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MDCC: Cadenza
Date of Scene: 13 February 2018
Location: The System <TS>
Synopsis: Social scene in the Amethyst City of Songs. Meeting Saltavi, Cantio, and the city of Cadenza.
Cast of Characters: Lexicon, Yang Xiao Long, 1149, 1119, 1160

Lexicon has posed:

    The voice chirping from Lexicon's desktop causes her to jump, scrawling a line across the page of the notebook she'd been writing in. Pausing, she furrows her brow and resumes.

    "Heeeey! Lexi! Lexi-loo! Pick up! Pick up, pick up, pick up!" The more the voice calls out, the more tense the Silver DCC becomes, "I know you're there, I can see your hat over the chair, turbonerd~!"

    "Don't you put me in the same class as her!" Lex snaps, turning around to face her screen and the purple-haired girl dominating the feed of her video chat. Nonplussed, the purplenette winks.

    "Got'cher attention though!" Leaning forward, she asks, "So hey! About those super cool folks from outside the System that you've been workin' with. I didn't get to hang out much at all with them last time with the Tower thing, an' never got their contact info. Could you pass an invite along for me?"

    With a defeated sigh, Lexicon rubs her face. After a moment of thought, she holds out her other hand in a sort of 'hand it over' gesture.


    Welcome to Cadenza, the Amethyst City of Songs.

    While the Hub may be the glowing heart of the System, the city of Cadenza could be said to contain its heartbeat. The dull thump of bass pumps ever-on in the distance, seeming to come from the ground itself. The city itself has a retro-futuristic feel to it, with smooth curved buildings that reach towards the sky in stylish shapes. The largest and most ornate is marked with a stylized 'S', and must be the local Cathoderal, looming in the distance at the end of a straight road and gallery directly from where the System Bus drops its passengers off.

    It's early evening, and the party's just getting started. While streetlamps begin to ignite with pale light along this main road, the telltale glow of resource lines give a very definite purple tinge to everything while they dart about, turning at right angles and crawling up the sides of buildings. Much like the music, these lines pulse with the beat of the Drive's heart. Whenever a door opens, thumping techno music escapes from indoors, and eccentric-dressed programs wander, nonplussed by strangers or newcomers.

    One such program, a purple-haired girl in a white hoodie-dress, shouts a greeting from her perch on the back of a bench. Balanced there, arms held out, she lifts them up slightly to the same level as the plus-shaped hair clips she wears, "Ya-hoooi! Welcome to Cadenza!"

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang blinks a bit as she steps off the System Bus. "Feels like Bear your soul... only as an entire city." she muses to herself, walking through the streets to the marked meeting point. She sticks out, even amongst the eccentric programs here, mostly because her colour scheme clashes with the nightclub atmosphere.

    The young looking purpnette gets a smirk from the blonde, as she lifts an arm in reply. "Hey. Nice to be here. I'm Yang Xiao Long. Nice t'meetchya."

Krusty (1149) has posed:
    A young woman walks the city street, eyes wide with delight at the sights offered. Her impressive long, blonde hair bounces down the back of the uniform she wears as her head turns while she takes everything in. She murmurs some quiet words of awe at the view of the city.

    The woman doesn't walk along though. Beside her is Krusty, who simply has a small knowing smile on his face. He's cleans his glasses with a small cloth, before putting them back on his face and asking, "Well? You wanted to see more of the Multiverse."

    The woman stops to look at him, remarking with a classy smile, "It's impressive."

    The two's attention is drawn as they reach the expected meeting place. Krusty assumes those here are likewise expected. He places a hand to his chest as he bows slightly, introducing himself, "Krusty." He motions to the woman he arrived with, "And my-" He pauses briefly, then continues, "-friend, Rieze."

    Rieze also bows in much the same way as a greeting, "A pleasure to meet you."

Josuke Higashikata (1119) has posed:
"...Okay, that is just kewl," Josuke comments as he disembarks from the bus. He should fit in well enough around here; it's true he's still wearing his school uniform, but it's a purple uniform, with a long jacket that's buttoned up, and loose pants. Yeah, it's probably pretty clear that he likes the color purple.

Arriving at the area, he gives a broad, friendly smile to the program as she speaks up. "Hi!" he greets brightly, waving. "Thanks. Everything looks <great>." With the 'great' said in English. Or at least an attempt at it. He also takes a moment to greet the others as they arrive too, with a bright smile and a wave.

