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MDCC: Enigmatic Emerald
Date of Scene: 27 February 2018
Location: The System
Synopsis: Enter the Emerald Drive and assist the local DCC against the viral monster Barbarossa.

Meet Alea and the city of Arcade.

Part 2 of a series of one-shot scenes to introduce more of the setting of the Realm Operation Memory setting.

Cast of Characters: Lexicon, Silica, 1149, 707, Deelel

Lexicon has posed:
Continuing from the previous encounter...

    "Well~," Alea comments, eyes closed, "To be honest, Arcade is currently the youngest of the main Drives. Discounting Gallery, I suppose~, which has really been around the longest when you think about it." One eye opens as she lifts her teacup, "But I'm really quite proud of what we do, here~. And what we've accomplished in such a short time."

    The location has shifted to a sidewalk cafe with plenty of seating and an extensive menu of teas. The servers are, naturally, all in maid attire and continuously refer to Alea as 'Lady Emerald' instead of the name she introduced herself with. It's a location that, from the familiarity, she must visit often.

    As the DCC talks, though, a woman in a gray business suit rounds a corner. Seemingly completely ordinary and forgettable, the only real thing that stands out about her is an unusually colorful hairclip. This woman pauses, drawing up a GPS map on a floating screen above her hand, then glances across the cafe's various inhabitants.

    Upon sighting Alea, she steps over, though politely waits to be addressed.

Silica has posed:
    Silica sits off to one side, nursing a cup of green tea(Without milk and sugar, what am I some space captain?) and feeding treats to a veritable menagerien of pets surrounding her. Pina sits on her usual perch on a shoulder. Hibiki, a winged serpent, coils around the opposite upper arm. Nana, a boar-like creature with icicles for tusks and frost clinging to its coat in places sits placidly at the Cait Sith's feet, and on the back of the chair, a Hawkbat, Kobayashi, perches regally.

    "It's nice to do something that everybody can enjoy." she mentions, sipping from her cup, then glancing curiously at the woman approaching. Even the most ubiquitous thing can be important. That's what she found out in SAO and ALO when they were death games, and now that her Real Life is a giant death game, it's been drilled even further in.

    She doesn't say anything, but waits with quiet politeness.

Krusty (1149) has posed:
    Krusty sits straight in his chair, Round Table Alliance uniform giving him a bit of a formal appearance as he casually sips some tea. After which he asks Alea, "I gather your cities aren't formed the way I'm used to, over long periods of time?" An assumption based on Alea's words. Plus the nature of this world doesn't suggest it quite works the same way as the real one.

    Krusty does notice the arrival of the plain woman, immediately noticing a strong resemblence to someone he knows. As a result he looks at her a little cautiously for a moment. But doesn't say anything as it's clearly Alea's business.

Xiaomu (707) has posed:
For all her verbal readiness to go hunt down the dread pirate Barbarossa, events have borne out that Xiaomu is, in fact, just as ready to sit back and enjoy a nice cup of tea. Rather than green tea, she's ordered Earl Grey sweetened with honey, and further lightened with a splash of milk; she *looks* thoroughly relaxed, but the angle of her ears suggest that she's listening pretty closely to Alea - and potentially to the other conversations around the group.

"The arts of recreation and relaxation are what truly define culture," she comments with a smile, seemingly replying more to Silica than to Alea. "Hunting, gathering, farming - those are the foundations of a society forming up, sure. But it's only when a group of people have enough time on their hands to start imagining stuff *not* related to the exegencies of survival, short-term or long, that they set themselves apart from the next tribe over, or the city across the river, or the country on the other side of the mountains."

She takes another sip, looking around - particularly, it would appear, admiring the maid uniforms. Maybe trying to commit enough details to memory that she could pull off some cosplay. "I could spend a few decades here if Reiji wasn't likely to show up halfway through the first week and drag me back on patrol in our Tokyo," she says wistfully, more or less addressing Alea now. "I'd *love* to see what marks all the different societies you've archived have left on the daily life of Arcade."

