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Dogged Execution
Date of Scene: 02 September 2018
Location: Hikari Sea Port - Main Courtyard
Synopsis: A group of Elites infiltrate the Dogger Bank Leviathan Base in an attempt at crippling the fortress's ability to defend itself from future assaults by destroying or crippling key defensive systems such as ammo storage.
Cast of Characters: Shigure, Lexicon, Reina Kinney, Neuroi Girl, Kotone Yamakawa, Seifer Almasy, 6384

Shigure has posed:
    Shigure and the Fifth Strike Fleet are shadowing the massive fortress once more, outside of engagement range. The hulking thing is slower this time, a meandering pace of around 20 knots, allowing Yamashiro to join the pursuit. Those arriving would find the group standing on the deck of the Battleship as she steams along in the wake of the fortress.

    Shigure, Yuudachi and Kuma are standing around a table with a crude map of the fortress spread on it, mostly surface markers for Main Battery, Secondary Battery and Anti Air Battery emplacements. "Like, we should hit them here." says Yuudachi, jabbing her knife into the surface of the table in the center of a tight cluster of markers. "We hit that, BOOM, take out a big chunk of the fortress." Kuma, meanwhile, wrenches the knife out of the table, and frowns at the blonde destroyer. "Kuma says we try to infiltrate again, find a magazine and sabotage it, kuma. That would make more sense than pounding from the outside, kuma."

    Shigure herself is quiet, as usual, blue eye tracking first from the table, to the distant looming sight of the real thing. Those arriving would find the discussion, more an argument, in full swing, with Shigure not partaking while Yuudachi and Kuma keep repeatedly stabbing the poor defenseless table.

Lexicon has posed:
    Throughout the earlier points of the strategy meeting, Lexicon has been silent. One arm hangs at her side, while the other has been held up this entire time. A blue holographic screen projects above her palm, scrolling text and diagrams that she skims through intently. The conversation between destroyer and cruiser heating up briefly attracts her attention, eyes glancing up briefly before returning to her reading material. After a few moments, she lifts her hand further. Diagrams depicting various ships in profile materialize and then scatter around her.

    With another gesture, those diagrams flicker, showing ugly crimson indicators in various positions alongside their individual hulls.

    "I've been researching naval architecture, and in particular how that architecture has failed in combat and what result that had for the ship's survival." She has, probably intentionally, avoided sharing any diagrams of the ships currently present.

    "I believe Kuma has the right of it. Most ships lost in combat were lost to internal fires, which in turn resulted in loss of engine power or steering, or reaching the powder magazine and causing an explosion." The program folds her arms, "Getting on board and causing as much damage as possible without having to make every single attack pierce that thing's crazy armor. That's my suggestion."

Reina Kinney has posed:
It's been a while since Reina was out of action. Why was she out of action? Don't ask, she's not going to talk to you about it. It's between her and no one else.

But now she's back in action, and the red head is just as active as she was before. She hasn't lost her touch at all and is intent on proving it just like before.

Also standing there watching carefully is the red head herself, not saying much for the time being. It's not until the others finish speaking that Reina finally speaks. "That's a good point," She says to Lexicon. "However, first comes the task of being able to actually get on board there." She looks to the others in general and asks, "With all the weapons on that thing, how are we gonna get close? Do we try maybe a diversion tactic, or maybe an underwater insertion?" The last suggestion is not made with any sarcasm at all; It's a genuine question posed by Reina.

Neuroi Girl has posed:
     It has been a while since Evangeline deployed away from her home base, but when she received the call from Hikari she made her way here as quickly as she could. She floats into the room quietly, listening to the arguing. She hasn't done much planning and so offers no alternatives. Instead she just takes up a spot beside Shigure, practically mirroring Shigure's posture and silence. As the other two argue she turns her head slightly toward Shigure. "...will Admiral Nagato be joining us...?" she asks quietly.

     Even after all this time, Evangeline recognizes Reina and offers a small wave of a sleeve-like arm in greeting.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone was rested up, loaded up and ready to go, she's forming up with Shigure and the rest she'd had a small room here at the Sea Port and she'd arrived the night before. So she was rested, ready to go and joins the group in looking over the table. She's also got a data pad of some sort in hand which she's going over. "Evangeline, Lexicon, Reina."

Kotone smiles a bit then looks to Kuma for a mment.

