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Red Talon Reprisal
Date of Scene: 31 July 2018
Location: Remnant
Synopsis: Red Talon attack a town. Elites stop them and then Grimm show up.
Cast of Characters: Yang Xiao Long, Leyanne Mace, Staren, Yuuki Konno, Riva Banari, 6384, 411

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    It's a settlement, much like others outside of the major Kingdoms. A fair sized town, ringed by large walls and guarded with large steel gates. Sentry towers hold guardsmen armed with rifles, but no mounted weaponry. A militia marshals in the central square, weilding whatever weapons come to hand, farm and craftsman tools, and a few proper Weapons, though some just have bare fists(or claws) and grit.

    Red Talon forces are coming from the north, they've already been engaged by the wall defenders at range, exchanging fire as multi coloured tracers lance back and forth.

    From the opposite side of town, comes Yang astride her trusty motorcycle. She rides right through the open gate, then skids to a halt near the militia. "What's the situation, and where do you need me?" she asks the mayor, who's marshalling the volunteers.

    The mayor is a huge tower of a faunus, perhaps some kind of bear or other large animal giving him prodigious size. He nods to the brawler, then to any others that come up asking where they're needed. "We need to repel them before the civilians start to panic. If that happens, we'll have Grimm to fight off too. I've called for evacuation teams to wait on standby, just in case." he says, then indicates the north wall. "Stop them from breaching the wall."

Leyanne Mace has posed:
    Just before Yang blasts through the gates, she'll pick up a wingmouse. The roar of Skrat's gas turbine is heard just before the mouse slots in neatly behind and to the left of Bumblebee. When Yang slides to a halt, the mouse can't help but make her own slide slightly showy, doing a full 360 spin before the bike stops, neatly, behind Yang.

She nods as she listens to the Mayor. "We can do that. Let them know help has arrived... though hopefully the entrance did most of the work... Yang, is everyone around here built to my scale?"

Staren has posed:
    This isn't just a fight physically.

    It's a fight of emotion. The red talons are exploiting Remnant's unique... physics, which will cause panic and fear to actually manifest monsters.

    Although mecha are not the best tool for fighting infantry, they are highly visible. Everyone can see them. Usually, this is perhaps seen as an offensive tool -- they're a weapon of terror and intimidation, showing the enemy a physical manifestation of might.

    But it can work defensively as well, or so Staren hopes -- a highly visible defender, a visible show of the might assembled to defend them.

    Bright and shiny, the Star Hawk dives down from the sky, accompanied by a salvo of missiles raining down on the back line, exploding into fiery plasma. The mecha transforms from jet mode in midair and yes, Staren goes for the one-kneed superhero landing in front of the wall.

Yuuki Konno has posed:
    From afar and above comes a purple streak arrowing in and down. Well, perhaps not a literal purple streak... but Yuuki's probably the fastest person in her world's modern history. Not as fast in flight as the Sylphen air-masters, but fast enough to put even the eagles to shame.

    It serves her well enough anyways, and she drops towards the ground inside the walls at a heart-stopping plummet. Warning or not, she doesn't really want to be exposed to fire while arriving... friendly fire or otherwise.

    Like eagles however, Yuuki seems to be able to pull out of a dive quite well. She somehow avoids a crash, pulling up in a manner that looks like it'd snap the wings of a normal being. She sets down almost delicately, not even needing to do a standard three-point superhero landing.

    For those who know the Imp from elsewhere, there's only one change of note now that she's in Remnant. She wears a crimson headband, and it's tied to conceal her pointy ears. Yes, somehow it stayed on in her headlong flight. For that matter, her flowing sleeves managed somehow to stay intact instead of being ripped away by the wind. MMO rules aren't always those of physical reality after all, and her outfit's more digital than physical.

    Quickly Yuuki assesses the defenses. The wall is a good one. Meant to keep out Grimm rather than raiders, but it'll do nicely for either. She's not a great tactician really, but she figures the situation is stable enough for now. They can deal with Talon crossing the wall or incoming Grimm flyers when the time arrives, for now focussing on the invading horde. They probably don't have to worry too much about fear for that matter. The walls protect the town in more than the physical. So long as the fighting goes on outside the walls, there's nothing to panic the townsfolk. Only those with a heart ready for battle need actually witness the fight.

    "All right then!" she cries cheerfully, bounding up and into the air once again, small starry batlike wings blurring into motion. She looks to the Mayor, looks to Yang and her companions, and forms up roughly beside them. Well, more like beside, above and behind them at various times. She's not one for a stable formation. "Time to kick some Talon butt!" she cheers. This is basically PVP, right?

