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Day at the Beach
Date of Scene: 15 April 2018
Location: Fairyland Hall
Synopsis: A day at the beach on the Island where Fairyland Hall is located at. Simple, relaxing and a time to have fun and get to know people.
Cast of Characters: Mairead Sandilands, 1143, 707

Mairead Sandilands has posed:
    Located about 10 km from New Tokyo is an Island that has a resort said to posses a heritage dating back to the Edo period of Japanese history, 1603-1867 or there abouts. This resort is commonly a place for VIPs to visit to escape the busy life and to enjoy some rest for a time.

    The resort is huge compared to most resorts, known as Fairylan Hall, a multi-story Japanese style inn containing residential rooms, living facilities for the employees. Additionally, hot springs facilities, moorings for boats and beach areas. A long bridge allows entrance to the Island and the resort, known as Fairyland Hall and there are even a few places for boats to dock. The beach is beautiful, with the Hall providing a backdrop and the Pacific Ocean at the edge of the beach. Moreover, hidden upon the island are a number of Hot Springs and there is security around witht he various employees so there is no need for visitors to be scared and can have a peace of mind.

    On the beach, is a young lady wearing a swimsuit and sitting on a towl. on her head is a simply white sun hat that as a plaid band, while her red hair is hanging down her back and not held in a ponytail or a tie. Over her emerald eyes is a pair of sunglasses while a purple armlet is on her left bicept. She wears an aqua marine two piece swimsuit and around her waist is a shaw that is held by a simple tie. In he rhand is a book and she is reading, a bottle of water sits next to her.

Touta Konoe (1143) has posed:
That's the basic jist of Fairyland Hall. Or at least the basics that Touta had told those who had gone to the barbeque previously. Apparently barbeque on the beach was such a hit that when he had brought the offer to have everyone over again sometime there was a request to come right away, one of which being from Mairead herself. While their would have probably been paperwork or business to deal with to get her set up, after explaining her essentially giving him a place to live for the months that he was dweling in the Multiverse his boss...Sorta alleviated some of those more pressing issues.

Unlike before, Mairead would find that she's actually on the beach available to all guests of Fairyland Hall. In comparison to the tiny one where they had the barbeque it's a much larger beach front and tourists can be seen all over the place. There's singles, couples, families, all over enjoying the fun in the sun.

"You look like you're really enjoying yourself."

Touta arrives from the hotel, his attire doesn't look like its beach oriented. In fact, he looks like he's still on the job. His attire that of the hotel service he looks like a european style butler which is pretty odd considering it's a Japanese style inn. But perhaps Mairead will be indifferent to such details. Though he does come bearing gifts as he places a small tray down at her side with a lemonade. It's held just off the sound by a couple of legs on the tray holding it a few inches off.

"On the house."

Mairead Sandilands has posed:
    Blinking, she turns and looks,, "Touta," she says with a smile as she looks at the lemonade. "Thank ye," she states to him as she looks over at all the people her and smiles, "Aye, I am enjoying the beach and the copany of those here," she states. "Granted it would be funner if ye could join me, as it is nice ot meet people who are here, it is still lonely," and she looks down at the ground and takes a simple breath. "I would ask if ye wants to join, but ye are busy with all the guests here," she says as she gestures to those here.

Xiaomu (707) has posed:
Things have been busy in Xiaomu's native iteration of Tokyo lately, but various situations have been nailed down and dealt with - and more importantly, Xiaomu REALLY needs a night off. Not even a night to spend playing video games or catching up on anime, just - a night away from stuff in general, let Reiji watch the kids. Besides, checking out a resort sounds fun.

"How much does the gift shop mark up their swimsuits?" the sage fox wonders as she approaches Touta and Mairead. "I *could* abuse my shapeshifting again, but half the fun of buying a swimsuit is trying on a few different styles ... ehh, guess I'll go ahead and cheat if I need to, though."

The sage fox is, at present, attired as she most frequently may be seen: black qipao with silver embroidery and a couple of Highly Visible Zippers, red vest hiding most of her weaponry, sandals the same red as her vest mostly is, and the accoutrements of her trade as a sort-of-monk and government-sanctioned spookbuster. Most visible in *that* category is the staff she's carrying.

Touta Konoe (1143) has posed:
Scratches the back of his head with a bit of a smirk. "Yeah, this was the only way I could convince Yukihime to let me stay on the beach with you guys. It's like a half-day off. I get to hang out, but if someone needs me I'll be on call."