"Well I have to agree a boarding action may be the sanest option given the hide of that ship could take even heavy weapons from my world I suspect. It would be one hell of a slug fest and the longer the fights goes the greater risk of someone getting sunk."

Seifer Almasy has posed:
     Seifer Almasy was basically on a fishing trip.

     No, really. He's dressed for fishing. He's got a fishing rod slung over his shoulder, a tackle box in hand, and a big floppyy hat full of hooks plopped over his gorgeous blonde hair. The handsome Gunblade Knight more or less *bumbled* into this whole affair on his pointless little rental boat, completely accidentally crossing paths with the battleship. Ordinarily he'd've just walked off.

     But there's cute girls. And they're planning a battle.

     And damned if Seifer Almasy is gonna pass up an opportunity to impress cute girls *and* beat some stuff up.

     "I mean," Seifer offers, "I dunno anything about this thing, or this situation, or whatever, but seems like you'd need to do a diversionary team with heavy firepower to draw its attention to the obvious threat and then slip a crack squad of aces in through an underwater insertion while all eyes are on the distraction."

     "Kinda simple I guess, but, you know, big invincible fortresses tend to forget the little cracks when they're in the middle of battle."

     Seifer taps his fishing rod on his shoulder and grins. "An' simple tends to work with things like this."

     He pauses.

     "Oh yeah, hey, ladies. Seifer Almasy. Happy to be working with you. Never pass up an opportunity to help a cute girl." He bows, hand over his chest, like an old-timey knight.

     It's probably undercut by the stupid floppy hat.

     "And before you say anything, if you decide to do this, I volunteer to be a distraction."

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     Among those around the table is Orchid. The last time this thing emerged, Orchid was one of those who went on board to divert the thing. Before it submerged again, Orchid was able to deploy all 100 spyder drones she was carrying, and gave them a mission. Without Orchid around, they aren't THAT smart, but they're smart enough for the mission in question.
    20 spyders hid themselves, near the top of the craft, as best they could, and have been acting as tracking devices, transmitting a signal ever hour or so, rotating among their number randomly. They will also ping if they receive the right signal, and will ping more frequently if the pressure drops, that is, if the monster comes up again.
    The other 80 have been mapping out the ship, and are more likely to have experienced losses. Still, they are brave, and would have kept track of individuals moving round, and a basic floor plan; no idea what's going on in the rooms, but the shape and size of the rooms, yes.

     Back to the moment, her thoughts on the subject are... "If we can get in again, we can see what my spyders gathered about the internal structure, which would make hitting something critical much easier. Those who do go in will face greater risk than if we stand off and bombard the thing." She glares at the map, trying to think where her spiders would likely be.

Shigure has posed:
    Kuma and Yuudachi blinks, pausing their argument in a comical position, the Destroyer in a headlock by the Cruiser, who is currently mid-noogie. The pair break up and stand back straight once Lexicon speaks. The DCC's words make Kuma smirk smugly, while Yuudachi just folds her arms and huffs, puffing out her cheeks in a pout.

    To Reina, and Seifer, Shigure finally speaks up. "The Fifth Strike Fleet will provide the distraction while the rest of you infiltrate the fortress. Radar and low-level scout flybys have detected several gaps in the leviathan's armour coverage. A few good strikes should punch a hole big enough to get inside." she says, then looks to Evangeline. "The Admiral has other matters to attend to. I am Flagship for this operation." her words are that same soft, near-whisper that somehow manages to carry to everyone nearby regardless.

    Once the plan, such as it is, has been finalized, the group are ushered into a daihatsu that's been specially brought for the mission. It's been stripped fully down, no armour, no weapons, but a large engine to get it inside minimum effective range as quickly as possible. "Anyone who isn't seaworthy, use the Daihatsu. Anyone flying, stay below three hundred feet, the highest concentration of AA gun batteries cannot depress far enough to engage at that altitude." comes the disembodied voice of Yamashiro, sounding slightly metallic as it emits from the hull of the ship itself. "I will provide long range covering fire with my 36.5cm main battery until infiltration is achieved." The other three shipgirls leap over the side, landing on the water and materializing their Rigging in the same maneuver.