Riva Banari has posed:
The alarm goes out. It's only a matter of time until Riva arrives. When she does, it's on a growling motorbike of her own. She rolls past the town up one side, heading for the north wall as people share information and call out what's going on.

"WHOOOOOOOOOO!" She cries, rolling up on the north side, a shotgun in one hand. "HEY PEOPLE! I HEAR WE GOT SOME RUDE AND ROWDY TYPES TRYING TO BULLY SOME PEOPLE!" She yells, announcing her presence. "HOW ABOUT YOU PICK ON SOMEONE YOUR OWN SIZE!"

She's loud and being intentionally obnoxious. Because it means people attack HER instead of the squishier people around her.

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     It's not on the same level of awesome as a mecha, but flying in on a rocket surfboard is still fairly awesome. Such is how Orchid arrives, the red board securely under her feet as she zooms in from the south. She's heading to where her medical skills will do the most good, to the northern wall. She's heading directly to were she sees the attacks landing, as that's where there are likely to be the wounded she can help. "Tell me where it hurts," she says as she lands, surfboard folded into a compact bump on her back.

Twilight Sparkle (411) has posed:
     After getting a call from Staren about trouble brewing in the town, Twilight Sparkle decided to come help. As the others ride and fly into town, a cute purple hot air balloon floats in from the south and lands near the militia. Hearing the declaration that the Red Talons can't be allowed to breach the wall, the first thing that the purple unicorn who hops out of the balloon does is cast a spell to reinforce the wall! Twilight Sparkle's horn glows brightly as she casts a barrier spell around the wall and gates. Arcs of magic slowly rise from the walls, colors shimmering over them in a prismatic effect. They rise and swirl together until in a flash they form a purple domed barrier around the town, reinforcing the walls and gateways and providing at least some protection from airborne invaders.

     She approaches the bear of a faunus mayor after that and bows lightly, extending one foreleg forward and bending the other beneath herself. "Greetings. I am Twilight Sparkle, and I am here to help." The usually smiling equine seems quite serious today, and her mane and tail flow rather dramatically in the breeze. She turns toward the north after that, then trots forward quickly. She smiles a bit at Staren's landing before emerging from the north gate. Then she realizes what those explosions probably mean. She knows these Red Talons are here to cause harm, but she always hopes there is a peaceful solution.

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang nods to the mayor. "Keep the militia back. Hopefully we can stop this before it gets to the point they have to join in." she looks at the obviously scared volunteers, their fear tempered by the fact this is their home. Yang then looks to Leyanne, "Ready to kick some Talon ass?" she asks, putting her helmet back on and deploying Ember Celica before settling back over the handlebars. She revs the engine, the Dust crystal glowing between gaps in the frame before she guns it. "Open the gate!" she roars over the sound of battle, causing the gate to crack open just enough for Bumblebee and Skrat to get through.. And Riva's cycle if she needs to.

    The defenders on the walls cheer as they get reinforcements. Staren's mecha earning gasps of shock, then a bigger cheer as the defenders rally.

    The Red Talons balk as they get plasma missiles in the backline, their ranged fighters ducking to cover, some coming out with burns, others vaporizing in the intense heat of the plasma bursts. A couple melee fighters swap their weapons to ranged mode, and take aim with the newly formed rocket launchers at the mecha. "BRING THAT THING DOWN!" bellows a slender man dressed in black. He has a grimm mask on, and shocking black and red hair with little horns poking out just above the mask. "TEAR THIS PLACE APART!"

Riva Banari has posed:
Riva's bike isn't super cool or special at all. In fact, it's pretty cheap, albeit loud. It suits her just fine. So it is when she bolts out the front gate, she's yelling and whooping with a big old grin on her face despite the horrible amount of firepower being laid downrange on her and the big looking threats, not braking at all as she leans in. The shotgun pulses with red-gold Anima, blasting short, wide waves of energy as she channels her power through it. "LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" She yells...

And then leaps off of her bike, backflipping as she points the weapon down, intentionally firing down at her bike to set it blowing up into the middle of their frontline in a wash of fire.

She lands behind it, letting the fire silhouette her as she stands back up, her shotgun in one hand, her Ajoran Cross in the other, and a big, wild grin. "HEY GUYS! IT'S PARTY TIME, LET'S DANCE!" She yells, hurling the Cross into the lines on a golden tether. She seeks to grapple enemies with the wide tines of the Cross, yanking them out of position and firing rapidly to put the defenses in disarray and help give Yuuki the hole she's looking for.

