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Picking Up the Pieces
Date of Scene: 09 September 2014
Location: Dun Realtai
Synopsis: Sir Bedivere puts out a call for his Union allies to help him with the reconstruction of the fortress of Dun Realtai.
Thanks to: A huge thank-you to everybody who showed up!
Cast of Characters: Kotone Yamakawa, 85, 307, 346, 482, Riva Banari, 518, Inga, Zero Kiryu, 536, 560

Sir Bedivere (482) has posed:
Following the dispatch of the creatures that had been plaguing it, the stronghold and village sharing the name of Dun Realtai has passed into Union hands. At the behest of its former guardian, it has been entrusted to Sir Bedivere of Camelot, as well as Arturia Pendragon, former King of Britain. Perhaps it is not quite so glorious as Camelot had been, and considerably more run-down in its appearance. There are not so many knights in armour, nor is there a Round Table here, literally or figuratively, for there are more important things to be rebuilt before the winter.

Yet this place is more of a home than Camelot had ever been. Its new master now introduces himself as Sir Bedivere of Dun Realtai, for that is what he is. He had ever been a foreigner in Arturia's court, and was never truly made welcome there, save by the king's open acceptance of his service as marshal. Yet here he need not hide who or what he is, for no one in this place cares whether he is foreigner or not, or whether he is common-born or noble.

Reconstruction has been going well, all things considered, but there are still many things to be done before the winter arrives. If the surroundings are any indication, the winter won't be a kind one. The land is more like a tundra than the rolling green hills it might have once been; and the breeze that whips through the courtyard and village streets is, even in the weak autumn sunlight, frigid.

Perhaps the most important is to rebuild the granaries. There are at least two of them, one in the castle's inner bailey, and one in the village. These structures are essential for storing food, and with modern advancements like more efficient insulation and properties that will repel dampness and deter the growth of mildew or fungus, they are absolutely necessary to survive the winter in this harsh land. Everything else is just as important, though, for very little of the village had survived the assault of the elemental creatures that had laid it low. In particular, homes are being rebuilt, and the structures essential to daily life.

The village square is an open area paved with cobblestones, though some portions of them bear the scars of battle; great gouts dug through them, or stones upset and flung from their proper placement. There is a fountain in the centre of the square, though it didn't survive; more of a suggestion now than anything else, with no water in it. Perched on the edge of the most intact-looking wall is the lord of the castle himself -- though to look at Sir Bedivere, one wouldn't know it. He's dressed in the attire of a commoner, with thick homespun garments and his mantled, fur-lined cloak draped over his shoulders, pulled taut about him to shut out the wind. He no longer wears a sling over his right arm, but he looks haggard and tired as he watches the proceedings.

Perhaps notably, to some, there is a tattoo on his left hand -- intricate Celtic knotwork forming the image of a stylised sword in three parts: Blade, crossguard, and pommel. In fact, to those knowledgeable about such things, it is a command seal.

...It's also a fair bet that the person bound to that command seal ordered him not to work today.

At his feet is a horse-sized, dog-like creature looking much like a greyhound -- but the resemblance to a dog ends there, for the feyhound Kepas is a creature of ice; formed of the very stuff of winter. Ice and mist rise from his coat, and he has no eyes, but empty black shadows where they should be; and glowing points of yellow where his eyes should be. When he opens his narrow jaws, there is no blackness in his throat, but the white of a winter gale. At the moment, the feyhound is sprawled at Bedivere's feet with his head on one of the lord's boots, watching the villagers as well.

Sir Bedivere (482) has posed:
In lieu of anything constructive to do, Bedivere has a harp over his lap, one that looks well-worn (and probably borrowed) as he disconsolately plucks out a tune. He'd put out an invitation for Union allies to arrive and help with the efforts as needed, but by the look of it, he himself won't be able to take much of an active role.

Kagenashi (85) has posed:
    Kagenashi has not seemed to be in the mood for socializing lately. Indeed, ever since her return a couple of days ago, she has simply sat in her room in brooding silence, without even the sound of a bamboo flute or shamisen echoing through the castle. It's probably been more than a little disconcerting, all things considered.

    But, with a sudden fading in out of thin air near Bedivere, it seems she's finally decided to make an appearance.

    The nogitsune is dressed in an outfit that is certainly not fitting for the weather in question. A low-cut black yukata decorated with red floral patterns drapes over her form, falling all the way down to her feet and bound around her waist with a dark red band tied into a large bow in the back. A necklace, bracelets, and anklets of agate magatama beads hang around her neck, wrists, and ankles, and a pin shaped like three red flowers lies just over her right temple. She isn't wearing her mask this time, leaving her beautiful features visible for all to see: a narrow face, narrow silver eyes, thin brows, high cheekbones, soft lips, and the glowing orb of shimmering rainbow colors embedded in the center of her tongue. She's also barefoot at the moment, though it seems the cold doesn't bother her much anyway.

    She sits perched on the wall's edge with her shamisen resting on her lap, the bridge nestled against her shoulder. Her shadow is absent, but there's no sign of the black fox that it has formed into. Furthermore, her expression is strangely neutral, perhaps bordering on melancholy: no smile curves her lips, nor does there appear to be the normal curious gleam in her eyes.

    Whatever the case, she's silent for the moment. All she does as she sits on the wall is purse her lips to blow out five orbs of greenish-blue fox fire from her mouth. The ghostly flames hover around her, radiating a comfortable warmth against the tundra's biting cold.

Riva Banari has posed:
Riva's not really used to handyman work, but she's more than happy to throw in however she can. She returns to Dun Realtai, looking over the environment post-horrors with a low whistle. "Welp, this is going to be a fixer-upper." She thinks for a moment, perhaps wrestling with a question, before she just moves along in her normal outfit, talking with peasants and assisting with carrying things around. Getting things where they need to go is the most basic function of ensuring projects are dealt with, after all. Maybe soon she'll try her hand with a hammer or saw!

Saber (346) has posed:
     Indeed, the Servant linked to that intricate knotwork seal had been very explicit in her order to rest. Perhaps not so much an order as an unspoken reassurance that she would be Most Upset were he to re-injure himself. That alone was typically enough for the lord of the land to refrain from strenuous work, much to his unhappiness. But he had worked himself nearly to death in Camelot, though fortunately the king of those lands no longer had to affect impartiality. She was free to fuss over him in whatever way she deemed necessary.

     Moreover, the Servant Saber was strong enough to perform the work for a few able-bodied men. Not moments before, the deceptively petite lady of the lands -- a title that had caused her no end of consternation -- had been helping to lay the foundations of another of the destroyed buildings. It would have demanded a larger crew, but the Servant was able to lift several times that with a negligible amount of magical energy diverted to her limbs. At first, the villagers had been openly confused, both at the sight of what otherwise seemed a delicate young noble performing such menial labour, then the fact that she had all the strength of an ox...and then some. Yet after a while that amazement wore down some -- though at times she would still draw the odd glance of amazement -- and the gratitude remained. Delicate-seeming noblewoman or not, the equivalent of a team of men to help with the work was a boon to the hardy, rugged, and independent-minded people of Dun Realtai.

     Now, she made her way back up to the wall to check on her marshal, the man whom the villagers had mistaken for -- embarrassingly enough -- her husband. However, she had not corrected that assumption; every small amount of morale was desperately needed, and the people needed that image of a stable noble couple to lift their hearts and carry them through the winter. In a way, it was not entirely unlike her situation in Camelot; at least this time, it was merely an assumption she had not corrected rather than an elaborate ruse. And she no longer had to pretend to be a man, and she had no back-biting, ambitious nobles to contend with.

     In all, a definite improvement.

     Removing the heavy work gloves covering her hands, Arturia -- dressed in the simple attire of a common labourer -- regarded the silver-haired knight thoughtfully. To any who might see them, it was merely a studious look, but to her marshal, she might as well have been speaking out loud. The masonry is coming along quite nicely, she inferred, shifting her glance to a pile of timber which had been reduced by more than half over the day. We will need more timber, however.

     And she wasn't fussing at him! Thank God for small miracles.

Sir Bedivere (482) has posed:
The absence of noise from the nogitsune's quarters had been a source of vexation. What was she up to, that she would be so silent and bereft of her usual annoyances? Yet for some reason, Bedivere doesn't seem too surprised when Kagenashi suddenly appears beside him. Kepas picks up his head, fixing one of those glowing yellow orbs on the nogitsune and baring ice-shard teeth, but the gesture seems half-hearted. He puts his head back down on Bedivere's boot a moment later.

The harp's notes falter as Saber makes her way back up the hill to the village square. Bedivere manages a faint smile before he remembers to check himself, for Kagenashi is right there. He'd rather not encourage her mischief. His expression turns neutral as he rests his hands over the harp's frame.

"Good," he murmurs, eyes following Saber's to the town. "I will ask the workmen to prepare more bamboo." He glances briefly at Kagenashi, but she seems in a dangerous mood, and so he doesn't address her directly.

On the ground, Kepas' whip-thin tail is thumping as he shows Saber a big happy doggy grin.

When the other guardians were being given dignity by their creators, Kepas was probably off eating a bug or something.

Bedivere glances down the hill, to where Riva is helping with the efforts, as well. Raising his right hand to his lips, he shrills a single piercing whistle, motioning for her to join them up on the village square.

Emiya Shirou (560) has posed:
    Emiya Shirou's been busy all day. Despite the fact that he later is ready to risk his sanity in an epic fight to the not-really-death, right now he's hard at work. As someone from a modern era, who at least has some handyman skills and knows the basics of modern engineering principles, Shirou's been wandering around the town hashing out ways to improve the situation. With nothing but a notepad, a pen, and PLENTY of warm clothes to undle up in, he's sketching things down left and right. Insulation needed here, better building materials needed there, and is that REALLY supposed to be a nail?

    Houses and grain silos are the first priorities indeed, but he's been focusing on houses, since he doesn't know anything about how to keep huge stocks of food preserved. OCcasionally, he pitched in to help hoist big beams, hammer nails, haul materials around, but always giving plenty of time to catch his breath between them - he needs to save his stamina for later.

    Finally, clasping his notepad, Shirou hoists himself back towards the intact wall with his arms wrapped up around himself. "It's so cold here. Couldn't they have built all this somewhere warmer?!" He does complain a little, but only to himself. There was probably a good reason.

    But it's still darned cold!

    He's just approaching Saber and bedivere and about to call out when something distracts him. He halts, looks up.... and locks his gaze on Kagenashi. His expression's equal parts wonder and fright. Something about her is NOT going over well with him, but who can say what?

