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Just a Single Servant
Date of Scene: 11 July 2018
Location: Moon Cell
Cast of Characters: Touta Konoe, 1106

Touta Konoe has posed:
     Touta returned once more to the Millenium Capital upon the request of Caster. While he's arrived just to hang out with those of the Millenium Capital and even helped them when the arrival of a new Servant had presented herself, this time around there wasn't much detail as to why he had been called. He didn't make a big deal out of it one way or another. He figured it woud just be a regular day at the capital for them. They talk about what was new. Tiger would probably try to probe him more about why Touta was so odd. Hime would tease Nozomi and in return Nozomi would start to turn red. Touta would just enjoy the ride while telling stories of where he had been recently, and then everyone would sit down for a feast while trying to figure out how such a little mouse could stockpile so much food...

     Upon his arrival he finds the teleportation pad just the same as where he had left it. He figures that Tamamo's probably already somewhat aware that he's here. After all, the drones were still all around the place, though they definitely seemed...Less active than usual.

     "Hime-chan! I'm coming in!"

     There's not much other forewarning other than that before he steps on the pad waiting to be brought where the others would be. This time he even brought a bag full of food to cater to Nozomi's monsterous appetite.

Tamamo no Mae (1106) has posed:
    It's been a long time coming, only recently has the Millenium Capital gone active again and with the owner of this wonderful world finally coming out of her little slump. "I doubt he'll come." she mutters to herself, draping languidly on her throne-couch in the main room. "It feels so empty here." her tail twitches idly behind her, ears pinned back, "I wonder if..." there's a pause, she shakes her head, "No, I can't burden him." she mutters.

    The alarm bells chime in her room, someone entered in via teleporter pad. A small visual window pops up and she gives a brief nod... one fo the drones moves in front of Touta, "Follow." it says monotonely, turning around and floating towards the Capital itself, leading the boy towards the main room.

    "Hi, Subject." she smiles, perking up just a bit, looking around the empty room, "Come, make yourself at home, Caster has been lonely as of late."

Touta Konoe has posed:
     The young vampire boy takes heed of the drone's request as he finally arrives to the throne room. From there he sees Tamamo as usual spread out upon her throne. Nothing really new in that department, though he can't help but feel like the air in the room was stagnant. As though the place was sorta...Dull. It's only reinforced more when Tamamo mentions her current state.

     "Lonely? Are Nozomi and Tiger not back from their world? I brought all this food for everyone. I even made sure to bring extra edamame this time." Now that he gets a better look, it feels like the place was sorta barren. Rather...He sees alot of Tamamo's usual paraphenalia lying around the room but there's really no sign that the tiger or mouse has been there in a while. Or at least that's the impression he's getting.

Tamamo no Mae (1106) has posed:
    "Umm." Tamamo sighs, shaking her head, "N... no, they haven't been back. They... won't be back." she bites her lip a bit and shakes her head, "It's okay, store the food in the kitchen and make yourself at home." Its actually a bit messy in here... there's a few things out of place, including a small tatami mat and futon. "Umm, how are you doing, Touta? Have you been well as of late?"

    Subject Shift, go!

    "Is there something on your mind, or anything Caster can do for you?"

Touta Konoe has posed:

     Touta rushes over to Tamamo upon her throne. It's probably invading some personal space, though at the very least one could definitely see that Touta was concerned.

     "Not coming back?! What do you mean?! Did something happen to those two? Are they hurt? Did you guys get into a fight or something?"

     Clearly there is something on Touta's mind now, and it's the fact that there's something wrong with his friends! As for what she could do for him, clearly he wanted to hear what happened to the power couple that he was so use to seeing all the time.

     "I don't know if there's anything I can do to help you guys, but if I can help just tell me!"

Tamamo no Mae (1106) has posed:
    Tamamo blinks... backing up in her couchthrone briefly. "Sh..." even now, it was still hard to believe or even say, "She ended... our contract. I no longer have her as a Master. She was doing that to protect me... when she fuses with her TIGER... it causes issues with my Regalia." there's a sniffle. "Um... I really can't leave my world right now, not until I can find a good replacement for her. She had so much mana to support me." she gives a small smile, "I don't thnk you can help though."