Of course, while looking around, she takes note of the conspicuously inconspicuous woman in gray suit and vivid hairclip. She doesn't give much outward sign of having noticed said woman, though.

Lexicon has posed:
    "Mm," Alea shakes her head at Krusty's question, "The Drive boots in a fully functional state. Then grows from there." Eyes closing, she adds with a laugh, "I'm very competitive when it comes to the Hub Spire, so~ we've been able to grow faster than usual. To catch up." Swirling her tea, she remarks, "I'd say we're about equal, now, but I have no intention of stopping."

    She glances Xiaomu's way next with that same placid smile of hers, "Hmm... It's hard to say what might or might not influence the Drive. But we certainly try our best when it comes to interactive storytelling." And now that Silica has settled in with all her creatures, and may have lowered her guard in the presence of tea-- Alea's chair scoots soundlessly, conspicuously closer.

    Shenanigans are tabled, however, when she at last notices the newcomer, "Hm? Zeige?"

    "Bing," the gray-suited woman responds. Was that just to indicate 'correct'? Dipping her head slightly, she states in a near monotone, "Lady Emerald. Exalted guests. I have the information you have been waiting for." Straightening, she holds out her hand. When a holographic screen materializes above it, she repeats, "Bing. The virus Barbarossa is located in the Flash district. A storage unit currently under construction has been co-opted for his use." The screen flickers from a map to an exterior photo of a warehouse, "Bing. I don't know how he got internet service but the data usage is extraordinarily high."

    Lowering her tea to the saucer, Alea promptly stands up, "Well~. It seems we have a target, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for your hard work, Zeige."

    "Bing," is the only response, when the private eye dismisses her screen.

Silica has posed:
    Silica's ears shift over toward Alea. Even 'soundless' gives off an aura of danger. Thankfully the shennanigans are tabled before anything happens, and the Cait Sith stands, her pets falling into formation around her. "That's good news. Lets get going then. Should we try to disable his network access? Could he use that against us somehow if it's still active?"

Xiaomu (707) has posed:
"Given that we're going to be breathing down his neck in person," Xiaomu says to Silica, "the most he could probably do to us with it is try to toss us out of the system. Or spam any possible number of unmentionables in our faces. Either way, trying to shut down his Internet pipe is likely to warn him that we're onto him. So unless we can time the disabling for almost exactly the same moment we barge in on his ten-galleon hattery ... or use that to send an even bigger and more confounding distraction at him right when we're kicking his door down ... probably best to just plan on a straight break-and-enter."

Krusty (1149) has posed:
    Having the woman in their line of sight, the sudden decrease in distance between Alea and Silica probably does not go unnoticed by pretty much anyone. However Krusty shows no sign of said noticing as he continues sipping tea, listening to Zeige's report. Upon Alea's announcement of a target, Krusty calmly puts his tea down and proceeds to stand. He gives Alea a smile, "The tea, was lovely. Thank you."

    Now. Down to business. Stepping away from the table, Krusty begins to swipe his finger, asking Zeige at the same time, "Were you able to identify any defenses?" Krusty's large set of armour materializes around him. Continuing his swiping he asks some more, "Any additional targets under his control? Or perhaps trap mechanisms?" Considering the description of their mark, Krusty has gotten the impression this virus is more brains than brawn. So doesn't expect to reach it unharrassed. Of course he doesn't discount the possibility he's overestimated their target, but better to be prepared than not. The large axe of Krusty's materializes on his back.

Deelel has posed:
Deelel is enjoying the tear, it's pretty good and she seems to have long got used to certain habits of those in the multiers and honeslty it was close enough to the energy she needed to intact to keep at optimu levels of performace. She seems all right with the party that has been gathered for this job. She grins a bit at this.

"Good to meet you Bing, Sounds like another criminal program I knew back on the grid..."

Lexicon has posed:
    "Bing," Zeige responds to Krusty, "No noted static defenses. Barbarossa does command a pirate virus crew. It is likely his ship is near the facilit. Strength could not be assessed, I am not a fighter so I did not risk it." Raising a hand, she gestures, "I will handle things here." She then turns to address one of the serving maids with a poiniant, "Bing."

