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Payback is a *bleep*!
Date of Scene: 05 September 2018
Location: R.U.C. Earth
Synopsis: Solty Revant's intro scene! Roy is in trouble and needs help, and several Multiversals show up to help him!
Cast of Characters: Solty Revant, Silica, Staren, Gilgamesh, Kotone Yamakawa

Solty Revant has posed:
     Roy grunts in pain and leans back against the wall behind him after sending his radio call. He isn't sure who will answer, and normally he wouldn't call for help at all. But he is in bad shape. His left arm and leg are both bleeding badly despite his quick bandage and tourniquet job. He's currently hiding in the darkness of an abandoned building, though his signal wouldn't be hard to track. He's a tall man in his mid fourties who wears a brown trench coat over blue jeans, a white shirt, and black suspenders.

     His enemy is a person who looks more machine than man. He is even bigger than Roy, though that is likely thanks to his cybernetic body. The only part of him that is still obviously human is half of his face, though both his red cybernetic eye and his black human eye burn with hatred. "Heeeere Roy my boy. Come on out. You don't have to be afraid. It'll only hurt for a minute." The cyborg's right arm has split open and deployed a plethora of weapons, a mixture of guns and missiles in all different shapes and sizes. "And then, you won't have to worry about it when I go after your friends at that pathetic Hunter's agency! Hahahaha! What's that pretty boss of your's name? Miranda? Hehehe...maybe I won't kill her."

     Roy, despite his injuries and the man's words stays put. He has to wait for the right moment, and when he is hunting his face is always an impassive mask. He holds his heavy calibur handgun at the ready, but he is really hoping someone heard that call...

Silica has posed:
    Probaly the last thing either side is expecting comes fluttering over. A young looking girl, no older than fourteen or so flies overhead, throws her limbs forward to arrest her speed then comes to land almost delicately. She doesn't look human, with the large cat ears and expressive tail swaying behind her... or the yellow gossamer wings that fade after a moment of landing. She turns, drawing a dagger from a sheath on her back, as several creatures apparently 'res in' from her inventory. A little dragon, a snake with wings, a boar with ice tusks, a large bat-like creature, and an even larger Dracotiger. "LEAVE HIM ALONE!" she shouts, her young voice more like a piercing keen than anything else, though it spurs her pet swarm into action, the group launching needles of wind magic, causing the ground to ice up around the cyborg's feet, sonic pulses, bubbles that pop and cause static in cybernetic eyes, acting like a kind of stun. Silica is the Beast Mistress.

Staren has posed:
    Is another cat-person, wearing environmentally-sealed armor but with the same wings, more or less expected? Staren lands next to her, aiming his right arm at the cyborg menacing the other man. "Alright, what's going on here? Drop your weapons and talk." He lowers his arm and fires a beam cannon into the ground, in case it wasn't clear they were weapons, then aims it at the cyborg again.

    Aaand Silica's already attacking. "Do you know this man, Silica?"

Gilgamesh has posed:
     The King of Heroes didn't hear the call.

     The King of Heroes doesn't usually respond to pleas, prayers, or requests. When he shows up, it's of his own volition, and usually more out of boredom than some desire to /help people/. Indeed, helping modern people is about as far from the King's desires as one could get, but in the eternal search for something to entertain him, it so happens that he sometimes crosses into ongoing trouble. Usually, as in this case, this is by pure and happy accident - Gilgamesh often does not bother watching where he's going as he walks, and people rarely bother to stop him. Why would they? He is radiant, and beautiful, and glorious in all ways. There's something unnervingly glorious about him, in fact, something clearly inhuman about his perfect body, something more real than real about the aura around him. It's as if in his presence reality is fake and the King is all that truly is. As if his existence was at war with the rest of it, and was winning.

     The King is just walking down the street. There's no urgency, no hurry, no special speed to his action. He's walking down the street in a robe made from stitched-together uniforms that nonetheless looks like fine silk while it adorns his form. The words VIGILO CONFIDO and HELLSING: WE ARE ON A MISSION FROM GOD seem like pacts writ in stone as the robe swirls around him with every step. He probably draws more than a few eyes; his powerful aura is something he doesn't bother to hide, and something people tend to /notice/. He's often compared humans who cluster around him to beggars grasping at his hem hoping for scraps of glory, and it's not an unfair comparison.

     The King stops and looks up at the commotion above. It's not Roy, or anything like that, that draws his interest, but the loud shouting of Silica.

     Interest may be a strong word. /Attention/ is perhaps more correct.

     The bored young King doesn't bother with the elevator, or with stairs, or anything else. Instead the King goes right up the side of the building, running straight vertically until he reaches the conflict point. He stands on the edge of the windowsill with perfect balance, watching the conflict, before he decides that, you know, he's got nothing /better/ to do.

     And then the window just sort of explodes around him.

     Glass shatters in the wake of the King's demigod strength. Gilgamesh walks forward into the midst of the fray, heedless of the world around him.

     "So, then," the King says, his voice like liquid gold, "Even in modernity there are still monsters with the faces of men. How pleasant. I had worried that even *that* entertainment was lost to me."

     A ripple in the air gives way to a hilt. The young King reaches up and grabs it, and pulls free a long spear, red as blood and twisting like a DNA strand. The spear settles into his hand as if it was meant to be there, as he shoulders the weapon. The look in his beautiful red eyes is as if he's looking at bugs.

     "Come, then. Your name. Your King commands it. He would know the beast he slays to properly honor himself in song."

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone had been busy working on her ride for the upcoming race, and had been going to town with the budget Gil has given her. This broadcast had pulled her out of her strange moon and had caused her to head out to see if she can help. She'd come kitted out for trouble though she iddn't quite look it from how she was dressed a sleeveless long coat form fitting pant and top, and a mess of blue hair.

