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Dog versus Mouse
Date of Scene: 22 July 2018
Location: The Shrine of Adversity
Synopsis: Wandering Dog spars with Leyanne Mace.
Cast of Characters: Wandering Dog, Leyanne Mace

Wandering Dog has posed:

Having sent an invitation to spar, and snagging an opponent, Wandering Dog has set up one of the Shrine of Adversity's 'holodecks' for a spar. As the first one there, he's set up the environment to his liking, and is waiting for the battle.

The fighting ring is currently in the form of a large forest with close-together trees that can be navigated around for cover if necessary, with a central clearing between the trees for open battle, complete with a shallow river flowing through it.

Wandering Dog is resting against a tree, waiting. He's an older man, in his late 40s-early 50s, with sea blue hair and a short beard. Several scars mar his face, mostly above the eye and on the cheek. The martial artist is dressed in a silk tunic, otherwise barefoot and unarmed. Now to wait for his opponent.

Leyanne Mace has posed:
Leyanne steps into the Shrine not far behind Wandering Dog, the eight-foot mouse having to duck under some branches before she steps into the clearing. Today's gun seems to be an M2 Browning... although it's fully possible that the holodeck has been configured to have the trees bullet-resistant.

"Evening!" She says, cheerfully, looking around the arena, then then over at her opponent. Huh, blue hair. She takes her place opposite him. "Looking to just shake the rust off, or properly test yourself out?"

Wandering Dog has posed:
Well, that's not the type of person Wandering Dog was expecting as an opponent, when the giant mouse arrives...but that gun makes her out to certainly be an interesting opponent nonetheless. The man laughs lightly at her words, speaking up.

"Oh, I don't need to test myself out, I know I've got the skill. I'm just a fighter, and a good spar's how I exercise and keep my skills in tip-top shape, yeah?"

And then, Wandering Dog steps forward from the trees, towards the river. "I'll take the first strike. Ten seconds to prepare." He waits ten whole seconds after this for Leyanne to be prepared for his strike...and then suddenly leaps upwards. Mid-jump, once he's cleared Leyanne's height, the martial artist suddenly stretches out his foot and launches back down at her direction, moving to slam foot first into Leyanne's center of mass. "Beginning Kick!"

Leyanne Mace has posed:
Leyanne nods "No worries, I get you." She agrees. As he warns her he's ready, she unhooks the gun from her pack and readies it.

However, when Wandering Dog goes for makes his attack, she's just not ready for it. She takes the kick to her mid-chest with barely the most token attempt at defending herself. It's something like kicking a wall; she doesn't move back very far (due to her weight), but from the grunt she makes, it's clear she felt *that* one, even through the armour. "Damn...!"

Melee? She can do that. Her left arm's lights suddenly flick from red to green, and with that the mouse springs forward, attempting to swing a punch at his belly - before he lands. "You hit pretty hard."

Wandering Dog has posed:
Wandering Dog can feel the impact as his foot slams against Leyanne's chest. The weight of the metal against it as he does so, foot kept from breaking due to his supernatural might. As he's about to reach his footing, he's not expecting a counter-strike right then, or one as hard as Leyanne's throwing at him, and her fist impacts straight with his stomach, sending him flying backwards. He doesn't weigh enough to not fly back, but he has the mobility to force himself to land on his feet, spinning on one and regaining forward-facing position. "I better, this isn't just a hobby! Fighting's my life."

And then, Wandering Dog dashes forward at a breakneck pace, moving to cross the river. As he does so, he leaps forward, trying to slam his knee straight up and into Leyanne's upper torso, seeing how she reacts. It's intended to be a hard hit, harder than the last, but he's still testing the waters before he starts throwing out his strongest stuff.

Leyanne Mace has posed:
Leyanne nods as she listens to Wandering dog. "Fair! enough." She replies. "Nice landing.... frack you're fast!"

She's interrupted because of his knee, coming up for her midsection. Her left hand comes in to block, plastic cracking and fracturing on impact. It's just surface damage, for now, but still. That's Arkadyne's combat-grade composite outer shell. "Not bad."

She takes a quick step back, turning and going for what - at first - looks to be a roundhouse kick. But as her leg sweeps in for his face, relatively easy to dodge, the rodent's tail swings low, attempting to hook his legs out from under him.

Should that work, he'll only have a moment's notice to dodge the elbow-drop followup. Leyanne's learnt most of her close-in fighting from wrestling... and at her size and weight? It's surprisingly effective, if easy to counter.

Wandering Dog has posed:
Leyanne manages to block Wandering Dog's knee, moving to sweep for a roundhouse kick. Wandering Dog bobs his head to the side, dodging the kick, at the cost of the leg-lock. But his senses and reflexes are fast, so it's not as crippling as it could be, as the martial artist is tripped up. He moves to bend his legs back down to land on the ground, and expecting foul play, quickly throws his arms forward, blocking the elbow blow from hitting anything vital or taking the wind out of him at the cost of it knocking him back and making a large bruise on one of his arms as the elbow impacts.

