5848/Worry Never Dies

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Worry Never Dies
Date of Scene: 09 May 2018
Location: Hikari Sea Port
Synopsis: Pending
Cast of Characters: 901, Nagato

Hoshi Amakasu (901) has posed:
    Coming from the direction of the Hiari warpgate, a pair of newcomers to the port are making their way towards Nagato's position. They come together, yet somewhat separate, lit brightly by the full moon's embrace. Coming closer reveals them be familiar figures to Nagato, having met them once years ago. Both are moderately wrapped up against the chill sea air, but it's not hard to see that the intervening years haven't entirely been kind to their lined faces and greying hair. Mr. Amakasu speaks up hesitantly, and both bow their heads momentarily in greeting.

     "Miss Nagato..." He adjusts his glasses and glances at his wife, who is seemingly pointedly looking at the ground by her feet. "Forgive us for this sudden intrusion," he says tiredly, "We would like to speak about our daughter... About Hoshi. Do you have a moment?"

Nagato has posed:
    Surprisingly, the pair of Amakasu's don't get bothered by the rest of the girls around, their age... and the lack of armaments... mean they're not really a bad thing to be here.. plus /so/ much to do. Nagato's eyes don't leave the moon's brightness, her eyes closed. The air picks up around the three and, for a brief moment, it looks like time has stilled. If there was a painting, this would be a good chance at it. "Amakasu, sir." she starts, "And Madam Amakasu."

    She hops out of the turret's seat and turns to face the two, bowing in greeting. "I do have a moment. Come, let's head to my office, we can talk there." a pause, she turns to look towards Musashi who's on her way. "Musashi, keep the rota going. I have guests." there's a salute from the bronzed ship, "Understood, Admiral." and soon, her voice booms and she starts shouting orders. Meanwhile, she moves to lead the two Amakasu's away from the 'battlefield'.

    It's a brief walk to the Admiral's office, "Come, have a seat." she states, moving behind her desk. "How is it that I can help you? Amakasu has not shown up at base for practice or any sorties or expeditions. Her room is spotless. I assumed that she may have returned home upon your orders, something I would not question." a pause, "What can I help with."

Hoshi Amakasu (901) has posed:
     If the two are surprised by the things they're witnessing, neither give much indication of it. The intensity with which they seem to be focusing on their task might be admirable indeed, though Mrs. Amakasu looks up at the moon with quiet despair in that moment of silence. "It is good to see you again, Miss Nagato," she says softly, and sadly. Both wait while Nagato passes orders to her subordinate and the exercises resume, and follow in her footsteps. As Nagato turns away, the distance between the Amakasu parents grows slightly wider.

    Once they've come inside and divested themselves of their warmer coverings, they take a seat as directed and wait for Nagato to do the same before they start. The battleship's mention of Hoshi's room seems to cause Mr. Amakasu discomfort, and Mrs. Amakasu sorrow... When Nagato finishes, she gives a quiet cry. "She was home," She says as tears form in the corners of her eyes. Mr. Amakasu speaks up, but his voice is husky too. "Hoshi has been missing for almost three years, Miss Nagato." He grunts, and clears his throat.

    When he continues, his voice is low, and he stares out ahead of him without looking at anything. "The last we saw Hoshi was before she went to bed one night before school. Since then, no calls, no texts... Police were searching the Black Forest for her body or having us wait for kidnapper's ransoms. Nothing... Not even the Union could help us, and that was before everything fell apart. They told us she hadn't gone on any assignments..."

Nagato has posed:
    The room falls silent when she finishes, the quiet cry and the look of discomfort and... this is a feeling she's felt before. Loss. She falls silent as the two speak up, listening to them, her face showing that same stoic visage that she's famed for... it breaks a bit... before returning. "During that time, she has not contacted Hikari, myself or anyone of her assigned barracks." a pause, "She hasn't checked in, Ooyodo hasn't even see her use the gate and Akitsumaru hasn't transported her."

    Nagato drums her fingers against the desk, pondering a few things. "Hmm." she thinks a moment, the mention of the Black Forest gives her some clue, at least until her face gets this 'I think I know where she is' look. She tries to hide this... "Sir and Ma'am. Your daughter has been an integral part of our Special Division Project and an admiral member of the Fleet. She has nothing but glowing reviews from every member she's been sortied with."

    There's a small pause, a hope that the praise is enough to bring some comfort. "I'm her Admiral, every since she agreed to this, she's become one of my girls to protect. I will do everything in my power as both an Admiral of this fleet... and someone she's confided in. A fact you know well during that ... incident." there's a slight pause... and she shakes her head.

    "I may have a few leads, but I am going to need a few days to confirm them." There's a look in the Admiral's eyes, it's one of those confidence looks, "Mr. and Ms. Amakasu, she is your blood and I'll do everything I can to get her back."

