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Deus Ex Logia: Travelers
Date of Scene: 15 May 2018
Location: Winter
Synopsis: Pending
Cast of Characters: 982, Nobunaga, Shigure, 707, 993, 1084, Sir Gawain

Mitsu Mirage (982) has posed:
    It's a /very/ hot day out in a strange wasteland in the /WINTER/ area of the Multiverse, for some reason, this area decided to not play nicely with the rest of the areas around... the midday sun stays high in the air, battering those ultraviolet rays down onto the sandy ground, the area completely devoid of any life, liberties and justice for anything that has a pulse. "Ugh, I should have waited a few more days... maybe it would have been cooler... but I can't play that card yet..."

    Mitsu's in her white barrier jacket, and her face is dripping with sweat, she turns back to the Servant nearby, a smile upon her face despite the heat. "So, you're here because I need you to shoot things if they decide to get /angry/ at me." a pause, "I've got a few tricks up my sleeve but with the amount of Paladin's I'm expecting... I might need you to show them a thing or two."

    Meanwhile, off in the distance and on cue, the noise of bells chime into her ears, dotted upon the hellish landscape are people... and moving buildings, possibly small little huts to protect certain people... "Ah, just on time there Demon Archer..." she taps her foot, "And... if I gave them the info right... our opposition will be here... soon."

Nobunaga has posed:
    Beside the Midchildan mage is a somewhat shorter Japanese woman in a black uniform, her arms crossed. A warm breeze catches her cape, billowing the great crimson banner behind her. Scarlet eyes scan the dusty landscape, "You selected the worst possible terrain for a battle. Flat, open land is begging for a cavalry charge." The disturbance of her cape grows more intense, with swirls of light radiating up from a growing circle around her feet, "As usual, it rests in my hands to salvage victory from the worst possible scenario. Tenma Gourin--!"

    The Servant raises one hand. The light shoots up above her, manifesting into the shape of an antiquated matchlock rifle. Her fingers spread, and the rifle duplicates itself untold times, forming expanding concentric rings of firearms. Bringing her hand down, she points forward, and these weapons scatter into the dusty surroundings, impaling themselves barrel-down in the sand, sticking out at odd angles.

    She lowers her hand, turning her back and striding away from Mitsu, "That should...annoy them, I suppose. It won't slow them down much."

Shigure has posed:
    Shigure is deploying. Moving through the Warp Gate, she finds herself in the middle of a desert, and instantly begins to shut her main boiler down. "Overheating... this will be problematic." she muses to herself. She scans the area with her eyes, little reticules appearing in her irises if one were to look.

    Radar sweeps out, scouring the surface for signals until it finds Mitsu and Demon Archer. "Located. Tracking confidence... four five percent." she recites, setting off towards the magical girl and the Servant.

Xiaomu (707) has posed:
A regular motorcycle would probably be having a fair amount of trouble on this terrain. Fortunately for Xiaomu, she's not on a regular motorcycle ... although her lightcycle isn't doing *much* better on that front; she has to constantly do a subtle bit of fishtailing to help keep the rut from the front wheel from trapping the rear wheel, which is where things would get bogged down by sand or loose dirt or what have you. The heat is no picnic either, but she doesn't plan to be out here for any longer than she has to be.

That said? The fact that Mitsu is deliberately baiting the Paladins out this way - and particularly to *this* unforgiving expanse - is a pretty strong hint of some kind of trap. So Xiaomu is staying alert as she drives, and when she sees all those matchlocks being summoned, she starts steering with a distinctly evasive manner, refusing to stay an easy target - even if the rifles *are* all planted muzzle-first in the ground, nobody gets that many guns out if they don't plan to use them for something.

Evasive maneuvers will not, however, keep Xiaomu from closing in on Mitsu and her gun-happy companion. If Mitsu went to all this trouble and seriously expected the Paladins to come looking for her, it must be pretty important in *some* form or other.

Princess Luna (993) has posed:
     Heat is not something that Princess Luna is used to, being the princess of nighttime that she is. Her dark hide is already ill-suited to being in a hot atmosphere, and her usual midnight blue dress does little to help except that the thin fabric and billowing gown allow for good heat exchange. And since they had a bit of information that it would be hot she brought a dark-colored parasol to help keep at least some of the sun off of her.

