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Visiting Eternity
Date of Scene: 27 January 2018
Location: The Quilt
Synopsis: Touta has a few guests arrive in his world and takes the opportunity to show them the sights.
Cast of Characters: 1143, Mairead Sandilands, Kotone Yamakawa

Touta Konoe (1143) has posed:
It had been some time since Touta's depature from the IS Academy. There was probably some questioning of where the second male on campus had vanished to. Well, Mairead would be the first to learn that Touta had been able to return home. Apparently the Flotilla had finished their tunnel allowing for the quick traversal to Touta's Warpgate. Unfortunately it had occurred while Mairead was busy. Likely with classes or some Paladin work. Touta didn't know at the time but ultimately decided that he needed to return home and he did. Unfortunately, now that he was back he had alot of work of his own to catch back up on.

Thankfully the comms were still operational even in his world and he was able to leave a message explaining his situation to Mairead who had for the most part been his caretaker for the last few months. While he couldn't return back to the academy at the moment he still urged Mairead to come check out his world when she had the free time. Even going as far as giving her specific directions to traverse through some unsavory parts to get there.

So after traversing through the tunnel system built by the Flotillas to reach the Warpgate, immediately bursting through the water and back onto dry land to avoid the Seals from the previous encounter, which would have brought her into a strange network of catacombs, and following a certain set of instructions to get out of those catacombs, Mairead would find herself popping the lid off of what would seem to be an old water well. It was also going to be the first bit of sunshine see would find since arriving in his world, and with it a view into a unique scenery.

Upon exiting the well she see a large traditional Japanese building before her. As she looked to her peripherals she'd likely notice that ocean water could be scene expanding out from all sides. It was likely she was on some form of island. Though probably the most unusual part of the scenery and most elegant of it was something that could be seen in the distance. What appeared to be the mainland from afar had some sort of strange structure appear. A tower that literally expanded up into the sky as far as the eye could see. How far it actually went up was difficult to tell, but likely her IS could inform her that it was clearly expanding out past the Earth's atmosphere and into space. It was likely some Orbital Elevator of some sort.

Of course while she was observing the sights, she would begin to notice a few eyes begin to notice her. A large group of individuals all dressed in suits, their eyes covered by sunglasses peered at her from a distance with discontent. When did they get there was hard to say? Maybe they were there before and just kinda blended into the scenery. But whoever they were, they didn't really seem to be a warm welcoming committee.

Was there anything that Mairead might of had on hand to convince them otherwise?

Mairead Sandilands has posed:
    Walking though the catacombs, Mairead blinks as she has her helmet on to give her better sight, "Hell of a way to go to a place," she says as she studies the directions and stops as she looks up. "I hope this is the right place," she says to herself as she looks around again and has been for a good time as she walked, since she was going in an odd tunnel to some place. AS she climbed, she thought and the helmet disappeared and she climbed the ladder and stopped as she looked up and put her hand up against a door. "..." and she curses in scottish, which is not lady like.

    Pushing, she lifts the door/lid and climbs up, shielding her eyes as she looks, "A well?" she comments as she looks aroudn the place, "And I am on an Island," she adds as sees the building, "..." and she blinks as she climbs out of the well and begins to close the lid, but stops as she looks up and than around. The advantage of her IS, she can see in all directions at once, and when the men in black/gray/whatever color suits appeared, she detected them. Finishing closing the lid, she turns and looks as she stands up to her height of 5'6" "Hello," she comments, "Me name is Mairead Sandilands and I am looking for a Konoe Touta," she states to them as she curtsies.

    Looking over the ocean, she sees the tower and follows it up,"That is a tall tower now," she comments as she loses sight of it in the clouds. Looking at the guys with glasses, she says nothign as she waits for a response, but she is ready for anything.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa was out exploring as she was wont to do in the multiverse, she had long picked up a habit of exploring. She'd come out of the warp gate on foot and casually dressed as she was making. While Kotone did appear to be Japanese the hair and there was just something slightly off about her really in terms of her face and build. She catches u p a bit behind Mairead whom she'd been tailing byehing she pauses as they seem to ahem have found some people.

"umm hi! I'm Kotone Yamakawa..."

Touta Konoe (1143) has posed:
At the literal mention of his name the demeanor of the gentlemen all at once turns to that of laughs and smiles. One of the gentlemen steps forward towards Mairead. His appearence is of that of a younger gentleman, his collar is popped up, wears his black hair shorter but still spikey like Touta's. He also seems to be wearing some goggles on his forehead, but other than that doesn't stand out very much amongst the others involved.

"Oh, another one of bro's friends? Yeah, if you're looking for him he's in the main building. I can show ya the way."

As he says this a few more of the Yakuza looking men in the background begin to laugh and jokingly banter about the Mairead's arrival. "Hey, looks like another person popped out of the old well. Maybe aniki was telling the truth when he said he ended up in another world."