Kagenashi (85) has posed:
    Kagenashi's silver eyes flit over to Saber once the Servant arrives, but she doesn't offer much more to the King than a simple, brief nod. Bedivere earns her glance next; confusion enters her look, for while she can see him talking, she can't see what exactly he's responding to. For all she can see, Saber simply looked at him and he started talking. Is there something between them that most wouldn't be able to notice.

    Whatever it is, she shrugs it off. Not like it really matters at the moment, after all. Instead, since the knight's harp-playing has ceased, she takes up a similarly mellow tune with her shamisen, plucking notes that echo through the square with her gaze cast down toward the instrument in question.

    At least until Shirou arrives. She hears the abrupt halt of his footsteps and can almost feel his gaze on her, at which point her fingers abruptly hang over her instrument's strings mid-pluck. Her head lifts, and silver eyes fixate on Shirou with a sharp gleam. Curiosity raises her brow slightly. "...is something wrong," she finally asks, her tone low and even. "Or have you never seen a nogitsune before?"

Saber (346) has posed:
     Under normal circumstances, Bedivere would have communicated in return silently, just as they always had. Whether on the open battlefield or the more subtle one of court, slight gestures and glances had sufficed. But today, there was something amiss; he had spoken out loud.

     Jade eyes flicked up to the nogitsune, politely answering the nod with one of her own; so that was it. Even the arrival of allies from the Union would not have caused such cautious reactions, as they could have carried on two conversations at once that way, speaking to each other while conversing with the new arrivals.

     Likewise, she suppressed commenting on the instrument of today. Typically, the knight of the Dal Riata favoured pipes, and there were times when the keep echoed with the sounds of the modest chanter carved for him by a grateful villager. However, he had been born to a fili family, the famous seer-poets of those lands, and from what little she knew, many were trained in a variety of different musical instruments. And what little she had learned had been from Bedivere, now that she was free to openly ask such questions about his background, and he was happy to tell her. Though for the moment, such questions would have to wait, and only partially because of Kagenashi's presence. She maintained courtesy and politeness, but that hardly meant Arturia trusted the cagey fox.

     Her gaze turned to the village where Shirou and Riva were already hard at work as Bedivere whistled for their attention. The petite knight folded her arms, surveying the half-repaired buildings in the meanwhile. She and her former Left Hand of the King would have some work orders to look over that evening, she was sure.

Sir Bedivere (482) has posed:
Those faded violet eyes lift at Shirou's approach. The marshal had seen him working down below, and there's no doubt that he's appreciative of the boy's efforts. He offers a nod as Shirou hoists himself onto the wall nearby, chuckling quietly. "Come the spring, I do not think it will be so cold, here. This is an unnatural winter. It will pass. I am grateful for your work, Master Shirou." The title is less a formal one and more simply a respectful term of address, for the boy is no knight, and would not be called a 'sir.' "Rest here for a few moments. The wind is not so cold, here."

He does note Shirou's wary regard of Kagenashi, though, and perhaps there's even something approaching approval in those violet eyes. It would be wise of the boy not to trust that creature any more than the master of the castle does.

She is a guest here, but in name only.

As to the nogitsune herself, Bedivere regards her for a moment, almost thoughtful, noting her puzzlement over his and Saber's silent communication. Good. He doesn't mind leaving her a bit confused. It's good to have her off her guard, for once, instead of the other way around. Let her keep guessing.

Instead of responding to her, though, his attention shifts back to Saber.

Rest here a while, he says simply, without words. His eyes flick briefly to the empty space of wall right beside him. In spite of a meaning that might otherwise be chastising, there is an amusement in the way he studies her with his head tilted slightly. You chide me for pushing myself too hard, but do not think that I will not do the same to you.

He can feel the subtle tug of energy every time she exerts her strength, and hoists timbers that a team of men should be carrying; while it isn't yet enough to tax him, it's still enough for him to notice. He exhales softly, not quite a sigh and not quite a laugh as he regards her. We are hopeless.

Indeed, they are cut from the very same cloth -- in her shoes, he would no doubt be pushing himself to his limit, too. Only her addressal of that has stopped him from doing so. He has never been able to disappoint her; not really.

Riva Banari has posed:
Riva looks up at the whistle, and after a few more words to one of the peasants, turns to head up to the square. She waves to Saber as she arrives, grinning and looking over the others that are present. The nogitsune draws an arched eyebrow, though Shirou she was practically expecting. Somehow they keep ending up in the same places. "Sure is cold. But as I've been told, hard work keeps you warm." She laughs, and then looks over to Sir Bedivere, giving a curtsy with her trenchcoat. It looks a little odd. "So what can I do for you, Sir Knight?" She asks, smiling. "Are you feeling any better?"

Emiya Shirou (560) has posed:
    There is indeed something wrong. Shirou's just not able to put to words why he does not like the fox on the wall! Even if she's stunning to look at in a few ways... all of it added up together is giving him the chills, and not just from the weather!

    "D... don't be ridiculous... where in the world could you go and see one every day?!" He blurts a bit anxiously. His gut is telling him to GET AWAY, and so he does. He shuffles away from her attention as well as he can, instead beelining for Saber and Bedivere.

    "Good evening, both of you! Whew... the reconstruction's better planned than I guessed. Seeing so much insulation and pipes being put in an old-style village is a load off my conscience. But will it be enough? Dun Realtai just endured one winter... and Sir Bedivere," he has to force himself to say the title!

    "I've not even done so much... everything's so organized already I'm just another pair of hands. Maybe some materials. Do we need materials?"

Saber (346) has posed:
     Turnabout was fair play, and she could hardly fault her marshal for turning back her own insistence of going easier on himself right back on his king. Still, she sighed softly; he *was* right. While she no longer had many human limitations, those of a Servant remained, and she had to remain cautious about using too much magic energy. Yes, my lord.

     But on the other hand, he would not have dared to do such a thing when she was the King of Britain. To some degree, Arturia was glad for it. Slowly, she had been trying to relax the strict formality he had always maintained around her; they were both freed from such obligations, and though it was to be expected from his post as her aide-de-camp. With a slight, sharp exhale through her nose in what could be considered a laugh, she shook her head slightly. Indeed, we are.

     Riva's greeting earns a nod and a faint smile in turn, her attention shifting to Shirou. The boy seems to be reasonably observant, if the nogitsune unsettled him that much. "Good evening, Master Shirou," she greeted in turn. As Bedivere addressed him, the Servant nodded. "Indeed. This land should not be a tundra...the winter witch who guards the land was forced to look after it when the previous lord went mad."

     True, the natural winter promised to be harsh, as well, but it would end at the proper time. "That is our concern...we have added more modern features to ensure that it will be able to withstand the true winter, though time is of the essence."

     Sea-green eyes flicked to the timber piles; should Shirou analyse their composition, he would find much of it is of an unfamiliar strain of bamboo. "We are running low on timber, it would seem."

Kagenashi (85) has posed:
    Shirou's explanation doesn't seem to satisfy Kagenashi's curiosity. The nogitsune continues watching him as he turns to Saber and Bedivere instead, silver eyes narrowing slightly as if she could focus her gaze to see right through the youth. Or burn a hole through him, considering the faintly smoldering air around her. Even then, she eventually starts playing once more, plucking the strings of the shamisen to produce a tune that doesn't really fit the more European surroundings. But, then again, she doesn't fit the surroundings either.

    "There should still be plenty of bamboo left," she remarks as a reply to Shirou's question after Saber responds. "Though there may not be enough to handle all tasks, at the moment." It seems intended to make sure Shirou knows he hasn't escaped her attentions just as much as it is to actually answer his question. Still, at least after that she turns her gaze over to Riva instead, watching the girl with a much less predatory stare. "Welcome back. I do not think I have seen you since the initial attack on this village. Has everything proceeded well otherwise?"

Riva Banari has posed:
Riva nods to Kagenashi. "I'm fine. Everything is going all right." Horrifying things and adding a couple deaths to her death counter aside. "I see you're helping out too? Thanks." She says, smiling. "If we all pitch in, we'll make this place amazing. Do we have any plans for a renovation or anything? Maybe we can fit a plasma TV in the throne room."

Riva chuckles. "Kidding! Kidding!" Waving a hand to potentially forestall frowny faces at such talk when a number of people don't even have homes. "Anyway, things are moving right along. Just trying to find ways to pitch in wherever I can. I never really did a whole lot of this kind of things but hey, always time to learn, right?"

'Sir Bedivere (482) has posed:
When Riva arrives, the Templar earns a slight half-smile from the knight, which is about as telling as an open grin from anybody else. Bedivere's reactions tend to be reserved, so accustomed to behaving in the bounds of Camelot's politics is he. Even here, those habits are slow to fade. "Welcome, good Templar, though I fear we have yet little in the way of hospitality to offer to you. As you can see, Dun Realtai is something of a project, as of yet."

"Have a seat." He indicates the half-ruined wall, which still has plenty of room on the parts that are intact. "I have been watching you; what you can do for me, now, is to rest for a few moments. You have earned it. I thank you for your efforts." Is he feeling any better? Bedivere tilts his head, faintly, extending his right arm and flexing his fingers into an experimental fist. "Still stiff, but as well as can be expected, I think."

To Shirou, he offers that faint smile again, though there is a sardonic note to it. "Mmm, somewhat. I admit that much of these newer materials are beyond my ken, but I will not disallow such things if they will bring quality of life to these people. They have lost so much already. I would not wish for them to lose more in the coming winter simply on part of negligence. Materials? Always. Stone, wood... more of that insulation would be useful, as well, and pipeline for water, as well. Anything that can be spared, really."

"Indeed," he adds, to Saber's explanation of why Dun Realtai is so godforsakenly cold. "'Tis an unnatural winter, and I believe the next winter should not be so harsh. The seasons should balance themselves once spring returns. That is my hope."

Bedivere, too, knows when he's being watched. His eyes flick sidelong to Kagenashi. He regards her in wary silence. Although he doesn't show it, he's made just as nervous as Shirou by her very presence. She unnerves him, though he has more concrete reasons for it than simple unsettlement.

He does blink somewhat owlishly at the mention of a plasma TV in the throne room.

"I do not have a throne room. I am not a king," he adds, almost hastily, both hands upraised in what almost seems to be a reaction of horror. "I--I would not presume."

His violet eyes then slide over to Saber.
What is a 'plasma TV?

"Indeed," he adds to Riva, with a faint smile. "As I said, your efforts are most appreciated."