    Alea steps up beside Krusty and then past him a few paces as he calls his armor in, "Mm~. I do like the way Silica thinks, but as satisfying as annoying him would be, I don't think it will give us much of a tactical advantage."

    With a scattering of digitized light, a long spear appears in her hand, and she holds it one-handed in a practiced, comfortable grip, "I'm afraid Xiaomu has the right of it. The direct approach is most favorable here. A surprise attack~."

    A quick walk later brings the party to a construction zone. For the unfamiliar, this looks very familiar-- it's quite clearly a warehouse. Right upon arrival, a trio of bat-winged cats in tricorner hats can be seen ambling into the building, nondescript bags slung over their shoulders. "Nyo ho, Nyo ho..!"

    "Pirates," Alea draws attention to the obvious. Planting her foot, a ring of green light scatters out around her feet, then slides upward in a pillar of light. Feather-like pink and white 'wings' unfurl just as the light fades, Processors materializing around her hips, legs, and shoulders as she takes another step forward.

    Unlike Saltavi, though, Alea looks...physically pretty much the same after she transforms. Just her outfit has changed, and her hair has changed from blonde to a verdant green, eyes now a vibrant purple with those signature glowing sigils for pupils. Her spear is twirled-- also changed-- and when she halts it, the blade extends as a spike of green light.

    "Shall we knock and see who answers? Xiaomu, Silica, Deelel, mister Krusty?"

Silica has posed:
    "... This sounds like a boss meeting back home." says Silica with a mild sardonic tone to her voice, eyes lidded and arms folded. "Alright, I'll focus on support. I have healing magic and buff spells, but don't worry too much, I'm really good with my dagger, and I have my pets to help me." She clicks her tongue a few times, making the pets spread out in a combat formation.

    The group moves out, and Silica sticks closer to the rear of the team, eyes and ears perked sharply. And then Alea transforms. The girl's cheeks flush and she looks away, clearing her throat a bit before nodding. "Lets go, best not keep them waiting!" She closes her eyes, entirely because it lets her focus on her spellcasting, honest. "Oss Sér Ulma Eimi Lind Og Sveró!" The words of power appear around her, spinning then locking into a single line before her face as they're spoken. As the last word locks into place, a cylinder of blue hexagonal plates appear around everyone present in her 'party', providing a defensive buff. It won't completely block damage, but should help mitigate some of the hit.

Xiaomu (707) has posed:
"Works for me," Xiaomu replies to Alea/Emerald Soul, idly twirling her staff.

(Yes, she's had her staff all this time.)

"... and if we're divvying up roles - thanks, Silica - then I'll go DPS. Krusty, you okay with pulling tank duty for this? Unless Deelel wants to hold their attention," she adds, looking over at the Program.

Krusty (1149) has posed:
    Krusty is a gentleman, so of course only gives Alea a cursory glance after her transformation before he turns his focus on the task at hand. Seems like they're not going to bother with anything clever here, just charge straight in and assault...

    He can work with that.

    At the question of knocking, Krusty reaches back to retrieve his axe and swings it out to the side. As the blade of the large two-handed weapon begins to glow, Krusty begins to walk forward and take point. He has a bit of an evil smirk on his face as he replies to both Alea and Xiaomu, "I would be delighted to."

    Krusty takes a final large step and slashes his weapon horizontally, the move unleashing a wave of light. The attack rips up the ground as it travels towards Krusty's target: The main entrance to the warehouse. Knock knock! As an added bonus, his knocking should draw attention on him.

Deelel has posed:
Deelel seems to be pretty keen on things here as she listens to Bing, and watches what they have to show them. She's ready to get moving the Multi Media program seems keen yto get onwards with this and she looks to Silica with a grin. She can focus on fighting today with support of her quality in the party.

"Come shall we get to it Xiaomu?"

She doesn't pull a weapon just yet and she looks to Krutsy and Xiaomu.

