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IS Visit
Date of Scene: 08 May 2018
Location: Academy Island <AI>
Synopsis: Touta makes a trip to the IS Academy on Academy Island to visit friends.
Cast of Characters: Mairead Sandilands, 1143

Mairead Sandilands has posed:
    Sitting in her room, Mairead is bussy combing her hair and has her fuku jacket off but still in her tartan skirt and is humming to herself as she works. There is no music playing and it is quiet and peaceful. The only light on in the room is a simple desk lamp where Mairead is sitting. Some books are on one of the night tables by her bed, as is a cup of tea, while a candle is lite on a small table in the corner of her room, infront a photograph with some flowers on the tablet and a bible that seems to be burn.

Touta Konoe (1143) has posed:
How long had it been since Touta was at the IS Academy. It's probably only been a few months at most but it feels like an eternity. As he wanders through the halls he can see plenty of familiar faces that he greets here and there. Funnily enough even though he's been gone so long he finds it pretty easy to start up conversations with the others as if he had only seen them the other day. He's even made it to through the second floor without any of his clothing being pulled apart or robbed. That's a good sign!

The reason for his visit isn't really to catch up with everyone though. Rather he's come all the way out to the academy and this Japan because he wanted to check up on Mairead. Last he heard she had gotten herself pretty banged up so the least he wanted to do was check up on her. She'd probably do the same for him after all.

So when he arrives at the room he knocks on the door without a word. He hadn't told her he was coming so he figures that this should be a nice surprise. Of course, by now one of the others could have just texted her that he was here but if that was the case, oh well! Upon opening the door though, she'd see the usual spikey-haired kid. All adorned in his black gakuren, his red t-shirt, and black slacks. He really doesn't change up his outfit much if he doesn't have to it seems.

Mairead Sandilands has posed:
    Blinking, Mairead looks at the door and places her hairbrush down and stands, "Coming," she says to whoever is at the door. Walking over to the door, she opens in and looks, "Hello, how may I..." and she blinks, "Touta, how are you doing?" she asks him as she gives him a hug and steps back. "Please, come in," she states to him as she closes the door once he enters.

    "How are you doing?" she asks him as she walks over to a small kettle and gets a cup and a tea bag, "Would you like some tea?" she asks.

Touta Konoe (1143) has posed:
Touta is welcomed with open arms. Literally. He returns the hug back to her with a smile on his face. "I'm great!. Hope you don't mind me popping in but wanted to check up on ya." As she steps back letting him into the room he walks right in. It definitely had been a while since he had been at the IS Academy and as he ganders around the place he remembers how much more comfy the rooms were here in comparison to the room he's been provided back at his place. Not that he minds it but you just have to make the comparison that clearly money was amplely spent here.

"If you're already making a pot I'd love some." That being said though as she's making the pot perhaps it's just her but it almost looks like he's eyeing her for some reason. Did he usually do that?

Mairead Sandilands has posed:
    Nodding, Mairead thinks, "I made some earlier," she states. "It helps me relax before bed," she adds. Thinking, she turns with a cup of hot water and a tea bag that she places in the cup. Walking over to Touta, she hands the cup to him with a saucer. "I am doing," she states "And it is ok, I do not mind visits. With the end of the year, a lot of testing and the like we are busy. but in about two weeks, I will have a month off than back to school for my third year," she mentions.

Touta Konoe (1143) has posed:
He happily takes the cup and goes to town. He lets out a bit of a relieved sigh, it's just the right amount of hot and the fragrance of the tea seems pretty good too. Not bad. Now that he thinks about it...The time was pretty late. Is there time changes between universes? He never really asked that question did he? So after a few sips he puts the cup and saucer to the side.

"Oh, you have vacation coming up soon? You have any idea of what you want to do over the break?" Touta's technically not in school at the moment so he doesn't really have a vacation available to him, if anything because he's technically working the best he can get are the occassional vacation days here and there, and even then they're usually done while working. But considering where it is that he works...Well...Yeah.

Mairead Sandilands has posed:
    Shaking her head, she looks and shrugs, "I have no idea yet. I will not be going home to Scotland, not my home anymore," she says as she looks over at the picture of her parents. "Might go to Hikari and work witht he shipgirls. might stay here, not sure really. Haven't really thought about it." and she takes a drink of her tea as she thinks.

    "If ye do not mind me asking, what would ye do?" she asks him as she looks over at him.

Touta Konoe (1143) has posed:
Yes, he's already aware of her past, and how Scotland left bad memories for her. But...Wasn't someone who owned an IS ultimately someone who would have to return to their country? Was it really alright to say it was no longer her home altogether. Well that's not for him to say one way or the other. Though at her question Touta blinks for a moment. What would he do? That's an interesting question to ask of the guy. Surprisingly, he has a reasonable answer. "There's an old saying that my friend taught me about. 'Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever,' the way I've seen that is the more places you go the more things you see the more things you learn. So if you think that going to the Hikari Alliance would be something new for you, than go for it."

"Besides, it's a vacation. You should take the time to relax and do what you want to right? No need to stress yourself. Hang out with everyone."

Mairead Sandilands has posed:
    Smiling, she nods, "Aye," she states as she thinks. "You look like your thinking on something or confused," she asks him as she sits there and ponders what he might be thinking. "Everything ok?" she asks as she thinks. "I take it things have been quite over at UQ Holder?" she asks.