It's at this point Touta turns around to a familiar voice that he wasn't expecting to show up so soon.

"Hey Xiaomu! I didn't think you'd be coming so quick. Man, I'm surprised you didn't have any trouble going through the caves to get here at all."

The caves he'd be referring to of course would be the underground caverns which was sorta kinda were the Warp Gate was, and also the breeding ground of multiple magical beasts. Granted now that the Warpgate was there he had placed markers to show a way to the surface, to go by one's self was without a basic grasp of the surroundings...Well, let's just say that when UQ Holder initiates are told to go in there they're given a time limit of 8 years to get out so...Nice!

"Oh, if you need some swimwear I think the female swimsuits in the shop are about 50 to 80 Yen. Though if you're going to stay for a while, I'd tell you to pick up one of the All Day Hot-Spring passes. It's 80 Yen too."

It's at this point he puts a hand to a finger.

"Hey Xiaomu, do you even know what Yen is? I don't think I've ever asked where you were from in the Multiverse."

Mairead Sandilands has posed:
    Giggling, Mairead looks at Xiaomu, "Hello Xiaomu and I was lucky enough to purchase one in the Tokyo where I live now," she says to her. "Which reminds me, if ye want, we can go on a visit of where I am from," she says to her and she is sure that with all the Multiverse has, she will not be shocked, but who knows. As she comments, she looks at Touta and slightly frowns for a moment and than smiles, "Oy," she states. "I can see the reason," she adds as she picks up a glass of lemonade, "But if ye have ot work, it is necessary. Plus just have friends around is better than watching the others here," she states to the two of them.

    Granted, she is not 'supernatural' like Touta and Xiaomu is, being a normal human with all of the pros and cons, and she does have a ace on her sleeve or arm. But she is not one to worry as she looks back at Xiaomu, "Have a seat," she says as she pats the sand next to her.

Xiaomu (707) has posed:
"We use yen in my Japan too," Xiaomu replies to Touta with a practically saucy grin, "although that sounds like a pretty massive exchange rate ... somewhere between one and two orders of magnitude, a decent swimsuit would probably cost a few thousand yen?" She pauses, looking back towards the caves and the general direction of the warpgate. "As for the caves ... uh, how fast do those things breed? I may have gone a little overboard with the guard whatsits ..."

Meanwhile, in the caves, smoke is still rising from where Xiaomu used some of her special fire-elemental grenades. There are also quite a few bullet casings scattered around. And as if the burns and bullet holes in a few of the surviving beasts weren't enough evidence of their suffering, there are also sword cuts, hypothermia, bruises and occasional broken bones ...

Depending, of course, on what kind of regeneration those critters have.

Cut back to here-and-now. "Anyway, rather than throw your economy off the cliff, I'll just -" A poof of gold-hued smoke erupts, rising around Xiaomu to hide her briefly from view. When the 'smoke' fades, the vest is hanging from her hand (along with her shoulder holsters), and while Xiaomu *is* still holding her staff and wearing her sandals, the qipao's been replaced by a snug little black two-piece ... with some silver decoration, echoing the collar of her qipao.

Touta Konoe (1143) has posed:
Touta acknowledges Xiaomu as she decides not to fluctuate this Japan's economy with a foreign Yen currency and instead opts for a quick smokescreen to change. Which to her credit is alot more decent than some of the girls he's familiar with. But that's besides the point.

"Yeah we try to keep things on the island cheap for the tourism. Especially with how everything's so pricey in the city. Kinda makes the pay a bit low, but considering we get free lodging and food it more than makes up for it. Oh and the creatures tend to breed really quickly. You should be fine heading back in though..."

Why does he feel vibration under their feet...Was that his imagination or did magical grenades detonate under the ground...Must be him.

Just as he's about to speak to the two of them he gets a phone call though. He holds out his arm briefly while taking it.

"Mr.Gengorou, what's up? Uh huh...Huh...Uh-huh. Mhmm, okay. No, that's fine. Okay...Okay...Yes. Alright, I'll take care of it when I get back."

He slowly puts away his phone before looking back at the girls. In the next moment he's stripping. Well not literally stripping but he's taking off a majority of his uniform till he's essentially in just his long pants. From there he smiles to the two before sitting down in the sand.

"Good news Mairead. Just got told my buddy is going to cover my shift for me. So we can hang out all we want! So what did you guys want to do? Sun tanning? Swimming? Explore the island?"