    There's a sigh and she looks up towards the ceiling. "Say, Touta. I sense something different about you. Did something magical happen to you?"

Touta Konoe has posed:
     There's a bit of a shock on his face when he hears the news about Nozomi and Tiger. To break her contract with her...He's only learned so much about Servants but he knows that is definitely a problem. Granted he's seen certain Servants like Nobunaga who didn't appear to have such an issue without a Master around. But...That apparently wouldn't be the case with Tamamo.

     "Different...Well, I don't think anything's really changed about me since the last time we talked. Oh, I did end up seeing my great-gramps, the guy who I was telling you was a Ruler Servant. But other than that...Nothing's really changed. But if we're talking about magic then-"

    "Touta, think about what you're going to say next..." The sound comes from the bag left behind when Touta ran up. It's probably a voice Tamamo has heard before from a certain sword...Which was apparently stowed away.

     "It's fine." With that he looks back from his bag to Tamamo. "So, Tiger said it the first time he saw me, but I was born, uh, well I guess 'made' might be a better word with two magics you wouldn't see together. Maybe you're just picking up on it this time around?"

     Truthfully, he has no idea what Tamamo could be referring to other than that. He was pretty sure that there hasn't been any changes with him since the last time he saw her though. At least, not that he knew of.

Tamamo no Mae (1106) has posed:
    Tamamo nods a bit, thinking a moment, leaning back and giving a light smile. She hears the voice from the bag, tilting her head, "AH, I might have been seeing that. Whatever is in your bag." she gives a light shrug only to perk a bit, "Ruler? Your great grandfather is a Ruler servant?" she taps her foot, "You should be honored, for when you pass, you may be requested as well." she gives a bright smile, "You'd be a wonderful Servant I'm sure!" is this trying to boost an ego?

    "ANyways, yes. I'm Master-less, and with no ranks in Independent Action, leaving here is... a chore. I have to be very careful and not expend much energy, you know." she smiles, "But whatever you cook fills me up so much, it makes me happy."

Touta Konoe has posed:
     Touta pulls out the bag as she mentions the food, and does pull out the sword. While it was definitely not saying anything now, it was definitely within the bag that was making such a ruckus, and unless some of that food was very fresh, it was doubtful to be anything from within it. Still,hearing that she's masterless Touta can already tell that'll definitely be a problem. It's already bad enough to be cooped up in a place by yourself. But to be cooped up after your love left you? That's just not healthy.

     "If that's the case is there anyone you can think of who might be able to be your Master? Are there any rules to becoming one or something? What about just finding a way to get your strength back without a Master? There's gotta be something. You can't just stay here..."

     He says all that with a bit of concern on his face trying to recall if there's anything he's heard in the Multiverse that might be able to help Tamamo in such a situation.

Tamamo no Mae (1106) has posed:
    "Someone with a high Prana output, that can support a Caster-Class Servant. It doesn't need to be a lot, like a Berserker would need, but something decent." she taps her foot, "I'm not sure who along the Concord would have such." there's a look towards Touta, a curious look. "You can always cook for me, your food is delicious and I can gain prana from eating! Maybe you can make me some portable food that tastes good outside too! I can heat anything up with my fire."

    The concerned look catches her eye and she hmms, "I doubt you'd want to be /my/ Master. You're so young, a huge life ahead of you!"

Touta Konoe has posed:
     '...A huge life ahead of you.' She has no idea how true that statement is. That said he knows that eating regular food can only provide her so much mana. "I mean, I'd always make food for you but I don't think that'd really give you enough Prana to work with unless it was like mountains of the stuff. There's no way I could get you that much food..."

     She then talks about him being her Master, "What are you talking about? You're my friend! If there's anyway I can help you know I will! I probably wouldn't be a good one, but at the very least I could be a sub until you found someone you thought was appropriate. But considering how your last master was your husband..." It's probably a pretty intimate choice to make. Plus there was no guarantee his magic was safe for others either. Not that he wouldn't try at least if asked. "If only there was a way we could get you prana without you having to worry about a Mast-...Wait...THAT'S IT!!!"

     An idea burst into his head as he recalled a certain tidbit of information he recalled hearing about Servants to and fro from the Multiverse. A way that Servants were able to get Mana without the need of Master for it. He literally runs up to Tamamo and places one hand on her shoulder while the other gives her a thumbs up.

