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Dogged Escape
Date of Scene: 09 September 2018
Location: Hikari Sea Port - Main Courtyard
Synopsis: Lexicon sets off a chain reaction that will blow a massive hole in the fortress, and cripple it for future assaults.

Unfortunately, an old enemy of the Hikari Fleet returns, one of Samar's old lieutenants, Leyte.

Cast of Characters: Shigure, Seifer Almasy, Neuroi Girl, Reina Kinney, Kotone Yamakawa, Lexicon

Shigure has posed:
    Lexicon slams her weapon into the trail of gunpowder, sparking it to life and beginning an inexorable trail to the rest of the ammunition stores.

    The disembodied voice singsongs, almost happily. "The match is struck. A blazing star will soon be born... but will you be burned in its awesome flames as well?"

    Those with the linked HUD system from Orchid would get a large warning in flashing red lettering.

    "WARNING! WARNING! LARGE MASS SIGNATURE APPROACHING FAST! WARNING! WARNING! the Maverick marker having moved from its original position and closing on the group of Elites very rapidly.

    Seifer and Evangeline's efforts have taken out the rest of the guard patrol, but they would be the first to confront the new threat.

    Towering over 10 feet tall, legs embedded into some kind of biomechanical horror with a massive mouth made of metal, flesh and teeth with large arms emerging from it, comes Southern War Demon. She looks down her nose at the Elites, a smug grin on her features. "So, these are the little rats who scurried aboard. I am Leyte, and I will be your host for this housewarming party." she says, her tone full of confidence and guile.

    Her 'mount' bellows its own challenge, red mist and foul smelling black ichor dripping from its jaws as a massive main battery cannon extends from its gullet, the turrets arrayed along its sides pivoting into place as well, they elevate, and then unleash a volley of shots at everyone present, splitting fire across all of the Elites.

Seifer Almasy has posed:
     Seifer's been carving into enemies for the past few minutes. His gunblade's been flashing and bursting and vibrating. The smell of gunpowder is fresh around him, and he's already reloaded at least a whole clip in the process of fighting. He's actually run out of ammo, and in the process of reloading *again*, when Leyte shows up.

     The clip falls out of the hilt of Hyperion, ejected. Seifer spins another clip in between his fingers, a wild grin on his face as he looks up at the ten-foot tall biomechanical horror. Seifer's the kind of person who, when you present a face that he can punch, is immediately put a lot more at ease. Esoteric nonsense, weird creepy dungeons, creepy ships, that bothers Seifer. *People* bother Seifer, people he has to pull down around, people who demand that he /restrain himself/ for their sake. Nothing scares Seifer Almasy more than mediocrity.

     This? This is a monster. Monsters get the shit slapped out of them.

     Seifer charges right into the turrets. He knocks one bullet aside as he reloads; the others he takes right in the chest and shoulders. There's a spray of blood as he just keeps charging, his eyes as wild as his grin.

     Seifer slams the clip into the gunblade as he leaps.


     Seifer brings the gunblade down one-handed as he hits the ground. He straightens, shoulders the blade, and snaps his fingers. A burst of fire erupts from his hand. The gunblade swings.

                                LIMIT BREAK                                
                                DEMON SLICE                                  

     Seifer's blade moves like something inhuman, wind whipping around it, a whirlwind of perfectly-timed slices. It almost looks like Seifer's attacking multiple times in a single hit - and the wind pressure builds, up and up and up, underneath his target.

     And then, at the apex of it all, Seifer brings the gunblade flashing down.

Neuroi Girl has posed:
     Evangeline stays near the doorway as the others handle the magazine, so she has a front row seat to this new danger that emerges. The ends of her arms start to glow again and she raises them, ready to fire. She listens stoicly to the large Abyssal and watches it deploy its cannon.

     When that attack impacts her energy shield she is sent bouncing down the hall. For a moment it may seem she has been destroyed in the first volley.