Reina Kinney has posed:
Evangeline gets a polite wave from Reina, but then the red-head's attention turns to Seifer, who gets a cocked eyebrow briefly, then a shake of her head and a glare. "We're here planning a tactical strike on an enemy fortress and all you care about is fishing?" She scoffs. "This is REALLY gonna work out well, I'm sure!" The sarcasm is heavily noticeable in her voice as she turns away briefly. When Seifer introduces himself, Reina turns her head in his general direction, although she's barely looking at him. "Reina Kinney." She says plainly before looking forwards again, not wanting to let him see her sneer. Apparently, she either isn't aware that Seifer just happened upon this whole thing or just doesn't care.

Looking to Shigure again, Reina gives a nod. "Well, that plan definitely works for me." She cracks her knuckles and gives a slight smirk. "It's been a while since I've been in action, so this should be fun!" There's a slight chuckle from the red-head at that.

Once they're ushered into the daihatsu, Reina listens attentively to what Shigure has to say, then gives a nod. "I can definitely provide air support. With your permission, I'll teleport to Neo Falcon and follow along at the altitude level you've indicated."

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     Orchid mentally goes back and forth between her two options. Her rocket surfboard would suffice to get her on board, but leave her more exposed, but the transport boat is a bigger target... In the end she chooses a spot on board, which will free up weapon energy for later use. "Part of me wishes we could use the EOD approach, but this will do," she muses as she boards.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa listens as the plan is laid out she nods for a moment. "I may be bringing some other kit with me today though if we're boarding." She may end up using her fit to get to boarding range then go a bit more traditional for her, given planes in close quarters might be an issue.

"Sounds like a solid plan and I'll be boarding, I take it, Commander?"

She asks respecting Shigure being in charge of this operation.

"Given the kit I use when i'm on land might be more useful from the inside. Unless you wish me on giving air cover."

Seifer Almasy has posed:
     "Hey, hey! I *was* here on a fishing trip. I'm clearly giving you ladies my attention, aren't I?" Seifer says, holding up his hands, "If all I cared about was fishing I'da fucked off and gone back to it. But that wouldn't be gallant or chivalrous, an' a knight's supposed to be both."

     "Anyway, sounds good. Got my gunblade right here."

     The hell did he pull that thing out of? (Inventory space).

Lexicon has posed:
    "Don't pout," Lexicon admonishes Yuudachi, "Just learn from it and move on." The various images she projects are dismissed, and in their place she produces a gem-topped staff from her inventory with a flash of pixellated light. This begins to glow, and mid-step Lexicon transforms from her usual appearance to the white-haired, red-eyed Silver Soul. Wings and armored Processors wink in around her as she takes to the air above the transport boat.

    "Three hundred is quite a ceiling. I'll be mindful!" She turns in midair, right hand extending out as her axe materializes. She remembers how awkward it was fighting one-handed before, but that's not going to stop her.

    "Stay low, stay fast! Let the 5th Fleet get their attention!" Whirling around, Lexicon brings her axe up, then points with it, "I've got a promise to keep, let's shove off!"

Neuroi Girl has posed:
     Evangeline nods lightly at Shigure before looking back toward the others. Infiltration is not her usual function, but if that is the plan she will support it. She is more interested in Seifer and his unusual attire. She floats toward him quietly. "...does it hurt having all those hooks in your head...?" she asks in her quiet voice, as always heard over radios rather than spoken directly from her. If not for the wrist radio she wears it wouldn't come from her at all.

     When the command is given to move out, the little Neuroi follows the others out and remains near the daihatsu as it starts toward the floating fortress. "...if we need an insertion point...my breaker beam should be able to create an entrance wherever we need one..." 300 feet is no trouble for someone the size of a 12 year old girl.

Shigure has posed:
    Phase one, get on board.

    To facilitate this, once the Daihatsu is loaded up and shoved off of the Battleship's crane, the massive turrets of the warship turn into position as the ship tilts starboard, making a hard port turn to get into weapon range. The lighter ships make space from the Battleship, then go into their full Ocean Fitouts as well, a small flotilla of fullsized warships materializing and rotating turrets into place, ready to open fire once in range. "Begin your run, once we open fire the fortress should focus on us. A small ship like the Daihatsu should not attract attention from their gunners." comes Yamashiro's imperious tone over radio, punctuated by her eight cannons sounding off in a staggered fire pattern, sending shells down range to strike and detonate against the outer shell of the fortress.