Hoshi Amakasu (901) has posed:
    Mrs. Amakasu has to make a visible effort to restrain herself, simply nodding along with what Nagato says. She'd heard that kind of answer from many people before. Mr. Amakasu sighs and rubs his temple, his eyes finally focusing on the battleship as she speaks. He spots the sudden look of clarity that passes on the Admiral's face and furrows his brow in concern, but remains silent while Hoshi gets heaped with accolades. "She did her best in what she wanted," Mrs. Amakasu says softly, but her expression becomes angry when she looks towards her husband.

    "There's more," she says dully, and her husband flinches. "They had an argument a few days before she disappeared. I won't get into what happened; some of the police thought she just decided to run away somewhere in the Multiverse." Mr. Amakasu shakes his head quickly. "She would not have run away like that, and we both know it. She was... She is more sensible than that."

    Both of them gain a sudden bit of hope with Nagato's declaration, but it's clear that this is something they've heard a few times before. They bow their heads slowly, but both still seem greatly troubled. "I can't believe that she would just abandon us, and I cannot believe that she's dead," Mr. Amakasu utters hoarsely.

Nagato has posed:
    "From how highly she talks about you two..." Nagato shakes her head a bit, "No, she wouldn't run away... she had plenty of chances during all the battles... and she stayed with everyone." there's a brief pause, "Argument? If you don't mind, so I can better help." there's a pause, "I'm from the Union... and now the Paladins, I have more resources to use than local police. I know you heard a lot of this before... and while us ships aren't detectives..." she gives a brief nod.

    "I am going to do what I can to get her back, I swear upon my rank." there's a nod, "She's a tough girl, there's nothing this Multiverse could throw at her that would shake her resolve. I'll find her, even if I have to comb the Black Forest myself with radar."

Hoshi Amakasu (901) has posed:
    Mrs. Amakasu's eyes are daggers at her husband's side, and she clears her throat, about to speak until Mr. Amakasu speaks up. "My actions were the cause of the argument. She demanded to know if I had been... unfaithful. Unfortunately, she was correct." He grits his teeth quite loudly, but forces himself to sit up straight and take whatever judgement he might receive. "If it helps bring her back, I don't care about my secrets." He goes silent, and his wife takes up the speaking role. "I want to believe you Ms. Nagato. But we'd asked the Union to look for her. I just... I hope it is enough this time. It pains me to think of what she will say when she hears about everything that has changed since she's been gone."

    The emotions growing too strong again, Mrs. Amakasu sniffles quietly as she continues. "You're right. She talked about working with the Union every day. She was proud to help people. She especially talked about you, Ms. Nagato. If anyone can find our daughter, it could be you. I hope that you can. I pray for it." Mr. Amakasu says softly, "If you need it, you can visit our home and look through her belongings... Perhaps you might discover something everyone else missed. I will do anything to have my daughter back."

Nagato has posed:
    There's a brief nod, "I'm afraid I may not be in a position to judge on this, either for good or bad. As for the Union, due to the Multiversal collapse, the Union's no more. I do appreciate you bringing this to me." she listens a bit more, nodding. "I appreciate your offer, there is a few things I will be looking for." what was it that Hoshi used to summon Rosamond? "I will be respectful of your property and hers in this." She offers her hands in solace...

    "I've dealt with loss before, while it's different than you humans... when Kuma was sunk during that operation... everyone felt it. We've recovered her since... we shall .. I shall recover Hoshi." a pause, "You two may have traveled a long way, I'll set you up with a room here in the Capital Ships barracks. Get some rest and I'll see you two tomorrow. There's a few things I have to get prepped for my search."

Hoshi Amakasu (901) has posed:
    "We've cleaned it a bit, since she's been gone," Mrs. Amakasu says slowly, seeming to be exhausted by the emotional gauntlet she's been forced to run. Mr. Amakasu seems little better, but both take Nagato's hands in silent hope and prayer that their loved one can be found and returned alive and well. "Everything should be the same as she left it, though. We didn't... Well. You know."

    Given a moment to comiserate with Nagato's loss before, and the hope she feels in returning Hoshi to them, it seems both of the Amakasu parents are somewhat relieved of their grief. "It was only a few warp gates away," Mr. Amakasu says in protest, but he then shakes his head and comes to a stand. "But you're right. We haven't slept the same since she's been gone. Maybe some time away from the house will give us some kind of rest. Thank you for trying to find our daughter again."

Nagato has posed:
    There's a nod, "There will not be a try, Mr. Amakasu." Nagato comments, "There will be a will." it's a firm, confident will. "Take as long as you need on base. I'll assign a light cruiser to your quarters for any needs and to show you around the base." there's a smile, "I will get her back, this I promise you."