Staren has posed:
    The Star Hawk stands up to its 42-foot height and activates its beam shield... which comes in handy as rocket launchers rain into it! Staren laughs at the attention -- but only for a second or two, before taking a defensive stance and kneeling again. The shield isn't actually wide enough to cover the whole mecha, though, so he can't just sit there and tank. The green bar at the top of his HUD already has a growing red section. Parts of the arms and legs are pockmarked with rocket explosions leaving craters of warped metal plating. Staren holds out the right arm, the gatling railcannon attached to it spewing hypersonic metal down at the back line.

    Staren tries to keep up the emotional battle too. His voice is amplified by the speakers. "Those masks... so you fancy yourselves Grimm, huh? Faceless monsters made of hate. With no purpose but to fight and then die at the hands of ingenuity and heroism. If this is a fight between heroes and Grimm, do you really think the Grimm will win? Or are you ready to be /people/?"

    He's not very good at it.

Leyanne Mace has posed:
    The mouse grins at Yang, nodding. "Let's rock and ride." She says in response to the question, bringing down her faceplate and revving Skrat's engine. The gas turbine-powered Cavalry Charger is close on Bumblebee's tail as she blasts through the gates. As soon as they're through the black-and-red warbike pulls out and overtakes. He's not as flashy as the Dust-powered bike, but what he lacks in special effects, he makes up for with the fact that he's carrying a pair of autocannons.

Leyanne sets the range of her guns to 250m, turning towards the enemy lines and aiming for the rocket launchers at the back. She guns the throttle and then hits the trigger for those cannons, intending just to smash through the Red Talon front line and continue on into their support elements. As the bike closes with the Faunus lines, she pulls a long-handled socket wrench from somewhere, holding it in her left hand and getting ready to strike out at anyone on that side as she goes past.

The only thing missing is the bugle.

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     With the fast reactions of so many, and so many of those responding either by trying to pull the attacker's attention away from the walls or by putting up a barrier around the town, there isn't much call for Orchid's help. None the less, she makes sure all the defenders that were injured are triaged, and those who need more help moved down from the ways. Still, this takes time, so she hasn't joined the others outside the wall yet.

Yuuki Konno has posed:
    Yuuki skips into battle, winging her way forward and at the front line, weaving and bringing up a trail of dust as she skims the ground in an unpredictable pattern at the foe. She tucks and rolls at the front line however, darting between two would-be attackers at the last moment. Braced for impact, they're not quite able to prepare for Yuuki's unexpected movement. It would clearly be mad, after all, to dive into the middle of a crowd of enemies... to allow yourself to be surrounded on all sides right? Who could have possibly expected the Imp girl to do just that?

    Of course Yuuki knows others are also charging through, and Staren's already there making a mess of the enemy's back ranks. She's not so much interested in striking down enemies right now. She's more interested in breaking them! Even slow Remnant warriors are fast enough, agile and toughened through Aura, and she doesn't expect to be killing them like they were MMO popcorn mobs. But she's used to fighting in the middle of mobs, to moving unpredictably, and never being where they're aiming for. She may have to watch everywhere around her, but then everyone around her has to watch her as well... it's a fair exchange, and the more of them she can distract, the more they can't press their assault.

    Of course she's no pacifist, and her sword lashes out in a dozen cuts as she passes through ranks of the Talon. Nothing likely to tear through aura-based defenses, but enough to make them think of more than their offense!

Twilight Sparkle (411) has posed:
     Tasked with watching the wall, Twilight disappears in a burst of light and appears on a high point on the wall where she should be visible to most everyone. "Don't worry, everyone! So long as we work together there is no way these fiends will break through! No one is alone here! Not with your friends and family beside you!" As she says this her horn glows more and more brightly.

     "And so are we!" she shouts before unleashing a powerful beam of magic at the advancing lines of Red Talons. A beam of swirling beam of purple lances out and a row of explosions follows as it cuts across the lines of attackers. It is more for show than for destruction, though those hit are sure to be tossed about by the explosive force of the beam attack.

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Terror is a universal thing. And thus, it's not just the townsfolk that could draw Grimm to the area.