    The response is immediate, all the turrets on the fortress turn and start firing back, lobbing shells back at the Battleship and the escorting craft. "Double Line, spread out, do not give them an easy target." instructs Shigure, as the Kanmusu begin their distraction engagement.

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     Orchid is in the boat! Not much she can do but watch the mobile fortress as they approach. Well, there is something she can do. "For those of us unfamiliar, I think some warning is due. This thing is part of the Abyssal Fleet. Prepare yourselves for an unholy abomination of metal and flesh," Orchid says to the others on the Daihatsu. Hey, it's better than going in cold. "Try and get the 'ewww' factor dealt with as best you can."

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa normally would be giving air cover but this day she's not, she's got kitted out in her more traditional stealth gear and was riding on the boat as he would wait checking her weapons over to pass the time, she also checks the matter manipulator on her hip. With that done she'll look over to Orchid for a moment.

"I know it's something we have to deal with at least this one isn't eating her subordinates...I can give us some heavy weapons fire if we need it."

Neuroi Girl has posed:
     Evangeline escorts the daihatsu most of the way to the huge Abyssal, but when they get closer she zooms ahead. The only sound of her passing is the splash of her air displacement forcing the water out around her and a slight metallic sound like fingers sliding across guitar strings. She holds her arms forward and the ends start to glow a sinister red. "...I'll take point..." she says, her quiet voice carrying over the radio.

     She takes a moment for her sensors or perhaps someone else's to pinpoint a weak spot in the armor before firing, aiming just above the water line. The beam of sinister red lances through the air, nearly as thick as the Neuroi is tall. She would usually try to punch as far as possible into the craft, but as they are attempting a somewhat covert insertion she only fires until she is sure she has made it through the outer hull before she stops firing. Where the beam hits there is a sudden and constant explosion until there is a hole large enough for the team to insert. Then, the little Neuroi flies in.

Reina Kinney has posed:
After thinking things over, Reina decides to stick to the Daihatsu instead, since she realizes that the anti-aircraft fire would be a nightmare to deal with. Not to mention, the last time she was shot down and had to eject, she got a quality chewing out from Laia and was forced to give up a third of her paycheck to pay for the recovery fees. There's also the issue of having to repair and repaint the craft herself, but that's something else for another time. She decides to stick to the water for the time being.

"It's time to move on in and take them out!" Reina says, her eyes narrowing as she spots the fortress after a few moments. "Looks like this is going to be more exciting than I anticipated." She isn't smiling in the least bit either, as for some reason, this is really getting her uneasy. Looking to the Kanmasu, she whispers, "Be careful out there." She then looks to Orchid and says, "Don't worry, I've dealt with a LOT of freakish things in my time, so I won't be too shocked."

Once the explosion goes off, Reina is quick to follow the others inside. "Let's do this!" She says, a scowl on her face as opposed to the usual eager grin.

Lexicon has posed:
    Flight is the fast way to go, or at least to keep ahead of the daihatsu landing boat, even as lightened and fast as this particular incarnation might be. Lexicon sweeps her axe up, presenting the flat of the plasma blade as a shield as she skims the ocean's waves. Peering over the curve of her weapon, she zeroes in on one of the access hatches along the side. Her staff is raised and she points at it, to indicate the weakpoint she's picked out.

    Kind of like the hatch they'd busted into last time, though this one is a different location from that.

    "Time to open the door--!" So Ein Schlag wasn't enough of a hit to break open the hull last time? Lexicon's got a new plan. She hefts her axe, gripping it in both hands, that staff semi-awkwardly held alongside the haft of her weapon--

    And then Neuroi Girl opens the door with a giant laser cannon instead. Lexicon nearly stumbles in midair. Recovering at a lower altitude, she scratches her cheek with one fingertip, "...Well, yeah, I guess that works too."

    Without another word, the Silver DCC dips in through the provided opening.

Shigure has posed:
    The Daihatsu's crew, for what it's worth, of Equipment Fairies, begin signalling for everyone to brace, as Evangeline opens fire with her Neuroi Beam. The baleful red lance sears through the outer metal skin, opening up a large cargo room to the outside. The Daihatsu easily slips into the opening, scraping up onto the slowly flooding deck. The fairies abandon ship in a much smaller motorboat, moving back out of the craft and leaving the hulk where it sits.