     And it helps that she is flying along on her majestic wings, her ethereal mane and tail flowing in the resulting breeze. She isn't quite sure what Mitsu has brought them out here for, or what this information is supposed to be about beyond supposedly helpful...but in her past dealings Mitsu has been anything but and the pony princess is expecting some sort of ambush rather than any actual help. Still, when she arrives at Mitsu's location she lands gently and offers a slight bow. "Greetings, Mitsu. Is this a friend of thine?" she asks, looking to Nobunaga and offering a slight bow to her as well. "Greetings to thee as well. I am Princess Luna of Equestria."

     Luna looks around at the others arriving, then looks back to Mitsu. "So, what is it that thou hast deemed so important as to draw us here?"

Seras Victoria (1084) has posed:
    If anyone ballsy enough to call the Paladins out as 'Paladumbs' thinks Seras Victoria is naive enough to actually waltz STRAIGHT to the coordinates given... well, they'd be forgetting that she WAS a police officer.

    Which means that instead of going straight to the coordinates provided, she's highyl suspicious of this, and decides to set up shop on the highest dune or other vantage point with a view of the nomad camp. And she is, in fact, carrying a sizable weapons case labeled 'HARKONNEN', a case that must easily weigh - along with its contents - more than she does.

    If she has such a vantage point, she'll drop to prone and try to spy things out from afar with her sharp eyesight, and get a feel for the situation before just RUNNING IN.

    THEN, she sees others ARE just rushing in, and gapes in wild disbelief. SERIOUSLY?

    Well, maybe she'll be in a good position to provide cover if this goes bad...

Mitsu Mirage (982) has posed:
    Ah, there they are.

    Let's see... cue one fox girl, one boat girl, one troublesome equestrian-shaped princess... this was less than she expected, oh well! "Hey, Demon Archer. Get ready." she smirks, taking one of those rifles up into her hand and over her shoulder as she walks towards the group coming. The allies, that is. "Yo!" this is entirely /too/ friendly. "Glad you guys found this well, seems I made it just before you guys did. I figured I'd give you guys a chance... y'know. Being the /good guys/ and all.

    "So, I intercepted this signal... some people needed help. I figured... I might share it to you guys.. I think I have something you guys don't to help them though, but hey... figured I'd try."

    It's at this point that the chiming gets louder and louder as the procession approaches, stopping just before the rifle-line. One of the people look at the gathered people... and gives a wave. "I am... Assam. Leader of this tribe. I.. I take it you got our call?" he looks hopeful... the entire procession is full of humans, the portable huts are just straw... and inside are two people per hut... "Please, can you help us... we have sick... we have little food... little water..."

    "The people we .. interacted with before, Paladins... they... did not care to help... but you ... you all look... good?"

Shigure has posed:
    Shigure isn't approaching the coordinates directly. Her course brings her in an almost lazy zigzagging pattern, resolving the radar tracks, until she's confident enough. Then she sets into the final leg of her appraoch, finally beginning to directly close the distance. She comes up to the field of rifles, eyes looking across it, before Mitsu starts speaking.

    The destroyer girl then looks to Assam. "I am Shigure, Warden of the Paladins. How long ago was this encounter, and do you have a name for the one in charge? This behavior is unacceptable and they shall be disiplined. For now, I can request medical aid be brought here... and I offer my deepest apologies to your plight caused by the negligence of one of our own." she says, keeping her weapons locked and safe. She has a little fairy with a camera over one shoulder, recording the proceedings, while another sits on the opposite, tapping away at a morse code machine while monitoring with headphones.

Princess Luna (993) has posed:
     Princess Luna looks down at all the partially buried rifles as she makes her way closer to the caravan, and keeps an eye on Mitsu and Nobunaga. Shigure covers much of what Luna might have asked, but there are still a few things she adds. "Art thou certain these other people with whom thou hast interacted were indeed Paladins? If so, I would very much like their names. Refusing to help those in need is rather unsavory behavior, and a reprimand may be in order." she says to Assam. She then looks down at the rifles again before looking over at Mitsu and Nobunaga. "From where didst these rifles come? These people seem unlikely to have brought them." She smirks lightly at Mitsu. "Were thee so worried upon my approach that thou thought these necessary for thy protection?" she says, obviously teasing Mitsu.

     Luna is looking a bit overheated herself at this point. Even with the parasol the heat is oppressive and her dark hide is steadily gaining streaks of sweat. "I suggest whatever business it is we have to handle be done quickly. I doubt any of us will last too long in this heat."