    Tiny bears down on the Talon lines, autocannons punching through defenders, their aura's just not strong enough to repel that kind of firepower. The survivors dive out of the way of the heavy bike, springing back up, only to get a face full of kinetic blast as Yang follows the war charger in. Some unlucky bastard gets a socket wrench to the face, going down with a broken nose.

    Twilight's barrier takes stray shots, deflecting rockets that would have blasted chunks out of the walls. Then, the combined railcannon and magic beam attack to the back line causes the ripple fire of rockets to thin out, their operators being shot up, or knocked out by the impacts of slugs or magic.

    Riva's bellowing, and her unorthodox assault method gets the Talons on the back foot, while Yuuki does her 'high speed annoyance' routine, disrupting formations and actually bringing a few of the Faunus down, their Aura's not highly trained like someone with Yang's training.

    But that's when an unearthly sound shatters the battle cries and screams. A resonant howl, and a high pitched shriek come as Grimm start to react to the Red Talon's growing fear and anger at the responders.

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    The defenders, exhausted and some with gunshot wounds, thank the Reploid for her efforts. None allow themselves to be taken off the wall, not while there's a threat, but they do allow her to triage them and bandage wounds before returning to the line.

Leyanne Mace has posed:
The distant shriek of the Nevermore causes Leyanne to frown... the radio discussion makes her frown deeper, hunching down behind the windshield as return fire starts to spark off the armour. She jukes to one side for Yang to power through, slotting in on Bumblebee's tail to take advantage of however Yang plans to cut her a path.

As soon as said path is cut, the mouse guns the throttle, continuing the charge - accellerating it, even - with all guns blazing, intending to slam through the heavy gunners and cause as much mayhem amongst them as she can before they can think about running and getting out of her way. She's angry now, trying to thin out the Red Talon numbers to the point where this tactic becomes non-viable.

Riva Banari has posed:
Man, having combined arms support is AWESOME. She's had to operate alone way too long, she /misses/ this. Having all her (temporary, at least) allies help slam into the Faunus exremists, providing barrier support (mental note, get Twilight something nice later) and offensive actions to take advantage of her work. Everything is awesome! Everything is-

Then the Grimm cry out, and Riva looks up into the air. "Whoops." She says, blinking. "Think I overdid it a little." She says, suddenly falling back to prepare for the rush of incoming Grimm. They'll attack anything, apparently, so Riva at this point just needs to hold out and let the Grimm meatgrinder into the Faunus and keep them off the town.

It's not a nice plan, but Riva isn't dealing with nice people.

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     Being one of the few that can fly, and being unable to watch these monsters attack the town unopposed, Orchid takes to the sky again. She's going to keep an eye out for the Nevermore (and hopefully there is only one) and direct the fire of others to it. Who knows, she might even be in position to shoot at the feathers it launches.

Twilight Sparkle (411) has posed:
     Only passingly familiarized with the mechanics of this world, Twilight is surprised to hear that a Grimm has been attracted when they were so successful at protecting the town. But then, if fear is what draws them then perhaps her plan of intimidation backfired. Twilight's ears lower as she hears that screech and her horn starts to gather energy as she prepares for the incoming creature. "Stand fast, everyone! Even Grimm can't beat us as long as we stick together!" Even though she can't fly, with her beam magic Twi should still be plenty dangerous for the Grimm.

Yuuki Konno has posed:
    For now, Yuuki's made her wings disappear. They're not very large but they're large enough to reduce her mobility on the ground when rolling, diving between foes, or between their legs. She considers calling them out again and diving up into the air after the Nevermore. But... well, she's not sure. It MIGHT be a greater Nevermore. The caw SOUNDS pretty loud, but... well, she knows she can do good here and now. She's not yet sure she'll be needed in the air.

    Yuuki decides to stay grounded, widening her circle of influence and punishing the Talon further. If they're going to run away she's going to do her part to make sure they think twice before trying again! She ruthlessly carves into the lines of the foe, trying to get to those who carry guns more than she tries to engage the melee fighters. Gun bunnies, so to speak, have to worry more to attack her because she's in the middle of their compatriots!

Staren has posed:
    They're actually driving off the Red Talon! That's good!

    Unfortunately, /scaring/ the red talon was a bad idea, and now they've attracted a Nevermore! Staren takes off to fight the Grimm immediately -- now people need to see THAT being fought -- both the citizens, and the Red Talon!

    The mecha takes to the sky and transforms to hybrid mode, turning its railcannon on the Nevermore to see how it reacts as he flies out to meet it, but that's just a test of its defenses. As he closes in, his mecha draws a giant revolver from one of the packs on its back and takes aim at the giant raven-shaped beast, firing pairs (somehow) of four-inch shells with each pull of the trigger.

