5625/Good Night, Moon - Act III

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Good Night, Moon - Act III
Date of Scene: 06 January 2018
Location: Lumiere
Synopsis: A play in five parts. Part three.
Cast of Characters: 974, Count Kord, 774, Captain Flint, Kushiko, Tomoe, 513

Carna (974) has posed:
    What has just finishes is the tale of the God of Invention and the birth of what some of those here know as the Power of the Moon that has made itself known and guided them. The first's name, at the very end, was given as Cro, the latter, Luna. Of course, Cro and Crow sound the same when said out loud, so it's not as though those familiar with a little Shadow by that same name can tell the difference.

    All in all, Act II can be interpreted many ways, as it is, supposedly, a real historical occurrence and thus might not have an explicit moral to it. This is a telling of something that Actually Happened, no matter how theatrical the dressing up of it may be. What the Narrator said when she introduced the performance, as a member of the Midnight Troupe, 'Action, romance, intrigue, hope, and tragedy. It is a story of vengeance unfulfilled, love unrequited, mistakes made, and the consequences of yearning for what one can not obtain. But it is also a story of sacrifice, wishes granted, friendship, and second chances. the story of how the Moon came to be in Lumiere, of a heroine, and her admirers, and the conflict that would spawn when two friends became rival kings.'

    They are two acts in, but nothing truly bad has happened yet.

    The light level is normal again, or at least 'normal for Lumiere', with the associated electric and magical lights scavenged or provided by outsiders to make the Tacet Sanctos less dim. The blue-black flamed candles that seem to push away other light sources than themselves are capped once more.

    They would be going directly into the next act shortly, in all likelihood, if not for the decision on the parts of some here to do something with unforeseen consequences.

    Captain Flint, his companion, Kushiko, and Finna, all clapped at the end of the second act.

    And the Lanterns react with the same startlement and wariness and sheer shock that they did in response to first hearing music, at the very start. The actual warrior Lanterns draw weapons on the clappers, while the civilian Lanterns appear confused and frightened, turning in their mish-mash of seats to find the source of the sounds.

    It appears that, like music, clapping, such a simple, mundane act, is such an alien sound and behavior here, totally unexperienced, that the Dead have no idea what to make of it.

Count Kord has posed:
    Kord, of course, didn't bother to clap. He isn't comfortable here among all the Lanterns and never has been. He's known far too well about how they think, about how they could attack him at any moment if it suited them to do so. All it would take is someone convincing them that it was better to murder him than let him continue operating here.

    He keeps his eyes up on the play, a pensive frown on his face. The revelation of 'Cro' being named makes him murmur to himself.

    "Is that shadow a god of invention...? There has to be more to this..."

    He sniffs in and straightens in his seat, and waits for the next part. The other shoe, he feels, hasn't dropped.

Dorian Pavus (774) has posed:
    Dorian had started to clap, but when he noticed the reaction of the Lanterns here -- particularly the warrior sorts -- Dorian raises his hands as if to show they're empty. "Calm yourself, calm yourself. They're showing appreciation for the actors," Dorian explains quickly.

    Here he smirks a bit, and with characteristic snark, "Do please put your weapons away, this has been a lovely play and it would be a shame for there to be bloodshed. Or at least, if you MUST draw blood, might you at least wait until AFTER the play?" He's messing about a little, but he doesn't look like he's going to get up and attack anyone.

Captain Flint has posed:
Captain Flint is not the sort of man to take a threat lying down. Having weapons drawn on him is absolutely seen as a threat, and it is a mixture of resignation and anger that he reaches for his pistol. His hand reaches into his coat, only to be stopped by Silver's.

     "Wait," says the younger pirate, making eye contact with the seasoned captain.

     Flint doesn't like being prevented from acting in such a fashion. That much is evident in the thin-lipped scowl upon his face, and the coldness in his seafoam eyes. Those eyes issue a challenge to Silver: he'd better have a good reason.

     Silver, ever the survivor, is quick to appeal to Flint's sense of reason. "Look, this place is a shithole." Anyone without Flint's monstrous temper could see that the applause must've startled the Lanterns. But he can't be so blunt with someone so prone to violent outbursts. "Even worse than Nassau. These people haven't had anything to laugh about in a long time. Much less, anything worth applause."