Nobunaga has posed:
    Demon Archer comes to a stop, resting a hand on her hip. She hears out Mitsu's comment, glancing over her shoulder towards the Mage and approaching Paladins. When it suddenly looks like a fight is not actually happening, though, she returns her attention to the approaching nomadic leader and his tribe. The Servant lifts her other hand, thrusting it to one side. The scattered rifles glitter, golden in color, and then disappear completely.

    Her hand returns to her hip, regarding the chieftain with crimson eyes. Shigure addresses him, and Demon Archer nods once. Her arms lift, folding across her chest, "Know that the Demonic King of the Sixth Heaven has heard your plight." A hand lifts, cradling her chin in thought. Eyes shift, fixing on Mitsu.

    What is this rabbit planning?

Sir Gawain has posed:
Gawain is a bit late. He's riding in on a motorcycle, which has been fitted with all-terrain tires to fit the region the coordinates led to. When he hears that there's injured and sick, he makes sure that there's some poultices in the bag over his shoulder, and pulls up to the wandering tribe and Mitsu Mirage. Nobunaga and her rifle line get a nod, but it's Mitsu he focuses on. "Mitsu Mirage! Is this what you were telling us about? A sick and injured tribe?" His eyebrows raise slightly, but the knight, dressed in a short-sleeved uniform, nods to her. "We'll do what we can. Thank you for informing us. I knew you weren't that bad, no matter what you've done in the past!" Gawain smiles brightly, and moves over to the tribe leader.

"Well met, Assam. Sir Gawain, Knight of the Sun, Warden of the Paladins. If you've been failed by us in the past, I apologize. I have brought poultices to assist your sick and injured where I can. While they're not a cure-all, I should be able to start applying them to assist with any bad injuries or ailments!" There's a bright smile from the knight towards the various people, as he taps his bag. "Please, just let me know how I can assist."

Also, despite the heat, which is causing Gawain sweating, he's not showing too much discomfort. Not because of any resistance, it bothers him like anyone else, but rather, because it's better to smile through it and then jump into a cold lake when he gets home.

Xiaomu (707) has posed:
Xiaomu brakes her lightcycle to a halt as the nomadic procession reaches the spot staked out by Mitsu and her matchlock-conjuring companion - and as Nobunaga speaks, the sage fox does a very noticeable double-take, gripping her staff tightly as she dismounts and lets her lightcycle derez back into baton form.

Most of her attention is reserved for Assam, though. "Xiaomu of the Paladins," she introduces herself. This *is* a Paladins thing, not a Shinra op, after all. "If the group you met with before was really part of the Paladins, Chieftain Assam, I'm curious as to whether there was some reason *why* they refused to aid you. Just at a glance, I don't see why we shouldn't aid you. How long have your people been out here?"

Mitsu Mirage (982) has posed:
    Assam glares a bit... "More Paladins... not going to tell us that you're too busy with other things... or can't act because you don't have permissions, are you?" his glare becomes more of a scowl, before Gawain's coming. Not to mention all the guns that suddenly dissapear from view. "Bodyguards? Tch."

    Mitsu shakes her head, "Nah, I'm not a Paladin, can't do a thing with them. I oppose them myself, I actually summoned them for a reason... they can do something I cannot." she points to Gawain. "See, I... don't have any expertise in healing." she grins a bit before leaning back. "Ah, Gawain, you flatter me. But honestly, yea, this is what I summoned you guys for. Also why I'm in my barrier jacket... I know you have a sniper up there." she pulls out one of her black holes... concentrates a bit. Then sticks her hand in it and taps Seras on the shoulder from far away, then waves her hand.

    Assam hmms and shakes his head, "We have no real place to go, we don't do city life... we only want to be in the country. And here... this isn't something we can live with." MItsu grins a bit, "Well, I can fix part of that..."

    There's a brief look between everyone... and aside from the sniper Seras... she gives a bit of a shrug... and untransforms. Bunny hood back in its place and a glowing ring upon her finger. "Look, I don't wanna fight you guys, the main reason I brought this Archer here is so I had backup in case you wanted to start shit. The only reason I taunted you in the first place is to bring you out here, otherwise you'd have just not come."

    "So what do you say... you take care of the sick and injured, I take care of the rest of it."