"Naw, I bet he just took a chapter out of Jinbei's and decided to skip work for a bit."

"No way he would ditch work if Ane-san asked him to."

It's at this point that Kotone pops up and with it she doesn't receive as much of a hassle as Mairead had. It was assumed at this point that the two must have traveled together. So the aforementioned man walked the two of them through the island until the reach one of the buildings where he urged the two inside. When they entered through the doors they would see what looked like...A very normal hotel lobby room. There was a front desk area, a couple of lounging chairs, it looked like their were maids and servants wandering about acting as guides for guests offerring to take their luggage and such.

One of the servants walks over to the two girls. His dress attire seems very formal, but he appears a bit young to be working in this sort of establishment."Welcome to Fairyland Hall. How long will you be- Mairead? That you?"

Upon furthr examination the one who walked up to the two of the visitors was none other than Touta Konoe himself!

"Oh cool! You made it! You even brought a friend it looks like." He seems incredibly excited to meet up with Mairead. Even more so now that he's back in his own world.

Mairead Sandilands has posed:
    Blinks as she looks and nods to Kotone, "Hello Kotone," she says to the other girl as they are escorted, "This is an amazing place,"she states as she says nothign else and then enters the lobby. "We will not be ......" and she blinks, "Touta? That you?" she asks him as she raises an eyebrow. "Ye did not tell me you were a bell hop," she states as she grins and looks. "Konoe Touta, this is Yamakawa Kotone," she states as she introduces Kotone to Touta. "Yamakawa Kotone, this is Konoe Touta," she adds as she stands there.

    "If ye do not mind me asking, but this is a hotel?" she questions as she looks around.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa follows along looking a bit lost but she seems to be enjoying things nad it looks more and more like a very nice hotel of all things. She seems chipper enough and she looks to the young man grinning she seems to be in far better spirits now. "This was not what I was epxpected. Wait Touta from the sector comm?" S

SHe bows a little bit for the moment.

Touta Konoe (1143) has posed:
A smile comes upon the young man's face as he greets Kotone with a more casual wave. He thinks he might have met another Kotone when they finally reached the Warpgate, but this girl was clearly not the same one. It seemed the Multiverse had a knack for having individuals with certain similar names appear near him. "Oh, we talked on the comms before?" He tries to recall when that was, he has been using the communications alot more as of late so it's a bit hard for him to recall exactly when he would have spoken to her. "Well if that's the case, it's nice to meet ya in person." He does raise an eyebrow for a moment as she makes one statement, "What were you expecting to see?"

It's than that he gets to greet Mairead once more. He can't believe she was able to find her way here without any issues. "Yeah, this is the UQ Holder's HQ. Though we also receive funds acting as a hotsprings inn called Fairyland Hall. Most of the members including me end up working as staff. Still, forget about that, welcome to my world! You probably just came in through the gate so you wouldn't know but we're actually on an island 10 kilometere off the coast of New Tokyo Bay. Have you guys been able to check the place out yet?"

Mairead Sandilands has posed:
    Looking at Touta she shakes her head, "Not yet," she says simply. "We just arrived," and that was the truth. Thnking, she looks, "hotsprings," she asks as she thinks for a moment and looks. "I am sure that both of us would enjoy a tour if ye will not get into trouble" she adds for a moment and will wait for Touta's response. While she waits, she looks around the lobby and thinks, "So we are 10 km from Tokyo," she asks. "What is that big tower that ye can see from here?" she asks him.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa grins a little bit at her. "WAsn't sure I admit I like to explore and I was honestly following Mairead but ... hotsprings are a welcome thing to be sure." Kotone is also checking for apublic WI fi network in the event hter ei sone she'll just look up the hotel's page if it has one to save on annoying questions.

Touta Konoe (1143) has posed:
"It shouldn't be too much of an issue. I'm showing guests around after all. Mairead, if you still have your Christmas present you should be able to get into the hotsprings with no issues too if you want." He did get her and a few others those weekend passes at the inn. Granted they seemed like they had been made by hand, but apparently he hadn't been kidding when he said he was going to treat them when they entered his world. Though when she brings up the question of the tower he can't help but smile once more. "That's the Amano-Mihashira Orbital Elevator,though most people just call it 'The Tower'. It connects Japan to space for easier travel on and off the planet. Still mostly the rich people end up living up their though. But one day I'm going to make it all the way up to the top."

As for Kotone's search for wifi, they were on a lone island in a traditional japanese hotsprings inn forget Wi-Fi there wouldn't even be a signal out her- . . . Kotone finds the Wi-Fi with no issue, she's got full bars and fast speeds. They're apparently still high tech even this far off the mainland.

"Anway, I can show you two the hotsprings in a bit but let me show you around the hotel a bit more first."