Kagenashi (85) has posed:
    Kagenashi's expression does not change as she listens to Riva. She doesn't smile, even faced with the Templar's significant cheer, but at least she doesn't visibly frown. She only listens, plucking her shamisen and nodding here and there until she finally offers a quiet verbal response. "I am helping somewhat, yes. I am not exactly one suited for heavy labor, but a friend of mine brought the bamboo that has been used for rebuilding, and...I suppose now I am offering moral support and entertainment, if you would like to call it that." She probably means it as a joke of sorts, but it's difficult to tell if she's not going to crack a smile.

    Her eyes drift closed, then, and the playing of her instrument continues as she lowers her head slightly. A sidelong remark is given to Bedivere when he objects that he isn't a king. "I thought a Lord was close enough."

Saber (346) has posed:
     Saber opened her mouth to explain that the keep was the residence for a small lord and hence a great hall in lieu of a throne room, but her marshal beat her to it. She did, however, quirk a brow at how flustered he was over even the idea of it before turning her head slightly to regard Kagenashi neutrally. "No. A king rules over a country, while a lord rules over a part of it. Moreover, those lords answer to the king."

     Her gaze flicked back to the village. "This village would not support an entire court."

     And quite frankly, she was thankful it couldn't.

     Unfortunately, Riva's exuberant -- and tongue-in-cheek -- suggestion was going to take more than she could explain nonverbally to the befuddled knight. I shall attempt to explain later, she 'spoke' by way of a subtle wave of her hand. It is a rather complicated thing.

Jeanne d'Arc (536) has posed:
     Eventually, Saber comes walking into Dun Realtai!

     ... no, this isn't actually a joke.

     This Seiba, however, while she has the same golden hair, sports violet eyes and a loose braid, rather than green eyes and a french braid bun. (Let's not get started on their similiar abilities or stats, either.) Dressed out in her actual Servant gear rather than anything else, mainly due to the cold of Dun Realtai, combined with the activity on hand, Jeanne wanders past the group in the background. Hello, Jeanne.

Allyn (307) has posed:
A large wolf wanders through the area, well, he really just had to come see what was going on. Of course, he might not be too much help to people in his current form, but that doesn't mean he couldn't be talked into it of course. He glances around and then sniffs around a bit at different things and places and then finds a place out of the way to flop over on a side and watches for a little bit.

Emiya Shirou (560) has posed:
    "I see. Then I'll put my money towards more building materials." Shirou declares, relieved to find SOMETHING he can do to be more than just a few hands pounding in nails and carting things around. That's useful, sure, and he's not at all bothered to do it. But this effort needs to be done with full efficiency or the worst might happen.

    He's quite conscious of the burning, nervous feeling that Kagenashi's attention is giving him. Even if such things shouldn't be noticeable, the nogitsune's presence has him unnerved.

    And then there's Riva. Shirou smiles a bit, but calls out, "That's putting the cart before the horse. There's no electricity out here to run it on... wait... 'plasma' TV?" He's from 2004, don't you forget it!

Zero Kiryu has posed:
    A pair of figures appear in the distance, a blip on the radar of anybody with a general sense of the supernatural. They don't appear to be hostile, merely... there, approaching. The one in the lead is a young man, white-haired and dressed in a black-and-white uniform with a heavy long coat worn over the top. Zero Kiriyu has a distant and aggravated look to him, like he's holding the entire world at arm's length, and is in the middle of recovering from some nasty illness. He no longer bears the wounds inflicted by D some time past now.

    For some reason, he decided to walk here. It's probably reasonable to assume that he came from an adjacent world, or otherwise close by. Either that or he's some kind of nut who just doesn't mind walking absurd distances. There are certainly folk like that out here.

    A medium-sized satchel hangs at his left side. It appears to be stuffed full, although for his own part Zero suspects that the contents will not be particularly worthwhile by the time they arrive in the little village in which an assembly is ongoing. The larger of the two figures -- Zero -- pauses momentarily after they are within reasonable viewing distance, stretching out an arm to force his companion to pause. Or knock herself over, either way.

    He says something. Even at a distance, there is a palpable sense of... hostility? No, not quite. Borderline. The white-haired young man's attention has been grabbed by something, and while he doesn't have the killing intent of somebody who came to start a fight, it's not hard to intuit that something put him on guard.

    It's the servants. They have to take from others to sustain themselves, and Zero's senses are having a hard time figuring out exactly what they are. He'd been around them before, but he was busy half-murdering D and getting half-murdered by D. The pair resume moving after that little exchange. Their arrival comes shortly after.

    Zero approaches Bedivere and Saber. One has a particular quality to her, and the other... looks like he belongs. The others aren't altogether ignored, but they receive a vague nod and little more. His expression turns exasperated almost immediately as he fishes out the details of the greeting that Chairman Cross wanted to issue.

    In his mind, he crumples up a script and throws it over his shoulder.

    "I'm here on behalf of the Chairman of Cross Academy. Our world is just adjacent to this one." Zero explains, opening his satchel one-handed and pulling something out. It's several thermoses bound together carefully for a trip. He holds them out one-handed. The contents are a simple, lukewarm stew. He stares flatly at Saber and Bedivere. "'A gift for our new neighbors.', he said."

    This is incredibly awkward, and Zero is keeping way too close an eye on Saber. He is quite possibly the worst person you could possibly pick to do something like this.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa is a bit behind the others okays he's been a good deal behind the others but here she is she's carrying some supplioes from who knows where but well speaking og tech supplies over one shoulder and she lokks ovfer to Riva, and the to Emyiya for a moment smirking a little bit.

"If you need a generator I can do that and ya plasma TV it's rather old and basic now but it's still a thing."

Kotone is from 2029ish give or take a bit and she seems amused.

"Well I can pitch in on grunt labour at the very least, then again seeing how older ways of doing things are done. Some things have been long lost to my world and it would be interesting to see what I could recover I could have some fun with some historians heads."

She's in a pretty chipper mood from the sounds of it.

Sir Bedivere (482) has posed:
Although Bedivere doesn't actually say anything to Kagenashi, the look he casts her speaks pretty plainly. He doesn't trust her, and the fact that she's been behaving so strangely lately has not earned her any favours with the castle's lord... at least, he'd like it to be that aloof, but her statement on lords and kings seems to cause him to flush a little. Whether it's from embarrassment or vexation, it's hard to say. Fortunately, Saber clarifies the issue neatly. He only shakes his head, both in regards to that, and her promise of an explanation later on.

Movement catches his eye. He raises his hand in Jeanne's direction, waving the Servant over. "Most Holy. Join us, if you would?"

And a wolf. "Ah, Master Allyn! A pleasure to see you here." Maybe the villagers have been warned about Allyn, which might explain why they're not freaking out about a wolf strolling down the boulevard.

"That would be appreciated," Bedivere replies to Shirou, inclining his head in a gesture of respectful gratitude. "The people would be grateful. As would I. In the meantime, you are free to continue staying in the keep, for there are plenty of guest quarters." His violet eye lingers on the boy for a moment, as though in silent reassurance that he need not fear Kagenashi here. Should she do anything untoward, his retribution would be both immediate and harsh; for if she did, she would be violating the Brehon Law that he holds so sacred.

And then, there is a stranger approaching... but no, not a stranger, at closer inspection. The young man looks familiar, though it takes Bedivere several seconds to place him from the battle at Azuma. He had only seen him in fits and snatches; already having been taken out of the battle by the time Zero had gone anywhere near Bedivere's own line of sight.

He blinks somewhat owlishly at the thermoses of stew, taking them somewhat hesitantly with murmured thanks, but... Zero is staring at Saber, to the point where even he notices. Something darkens in the knight's regard; something threatening and hostile, even though he doesn't so much as move. It isn't quite a killing aura, but it's definitely defensive and uncomfortable.

"By what are you called?" he inquires instead, eyes practically boring a hole into Zero. Distantly, he wishes he had his sword, and not just the knife on his belt. Bedivere forces himself to smile a tight, forced little smile. "After all, if I am to express my gratitude on behalf of Dun Realtai and its people, I would do so properly."

Saber would probably notice that he has not in fact formally welcomed Zero and his travelling companion as guests.

Yuuki Kuran (518) has posed:
    Yuuki Kuran, whom some of the Knights and residents may know, stands behind Zero, having followed him to the castle where everyone was gathering through the BLINDING SNOW, UPHILL BOTH WAYS!!!!

    The furtive glances and conversations on their approach had gotten her more and more sour herself, though it wasn't at anyone but the beligerent white-haired youth accompanying her. Thankfully, upon their arrival she had brightened to the height of pleasant conversation.

    She doesn't seem to mind the cold, though her incredible quantities of hair are blown all around her face, which she has to fix with a gloved hand, before she smiles and bows to Saber and Bedivere. "What this idiot meant to say, was that we are very happy to have such esteemed neighbors. I am sure Chairman Cross would love to share tea with you sometime, but he is terribly busy. In his stead, you could come to my mansion, which is just over the mountains that way, and have tea there?" She offers, a bright smile on her face.

    Then, she delivers a kidney punch - lightly - to Zero, fuming. "Hey! What did Chairman Cross tell you! These are our neighbors, and you were supposed to be nice! Idiot! Next time, stop thinking everyone is going to attack you or kill you or is a... A you-know-what!" She stomps, hands flailing at Zero comedically.

    Then, drawing back, she ahems. "Sorry for him. He's a total moron. I'm Yuuki Kuran. It's nice to meet you all!"

Riva Banari has posed:
"It's okay, Sir Bedivere. It's the duty of a knight to serve where possible without worrying about things like that, right?" She nods, as if confirming something to herself, before sitting down as requested. "All right. Umm... it's all right! I like helping out how I can." It's not getting her killed and it's not making her fight horrible mind-rending monstrosities. She's happy for the break. "The work is simple. It's kind of... relaxing, really."

Riva waves dismissively. "Well, maybe a study then. Your humility will allow for a study, right?" She chuckles again and shakes her head. "Don't worry about it, Sir Knight. We'll help get this place fixed up. The winter might be unnatural but we can find out what's going on there and fix that, and maybe this place might get bigger than you expect. People are drawn to strong and noble leaders."

Kagenashi's response causes Riva to nod. "Bamboo is nice! It has a good texture, I really like it, and it will help set things off for people. And entertainment is important! Happy people work better, right?"

Shirou brings up electricity. "I'm sure working out a way to get power here wouldn't be too hard for a giant multiversal organization. Hell, Supercatboy probably has some pocket fusion reactor, we can ask him." Riva grins at that. Seems she's in a joking mood right now! He then asks about plasma TVs. "Oh man, you've never seen a plasma TV? I'll have to take you to New York or something, show you the latest."

Zero arrives, and Riva studies him intently. She tilts her head, perhaps putting a finger up to the side of her head as she ponders. But she isn't going to say anything yet, this is clearly an official visit and she doesn't want to embarass Sir Bedivere and Saber.