"I'll trust Krusty to the tanking I'll be able to cut lose when the fighting stasrts. We'll see if these pirates got game."

Lexicon has posed:
    "Alright," Emerald Soul nods once. Her wings fan out and she lifts a few inches off the street, spear shifting to point down and to one side. "Miss Xiaomu and myself as attackers, my darling little sister as support, and mister Krusty as the tip of the spear." Her free hand gestures, even as the defensive spell flickers into place around her, "If you would please, mister Krusty."

    That's one way to open a door. The impact scatters the pirate cats who'd just walked in, amidst unlabeled discs scattering from discarded bags of loot, "Oh nyo!" "It's the fuzz!" "High-tail it!"

    In the center of the warehouse, an actually human-sized figure in a long coat straightens, then turns around-- It's similar to the child-sized cat viruses milling about in pirate attire-- except he's clearly the 'captain'. The hat is fancier, he's got more accessories like an eyepatch and a hook, and he's got the shaggy facial fur of a wild-eyed sea wolf... cat. His hook splits, then clacks together again, "Stand fast, ya bilge cats!"

    The panic ceases, as Barbarossa turns to face the party head-on. His single hand draws a cutlass hilt, which soon extends a staticky curved sword blade made out of unstable code, "We've got ourselves a guest! Th' Dee-See-See hersself, an' a whole mess o' interlopurrs." Eye closing, he rubs his chin with the curved part of his hook, "What a right pretty prize. If we capture her, I can have her make new games jus' fur me, ha har!" His cutlass is raised, pointed, "Capture th' nerd! Kill th' rest!"


    Barbarossa glances down when none of his subordinate cat-pirates moves. A weedly looking one timidly asks, "...Which nerd, Cap'n?"

    "Th' Digital Divinity, you idiot!"

    The first and most immediate threat comes when Barbarossa, in a rage, punts his subordinate into the party's ranks. The real surprise is that the virus explodes on impact.

Krusty (1149) has posed:
    Krusty throws himself headfirst towards the flying virus, meeting the projectile cat ahead of the group. It probably doesn't save them from the resulting explosion entirely, but it'll likely reduce the impact they receive. Krusty meanwhile is revealed from the smoke of the blast, looking a little roughed up but otherwise no worse for wear. Even his glasses are still intact, eyes glinting with a slight bit of battle madness as he taunts, "A pathetic start."

    With a battle cry, Krusty charges the closest group of cat pirates, his axe glowing once more. With a large swing of his weapon he easily assaults the entire group. But the large exaggerated attack does more than just damage, as Krusty is using his Taunting Blow. The skill-based attack makes him seem like a greater threat to all those nearby, drawing further attention.

Silica has posed:
    Silica begins speaking another spell incantation, markedly different from the previous one. "Ek skyt tuttugu smár striõa!" A quintet of yellow energy bolts manifest near by, then lance out to pass through the door just as Krusty's attack shatters it, aiming to skewer those inside with the Wind-aspect magic bolts. She clicks her tongue after launching the spell, causing her pets to close up formation and help protect her from the counter attack.

    She crosses her arms in front of her, bracing against the explosion which shreds the soft parts of her armour and causes red damage decals to form on her arms and legs, a wince of pain crossing her face before she turns back on the Captain and his crew. "There's no need to be so catty! But if you're looking for a fight, I'll show you my claws!" she shouts at Barbarossa. Great, the puns are spreading.

Xiaomu (707) has posed:
"We've got more nerds than you can shake a slide rule at!" Xiaomu retorts at Barbarossa. "And you're gonna run out of lackeys in a hurry if you keep doing that ... but if you wanna play with explosions -"

A grenade, an actual honest-to-Agni *grenade*, goes flying from the sage fox's hand into the fuzzy little minions, erupting into a fireball probably among their midst. Barbarossa might get scorched in the process as well.

"- try that on for size!" Xiaomu finishes, already racing around to the left side of the piratical pack. She's gripping her staff tightly in her left hand, right hand stretched out towards Barbarossa's crew and channeling ice magic, trying to freeze their feet to the floor.