     Until that sinister red glow appears again in the smoke of the fire. "...you are not a good host..." the neuroi says before she darts through the smoke back into the room they first entered and unleashes her Breaker Beam. The powerful blast of angry red energy in such a confined space is a questionable decision, but Evangeline feels like Seifer can handle himself and this enemy needs their full attention.

Reina Kinney has posed:
They'd been working extra hard to take care of things, but it seems that the worst was truly yet to come. And the worst was in the form of the Southern War Demon, which earned a sneer from Reina Kinney, albeit more of sarcastic than actually being grossed out by it. "You look like a SEED reject," She comments softly. "And that's definitely not a good thing." She shakes her head, but her ears perk up when she hears Leyte call them rats, and her gaze shoots up at Leyte, narrowing her eyes.

"We're rats, huh? I don't see whiskers on me or have a desire to eat cheese." The sarcasm is heavy, but Reina may end up regretting that as the shots suddenly start firing at everyone. "Oh Falz!"

Thinking quickly, Reina attempts to dive out of the way but it's no use. She's pelted by the gunfire, causing the hunter to cry out in pain as several bullets pierce her flesh. "Damn, my shields didn't activate!" She mutters as she briefly lies on the ground in pain before her adrenaline starts to kick in, bringing her back into the present.

"OK, now you've really done it!" Reina snaps her fingers and her energy pistols appear in her hands, which she twirls briefly like a cowboy. "If you wanna party, then we're gonna crash it! So prepare to meet your maker!" With that, the red-head fires off several shots, a scowl on her face indicating she's playing for keeps.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone gets the warning, from Orchid's network, it gives her time time to get ready, she's moving to fight her coak kicks in as she gets on the run. Things are heated now a heavy hitter has made herself known and she's got a mount of some sort.

"Oh I see how it is."

She kicks in her cloak, yet she's not fast enough to do so when this occurs she gets caught by the shear amount of firepower being let lose on on her she takes hit and it's moderately bad, she's keeping on the move now her assault rifle ready and she's laying down bursts of fire while she remains cloaked hoping it might give her some edge.

Lexicon has posed:
    "Shit," Lexicon shoots a look over her shoulder at the commotion erupting in the outermost rooms, "Time to bail." She whirls in place and charges out of the decrepit magazine, right into the hail of gunfire hurled forth from Leyte's weaponry. With a shout, Lexicon brings her hammer up to shield her face, as artillery clips off pieces of her body in fragment strings of battered crimson code.

    "Rgh--! Doesn't she realize what's right behind me..!?" Once the onslaught abates, probably due to the various counter-attacks returning fire, Lexicon takes the reprieve to charge right into it. Her hammer is swept up and back behind herself, "I usually try to keep my voice down, I try to stay polite, but with all this stupidity and--" She plants her leading foot, then springs into a leap. Her grip shifts on her hammer, "--FUCKING NOISE..! YOU STUPID BITCH, ARE YOU TRYING TO DIE TOO?!"


Shigure has posed:
    Leyte is caught in the firey whirlwind, her impressive body battered and scorched, slashed and dented. The great mount bellowing as the gunblade from Seifer comes slashing down across it, leaving a rent in the things 'nose'.

    Staggered from the onslaugh, the Abyssal cannot defend herself from Evangeline's returned Breaker Beam, the red lance striking into the weapon mountings on her port side, melting a few of the turrets to slag and triggering an internal explosion in one of the larger ones... but it just detaches and a large alabaster tentacle replaces it, tipped with a wicked looking metallic barb at the end.

     Reina's shot takes advantage of the off balancing, managing to hit something critical under the armour, but the system holds, the plate shrugging some of the damage off.

    Kotone's barrage and Lexicon's charge catch her and stagger the Abyssal back down the hallway a bit, though the massive arms of the Demon's mount dig nails into the metal, and with a bellow, pulls her back into the fray. "Not bad!" she calls, grinning smugly still. "Oh, I know exactly what's going to happen. I don't need to worry, because as long as there is hate in the world, I'll come back." she wags a finger at Lexicon. "You, on the other hand..."