Mairead Sandilands has posed:
    Blinking as Xiaomu changes she stares, "Taht is cool," she says to her as she can do the same, but hers is more on the level or science using quantium phasing. Than as she looks at Touta when his phone rings and talks. raising an eyebrow, she blinsk as she starts to undress, "Tou.." and than he stops and sits down. "For a minute I thought ye were going to fully undress there," and she maybe flirty at times, she is still a lady and well, she is quick on things involving the manners of lads.

    Looking at the cave entrance, she blinks, "I do not think I would do well there and I hope I never have too," she comments. Although she does think it sounds fun ....

Xiaomu (707) has posed:
"There's a time and a place for skinny-dipping," Xiaomu remarks, planting her staff in the sand next to Mairead's towel, and folding her vest up next to the staff. "Mixed company is generally neither of those, so."

She starts doing some stretches, as though to loosen up before a swim. "Anything we need to watch out for in the water? Mermaids, sirens, Yakuza?" she inquires while she's loosening up. Apparently she's decided what she wants to do first.

Touta Konoe (1143) has posed:
"Naw, we don't have any mermaids around here...Or well, I've never seen any. Funny enough we have a guy who met one once. But that was like 1400 years ago. No sirens either. As for the yakuza..." He looks around the place. For the most part besides the hotel staff there was an unreasonable amount of yakuza looking individuals around the island, but they were all employed by UQ Holder. Yeah...UQ Holder's sorta like the Yakuza. Which sorta made Touta a part of a Yakuza. Go figure.

"Well you don't have to worry too much about them. They're good guys."

With Xiaomu beginning her stretching he follows her example and places the rest of his discarded clothes with her own. Truthfully, he doesn't see much issue with undressing fully but maybe that's more of due to a certain woman's poor teachings than a cultural difference.

As Mairead looks towards the well that acted as the entrance to the caverns he pulls her up to her feet. "Naw, don't sell yourself short. I saw you training all the time back at Acadmy Island. You'd be totally fine dealing with them. Don't think that magic is the solve all to the problems in this place. We got plenty of people who use robotic equipment like you do." And with that bit of re-encouragement he brings her over with Xiaomu towards the water!

Honestly the water's pretty great this time of year surprisingly. Just warm enough and as long as you stayed in the sandbar you didn't need to worry about getting dragged out by the undertoe. If you could ask Touta at this moment, it felt like a pretty normal resort to him with some very normal friends do a very casual, enjoyable, and /normal/ thing.

Also...Sneak attack splash attack on the both of them! SPLASH!

Mairead Sandilands has posed:
    blushes slightly as she is pulled to her feet, "Aye," she states. "Ye are right," she adds as she removes her hat and sunglasses and the shaw. As she stretches, she loosk around and is not too worried about being attacked, the security here is good and she has Clota, "I am sure if these 'Yakuza did anything, we would not have to worry," she mentions. "Unless it was liek an army of say a few thousand," and she grins.

    "Touta," she says as she turns and is splashed. "..." and she blinks, "Och ye ur gonna gie it." she says in scottish as she rushes after him and tries to push him into the water. If she misses, she wil splash down and if she hits, she will probably fall into it either way, so it is going to be a splash down no matter what happens.

Xiaomu (707) has posed:
"Ack!" exclaims the sage fox, dignity lost as she gets sneak-attack-surprise-splashed. "Oh, I'm gonna get you for tha--"

She pauses, sniffing at the air, and turns to face into the wind.

Her eyes light up, almost but not quite literally. "Be right back!"

It actually takes the water a discrete (if miniscule) amount of time to fill in behind the empty place where her legs had been displacing water around themselves. In that same brief moment, somehow Xiaomu has crossed the beach to a stall which is selling inarizushi.

And for all Xiaomu's lofty claims about not wanting to screw up the economy? She's attempting to buy as many inarizushi as a 1,000 yen bill from *her* world will buy.

Hopefully one of Touta's co-workers is already getting a handle on things. Could get messy otherwise.

Touta Konoe (1143) has posed:
Touta's totally not getting dunked into the water, thank you! Or so he thought... The moment he moves out of the way he feels one of his legs under the water get caught by Mairead's and splash! The two are dunked under without any sort of remorse. They'll probably resurface just in time to have a quick laugh and watch as Mairead dashes towards the something in the distance.