Lexicon has posed:
    A program with blue hair in long twin pigtails pauses, glancing towards the trio disembarking from the System Bus. After a moment's consideration, she grins and waves, before resuming her walk, glowing blue lines marking the seams of her boots, blouse, skirt, and hair ties. Another, smaller girl in a similar outfit-- yellow-themed, trots up and the two wander off together, chattering in synthesized voices.

    The purplenette lifts a foot, teetering on the bench for a moment, "So you're the guys Lexi brought over? Pretty cool! I don't recognize you at all--" With a 'hup', she jumps off her perch and lands with her arms to either side in a 'ta da' sort of pose, then lowers those hands to her hips as she sizes up Yang with a 'hmm', "You look pretty punchy!" She leans, blinking at Josuke. Eyes narrow and she lifts a hand to do a finger-gun gesture, "And I like his style." Attention drawn to Krusty and Reize, and she considers the pair for a moment. Suddenly leaning forward, the girl exclaims, "Oh gosh! Are you two on a date?! Super cool that you decided to come here!"

    A hand raises to rest on her chest, eyes closing, "I'm Saltavi, the Drive Core Controller for this thumpin' Party City of Songs!"

Blossom (1160) has posed:
Blossom had recieved a strange invitation requesting help against some sort of monster who's name she wasn't even going to try pronouncing. She really had no idea where she was going, only that the name of the location sounded nice. Once she got off the system bus and arrived in the city proper however, she started having second thoughts. This was her first time in such a futuristic city and if one could feel more out of place than a fish out of water, that's about how she felt right now. By some miracle she didn't get hopelessly turned around and instead was wandering toward the meeting spot, her tail twitching nervously. Noticing the gathering ahead, she slowed, keeping her distance a bit, but offering a wave. Nervousness making her far more shy than she normally would be.

Krusty (1149) has posed:
    At the suggestion of a date, Rieze looks a little surprised, a little bit of red forming on her face in embarrasment. Of course, Krusty misses it completely as he simply smiles that charming smile of his, "Not quite a date, no."

    As if in an attempt to recover and change the subject, Rieze speaks up to ask curiously, "A Drive Core Controller? Is that your title?" Krusty listens on quietly, also interested in the answer, as he briefly glances at the additional arrival. He gives Blossom a quick nod in greeting.

Josuke Higashikata (1119) has posed:
Josuke waves to the program with the blue hair. He doesn't know her, no, but that's no reason not to be polite. He's a pretty friendly sort anyway. The smile turns to a grin as Saltavi speaks to him. Though he seems a little embarrassed, since he's got that goofy expression on his face that teenage boys have when they're happy and sheepish. "Heh... thank you," he says. "This place is pretty awesome too." And when Saltavi introduces herself, Josuke duly returns, "My name's Josuke Higashikata. Good to meet you!"

He notices Blossom approaching and blinks. He hasn't been in the Multiverse quite long enough for nothing to surprise him, but he's not terribly bothered. So he notices how nervous she looks, and offers a polite nod in her direction. His smile is friendly but not overly enthusiastic. "Hi there," he greets as she gets within speaking distance. He's already given his name, so he doesn't offer it twice. He's just trying not to spook Blossom.

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang grins at Saltavi. "Yeah, I'm pretty punchy. Anyway, Dunno Lexicon apart from a little radio chat I had with her the other day, thought I'd come check this place out." she looks around, nodding to the others, and offering a fist bump up to Josuke when she spots him. "Heeey buddy, fancy meetin' you here."

    Back to Saltavi, she rolls a shoulder. "This place reminds me of the clubs in Vale, there's the one in the old quarter called Bear Your Soul, run by an... acqaintance of mine."

Lexicon has posed:
    "You bet!" Saltavi rewards Krusty's question with a wide, eyes-closed grin, "I kinda run this place, and keep it safe. I'm like a patron deity, but really I just like to sing an' dance an' play games." She throws herself into a twirl to demonstrate, though this comes to a stop when she spies a NEWCOMER. While balanced on one foot, she points at the timid fawn and announces in a declarative tone, "Here comes a new challenger!"

    So much for not spooking Blossom.

    Recovering from her bizarre pose, the Amethyst DCC props her hands on her hips, "A nightclub? It's as good a description as any! This is my city-- Cadenza!" She throws her arms up briefly at the declaration, "We're all about music here. All the programs are synthesizers, or tuners, or mixers, and everyone works together to make super awesome music." Eyes closing, she places a hand on her chest, "I might be, like, basically the guardian deity around here but I totally do my own musical thing, too. Mixing's hard so I leave that to Cantio, but I do all my own lyrics!"