     That seems to break through to him. The captain's grip on his pistol eases, and he leans back in his desk.

     "It's alright," calls Silver uncertainly. He's trying his best to ease the crowd, though he does give a very put-upon roll of his eyes at Dorian's smarmy remark. "It's alright," he assures once more. The pirate doesn't sound too sure of himself, but he's new to piracy and even newer to the Multiverse. "It's just applause. It's... something you do when you appreciate a performance."

Kushiko has posed:
<"What was, or could have been."> Kushiko muses aloud. <"Or... given the way 'life' and the like work here, maybe he's not wholly unique."> The Tenno shrugs her shoulders a little bit. Her place in the audience is slightly off to one side, since her meditative hovering means she doesn't need to occupy a seat while she's here as Mag.

Nonetheless, with this build up, she can't dismiss the unease that's been growing ever since. Indeed, as Kord feels, there's another shoe to drop--but what, could be worser than any of them have an inkling of.

As to the Lanterns drawing weapons on her and the others for clapping, it doesn't occur to her to see them as threats--not in the traditional sense. Dorian's words more or less accomplish what she would say, though she adds, <"I... kind of followed what they did, honestly. Seemed like the thing to do to show that appreciation thing, you know?">

... is she for real?

Tomoe has posed:
There was a missunderstanding her as the Laterns just turn upon them she tries to make a gesture, thankfully Silver is quick to explain things something she never thought she'd have to to. "It's a sign of praising actors for a good performace I didn't mean to startle anyone." Tomoe moves to sit right the hell back down and quiet up wondering what normal living thing might spook the dead here. It was something to think about but foir now she had to taken in with the play and hopes she does not get into a fight...

Finna (513) has posed:
Having nearby Lanterns pull out weapons causes Finna to abrubtly cease between claps, hands frozen in the motion. Her gaze swiftly roams around for anyone who's actually ready to attack.. and finding none, she swiftly resumes and finishes the round of applause! ... and promptly re-seats herself.

    "Don't worry about them! Don't worry a bit! Who knows when they last heard a good story?"

Carna (974) has posed:
    No one seems particularly impressed with Dorian's response. Though whether some of them can even read sarcasm and condesceion in a voice may be unclear, they are clearly processing the noise stimulus of the clapping differently than most would and do not seem to just accept his explanation blindly. The attempt at drawing a pistol wasn't missed by the way a very large sword is twitched towards Flint, but the continued attempts at talking them down, explaining, being non-aggressive and non-retaliatory, eventually wins the day and prevetns what might have otherwise ruined the play from occurring. Weapons are sheathed. While some may still be wary of the sharp reports of palms colliding like the cracking of rocks against skulls, they seem to have at least accepted that it has no immediate consequences for them if others engage in it, and it stops being important on that basis.

    The simpler-minded civilians transition from fear and startlement to forgetting about it completely when the lights start to dim again, and attention is drawn back to the stage, perhaps a bit more swiftly than the previous times. Rushing on the part of the performers to mollify the audience?

    The scene this time opens on a large ring-shaped object as a background, lined in sketchy 'runes' drawn in whatever they could find that shows up well in low lighting. Glitter pen, glue and sequins, grayish 'white' paint, and so on.

    The narrator begins to speak, keeping her high voice soft and calm, emphasizing just right the words she wishes to create an impression of, while directing it to everyone. The very epitome of a story teller's oration. She is clearly experienced at grabbing attention and holding it. Bells, some small and tinkling, others larger, ring in the background, as she lays out the story. "Long had Lostrata gone without a king, since its last. Once, kings were chosen by the gods -- one for each of the Five Candles. They could be man, woman, or other. They could be child, adult, or elder. There was even a tale that a prior king of the Third Candle was an infant, the Miracle of Serratia. But with the gods now absent aside certain few, there were none to appoint a new king of Lostrata. Until two souls appeared."

    The solid black within the ring ripples and flutters, revealing it is some sort of fabric, and then two actors brush it aside as they step forth onto the stage. Of roughly even height, though one thinner, and the other more athletic. They both wear masks like the performers before them, one marked with the face of a dour-looking stern man, the other more light-hearted and regal seeming. Though in truth, the faces are nearly identical, differentiated solely by the angling of lines on the eyes and mouth, and the body language of each performer.