     "Hime-chan, I want to give you my heart!"

Tamamo no Mae (1106) has posed:
    Tamamo nods a bit, "Well, I wouldn't mind you substituting as my Master until I can find a new Husband... but..." she thinks, "It's a really intimate choice, Touta! I can't just go around contracting to everyone, you know!" she gives a smile about this, thinking a moment, her tail twitches idly behind her as she taps a few things in mid air. "Ah, but if I just chained you up and had you cook all the time for me... but no, your Great Grandpa would not like it, especially as a Ruler..."

    "Mikon?" she blinks at the exclimation curiously, only to suddenly have Touta in front of her and in her face... the thumbs up and hand upon her shoulder. Then that decleration! Tamamo blushes deeply and she shakes her head, "Touta, you're a good boy but I think you're a bit too young for that sorta thing." she smiles, "Come back in ten years for that, then we'll see." she grins.

Touta Konoe has posed:
     Touta apparently wasn't getting the message though. At least about the part of him being chained up since he clearly should have been in a bit of a panic over that. By the time she tells him he needs another ten years to mature he's already stepped back a bit and pulling off his shirt.

     "Ten years? You don't have that kind of time! We gotta take care of this while we still can!"

And without further notice Touta raises his right hand in front of him and with it something seems off...Evil Miasma begins to encompass that hand consuming it in a pitch black. The hand of her faithful servant changes into something unrecognizable. It looks almost as though it was some sort of demonic gauntlet of some kind.

     As to why he was choosing to manifest it now, would be answered quite swiftly. The black arm would plunge into the boy's chest as if it were paper. Blood would stain the halls of the Millenium Capital, and what was but a mute room would be filled with the agonizing screams of the boy before the fox spirit. The screaming would be silenced as blood filled his throat silencing his screams entirely. If watching the young man do this to himself was bad enough, it was possibly only worse as that hand receded from his chest and the sound of flesh ripped asunder. One last mortifying screamed filled the capital before only the sound of the beating of the heart in the young boy's demonic hand was held out towards the fox spirit as an offerring.

     The boy's chest was ripped open with a gaping hole through it. His face seemed lifeless with his head placed down, unable to give eye contact. The fact that he was still standing somehow was probably a miracle in and of itself.

     He had not been kidding when he said he would give Tamamo his heart...

Tamamo no Mae (1106) has posed:
    Tamamo blinks at this, watching him step back and take his shirt off. "Touta! No, we're not doing th...at?" she blinks a bit, "I have time, Touta, I'm not in a rush." she smiles a bit at this and she stands up, tilting her head. "Touta, yo.. .your hand."

    That miasma coalescing around that hand, the demonic 'gauntlet' surrounding it makes her frown, "Touta, stop it this instant, I demand it as your Hime!" she takes a few steps forward but once that hand thrusts itself right into his chest, she screams! "TOUTA!" too shocked to actually move forward, along with blood splattering all across the room... and her... and him. Her ears pin back and tail droops. "Touta... why..." she pouts and drops to her knees.

    She lost two people now... what was she going to do... That heart is held out towards her, the fact he's still standing is a curiosity in of itself but she looks at the heart... "He.. was literal." she sniffles and looks, holding the hands that hold the heart. "Touta, I'll... I'll remember this." she whispers, clasping her hands around the heart and hands... and concentrates. A glow eminates from the hands and encompasses the Caster, a large gasp comes from her as soon, the heart dissapears... and two new tails and a change of outfit, a more formal, regal outfit, take over the Caster's body...

    "I... feel a lot better but... Touta, why... why would you sacrifice yourself for me..."

Touta Konoe has posed:
    "Whoooooooooooaaaaaaaa! Hime-chan, what the heck just happened?! You've got like more tails!" Out of nowhere the boy's bolsterous voice fills the room with a more ecstatic voice, and the standing corpse begins to move as both of the new tails that had sprouted are both grabbed by a single hand.

     "Wow these are really are so soft. That's crazy. If I known that was gonna happen we shoulda done this sooner."