Kotone, however, is a while different story. "Well yeah, you're apparently from some super future tech world Kotone." Riva snerks. "But we should plan this out before going and digging things up. And um... Figuring out what Sir Bedivere wants. His turf, right?"

Kagenashi (85) has posed:
    Kagenashi only cracks an eye to return Bedivere's pointed look, but says nothing else to the knight before turning her attention back over to Riva. "It is a strong building material, as well. Versatile, too. Though, at this rate, I may have to obtain more, if we are running out of it. I suppose we will have to see if more of my aid is accepted."

    The nogitsune pauses her playing once more to look around at those arriving. Jeanne. Zero. Yuuki. One of those is of a holy bent, and the other two were present when she freed Yatagarasu. Whether they would recognize her isn't too clear, but...either way, this is starting to turn into a situation she would rather not deal with at the moment. Her normal tolerance for outside tension seems to be waning these days, as evidenced by the narrowing of her eyes and the slow, weary sigh that falls from her.

    "...excuse me," she remarks, slipping off the wall to land on bare feet. She doesn't speak to or look at anyone in particular as she tucks her instrument under her arm. "I believe I will take my leave for now. Best of luck with the rest of the construction. I will be in my room if my presence is required, though I have doubts it will be."

    With that, the nogitsune turns away and simply strides off toward the keep itself, seeking refuge in a more quiet location for the moment.

Saber (346) has posed:
     When Jeanne d'Arc emerged, Arturia awarded her a smile and a nod of greeting. Her presence had boosted morale considerably; it wasn't every day that a place played host to a living saint. Mostly living, as a matter of course. Perhaps resurrected was a more fitting term.

     The arrival of Allyn, too, earned a slight smile and a nod. it had been some time since the relief campaign, but the Servant remembered nevertheless.

     Beings of pure magic that Servants were, they were attuned to the flow of prana in a unique way. Though she could most keenly sense the presence of fellow Servants through her link, Saber could likewise sense the presence of other supernatural creatures with similar magical energies. Such as when Kuran Yuuki and Zero made their appearance. Even across the way, she recognised the two from their battle in Azuma, though her attention had been elsewhere at the time...in particular on their other guest perched on the wall, shamisen in hand.

     As did her marshal, she blinked owlishly at the presentation, though the scrutiny was most curious. Most likely Zero, like Arturia, could sense the other's supernatural existence. But the shift in Bedivere's disposition certainly drew her attention, as well as the absence of the customary extension of welcome. However, she remained silent and impassive, studying the Cross Academy students in turn.

     However, Yuuki earned a slight smile. "Greetings, Miss Yuuki Kuran. It is a pleasure to meet under more favourable circumstances."

Inga has posed:
Inga enters a few moments after Kotone, traveling at her own pace--which is to say slower than most people are actually willing to walk without conscious thought of it. Often, she is left to make her entrance last. Today she will not grumble about this however, walking in with an air of quiet confidence despite her pronounced limp and the wooden staff she uses to compensate for such. The chill in the air had prompted her to dress warmly, wearing her good wool cloak with the fur of arctic fox. She'd gone through great pains to clean it when she'd heard where they were going. One does not show up to the Hall of a lord looking as though you'd been fighting zombies and fishmen--even if you had.

The cloak is pulled up, but her face is visible, as well as a loose plait of white hair that hangs over her shoulder and well past her waist. Beneath the cloak a peek of fine blue wool with an intricate woven trim of knotwork can be glimpsed.

Inga wears a small smile as her eyes take in her surroundings, reveling in something that feels right again. Feels almost like home. Inga makes her way toward Riva and Kotone, her smile widening. "Riva," she greets, then looks around to see if she can tell who is in charge. "I hope you make introductions?" she asks, reaching up to push back the hood of her cloak, revealing a youthful face that rather runs against expectations of her appearance. It's as though people expect cripplied witches to be old or something!

Zero Kiryu has posed:
    "Zero. But the gift-giver is Kaien Cross."

    The young man's gaze flits from Saber to Bedivere. They're both familiar, but he hadn't been paying close attention to them at the time that they crossed paths. It was a fairly hectic situation, and each of them had their own part in it. Not to mention, that Zero was too busy dealing with D to pay attention to much of anything. The wounds he'd suffered were incredibly severe, and it's a wonder that he was able to walk away from them at all, even as exceptional as he seemed. All that aside, Zero doesn't really seem to know how to approach or talk to people. He just seems so... sour, about everything.

    This is evidenced by the fact that Yuuki immediately invites criticism from him as she makes her own offers.

    "You shouldn't invite people to dangerous places if you want to be nice to them. That mansion is a viper pit." He points out to Yuuki, his attention distracted from Saber. Implicitly, he realizes that he probably just volunteered his own place. There's not nearly enough room for all of these people in his dinky little apartment, though. Probably just the two. These are the right people, aren't they?

    He leans slightly to one side when Yuuki punches him in the kidneys. It's not serious, so Zero just ends up looking vaguely aggravated. He seems to notice Riva observing him, and casts an acknowledging look in her direction. Doesn't seem like he has anything to say, except to let her know that he noticed her. Apparently whatever put him on edge about the others doesn't apply to her, exactly.

    "Hmph." Zero looks between Saber and Bedivere, "... The one that I was uncertain about is no danger. It's the normal man there who isn't sure how he feels about us yet. I have no quarrel with humans who are simply going about their business." He reaches over and whaps Yuuki lightly on the back of the head, just as light and harmless as her own blows against him. "That's not a habit you're going to break me of. Don't even try."

Allyn (307) has posed:
Allyn lifts his head off his paws as his ears perk as he hears his name called and he gives Bedivere a wag of his tail. Seems since the last time the knight saw him, he's actually warmed up to people more and maybe doesn't see as greeting people with a tail wag to be as degrading as he once did. He does greet him and Saber though. "Good day Sir Bedivere, lady Saber, It has been a while and I am sorry about that. Anything a wolf can help with? Or shall I take on my human form?"

He then gets to his feet and pads over to Kotone and rubs his head against her hand, he hasn't seen her in a while either. "Hello Kotone." he greets her. "Haven't seen you in a little while either." He ponders a few moments and glances at others gain, Shirou and Riva being the only other ones that he knows, though Shirou only from recently finding himself in a medical facility with the young man.

Jeanne d'Arc (536) has posed:
     Ack! Most Holy'd!

     Jeanne pauses mid-step when Bedivere addresses her, her violet eyes locking on his. Then she drops down into a deep bow, considering her armored garb. "My lord." She says, gravely. You most Holy her and this is what you get in return. "I see the place is lively." She adjusts her skirt as she rises back after a few minutes to a proper standing position. "How fares everyone?" She asks of all, a pleasant smile on her face.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa smirks back

"Look Riva I'm not that old I was born around the year it is on your world. I'm not that crazy future tech heh, it's mostly seen as mundane these days honestly. Anyhow it is his call right it's his place."

She looks over to Inga for a moment whom seems to bave done well enough and she's looking back at her friend.

"I'd been hoping the same really."

Kotone Notice Allyn and she pets him for a moment h out thinking about it.

"I have been busy I'm afraid."

Sir Bedivere (482) has posed:
Zero's chipper travelling companion pipes up, and this seems to distract the mortal knight long enough to glance in her direction. He can't help the faint quirk at the corner of his mouth at their antics. "You have my thanks for your offer of hospitality, milady." Thankfully, he doesn't laugh at their antics. That would be disrespectful, even if they make for an amusing pair. "We have met before, you and I, though it has been some time since then."

Bedivere offers a faint nod to Riva, though the gesture is somewhat distracted. "Good, then. We are glad to have your help, Templar. Most of what is needed now are additional pairs of hands. The villagers are few, for many perished in the initial attacks, before the Union could be deployed to assist them. There were once many more living here. I am to understand their previous lord was ineffectual, and among the first of the casualties."

Half a glance is cast to Kagenashi as she takes her leave. The faint dip of his chin is respectful enough. "I will see to it that your rest remains undisturbed, then." She is a guest in this place, after all.

To Arturia's observation, Bedivere's disposition has certainly shifted. He isn't quite hostile, but there's clear suspicion for as long as Zero regards Saber so carefully. It eases up when he's addressed by Allyn, and when a stranger approaches. His eyes tear away from Zero almost reluctantly, regarding the shapeshifter. "If you wish to," he says simply. "If not, I am certain some manner of assistance can be found for your current form. You are a strong beast; if you do not mind deigning to pull loads, I am certain it would be helpful."

Inga earns a glance. It is curious, if somewhat neutral and wary, and he inclines his head. "Greetings." His voice is soft, gentle; almost feminine in its inflections, and his features are likewise not exactly masculine. Perhaps it might be easy for the incautious to mistake him for a woman, but his shoulders are broad, and the lines of his throat are wrong. He offers the white-haired woman a faint smile. "You are an acquaintance of the good Templar's? Be welcome in this hall, then, though I fear our hospitality is lacking." Wait, the one dressed as a peasant is the lord of this place? "I am Sir Bedivere of Dun Realtai. And you are...?"

Inevitably his attention strays back to Zero.

"It is considered rude to speak of someone as though they were not present," Bedivere points out instead, though his hackles seem to lower a bit once Zero's stopped staring at Saber so intensely. "I welcome you to this hall as a guest, then, Master Zero." It's a curious name, but that would be rude to point out, and so he lets the matter go. He also inclines his head politely to Yuuki. "And you as well, milady Kuran."

There is a notable wince when Jeanne refers to him directly as a lord, eyes screwing shut for a brief instant. Blast it.

"Indeed it is. The reconstruction is progressing well." He lifts a pale brow to regard the other Servant. "How fare the repairs to the church...?"

Yuuki Kuran (518) has posed:
    Yuuki, holding the back of her head with a hand as she gets whapped lightly, looks mildly sour, but in the way a sister would quarrel with a brother, or two close friends would go at each other for their little flaws or slights. Yuuki just looks exasperated with Zero, before putting on a bright, happy face for Bevidere and Saber. "My mansion is NOT a viper's pit. Everyone there will be completley well behaved, no matter what this dork says." She offers, elbowing him in the side once more.

    "You are right, Sir Knight! We have met... Once or twice. Once in the icy town, and once in the mountain. I am glad to see you are well, and your home is coming along. It is good to have nice neighbors! I do hope you do not have any problems coming over from our side of the fence." Yuuki offers, her visage darkening slightly at that thought.

    It would be... Impolite if there were any vampiric party-crashers. Well... Beyond those present, of course. Not that she thought that those assembled couldn't handle a few Level E!