As for the sage fox herself, she's a little crispy around the edges and too salty to care. She'll heal, she's been through worse.

Deelel has posed:
The Door is going to end up kicked down more or less and she's ready to go Deelel moves in as fast she can and she smirks as she does so.

"Greegings we're hjere to shut this down!"

With that Deelel's got a light staff in hand and she's moving in she calls out again.

"Be smart surrender!"

Then the virus explodes and Delele is blown off her feet as she goes flying bounding along the ground and coming to a test, she totally got played there and she slowly starts to get up summoning her keyblade she start to focus a bit trying to get ready to start using some spells...but it's going to take a bit with that opening salvo.

Lexicon has posed:
    Emerald Soul shields her face with her free arm when the virus explodes against Krusty's charge, battered by the blast even at a distance. Wings fanning out, she ascends towards the warehouse roof, trailing light from the end of her spear as she goes.

    Krusty himself charges into the pack of pirates between the door and Barbarossa, who meet him with cutlass swords. Slashing blades that aren't very good against high Armor foes. Several are scattered by the initial axe attack, and some even dissolve into component code fragments, while the remainder are spurred into attacking the Knight with various 'taunts' of their own, "Mew better get lost, pal!" "Time to walk the plank!"

    A flanking group is assaulted by Silica's magic, slowed enough with bolts of gold sticking out of them that Xiaomu's grenade rolls to a stop in their midst. When it goes off, Barbarossa shields his face with a shout while the viral crewcats on his left are fragmented, "Damn yer a crafty lot!" Raising his voice and his saber, he shouts, "Ready, heave, boys!"

    Cat pirates not involved in the fight, on catwalks near the roof, start hauling on chains. A huge set of doors on the far side of the building begin to open, sliding to either side.

    "Rainy Ratnapura!" Suddenly, Emerald Soul descends on the platform Barbarossa himself stands upon. Attacking from the air, she unleashes a lighting-quick series of stabs with the spear's glowing head. Only one or two hit home before the pirate skips back, trailing damaged code, "Damn yer eyes!" He drops down behind his platform, then jumps up onto a new one about halfway across the warehouse floor. Pointing with his cutlass again, fresh cat-pirates surge across the floor, "Get 'em, me lads! I want those collectables!"

    This time as the pirates attack, with cutlass swords and guns, there's a rumble of reports in the back. Through the widening doors, the broadside of a wooden pirate ship can be seen-- and what cannons are exposed have opened fire as an arena hazard!

    Though as a cannonball bowls through a pack of pirates, it's clear this is an equal-opportunity hazard.

Krusty (1149) has posed:
    It's true. Krusty doesn't even bother to defend against the cutlass swords swung his way, just letting his armour soak the damage. So far so good, it seems like he's drawn most of the attention. It helps that he's a big target. Krusty briefly notices Emerald Soul attacking Barbarossa himself, but trusts in her ability. If she shows any of the same strength as the previous DCC, she should be alright for the moment.

    Krusty's focus is once more placed on the charge pirates. However before he has a chance to act, the pirate ship in the rear is revealed behind its doors. Krusty's only response is to raise an eyebrow... Moments before a cannonball explodes the ground right next to him.

    Blasted through the air, Krusty smashes into the ground again, briefly disorientated. A quick glance at his HP display shows it was quite drained from the blow. But judging by the fact the pirates are getting hit too, seems like the aim on that ship isn't that great. Thankfully for them.

    Getting to his feet once more, Krusty once again faces down the larger numbers of the cat pirates. He raises his axe over his head, blade glowing, before bringing it down directly in front of him with a cry. As the blade strikes, the ground begins to explode upwards, the effect growing wider in an arc as it spreads from Krusty's position to meet the charging cats.

Deelel has posed:
Deelel is now back on her feet far more ready for the depth the pirates will go to, to win. She had not expected suicide attacks but now she knows how far they will go. She has a chance to cast, now she focues her magic upon the cats trying to work the chains.

Burst of powerful wind are launched at them as she calls out the spell name.