"Where is she...Pfffffft, ahahaha! That's great!" Mairead wouldn't get why he's laughing from the sight alone but there's a Inarizushi stand right near the edge of the beach. It was funny mainly cause those were made by him earlier that day. "Xiaomu, you really are just like Caster!" He shouts out to her from the water. "Don't forget to bring some over for us, will ya?!"

Meanwhile Touta's co-worker whose running the stand is doing the exact /opposite/ of refusing the money. The moment the attractive blonde-fox spirit comes over to the stand ran by one of the yakuza looking gentlemen with a 1000-yen bill he's doing everything he can to make sure she's pleased with the service. He hoping for a tip, he'd probably accept a phone number too.

Mairead Sandilands has posed:
    Blinking, the look of UT OH appears on her face as she makes a splash down and than hears another right next to her as Touta follows suit and actually lands on her somewhat. As she is under the water, she is lucky that her IS can provide her with air to breath, and she opens her mouth in shock and than closes it just as quick and puts her hands over her mouth as she fears water getting into her mouth and surfaces quickly as she breaths in some air and coughs as she starts to laugh, "I still got ye," she comments to him as she looks around, "Xiaomu..."

    Looking, she spot the foxgirl lass and blinks, "Oy, what's that smell?" she asks as she stands up and offers a hand to Touta. "Smell good," she adds as she heads over to where Xiaomu went.

Touta Konoe (1143) has posed:
Didn't realize he had landed on Mairead, but apparently serious had happened or she would have said something about it probably. Though he takes the hand happily to be pulled up. That's the part where he started to laugh. "Oh, that Inarizushi. It's a riceball wrapped in fried tofu. It's really popular with fox spirits apparently. Though I think we should hold off from going over. You eat that while swimming you'll probably cramp up or something. If you want, if you teach me how to make that Haggis stuff I'll try to show you how to make that next time."

Though before Touta can get a response he watches as a certain fox has apparently been appeased by an inarizushi offerring as she ends up passing out on the beach. They should probably put a beach towel over her or something before she gets sunburnt though.

Mairead Sandilands has posed:
    Nodding, Mairead looks, "Aye, I can teach ya how to make it," she states as she looks over at Xiaomu and sighs as she looks at the now sleeping fox girl and the sun. Mairead is Scottish, and is fair skinned compared to most, so she can burn easily. "Lets get the lass covered up and than we can get her to a room to sleep off the food she ate," she comments as she walks over and grabs her own beach towel and covers her up. Thinking, she gets Xiaomu's staff and close and place then next to her as well. "There, that shoould do it," she says to Touta. "You know, I have never had fried tofu. Actually, never had tufo," she mentions.

    Thinking, she gets her water and takes a drink, than offers it to Touta, as well. Looking at those at the beach, she sighs as she sees a family and looks away and out over the ocean. "You know what bad," she starts. "I try to avoid places with families. Is that a bad thing?" she asks him.

Touta Konoe (1143) has posed:
Touta seeing Mairead pick up most of Xiaomu's stuff ends up hoisting Xiaomu onto his back. He can come back for his clothes later if he needs to. "Sounds like you got a deal. Also we'll need to fix that. Tofu's pretty common in Japanese dishes. Can't even usually get a bowl of Miso without it in there. But we'll worry about that later. We should have a spare room we can put her in. Guess fighting tuckered her out more than she thought?"

As she hands him the water he places the bottle under his armpit considering his hands are full.

It's only when she sighs that he raises an eyebrow in curiosity. Listening to her, and then her question he can only stare at her for a moment. Then, he kicks her butt. No, he actually kicks her butt. It's not intended to be painful, but more of a surprise factor. More of a shock factor than anything as he gives a bit of a smile. "I didn't take you as the jealous type, Mairead." He looks over to the families for a moment giving them a look over as well. "Honestly, it's nice being able to see all these families together. They get to make memories that'll last them a life time. I think that's the most important thing to do... Mairead, did I ever tell you I lost my memories in an accident three years ago? Don't recall anything before then. My parents ended up dying in it so I don't even know remember what they look like anymore..." He looks from the families back to Mairead his face somewhat in thought.

It was apparent whatever she was trying to get out, he was already aware. If she had family troubles, clearly he could relate...But that's when he gave her a genuine smile. "Still, I'm don't think I'm jealous or sad about it. I've got someone who looks out for me, though it feels like I'm looking out for her when it comes to cooking, and plenty of friends that I can call family now."