    It would just be so incredibly rude, as a neighbor.

    "Chairman Cross is the head of the Hunter's Association, and runs the Cross Academy. He is who entreated us to speak to you! I as... A representative of certain groups, and Zero as a representative of the Hunter's Assiociation."

    Yuuki bows low, before giving a wave to the other people noticing her. "With that out of the way, it is very nice to meet you all!"

Saber (346) has posed:
     The shapeshifter had changed somewhat in demeanour; more open, not quite as cautious. "Greetings, Sir Allyn," Arturia replied. "It has been some time. Most of our work has been in moving materials," she expanded on Bedivere's observation.

     Saber blinked again at the antics of the two Cross Academy students, though she was careful to keep her expression neutral. What caught her attention even more was Zero's comment regarding humans. Though she could already sense that he was not, that confirmed it, even if she did not say it as much.

Riva Banari has posed:
Inga's arrival causes Riva to stand, and she walks over, holding out a hand to help guide Riva over towards Saber and Sir Bedivere. "Sir Bedivere, Saber, this is my friend Inga, a wisewoman of Uppsala. She knows many things that could be of use to us in the current situation." Like how to survive best in cold weather.

Allyn showing up causes Riva to wave, though she doesn't seem too familiar with them.

When she gets the chance, she approachez Zero and Yuuki and bows. "I am Riva Banari, of the Knights Templar. Pleased to meet you both." She certainly is doing her best to be friendly and not put people on edge, at least. "I hope everyone's new associations work out! It's good to meet new people."

Allyn (307) has posed:
Allyn has been through quite a bit since the last time he saw Saber and Bedivere, so the change isn't really too unexpected, times do change people, even shapeshifters after all and he's found its been better to be more friendly and open towards people than to just stand by and be as aloof as he once was.

He ponders Bedivere's words of being a beast of burdon and he doesn't seem to mind that idea too much, but he considers his current form, or another that might be a bit better.

He nuzzles Kotone's hand when she pets him and gives it a lick in a sign of wolf/dog affection and then trots away to a more open space, he doesn't want to crowd people, well, he had a form in mind.

He changes his mind though from which form he was going to change into and instead of the large komodo dragon he was going to shift into to lend some strength, he shifts forms into that of his sabertooth form, before answering Bedivere, "Of course, I do not mind being used to haul things back and forth. I think this will work out fine."

Zero Kiryu has posed:
    "I know." Zero says to Bedivere, and does not apologize. He didn't really mean offense, but he's pretty certain that the subject of his words doesn't mind so much. If she does, she can speak up herself, but the fact of the matter is that he's not that personable, and he's predisposed to be cranky for quite a number of reasons. He looks back towards Saber, but this time he doesn't linger on her exceedingly long. She does have a sort of natural magnetism to her, he thinks, even without his predisposition to be suspicious of certain supernatural beings.

    "Is it impolite to lie openly?" He asks Bedivere, glancing between him and Yuuki on the subject of her mansion. It is fairly easy to tell that Yuuki isn't REALLY lying, but that Zero strongly disagrees with her assessment of her home. He shakes his head, "I'd suggest Cross Academy, but in some ways it's even worse. The Chairman would be pleased, I suppose..." He descends into inaudible mumbling a moment later.

    Immediately after Yuuki finishes her own less-formal introduction, Zero adds a flat, "If you have any vampire problems, give us a call and we'll resolve them. There's a half-decent chance they'll be overflow from our borders instead of local." Not that he thinks they have a specific need for hunters, here. Saber would have to be strong to emerge from the one battle that they took part in together. No Level E would have survived such a thing.

    The woman who had been observing him earlier approaches, after the formal business appears concluded. Zero turns away from Yuuki, Bedivere, and Saber to incline his head towards her. He's already given his name, but he repeats it, "Zero Kiriyu. Vampire Hunter's association. I'm sure things will be... fruitful."

    Riva is a new blip on his radar. Seems human, but a little bit more. Nothing to aggravate him, though, and his tone is audibly less tense than it was when he approached Saber and Bedivere, even though he has much less to say.

Inga has posed:
Inga is truly trying not to look as though she's seeing many things for the first time, but upon seeing Krepas she cannot stop her eyes from widening considerably. What is that!? Did this man somehow tame some jotun beast!? The man at who's feet the beast slumbers must surely be the lord of this place. While his clothing does not appear overly fine, the way people seem to defer to him tells the story well enough. Then another woman refers to him as lord, which makes it quite clear.

Inga turns toward him, accepting Riva's arm with a smile of thanks before bowing her head somewhat as she replies to Bedivere's greeting. "My thanks for your kind welcome Sir Bedivere of Dun Realtai--and thank you Riva for your introduction," she greets. One eyebrow rises slightly. By the gods, that man is as pretty as a woman! He is a man, isn't he? Inga's fairly sure by the line of his shoulders at least, and she's not about to let her eyes stray to look for further evidence!

Really, do men not wear beards anymore?

Inga looks to Kotone and nearly jumps as she sees who the woman is speaking to--a wolf. Inga's eyes widen once more. "No end to the wonders...another shapeshifter?" she asks, summoning a smile. At least this is a concept she understands.

To the others present she nods as well, trying to take in the names and faces--another pretty man with hair much the color of hers, his companion small and pretty...a willow-thin woman (....she is a woman, right?), and another, called most holy? Oh gods help her, she's practically surrounded by Christians.

Inga returns her gaze to the lord of the hall. "I'm afraid I have not been informed what the situation is, but I most certainly offer my services to you in thanks for your hospitality," she continues.

At talks of vampires, the woman merely looks confused. The term does not sound familiar to her.

Riva Banari has posed:
"Vampires, huh?" Riva leans back, rubbing one side of her head as if thinking. "That seems like a pretty significant problem. However you want to define fruit is up to you, but I suppose making sure anything that preys on innocent people is unable to do so anymore... Permanently..." She smiles faintly. "Would be fruitful indeed. I admit, I've never fought a vampire before. Are they like the classic legends? Garlic, crosses, stakes? Or are we more dealing with the sparkly type?"

Sir Bedivere (482) has posed:
Shifting his grip over the harp he holds, Bedivere cocks a violet eye toward Yuuki, listening to her in evident curiosity. He had noticed her efforts to help during the battle, and he had also noticed her presence in the battle at Azuma. Why she would have taken part in such a battle, he's not certain, but perhaps he might answer those questions for himself in time.

Clearly there is something special about her, if she had survived both of those ordeals. A normal person would have been slain. Perhaps he doesn't know what, but maybe he'll find out in time.

"Indeed." He dips his head in acknowledgement of her agreement that they'd met. "Here in Dun Realtai, and once again in Azuma. I fear I was not conscious for most of the latter, though, and I could not be certain that it was you that I saw. At least, not at the time." His lopsided smile is almost apologetic. "I fear I had suffered terrible injury at Lieutenant Medusa's hands that I am only now healing from."

He tilts his head faintly. "Certainly. I thank you for your gesture of hospitality. However, we will be involved in the reconstruction efforts for some time. We must make fast our repairs before winter comes. It is so cold, now, and it is but autumn. The winter will be natural, now, but I fear it will still be harsh, here. I should like to see that the villagers are safe before I leave them to visit. Please deliver my thanks to your Chairman, however. I appreciate the gesture. It is good to make your acquaintance more formally, in any case. You and your companion are welcome here at any time."

Half a nod is cast in Saber's direction, as much an agreement with her observation of work as much as her suspicions about Zero -- maybe he can sense her reserve regarding the Hunter. While he himself isn't bristling at him any more, neither is he completely relaxed.

Perhaps he's just a slight bit... defensive... when it comes to Arturia.

He glances over to Riva when she introduces Inga, inclining his head. The title of 'wisewoman' elicits all sorts of definitions in his head, and they're not very nice ones. Fortunately, he was never as hidebound as his contemporaries in the courts of Camelot. He was a foreigner himself, with a splash of exotic blood in his veins, and he is perhaps less inclined to shun such individuals as others might. For a knight, he's not so bad... and not so willing to cry 'witch.'

Sir Bedivere (482) has posed:
"Then I bid you welcome as well, milady Inga. I am familiar with Uppsala; though I have never been there myself, I have heard it was the burying-place of kings..." He releases the harp with his right hand, rubbing absently at his jaw. "My people had some ties to those of that place, loose as they were, of trade and gossip... but I had never been there myself. I am myself of Dal Riata. Perhaps you have heard of it? Though I later travelled to Camelot, and remained there, until I became part of the multiverse..." He shakes his head, with a self-conscious and almost sheepish little chuckle. "Ah, forgive me. My mind wanders. In any case, I welcome you as a guest to Dun Realtai. Please, stay as long as you wish."

And then suddenly there is a frigging giant cat with dagger-teeth sitting in the village square.

Bedivere remembers to close his jaw after a second or two.

"Er... of course. Yes. Yes, by all means." His voice is just a bit faint, and sometimes he forgets Allyn can do that. It's kind of creepy to the sensibilities of a mostly ordinary human. "My thanks, Master Allyn."

His atteniton turns back to Zero, something in his regard dimming again. In fact, for as long as Zero looks back to Saber, the Servant is bound to notice him bristling in subtle ways. Perhaps too subtle for the others, but definitely enough for Arturia's senses.

He sighs, and his brow furrows slightly. What a rude and disagreeable young man. But Brehon Law dictates that Bedivere remain a gracious host, regardless.

"Aye," he finally says to Zero. "We will settle that later, as I said. I am unable to leave, at this point, for there is much work yet to be done, and I would finish this work before the winter before I leave. Ah, thank you, but we will likely not need any assitance." Master and Servant make for a formidable fighting team; but he'll have to keep that in mind in the event that they do run into anything they can't handle. "I do not think there are any especial problems with drinkers of blood, in this area, but I will keep your offer in mind."

He glances back to Inga. So does Kepas, lifting his head from Bedivere's boot long enough to thump his tail on the ground a few times, apparently about as threatening as the extremely large, horse-sized, incredibly derpy puppy he looks like... and about as aggressive as a butterfly. He lays his head back down and seems to be, for all intents and purposes, napping.

When he's stared at by Inga, though, Bedivere clears his throat somewhat awkwardly and looks away. Seems he's a bit of a shy one, too. "Ah. It is no trouble, milady Inga. I will explain quickly, then: A magician of the land went mad, and his retribution nearly destroyed this place. Their last lord was slain, for he was not effective as a lord; leaderless, they appealed to the Union, and so I volunteered to help them rebuild, after dispatching the creatures." He nudges Kepas' head with his boot. "This land is watched over by a winter-witch, by the name of Lady Alaia. This is one of her pets. Originally they were guardians of this place, but the others were driven mad. He will not harm you." The feyhound's tail thumps the ground again, though he doesn't pick his head up from the boot.