Yup Deelel's casting up a storm here right now trying to keep the Cats from being able to do their work.

Silica has posed:
    Silica grunts, leaping aside as a cannonball comes whizzing past. She rolls out, skidding slightly as she draws her dagger. "Alright, now I'm mad." she says, her entire demeanor changing as she charges off. Tongue clicks, and her pets set off on a predetermined attack pattern. Pina lifts higher with Hibiki, the two using their breath weapons, combining into bubble needles that aim to stun their targets. Nana charges straight ahead, trailing ice in her path. Any pirate that gets in her way will be tossed out of the way with ice encasing an arm, or leg, or other part of their body. Kobayashi follows close to Silica, using a buff spell to boost the Cait Sith's speed as she heads over to the doors, using her wallrun to get up to the catwalks to take out the pirates pulling open those doors, trying to stop the ship getting any better of an angle.

    Her dagger flashes with rapid stabbing attacks, not bothering to use a Sword Skill due to the stunlock associated with them.

Xiaomu (707) has posed:
"Nine lives won't be enough to save you!" Xiaomu calls out as she dives away from a not-necessarily-stray cannonball. The good thing about indiscriminate fire like that, though, is that it's ... somewhat easier to dodge, at least compared to 'if the ship were actively trying to blow away the good guys' - and the sage fox actually tries to capitalize on that.

With more conjured ice.

Specifically, she gauges the angle one of the cannons is pointing at, and shapes some conjured ice into a curved sort of ramp. If this actually works, then the cannonball that 'hits' the ice should get deflected into rolling up to launch vertically into the air ... and then, when it comes back down, getting slung right back at the pirate ship.

There are any number of ways this could fail to work out properly, but if it DOES work, Xiaomu's only regret will be an inability to see the looks on the gunners' faces.

(If it doesn't work, suffice to say Xiaomu will have a whole lot more regrets than that.)

Lexicon has posed:
    The newest band of pirate cat viruses are quickly engaged by Krusty, as his blast wave scatters the squad. Some of them dissolve into code as they land, while others scramble back to their feet. These guys, while still taunted on to the armored Guildmaster, seem to prefer to keep their distance with flintlock-looking guns that don't seem to actually need to be primed and reloaded. They just... seem to pause a few seconds before they shoot again. When he approaches, they prioritize backing off! Seems like even cat pirates can learn.

    When Silica gets up onto the catwalks, though, the squabs pulling the chains scatter. These are low-tier kupokitty viruses, easily scattered or defeated, which is why they're not involved in the fight down on the main floor. Her efforts don't go unnoticed, as Barbarossa hauls back on one leg. His peg-leg is aimed, firing a cannonball at the Cait Sith, "Stop that, ya landlubber!"

    His aim is thrown off when Emerald Soul drops on him again, so at least the shot shouldn't be a direct hit. Her spear clashes against the cannon the virus uses as a peg-leg, thrusting it aside as it fires. Promptly, Emerald Soul twists to recover her weapon, "To attack someone so dear to me as that, you really aren't worth delivering to Mordion Gaol, are you?" She recoils, then thrusts forward with an additional spike of glittering green wind magic, "Mouri Lance!"

    While cat pirates are battered by winds, cait siths, axes, and cannonfire from their own ship, the second line breaks. Slammed back by the DCC's attack, Barbarossa bounces, then slides to a stop in front of the doors where he starts hauling himself back to his feet.

    As for Xiaomu's attempt... Well. This world doesn't run on that kind of physics engine. The cannonball hits the ramp, punches through it, and then explodes on the other side. Ice just isn't dense enough to stop something moving that heavy moving that fast! It's a clever idea but probably not going to work in this case.

Xiaomu (707) has posed:
Fortunately, Xiaomu was smarter than to stand right behind that ramp she'd whipped up when it failed so spectacularly.

Unfortunately? The failure is still spectacular enough that 'blowing up in her face' is relatively, if not exactly,literal. The exploding cannonball blows what's left of the hastily-crafted ice ramp apart - and Xiaomu is so close that the blast actually tosses her into a convenient stack of crates which may or may not have been empty.