Shigure has posed:
    Shigure shakes her head, looking appreciative as Gawain enters. "I have already requested one of our medical relief teams to come to these coordinates. As my comrade said, you have our deepest apologies for the lackluster response of the other group. We /are/ bound by rules, but that does not give them leave to completely disregard you. Do you have a name for the Warden in command?" she asks again, approaching a bit closer.

    Nobunaga's antics draw a bit of a side-eyed glance from the Destroyer. Demon Archer... she's heard terms similar to that before. Servant, perhaps. Be careful.

Xiaomu (707) has posed:
"Can't really blame us for erring on the side of caution, given your track record," Xiaomu replies acerbically to Mitsu. But then, *Xiaomu* doesn't have a visible weapon out, unless you count her staff (which is a little bit more weaponly than it looks). "So what do you mean, you can help them with the part that isn't 'tending the sick and injured'?"

One vulpine ear also remains perked up as if listening intently at the Demon Archer. Even if she's *not* remembering the voice right from the radio, those matchlocks bring back memories - and they sure as hell ain't good ones. The Warring States era was rough on youkai too, and they almost always took it out on mortals - who generally had it hard enough already, especially if they weren't nobility, samurai, or well-connected merchants. Adding guns to that mix made things even worse.

Sir Gawain has posed:
"I apologize very much for the treatment you were given. While I cannot undo the prejudice, I hope you can understand we truly mean to help you." Gawain simply says to Assam, before moving over to Mitsu. He considers her proposal. "Part of your assumption is wrong, Miss Mirage. If you had told us people were in need, I'm sure we would have come!" Or atleast, Gawain would have come, because Gawain trusts too easily.

However, Gawain decides his opinion on the thing. "I want to help these people. If you can help them as well, please, do so." And then, he reaches into his pouch to grab poultices, and start supplying them to the Paladins. "If you don't have your own healing ability, we can use these potions on the sick and injured. Ingestion or spreading on wounds will help!"

Princess Luna (993) has posed:
     Princess Luna feels a bit superfluous here. The more experienced Paladins have taken charge and as only a member and nothing resembling an officer she feels it isn't really her place to say anything else on that front. Assam's obvious distaste for the Paladins makes her frowns slightly. She doesn't know any Paladins personally who would refuse to aid others on the grounds that it would get them in trouble, but she has heard rumors like anyone else.

     Mitsu seems to ignore Luna's jab at her, so Luna lets it go as well. She blinks at the mention of a sniper and looks in the indicated direction before back at Mitsu. Then she just settles for listening. She is a bit surprised by Mitsu's words, and if the bunny-hooded mage looks her way Luna would offer a nod of appreciation. "It would seem perhaps Sir Gawain is correct. Perhaps thou art not as bad as thou hast presented thyself in the past."

     Luna is not sure what to make of Nobunaga, but other than the conjuring of a multitude of deadly rifles she seems mostly harmless. Still, she is a friend or ally of Mitsu, so she is one to keep an eye on.

Nobunaga has posed:
    Ah ha! So it really is a mission of mercy, and not actually open antagonism. The serious, suspicious look on Nobunaga's face disappears immediately once Mitsu's actual intentions are revealed. It's like an entirely different person took her place, eyes closed and teeth bared in a big, idiotic smile. Now she gets it.

    Even the Demonic King was suckered in by all that bravado, it seems.

    Reaching up, she adjusts her cap to better shade her eyes, "Tending to sick and wounded is the first step of triage. After that, longer-term care should be considered." Eyes shifting, "Mister Assam, you say your people are not fond of cities. But would less arid lands be more to your liking? Carving out a niche in such a place cannot be..."

    She drifts off, feeling that telltale sensation of someone eyeing her a bit more closely than normal. After a moment, she shifts, glancing over her shoulder-- directly at Xiaomu with those scarlet eyes that almost glow, "Hm?"

Mitsu Mirage (982) has posed:
    Mitsu looks towards Luna, shaking her head, "Actually, I expected a few people, I didn't expect you, 'princess'." she responds, finally. Maybe something was bothering her in her... Anyways, she takes a look between everyone, little does anyone else know, much more so than her own ally... she gives a grin at the things going on... just as planned, just... as... planned.

    Assam doesn't notice the untransformation yet as he turns to lead Gawain towards some of the sick. "Yea, there's one thing I can do." she looks down at the ring... then at everyone else. "It's too hot here, let... me just adjust a few things." with some concentration... clouds that wern't in the sky start forming... blocking that hate filled sun... the weather suddenly gets a /lot/ colder just with the shade as a light, cold breeze plummets the hot weather even further. "I hope people brought umbrellas... and containers." she raises her hand to the sky... then slams it towards the ground... and the sky cries.

