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Cat Fight
Date of Scene: 08 July 2018
Location: Forest near the Dark Lady's Castle
Synopsis: Silica confronts one of the 'heroes' with the intent to take him down on
Cast of Characters: Tomoe, Silica
Tinyplot: The Dark Lady

Tomoe has posed:
The Region around the castle had bee more troop spawns of the Dark Lady lately, it seemed with every defeated hero? Her power grew much as her form seemingly became more draconic.

Tomoe had asked Silicia to scout out for changes while she would be burying herself in the archives for a time trying to find some more information out which would be of use in ending this quest line. Hopefully without diaster.

Silicia would be able to get some leads which would point to the Heroes, well some of them are back in town, Bolt had tipped off this one noting the mage was actually a merc who'd been brought in by Brick rather than part of the normal crew.

With that in hand the town seems somewhat busy as the various fairies who live here go about their business unaware that a General of the Dark Lady might arrive, on one final note? Bolt noted the mage might be found in the tavern and had made a request to not kill the guy. If others were able to aid Silicia Tomoe had noted bring whom she could along for this.

Silica has posed:
    Silica is dressed down from her Dark General outfit... she's not wearing her usual outfit, but instead a dark-patterned version, keeping the Dark Silicon vibe without being too overt. She walks through the town, ears twitching to sounds and conversations, heading toward the tavern with Pina perched on her shoulder, the little dragon's feathers dyied onyx black, and the beady little red eyes turned a baleful orange instead, really evil looking.

    Her image, and presense would probably send ripples through the crowd regardless of her changed look, she's still the Mistress of Mayhem, Dark Silicon, after all.

Tomoe has posed:
There's talk about the strange town to the south is populated by the race native to the Floating Castle lived in large numbers further up and down the coast of here. The pair of village go on about it how they are strange, can't fly but one notes, they'd been trying some trade and they seemed to take Yurd so it might end up being profitable to trade with the town to the south.

Others talk about the Dark Lady and have very unkind things to say about her, others are fearful as they hear most of Brick's party has fallen and as of late Misty Punchfist has gone missing. Others speak of Brick as well hoping he can still save them from the evil of the Dark Lady.

Silicia's clothing change works, none of the locals notice her for a little bit, yet people start giving away keeping away from her something is imposing about the small Cait Sith, which has many her see her on edge a few whisper wait could that be her? Dark Silicon? No one dares to approach her regardless and the way to the tavern is clear.

Silica has posed:
    Silica looks around at the people, finds someone who isn't currently looking and thus, isn't trying to stay back from her. She reaches out, and taps them on the shoulder. "I'm looking for someone. You're going to help me find them." she states, her eyes hidden behind her dark black hair, though the irises glow faintly, making her look very ominous.

    She summons a picture from her inventory, and flicks it up to show the hooded figure of the Caster. "Mercenary. Came in with the hero band after the Dark Lady. Know where I can find them?"

Tomoe has posed:
A younish Imp turns about her eyes going wide at Slicia and stammers. "I wait you are...?!?" There's a look of fear an understnading. "Don't hurt me...him?! He's at the Tavern if he's not out grinding!" She stammers looking very spooked.

Silica has posed:
    Silica lifts her head to show her eyes properly, giving a very dangerous smile before patting the Imp on the shoulder. "Thank you." she says, then instantly loses the smile, and brushes past her on the way to the Tavern.

    Pina looks back at the Imp as Silica walks on, giving a very soft little chirp as if in apology.

    Silica pushes open the door to the Tavern once she gets there, turning her red eyes across those inside in a slow, searching pan.

Tomoe has posed:
The young Imp braces for things to get worse and htey don't the last thing Pina sees is the young Imp looking very confused, then forming her wings, flying the heck off. Yes she's getting out of here like right now.

Silica strides in the Dark General is here and the mage is eay nough to spoit his cloak hiding his form stand sout and it's more tattered than it was before. He's mid drink he stops and turns about.

"So you actually have the gaul to come alone?" He says rishing up from his seat. Other patrons start to scatter, this could get /bad/ really quick.

Silica has posed:
    Silica trains her gaze on the mage, then thumbs over her shoulder. "Outside. I want to talk." she says, glancing at the bartender. "Besides, breaking important places just makes keeping control over an area much more difficult once we finally win." she adds, keeping her tone just to the left of being directly threatening.

    She then turns and steps back out of the building, striding away from important structures and summoning her wings, waiting for the mage to join her.

Tomoe has posed:
Unde this cowl the mystery caster smitks and head for the door. "fine, I like this bar." With that he'll swagger out to wait for Silica. More people are starting to scatter. A few do not and one looks like a hiker of some sort. There's a smart phone out and they seem to be happily taking photos of everything until one of the local grabs them and whispers "Come on you don't want to be near this."

The mage joins Silica and stares her down.

"So come alone to try and curry Favour with Dark Lady Tomoe mm? Take one of us out all on your own?"

Silica has posed:
    Silica lifts into the air. "Do you really understand what's happening here? Do you know why the others were swayed and defeated?" she asks, folding her arms as she floats a few feet off the ground, Pina still clinging to her shoulder. "I know you're a mercenary, hired on for your magical skill and lack of loyalties I'd bet." she asserts, quirking a brow in curiosity.

Tomoe has posed:
If this was a western? Tumble Weeds would be rolling by right now from how tense the standoff seems to be. He looks at her as she floats holing his staff. "Right I fight for Yurd, this would be a good boost to my repuation and how much could I charge once this job is done. So what about it? You here trying to buy me off? I doubt you got the cash for that..."