With that he starts walking a bit ahead of her, "Hopefully you feel the same way, because I'm sorry to tell ya but you're probably stuck with me forever." He says once more trying to be just a little bit sly.

Mairead Sandilands has posed:
    Blinks as she sees Touta pick up Xiaomu and she is almost shocked at this, but he is a Vampire and has a lot of strength. As she comments she receives a kick in the rear and blinks, "..." and that she listens as he talks about his parents and family and nods, "I did not know," and than blinks as she looks at him and blushes at what he says "...".

     "I...I lost me parents a year ago," as a tear starts to form in her eye. "They were killed in an explosion. In me world, there is the possibility of war with other countries, but it is usually between the armies and those with IS' are left out unless an IS is used." and she wipes her eyes. " and look. "Ye see, me mom was the chief of me clan, and me father was a priest. As the daughter of the clan leader, I was raised to the leader of the clan and than I was able to get into the IS Academy. As the Repersentative of Scotland, I have the complete support of me country." and she looks as Touta walks ahead. Thinking to herself, she catches up. "Thank you," she says to him.

    Thinking as they walk, she says nothing and than blinks. "Aye, I do feel the same way, but I am not sure what to do. I do miss me family, and I have a big family with all of me kin. But I also have a big family here; Nagato and the Fleetdaughters, Kazuko Kawakami and her sisters, me friends within the the various groups and you," she states with a smile. "But I do miss me parents, and seeing the we lads and lasses with their moms and dads ....."

Touta Konoe (1143) has posed:
It's at this point that Touta's expression becomes somewhat more depressed as he looks at the ground. It's only for a moment but it was apparent for that single instance something had irked him. Though in the next he was keeping up appearences of a more mild demeanor. A reserved smile to give towards his dispassioned friend.

"Well, I don't know if it'll help but back when I was in my village I'd visit my parents' tombstones. I'd tell them what I'd been up to, and just tried to vent what I needed to get off my chest..."

Honestly it's a tough subject for Touta. Like he said before, he can't even /remember/ his parents. From his standpoint it would have made sense to think that Mairead was still lucky to remember what her parents were like. Touta...Well all he had was tombstones. Though he's too modest to mention something like that.

For the moment he keeps walking until he gets to one of the rooms. Being as it's a traditional Japanese inn, the door doesn't have a doorknob but instead is one of the traditional slide doors. Inside is a modest amount of space with two comfortable futons, a small table with cushions to enjoy tea or a small meal and a television set up on one of the walls. Once he opens the door he places Xiaomu down on one of the futons to sleep properly.

"Well, I can't really tell you blame you for being jealous of others. But I think your parents would be really proud of who you are now. I mean think about it, you're a hardworker at the IS Academy. Out of everyone in Scotland, /you/ were the one chosen to be the IS candidate, you decided to put your skills to use working for the Paladins to help people, and to top it all off you're still such an awesome and kind person that you'd help someone like me who you found in the middle of nowhere! Seriously, you shouldn't be jealous Mairead. You're a pretty incredible person don't let jealousy take that away from ya."

With that he gives her a smile and another pat on the shoulder to reassure her that it's okay. "Anyway, there's a shower in the next room. You'll probably want to wash off all the salt from the ocean. Probably should tell Xiaomu the same when she wakes up."

Mairead Sandilands has posed:
    Looking, Mairead noticed somethign changed for a split second and she stops talking and listens. Placing Xiaomu's items next to her, she walks over ot Touta and gives him a big hug, "Aye," she says to him as she holds the hug. "I know me parents are, but I gave up a lot of things when I was picked," she states. "We are similar it seems," she mentions. "You cannot remember, I can remember. But we both lost them due to things out of our control, Mine were killed when there car exploded, they could not find anything to bury."

    "Thank you," she says to him, still hugging him. "I was raised by me mom and me dad to be kind to all and never judge anyone." and she puts her face into his shoulder. "I apologize for being daft," she states. "I should have not let what happened ot me bother me, but its hard," and she steps away, moving her arms back to her side and wipes her eyes with her hand "I guess I have been in a state since I got out of the hospital, reliving the fight where I got hurt bad, than my parents death and the loss of my original IS."

    Smiling, she looks, "I am lucky to have you as a friend, and one who I also have someone who looks out for me and I for him," she mentions. "And yes, I do feel the same way and i will not live forever, but I'll give it me best." and she looks at the next room. "Aye, I should, but I am enjoying being liek this and life, not having to worry about school or anything. I may just put on a simple dress so I am not walkign around here in my swimsuit."