    Inside of the fortress, the shuddering impacts of the fleet's shells outside make the entire ship feel like it's breathing, quivering in pain as if it were alive.

    In some senses, it is.

    The cargo room is largely empty, save for some large cargo containers. Looking inside reveals large ingots of steel, easily several tons worth of the material. It's a strange blackish colour with vein-like markings through it. Evangeline and Kotone would recognize it from resource raids with the HDA. Abyssal Steel.

    There are two large cargo doors leading deeper into the craft, one straight across from the breach, the other to the right. A third door was to the left but is blocked by a large amount of debris, and some metal fatigue caused by the Neuroi Beam.

    "Fifth fleet disengaging. Good luck." crackles Shigure over the radio. "Wait... where did that fog come fr--- TIGHTEN U---" crrrrk. The signal cuts out.

Seifer Almasy has posed:
     Seifer's never been in an ocean battle before.

     Seifer's never been in a lot of battles before. That makes them more exciting. New experiences are cool and heroic and all kinds of awesome. But Seifer also doesn't have much in the way of useful ranged options to help cover Daihatsu, so he mostly sits still until Evangeline opens the door and they get inside. Well, 'sits still' - more like kicks his feet back up and takes a nap.

     Yeah, really. Seifer basically takes a nap in the middle of an active battle. That's either supreme confidence or supreme apathy.

     The question is immediately answered once they're inside. It's supreme confidence; Seifer gets out of the boat immediately and slings his gunblade around, floppy hat bouncing with each step. It's hard to take him seriously like that, but the way he moves that weird blade marks him as an expert. More than an expert. A savant. Guy might look goofy but there's some kick in that weird thing.

     He strolls forward and looks at the steel. Deciding that he does not know what that is, he goes, "Hey, there's some weird-looking metal in this thing!" and then strolls off towards the blocked door.

     Seifer rolls his arm.

     "Alright. Should be no problem. Here I go!"

     Slash! Slash slash slash slash slash! JRPG Action! Slash! Slash! Swish! Slash! Cut lines!

     Seifer just *carves* into the debris with all the force he can muster. Which, it turns out, is a lot. Why go the long way when you can go that way?

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     Despite what is going on with the Fifth Fleet, Orchid is focused on her part, because this is when it really begins. As soon as she boards, she sends out a special radio signal, and is flooded with responses from her spiders. Soon, several are even coming out of the walls, glad that their person is back. For her part, Orchid is equally happy, kneeling down to pick up and pet the approaching spiders. "Yes yes, mommy missed you too, and you all did such good jobs," she coos, while she takes in the wealth of information.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa gets the warning to brace and she does quite well, for the most part, she won't be long before she's one of the first ones inside along with the other/s she's carrying a high tech assault rifle ready to go and her eyes are looking about for it for a moment. "Abyssal Steel..."

She notes looking over the strange resources.

"Used to build more of these things or repair them."

She notes as she makes note of Seifer for a moment with a bit of a grin as he goes to open the way forward for them.

The moment the door is blown by Seifer she'll be aiming to follow him right out of there deeper into the ship.

<<I can cloak and go ahead if we need it. Orcid can you patch me into your network?>

Reina Kinney has posed:
Once they're inside, Reina looks to the others and says, "Let's do this!" She's still scowling, almost like the rush of adrenaline isn't giving her the boost of excitement she needed. She snaps her fingers on both hands then holds them carefully so that when her energy pistols materialize, they are a perfect fit, if that makes any sense. She doesn't give a damn for what Seifer is doing, figuring that his attitude towards this whole thing will either bring him back to reality or be his downfall.

Of course, once he actually manages to clear the debris, Reina goes wide-eyed, albeit very briefly, then shakes her head. "I don't believe it," Reina says with a shake of her head, rolling her eyes as she rushes towards the new entrance. "I just hope this Seifer guy knows what he's doing, because I don't want to be excessively casting Resta here."

Neuroi Girl has posed:
     Usually Evangeline finding a big storage container full of steel ingots would be like a kid finding a box of candy, but Abyssal Steel leaves her feeling uneasy instead. The little Neuroi looks around and takes note of the three doors. "...should we split u-" she starts to ask, but Seifer slashes open a door and interrupts her thought. She watches him silently, then tilts her head just a bit. "...up...?" she finishes, then looks toward the door that has been covered with debris. "...I will go this way..." she says, then raises her arms again and charges up once more before firing a short burst of her breaker beam to try and disintegrate that debris as well as open the door. The smoke from the explosion she creates this time billows out around her, obscuring her for a few moments.