Bedivere shifts his foot. He's pretty sure it's starting to go numb.

"His name is Kepas."

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa is just keeping back a bit as she gets to meet Sir Bedivere and she semes to be quite curious to look him over for a moment trying to get a feel for this men who is still a legend on her world after all. So she's keeping quite for the most part. She listens some more however and doesn't mind haning back however.

"Oh I'm sorry I'm Kotone Yamkawa. I'm of no real affilation I just keep falling into things I admit. I'm just a mechanic I think anyone here could bend me into a prezel to be honest."

She doe not mind the lick from Allyn he's a strange and keeps petting him if he'll let her.

"It's his choice to say but he's quite an interesting one...wait ... vampires?!"

She seems to know this term and looks ... uneasy.

Jeanne d'Arc (536) has posed:
     "The church rebuilds well." Jeanne says, softly, looking to the sky.

     She's a little put-off by all the new people in the area, although she graciously nods to everyone, including those that are making Bedivere and Saber thoughtful - if not uncomfortable. She picks up on these kinds of things. "The floor plan is built, after consulting with how it previously was and what is available nowadays, although I attempt to truly keep the church the church it was. Humble. Small. Full of kindness and piety, a place where..." Jeanne pauses.

     "... where all gods and goddesses may grant their followers the blessing of their faith." She grits her teeth slightly.

Allyn (307) has posed:
Allyn might be strange, at least a little like Kotone seems to think, btu since he's a large cat now he purrs at the petting and sits down on his haunches to soak up the attention. Yeah, even large, prehestoric cats love to be petted and scratched on the head. His tail twitches back and forth slowly.

He peers at Inga when she asks if he;'s another shapeshifter, of course he went from the form of a wolf into a cat now, so that much is obvious, "Yes, I am a shapeshifter, my name is Allyn." he purrs to Inga.

Of course, if animals could chuckle he'd probably be doing that right now as Bedivere's reaction always gets him, though he does know some people just can't wrap their minds around such a thing and while he doesn't mean to shock people it happens sometimes. "I just thought I could pull a lot more weight in this form, if need be I could become something much larger, but I think I will refrain for now, because that might cuase quite a panic and I do not wish to do that." actually there may be a couple forms he could use, but as he recently learned them it's not consistant and yeah...panic would be bad and another thing, there's no water here, so changing into the form of an orca would be a bad idea for himself mostly.

Yuuki Kuran (518) has posed:
    "I am not lying, Zero!" Yuuki complains, this time stomping her foot, but she recovers well. She waves a hand in front of Zero's face, playfully blocking (and mocking) his patented Tortured Bishounen Mega Sure-Kill Death Gaze before sighing, pressing her fingers into cheek and temple. "Anyway. I'm glad you will be okay. It would be dangerous, out here, if you weren't capable fighters - but everyone here seems strong.

    She tugs at Zero's ear, before whispering 'Hey! I thought we weren't being super-obvious about the Vampire thing!" She breathes, before sighing. "Sorry. Our world has a pretty bad vampire problem. Some... Things that happened riled up a bunch of them."

    She looks to Jeanne, then.

    "Does that mean this church is omni-pantheonic?" She wonders, innocently.

Inga has posed:
Inga listens to the talk of vampires, frowning somewhat. Drinkers of blood? Interesting.

If there is a seat to be had nearby, she'll take it. She's had just about enough standing about.

A chord is struck in her when he mentions that he has heard of Upsala, that indeed he has ancestors from the region. So far from home and unsure she'll ever be able to go back, talk of the familiar brings up a fierce homesickness along with excitement. "Ja, the grave mounds of Upsala are impressive--and oh if you could have seen the temple...a grand sight. It is.... was... the seat of political and religious power," she says, her voice sinking slightly as she remembers what she has since learned. It's nothing but a monument now, all the people she knew then more forgotten than her gods.

Inga takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly. "Dal Riata, yes, I have heard of it. Suppose you are as far from home as I," she comments.

She listens then to the story of what is happening here, nodding her understanding. "This winter-witch, is she benevolent?" she asks. "I am not sure what help I could be--heavy labor isn't exactly my strength, but I have knowledge of healing if your people need it. Or yourself...? You say that you were injured?"

Kepas is given a smile. "A truly magnificent creature, certainly."

Inga's eyes cannot but look to Jeane as she mentions a church, wariness reappearing. It does not escape her notice the way the woman grits her teeth as she mentions the gods of the people.

Well, this could be delicate.

"A...church...that welcomes all the gods?" she asks, obviously interested.

But her gaze is drawn to the shapeshifter as he introduces himself. Inga bows her head to him, smiling. "Allyn. It is an honor to meet you. I am Inga," she tells him. "The gods have given you quite a gift--you have a human form as well?" she asks, curiosity piqued.

Saber (346) has posed:
     The Servant nodded to Allyn when he reappeared in Komodo-dragon-form...at least, she was reasonably certain that was him. "Yes, that would do nicely," she agreed with a subtle smile. "The help is most certainly appreciated, as we are somewhat short on manpower."

     Indeed, the petite knight is not overly cautious these days -- perhaps five years ago, that suspicion would have been almost equally matched -- and the two are Union members, after all. And the two are not any more suspicious than others in the organisation, though Zero was pinging her to the same capacity as an average magus, while Yuuki might as well have been a Servant for all of her energies. "Hm. Cross Academy, is it? I bid you welcome." Saber might look into that, if for no other reason than common courtesy. Vampires were something beyond her purview, though she suspected that the beings in her own universe were quite different...if the rumours were to be believed.

     At the mention of his injuries at the hands of the Confederate snake witch, Saber couldn't help but frown slightly at Bedivere...though not at him, precisely. That he had faced Medusa was a terrible oversight on her part, even with all of his strength. He was, after all, still mortal, and now her Master. The next time they battled, she swore to remain at his side as a Servant should. And on the practical side of things, they were simply more effective when fighting in concert.

     Jade eyes softened slightly as she regarded him when the silver-haired knight referenced the people of the Dal Riata. He had not been openly persecuted per se, but nobles had not bothered to hide their suspicion, and it had only become that much worse when she had appointed him as Marshal over her armies.

     Jeanne was awarded a smile of sympathy; it was a difficult place for the Servants and her knights. But for the sake of diplomacy, they had to make certain adjustments.

Zero Kiryu has posed:
    "Sparkly type..." Zero repeats, with a blank stare. He shakes his head at Riva, "Blood-drinking, attacked with the correct implements. Or attacked in the right places depending on the type. Weaker in daytime unless especially strong. Conventional weaponry with the correct modifications is sufficient. Stakes are no more effective than any other sharp object. Probably less so, they're not very good weapons." Evidently these vampires die approximately like normal people in many cases. He doesn't volunteer that he just uses a very special gun, but if he had to he could just attack a lot of the lesser ones in hand-to-hand. Probably.

    He glances towards Bedivere, who remains quite agitated about his attitude towards Saber. "I'm a hitman-turned-bodyguard, not a diplomat. If I was going to cause real trouble I already would have." It's honest enough, really. It took Zero very little time to decide to draw his weapon and start shooting at D when -he- went feral. Then again, maybe Bedivere is just high strung. Or maybe... hm. Not his business, really. Maybe Chairman Cross can make amends for his bad behavior with some of the leftover building materials.

    They didn't use quite as much as they had when rebuilding from the nonsense with Rido.

    To Yuuki's objections, Zero crosses his arms and answers, "The secrecy of vampire society external to our world's borders is a grey area that is not addressed in any organization's rules or laws. Proximity to this world makes migration of local ferals to new environments a distinct possibility. Informing the local authorities..." He looks towards Saber and Bedivere, "... is a minimum expected precaution."

    Zero gives another exasperated puff of air and drones to Saber and Bedivere, "The existence of vampiric entities on our world -- which borders this one -- is a matter of international secrecy to preserve peaceful coexistence between human and vampiric societies. If you should cross our borders, keep it in mind. I represent the human interests in this balancing act, and this useless girl isn't a representative of anyone."

    Zero looks back at Yuuki and asks, "Satisfied?"

Riva Banari has posed:
It's okay, Riva has special guns too. "Huh. Well, that'll be interesting." She looks a little nervous as she considers something, and then perhaps sighs, with a slight air of resignation before steeling her shoulders and stance. "If you need help with the problem sometime, just let me know. I'll be happy to lend a hand." Or bullets. Lots of bullets. "The last thing we need is a problem like this growing even bigger."

Riva does glance over at the derpy feyhound for a few seconds, a contemplative look on her face.

Yuuki Kuran (518) has posed:
    Yuuki sighs. "I do represent something, Zero. But thanks for your wonderful explanation." She grumbles, before shaking her head at Riva. "That won't be a problem. Only a Pureblood vampire's bite can make more vampires, beyond them... breeding. So, it won't be a problem that multiplies if it spills over."

    Her look darkens considerably. "Unless one of the few remaining purebloods gets any designs on the worlds outside ours. But, so far, they mostly sit and wait or play politics." She explains.

    "So there's not a whole lot to worry about, for you. It's also why we're here! So there's nothing to worry about."

    She bows again, seemingly in excess, before jabbing Zero's kidney again. "No, I'm not, you made it sound horrible and dry. Smile sometimes!" She grumbles, before giving up and clasping her hands before her. Despite her exasperation, she still kept a mild smile upon her face.

Saber (346) has posed:
     "Hm. So your world has its secrets, as well," Saber observed mildly. "Similar to our own, it would seem...in the current era, in any case. Magic itself is now hidden from the world, though the Mages Association is in truth responsible for that. It was quite a surprise to learn that our secrets were already well-known by the time I found myself in the multiverse."

     It had been something of a shock to learn after her own reality had Unified that magi, Masters, Servants, and the entire Holy Grail War was in fact common knowledge for not only the Union, but the Confederacy as well. More disturbingly, knowledge of her true identity as King Arthur was nearly as commonplace. At the time, the petite knight had been nearly paranoid over guarding that secret. Now, there were very few occasions which called for it.

     "We have not encountered that manner of trouble, as of yet. Nevertheless, you have our gratitude for the offer."

     A slight frown marred her girlish features as she lifted her hand to her chin, clasping it between her thumb and forefinger in her habitual gesture of thought. "Most likely, should we encounter trouble, it might take the form of magi...or perhaps even another Servant."

     But Saber was most definitely interested in what Inga had to offer. "We are very much in need of such, yes. My marshal has had a number of violent encounters with members of the Confederacy when they refused to lay down their arms." Why yes, she identified the tall knight as her marshal. One might not think it immediately, but the short blonde who seemed to be no older than 15 years of age was, in fact, his superior officer.