The tour of the island begins. For the most part it seems like a very feudalistic design was gone for with both the interior and exterior of the inn, though it was strange that most of the staff was dressed in mostly European attire of maid outfits and buttler attire. From the main building from where they were at it was clear to see that the edge of the island was filled with a beautiful sandbars and a couple of docks here and there for oncoming boats that constantly on and off the island.

"Apparently this place is pretty old. Like it's been around since the Edo Period here. Or at least the main building is where're at is. This is where all the guests end up staying."

As they would continue to walk they start heading towards the beach and at that point Touta would point towards one building near the back of the island. Unlike the main building it seems less decorative and more modern. "That over there is where most of the staff stay, me included. It's not much to look at but we we're right near the beach so alot of the guys come out to relax and what not."

Continuing to traverse the outskirts there's shouts in the distance for Touta with pitched shouts. It looks like there's some kids on the island as well. Probably the kids of some of the guests or something like that.

"I'll be right back!" Without another word he runs over to the kids. Most of them seem to be wearing traditional Japanese attire, though that's the least surprising thing that Kotone and Mairead would take note of. Some have fangs, some have tails, some have animal like ears, some even have gils. It was clear or perhaps less clear that these kids were definitely not normal, at least by certain standards but Touta goofed around with them like it was no big deal.

Eventually he would toss them the ball he handed them before returning to the girls. "Sorry about that, so uh...Were we headed to the hotsprings next or the pool?"

Mairead Sandilands has posed:
    Mairead looks at Touta as he is called off, "It is ok," she says as she looks at the beach and at Kotone, "This is a nice place," she says to her. "And ye were following me?" she asks as she looks at her for a moment before she studies the area. Thnking, she should coem for the weekend and relax. Plus she would have a chance to meet new people and others.

    When Touta returns she thinks, "Ye were giving us a tour, so I would say the pool than the springs," she comments as she looks at Kotone, "That sound good?" she asks.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa was not expecting Wifi this good and is honestly impressed. She'll follow about as the tour starts up and she seems to enjoy it as she looks about. "I have to say this is a really wonderful looking set up. She does seme to be enjoying the tousry and soon she'll make note of some of the other people there she notices the fangs the tails and such she tilts her head a bit but well? She's an brain in a robot body who is she to judge.

Touta Konoe (1143) has posed:
There's another nod to Mairead that comes her way as she asks to check out the pool. Urging the two to follow they start walking for a while and will soon realize that they're leaving the main hotel area altogether and appear to be crossing some sort of bridge.

"I forgot to mention before but the pool is part of the second inn. We've been doing really well lately so we were able to expand the hotel onto a second island, and that's where the pool is."

Once they arrive it appears as though the pool area was already in use by a large amount of people. It was a considerable size and almost looked like it belonged in some sort of water park resort even. Though perhaps that's going just a little too far in that description. But to say it was an elaborate set up was an understatement.

It's only at this moment that he realizes that now inorder for them to go to the hot springs...They now have to go across the bridge again to the main buiding. Which they do! Upon arriving at the entrance to the springs the entrance splits up between the mail and female entrances.

"So right through here are the changing rooms. It's still a bit early so we don't have the mixed bathing at the moment so if you guys want to check out the hot springs. Also if you guys decide to stay feel free to, we have a few rooms that aren't being used at the moment." Of course, if there wasn't he'd find one for them. After all, out of all the people in the Multiverse he probably owes Mairead the most still. She's been like his guide since his arrival and even gave him a place to stay, food, and clothing.

"Oh, before I forget did anyone from the IS academy notice I was gone? I didn't make anyone worry did I?"

Mairead Sandilands has posed:
    Mairead wows as she walks and looks, "This is ... amaizing," she states to Touta as she looks around. "Even the IS Academy does ntoahve this," and Academy Island is big and has a lot of things on it. As they cross back over the bridge, stopping at the springs she looks, "I do not have a change of cloths," she states witha smile. She actually did have a change, but it is what she had on and all she had to do was think and the cloth would vanis and her trainign suit on under her uniform could be used as a swimsuit if need be. "I would have ot go back and get some cloth and I think it might be nice to stay here. I have never been to hot springs before," she mentions as she is use to cool water due to Scotland and she is still not use to wearign a lot of summer like cloths.

    Looking at Kotone she ponders, "What the hell," she states simply. "I'll stay for the weekend," she adds as she waits to get registered and all that fun stuff that goes along with that.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa looks to Mai for a moment and seems to like the offer she's been given or at the least the offer of getting a chance to stay here. "I would love to stay the weekend if the offer is being given."

Touta Konoe (1143) has posed:
"If you're worried about the clothes it's not a big deal. You usually go into a Japanese hotspring like you would a bath. Just make sure you wash yourself before going in. Also we have laundry service as well. Anyway, I got to go back to the front desk for a while. When you guys are done here feel free to find me again, I'll bring you both to your room." With that Touta left the two of them to their own devices so that they could enjoy what Fairyland Hall had to offer.