Count Kord has posed:
    Kord's strange eyes shift about, the soft glow in the dark evident even as the lights shine on the crowd. He frowns at the explanation of kings being appointed. His eyes drop in thought about the crown he has in his possession. The Crimson King's crown, the one ruling this candle. He considers the echoes of the god, Los, he had witnessed... "... had someone been chosen in that moment? One of us? Was that really him?"

    What's notable here is that the perfection of his place in that role hasn't occurred to him. He doesn't want it, despite having the crown. Not now. He's got other priorities.

    He lifts his eyes and flicks them, momentarily, to look in Kushiko's direction, as his thoughts wander back to the supposed tragedy.

    He hadn't budged for the threat of the Lanterns and their weapons. He's too used to the way they behave by now.

Captain Flint has posed:
Flint settles into a kind of simmering resentment, after a few tense moments. The beginning of the next act serves to pacify him just as much as it pacifies the nearby Lanterns. Eventually, the scowl on his face disappears, and he returns to a more neutral demeanor. The hand that had been creeping towards his pistol rises to rest upon his chin.

     It would appear this act is going to explore the conflict between the two rival kings. There might even be the beginnings of interaction between Crow, Luna, the heroine and these two kings. Perhaps that's what causes the conflict?

Finna (513) has posed:
Tales such as these are what bring sense to the history of this forsaken realm, and finally Finna feels as though the timeline and history of this place are beginning to make sense in her mind. It fills her with eagerness to hear more which shows as a building grin on the foxgirl's face. Once again her tail starts wagging - and unintentionally thwacking Dorian in the back at times!

    "Just WHERE did Crow end up at... maybe he could tell us more. Ooooohgh, this is frustrating. Is this ring supposed to be the moon...?"

Dorian Pavus (774) has posed:
    Dorian breathes a sigh of relief when things calm. He wasn't really looking for a reaction to his comment -- or if they did have one, he was hoping for anything negative to come HIS way instead of others', to spare them having to deal with it.

    But, as things calm down again, he settles again to watch the third act. And generally ignoring Finna's tail-thwacking. Though a particularly firm thwack does make him adjust his cloak so that it makes more of a cushion against it. Finna's not a fox, and her tail is (assumedly) proportionately sized. So it's liable to hurt if he gets hit with it more than a few times.

Kushiko has posed:
<"Somehow, I don't think he could,"> comes the words from the Tenno towards Finna. While they haven't had the best of relationships, given her involvement in matters here, it stands to reason to perhaps thaw out those chilly relations. Or at least try to.

Nonetheless, she heaves an audible sigh, even if the Warframe itself doesn't, quietly looking on as the Lanterns seem to finally calm. Electromagnetic energy that had been growing begins to subside properly, a slight *tingle* in the air that some here might realize was present. As much as she seemed to not be hostile, there was something very well hidden from the ninja.

Tomoe has posed:
Tomoe just sits down and enjoys herself for now hoping she does not getting attacked but the play contiunes on no one's been attacked right? She sits back and watches with intrest once more. Still she's got an idea of how much these people have lost though. She tries to not set off the local members of the audiance while she does. She starts to get some new ideas abotu the play as well. Still she's quite enterained by it.

Carna (974) has posed:
    "In those times, the name of a soul was determined when they first arrived in Lumiere. The name of the first was a homage to the Eternal Prophet himself, Los. The name of the second, also a homage, to the mythical source of Light that was named after mighty Los... Sol." A faint light shines down from above the stage, out of sight, illuminating first one, then the other, when the names are offered. The one that seems more regal, on the right, is Sol. The other, the one more sorrowful and disdainful, Los.

    Hearing the name of Los causes murmurings and response from the captivated Lanterns for the first time since the play began. They have remained silent through the first two acts except during the intermissions.

    Just hearing the name of Los is enough to break them from their trance and send them into whispered conversations.

    When a red light is cast down to the left and begins to track across the stage, with the Heroine from the first two Acts beneath it, they fall back into silence. "The Heroine, aware of the unrest and chaos that had begun to grow in the absence of both gods and kings, set out to gather souls who could be strengthened and turned into heroes and heroines themselves, so that they could bring order back to Lumiere. She took the time to observe the many souls who wandered the realm of arrival, and to gauge who among them were fit to protect."