Touta Konoe (1143) has posed:
Touta definitely wasn't expecting that! Mairead's always been pretty upbeat from when they've met. Someone who was pretty optimistic and not one to be too discouraged. So the moment she reveals a bit more of a vulnerable side it's a bit surprising. He doesn't say much on the matter though simply letting her vent her feelings out and letting her hug out what she wants to hug out. Whether it was for his sake or for her own. He wouldn't ask. He'd simply respond in kind with one arm wrapping around her, and the other gently patting her head as she places her head into his shoulder. It would probably seem weird for this fourteen year-old to be consoling someone who was nearly four years older than him, but than again he's alos consoled someone whose seven hundred years old before as well. But that age might be different due to tim- ANYWAY... As she removes herself from his person and begins to collect herself, Touta finally nods.

"No prob. Besides everyone needs a vacation to clear their head every now and again. Still you should probably at least wash off a bit though. If you leave the salt water on your skin it'll start itching. But you're old enough to do what you want I guess."

It's at this point he starts reaching for one of the towels to dry himself off a bit more before starting to put the rest of his work apparrel back on. "Still Mairead, I didn't think you were so bold." He says that with little to no context...

Mairead Sandilands has posed:
    blinking, Mairea thinks, "Yea, no idea what came over me," and she grins as she gets a towel, "And vacations are good, a chance to think and enjoy what has been missed" and she thinks, "Don't ever change, keep your happiness and always be polite." and she dries her hair and wraps the towel around her, "Sorry if I offended you," she states as she curtsey's to him. "I di dnot mean to," and she thinks as she looks at the fourteen year-old boy and sees a young man who is better than most people his age. Although would he be sixteen if he was turned into a vampire at 14...

    "I do not want to keep you from your job nor want you to get into any trouble," she comments to him as she looks, "And thank you, for listening to me." she adds as she goes to wash off the salt water. "Touta, when I go to visit my parents, I would like you to come," and she looks over her shoulder, "I may need the support of my family of friends."

Touta Konoe (1143) has posed:
Touta smiles as she asks for him to go with her on her visit. There's only one answer he can give to something like that so he'll do it as sincere and honestly as he always has with Mairead. "I'd be happy to go with you to meet them. Oh, and no offense taken. It's what friends are for. Anyway, don't sweat me working either. Like I said before, I have my pal covering for me. Though I'll definitely owe him one later. Guess for the time being I'll get my clothes dry and then go to the hot-springs to wash off for a bit."

It's at this point he's just about ready to walk through the door as well, he turns around. "Oh also Mairead, I'm not the best with these kinds of things but you probably should be careful about who you're hugging so tight when you're wearing just a swimsuit. Someone might take it the wrong way, ya know?" And like that Touta unfortunately continues to talk with that same sincere and honest disposition. Revealing what the context for that 'boldness' comment was referring to prior. So much for being better than most people his age...

Mairead Sandilands has posed:
    Blinks and looks down as she blushes, and not just a little blush, but red-faced, full on blushing. "Yea, I should have realized that....." she states to him as shrugs, "I am not too good either," she adds. "Not really had a chance to worry about lads. Since in me world, only lasses can pilot IS'. Although how the only boy can is beyound anyones guess. But that is another tale. "You know, I think my parents are happy that I am safe and have made friends. I wish you had a chance to meet them."

Touta Konoe (1143) has posed:
Laughs a bit. "Yeah, Ichika's a pretty interesting guy. I learned a few good recipes from him while I was on Academy Island too. And yeah, I know they are Mairead. No questions about it. Anyway, feel free to stay as long as you like. If you need anything just give me a holler. I told the guys that you're a VIP guest while you're here so feel free to do whatever. Just a heads up though, if you go into the Hot-Springs area it's mixed bathing in the later hours." With that he gives a bit of a yawn. "Yeah, I think I'm going to follow Xiaomu's example right after that bath myself. Take care, Mairead."

Mairead Sandilands has posed:
    Nodding, Mairead thinks, "I will and again, thank oyu." and she looks at the door. "I'll walk around and just relax. Won't do much as I am not one to do things like that. Although I think I will have to have Xiaomu come the Academy Island and go shopping with her and get to know her." and smiles. "Talk to you later Touta."