Touta Konoe (1143) has posed:
"Oh, I remembered hearing before that you were hurt. But...You look pretty okay from where I'm looking so I was wondering if you were all patched up was all. Also yeah, everything's fine back home. Actually it's been pretty quiet if anything. Was planning on doing a bit more exploring of my own. Apparently there's another school like this one that teaches students how to fight called Beacon, it sounded interesting so I wanted to check it out when there was a chance."

Mairead Sandilands has posed:
    Mairead nods, "Aye," she says. "I took two javelins in the gut, and broke a few ribs and got a few bruises, but we were able to save those introuble. So it was worth it," she says as she points to where she was injured. "I am better now, I took one for um... Nobunaga when it came flying form the inside of a castle, through the wall. Before that we had to fight our shadows which was interesting." she comments.

    "But I am all better, I will just be sure to try to knock someone out of the way when the attack is that big." she adds with a smile.

Touta Konoe (1143) has posed:
Touta places a finger on the place she points. He's not sure if it still hurts or not but he at least wants to make sure that the wound is healed up enough before she simply decides to knock someone out of the way. "Wow, that's rough. Still next time Nobu is about to get hurt I'd give you the warning that she's pretty tough. I watched her got crushed between two walls and walk it off like it was no big deal. So food for thought the next time you see her about to take a hit. Not to say it wasn't brave what ya did though. It'd just be really bad if you got really hurt yourself, you know?"

The last thing he wants to see is one of his pals get maimed. Even if it was to help someone else. So hopefully she'll take that into consideration for the next time.

Mairead Sandilands has posed:
    Looking, she giggles slightly as she is touched, "Oy, that tickles" she says to him as she scoots back. "And if ye even think of tickling me, it will be a wrestling match," she adds as she hope he doe snot try to tickle her, as she has a few more areas that she is ticklish, but she is not saying a single thing on where they are located.

    Blinking as Touta talks about Nobunaga, Mairead looks, "She was crushed between two walls?" and she has a look of complete and utter amazement. "And she did not get hurt severely?" she asks as she smiles, "I think I will be sure not to jump in front of her," she mentions to him as she smiles. "Its part of who I am," she commments to him. "I will take getting hurt to help someone, no matter who it is. The injuries and pain from that is worth it," she mentions.

Touta Konoe (1143) has posed:
There's a look of relief that there's a tickling sensation going on and not more of a cringy painful sensation from where the injury was. Though he smiles a bit more as he realizes that he's found a weakness!

"Don't worry you're safe for now, but the next time you better watch out cause I'm a master of tickling. I can even tickle with my toes." He's not joking either, he's got great digit control on both of his feet due to his training and he knows how to use them.

Though when she brings up willing to get hurt for others he can sort of understand that mentality. He's like that too, but the only difference is that whenever he gets smacked up and does reckless things he has a cushion. It's dangerous acting like that and she's only got one life to give...

"Just be smart about it the, kay? If you start throwing yourself at death I'll have to consider making you a vampire or something too, and let me tell ya, you won't want that."

Mairead Sandilands has posed:
    Blinking, she looks taken aback, "I do not do it recklessly, it will only be as needed," and she looks. "I do not think that will be fun, as I am not sure what would happen if I was a vampire." and she thinks for a moment "I am good at fighting back by the way," she mentions to him as she smiles and laughs. "I wonder ...." and she ponders something."Thank you for the idea," she says to him as she just got a costume idea for Halloween, a Vampire.

    Going back after settling down from laughing, she looks at him as she takes a drink of her tea, "Touta, if I am ever hurt and it is serious enough, do what ye must do," she says. "But only as a last recourse," she adds. "I will not hold anything against you for that. Although I might be mad as hell for a bit," she comments.

Touta Konoe (1143) has posed:
is the one blinking now. Was she seriously okay with him turning her into a vampire? He's kinda taken a back. "Hey don't take what I said too seriously now. I'm probably the vampire who knows the least about actually being a vampire. I don't even drink blood. For all I know I can't even turn other people into vampires. Besides you should be trying to preserve your life. Not leaning on me in case something goes bad. If anything ever went that far I wouldn't forgive ya, you here? There's only room for one immortal in this friendship!"

He may be saying it in a slightly joking manner to not make the moment too tense but he means what he says. If Mairead ever was put in a situaiton that she needed immortality to save her, he wasn't sure he could provide that for her. "Besides, I hear all the time that immortality isn't all it's cracked up to be."

Mairead Sandilands has posed:
    Mairead nods, "Yer right," she states. "I am not worried about dying, but if it comes to that moment, I am not sure how I would react. I know that I am not afraid of death, but I am sure I would be scared if it came to that moment," she comments. "Many say they are not scared, but I know I am and I know that God will be with me but what if," she comments. "Me mother and father were not scared but I know they watch over me as I live my life," and she smiles. "I feel them right here, and he points to her heart.

    "I do not wish to be a Vampire or anything and I cherish everything I have," she says. "My friends, my family that I have here within the Multiverse now, including you, Nagato and Josuke. The Paladins and I do not wish to lose any of that.So do not worry, I am not goign to do anything to become an immortal."

    Yawning, Mairead looks at the time, "I did not realize it wasso late," she comments. "I need to get to sleep. If ye want, you can stay in ye room here or here in the other bed," she says as she gestures and stands up and walks over to the picture and kneels. she says a simple, quiet prayer and than blows out the candle and walks back over to her bed. "Just saying good night to my parents," she comments to Touta.