    Los turns to Sol, and the Narrator speaks for him. "'As we have new names, it seems fitting we form new relationships. And as our names are so similar, it also seems fitting that we be friends and allies. Do you agree, Sol?' the newly-named soul asked of the other. 'It seems fitting indeed that one I arrived with, in this land of death, whose name I share after a fashion, be the one with whom I learn and explore with. I would be gladdened to have you as my friend.'"

    The two men, one somewhat hunched, the other standing tall, clasp hands. Other souls wander through, figures in black to represent silhouettes, those less important than the main characters.

    "The Heroine saw two with potential, and began to approach. But the nobles of Lostrata intervened." A figure in a gown in a white mask practically seems to hover onto the stage, the size of her dress's skirts fully concealing her feet. She has a black fan in her hand (probably cobbled together from an old feather dust, to serve as a prop, unlike whatever the original noble held). "'Oh, which of you is the one who received the name Los upon his arrival here? Was it you?'" The noblewoman indicates Sol, the more kingly-looking of the two."

    "'Nay, it was not me, but my new friend here, who was given that name.' answer Sol honestly. The Duchess then addressed the other soul. 'The Nobles wish to invite you to a meeting. We believe you have the potential to be a great benefit to the people of Lostrata. One could say it is your destiny.'" The Duchess offers her hand to Los. He seems momentarily hesitant to leave Sol's side. "'My friend can come with me of course, yes?' Los asked. But the Duchess indicated that it would be a private meeting."

    Sol pats him on the shoulder. "'Worry not, my friend. When you are done with your business, seek me out. I am certain that we can find each other again.'"

Captain Flint has posed:
The captain's eyes narrow discerningly, and he leans back in his seat to ponder. The nobles knew nothing about Los but his name, and the connotations thereof. And clearly, they associate that name with power. They did assume that the upright, more athletic of the two was Los, after all.

     "Why one, and not the other?" Silver asks.

     The question disrupts Flint from his musings, but he can't deny it's on his mind, too. "Perhaps they think his name will lend their goals some air of legitimacy." With a bitter frown, he once more offers a thought in that gravelly, English baritone of his. "It's not an uncommon sentiment among nobility."

     "You think this is where they turn against each other?"

     Flint nods, as if he's going to say something in agreement. "I think you should watch the fucking play," he responds with a wry smile. People who ask questions constantly during plays are the /worst./

Finna (513) has posed:
At Dorian's sudden show of discomfort, Finna seems to take notice of her frantic tail and forces it to stop. She shifts a bit further away down the bench... and plants both hands on her knees.

    All things so far seem all fine and well, but her forehead twitches at the splitting up of the newly sworn friends. Her gaze narrows a little, as the plot threads of the story start to weave into her recollections of names and events given thus far across Lumiere.

    "Nothing good's gonna come of this split-up." Murmurs the fox with her predictions.

Dorian Pavus (774) has posed:
    "...Well, that didn't take long, Dorian murmurs quietly, as he notices the new friendship already having wedges driven into it. Fortunately only the people sitting next to him should be able to hear it. He's fairly certain that's going to figure into things quite deeply. Also the connection between the names 'Los' and 'Lostrata' hasn't escaped his notice!

    He also notices Finna's adjusting of her tail, and looks in her direction with a quiet nod of thanks. Her words draw Dorian's attention, though, and he leans a bit closer to hear them. Registering them, he nods; still leaning in her direction, he notes very quietly, "My thoughts exactly."

Count Kord has posed:
    Kord is frowning with a pronounced displeasure when the names are explained. His unhappiness grows as it goes on and he quickly catches onto where this is going. Suddenly, he looks... angry.

    There's an audible creak from his gauntlets and him shifting in his seat stiffly as the noble woman seems to ignore Sol in favor of Los. His nose wrinkles... and he fights to maintain a calm composure. It only makes his agitation easier to read.

    He has a feeling in his gut that he knows one of these souls already.

Tomoe has posed:
Tomoe notices the Lanterns seem have a response ot the name Los, she wonders for a moment but will dig into later she pays attewntion to what is being ssaid on the stage. A tale of one trying to restore order? She listens more and has a bad feeling about where the story might be going.

"Smells like the Hero is being baited to me."