It didn't look or sound like the impact was enough to be severely harmful, but that does seem to take the sage fox out of the fight .... and/or vice versa.

Silica has posed:
    Silica turns slightly as Barbarossa calls out at her. Her world seems to slow down, and the blade of her dagger lights up. The cannonball comes rushing in, knocked slightly off by Emerald Soul's assault... but it isn't quite enough. Not without something else to push it just that bit further. "One shot at this... make it count." The dagger flips to a reverse grip, and with a kiai, slams into the cannonball, freezing it with the Ice magic being poured through the blade. She kips it up, then with a backflip, using her lightbody attribute, KICKS the frozen ball down at Barbarossa as he skids to a stop before those doors. "YOU DROPPED SOMETHING!" she hollars at him, landing a bit offbalance, and falling to one knee, the kicking leg showing a LARGE, spiderwebbed damage decal.

    Following up, Silica calls out. "Attack Pattern Omega! GO!" The pets turn almost as one, Kobayashi swooping down to scream a sonic pulse at Barbarossa. Pina and Hibiki loose off their own breath weapons as well, Pina's a stream of stunning bubbles, Hibiki's a smaller version of Silica's earlier wind needle spell, while Nana charges up, and with a bellowing squeal, horks out a glob of gel-like stuff that freezes on impact.

Krusty (1149) has posed:
    Krusty moves surprisingly swiftly as he darts between the groups of pirate cats trying to pepper him with fire. While some miss, an equal amount hit to ping off his armor, further draining his HP bar. Unfortunately for them, his weapons of choice are those with a HP drain ability. And for each foe he strikes as he closes the distance to them, a small part of his HP regenerates.

    However, the crew of cats are not Krusty's primary focus at this point, as he charges towards one such group of them. However instead of attacking with his weapon he simply charges which his shoulder down, barelling through them and coming out there other side. He's now on a direct path towards Barbarossa, having seen the pirate leader drop down in front of the doors. Knocked down by Emerald Soul. Krusty saw this as an opening.

    Unleashing a battle cry as he charges, Krusty jumps into the air, raising his large axe above him at the same time as it begins to glow. Arcing down towards Barbarossa shortly after the attacks of Silica and her pets, Krusty actually calls out his skill on instinct to add to his imposing attack, "Armor Crash!" He swings the large axe down for a powerful blow to batter Barbarossa's defenses.

Deelel has posed:
The battle goes on as her allies lay down quit the combined attack, and she sees Barbarosa bouncinfg then sliding into the doors and she'll move, start in a run heading for the Pirate Virus trying to get all up close and personal with him aiming toi smack him good with her keyblade there's not much else top day sometimes you just got to run in and start swining she could also be making use ofd the excellent tanking on Krusty's party tio be able to evne think about attempting something like this.

Lexicon has posed:
    Barbarossa hauls himself back to his feet, dripping off pieces of damaged code. With a defiant roar, he raises his cutlass, the ship behind him opening fire again through the narrow gap of the warehouse doors. However, it's cut short when his own cannonball slams into him. Frozen, it doesn't explode, but punches right through the virus' torso, bounces off the warehouse floor, and shatters against the hull of the boat behind him.

    Staggering under the attack of various creatures, Barbarossa drops his cutlass, its blade dissolving. Reaching up, he fingerly fingers the hole through his chest-- Clean, with ragged red code lining the edges and interior.

    Baring his feline teeth, Barbarossa throws his hand and hook to either side, meeting Krusty head-on. When Deelel also charges in, there's no attempt at an attack. The virus may just be facing defeat with dignity. The blow doesn't immediately drop him, though. The pirate staggers as the dust settles, then collapses. As he begins to dissolve, the pirate mutters, "Nyo, ho... Nyo, ho.. A pirate's life fur me..."

    Left without their leader, the cat virus pirates that aren't already defeated drop their weapons and raise their hands.