OOC Ko Ok94l6k.jpg)

She was quick to arrive a bit after Staren and Silica do and almost at hte same time Gil shows up. She'd got several less lethal weapons handy and she's already for troubl she does have a pistol ready though. As Silica makes her move she'll attempt to see if the cyborg has a wireless connection she can attempt to hack and get into his systems.

Solty Revant has posed:
     Roy blinks before staring for a few moments as Silica arrives, then he groans and facepalms. "...this one is even younger than Solty..." he mutters to himself as the pet swarm attacks his opponent. He can't leave a little girl to fight, even if she is super-powered and he is injured. He is just about to step out of hiding and fire when...

     More people show up. A heavily armored catboy and...Roy isn't even sure what Gilgamesh is. He's seen a few weird things lately but these guys have put those things to shame in a matter of seconds. Roy is starting to wonder if he hit his head or something.

     The cyborg has much less doubt, though. "What the hell is this?!" he growls as his feet freeze to the ground, then again as his cybernetic eye starts to glitch. "Alright! You all asked for it! I was just going to kill him, but I don't mind adding all of you to the list! My name is Sam Daston, but you can call me Overkill! And this beast will slay you, 'My King'!" He sneers that last part, obviously showing as much disrespect as he can to the (in his eyes) wimpy looking little kid. He aims at Gilgamesh with that plethora of weapons on his right arm, then raises his left and it deploys even more which are trained on Silica, Staren, and all those pets. "There's no way you can defeat me with this new body of mine!!"

     The next moment is filled with explosions and gunfire as the maniacal cyborg tries in no uncertain terms to kill those three. He almost doesn't notice Kotone since she came in so quietly compared to the others, but when he does he grins. "You with them, sweet heart? You'd be much better off with a man like me." he says, leering openly even in the midst of all his attacking. Kotone's search would reveal he does seem to have a wireless access point, but it is heavily encrypted. It will take several minutes to break into.

     When Overkill (is he really going with that?) opens fire, Roy's eyes widen. "Get out of there!!" he shouts, obviously directed at Silica. He tries to run toward her, but his leg sends him to the ground and he has no alternative but to open fire on the cyborg. His shots are deadly accurate, but his bullets just bounce off without leaving more than a bullet-sized dent.

Silica has posed:
    Silica stands defiant in the face of incoming fire. She doesn't need to worry, as the giant Dracotiger, as big as a knight's charger, moves in between the incoming fire and its master, snarling annoyedly as bullets and explosions ripple across its body, leaving bright red damage decals, like patches of blood in their wake. "You're a bad man." says Silica, as she vaults over the Dracotiger in a lull between volleys, charging forwards with inhuman speed, the blade of her dagger glowing a bright, pale blue. "I WON'T LET YOU HURT ANYONE ANYMORE!" she cries, ducking under 'Overkill's guard, and jabbing her blade into his gut, causing ice to explode from the other side of the cyborg's back, blossoming like a great, icy flower.

Staren has posed:
    Staren rolls his eyes as the cyborg talks about being invincible. He deploys his own forcefield, but the heavy weapons wear it down.

    He doesn't /quite/ want to kill the guy, because he has questions -- like who's giving such power to jerks -- but he's not exactly going to stop someone else if they shoot a little too hard. For his part, he slowly circles while the others attack, looking for openings to fire the beam cannons. He was going to use missiles, but not with Silica in melee.

Gilgamesh has posed:

     "Such disrespect from such an ignorant beast."

     The King steps forward. Perfect muscles ripple beneath the roiling robe as the weapons are trained on him. There's something horrifyingly /other/ about his eyes, still staring at Overkill as if he was nothing but a bug. The look on his face is downright /terrifying/.


     Bullets and explosions fill the air. Some of them scrape past the King of Heroes, splattering glorious blood against the ground. Explosives throw shards of rock and building and glass around, drawing blood from the King's arms and legs.

     But, as the teenager emerges from the storm of debris, it is abundantly clear that he is absolutely not dead.

     "Come, now." Gilgamesh's fair voice rings clearly over the echoing destruction.

     The King stops, his lance still shouldered, his eyes still hard and cruel as his lips spread into a grin. He's *enjoying* this. He's *enjoying* what's about to happen, and he's fully aware of it. "I won't even be able to remember your name if that's the best you're capable of, mongrel. I pity any woman foolish enough to bear your tainted pedigree." He spreads an arm in a pitying shrug. "If your blood is as weak as your bite, you're not even fit to be called a mongrel."

     The King's bloody fingers go to his face as his grin and eyes widen. "What's lower than a mongrel? Come on, tell me. An insect? A worm? No, even worms provide something to the world. Even worms are good for something. What can I possibly call you that sums up how pathetic you are?"

     The King snaps his fingers. There's a bloody handprint across his face; on him, it looks like the finest of makeup. Even his wounds are beautiful. "I know."

     "The lowest creature I can possibly imagine." Gilgamesh points. "I'll call you Sam Daston."

     "Truly," the King says as he steps over some of the rubble, "There's nothing more pathetic. Nothing sadder. Nothing more worthless in all the wide world of Multi-Vars. You are a uniquely meaningless creature. No other name could contain your pitifulness. You are not even glorious enough to dignify with song if the best that you can do is scratch my skin."

     Silica surges forward, crying out for justice with her dagger.

     Gilgamesh goes up. While the cyborg's eyes are on Silica, the King leaps into the air. The red lance comes down, hard, for the cyborg's head. There's no mussing about with salvation or arrest or anything like that - Gilgamesh couldn't care less about such things. No, no. Gilgamesh is aiming to land on the cyborg, pierce the head, and crush him under demigod strength while Silica, Staren, and the others distract him.