Kushiko has posed:
Where Kushiko was, is no longer where she is now. The names are familiar--painfully familiar, given what she's heard, what she's felt and seen. Which is why her hand is briefly on Kord's shoulder, a silent gesture as if to brace and steady his anger. If the Warframe could demonstrate concern visibly, it likely would, but seeing as it's faceless, it truly cannot.

But the gesture is remarkably human, given the battle golem. Not a word, just an attempt at a calming influence.

Carna (974) has posed:
    Something more apparent now than in the previous two acts is that the Heroine is played by a clearly adult woman, rather than the young teenager, and then late-teens actresses who played her before. That seems to imply that the Heroine is aging. That brings up two questions: The Dead do not age in Lumiere without abnormal circumstances or aberrant experimentation, so does that mean that the Heroine is something other than one of the Dead? And second: Just how much time has passed from the first act to this third?

    The Heroine approaches the gathering, seeking to intervene. But the noble attempts to usher Los off-stage. The Heroine calls out, pointing to the Duchess. "'Hold. I have business with both of these souls.'" Stopping, the noble and Los turn to face the Heroine.

    "'My business comes first, and is of a more pressing priority.'"

    The Heroine props her hands on her hips. "'Oh? But my business is the restoration of peace and order in Lumiere, through the gathering of heroes. I have deemed these two souls to have the capacity to become Champions.'"

    The noblewoman bows half at the waist. "'What a laudable goal you pursue. However, through your efforts, the nobility have been weakened, while there has been no replacement for our leadership, leaving much of Lostrata unmanaged. Disorder and despair are beginning to take root as the Light of the gods vanishes from this world. My goal is also to restore order and peace. You of all should know that those can not always be obtained at the edge of a blade.'" The noble gestures with her fan at Sol. "'You appear to have a mighty soul there. Why not each of us take one? There must be those who manage, and those who enforce, for true order. Those who rule are the former, those who engage in heroics the latter. It seems only fair.'"

    The Heroine does not seem moved by the noble, but Sol and Los seem to be torn. Eventually, the Heroine says, "'The state of Lostrata is in large part due to those who manage not knowing the plight of those being managed. Before one can rule wisely, one must have experienced hardship and shown compassion, and made the effort to know the circumstances of as many as possible. When there are no suitable candidates to rule, that is when I arbitrate matters, by force if necessary. Violence is not my first answer to the troubles of others.'"

    The Duchess then hides the lower half of her face wtih her fan. "'Perhaps we are approaching this the wrong way. Perhaps, what we should do, is to ask these two themselves what their desires are. To force those uninvolved into an existence of conflict can scarcely be claimed to be the workings of one who desires peace, after all. So what say you?'"

    She looks first to Los.

    "'I know little of this realm I have entered into. But I know that I am not a fighter, and do not seek conflict. If I could be of use and be respected, for aiding others without need to resort to violence, that, I think, would be a very fine thing.'"

Finna (513) has posed:
Finna is FAR from happy at the appearance of this Duchess. The very spitting image of the sorts of lifestyles that she loathes seeing in prevalence. "Noodle-limbed woman couldn't heft a dagger to save her life." The foxgirl grouches with some disdain, immediately distrustful of her motives in the story and manuevering. For she sees the motions of that fan!

    It's probably to hide her wicked smile.

    "No wonder this place is such a mess... but what happened to the Luna? Hm..."

Tomoe has posed:
Tomoe looks over to Kushiko for a moment and then thinks as she's about to say something but it seems she was right there was Treachery afoot indeed in this and she now wonders is this play based on something that happened in this world's past. She is rapt with attention on this and she wonders now as she looks to the Tenno.

"I wonder if this is based on something that happened."

She also looks to Finna

"We will find out soon enough."

Dorian Pavus (774) has posed:
    Dorian doesn't miss the importance of the Heroine's apparent aging. He hasn't been here long enough to know just HOW significant that is, but it does seem a curious thing. His focus is on the verbal sparring between the Duchess and the Heroine. It's the eternal struggle; as long as people are people and people rule, the ruling class will always be corrupt. Even if in this case she has a point. Then again, both do.

    Finna's words get a nod, though Dorian does not speak. He can see it too, the beginning of the divide. He isn't going to hazard a guess just now, but he has some inkling of where this is all going. It is, indeed, not a nice place that it's going, if he's right....