    Rain starts sprinkling down in this arid land... and those from the settlement take a look... and move to surround Mitsu... kneeling.

Seras Victoria (1084) has posed:
    Getting SUDDENLY POKED by a hand from freaking NOWHERE gets Seras immediately freaking the heck out! She yelp-squeals and does a spectacular (but very awkward) leap-flip and tumbles about in the air, only somehow managing to land about ten feet away... and landing solidly on her rump with a WHUMP into the sand.

    This has her straight to full alert and looking around every which way in growing worry, a hand dipping down to her pistol but not quite grasping it. "I'll have none of THAT! Hands off, poltergeist... or whatever that was..."

Princess Luna (993) has posed:
     Princess Luna just smiles to Mitsu at the belated reply, but the sudden change in weather catches much more of her attention. The change is nice...at first. Until it gets truly cold and that combined with the perspiration already present causes Luna to shiver a bit. And then...Mitsu calls down some rain. Luna blinks again, her parasol suddenly pressed into service as a true umbrella. "...why did that not work when I tried it..?" she muses to herself before noticing how the nomads react to Mitsu.

     Luna's expression flattens and she lets out a very equine snort of annoyance. "...I see. So, this -was- a trap after all." she starts, a scowl leveled at Mitsu. "But, not of the violent variety. Mitsu. Was this thy plan? Establish others as unwilling to help or only able to help in limited ways and then display thyself as having god-like abilities? I have half a mind to dispel that illusion this very moment."

Sir Gawain has posed:
As Gawain's led to the injured and sick, he moves to start applying the poultices, getting his hands dirty and applying them to wounds or helping those who need them to drink them, where necessary. He's a gentle soul to the sick, but unlike the show of rain, he'd just come off as a man who knows medicine, which this clearly is. As people move to kneel around Mitsu, he tilts his head in confusion, and then moves towards Seras as he notices her moving for her gun. "Please, do not draw your weapon. Doing so will only provoke hostility! She is not an enemy at this time." Though...Luna's words have a good point.

"What is your goal here, Mitsu Mirage? How did you find these people?"

Xiaomu (707) has posed:
Normally, this kind of rain would be downright refreshing ... but the change in the weather is *very* abrupt, and honestly? Not all that pleasant.

Xiaomu just grasps her staff more tightly, tracing an arc above herself, and conjures up a partial dome of ice - made easier by the dropping temperature *and* the now-abundant supply of water. It's not exactly cozy and warm, but it *does* mean a dryer place for some people to stand.

It's only after she's done this, and mainly thanks to Luna, that the sage fox realizes the nomads are in fact *kneeling* before the rabbit girl. Cue a rather cross look on Xiaomu's face ... but she doesn't ready herself to enact violence quite yet. "She's just a girl with a powerful artifact, Assam, don't let your people start planning to build a temple or anything," Xiaomu calls out.

Shigure has posed:
    Shigure blinks as the clouds suddenly gather and rain begins to fall. She doesn't even flinch as she begins to get showered, the water soaking into her uniform. She remains silent, letting the others speak and hanging back, in case things turn hostile.

Mitsu Mirage (982) has posed:
    Mitsu blinks a bit, looking at the people surrounding her, kneeling... "Oh, this is unexpected..." she chuckles slightly, scratching at her hoodie some, making the ears bounce a bit. "Hey, my goal is one in the same... at least at this time. You help, I help, we both win... I antagonize you for not being able to control the weather..." a look at Luna curiously, "and I let you guys be heroes by taking care of the sick and weak... I know my own limitations there."

    She turns to look at Luna, "Eh, if this is a trap for you, then, I'm curious to see how far I can take a trap for you... might have to see you in Equestria later. I owe Nightsong a visit there." yea, it's the same Mitsu. And soon, she turns to Xiaomu and Shigure.j.. "Do you know how hard I worked for this Artifact?" pause, look to Gawain... look back to Xiaomu. She starts to speak again but Assam doesn't even speak this time... it's one of the kneeling ones.

    "A powerful artifact... and the look of someone we revere, and you tell us not to look at this as a sign of divine mercy?" She sighs a bit, picking herself up from her kneeling position. "I don't know where you come from... but /she/ got us the help we need... she got you two us to take care of our sick... and our wounded... and she is providing this rain." she looks ready to cry as Mitsu moves to place her hand upon her shoulder.