Lexicon has posed:
    Inside, Lexicon skids to a halt on the deck, the metal soles of her armored boots throwing up sparks. She further brakes herself using the blade of her axe, only to haul herself upright. Immediately, her transformation disappears as does the rod she holds. The axe is replaced with a more mundane looking (if still enormous) hammer, which she swings up onto her shoulder as she examines the cargo hold for threats.

    Finding none, she glances back as others disembark the Daihatsu transport.

    Evangeline and Seifer start working on the blocked doorway, and so Lexicon decides it's time to evaluate options. She lifts her free hand, projecting the map that Orchid just now provided After a moment's thought, she turns and approaches the doorway immediately across from where the team entered from, "You guys mess with that. I'm more interested in the 'explosive' rooms Orchid mentioned."

Shigure has posed:
    Well, Seifer and Evangeline manage to blast open the blocked doorway. Beyond is another cargo bay, with no other doors leading from it. This bay has more crates, filled with an amalgam of yellowish rocks. Bauxite. It's a trasure room alright! If you're a carrier.

    Orchid's display would indicate the best way to go would be the door straight across from the breach. With the noise from the attack on the blocked door, the door on the right opens and a group of Abyssals enter. A Ri-class heavy cruiser, trailed by a quintet of destroyers. 3 I-class and 2 Ro-class. They snarl and bring guns to bear, the Destroyer's mouths hinging open as the barrel extends, while the Ri-class's gauntlets open and spit plumes of flame and explosive shells at those still in the bay.

Seifer Almasy has posed:
     "Oh for fuck's sake," Seifer says aloud as he swings his gunblade back over his shoulder and adjusts his silly floppy fishing hat, "Seriously? This place sucks."

     Orchid gives directions, and Seifer follows them, largely because he figures it'll get him to the fighting sooner. Sure enough, there they are, and they open up with gunfire immediately. Shells rain down. Seifer puts on a huge fucking grin at that, and, well, rather than run, or hide, or pull out his own gun, no, Seifer's a god damned lunatic. Seifer just goes *diving* into the gunfire.

     And it turns out that Seifer is as good a gunblade wielder as his floppy hat is stupid-looking.

     Maybe even better.

     It's a dance. No, it's not a dance, it's machine-calculated. No, it's not even that. It's art, though, that's for sure, as his blade flashes, cleaving aside shellfire like it's barely there. Each strike is fast, each carve is quick, each motion dedicated. Seifer's fast and brutal but he wastes no motion, and every strike is perfect, gorgeous, unerring.

     But he can't cut fire. The fire catches his coat, a burn racing up his leg. He grabs his coat and pulls it off, swinging it around at one of the enemy ships. "Hey! Fuck off with that!" He shouts, and then immediately regrets it as he stumbles a bit in mid-motion.

     It's not enough to stop him from continuing forward but every step is gonna be pain for the next few hours.

     On the other hand he is /grinning/ like an idiot even despite it. His blade flashes out again, and this time he pulls the trigger on-impact, and the blade vibrates furiously like a chainsaw.

     Gunblades: they're not blades attached to guns.

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     By now Orchid has patched into her network Kotone and any allies with compatible gear, showing them all a map of the area, and locations of hostiles. She is also highlighting the route to the nearest explosive room.

     Then in come the Abyssals, attracted by Seifer's noise... But he manages to be a very proactive meat shield, so Orchid is willing to cut him some slack. Still, she activates her shields, interposing them against any stray shots. "I think we need to keep moving," she reminds the others, edging towards the passage they need to go down.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa can tell this is some serious loot. "That's a whole lot of Bauxite." She was going to trya nd make off with some of it untol the abyssals show up and she opens up with her assault rifle cloaking in the process. She'll fire short controlled shots at the enemy, she'll try to not get hit and that was a near thing thankfully she avoided getting platered all over the bay. She'll fire here and there moving the instant the trigger is pulled like some sort of Phantom...