Kushiko has posed:
As the play progresses, were she able to show an expression properly, it would be one of modest disgust given the noblewoman's actions. <"Insidiuous."> comes the young girl's murmur. There's truth, that someone, something needs to manage, to govern; inevitably, something must act for the good of all.

Yet there's more to this, and she's growing even more bothered by it, though having a Warframe here makes it a bit easier to actually hide it, visually. Vocally? <"Makes me wonder if some of the things that have happened were due to their subtle guidance,"> she murmurs, her cyclopean head bobbing once towards Tomoe.

Tomoe has posed:
Tomoe pauses for a moment at Kushikos and nods back. "So wait are you implying someone wanted to wreck the entire system?"

Carna (974) has posed:
    The noblewoman then turns to Sol. "'And you? What do you think?'"

    Sol makes a gesture all around him. "'I think that neither I nor my new friend have enough information about this world to make an informed decision. As this one says, one must learn before one can rule with wisdom. While it is not my intent to rule, nor do I seek needless conflict, I can not reasonably be expected to choose between two equally dubious paths offered by temptresses when I have only just arrived!'"

    "'I am no temptress,' objected the Heroine. 'I am one who has fought long and hard so that others do not have to. I bring forth order and peace, but I do not foster complacency or callousness. Peace and order are not things bought with gold or spent to feed greedy souls. When the world is not fit to sustain this philosophy, it is not me, but the world, that I change.'"

    "'I am a noble. It is part of my trade to persuade, it is true. But I would not call myself a temptress. There are no illicit offers here, only one who has seen Lostrata before our dear Heroine's efforts to change the world, as well as the results, and recognizes that something is missing. The land of the dead is too vast to be run by a band of heroes running from place to place on a constant crusade to put to rest fears and problems. While her mission statement may be to teach others to solve their own problems, at some point, a system more indirect than personal arbitration becomes necessary, for agreement can not always be found. If everyone knows the rules, and works from the same starting point, providing and resolving becomes substantially easier. Someone to handle matters when they get out of hand is, indeed, necessary. But would it not be best to take all reasonable measures to stop it from getting out of hand to start with?'"

    Sol seems to be lost in thought, walking back and forth, and even Los, already stating his choice, appears to be reconsidering. The lights go down except on Sol, everyone else staying still. He speaks to himself, and it seems as though none of the others can 'hear' him.

    "'These philosophies of heroism and rule, of community and responsibility, of the difference between Order and Law, are new to me. Though honeyed words might deceive, a hidden truth lies within. I must learn more before becoming a hero, but for me, the choice is not between heroism and rule, for it was not I chosen to aid the nobles. If I choose not to protect, then what will become of me? Will I ever again have a chance to build a new existence here? Will I regret not acting to help those in need directly, pinning my hopes on a far-flung future solution? I am not fit to rule. But I must, at least, learn the skills of a hero. Then I can decide for myself, how they will be applied.'"

Carna (974) has posed:
    The light moves to Los, who stands aside, speaking seemingly to no one but himself, likewise unheard. "'Sol speaks wisely. He may already have the merit to be a ruler, by not judging before he knows the whole of a situation. I, who chose rashly based upon the hope of being and doing better than I did in life, should I aid these nobles in their task? Should I not seek to learn what it is they wish of me first before agreeing? Though I have been offered the chance to be a hero, is there really a choice here? I would always be lesser to a man such as Sol. Nay, there is no choice. I may not be fit to rule, but to be a shining champion who stands at the side of a Heroine that is like a goddess, inspiring me to something I can not attain, would be the greater burden. Perhaps, working together from different places, Sol and I can learn about and chance this world, without repeating the mistakes of those who came before us.'"

    The lights come back up on the group of four, and Sol gestures as he speaks. "'I do not know that I am qualified to be a Hero. But I feel that traveling at your side would be the best way to learn more about the land of the dead, its problems, and its people. Whether to rule, to protect, or simply to live among others, to know and understand can not be a detriment to whatever path I follow.'"

    "'While I am flattered that such a beautiful soul as this one would consider my soul to have the same weight as my friend's, I fear that the life of an adventurer does not suit me. One man can only do so much. It would be far better, I think, to learn how to make a system that will not foster corruption or idleness upon the part of those who manage it, that benefits directs those they provide laws for. For that is the very meaning of what it is to be a 'ruler'. One who makes rules. That does not mean the ruler must benefit from them more than all the rest who follow the same rules. We must work apart for now, Sol, and meet again when we have gathered all the knowledge we can. Together, I know we can reach a solution.'"