    She trails off, and with a gesture, her cannons cycle and fire again, this time aiming shots at the more annoying irritants instead of spreading fire evenly.

Seifer Almasy has posed:
     The cannons roar. Seifer moves in for parries. He's parrying like crazy, carving through shells and blades in single, sweeping, almost lazy-looking cuts. It's a testament to just how good a gunbladesman Seifer /is/, how...stupid, ridiculously competent he is, that he can even *do* that and make it look lazy - that wide swings, carving through multiple bullets, is even a thing. It's a testament to how hard he's trained, because even superhuman physical attributes wouldn't allow /that/.


     He's also human. And his reaction times may be disgusting, but all it takes is one misstep for him to eat it.

     And, well, in just one swipe, he does. He takes the shells to the chest, falling backwards as they burst across him. Blood pours out of new wounds as he hits the ground and skids up against the wall like a broken doll. Explosions, it turns out, hurt, and send you flying, and that also hurts more.

     Still, he's not out of it, not by a long shot. Seifer stands up and snaps his fingers.


     A grey giant, clad in a tattered red cape, appears behind Seifer. It's spectral, like a shadow of a thing, with three huge muscled arms on one side and three...cardboard...arms?...on the other. White eyes stare out of its cowl as it thrusts its three grey hands forward towards Evangeline.

     Blue lights stream out of her into the grey hands. The giant crushes the blue light into a single ball. Seifer whistles.

     "Are you getting less stupid?" He asks as he takes the blue ball, "Seems like you're tryin' t' get on my good side!"


     Seifer jams the blue ball into the gunblade. Immediately, metal starts gathering to the strange weapon. He shoulders it and walks forward as scraps of shells and pieces of the surrounding area just peel off, attaching to Hyperion's long, thin blade. First they form a chain. Then they form teeth. Then pieces of downed foes merge into an engine.

     Then Seifer, with a huge, huge grin, pulls a long, dangling ripcord, and the gunblade roars to life.

                                LIMIT BREAK                                
                           INTEGRATED ENGINEERING                            

     The gunblade chainsaw ROARS as Seifer charges forward, bringing the blade down into his enemy's side. All his artistry turns into raw, untamed, still-beautiful-but-holy-shit violence as the blade meets flesh - and then he starts pulling the trigger, adding violent vibrations to roaring, chewing teeth.

     "THIS RAT BITES PRETTY GODDAMN HARD, HUH!?" Seifer roars over the sound of it as he presses it further in, emptying the *entire* clip to make the gunblade just *shake* *violently* up and down.

Reina Kinney has posed:
Twirling her guns again, Reina smirks a little. "That's what you get for calling me a rat!" She chuckles, but the chuckles stop when she sees that the cannons are being more carefully aimed this time. "Shields activate!" Reina calls out, and an invisible forcefield appears around her (How does she know? She can sense it!) She grits her teeth nonetheless, knowing that this is gonna hurt no matter what. Narrowing her eyes, Reina waits for the impact to occur, and it happens.

Despite her shields absorbing the actual shots, there's still the issue of the actual impact, sending her into a nearby wall. She lets out a groan as she drops to the ground before pushing herself back up. "Quite useful these shields are," Reina says with a deep scowl. "I should use them when I'm taking on a huge tank or something." Deciding to try something different, Reina points her left hand at Leyte and narrows her eyes a little. "I've got a little surprise for you but it's gonna feel a bit shocking."

A glow appears in the woman's hand, almost yellowish like electricity or something. It is, in fact, electricity as Reina calls out, "ZONDE!" Then a blast of electricity shoots at Leyte.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone is not having a good time of it, at all she just can't seem to change this abyssal fire even as she gives about as good as she's getting. It's at this moment she is glad her body is plastic and steel. The Canons have done more damage to her and she keeps moving, with how things are going through it's time to pick up the pace a little bit for the cyborg. She keeps her rifle shooting for a moment even as she takes aim trying to target one of the enemy's canons, and then lobs a plasma grenade at them.