Sir Bedivere (482) has posed:
"Good. Ah, my apologies for not being present for Mass, M--Lady Jeanne. I have been quite busy with the reconstruction of the village..." That, and Arturia can and will nag him if he pushes himself too hard. Some days, just dragging himself down the keep's five flights of stairs is an exhausting effort: In the days after he'd been laid low by Medusa, there were days when he simply didn't bother to leave the keep. "I will make an effort to do so soon, and I will be certain to survey the reconstruction, as well, and have ordered any materials you may need."

Half a glance is cast back to Allyn, and perhaps it's the shapeshifter's imagination, but the mortal knight seems just a little leery. Nice kitty. Well, the idea of it isn't so far-fetched. Certainly he would imagine Merlin could have done something like that, if he had wanted to, or found some kind of humour in it. The idea of most normal folk being able to do something like that, however, is simply alien. It's also a little surreal to have somebody suddenly turn into a large, imposing, apex predator that doesn't look at all familiar to one from the Dark Ages of Europe.

The knight's violet eyes drift back to Yuuki. He's careful to keep his expression blank during their mock-argument, though her whispered statement does pique his curiosity a little. Such beings would seem to be a problem, then, and he inclines his head at her explanation. "I understand. I will keep that in mind, milady Kuran."

Once more, his eyes turn back to the wisewoman of Uppsala. The nearest seat she'll find is on the wall, joining the lineup of Dun Realtai's guests and residents. Kepas raises his head to regard Inga with one glowing yellow light in the shadow of his empty eye socket, but the light winks out as he puts his head back down again, tail thumping contentedly in the snow drifted against the wall. In fact, it's raising a little cloud of it.

"My people were not so closely bound," he says simply, shaking his head. "Perhaps some of my ancestors may have come from Uppsala. But most of them were from... I believe it is now called 'Ireland,' and 'Scotland?' Ulaidh, and Alba; respectively, are what we knew them as... and yes," he says softly, "I was far from home. I travelled from Dal Riata, south, to Albion; to Camelot. There I served the king for some twenty years." He smiles a little. The expression seems almost bittersweet. "I would not have traded that service for the world, but Camelot was no home to me."

He pauses. "Aye. I was wounded. But I am mending well, thank you." He shifts a little uncomfortably. "I will be fine."

Seems he is a shy one, and doesn't really like attention turned on him.

Half a glance is cast to Saber, though he doesn't quite meet her eyes. Do not worry yourself so. There was nothing to be done for it, at the time. The next time, we will be more prepared. He doesn't quite smile, but something in those violet eyes softens. And I spoke truly. Dal Riata was no home to me any more than Camelot was. I had been missing something, there... and well you know what, now. This is my home.

Although he doesn't directly address Jeanne's discomfort, he does dip his head in a gracious gesture. He, at least, appreciates the effort she's making.

Finally, his gaze turns back to Zero again. He simply stares the young man down for a few moments, his regard neutral; although he doesn't look annoyed, per se, it may be obvious -- at least to Arturia -- that he's trying not to be.

"Point taken," he says simply, to the matter of diplomacy. "I will bear that in mind if I should visit. I do not expect to any time soon, however, for there is much to keep me here."

He falls silent, though, on the matter of vampires. It's not something he has a lot of experience with beyond rumour and folktale. He's never actually met one.

...Though Saber earns a slightly peeved glance when she accepts Inga's offer automatically, citing his injuries.

...I wish you would not do that. But there's no real discomfort or displeasure in his silent observation. I am healing well enough. And I will be more cautious. I would sooner not put the wisewoman out; I am reasonably certain she is herself wounded. See how she walks, my lady.

Jeanne d'Arc (536) has posed:
     Breathe, Jeanne. Breathe. Do Shizune proud. Do not ruffle feathers. You are here under Brehon law, and so is everyone else. Do not make Bedivere upset at you. Do not make Saber upset at you, especially. Upsetting Kepas is out of the question, because Kepas is the worst guard dog ever. The saint and servant takes a deep breath, before she inclines her head, her violet eyes closing.

     "... Yes. That is the best way to put it, I would think. A place where people of all faiths can be comfortable. From those that know their faith, to those that do not, to even those that were martyr'd for it, and those that, even in their deaths, follow it faithfully."

     Jeanne's voice is peaceful. "Even if Mass happens regularly." Which means always. You cannot stop the Mass. Try stopping the Mass. (Don't try stopping the Mass. You'll make her cry. Don't make the Saber cry.)

Allyn (307) has posed:
Allyn nods to Inga and tilts his head at her as she makes a statement, "I am not sure that this ability was given by 'gods'" he ponders that for a few moments, "I suppose it could have been, but where I am from there wasn't much talk of such beings. Most things considered, or even rumored as 'magic' were hunted down and killed because most were afraid of such things." he knows some even here were at least of that mind once, or at least similiar in thought at least from talking to them.

He does answer Inga though after a few moments of thought, "If anything it was a gift from nature itself, but when you had to hide as an animal for years to keep from being noticed and hunted, well, it doesn't seem much like a gift." he nods his head, "Yes, I do have a human form, as I was born human, but." he ponders how to put it, because it is still something he doesn't like much, "I do not really have the right to be seen in my human form as I do not consider myself to be human any longer. I am an animal, not human." Well, there it is.

Zero Kiryu has posed:
    "I've got back-up already, but I may take you up on that if I have another bloody encounter with D." Zero says to Riva. Evidently she REALLY doesn't ping his radar badly, because he's fairly quick to accept the idea of her assistance in the future. He'd rather not put Yuuki at risk in another fight like that, and D wasn't an easy opponent. Having back-up in the first place was crucial to managing as well as he did, and it still came down to a draw last time. Next time around with a foe like that, he can't take any chances. Stacking the odds will be necessary.

    "Inter-world politics IS horrible and dry." He murmurs, almost inaudible, as Yuuki pummels him. She can probably hear him, but it'd take a really sharp ear for somebody farther away to.

    To Saber he says, "There was a war, and no one wants to repeat it. I'll keep things in mind regarding your magi, but it seems to me as if you have things in control. The more I am near you, the more you remind me of the man who fought D with me. I don't think somebody like you is going to have many problems with a typical enemy of any kind." He looks Saber up and down, "... By appearances, it wouldn't surprise me much if you were related to that man."

As for his continued tension with Bedivere, he just waves a hand at the other man, "You and I aren't very compatible. I'm good muscle, but a poor representative. Come and meet Chairman Cross. He'll give you the reception you're looking for." This may or may not be subtly devious on Zero's part. He's telling the truth, but...

    Well, Yuuki will notice the conflict in personality between this quiet, shy guy and Chairman Cross right away.

Inga has posed:
Inga can't really comment on the issue of vampires. She will ask Riva about this later. Gods know they have enough to deal with in Kingsmouth.

Inga listens to Bedivere, her soft smile and distant eyes imply she's relishing these familiar words. Alba, Ulaidh, Dal Riata. A world she knows. "Ah...I see," she replies. She would like to ask more, but she can see that now is not the time. It is likely a personal story, how he came to be in the multiverse. He's certainly been there longer than she, but how long? Perhaps he might have some advice for her--for adjusting to these strange worlds.

Inga looks toward Saber, bowing her head more deeply to her, her gaze keen. She has observed and come to a few conclusions. The woman hasn't named herself a lady, but it is clear enough that she is. Now that she's recognized it verbally, Inga does so as well. "Heh, your lady does not seem to agree with your opinion Sir Bedivere," she comments with a wry smile. "I am sure you are healing well, but it seems you will be quite busy and the sooner you are in full health the better you will serve your people, yes?" she asks. Men have their pride. Warriors especially. "I can see to it at your convenience however," she adds, which she hopes will take some of the pressure off. Seems there's a somewhat difficult guest to deal with.

Inga glances toward Zero and Yuuki, but says nothing.

To Allyn, she then listens carefully. "I understand. Given by the gods or not...the gods are of nature as well. A gift of the vettir. It must be difficult to walk between worlds," she replies as if she knows. As a highly spirtual woman, a servant of the gods and spirits, she more or less does.

The holy woman is regarded again, Inga keeping her expression well guarded. She'll behave herself. "That is very good to hear. I shall have to visit this...church...perhaps," she says. Would these people, Christians, let the people keep their gods and customs?

That'd be novel.

Sir Bedivere (482) has posed:
That seems to be as gracious an offer as can be had from the saint, and so Bedivere doesn't comment any further on the matter. As for Kotone -- don't think that Bedivere hadn't noticed her back there; there's not much his eyes miss -- those violet eyes flick to regard her for a few moments, steadily. He bows his head graciously. "Nonetheless, you are welcome here as a guest, milady Yamakawa."

He glances instead to Inga, regarding the witch thoughtfully. Despite how she seems to know Riva well, it seems the time and place she hails from is not so different from his own. There's no missing the recognition in her eyes when he describes Camelot's contemporaries.

"M-my lady?" Bedivere's response is almost horrified, and he nearly drops his harp in his momentary shock. "W-wait a moment, Wisewoman, that is not--" Yes, as a matter of fact, he is some sort of shade of bright red right this very minute. Congratulations! So much for being a composed and gracious host.

Oh, Lord God preserve me. He seems to sink in on himself a little. His eyes trail over toward Saber, a little guilty. Is it really so obvious...?

Clearing his throat awkwardly, he ducks his head, letting his hair fall to hide the interesting shade of scarlet his face has turned.

But that's okay. Even the tips of his ears are scarlet, so it's not like it isn't noticeable.


Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa is used to Allyn being stranger and she tilts her head for a moment and listens. She's seeing a lot is going on here she moves to set a hang on Inga's shoulder, but what else can she say that wouldn't sound like she was belitting her. The Sands of time consume everything eventually but it's painful to see the point whee your Relgion has passed into legend, and your people are but a ghost upon the pages of history. The hand is about all she can do, right?

"Thank you I will be happy to do what I can to help I fear unless you need more advanced things handled I could only ... help with manual labour h a chance to speak to any black smiths would be facinating to me. It's a art form kept alive by only a few souls in my world."

Jeanne d'Arc (536) has posed:
     Jeanne, who has been so caught up in learning with Shizune and fixing the church, catches onto something.

     The saint looks back between Saber and Bedivere. Then between Bedivere and Saber, almost as if intensely examining them. Squint. Squint. Squiiint. Then the saint claps her hand as if coming up with something, and she gives a delighted little laugh. "Oh, did the two of you finally...?" She asks of them. Good job Inga.