     More or less *completely* out of boredom.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa hears the cyborg getting quite well creepy as hell he almost remind her of Doll collectots who have harassed her basck on her homre world. On top of evyerhting else the scurity is actually pretty good this wouldn't be the breakin she'd hope it would be and now the borg is firing. She calls out to Roy, "We're here to help!"

She now keeps trying to crack the guy's security meanhwhile she's taking a few shots at him to keep his attention she's also making ready to use herself as a shield for Roy if it comes to it. She can take being shot better than he can, and a normal person being ripped apart by a crazy military borg hits far too clone to home for her. If she can get into the borg's systems she's going to try and take out his volunetary motor control.

Solty Revant has posed:
     "I can see that, but women and kids shouldn't be fighting a guy like this!!" Roy shouts at Kotone.

     As with most every would be villain who claims to be invincible, Sam Daston proves to be much less than invinvicble. He actually laughs as Silica charges at him. "What are you doing to do, little girl? You think a mere knife can-" SHINK!

     Overkill looks down as he realizes Silica's sword did pierce through him, and when the ice explodes from it he lets out a pained roar! Staren's beam shots burn into the robotic components, some hits destroying weapons and others punching into his body. Still, he keeps firing. Kotone's shots and hacking still don't draw much attention.

     Gilgamesh is doing much too good a job for the blue-nette to draw anny aggro at all. "When I'm through with you that girly face of yours will look like a Picasso!" he yells at Gilgamesh. "Then we'll see who's the worthless mongrel!" he threatens. But, when Gilgamesh leaps in with his spear like that the cyborg gets a fearful look and quickly aims his left arm at Roy. "You won't stop me from doing what I came here to do!" His hand flips upward, revealing what looks like a compact field artillery barrel. "DIE!!"

     The explosion from the shell firing is deafening, and at this range there is no hope of stopping it in time. Roy's grim expression can be seen in the barrel flash before an even bigger explosion engulfs Roy.

     "Hahahaha! That's what you get for-..." Overkill starts to gloat, but that spear to the head cuts off his words. It pierces straight through and pins Overkill to the floor like the insect he is, but despite that his human eye is still focused on where Roy was. He wants to see Roy dead.

     The dust and smoke of the explosion slowly clears...and rather than revealing the corpse of the Hunter they came to save...it reveals a girl who looks only a few years older than Silica, with green hair and eyes and her arms crossed in front of her in a classic guard. The shell apparently impacted right at the intersection of those arms, but the only sign of damage is a bit of a scuff mark. Roy is apparently unharmed and staring upward in dismay. "...Solty...I told you to stay back." he says in that deep voice of his. Solty turns her head enough to look at Roy and smiles the brightest of smiles. "I couldn't. Not when you were in danger, Roy."

     Roy sighs, then looks over at Sam Daston. "Give it up, Daston! You're outgunned now! You don't want to die here, do you?"
     Overkill grins at this. "I don't care, as long as you die with me!" Everyone present would no doubt recognize the telltale beeping and steady charging sounds of a powerful energy source being set to self destruct. "HAHAHAHA! I'LL TAKE ALL OF YOU WITH ME!"

     As the countdown starts, Kotone finds that...she managed to break through! But, the programming she meets seems far to advanced for the rather clumsy look of the cyborg's parts. Unlike herself or Solty he is obviously of a lesser design, but the security suggests very advanced technology. If she's fast, she might be able to deactivate the self destruct!

Gilgamesh has posed:
     Gilgamesh could not care less about Roy's safety.

     That much is entirely clear. As he lands on Sam Daston's body, the spear goes driving down, and the King of Heroes *twists* it against his skull. It'd be an especially cruel motion if you were doing it to a human, but Gilgamesh's eyes make it clear - this isn't even a human being. Even his cruel grin has disappeared, replaced by a look of distant boredom. It's the cruelty of a human being stepping on an ant not out of desire to kill the ant but because the ant happens to be in their way, and it's a hundred times more frightening than the wild, blood-stained grin. It's a look that says, as Gilgamesh wrenches the spear out of Sam Daston, that he doesn't even consider the man an entity. That stepping on him is barely worth Gilgamesh's time.

     His foot comes down. There's not a lot of effort behind it, but there is *enormous* physical strength. Gilgamesh is as strong as a star from Heaven, according to the myth. As strong as a star from Heaven, as distant, and about as unfeeling when it comes to an entity like Sam Daston. No kind, merciful King, this. An ancient King from an ancient time.

     Not even a lecture as his foot presses down against Sam's head. He's literally stepping off him and away. He doesn't know what the beeping is, he doesn't know what the energy is, he doesn't know what any of it is. Instead, the King surveys the room as the lance disappears.

     He's thinking about something, but what he's thinking about is impossible to determine behind those flawless red eyes.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa has had a lot of experiance hacking which all started with friend and compaions going hey Ko you can jack into things right? Well can you jack into this alien thing and risk frying your brain so we can get his door open? It's just kind of went from there and she's not stopped working on it. Gil never oes anything half way and he's darn close to the guy too. She works frantic trying to disarm the self destruct system given she has no idea how powerful it is and how many people are at risk she'll focus on shutting the damn thing down. She's also mutting all sorts of things rapid fire in a mix of Japanes, french and english...

Staren has posed:
    "Don't be sexist." Staren retorts to Roy shouting that women shouldn't be fighting.

    And then the cyborg, facing immenent death, decides to fire at Roy rather then defend himself. "No!" He tries to dive into the way of his shot with his forcefield... but it's too slow. And then, Solty's here! He can place her once he's heard her voice.