Neuroi Girl has posed:
     "...you shouldn't say bad words like that..." Evangeline says softly to Seifer as he comments on the room. She looks at the Bauxite and considers how it might taste. She turns her head slightly as that other door opens...then is sent bouncing away as one of those explosive shells impacts her shield. Translucent hexagonal panels flare into view to disperse the impact and she bounces and somersaults through the air a few times before she rights herself and brings her arms to bear.

     Then she pauses as Seifer charges in. Melee fighters always make her job a bit more difficult against human-sized targets. Instead of her breaker beam she has to resort to her vectoring beams. The ends of her arms glow, as do the red panels on her strange little wings before beams of that rather evil-looking red lance out and somehow bend and twist at sharp angles to avoid Seifer and hit a few of the many targets. "...go...we will hold them off..." she says to Orchid, Lexicon, and Kotone.

Lexicon has posed:
    The remaining door Lexicon hadn't been headed towards opens. She glances towards it, sighting the figures. Security. Gripping her hammer, she whirls to face them with a quick "Aw, hell--" before a shell hits her. The armor-piercing shell punches right through her chest, popping out through her back before it actually explodes, causing the program to stagger forward.

    Thing is, there's no heart to punch a hole through. She bares her teeth not in pain but in frustration, "Fuckin' slowing us down..!" The fingers of her free hand flex as she goes for her weapon, but she does acknowledge Evangeline's remark. A glance is cast back to the cruiser that shot her, before she skips back and through the unopened door she had been headed for from the start.

Shigure has posed:
    Seifer makes with the parrying, sending shells off course to slam into the walls, detonating in little flowers of yellow flame. Some of the holes that are opened up 'bleed' a black ichor, and flailing tendrils of white flesh erupt to fill the 'wounds'.

    Evangeline's homing lasers smash into the Abyssals, following up Seifer's assault. The laser beams punch through one of the I-class, causing it to shudder then collapse as it 'belches' a gout of flame. As it collapses to the deck, it explodes as its ammo storage detonates, causing shrapnel to rain down on the others in its formation.

    Kotone's shots help blind one of the Ro-class, the shots shooting out the glowing green-blue eye, making its shots come out randomly.

    Orchid, and Lexicon make their way down the hallway, unmolested for the time being. A junction up ahead leads two possible ways. Orchid can lead the group down the right pathway, coming out into a large room piled with human-sized ammunition shells. 16inch, 14inch, 5inch and boxes of 20 and 40mm shells are stacked and piled haphazardly, along with several crates full of a black, acrid-smelling powder in poorly maintained billet packs.

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     "This... does not seem safe. At all," Orchid says, looking around the room. "I suppose that makes things easier for us. Keep an eye out, I want to make sure of something," she asks Lexicon. What that something is involves making trails of gunpowder going between all the piles of ammo, so that even if it doesn't explode the way they may want it to, that the whole thing at least will catch fire properly."

Neuroi Girl has posed:
     When Orcid and Lexicon make their way down the corridor Evangeline moves to cover then. She floats through the doorway backwards, continuing to fire on the Abyssals. Her shield continues to flare and pieces of her body start to flake away as damage bleeds through. She tries to use her vectoring beams to pick off the smaller Abyssals so that she won't be dealing with them while trying to handle the Ri-class.

     "...I do not know how long I can hold them...please hurry..." the little Neuroi radios to the others as a larger shell pierces her shield and one of her cat ears is sheared off. "...and who was that talking on the radio...was it the fortress herself..?"

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa still feels some level of sympathy for the Abyssal but that does not stop her as she keeps fighting the now blinded Ro-Clas sis fired on as Kotone tries to finish he deal and bring her down. She keeps on shoting she kepts on flickering and moving.

"I'm doing what I can here!"

There still could be more abyssals coming too that much is keen in her mind and given her nature she does not want to find out if they could make her like them if they captured her...that was a pretty scary thought to the cyborg.

Lexicon has posed:
    "Great," Lexicon comments as she takes in the surroundings, "You've found the single most dangerous place in this thing." She glances at her hammer, then at the trails of flammable powder Orchid is laying out. With a thoughtful noise, she hefts the weapon in both hands, "Just get ready to run once I get this going. Shit's gonna burn fast. And once it's done burning, it starts exploding. This much crap piled up, it's gonna be visible from the mainland." She then brings the hammer down against the Abyssal ship's deck, producing a ludicrous noise and a shower of sparks as metal strikes metal.