    "Say," Hopping back on the bench, she shields her eyes and peers down the street, "Where is that clingy little sister of mine anyway?"

    In the distance, the refrain of "Goodness, I'm sorry..!" can be heard.

Blossom (1160) has posed:
The crowd seemed friendly, as some even returned her greeting. She nodded to Krusty and Josuke, and since everyone else was offering their names, she decided to do the same. "Eh, hello. I'm Blossom. I..." She begins, then Saltavi points at her and makes her announcement. Blossom quickly looks behind her, totally oblivious at first that the girl is pointing at her. She turns back and blinks. "Me? Who am I challenging? I might be a little rusty, been a while since I fought in the arena back home. It wasn't really for me..."

Starting to calm down since the company made the place feel a bit less threatening to her, Blossom finds her way back to her previous train of thought. "Anyway, as I was saying, never really been to a place like this before, feel a bit like a fish out of water. Music is nice, though maybe a bit loud for me..."

Krusty (1149) has posed:
    Krusty listens with interest as Saltavi explains things, rubbbing his chin a little in thought. He's not seen much of the Multiverse yet, but he's heard some things. Plus his own experiences mean he's not that surprised. Still, like any gamer would be, he's rather interested in the idea of a world inhabitated by computer programs. Or something like that.

    Rieze meanwhile is more drawn to the musical aspects, quietly remarking to Krusty, "I imagine the Bards would love it here." She glances around at the city from their spot, listening to the background music. As she does so, she glances at Saltavi and asks, "Is it all electronic music? Club music? And the like?" That appears to be the majority of beats she hears, thus she asks, "Or does the types of music here spread across the the entire spectrum of styles?" Though Rieze does blink a little in curiosity as their host jumps on the bench in search of her sister.

Josuke Higashikata (1119) has posed:
Josuke grins as Yang reaches to fistbump him. And he returns it! "Yo!" he greets, along with the fistbump. "Hope things haven't gotten too out of control back home." He means HER home, of course, not his own.

He winces a bit as Saltavi points DIRECTLY at Blossom and puts her on the spot like that. He hopes she doesn't get upset! He tries instead to draw attention to the girl again. "S...so is this place all about music?" he asks. "I like what I've heard so far." Trying to get her to focus on herself and the music again. Though at the question of her sister, he makes to say he doesn't know... when suddenly someone speaks. He looks in the direction of the voice.

Thankfully Blossom doesn't seem too terribly bothered by it, and he sighs in relief. He also offers, "I don't think she meant a literal challenge. She might have just noticed you then. Maybe?" It's a possibility, right? Rieze has a question too, and Josuke nods to it. "Oh, I didn't think about that," he notes. Though he quiets to hear the answer.

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    "You should meet Deelel sometime. She's a music program from another world. Cool girl too. I think she's been around here, need to catch up with her sometime." remarks Yang. "Man, Weiss would love it here, she's always singing in the showers at school, humming to herself while doing homework. I even caught her full out jamming when she thought she was alone!" Yang then blinks, having not noticed the faun before. "Oh hey there. Sorry, world of my own. I'm Yang, nice t'meetchya."

    Josuke's response earns a smirk. "All's quiet on the eastern front." she replies.

    The distant refrain gets the blonde to turn, leaning back with her hands on her hips, giving Cantio a little sourpuss expression. "Well this is a fine howdeedoo isn't it? I mean, 'Tavi turned up to meet us, what's your excuse?" The lilac eyes glint with mischief as she chews out the 'Little Sister'.

Lexicon has posed:
    "That'd be her," Saltavi's eyes close in a 'jeez' kind of way before she whirls around to her audience. Lifting her hands, she shakes them up and down while bobbing from side to side in a brief show to Blossom, "It's great, right? A good beat just makes you wanna move!" Saltavi glances at Reize, then, still grooving in place, "I do a lot of electronica and pop music, but you'll find anything you want in the right shops. Cadenza's got lots of original content!" Throwing her hands out in a gesture of scale, she announces, "There's gotta be, like, at least five stores for every genre I can think of! And a few I can't."

    Trotting up from the direction of the Cathoderal is a taller, lavender-haired girl with a single cross-shaped hairclip and a worried look on her face. She comes to a stop beside the same bench Saltavi's taken over, leaning on with her hands and gasping for breath.