Yes, if Tamamo had any doubts about the reality of the situation. That perhaps all of this was a dream. If there was any doubt that her ascension was some sort of fallacy, than the moment the young corpse began grabbing her tails, and the new sensations coursing through them occurred she would realize that this was no dream. This wasn't something fabricated in a world similar to Lumiere. This was reality.

     "Touta, it's dangerous for a vampire to let their heart be consumed like that. Even if it didn't kill you do you know how vulnerable you could be if that happens?" The sound of the sword began to speak once more, but not towards the new form of the fox spirit, but to the corpse.

     "Is it? I guess we'll need to be careful. Sorry Hime-chan, guess we won't be able to see if we can make anymore tails pop up." Before she even has a moment to question everything, the blood within the room begins to ...Well, lift up and back inside of the whole within the boy's chest, within moments that very same whole begins to close itself shut.

     In but a matter of seconds the blood across the floor, the whole in the boy's chest, the demonic arm, all of it had disappeared without a trace. All that was left was an odd young man holding both of her new tails in each hand while his shirt was off...

     "Also, of course I was literal. Heroic Spirits can gain mana from taking the hearts of people with magical circuits right? So I figured what if you ended up taking a heart completely filled with magic then? What else could I have meant?"

Tamamo no Mae (1106) has posed:
    There's a moment silence from the Fox-Caster... ears perked as she hears the voice of her Subject in the air. Surely she was going crazy, he just sacrificed himself in front of her. Clearly, she might need to go get checked out. She's even feeling her new tails being grabbed by a hand. Yes, clearly she's not all here today. Yep, the double widower now. "Oh, Touta, if you only knew." she pouts, shaking her head, her eyes still closed. Wait... new tails?

    She opens her eyes and turns around to see not only two new fluffy appendages on her backside, but the corpse of Touta... grabbing them. And the sound of that sword speaking... "T... Touta's alive?" she turns and looks towards where the sword was talking, then back at Touta, who's molesting her tails. "I... I thought I lost another person close to me. D.. don't do that ever again, your Hime commands it!" she shouts, a few tears running from her eyes.

    Though as the blood starts to receed back into Touta, leaving the place clean as a whistle... "Where in the world did you hear such a thing? I .. I mean, you're right, it helps... but where in the world did you even hear that? Did you go through the Moon Cell's databases?"

Touta Konoe has posed:
     Touta was definitely enjoying those soft tails. But upon seeing Tamamo's face he realizes that...She really thought he was dead. Wait...Had he not told her that he was immortal? He swore he did...Maybe? Not really? She did see him get shot up by Nobu a while back right? Maybe it was just cause of the whole heart thing? Who knows!

     "Hehehe, sorry Hime-chan. I just thought without a Master it was the best way to keep you going. As for how I knew it would work, well...Well...Mmmmm...I remember I heard it somewhere. I think another servant mentioned it or something, but it was sorta off handed. Well, whatever it worked so it doesn't matter that much. What does matter though is..."

     The young man releases the tails and instead begins to pat Tamamo right atop her head, a smile gleaming on his face. "...You don't have to worry about losing me. There's a lot of complications with this whole immortality thing, but at the very least when I say I'll be with you forever I can mean it. But just don't tell people about the heart thing. It gets complicated otherwise. But now that that's out of the way how do you feel? Think you'll be able to leave without any issues?"

Tamamo no Mae (1106) has posed:
    "I should be good to go for a while." Tamamo comments, giving a slight relieved sigh. "You really shouldn't give me a scare like that... I already lost my husband, I couldn't lose my Subject either..." she sniffles a bit at this and clutches a hand to her chest. "Thank you. I'll make sure your current sacrifice doesn't go in vain." with this, she leans in and smooches Touta right on the forehead. "Perhaps we should go out to eat once your talking thing in the bag says its okay."

    She thinks a moment, letting out a soft little 'mikon' at the head patting. "TOuta, I'm not a child... but.. it felt good, so I'll allow it." there's a brief pause, forever huh? "You can't die? You would make any Servant happy about that. They wouldn't have to worry about Assassin class servants trying to murder you." she seems a bit non-chalant about that.

    "Yes, I think I can leave without any issues, I'll be sure to not tell anyone about your heart... but for now, I'm happy to be like this." she stretches a bit, thinking. "I should retire for the evening... I think, this once, I can let you in My Room to rest. It should let you heal up faster."