    He has to keep it from getting /too/ close, though... at least, that's what he thought. <"Hey, do these things have any ranged attacks?">

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang guns the engine, then taps a button on the steeting column. The bike starts to maneuver on its own, swerving into groups of Talon soldiers, as Yang ratchets the mechanisms on her gauntlets. As she moves to clear the path for Leyanne, she fires rapid bursts of shells, making the knuckle segment of her gauntlets glow red hot after a few salvoes. She then grabs the handles again, and turns to slide through a group of Talons, coming to a stop. "Alright, go!" she bellows at Leyanne, wincing as her gauntlets burn her hands.

    Yuuki manages to break through the lines, the ranged fighters transforming their weapons to melee to try and meet the girl as she approaches. None of them are fast enough to stop her, until she meets the leader. His sword flashes out, carried by a gunshot from the scabbard. He starts to parry and riposte the Imp, his lower face a contorted snarl of hate.

    Orchid gets into position, and can see the oncoming Nevermore as he circles down, building up speed for its first attack run. That's when Staren moves in and knocks it off balance with the burst of railcannon fire. It shrieks again, peeling off and flapping its great wings to get altitude again, leaving it open to the revolver shells nailing it in the back.

    Twilight would find a good target as the monster climbs, a slow moving, giant target for a beam of magic.

    Riva's position of letting the Grimm get in and start tearing up the Talons proves fruitful, as large, pitch black wolf-monsters, and larger bear-like creatures come charging out of the treeline nearby, falling on the Talons and beginning the brutal work of ripping them apart.

    The Leader disengages from Yuuki after the Grimm arrive, turning tail and calling "RETREAT! RUN YOU FOOLS!"

Yuuki Konno has posed:
    There's no hate in Yuuki as she tears into the Talon's leader, only a fierce scowl of concentration. Clearly though, he's no simple grunt. Even if he can't match her speed, he's doubtless good enough to avoid being taken easily. And, for that matter, he can disengage easily enough with the help of other Talon soldiers.

    Yuuki's frustrated as the leader disengages, but she's not here to take him down. She's here to protect people, especially friendly Faunus and humans getting along together. That means hurting the Talon. While taking down their leader would be amazing, it's not the only way she can engage them. She takes it out on several of the routed foes before turning away from them and engaging the Grimm.

Twilight Sparkle (411) has posed:
     And Twilight takes advantage of that opportunity. With a powerful 'FWOOOOM!' she unleashes her most powerful beam. Despite originating from her horn it is as big around as the pony is tall and causes the area to be illuminated with a bright pastel purple glow. She sustains the beam as long as she can, which is several seconds before she has to cut off the beam, leaving her panting from the effort. When she sees what is happening to the retreating troops she calls out desperately. "Drop your weapons and I will allow you into the shield! There's no reason to throw your lives away!" Of course, not many will be able to hear her over the sounds of battle and she knows that they will be facing criminal charges, but she is hoping that with a little dialogue they might see that these sorts of attacks serve no purpose. Especially when it gets them killed!

     To the others, she radios. "Please save the Talons if you can! They might not appreciate it, but letting them get torn apart by their own foolishness won't do anyone any good!"

Leyanne Mace has posed:
Leyanne snarls as she sees the Grimm coming in on the ground. Piss... well. At least - for the moment - they're engaging the Red Talons. Now time for part two of the lesson. She loops around closer to frieldly lines and then hops off her bike. She's thinking along the same lines as Twilight; she pulls one of the autocannons from its mounting and then begins to rake over the Grimm.

She's kind of showing off a little now; blasting Grimm off downed Red Talons even as they go for the kill as she rakes over the lines. Heavy weapons are kind of her thing, next to doing crazy shit.

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     Orchid returns to the walls before her weapon energy runs out. "Well, I guess this is most of a win," she muses. There still are the Grimm to deal with, and for those, well, Orchid is back to serving as medical support. Sometimes this may involve carrying those away from the front lines that need further medical attention, whether they want to or not. There is enough support in the field that the value of a hero today is less than the value of a citizen tomorrow.

Riva Banari has posed:
Riva looks on in silent horror as she watches the truth of the Grimm begin to play out before her. These creatures may have odd names, but they sure don't play around. The cunning savagery of the beasts makes Riva's blood run cold. They're a genuine threat, which means that the people aren't overreacting when they considered setting up evacuation for the town.