Neuroi Girl has posed:
     Evangeline holds her arms crossed in front of her to block the next attack, and her shield flares again even as divots appear in her arms and the pieces that fall from her disintegrate in a shimmer of silver glitter. The blue hexagonal energy plates appear and disappear as they divert the energy of Leyte's attack away from Neuroi Girl. "...then...it would be better if you came back as a friend instead of an enemy...the ship girls are very nice and will treat you like a member of their fleet if you do...but if not...we will just destroy you again..." the little Neuroi says in her soft voice that carries well and can be heard over just about any communication device. After firing her Breaker Beam she has to conserve energy a bit, and so instead of another powerful beam Evangeline's wings and the ends of her arms light up, but before she attacks she feels a small tug on her energy. Was something taken from her? She watches Seifer in curiousity (though who can tell with her face) as he uses her power to turn his sword into something new. She wouldn't have thought of that!

     As he cuts into Leyte, his slashes are joined by several sinister red beams that lance out and vector in. Evangeline aims for any weapons she can see on her enemy, and each place the beams hit would be engulfed in a small explosion. Obviously her plan is to try and disarm her opponent, but she is unsure how sturdy this enemy's weapons are.

Lexicon has posed:
    "Tch--" Lexicon shoves off with her hammer, hurling herself back amidst the return fire from Leyte's various batteries. She keeps her hammer's head between herself and the Abyssal, absorbing the brunt of gunfire with sturdy metal. Her descent trails wisps of damaged code, however, betraying the times her body has been struck. She gives her hammer an upward swing, arresting her motion through the inertia of the swing so that she can land surprisingly delicately. The hammer is lowered to her side, a frown on her face.

    "So your job is just to delay us until that thing explodes, and you don't even care if you die." Closing her eyes, she hefts her hammer, "Not playin' that game."

    System resources well up around her, forming an icy blue magic circle sort of construct, except instead of runes the lines are filled with binary code. As it lingers, the circle's shape is covered in frost. With a shout, the DCC brings her hammer down against the deck with the sound of metal striking metal, "LATENT KATASTROPHE!"

    From the impact point, lines of ice shoot out, erupting in progressively larger spikes as those lines extend beneath Leyte. Not just a matter of causing damage, but also intent on icing over as many weapons as she can get to, and maybe even immobilizing the Abyssal's mount.

Shigure has posed:
    Leyte is getting trashed. Seifer's assault rending metal and cutting one of the arms clean off the 'mount', the monsterous thing bellowing angrily as it turns to try and chomp on the gunblade user with those gnashing, ichor-drooling teeth.

    Reina and Kotone's attacks make the beast stagger, and the Demon herself turns a belittling eye on them. "Insects then." she scoffs, using the tentacle to lash out at the two with the metallic barb.

    Evangeline and Lexicon manage to knock out more of the smaller weapons, ice snarling the turret on one of the larger cannons, while Evangeline's beams blow out some of the smaller gun turrets.

    "OOoohohohohohoho~" she laughs, a booming ojou laugh that she even hides her mouth behind a wicked looking gauntlet for. "This is the most fun I've ever had! You're all so amusing~." Her gauntlets begin to crackle with red light. Evangeline's seen this before from other Princess and Demon-class Abyssals. Palms are pointed outward toward Lexicon and Evangeline. "TASTE THE DESPAIR OF THE ABYSS!" she roars, launching twinned beams of pure negative energy at the DCC and Neuroi.