    "Well!" Emerald Soul declares, sweeping her spear back to be held at her side, "Excellent work everyone!" Twirling in midair, she glances back through the warehouse with a concerned sound, "Please see to Xiaomu." As Silica is high, of course it makes sense that the one who can fly could reach her fastest. The spear disappears, as the DCC floats up just shy of the catwalk where Silica nurses her leg. Concern all over her face, she reaches out, "Are you alright? Can you walk or shall I carry you down?"

Silica has posed:
    Silica slumps back onto her butt, stretching her damaged leg out and looking it over. She's obviously in some pain, but is murmuring a healing incantation to herself, the words locking into place as a little drip of water slips from her fingertips to slish onto the damage decal, the spiderwebbing beginning to seal, and the impact zone shrinking. "I can walk... but I'll have to go to hospital after I leave... My avatar can support me pretty much indefinitely, but I might have broken something with the bleed through." she says to Emerald Soul, Hauling herself up and favouring her wounded leg, before heaving over the siderail, and landing with a slight roll out.

    The Tamer is instantly mobbed by her pets who come over looking for treats for a battle well fought. "Okay okay, one at a time!" she giggles, petting each and feeding them a treat pulled from her inventory.

Krusty (1149) has posed:
    After his attack, Krusty backs off and watches with little sympathy as the virus pirate captain dissolves into nothingness. After Barbarossa is gone, Krusty calmly brings his axe up to rest on one shoulder, at which point he turns his head to look at the remaining cat pirates. He gives them an intense look, just daring them to try anything... It probably contributes to some of them surrendering.

    Leaving Deelel to see to Xiaomu, Krusty slowly steps over to join where Silica has dropped down and is now being swamped by her pets. He gives her a nod, "Good work." To Emerald Soul he smiles, also offering praise, "And to you. So far the DCCs of this world have proven quite capable. You should be proud."

Lexicon has posed:
    When Silica jumps down, Emerald Soul floats back to give her the space to do so, then cradles her chin in thought. She descends back to ground level, sparkling with pixellated light such that, by the time she touches the warehouse floor, she's returned to her regular blonde and fully clothed self, "If you insist. But I'd still be willing to take care of you."

    To Krusty, Alea folds her hands together in front of herself with a pleased smile, "Oh, that's high praise from the Guild Leader. Thank you. We DCCs are more than political leaders, after all, so our ability to fight is of natural import."

    Her eyes wander to the surrendering pirate viruses, then she lifts a hand to project a holographic screen, "Zeige?"

    "Bing," comes the response, the nondescript woman's face appearing in the screen.

    "Barbarossa has been deleted. Please bring the peacekeeping force in to round up the remaining viruses. They have surrendered."

    "Bing," is the response, with an added nod, before Zeige's face disappears.

    Pressing her hands together, Alea closes her eyes, "Shall we be off~? We can have Xiaomu and Silica tended to, and perhaps you can enjoy some more of my hospitality in the meantime."

Deelel has posed:
Deelel watches the Pirate dissocve and there's a brief look of sadness on her face, she frowns. The Viri here were not like hte Grid for the most part. Though seeing others of them five up she nods for a moment and lowers her weapon banishing the keyblade she was about to move to Xiaomu to tend to her long time friend an Silica is being handled by their local ally. Hopefullu it's not to seri0ous but a bone break is serious injury but for now she'll tend to Xiaomu.

Krusty (1149) has posed:
    It seems the situation has been resolved and the authorities summoned to take care of the remaining virus crew. As it seems that Alea is comfortable returning to her regular form, Krusty sees no harm in doing the same. With a few swinger swipes, his axe and armour disappear while his Round Table Alliance uniform returns, materializing with a flutter of its long coat.

    First looking over to confirm that Deelel is helping Xiaomu, Krusty turns back to Alea and smiles, "Yes, I think we should. And I don't think there's any harm in enjoying your hospitality a little more." He chuckles quietly, "I could use a bit of a rest after that fight before I return home." Despite his claim, Krusty actually doesn't look all that worn out. Although it's hard to judge what his condition actually is, without access to his HP bar, and whether he's truly that durable... Or just hiding it.