    "My reliable little sister, Cantio, everybody," Saltavi gestures. Hopping down, she stands beside Cantio, "Check out the contrast! Everyone always thinks I'm the little sister~!" True to the claim-- Saltavi's several inches shorter, and has a more immature look to her, "But make no mistake, I'm the original article!" Wagging a finger, the Amethyst DCC winks, "I mean, it's almost criminal that it took this long to introduce the central character around here!"

    "Saltavi--!" Cantio gasps, straightening her posture, but immediately derails in response to Yang, "U-uhm.." Hands raise, and she touches fingertips together, "...I got stuck on a boss fight..and then had to find a save point..? It'd be irresponsible to leave the console on and walk away..."

Blossom (1160) has posed:
"Oh..." Blossom says as she turns a little red, feeling sheepish as Josuke offers the idea that Saltavi didn't literally mean there was a challenge, which seems to be the case when Saltavi doesn't mention one and just talks about the music. When Yang finally notices her and offers a friendly greeting she smiles at her. "Nice to meet you too."

Otherwise she tries her best to follow the conversations, but a lot of the terms being tossed around go right over her head. As Cantio joins them, she offers a wave, but her excuse for being late just leaves Blossom very confused. "Wait, you got in a fight with your boss, and had to save what? I'm so lost..."

Krusty (1149) has posed:
    Krusty has never really been all that knowledgeable about music, despite being exposed to much of the classical variety in his past. Still, he appreciates a good beat as much as the next man, nodding along in agreement with Saltavi.

    As Cantio arrives, Krusty glances between the two sisters. Indeed, their relative appearances are quite deceptive. At Cantio's reason for being late, Krusty chuckles quietly then tries to reassure the younger sister, confirming, "Never a save point when you need one, huh?" A gamer's bane in any universe!

    At Blossom's confusion, Rieze leans over to the side a little to say, "She's talking about a video game." Pause. "... I think." Hard to know for sure in a world like this.

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang chuckles, then reaches out to lightly bump her fist at Cantio's shoulder. "I'm just teasing you, relax a bit." she says. Saltavi's claim gets her attention. "Central charcter?" she remarks, arms folding over her chest, making the bracelets clink lightly.

    Blossom's confusion makes Yang look over. "Probably playing a video game, yeah. It's a type of diversion using moving pictures that you control."

Josuke Higashikata (1119) has posed:
Josuke nods when Yang assures him it's been relatively quiet. He smiles. "That's good to hear. If you do need some help out there, let me know. Punching things or fixing them," he offers. Since he can do both pretty decently.

Cantio appears then, and Josuke offers a friendly smile and a wave. "Hi there!" he greets. He doesn't seem to be bothered by her being 'late', if there was a set time for this to occur. Though as she mentions her issue, he nods. "Oh, I understand that! Bosses are supposed to be tests of everything you've learned up to that point, so they can be really hard sometimes." So Josuke plays video games too, it seems.

Though Blossom's lack of understanding gets a blink. Then it occurs to him, she does seem to lack technology. Maybe she doesn't know. "Not her real boss." And then the others explain it's a video game. He nods. "That, yeah! There's enemies to fight, and a 'boss' enemy is a more powerful one. It's just a game, though, so no one actually gets hurt. Unless you throw the controller at someone and hit them."

Lexicon has posed:
    "I wouldn't do that..!" Cantio objects when Josuke brings up throwing controllers. Yang's bump has her wobbling a bit in surprise, but the gesture is returned with an accepting nod, "Ah.. Okay."

    "Yeah~," Saltavi comments, "The only 'Salty' gamer around here is me." When Yang questions her earlier comment, though, the DCC leans forward, "You knoooow. The leading lady. The protagonist. The Center!" So Theurgus isn't the only one that's delusional around here. As hinted at by Cantio's exasperated expression that grows more defeated the more Saltavi pumps her ego. At the end, the taller girl just sighs.

    "It's like they say," Cantio opens her eyes, gesturing with her hands for Blossom, "It's a game. Um. For entertainment, mostly, though some get really competitive when they play?" Hands lowering, she tucks them behind her back, eyes closed towards the faun, "I'll show you some time if you're interested? Though now's probably a bad time..."

    Saltavi sweeps her arms out again, taking several steps down the sidewalk with a dramatic twirl, "Come oooon~! We can at least do a tour! Which'll probably end at the very first music shop we come across, but we can at least make the attempt~!"