Staggering backwards, Wandering Dog takes a deep breath, flexing, and then starts laughing. "Alright, you're strong. Let's see how you stand when I start going all-out, though. Letting my essence flow out!" As he says that, black and blue energy starts to flow aroujnd him, roiling around him with little 'roads' in a pattern in an aura around him. The trails flowing around him don't seem to be much but a banner of energy, as suddenly, he flexes his knuckles and his hands strengthen, hardening visibly and covering themselves in black, roily ink-like energy.

And then, Wandering Dog surges forward for a punch to the solar plexus. He's a bit faster than he was before, not holding back, and he blurs like ink ever so slightly, oily trails lashing behind him. If the punch impacts, it's incredibly hard, enough to make due against metal and potentially crack bone. "Take this! Spine-Shattering Bite!"

Leyanne Mace has posed:
Leyanne gets back to her feet just as Wandering Dog finishes building that energy. She blinks at that rolling black inky energy. "I'm strong, but not agile." She admits. "Lotta metal in me, you know? Sir Isaac says I can't change direction very fast, and nobody argues with him." She chuckles. This time it's her left forearm that she blocks the blow with, and there's much more visible damage this time; a few shards of the casing fly free, revealing the mechanisms underneath. And because of the force, she's knocked back a few feet, having to use her tail to prevent herself overbalancing.

"That one hurt and I blocked it." She comments, shaking her cybernetic hand as one might an organic limb that's taken a hit. She thinks about using her guns for a moment, but fuck, it's been too long since she's just had a -fight-, and she used to be a terror in the pubs of London. With a grin she's straight back into the fray, cocking back her left fist to attempt a sucker-punch.

Wandering Dog has posed:
"I have no idea who Sir Isaac is, but you don't gotta listen to him! I've never taken other people's advice on how to fight in the long run!" The only advice Wandering Dog has ever taken is 'how the technique works', not 'when and where to throw a punch and who to punch', after all. Though as Leyanne comes forth with that sucker punch, it hits true, impacting with his jaw. He forces his hands up to stop it from getting too far forward and shattering his jaw. The blow does seriously hurt, though, and he forces himself backwards. Wandering Dog lifts his hands up to his jaw, pops it back into place, and takes another deep breath.

And then, he surges forward with a flurry of rapid blows, almost too fast to see. The oily energy still covers and hardens his fists, and he moves to try and overwhelm Leyanne with punch after punch after punch to the gut. "Yeah, you're hitting like a bull. Never really fought a metal person, it's some good exercise!"

Leyanne Mace has posed:
Leyanne chuckles at the reaction to her hit. "I'm a tank. Hit hard, take hits hard... move slow." She says. She's goign to say more but Wandering Dog is suddenly back in her face, swinging for her gut. There's not much bone protecting her abdomen, and the armour over it is mostly kevlar and vac-sealing. She tries to block, but, even with her left arm moving superhumanly fast, she simply can't block them all. She's knocked back, step by step, and when the punches stop, the big mouse drops to one knee for a moment, before slowly hauling herself up to her feet again.

"Sir Isaac's the dude that described the way gravity and intertia work." She explains, though her voice is croaky, and she's a -touch- unsteady on her feet. "I'm near five hundred pounds in armour. Turning's tricky."

Hm. There are two Wandering Dogs in front of her. She takes a swing at one of them - the wrong one - and then scowls. "Man, that one really hurt..."

Wandering Dog has posed:
As he impacts over and over, Wandering Dog's doing good...but he overexerts himself. As he throws the last punch, he starts panting, and can feel himself reaching his limits. So as Leyanne swings at an afterimage and misses, he steps back...

And throws his hands in the air. "Wow, I went too far there. Can feel my muscles burning, and can't throw another hit." A cough, as he moves as if he's going to duck to the river and take a drink, before grumbling as he remembers it's not real. "As much as I hate to do it, I yield. If you'd hit me, I'd probably be down." A stretch of his tired arms, as he steps back towards the river.

"You're good. Name's Wandering Dog. You?"

Leyanne Mace has posed:
Leyanne chuckles and pulls a flask from her belt, taking a swig and offering it over. "Don't think I could take another hit like that either." She admits. "One more, even a gentle slap, and I'd be tapping out." She offers her hand to him. "Leyanne Mace. Most folks call me Tiny. Got the name in Boot, 'cause it was quicker to shout than 'low bridge'." She laughs. "You're not too shabby, yourself. You hit pretty hard, and you're a lot faster than me."

Wandering Dog has posed:
Wandering Dog takes his own swig of whatever Leyanne's offering before returning it, and moving to glance over towards the Shrine's entrance. And then, after a wave, he moves to head that way. "I'm going to grab the nearest bite of food I can. Nice meeting you, Leyanne Mace, wouldn't be against sparring with you again. With a punch like that, you could be one hell of a martial artist with training, though with the gun, I doubt that's the life for you. Whatever life you follow, make it a good one!"

And then, eventually, he's gone. Wandering Dog's gonna go rest off his exhaustion and also possibly try and eat a way-too-large hamburger and win himself a t-shirt.

Leyanne Mace has posed:
Leyanne smiles "Nice meeting you too, Wandering Dog. You're right... I'm mostly a gunner, but it's good to know how to fight in close." She also heads towards the entrance to the Shrine... she really needs to get back home and finish work on that customer's bike.