Reina Kinney has posed:
No more showing off from Reina this time around. She simply keeps an eye on her enemy, knowing that it's capable of just about anything, and Reina doesn't want to see what that is. Unfortunately, it seems that tentacles have been added to the fray as well, and that's not something that Reina likes to see. Even moreso are comments about hentai, but that's another thing for another time. The point is that Reina is not in the mood to be hit by a tentacle today.

Reina's instincts are on par with her reflexes, which are at high alert right now. Somehow, Reina dodges the incoming attack... by dropping into a split? Has Reina really learned how to do the splits?

Yes, it's true she got a yoga mat after one of her missions a while back and she's been practicing in her spare time. But to become this flexible? Apparently she's really been getting into her practice. And she's not done either as she aims her guns and fires again before pushing herself back up again from the splits.

Seifer Almasy has posed:
     Seifer Almasy is a stubborn bastard.

     As the monster chews on his arm, he doesn't let up. As teeth sink into his skin, tearing at his flesh, he doesn't let up. Not only does he not let up, he roars his challenge even louder, shoving the gunblade deeper into flesh. Only when it becomes absolutely clear that it's a choice between losing his arm or pulling back does he do so, forcing his arm out of the mouth with a frankly impressive display of flexibility and skidding away from the monster. The gunblade chainsaw falls back into its component pieces as Seifer exhales, shoulders the weapon, and ejects another cartridge. They've got problems from behind - the girls are getting hammered, but he's got his hands full up here. Literally, considering the damage to his arm.

     He slams a new magazine into the end of Hyperion. Time to be a Knight about it.

     Seifer walks forward, motioning at Leyte. "Hey! Asshole!"

     "You think you're such a bigshot?"

     "Get down here and say it to my face, huh?! Or are you just hidin' up there on your big stupid dog, you chicken-wuss?"

     "You wanna have some real fun, you come down here and you dance with me." Seifer's lips split into that wild grin again, despite the blood all over his arm and chest. "I'll show you what real fun is."

Neuroi Girl has posed:
     Evangeline sees the beam charging. She knows what it does first hand.

     Unfortunately, that doesn't mean she knows how to avoid it. She tries a quick dodge but it does no good. The little Neuroi is hit squarely by the beam and there is a sound like metal being horribly stressed which is recognizably after a moment as Evangeline's pained cry as the beam saturates her shield and shatters it before she is engulfed. To her it seems almost like being hit by a Neuroi beam from a capital class Neuroi.

     When the beam passes she is still there...but only barely by the looks of it. Her sleek and shiny ebony form is shattered, with her entire bottom half gone below her chest. From the underside of the jagged shatter point a rosy-red light shines like a beacon, and any who have any experience with Neuroi (or probably any energy core based entity) would recognize it as her core being exposed. She hovers for a few more seconds before falling to the floor with a clank like glass on metal.

     She just lies there, and to the others it might look like she has been dealt a deadly blow.

     But after a few moments the glow fades as her Neuroi body starts to reform. She slowly floats back into the air, though her flying looks unstead for now. "...yes...you are very fun..." she says in her soft voice to Leyte. With that consistent monotone it is very hard to tell if she is being sincere or sarcastic, but in this situation the odds are on the latter. Her lower torso steadily reforms, and once she has at least stubs of her legs back she holds her arms up again. "...but this is no time for playing..." she says as the red glow returns to them. She charges it up fully this time and unleashes the strongest Breaker Beam she can muster.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Leyet is getting trashed by the stronger people here and Kotone is in her mind lending a hand in bringing them down. "There is a type of insect known as an Army Ant, they can strip the flesh from the bones of a man."

She comments back trying to not get tentacle oh god why did it have to be a tentacle. It had to be a Tentacle and Kotone's speed saves her from the worst of it, heck it's only a light clipping, yet even then it does a serious amount blunt damage. If she was flesh she'd have the wind knocked out of her from a hit like that. Her cloak drops and there's a very unhappy look on Kotone's face as she decloaks.

"You just had to go there!"