Blossom (1160) has posed:
After everyone explaining the video game thing a bit to her, she at least has some understanding that it wasn't a real fight with a real person. "Video game huh? I'm from a forest, we don't have anything like that."

As Saltavi goes on the move and offers the idea of a tour, Blossom is more than happy to follow. Maybe if she learned about this place, she wouldn't get lost later, unlikely, but she could dream. "So, these music shops are really large then?" She wonders as she meets Saltavi with a curious gaze.

Krusty (1149) has posed:
    They're on the move! Krusty and Rieze begin to follow along Rieze agrees to the idea of a tour, "I would certainly like to see more of the city. And I wouldn't say no to browsing some of the music shops too."

    While Krusty walks along with the tour, he's not so much as interested in the sights as he is other things, "Cadenza is a marvelous city of light and sound. Filled with programs dedicated to music, enjoying the upbeat night life." He adjusts his glasses a little, maintaining a smile on his face as he asks, "So what's the catch?"

    Rieze frowns a little at Krusty, apparently disapproving of her Guild Leader's bluntness. But she remains silent.

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang follows the group, clasping her hands behind her back as she falls into step with the others. "Not to ruin the mood, but I saw something about a job on the local Guild board. You need help with something?" she doesn't press much more after that though.

Josuke Higashikata (1119) has posed:
"Oh, if you're the main character, that means everyone has to ask you to go on fetch quests for them," Josuke points out to Saltavi. "You being the Chosen One and all, only you can do it! So everybody'd be asking you to do things." He's... prooobably teasing. Maybe. But he does present a point, particularly if this is video game logic they're running on.

Blossom's words get a nod. "That makes sense. That's why we were explaining it." He smiles. "Don't worry. There's lots of different worlds in the Multiverse, lots of different tech levels. My world doesn't have anything like this either."

Krusty gets a blink. He didn't think there WAS one, but now that it was mentioned....

Lexicon has posed:
    "Ah, most of them are a bit small," Cantio admits to Blossom, "Some are big shops, but the majority are small places run by a single program." Closing her eyes, she adds, "Some are even indie composers and only sell their own material..!" She starts briefly when Krusty asks about a catch, blinking at him.

    "The catch?" Saltavi turns to face the Guild Leader, though walks backwards. She dips her head forward juuuust enough to cast a shadow over her eyes with her bangs. Hands raising, she wiggles her fingers in an eerie gesture, "You wanna know about Cadenza's ~seeedy underbelly~?" There's a shrug, then, and she brings her hands up behind her head, "Truth of the matter is there isn't one! Not unless you count the viruses, anyway."

    A subject that Yang asks about. Eyes opening, Saltavi addresses the blonde while still walking backwards, "The guild? Oh, yeah." She makes a flippant gesture while explaining, "See, when there's a virus that needs its butt kicked, people post a Quest at the Guild an' the dudes with the biggest, bluntest swords go kick it around for a reward." Propping hands on hips, she continues, "But yeah! There's actually somethin' even I'd need help thrashing, roamin' around the Virtua Forest."

    "Ah?" Cantio glances back, "Are you talking about Cacophodon?"

    Glancing back towards her sister, Saltavi nods, "Yeah." Eyes closing, she bobs her head from side to side, "It's super annoying. Has a crazy loud roar that you can hear anywhere in Cadenza and it's harshin' my mellow like nobody's business."

    Eyes opening, Saltavi spreads her hands out, glancing from Josuke to Krusty, to Yang, then Blossom, then back to Yang, "So whaddaya say? I was gonna go out and find it tomorrow if you guys wanted in on it. I posted the quest myself, so the reward's all yours, 'natch."

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang grins. "Sounds like fun! Kinda my job, after all. I'm a Huntress. Beating up monsters is what I do for a living!" she punches her fists together. "Count me in, 'Tavi." The blonde looks at the others, her lilac eyes passing over the others, lingering on Krusty for a few moments before passing on.

Krusty (1149) has posed:
    If there's one thing that Krusty has learned, it's that there's always a catch. It seems that this one was a monster on the roam. And there was a quest available for its destruction. Krusty's eyes briefly light up with excitement at the prospect. It's Rieze's turn to smile knowingly as she sees his reaction.

    Crossing his arms behind his back, Krusty appears to be considering the offer as he walks along with the group. The long coat of his Alliance uniform gently sways from the movement, giving him an air of authority as he responds, "The Round Table Alliance has posted its own Quests in the past. I suppose it's only fair that we assist in the same for other worlds." Yeah, because he's totally not doing this for the fun of beating down a dangerous monster.