    Mitsu scratches her head slightly again, "To be honest, I didn't find them... Kratzenfaust did." Her device chimes a bit and speaks up, <True... I am hoping to at least steer Mitsu in a direction that helps her. With less casualities. This was a logical choice.>

Nobunaga has posed:
    Finding no response, Nobunaga presumes Xiaomu wasn't the source of that feeling of being stared at, and turns her attention instead to the sky. When the clouds open up, she holds out a hand to catch some of the raindrops, the brim of her cap shielding her eyes from the sprinkling moisture, "Hmm..."

    She pauses, then, when people start worshipping Mitsu. Like some kind of god. The Archer turns in place to face the circle around the Mage straight-on. Her head is held at such an angle that the brim of her cap obscures her eyes, though the faint glow playing across her cheeks is unmistakable.

    "Know this, noble nomads. This is not the work of a god, and warrants no such reverance. We are merely good samaritans. People like yourselves." Lifting her face, she also extends a hand in a gesture, "It is an act of mercy, but there is nothing divine about it. From one human being to another, accept it with gratitude and better your lives from it."

    Nobunaga Oda has a complicated relationship with religion. Mostly because shrines and temples are just so flammable.

Princess Luna (993) has posed:
     Princess Luna would love to believe that Mitsu's intentions were purely altruistic, but having dealt with the rabbit mage on several occassions she is skeptical. Still, the nomad woman has at least a small point. Mitsu did help them, whether it was her intention or not. And then she is surprised to hear Mitsu's friend speak up against the worship. This at least adds some credibility to Mitsu's claims that she was not trying to trick or trap anyone. As a creature of darkness Luna is still a bit suspicious, but the intricacy involved in making a plan that deep is not something she is sure Mitsu is capable of.

     As her words have already fallen on deaf ears, Luna does not offer any more argument. But, she does raise an eyebrow. " 'The look of someone we revere'? Dost thou have prophecies that someone of Mitsu's description would bring relief to thy clan?"

Shigure has posed:
    Shigure can see the writing on the wall. No matter what succour the Paladins could provide here, Mitsu possesses an artefact of immense power, and these people hold a fanatical devotion. Trying to remove the artefact would result in casualties and that's something no Paladin can conscienciously permit. She provides as such over the radio, then turns to see where the aid group has gotten to. "Delta two niner, this is Angel One, come in. Please transmit your coordinates and travel vector." She does look at Nobunaga curiously for a moment or two more, since the Servant doesn't seem to have noticed the gaze.

    She's seen eyes like those before ,and suddenly, she's glad that Yuudachi didn't come with her.

Sir Gawain has posed:
Gawain's mostly focusing on treatment, but he frowns at them treating Mitsu as a goddess, because he knows that's false. However....Shigure's got the right of it. "What are you to do next, Mitsu Mirage? These people are looking to you for guidance. What are you going to do with them?" This is the question he most wants to know. It helps him judge what he'll do next, though he doesn't think they'll be doing much. There's no way to solve this but peacefully, and the people seem pretty deadset on Mitsu as their savior.

Xiaomu (707) has posed:
Look, you legitimately can't blame Xiaomu for getting twitchy about the way Mitsu's getting reverenced at the moment. The sage fox knows her tropes, and 'awe the superstitious villagers with a miraculous show of power and get treated like a god' is one of the classic fantasy (and science-fiction) con jobs. And Mitsu is *not* someone she'd normally trust with that sort of influence over, well, *anybody*.

Then again, Xiaomu also has a few centuries more experience dealing with superstitious villagers than anyone she sees in the immediate vicinity. So as Nobunaga goes about shaving some of the props out from under Mitsu's rain-making, Xiaomu gives the Demon Archer a slightly surprised (and even mildly impressed) look. However, she shifts her attention back to Mitsu. "Gawain's not exactly wrong here. I mean, you've brought them *one* major rainstorm, and don't get me wrong either, they can use the water. But you've got a pretty big choice to make. Option one, broadly defined, is to stick around and keep watering them when they need it."