Kotone will attempt to grab said Tentacl before it can move and drive her rifle into it, firing the weapon until the mag is empty if she pulls this off.

Lexicon has posed:
    Rearing back from slamming her hammer down, Lexicon readies herself for another ice-elemental attack when, instead, she's promptly engulfed in a beam of crimson light. The DCC screams not in pain but rage and willpower, as secondary explosions from the laser engulf her entirely in smoke and collapsing debris. As the laser's firing cycle ends and the beam fades, there's no immediate activity from where the white-clad woman had been standing.

    After a few moments, though, a spear comes flying out of the obscuring dust, leading with a spike on one end, trailing a glowing white gemstone on the far end of its haft. This jams itself into a wall, holding fast. A moment later, the white-clad Silver Soul surges forth. Missing an arm, trailing ruined code from various gaps in her skin, her eyes glowing crimson and her teeth bared in a snarl. In her one remaining hand, she clutches her axe, the gleaming white plasma blade growing in brightness.
        "I'm getting SICK of your BITCH ASS standing in my FUCKING WAY! You're playing around? Time for the big toys-- this Super Dreadnought blow can even split a DCC apart!"

    The axe blade expands with a shattering sound, iced over into a larger version of itself. With a second, larger noise, it expands again. With a scream of rage, Lexicon sweeps her weapon around, digging it through the ceiling before she brings it down on top of Leyte's body and machine.


Shigure has posed:
    Leyte is starting to feel the damage building up. She's starting to get a bit loony, cackling to herself as her form begins to fall apart. She takes the Breaker Beam to the face, more of her armour and weapons melting, fusing to her alabaster flesh, explosions rippling across her rigging and armour. The crippled mount staggers a, falling as it tries to right itself with a missing limb, using its bulk to prop itself up.

    Lexicon comes hurtling forward, smashing into a raised defensive arm. The axe blow severs the limb, twice, once at the mid-forearm and again at the shoulder before embedding into the Abyssal's side, drawing a thick, viscous black ichor from the wound.

    Instead of a pained yelp though, Leyte actually starts to cackle madly. "YES! YES! HIT ME. WOUND ME. UNLEASH YOUR HATRED UPON ME! YOU ONLY MAKE US STRONGER!" she crows, using her remaining arm to grab at Silver Soul, aiming to use her as a projectile to hit Evangeline with.

    Kotone's shooting of the tentacle really doesn't seem to faze the insane Abyssal, the limb being shot completely off at the point the bullets strike, spraying black ichor from the wound. So focussed on the two vying for her full attention, the cyborg is ignored. As is Reina, wherever she went to after her last attack.

    Seifer, meanwhile, goads the monsterous woman with what might, to any other creature, have been a legitimate taunt. To Leyte? It's just amusing. "WAHAHAHAHAAH! The little bug thinks he can stand against a Demon? Then how about you EAT THIS!?" The Mount rears up, mouth hinging open as the red mist begins to flow more readily, and a baleful light begin to surge within ths monsterous gullet. "THE RAGE OF THE ABYSS IS ETERNAL! TASTE A MEASURE OF IT NOW!" Leyte screams, cackling madly as a truly massive Rage Laser pulses out of the gaping maw.

Seifer Almasy has posed:
     Sometimes it just absolutely /sucks/ to be the kind of guy who throws himself into danger. This is one of those times, as Seifer gets blasted, utterly and completely, by a laser that he can't even remotely stand up to. He's blown backwards. He has to stow his coat in his inventory (how does that even work). By the end of the assault he's burned, bloodied, and bruised, his shirt and pants shredded and burned, his body torn up and set ablaze in several different places.

     But he's still there.

     And he's grinning like a maniac.

     "Gotcha, you moron."

     The gunblade goes flashing. All of Seifer's energy goes into it - everything he's got left, behind that one, single swing as he goes shooting past her. He's gonna get out, alright - and he's gonna get out with a parting shot to leave a nice, big scar on this demoness's face.