    And then... a self-destruct? Seriously?! Staren considers actions. "Gilgamesh! Throw him far away from here or move US, he's going to explode!" He moves towards Kotone and Silica to try and get in the way of the blast with what's left of his forcefield.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa says "I'm trying to diarm it." She keeps at it as Staren moves to give her some addtional cover but at this point she may be moving to take a hit for Roy, because ya. so long as her braincase surives she'll be fine, right?

Solty Revant has posed:
     The stomp to Sam's head is damaging, but he still seems to be alive somehow. That beeping continues and the charging sound grows louder and higher pitched. "Remember this, you arrogant brat!" he shouts to Gilgamesh. "What good are you if you can't even save a few people from me with all that power?! HUH?! USELESS! HAHAHAHA!" The beeping and charging build to a crescendo, and Solty dashes toward him, ready to do just as Staren suggested but...there is a pair of beeps like a command being accepted. Overkill blinks. "...what...what was that?" he asks, still unable to move thanks to the spear to the head and sword through the body.

     Solty comes to a stop as well and her long green ears twitch. "It...stopped?" she asks uncertainly. Roy slowly gets back to his feet. "Huh. Lucky break." he says, then looks around at the others. "We're alive -and- I get to collect the bounty on this guy. Of course, I'll split it with all of you if you want."

     Overkill is shaking as he tries to move his badly damaged cyborg body. "NO! You're all supposed to be dead! What happened?!"

     Of course, Kotone knows what happened. She managed to find the correct path to the self destruct control just in time. Solty looks to Kotone and smiles. "You did that?" she asks. Roy raises an eyebrow. "...you didn't even touch him."

Gilgamesh has posed:
     Gilgamesh just gives Staren a look that could wither steel at being given orders.

     The handsome King just stands there. Evidently, he either doesn't think Sam Daston's explosion can kill him, or he doesn't feel that Kotone is liable to fuck up enough that it's a concern. Sam's speech falls on deaf ears.

     The spear vanishes into the Gate of Babylon. "Not even his screams are entertaining," the King sighs, running a bloody hand through his hair. The trail of red is like highlighting. "What a waste. To dirty my treasure on something as low as that, and without even enough of a fight to be worth my time."

     Gilgamesh's hands go to his hips. "I shall need a reward to make this adventure more than a pointless waste."

     "You." He points at Solty. "You will be a fine reward. Be grateful; Gilgamesh, the King of Heroes, has chosen you as worthy of his treasury."

     He turns, and steps on Sam again, though this time it's less intentional head-crushing and more just walking - admittedly, walking as if Sam wasn't even there, but just walking. He pauses, as if he's only *just* realizing Kotone is here, then crouches down on top of Sam's chest. "You stopped his cowardly trap, then," he says aloud.


     "Tell me where to crush in order to kill it. I am tired of listening to it. It is frankly embarassing that it has been allowed to live this long."

Staren has posed:
    Staren knew that daring to order Gilgamesh might incite wrath, but you do what you have to when there are seconds left.

    Apparently, Kotone hacked him, though. Staren glares at 'Sam'. "You left your wireless open when your controls aren't isolated from it? Are you a MORON?!" Of course, Gil has to keep making things worse. Staren stands next to Solty. Not that he thinks she NEEDS the help, but some things he just can't abide on principle. "She's a person. People are not treasure."

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa does not seem to be moving, though if one pays attention her eyes are moving rapidly at some unseen thing. Finally as the timter ticks down and she's able to disable the bomb going off more or less and she then lets otu a sigh. "That was way too close." She then gets a sheepish almost school girl grin on her face. "Didn't need to, I hacked him and forced the self destruct systems off line.It should also stay darn well off line. Oh! Kotone Yamakawa."

There's a pause and then she replices "Oh my body's mostly prosetic."

She notes then pauses to Gilgamesh and she looks to Roy. "I'm with an group known as the Paladins and ..."

She's about to say more when Gil askes her how to kill it. She will attempt to shut off Sam's vocal systems off.

"King Gilgamesh, we need to respect the locals laws on this."

She'll look to Sam.

"Local police going to come for this asshole?"

She hopes she cna talk Gil down and turn this shit head over to the cops he may have useful information on other issues here and she recalls when Gil wanted her as a treasure once...This was certainly becoming quite the day.

Solty Revant has posed:
     Overkill grunts as he is stepped on again. "That's right, King Kid. You wasted your time and dirtied your hands on-" His voice suddenly cuts out thanks to Kotone. His mouth keeps moving, but nothing comes out.

     Solty scowls at Sam until Gilgamesh declares that she is a prize. She blinks a few times and points at herself. "You..want me as a treasure?" Roy frowns at this. "No way. It's like the kid says. Besides, she's under my protection. Taking her would be kidnapping." His hand tightens on his gun again. He gets the feeling that Gilgamesh may not take no for an answer. Solty however doesn't seem insulted or angry. She bows graciously at the waist. "I'm sorry, King Gilgamesh, but I can't go with you. I have to stay here with Roy. But, if you ever need help with anything, you can call on me!" she says cheerfully.

     Roy looks to Kotone when she asks about what will happen to Sam. "Yeah. Once we notify them. They don't really come after guys like this. Too much risk to the public, not enough firepower or hazard pay for the officers. That's what we Hunters are for." Speaking of, he touches a communicator in his ear. "Hey, Miranda. Daston's been neutralized. Call the police, would ya? I might have to split the payment on this one."

Gilgamesh has posed:
     The King of Heroes stares at Staren for a long moment. Then he waves his hand. "That I consider someone a treasure worthy of my time in this age of decadent modernity is in and of itself a compliment. That I consider someone a worthy reward for dirtying one of my precious things on /this/," he sort of gestures at Sam's body, "Is frankly remarkable."

     'We need to respect the local laws on this.'