     (Sorry not sorry, Bedivere and Saber.)

Allyn (307) has posed:
Allyn nods some to Inga's words, it seems she understands at least, "It is, but we all walk the paths that we are given, no matter how difficult they might be. Even if those paths sometimes branch off in a different direction for a period of time, they always lead back to where one must go, to lead one to what one must do." the big cats sighs a bit and then topples over as he flops onto one of his sides, twil swishing lazily across the ground. and he stretches out, "At least that is what I think anyway."

Inga has posed:
Inga looks slightly taken aback by Bedivere's reaction to her words, then more than slightly amused at his blush. Odin's bones, she's never seen a man turn quite that color before!

She covers a laugh with a cough. Really! Inga thought it was quite obvious! She'd not expected it to be such a surprise.

The witch reaches up to pat Kotone's hand gently, understanding the reason for the gesture. Inga may never have the chance to return to her own time--but she will see that the gods are remembered. She will see them worshipped again, for the world is most certainly suffering from their lack.

Inga looks down toward Allyn, her dark hazel eyes closing briefly. "Yes...that is very true. Wise words, Allyn," she replies. Her path had taken quite a turn indeed. A thousand year turn, and that was only the beginning. Inga looks toward Riva, another chosen of the Buzzing. Their all only beginning to know what it all means.

After a small sigh, Inga looks back to Saber and Bedivere only to see the woman has gone crimson as well. Oh my. How to deal with this delicately. "The lady had said you were her marshal, does that not make her your Lady? You owe her your services and loyalty?" she asks, a brow rising. Nope, Inga didn't imply anything romantic.

They did that themselves.

"Well, if you would permit me to stay for a few days I would be happy to see to those who are sick or injured--though I will have to fetch my supplies," she says, changing the subject and hopefully sparing the two from needing to talk about an embarrassing matter any longer.

Even if it was amusing.

Saber (346) has posed:
     A flaxen eyebrow raised a fraction at her knight. You would do the same for me were I thus injured, would you not? Saber scolded, though she was not using the devastating weapon she has in her arsenal...not *yet*.

     Besides which, she pointed out, The people might be in need of a healer. Flowers is an excellent physician, but much remains to be done, and she is but one person.

     The Servant frowned slightly. Nevertheless, you are correct. I did not mean for her to begin immediately. Merely if she should wish to help, we would not refuse.

     To Zero, the jade-eyed knight nodded. "Indeed. That was most observant of you. Sir Gawain is my nephew." Saber paused, tilting her head slightly. "We are both Servants, though that is not due to our blood relation. I believe that all of my knights ascended to the Throne of Heroes -- an afterlife, if you will -- upon death. However, it would seem we were summoned to different times and different Wars."

     Arturia regarded the commoner vampire thoughtfully. "But avoiding a war...that is a most noble endeavour."

     Flaxen eyebrows lifted once more at Inga. She got him right in his weak point; after all, Bedivere complained not long ago about feelings of uselessness and their race against the onset of winter. Saber herself had had to make appeals to his desire to help the people; he could help no one if he did not exercise patience regarding his healing. The people certainly didn't need the uncertainty of a lord whom they weren't entirely sure would survive the winter...even if he was, in any other situation, healing rather well.

     She was so impressed and grateful that the wisewoman would no doubt catch the brief grateful expression from the Servant, even as she was so focused on that aspect that she missed the implication...

     ...That is, until Jeanne also noticed the same. Cue the sudden bright crimson burning of her face. And suddenly, all that kingly dignity came abruptly and inelegantly crashing down. "Th-that...no, we...the people thought we...so we did not correct them...for the sake of morale...." she stammered hopelessly, waving her hands in front of her as if to ward off the (not unreasonable) implication.

Riva Banari has posed:
Riva's been pulling herself back to the background, just watching the drama play out. The hilarious exchange between the others, Sir Bedivere, and Saber has caused Riva to flush red, clearly trying to keep from laughing her butt off for the sake of what dignity they have left.

It's a valiant effort. She'll probably find a nice quiet corner to laugh forever in.

Zero Kiryu has posed:
    The end that this entire visit has reached is making Zero visibly uncomfortable. He looks between... well, pretty much everyone, and Bedivere and Saber. He evidently decides that it's just as well to conclude his diplomatic visit here and give the hosts the opportunity to regain their dignity, because he turns right back around and starts walking the way he came. He may or may not grab Yuuki by the back of her outfit in passing to urge her to come along.

    This is insanely awkward, and he has no idea how to deal with it. So it's just time to... not... be here.

Sir Bedivere (482) has posed:
Oh, no. Bedivere's eyes snap to Jeanne as soon as she makes her statement and claps her hands, and that delighted little laugh is probably the worst thing he could hear right now. If it were even possible, his face turns a little more crimson, and he opens his mouth to try and protest, and nothing really comes out. In fact, his voice cracks.

Bedivere just hangs his head in humiliation. Oh, Lord God have mercy on him. He wants to sink through the ground right now.

He merely sighs in defeat at Saber's unspoken protests. Yes, my lady.

While he could argue, it probably wouldn't end well for him.

"A-as my king says, we simply did not correct... the people had assumed..." His face almost hurts it's so red. He dares not meet anyone's eye, staring down instead at Kepas. Kepas won't betray him! Good dog. "I--yes," he says to Inga. "I am, or was, Camelot's Marshal of the Realm. But she is not my lady. She is my king; King Arthur -- Arturia Pendragon -- of Camelot. And I was the Left Hand of the King."

He inhales and lets it go slowly, trying to regain some tattered shreds of his composure. "Yes, of course. You are welcome to stay indefinitely, if it please milady. I am bound by Brehon Law; I would not turn away a guest. We would be grateful for your assistance in this--"

Oh, there goes Zero. Bedivere finds the opportunity to nod graciously to Zero and Yuuki as they make their exit, and then he stares at the ground again.


Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa lets her hand off Inga's shoulder after a moment, she is from a time where people have tried in some regions to be more tolerant getting a firs thand account of things from the past is unsettling to be sure. he keeps near Inga and pauses

"I may be able to help somewhat with medical supplies from my world. Certain things are no longer things that ...."

She trails off at the name.,


She's wide yeded here she looks at Sir Bedivere.

"That would mean your that Sir Bedivere!"

Inga has posed:
This is just beyond repair. These two will just have to pick up their pieces, there's really nothing more she can do for them! It is obviously hopeless. Freyja's touch is on these two.

When Bedivere says next kind of floors her however. Only fair. King Arthur? But...but...

Inga blinks. "Apparently the stories I have heard have gotten a few things incorrect..." she comments. "I did think Arthur was a man--but perhaps this is...a different world," she says, struggling a bit. It is all very confusing.

She'll wave this off for now. There is enough awkwardness in the room. "Thank you both then. I will do what I can," she says, looking to Riva. "You do think I can be spared from Kingsmouth for a bit? My wards should continue to hold untended for a few days, easily," she comments.

Riva Banari has posed:
"Everything will be fine." Riva says, having suppressed the urge to hilarity for a little bit. LATER. She waves offhandedly. "We'll make sure everything stays working. Blood is blood, Anima is Anima, right?" She just assumes she's using blood somewhere with the wards. It's her thing.

Jeanne d'Arc (536) has posed:
     Jeanne deflates a little bit, even though she mumbles under her breath, "The left hand is the hand that the rings go on." Jeanne, please. Stop that. Then she looks up, and says, politely, "It is not so much that you all did not let things continue on, but so much as you would not betray the virtue of honesty, even if it is an unspoken truth."

Inga has posed:
Inga has many things. She raises a brow at Riva. This statement doesn't actually reassure her! "No, it is not. I have spent my life learning these things," she informs Riva. "If something goes wrong you must tell me. It must be done properly," she replies, at risk of feeling useless.

Riva Banari has posed:
Riva is an art student, not a learned wisewoman. Her occult knowledge can be summed up as 'what can you look up online and maybe some Lovecraft'. Inga's unease, however, spells things out for her. "All right. I'll keep an eye on things and let you know." She assures Inga. She doesn't need her fretting any more than she already does.

Sir Bedivere (482) has posed:
"'That' Sir Bedivere?" The knight in question looks almost confused at the sudden attention to his own name and the emphasis placed on Arturia's. He reaches up to rub at the back of his neck with his right hand, the gesture almost self-conscious. "I do not understand... who else would I be? Of course I am Sir Bedivere... though I am of Dun Realtai, for Camelot is no more."

But hark, he can't focus on that for too long, because his dignity isn't done dying yet!

"Ah. No. You were correct. So were the stories. My lord disguised herself as a man, for the people never would have accepted the rule of a woman. So she disguised herself, and with the help of Master Merlin, the people were none the wiser. A select few of us were aware of her secret." He smiles, a little sardonically; almost melancholy. "But we kept that secret so well, we did not even know the others were aware... perhaps it was a breach of honesty, but it was a necessary one."

"If you do not have anywhere else to go, you are welcome to claim this as your home, Wisewoman," Bedivere offers politely. "It is a place of solace, and rest. I hope it can be that to you, as well, if you are in such need of that."

He's almost got control of his composure again, and then Jeanne goes and opens her mouth.

Bedivere's gaze drops to the floor immediately. Rings, bah. Maybe it was that obvious.

"Hn." It's a quiet noise of discomfort. "In any case, perhaps I should rest. I have been working long, today, and I am weary. If you will pardon me, my... friends."

Bedivere smiles a little at that, as though he weren't quite used to using such a description for people. In truth, he's not. The idea of having friends warms him -- an unexpected comfort he had not expected to find.

"Thank you all. If you have further need of instruction, speak with the village foreman. He will know what to do. I have no doubt I will speak with you all... but later." With that, Bedivere nudges Kepas off his foot, pushing off from the wall and clutching his harp. A nudge of his foot to the feyhound gets the creature up to his feet, jaws hanging open in a grin; the creature silent but for the click of its claws as it follows its master slowly up the path to the keep. "Farewell," he offers softly, over his shoulder.

Inga has posed:
You cannot stop the fretting of a fretter! It is not possible!

Right then. Inga nods, soft smile returning. "Very well, thank you Riva," she says, looking then to Kotone. "If you are willing, perhaps you could bring me my supplies? I have many herbs that would likely be useful," she asks.

Again she bows her head to Saber and Bedivere gratefully. "I thank you for your kind offer. I cannot stay overlong. We are dealing with...issues elsewhere. I do appreciate your kindness however," she replies, and as he says goodnight, Inga nods. "Farewell, rest well," she says.

Inga looks to Arthur, nodding, her eyes bright. "That...is brilliant. Goodnight Lady," she says.