     There's a flash of light like a samurai movie as Seifer passes by. On the other side, he shoulders the blade and grins over his shoulder, his eyes sharp and mean. "Remember - Seifer Almasy gave you that scar!"

     He's already heading out the door, but he pauses to fingergun and wink at her. "Next time we meet I'll be taking that head of yours. Look forward to it, babe."

     And then he's off at a run because the bomb's gonna blow. Sure, he could've gone earlier. Sure, he could've run without attacking. Sure, he's gonna cut it *real* close.

     But that's part of being a show-offy, dramatic, flashy badass with the skill to back it up. You gotta get out just at the last possible moment.

Reina Kinney has posed:
There's a time for fighting and there's a time for retreating, and this is definitely a time for the latter! There's a bomb about to go off, and Reina does NOT want to be blown to ashes today.

"Sorry, can't stick around!" Reina calls out as she rushes for the exit, holstering her guns as she does so. "You weren't so tough after all! You barely even made me work up a sweat!" Of course, all Reina wants is to be someplace else...

Lexicon has posed:
    The ice blade extension of Lexicon's axe shatters shortly after she's buried it into Leyte, and she sweeps her weapon back one-handed in preparation for a follow-up attack. She's grabbed by virtue of being too close, letting out a grunt and lashing out with her weapon at the hand that's grabbed her. But before it can land, the girl is airborne and inventing entirely new curse words as she sails towards Evangeline, struggling to regain control over her flight path the whole way.

    It might be better for the Neuroi girl to just carry Lexicon out of here. Leaving her to her own devices when she's this angry probably isn't a good idea.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
The Abyssal being happy with the pain? That scares her she seems to be enjoying it. The talk about making them stronger does get Kotoone's attention, she gets ignored? That's fine with her, she can take a moment to focus and really go after the Abyssal. She gets ignored by her, and that? Is okay to her as she does not get shot up. They nbeed to get the heck out of there and it's time to run, she will wait for another time as she turns about to pull out.

"We will contiune this later!"

Neuroi Girl has posed:
     Evangeline has one of her comrades thrown at her! With her reduced mobility she can't really dodge even though she tries, so she ends up being crashed into by Lexicon and instinctively wraps her arms around the DCC. "...we should go..." she says softly to Lexicon as they fly through the air. Evangeline's shield reforms and she tries to fly out, carrying Lexicon with her. But, with her legs still regenerating and several cracks in her body that haven't healed at all she isn't moving as quickly as she usually would.

     As she goes, Evangeline turns her head toward Leyte. "...I can't speak for the others...but I am not angry with you...I am sorry for you...I hope you Abyssals can be saved one day...so you can join the Hikari fleet...and maybe have friends..."

     With that, she floats back through the hole in the fortress and to whatever friendly craft might await them. If there even is one anymore. Otherwise it's a long flight back to shore.

Shigure has posed:
    Leyte is cackling madly, even as Seifer slashes through her body. She's laughing still, as the magazine finally detonates and she's lost in the blast.

    The Elites make their escape, the stripped down Daihatsu serving to get those who can't fly out of the fortress, chased by the fireball of the ammunition cooking off.

    The Fifth Strike Fleet is still shadowing the fortress, but is pointedly missing one member. Shigure responds on radio, and confirms what might be going through the heads of the Elites. Yuudachi is gone. Taken in an ambush.

Neuroi Girl has posed:
     The explosion of the magazine boosts Evangeline forward and she does something she rarely does...she actually lands. She touches down in the Daihatsu, carrying Lexicon with her if the DCC didn't slip out of her grasp already. The little Neuroi is tired. She hasn't had such an intense battle in a while and the strain on her core has been draining. As she notices the fleet and hears Shigure's message she looks out over the water. "...Yuudachi..." she says softly, then looks toward the fleet. "...when is the rescue operation...?" she asks, her voice carrying over the radio so that it is easy to hear.