     Gilgamesh rolls his eyes, but straightens. At Roy's statement, Gilgamesh says nothing. Solty gets a glance out of the corner of his eye, and then a look up at the sky. "Hmph."

     His face is slightly red.

     Is...is he embarassed by something?

     The King mutters something under his breath, then steps off Sam's body - though he does take the moment to grind his heel into the frame. A parting gift. "I have no interest in your money. Keep it. A gracious gift from the King of Heroes." He waves his hand over his shoulder.

Staren has posed:
    Staren's indifferent to local laws, but sure, that sounds reasonable enough. And... Gilgamesh /doesn't/ press claiming Solty as a treasure? Huh. So maybe the guy /can/ tell when he's going to far.

    Or maybe he thinks he couldn't take on Solty and Staren together.

    Staren's eyebrow quirks in any case -- it's interesting that Gilgamesh is possibly willing to back down at all. Staren waits to see where this all ends up going.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa nods to Roy for a moment and will move to secure the now muted cyborg she shakes her hed. "It's jackasses like this why I'm like this now."

She looks at am for a moment and it's not a very kind look either before she turns away to the others. "Well now good to meet you both." She also turn to Gil for a moment looking to the King of Kings and she nods her head a bit. "Thank you for your aid."

Solty Revant has posed:
     Roy snorts at that last thing from the King. "Thanks." he says, though he doesn't sound all that sincere. Solty's long ears wiggle as Gilgamesh mutters, and she approaches him. "Mr. Gil-..er..King Gilgamesh! Please don't feel bad! It isn't like that! Roy adopted me. He needs me. So, I have to stay here. But...I'd be happy if you visited again!" She is blushing a bit now. It's obvious she hasn't even considered things that Gilgamesh hinted to in his mutterings before. Not just in this instance but perhaps ever before. But she pauses as she looks between Roy - who is giving Gilgamesh the cold eye of someone who fully expects him to be as much trouble as the villain they just defeated - and Gilgamesh. "Just...be nice to Roy, okay? He's just looking out for me." she says, her voice full of sincerity and kindness.

     Roy sighs before looking at Kotone. "So, you're part Resemble too, huh? Maybe that explains how you guys were able to do all of this." he says, looking around at all the damage. Then he stumbles a bit as his injuries get to him. "Nnn...thanks for the help, all of you. Let's get this guy downstairs." Solty moves to help support Roy. "And get you some help." He looks a bit embarrassed about having to be helped, but makes a grunt that says 'alright'.

     The look Staren gets from Sam when he mentions wireless suggests Sam doesn't know what he's talking about. But with Sam now muted it's hard to be sure.

Staren has posed:
    She's inviting Gilgamesh back? That girl's too nice, but he's not gonna tell her how to run her life.

    He rolls his eyes /extra hard/ at Sam's ignorance, though.

    Staren turns to Roy. "You know... if you have to face threats like this, you could become Resemble too. Or at least wear a suit of armor like mine. Is there a particular reason you haven't?"

Gilgamesh has posed:
     "Hmph," the King of Heroes simply tilts his head away from Kotone, "I was simply passing by and thought it might be entertaining. That is nothing worth thanks."

     "If anything, I wasted my time and ruined one of my precious treasures for nothing."

     Solty approaches, and apologizes, and explains herself, and asks him to visit again. The young King's face turns a brighter shade of red, and now he doesn't look like the ancient god-king who steps on mortals. Now he looks like an embarassed teenager who just got turned around /completely/ and has no idea how to interact with people like they're /people/. He looks away, hiding his blush, and says, "I, I suppose I can leave one of my treasures in the hands of a fine caretaker, and show up and check on it every now and then."

     He turns to face the rest, as his blush dies, and places his hand on his chest. "I am Gilgamesh, King of Heroes, King of Uruk and Babylon, who sits with Tigris at his right hand and Euphrates at his left, who owns all things worth owning in the world, who knows all the countries of the world." And the weird thing is that there's no /ego/ in this - no more than usual, anyway. He's not listing off titles he's proud of; he's stating them like they're a *fact*. Like they're just *part* of him, like...it's as normal as saying his name.

     He watches Roy and Solty move to collect Sam. His face goes a bit red again, and he walks over and holds out his hand. "I will carry him."

     "The, the caretaker of one of my treasures should not be allowed to exert himself so. And one of my treasures should not be fouled touching such a worthless thing. And I need no assistance, myself."

     Indeed, if Roy lets him do so, Gilgamesh just shoulders Sam like he weighs nothing. The King *is* as strong as a star from Heaven, after all.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa looks at Rory for a moment. "Yes is that a problem?" She sighs for a moment and will move to help Solty and Roy with the guy to make sure he gets dragged off. Then Gil offers to haul Sam to the cops and that would help a lot. She nods to Gil's comment for a moment and she also is taking a likeing to Solty as well from how earnes the girl seems to be. "I think I'd like to visit again too and Roy you got my respect for going after combat shells without many if any aguments yourself." Maybe she could help him out get some better kit? That would be for later.

Solty Revant has posed:
     Roy hmphs at Staren and Kotone. "He wasn't supposed to be augmented. Before this he was just an embezzler who made off with a lot of money before I caught him the first time. His transport was involved in a serious crash on the way to prison and he escaped, but I guess he sustained some bad injuries and figured why not go all out since he had the money. As far as why I'm not Resemble and have no armor...well that sort of thing just isn't available outside of R.U.C. security sectors, and Resemble isn't supposed to be used like this. He must have found some unscrupulous technician to do this. If I'd know he was augmented I'd have been prepared." Seems Roy just doesn't think he really needs that stuff despite all the reasons he gave. Then to Kotone he says, "Problem? Not at all, as long as you are using it for helping people or just living your life. Keep up the good work, kid."