Silica has posed:
    "You might be right about that, but you didn't answer my other question. Do you know why the others were swayed? or defeated?" Silica asks. Her ears twitch lightly, tail lashing back and forth as she floats. "Can I ask you another question. Do you believe in destiny?"

Tomoe has posed:
Silica was right he dodged the question there, she looks at her. "Didn't have the metal to see it through or got their wings kicked by running off alone." He notes while he also watches Silica's ears intently, maybe he's trying to read her via how they behave. "Destiny? You mean all that dung people think controls no one controls me but me little Cat."

Silica has posed:
    "Maybe you should believe in it, because no matter what happens. The Dark Lady will win. Whose side you're on when that happens may mean the difference between life and death." Silica remarks, her ears unreadably twitching at random, perhaps done on purpose to misdirect the mage's attention.

Tomoe has posed:
"Are you implying I can't spend it if I'm dead? Hehg cute but I got to ask do you have any idea what I'm being paid already?" He eyes her wondering what her game is but the fact she's not tried to fight yet has him off balance and it shows.

Silica has posed:
    "Enough to turn a blind eye to the facts in front of you, but not enough to be completely dumb to the turning tide." replies Silica, lowering herself a little, bringing her face to face with the mage, though not so close as to violate his space. "Seriously now, have I even lied in our encounters? If I, or my compatriots value as a virtue, it's honesty."

Tomoe has posed:
The Mage just stares he's thinking for a moment he looks at them for a moment. So I think I get what you are saying." The merc looks to her. "No you haven't so far asI know all right I'll bite. What do you say is going on with this?"

Silica has posed:
    Got him. Thinks Silica, a little quirk of her lips up into a smile betraying her inner thoughts. "Did you ever stop to think why someone like Dark Lady Tomoe might be building an army? Of course there's the 'conquer the world' angle, but, what if I told you there's something even /worse/ than my Lady, waiting in the sidelines and waiting to pounce. Something that Heros or Villains alone cannot fight against." She drops to the floor, unfolding her arms and spreading them to the sides, "What if I told you that, only together, can the forces of Light and Dark defeat this greater evil?" She's putting on a show, her voice rising and gaining some more of that haughty, imperious tone she used early on.

Tomoe has posed:
Silcia has played her cards well and the Merc just looks at Silica he listens for a moment "So your saying she's gathering power to deal wioth something." Well the Dark Lady hadn't raided the towns around here much more than the odd little skirmish and with her hordes that was odd. "That we have to fight this thing or we're all going to die? Fine just what is this thing the light and the dark is? Also how much will I get paid...?"

Silica has posed:
    Silica folds her arms again, shading her eyes with her bangs. "We're still figuring out all the details. I can give you more if you join us at the castle. As for pay, you'll have to talk to the Dark Lady herself about that, though I can promise a handsome reward, both in yuld, and magical items." One red iris shines out, turning to look up at the mage. "What say thee?"

Tomoe has posed:
The Mage grunts for a moment and looks at her. "Then lets go talk to her right now about that. If I have your word I won't be harmed while we do this. It's never good to start ganking the hired help now is it?" He notes he'll follow Silica by wing or foot if she agrees

Silica has posed:
    "As long as you're with me, none of the Dark Lady's minions will harm you. Once you join us, you will remain perfectly safe." Silica replies, her wings twitching as she lifts back into the air. "I have let them know we are on the way."

Tomoe has posed:
The flight to the castle is not eventful, it's quiet save a few confused flying monsters who look confused at the passing pair, but heed orders. It will not take long for them to land in the courtyard and for Silica to guide them to the Audience Hall. There they would find Tomoe the Dark Lady in all her 'glory'. Clad in the dark armour which really failed the entire point about what Armour is supposed to be. Though it may have been a while since Silicia has seen her. There are changes she has a dragon tail, her wings are large and leathery like a dragon there are horns also growing out of her head and her eyes are now slitted like a Dragon's as well. She rises up as the pair enter grinning for a moment.

"So you have arrived My general and with this one willingly?"

The Mage looks her over and does not comment on her clothing or the Dargon Girl thing she seems to have to go on at the moment.

"Your General said something worse than you were coming and you sought to stop it."

She looks at the Mage for a moment tilting her head a bit.

"I fear this castle is part of a cycle, defeat me and it will just find another? We find a way to deal with the castle and the cycle will end. I will happily pay you well but I require one thing surrender your item of power. It is part of a ritual needed to draw the castle out."

Silica has posed:
    Silica comes to a stop as the Mage steps forward, her arms folding over her chest and her tail swaying back and forth. She doesn't say anything, letting Tomoe pass on the information. She looks over at the Mage, curious of what he'll do.

Tomoe has posed:
The mage listens the mage thinks for a moment "Well your a lot easier on the eyes than Brick Slabmeat is." The mage notes before he goes quiet for a moment He gives an amount of what he's being paid, it's pretty good but the coffer here for the quest line likely can do better and Tomoe does, even if is going to reduce the payout of the quest. She more wants it done she wants to not galavant about in cheesecake against her will. She gives a far better price to the Merc and also offers certain magical items.

"What is needed however is the staff."

"Fine with me with that sort of pay."

Tomeo calls for a Guard to bring a portion of the Yurd not all of it, half up front. The Mage nods and hands the staff over, and everyone's quest logs will tick over to 5/7 Heroes defeated.

Then Tomoe feels a fire in her chest it builds and build till finally, she opens her mouth turns away from everyone and breaths a massive burst of flame into the air of the widely vaulted hall.

"... Oh, you have got to be kidding me going Dragon never helps!"

The Mage looks a bit confused but he doesn't comment. She regains her composure and looks to Silica

"Well done only Misty Punch Fist and Brick Slabmeat remain."