She sets her jaw. She's not going to allow that to happen. As the retreat call goes out for the Talon fighters, Riva launches into the midst of the Beowolves and Ursai, leaving the Nevermore to the more aerial-combat capable of the group. Riva functions best up close and personal. And that she does, as she crashes in with a radiant shoulder-tackle, slamming into the side of a Beowolf before reversing her grip and slamming the Cross down upon it with an explosion of light. "HEY BEASTIES! I GOT PLENTY FOR EVERYONE!" She yells, still defiant as she works to make herself as visible as possible for her chosen targets. Sure, she's literally hurling herself into the middle of the pack of hungry murderbeasts, but better her than someone else!

Yuuki Konno has posed:
    Letting the Talons flee, Yuuki leaps into the air and flaps her suddenly-visible wings once more. The battle's not done yet! She flies at the Grimm, full of fury and determination... and no small amount of annoyed frustration.

    The imp's violet blade flashes, carving into shadowy Grimm bodies, and glowing as she cuts into Grimm masks, releasing explosions of darkness into the white bone faceplates. It drains her mana, but then it's probably best to spend that mana making her blade penetrate their vital points than save it and strike more shallowly.

Staren has posed:
    Now Staren's in deadly combat with a giant grimm, only for it to turn out that <"No! We played right into their hands!"> Well. The red talon weren't expecting to be victims of the grimm themselves, but that just seems like shortsightedness. Since when are grimm especially choosy about their targets?

    But he can't gun down the new grimm when he still has the nevermore to contend with!

    He sees it's trying to go for an attack run before they stop it. It can't be allowed to complete that... but together with the others... Staren has an idea.

    The Star Hawk goes humanoid form, and tries to GRAB it from behind, slowing its movement for the others while firing point-blank. <"Shoot it! Shoot it now!">

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang purges her gauntlets of spent cartridges, reloading as she watches the Talons running, the Grimm coming in to chase them down, and the others working to thin out the ranks of the monsters. Leyanne and Riva manage to save some of the Talon soldiers, who instead of following the rest, drag their wounded selves toward the wall, behind the line the Elite's have made against the Grimm. They pointedly leave their weapons behind, wanting only sactuary.

    Twilight's beam strikes true, helped by Staren grabbing the monster and stopping it from even trying to evade. The beam penetrates the tough hide, and the thing begins to release smoke as it dies, dissipating into nothingness.

    This is a common trait for the Grimm. Every single one that dies evaporates, so any that remain intact after they fall aren't dead. A lesson learned quickly by prospective Hunters.

    Orchid's medical triage brings mostly the surrendering Talon soldiers. They murmur thanks for the treatment, any that have ears or tails holding them in a very chastised fashion.

    With the combined fire of the Martian Mouse, the Templar, a few shots from Yang's gauntlets and the fusillade from the wall guards, the Grimm are soon routed, only a few 'smarter' ones disengaging with angry snarls.

Leyanne Mace has posed:
Leyanne watches the Grimm fall back, quickly learning to make sure that she puts down any Grimm that fail to dissipate or retreat. When her gun runs dry, she hauls an injured Red Talon across Skrat's fuel tank and hops back into the saddle, rolling back towards the walls.

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     Orchid will show a degree of mercy to the surrendering Talon soldiers. This means she doesn't allow anyone else to show them any cruelty. This ALSO means keeping an eye on the prisoners, to make sure they don't get up to hostile behavior. Thankfully, with her spiders, Orchid can keep an eye on a lot of things in a lot of places. She'll also be making sure they are fully disarmed. Yeah, she's going to be busy for a while.

Twilight Sparkle (411) has posed:
     Twilight catches her breath quickly then makes sure any remaining Grimm are down or are retreating before she looks toward her friends returning from the battlefield. "Good job, everyone!" she calls out, then looks to the militia. "And you were all very brave and should be proud of yourselves!" she adds before hopping down from the wall and lowering the magic shield. She joins Orchid in watching over the prisoners, making sure no militia or civilians try to hurt them and explaining that she is sure they have just been misled.

Staren has posed:
    The raven-grimm poofs! That's how grimm die, apparently? Staren lands, and sweeps the railgun over as many retreating grimm as he can before they make it to cover or retreat into the dark. Then he returns the revolver to its storage pack and the mecha turns to face the town... and give them a thumbs-up! It doesn't have a face to smile with.