes that there's a show going on.
    And because Kord reaches up to pet her without looking away from the play.

Tomoe has posed:
Tomoe totally gets things beyond her understanding, she's not sure how it's going to pan out and there's some odd names that come up? She raies one eyuebrow here still there's more life on this stage than, some shows put on by the living have. She is paying close attentiona and wonders about this world a world that saw her coming before her earth likely existed...

Dorian Pavus (774) has posed:
TIt's a thoughtful look Dorian's got on his face here, even though he isn't speaking just yet. Well, half thoughtful and maybe a bit of a frown. Dismay? Is he upset? It's hard to tell; the expression is pensive however.

Finna (513) has posed:
This turn of events brings a smile to Finna's face. Someone watching over everything is a nice idea. If only it were a LITTLE more true.. but not TOO much...

    She nibbles on her lip at this idea, unsure where her loyalties and philosophies ought to lie. Taking care of everyone isn't the way of her patron... not so directly. Right?

    "Something grander than a god? What could that even BE?" Is all she's willing to float at this point.

Carna (974) has posed:
    The God of Invention, golden-armored, horned, jagged-mawed, slit-eyed, seems as thoug he could have been a more intimidating figure than how he conducts himself, even in this scrap-metal costume patterned after ancient legend. But there is nothing intimidating about his answer. "'You have gathered much power. But you have nowhere to hold it all. To simply sprinkle it lightly upon others will accomplish only minor good, barely better than simple luck, and there are many bad in Lumiere who might try to take it from you for their own purposes. To do the greatest good, you must concentrate this Light you have gathered, to assemble it into a vessel, so that you may share it. In that Light, they can learn, seek knowledge, and not be lost in the dark when they try to find who they are in beyond a name and a form.'"

    The Wandering Power tilts to the side. "'How would I go about obtaining such a vessel?' this new Power queried. The God of Invention answered, 'I shall build you a vessel in the sky. A Wandering Eye for the Wandering Power, to watch over all of Lostrata, and cast your Light down upon them. Perhaps, in time, you will watch over all of Lumiere.'"

    The god then offers his golden-clawed hand, superficially similar to Dorian's glove in a way, to the sheet-covered figure, and she accepts with her sheet-covered hand in turn. "'I shall give you a name. It is fitting, since you will soon have a vessel to be recognized by as well. It will give the people something to call you by. Perhaps... Luna.'"

    The newly-named Luna tries the name out a few times. "'Luna. Luna. It is a nice name. Or I think it is a nice name, as I have never had another. But now that I have a name to offer, can you tell me yours?'"

    The God of Invention turns as he begins to lead Luna away off-stage. "'I am known by many names. The God of Invention is my title... But you may call me Cro.'"

    The lights dim except on a large moon replica laid out in blue lines, almost like a blueprint, that begins to descend from above the stage, hanging there, until the stage lights go out completely and the curtains close, signifying the end of Act II.

Captain Flint has posed:
John Silver is the first of the two pirates to start clapping, and he does so with a smile. Flint, pleasantly surprised, joins in with him. "Well?" asks the older pirate, in the midst of applauding. "Did it go the way you thought it would?"

     "Sort of," says Silver with a shrug. "I didn't expect the god of invention to invent the moon for Luna. But I did figure that Power was her."

     The play does raise some interesting questions. For instance, how does the Light play into this? Most worlds have a day and a night--and it sounds like this Light is both a metaphor for enlightenment and a representation of the daylight. "I'm interested to see what comes of the relationship between Luna and this 'Light,'" says Flint. "And what the god of invention's motive is."

     "You don't think it's simple altruism?"

     Flint chuckles at that. "It's possible, I suppose," says the captain. "But, ask Finna if she thinks that's the case. Or Mr. Pavus." Evidently, he imagines the two of them would agree. "We'll see," says the captain, resting his arms on the surface of the desk he's seated in. Makeshift theatre seating is quite the experience.

Kushiko has posed:
A soft, quiet clapping does follow at the conclusion of this act--mostly due to Flint clapping. She's never gone to a play herself, after all. Nonetheless as more pieces fall into place, she's a little less cynical, but more quietly contemplative. 'Cro'. Crow.

<"Makes me /really/ wonder what these guys were able to learn,"> she murmurs softly. <"It's... weird, though. The Moon holds special significance for me, for us, as well. We know it as Lua."> It's a little introspective wonder, given the gleaming gold of Cro, and Luna, the moon. It cleaves... a little closer to home than she'd readily surrender. Which goes beyond her usual enigmatic self anyways.

Dorian Pavus (774) has posed:
    Dorian also offers applause as the curtains close on the second act. It's a slightly metallic sound thanks to the metal bits on his glove, but it's applause nonetheless. He's been keeping mental notes about the story so far. It's certainly interesting. And it raises quite a few questions. But finding the right person to ask would be difficult. Besides, some may get answered in the course of the play.

    With the whole 'hole in the sky' bit in his own world keeping him busy, Dorian's missed quite a few matters in Lumiere, so he isn't exactly sure where all this fits in, but there's probably more to it than he can just 'just ask' anyone about. Perhaps he'll be able to catch up and it will eventually settle into something he can make some sense out of...

Finna (513) has posed:
SPLUTTER! Finna's left pretty flabbergasted. This is what the Moon of this place represents? Hope? Enlightenment? Guidance? But what she heard, she wasn't expecting at all. It leaves her staring dumbfoundedly, jaw gaping a little. When she finally shuts it, it's because of her sharp ears hearing Flint say what he does... she shakes her head rapidly as if to clear it.

    "Ooooosh. Don't know WHAT to think down here anymore. Everything I know is topsy-turvy! Gods... Gods, in Creation, they do what they do because it is what they are. A God of Invention will make things... or sponsor making new things... because the more new things that come about, the more they are glorified. Like... a god of drunken stupors wants more people to get drunk. Might be nice, might not. Doesn't matter. Making sure people get drunk is priority one! But some gods are nice. Some gods care."

    She then goes on to add, smiling, "... I think this one cares." Because that name. THAT NAME.

    They really need to find that mischievious little shadow!

    Hearing others clap, she chides herself for fogetting such a basic courtesy and joins in with all honesty!

Tomoe has posed:
Tomoe watche as new players join the play the talk of Luna? That does get her attention, she joins the Captain and his men in apluading the act and seems to have enjouned this so far she wonders where this is going and this is one of her better visists to this strange and broken afterlife.