     Neither Roy nor Solty move to stop Gilgamesh as he picks up Sam, but the barely functioning cyborg seems pretty mad about it. He even tried to knee Gilgamesh, but with his systems compromised both physically and electronically he can't put any power behind it.

     At the entrance to the abandoned building the police are waiting to take Sam into custody, and an ambulance is standing by for Roy. Seems this Miranda is good at her job as handler. Solty helps Roy to the ambulance, then looks to the others. "Thank you all so much for your help!" She then gives each of them a firm hug, even Gilgamesh. "And yes, you are all welcome to visit us at home! Miranda is a good cook, and I'm trying to learn!"

Gilgamesh has posed:
     Gilgamesh fairly intentionally bumps Sam against every wall and corner on the way down.

     He's /petty/. And in a very quiet way.

     Solty hugs him. The King sort of just...takes it. He seems like he's not sure what to do, or how to respond, to being hugged. After a bit, he decides to respond with a gentle pat on the head. He's...bad at intimacy. It's painfully obvious.

     The King hesitates again at the invitation. The sense that he has no idea what to do is /palpable/. Finally, he says, "...the, the King does not make a habit of turning down such an invitation."

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa seems to understand now "I see so it's not been militarized here. I see so sounds like we might need to find the ones who enabled this and shut them down." She grins at Roy and seem to take his reply very well. "That's what I'm intending to do with myself." She looks over to Solty for a moment and grins at the girl too. "So good to met you as well." She watches Gil pick up Sam and Solty just moves to Hug Gil that's something you don't see every day.

Staren has posed:
    Staren nods. He's not going to push people to get more power if they don't want it -- he just wants to make sure they know the offer is there, if someone feels they need more power to help people.

    Although, one thing does stick out to him... "Not meant to be used like this? Look how tough and full of weapons he was. If Resemble isn't meant to be used for combat..." Staren shakes his head. "It's way overengineered."

Solty Revant has posed:
     "Can't argue with you there. But, it's meant to give people a fully functional replacement so it has to be overengineered." Roy says to Staren as he is loaded into the ambulance. He gives Kotone a small smile as he hears what she intends to do. "Good." he says. Solty smiles happily as Gil accepts the invitation. "Great! I'll see you all later, then!" she says before she starts to climb into the ambulance with Roy. But, before she can a group of four women in black outfits and tinted shades that scream government agent appear. One stops her, the other three flank the small group. "Ladies and gentlemen," the leader says, "I'm going to have to ask you all to come with me back to the R.U.C. Containment building. Please understand you are not under arrest, but we have some things we need to discuss." The leader has black hair and carries herself with calm confidence. To her right is a red haired girl who is in her late teens who looks considerably more nervous, opposite that girl is a carefree girl with brown spikey hair beneath a military barret, and opposite the leader is a very tall blonde who looks fiery in temperment.

     Solty shrinks back from them. "Hey...you guys tried to arrest me last time for being unregistered..." The leader nods lightly. "It was nothing personal. Just doing our job."

Staren has posed:
    Staren's doing a lot of eye-rolling today. "No, it doesn't have to come with built-in armor and heavy weapons just to function as a replacement body. I /know/, my world has /both/ and I've repaired, examined, modified, and partially designed both types of bodies!"

    And then the W.I.B. show up. "Oh COME ON!" Staren throws up his hands. "If you wanna discuss, start discussing! I came here to /help/, you know!"

Gilgamesh has posed:
     The King of Heroes' face is one of impatience. He's been invited for food. He wants to /not be dealing with Sam/ anymore. Sam has already eaten a substantial portion more of his time than Sam is worth. Dealing with the /fallout/ from Sam? The /side/-material from the worthless creature? Yeah, that doesn't look like something the King particularly wants to do.

     "I am Gilgamesh, King of Heroes, King of Uruk, who sits atop Babylon, with Tigris at his right hand and Euphrates at his left, who knows all the countries of the world," Gilgamesh says in a tone much more imperious than his last introduction. There's a snap of his fingers, and his makeshift robe vanishes in a sparkling gold light. In its place is his naked upper body, full of muscles, with red lines running across his form, and a golden-armored lower-body with streaming red cloth. Now he *looks* the part of the King of Heroes. Now the teenager looks /regal/, *dangerous*, even; now it's much more visible that he's not thin but *powerful*, as he walks forward. This is *his* Official Uniform, *his* way of saying This Is My Respectable Clothing For A Respectable Moment.

     "I will by my mercy grant you the right to ask me three questions here and now. Rejoice; the King's kindness is without compare. But so too has the King been offered a meal in the house of his treasure, and that is far more compelling than you. Too long have I wasted on that insignificant speck already."

     Solty shrinks back. Gilgamesh flexes his fingers. "Threaten her at your peril. She is a treasure of the King."

     At least he's weirdly protective with his bizarre assertions?

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa looks to the women for a moment asne she looks at them for a moment she pauses for a moment nodding. "All right, I'll come along." She doesn't seem to be worried about it she has her own abilities right and she moves to banish her pistol with strange device at her hips. She looks to Soly for a momnt and moves to ge a bit in their way how3ver it seem to be over still there's W.I.B.

"They want to talk Staren I'm willing to. I am Kotone Yamakawa I am an operative of the Paladins."

She looks to Gil, ya know what she'll consider that he's being diplpomatic here.

Solty Revant has posed:
     Roy starts to explain what he meant to Staren, but that's before he is interrupted by the W.I.B., causing him to growl a bit. "Didn't cause enough trouble last time?" he asks them, but the leader just handwaves at both his and Gilgamesh's words. She seems unimpressed by Gilgamesh's many titles or change of attire. She just raises an eyebrow. "Like I said, we aren't here to cause any of you trouble. But, our agents noticed your powers on the way to investigate Roy's radio call. We watched the battle, and we know you are not from this world. These are not things that should be discussed in public. It could cause paranoia in the populace and perhaps even panic."