    The Duchess bows once more. "'It appears it is decided then. One soul will follow each of us, until they decide their own path.'"

    The Heroine says, "'We shall see.'"

    Then the two pairs part ways, walking off different sides of the stage, and out of sight.

Kushiko has posed:
A slight 'ehh' kind of hand gesture from the Tenno to answer Tomoe. Mostly because she didn't want to cause too much noise as the play continues. And given their words, there's a faint 'hnn' sound that comes from her. <"Nothing is quite so black and white. A system of rule is based on trust. In an ideal world, that trust doesn't risk being betrayed, and stays balanced. But ... ideal worlds do not exist."> A cynical observation, perhaps.

Tomoe has posed:
A hard choice comes up here and she wonders some about hte three new factions in the multiverse. She only nods tothe Tenno too not wnating to make much more noise. She does ponder what Kushiko said. She does not let her gaze linger for too long on her friend as it returns ot the stage as the tale contiunes, three different compeating view points it seems. It does seem to lean in an odd way to the Concord, Watch and Paladins. Tomoe though is aware of her choice to not join any of them.

Captain Flint has posed:
The noble and the Heroine both claim to have the interests of the commoners at heart. The difference is that the noble believes in a top-down system, where the Heroine believes in a bottom-up system. Though he's loathe to side with a noble, he can't deny that there are certain truths to her rhetoric. There is, occasionally, the need for an infrastructure to uphold the tenets of society. The only question is what she considers to be 'the same starting point.' Of the two, he favors her angle more, but half-heartedly. She's rich and powerful, and likely not inclined to give either of those up.

     Silver, on the other hand, feels more in line with the Heroine's point of view, albeit with just as much uncertainty as Flint. Ever the survivor, he's never been much beholden to authority figures. It's not that he hates authority, it's just that he's never seen the need for it, and has gotten along perfectly fine without it. Everyone's just convinced themselves that they need it. Even Nassau, den of lawlessness that it is, has its movers and shakers. But surely there's some place that gets along just fine without people at the top making all of the decisions? Where the decisions are made jointly, by the people who actually have a stake? "I dunno," he mutters.

     Flint briefly glances at Silver, eyebrows raised inquisitively.

     "It's nothing," says the younger pirate idly. Don't wanna get Flint talking about politics during a play--that'd get him on everyone's shit list for sure.

Dorian Pavus (774) has posed:
    Dorian sits back in his chair a bit. That most certainly does seem to be the way of things, he observes. For a pair of friends to go their separate ways, and remain apart for a long period of time, surely they'd grow apart and have nothing in common by the time they got around to see each other again.

    Besides, women are always trouble.

    It is pretty typical of power struggles, though -- everybody has their own agenda one way or another, and nobody's working for anything but that. So nothing gets done, because those in charge are too busy with their own petty squabbles to give much of a toss what's going on with the people beneath them.

    Not that Dorian is completely immune to that way of thinking -- he didn't start realizing that there was something inherently wrong with slavery until he left his rich, pampered home and went out into the world to learn that 'slavery' and 'indentured servitude' were two different things.

    But that's neither here nor there, when there's still a play to watch.

Carna (974) has posed:
    "'It would be quite some time before the two souls met again. But meet they did, over and over, trying to retain some semblance of who they were upon first arriving and deciding to befriend a stranger. But over time, the absence of the favor of the gods, save a select few, drove desperate throngs to demand answers, or to leave the Lostrata in search of something more. And the growing threat of wicked forces and monstrous beings in the other Candles meant many fleeing hardship ran directly into the jaws of danger. And as she watched all of this, the Wandering Power, now called Luna, felt her inability to directly intervene was a flaw in her vessel.'"

    The now-intact Underworld Moon hovers in the sky as the scenery changes to a silhouette of a cityscape. "'Though she had grown much larger than she once was, and had great power, she still did not know how best to use it, or who to use it for. She was a child after all. And children are readily influenced.'"

    The curtains close, the stage lights dimming, and the light level among the audience returning to normal, as this act ends on an ominous note, of a new-born entity with the remnant power of multiple gods put together, who is watching all of this unfold, and learning lessons that perhaps she should not be.