Blossom (1160) has posed:
"Ah." Blossom responds to Cantio's answer about the size of the music shops. She still wasn't really sure what to expect of these shops considering this whole place was far beyond the tech level of any part of her home world.

Then Yang brings up the quest that was mentioned on the invitation she got and that perks up her interest, particularly as Cantio says the name of the monster, or virus it would seem. As Saltavi asks if they're in on it, Blossom isn't sure whether she's all in yet. "What sort of beast is this virus? Anyone ever tried getting it to relocate somewhere where it would be less disruptive?"

Josuke Higashikata (1119) has posed:
Josuke starts to look a little uncomfortable when Saltavi mentions a 'seedy underbelly'. Sure, most cities have them, but... could that still be true in a city made out of a hard drive, like a computer? Though it seems she's kidding, so he relaxed. Viruses he expected. He'd heard of the other Drive having such problems.

He nods to the question of if he'll assist with the virus. "Sure!" he agrees readily. "Not for the reward, though. Those things can be a major pain. The viruses, I mean." He has limited experience with them, but he remembers once.

Lexicon has posed:
    "Sounds like a party, then!" Saltavi flashes a V-sign right by her eyes, "I'll get your contact info and call you when I've found it. Then we can thrash it ~real~ good."

    "Hmm..." Cantio closes her eyes for a moment in thought. When she reaches a relization, she bops a hand into the other palm, "--Ah, right!" She collects a cellphone from a strap on her thigh and taps away at it, "I have a picture of it on my S-Gear..." Glancing towards Blossom, she clarifies, "It's just a picture, though. Not the real deal, okay?"

    Only then does she hold the phone out so the faun can see the image on its screen-- a mottled green dinosaur-like creature with a very large mouth, and rounded horns that appear to be hollow.

    "It's a beast class virus," Cantio explains, "But it's still a virus, not an actual animal. Relocating it won't do any good-- it'll just cause damage wherever it is. Big ones like this need to be deleted before they can hurt someone."

    "And it's stupid loud, too!" Saltavi repeats. Turning back around, she slows down to walk beside Josuke, stuffing her hands into the pockets of her parka dress, "What's this about no reward? Aren't you the protagonist too? I mean seriously you're here takin' a quest an' everything." With a grin, she pulls a hand from her pocket-- now weilding a large yellow ?, and holds it over her own head. In Full Drama mode, she lilts, "Oh great hero, please save my musical kingdom from the loud monster!"

    "Saltavi--!" Cantio shoots a look over her shoulder, "They aren't gonna understand a joke like that..!"

Krusty (1149) has posed:
    Krusty clearly does as he chuckles quietly at the display, "Well, with a request like that... Who are we to decline?" He places his hand to his chest, once again bowing as he jokingly says, "Oh great leader of this land. I, Krusty the Scarlet Knight, do humbly accept your request." He straightens again and grins, "The foul monster disturbing your melodies shall fall to my axe. This, I promise."

    Rieze rolls her eyes a little at the over-dramatic response.

Blossom (1160) has posed:
Blossom takes a moment to peer at the picture of the virus on Cantio's phone, and once she explains that the beast virus will cause problems no matter where it is, she nods. "Alright then, if it causes that much of a problem, then I'm in too. I'm not exactly big on the thrashing, but I can make seeds like acorns explode, and support the rest of you with healing if anyone gets hurt." She smiles at the others, glad to be part of the group. Coming out here was worth it.

Josuke Higashikata (1119) has posed:
Josuke leans forward to look at the picture of the virus. Despite the assurance it's just a picture, he jumps back a little from it. "Gah!" There's a clear look of fear on his face before he manages to quash it. It's the look an arachnophobe has when they're shown a picture of a spider. "Geez..." he mutters. "They look like LIZARDS now, too?" He looks distinctly uncomfortable at this prospect.

That said, he does note calmly to Saltavi's question, "It's not really about reward. I mean... I won't turn it down if it's being offered..." AHA! "...But that's not what it's about. I wanna help, that's all." And then he laughs at the overdramatic air of Saltavi's 'questgiver' role. And yeah, he hams it up a bit. He reaches up to rather unnecessarily straighten his hair, saying, "Don't worry, pretty one." His head goes back a bit, and then he turns a bit, extending one hand out a bit as he adds, "That monster's as good as TOAST!"

Drama and Jojos tend to go hand-in-hand, after all...