     Sam has by now been loaded up into a police van and taken away, so no need to worry about him. Roy doesn't want to leave yet, but the medics insist and Solty isn't about to leave his side. The lead agent considers her options, then blinks as she notices the other three agents seem dazzled by Gilgamesh. The red-head is just staring with her mouth open a bit, the brown-haired girl is looking him over in obvious ways, and while the blonde is keeping her cool there is some obvious color in her cheeks.

     Finally she sighs. "Alright. But, inside." She motions to the building then walks with the others into the empty, abandoned lobby. "Three questions..." She almost says 'huh' but that might qualify as a question. "Where do you all come from? Where do you all get your powers? And...can we expect all who come through that gate to be as amicable as you?"

     Solty seems surprised and touched when Gilgamesh defends her, but it seems it is not needed this time. With Roy still in the ambulance, the tall blonde addresses Staren. "He means that they replicate the human body down to the finest detail and run off of independent and long-lasting power cells. It's very easy for someone who is so inclined to integrate weapons if they have an unsanctioned lab from which to work."

     Then the leader blinks. "Oh, forgive me. I didn't introduce us. I'm Integra, this is Accela," She motions to the red-head, "Celica," the brown-haired girl, "and Sylvia." The blonde. "We are with R.U.C. Security. We are the ones who typically handle threats like this that pop up every now and then. Unfortunately, sometimes Hunters get first wind of these cases and we have to pick up the pieces. So, thank you at least for saving one of our citizens and keeping collateral damage to a minimum."

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa say "I am from Earth, well an earth from The Canadian Part of the Amer-Russio Alliance, powers? My body was was replaced with prosethcis for medeical reason and I upgraded as I began to explore off my home world. Such tech is pretty comon. I am operative of a Law Enforcement group that operates and aids worlds willing to work with them enforces their laws. As for the last part? Sadly no, but things are not as bad as they used to be a few years ago."

The old war was over so that was some serious good news.

"So off world troublemakers and worse are still issue to be concerned about."

Gilgamesh has posed:
     Gilgamesh crosses his arms. "I am Gilgamesh, King of Babylon. Are you hard of hearing? I am from Babylon, made two-thirds god and one-third man to rule over all that is, was, and ever shall be. The countries of Multi-Vars are varied and many, and what may come through your gate is as varied as you can imagine and then some. Wonders and monsters alike."

     The King of Heroes runs his fingers through his hair, as if he can't believe that someone would waste three questions asking him about something like /that/. "My 'powers'. You have seen nothing of my powers. You have seen one of the treasures of my Gate of Babylon, a fraction of my strength, and the glory of my existence pressed upon the fabric of the world." He means that aura of palpable glory that even now is shining around him like a halo, that aura of pure and raw divinity that ripples against the world like sun on water. "As though I would need to use my /power/ on something as worthless as that pitiful creature."

     One hand goes to his hip. The other is outstretched, like he's beckoning. "Is that all? Have you nothing more interesting to ask? You stand before the King of Heroes, whose treasury contains all the wonders of Creation, and all you want to know is something as paltry as that?"

     Then he shakes his head. He gives a distant, imperious, and knowing smirk to the three girls. He's got his game face on again; the dorky teenager given way to the god-king of Uruk once more, the human-seeming youth subsumed into the First of Heroes. The transformation, considering how he was like five minutes ago, is probably more than a little startling, especially since it's /abrupt/ and /seamless/.

     "Hmph. Hardly a task. Hardly worth thanks. Though if you wish to thank me so badly I can think of pleasures that would more than make up for my wasted time."

     The King tilts his head back to look at Solty. "Is this enough compliance for your satisfaction? Are you ready to lead the way?"

Staren has posed:
    Staren crosses his arms and frowns. "Oh, so other worlds need to be kept secret so you can uphold the status quo? This is an /opportunity/." He follows them, though. And nods at the blonde's explanation. "So combat Resembles are abnormal. Noted." He nods again at the thanks.

    "We come from all manner of different worlds. The Multiverse's current configuration... Okay, I'm simplifying, but the local warpgate network covers what we call 'sector zero', a supercontinent the size of countless worlds surrounded by ocean, and the space above it, home to countless more solar systems and even a few galaxies. I specifically am from a version of Earth that... look, it's a long story, but my home city is one of tolerance for all intelligent species, and the use of technology and magic alike to get the best of both worlds."

    Staren holds out his right arm, palm up, then curls the forearm up. His left hand taps an index finger on a beam cannon barrel. "My 'power' comes from being smart, and from found, donated, and bought technology. And of course you can't expect only nice things to come through the warpgate... if you want more information on the Multiverse's hazards, and maps and such, she and I" he nods towards Kotone, "are part of an organization that distributes such, we'd be happy to share."

    Staren looks between them. "Nice to meet you. I'm Staren, Gifted of the Concord and sort of a... researcher of problems, though honestly I end up spending more time /shooting/ problems."

    Staren gives Gilgamesh a look of 'Don't you get it'? "Come on... on this world they obviously don't have to deal with actual... two-thirds-gods showing up. How are they supposed to know of you?"

    Staren looks back to the three agents. "There are... Factions, out in the Multiverse, that your government might consider joining, but you don't /have/ to. You may wish to get in touch with the Syndicate, though -- they can help you find multiversal help to supplement your hunters, as well as missions suited to your hunters that they might gain experience in the Multiverse. Anything else you want to ask?"