"That's not the kind of thing you're going to be able to walk away from without a fight once they get used to you being here to help them - and really, *this* kind of display? That power has to come from somewhere, even if the water itself doesn't. Option two is the one where you've done one good deed, and then leave them to fend for themselves again. And even if you walk into option one with the best of all possible intentions, option two is gonna start growing on you sometime. I don't want them getting hurt because of it ... and, well. I wouldn't wish their wrath on even you when they feel abandoned by their bunny-eared rain goddess."

Mitsu Mirage (982) has posed:
    Mitsu blinks a bit... "... Eh, they do have a point, I'm no god... and all I do have is my artifact." there's a pause, a knowing look to Nobunaga. "My friend /is/ right, Assam... everyone, I'm no god. Just someone with the capability of helping."

    "Suddenly, I'm an outcast from the TSAB... and now I'm being revered as a god. Lucky me." There was a good hint of sarcasm there, "Paladins, this may be good for you to know... but I'm going to try this 'being good' thing. At least... they don't need to follow in my footsteps, y'know."

    Assam hmms and nods, turning towards Luna, "Yes. Her name has been lost to the ages, but pictures and stories of her grace and power... they keep us going."

    Mitsu turns to look at Gawain, "I'll lead them properly... I'll read their stories and see what I can do. For now, I'm going to at least take care of their pressing need and provide some sort of habitable land." and a bit sheepishly, "Can you show me how to make those poultices...?"

Sir Gawain has posed:
Gawain listens intently to what Mitsu says she'll do, which he has all reason to be skeptical about...and nods. There's actually a light smile from him. "I'm glad to hear that you've found a new leaf. Of course I can, though most of what I know is decently complicated, I can teach you some basic home remedies. They work, too!" Gawain feels he needs to say, because most people don't believe in 'home herbal remedies' these days. He'll spend some time writing some down and looking up images of herbs for her so that she can cross reference and learn what to work with, since she's trying hard. Gawain completely believes in her, even though she cut off a guy's hand to steal his ring. It's simply faith he /must/ have.

Mitsu Mirage (982) has posed:
    Mitsu takes the notes and such... nodding. "I'll input this into Kratzenfaust's databanks. You'll tell Eryl about this act, won't you?" and with that, she turns around, facing her new 'subjects'... "We'll camp here, I'll stay with you all until I can scout out a better land. For now, I'll make this as habitable as possible..." a turn towards the others present.. "I'm /sure/ that they'll be willing to get some temporary fortifications for housing here... right?"

    There was a /tone/ to that last statement...

    "I know you guys don't trust me, you're Paladin's. I'm some 'punk' who likes to go punch crazy." <You still are, Mitsu.> "I said shut it..."

Princess Luna (993) has posed:
     Princess Luna is at least willing to give Mitsu a chance. It is the pony way. A villain attempting to reform should be nurtured. So, rather than continue to speak against and discourage Mitsu, Luna instead walks up to her...and gives her a small hug. "If thou art sincere in thy desire to change, then thou hast my support as well. I never learned the ways of natural medicine, but If these people do not mind a bit of travel then perhaps Equestria's fertile lands would offer them a chance at a proper life." she says with a small smile. But, Luna makes sure to give Mitsu a look that makes it clear that any troublemaking would not be tolerated.

     She then looks to Assam. "Wouldst thou be willing to share these stories and pictures with us? It would aid us in gaining proper perspective."

Xiaomu (707) has posed:
"I'm curious about these legends too," Xiaomu chimes in.

No, she's not just trying to learn the stories so she can be ready to undercut Mitsu's position; she's genuinely curious.

(She's also an otaku. See above about 'knowing her tropes'.)

((... okay, MAYBE she's jumping at a chance to get out of paperwork back home. Maybe.))

Nobunaga has posed:
    The Demon Archer tilts her head forward again, her shoulders starting to shake. After a moment, she tilts her head back, mouth open wide in a booming, raucous laugh. Turning, still laughing, the Archer walks herself away into the rain. Hands lifting, she folds her fingers together behind her head, disappearing amidst the mist, with only that jovial sound drifting away.

Mitsu Mirage (982) has posed:
    Assam looks towards Mitsu and she gives a nod, "Very well, we will tell you of all our stories. It's the least we can do for you all to save us from this terrible fate. We do not remember the names of the Paladin's that scorned us so, but... we are grateful for your assistances."

    Mitsu watches the Demon Archer head out and she nods a bit, looks like the Black Rabbit has a lot of work to do... "Well, perhaps we should work on getting food as well. I'm pretty sure Luna can help with that..."