    Although he was initially annoyed at being detained, he does like getting to make people more informed, so now he's happy to keep expositing as long as they have questions.

Gilgamesh has posed:
     Gilgamesh gives Staren a look like the idea of people not knowing the King is so alien and foreign to him he literally cannot comprehend it. His red eyes just stare at Staren for a moment before he goes back to his prior stance.

Solty Revant has posed:
     If Staren really knew what the status quo was, he'd surely be outraged.

     Integra listens to Gilgamesh, but when he finishes she just shrugs. "In truth we didn't have to ask any questions at all. I was more curious what information you'd volunteer and how you'd present it. As Staren said, we could easily procure just about any information we wanted. My actual task concerning you and your friends was to alert you to the fact that powers such as yours are not something the public is familiar with. So, while you are here the R.U.C. must ask that you keep all power usages to a minimum. For all intents and purposes you should appear to be normal people. If any...monsters come through the gate we'll deal with them when it happens." She doesn't seem worried about it, really. "Also, I was instructed to provide you with these. Due to the laws of the City if any are found without proper identification they should be detained until their identity is confirmed. If those identies can't be confirmed then those people will be deported to the gate it appropriate. This is a matter of security for our city and as such we take it very seriously."

     Integra hands each of the visitors a plastic card much like a driver's license or government ID card. Somehow they already have the names of the multiversal visitors along with their pictures. They must have been made very recently, as Gilgamesh's has his entire title on it, as does Staren's and Kotone's, and they have the name of their faction as well. "Keep these on your person at all times, and advise your organizations that any visitors will be required to register before they will be allowed into the city. The only exception is cases like today when you are responding to an emergency."

     Solty hasn't really come inside so much as remained in the doorway where she can see Roy. Of the three girls who were gazing at Gilgamesh, only Celica is still looking at him. And she has what is best described as a predatory grin. "Could be fun." she replies to him after his offer. Integra shoots her a glare, but Celica just grins. "What? We aren't allowed to have lives outside of work?"

     Integra sighs, then gestures to the others. "That's all we really needed to say. You're free to go." Solty smiles happily at that. "Then we can go home and get Miranda to help me cook some good food for you all as thanks!"

Solty Revant has posed:
     Solty blinks, then looks at Roy. "Oh...I guess that will have to wait until another day. Roy still has to go to the hospital and get all better." she adds. What sort of android forgets for a moment that they need to go to the hospital?

Staren has posed:
    Staren crosses his arms. "If wearing armor to protect myself is a 'power', you really think I'm gonna go without it?" He opens his mouth when they talk about identification, but nods when they say they'll just show people to the gate. Reasonable enough. He puts the card in his bag.

    When told they're free to go, he starts to turn away, then hesitates. "...So, we told you a bit about the Multiverse. But how can we learn more about this world?"

Gilgamesh has posed:
     Gilgamesh takes the card and examines it like, well, like one would expect a primitive man to examine an ID card. It's bizarre and he looks at it like it's something alien before tossing it over his shoulder. Someone not paying attention might think he just discarded it.

     In fact it vanishes the second it passes over his shoulder - into that strange golden ripple. The haughty god-king shrugs and waves his hand dismissively. "I will leave that to you," he says to Kotone as he turns. The golden armor vanishes as his makeshift robe falls back into place. He's done being Official, now he's back to Relaxing.

     Solty reminds everyone that she and Roy need to go to the hospital. There's a look of frustration that passes over the King's face before he sighs, runs his hands through his hair again, and nods. Even he can't in good conscience really tell someone not to take their parent to a medic. He's clearly not *heartless*. Cold, distant, aloof, with morals aligned to ancient times more closely than modern sensibilities, powerful enough not to view humans as /people/ if he doesn't feel like it, but...not heartless. Not a monster. Just...odd. And regal, in a way that really doesn't /mesh/ with modernity.

     Instead he heads over to the three girls. "Since my plans have fallen through, I would have you show me around this land of yours, that I might take in the sights of your country in pleasant company. I am determined to wring *some* pleasure out of this time-consuming excursion of an evening."

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa takes the card and nods making sure to pocket it safely. "Thank you." She pauses for a moment and will give the WIBs some details about the Syndicate and the local news network they they can more eaisly start gathering intel and have a means to get experts on issues tha tmight come up without getting entageld in any of the factions if it comes to that.

"I admit I'm curious about things here myself." Things went wll all things considered she'll be having to do up a few reports in the end.

Solty Revant has posed:
     The four agents turn to leave on Integra's signal. The red-head and blonde shake their heads when he approaches them, but the brown-haired Celica looks at him, then at Integra. "Might do some good for city relations with outside worlds~" she says with a grin. Integra and Sylvia roll their eyes while Accela looks on in shock. "Celica, I can't control what you do in your off time, but until that time you will stay with the team." Integra says. Celica tsks. "You really want a guy like this wandering around with no escort? He could start trouble at any time!" she says, that grin still on her face. Integra lets out a heavy sigh. "...fine. But, until your shift ends you are -only- to keep him out of trouble. No fraternization until then." she says, then taps her ear meaningfully which causes Celica to groan. "You're no fun." Celica says.

     Then she slips over and takes Gilgamesh's arm. "So, if you ask me the best place to start a tour of this city is the public garden! Lots of...heehee...hidden paths." Celica says, which earns her another glare from Integra which is countered by an innocent look from Celica.

     Staren's question causes Integra to pause. "Hmm...well, we have public libraries and online informational databases. I'm sure you can find out plenty from those." she says, then turns to leave again. In a few moments the team is gone.

     Solty is soon to leave after that. "Thank you all again! I have to go with Roy now! See you later!" She runs quickly and hops into the ambulance. The medics close the doors and they roar off at full speed toward the hospital.