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Dogged Betrayal
Date of Scene: 24 September 2018
Location: Hikari Sea Port - Main Courtyard
Synopsis: Yuudachi has been kidnapped and converted to the Abyssal's side.

At least that's what it appears to be.

Cast of Characters: Shigure, Leyanne Mace, Reina Kinney, 6384, Neuroi Girl, Lexicon, Kotone Yamakawa, Nagato

Shigure has posed:
    Somewhere in the Eastern Ocean

    The hulking form of the Dogger Bank Leviathan drifts almost listlessly through the water. Still under power, but showing a great rend in the upper side, still trailing smoke from the last assault from the combined Multiversal force.

    It's coming to dusk, the faint glow of running lights winking into view as the sun starts to set. A dense fog has begun to settle around the giant fortress ship as well, meaning they will ikely be facing an old friend or two.

    The Fifth Strike fleet, sans Yuudachi, sails along, weapons ready and an aura of tension surrounding them. "Eyes open, do not get separated."

    Then, Dogger Bank's voice wafts across the waves, a sultry purr. "It wasn't easy breaking her. After all, she is known as the Fierce Hound for a reason. But alas, everyone has their limit. It just took a little more prodding to find hers~."

Leyanne Mace has posed:
Leeroy cruises with the Strike Fleet, the mouse at the helm as usual. But she's wrapped with bandages severe wounds, especially on her head. In the gap around her left eye, the bare metal of her plated skull is visible, giving her a Terminator-esque appearance as she guides the boat along. Every time there's a particularly severe bump or jostle, she lets out a soft grunt of complaint. But she also won't allow anyone else to come along.

She feels responsible, partially, for this; she wasn't there. At Dogger's words she lets out a low growl, but stays quiet. She's not her usual exuberant self today; a combination of pain, guilt, and anger have seen to that. "Status, all guns." Upon hearing confirmation that the little PT boat's weapons are all live, she nods. "This is Leeroy. We have the starboard flank."

Reina Kinney has posed:
The Neo Osprey cruises along with the others as well. Usually Reina would be sitting on the bridge in her 'captain's chair,' but instead she's standing on the deck, arms folded and a stern look on her face. Despite wearing a simple uniform (her standard GUARDIANS uniform,) Reina shows no sign of being affected by the weather at all. Instead, she simply stares straight ahead, saying nothing for the time being.

When Dogger speaks, Reina's eyes narrow a little and she quickly steps back inside, taking her seat where she normally is on the bridge. "Battle stations, report in!"

The crewmembers for the battle stations respond that everything is OK. "Good." She taps her right index finger on the arm of her chair for a moment before activating her communications channel. "Neo Osprey here, preparing to take port flank."

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     "So what's the plan of attack?" Orchid asks. She's among those having taken a ride on one of the fleet. "This Dogger has been taunting us for long enough; where would she be holding captives? Are we going to go for a decisive engagement? Or just a smash and grab?" She has some guesses about what might need to happen once Yuudachi is rescued, but Orchid is already prepared to give her drones new instructions to cycle their codes.

Neuroi Girl has posed:
     High above the attack force floats the little Neuroi known as Evangeline. As the darkness and the fog move in her own lights become more visible. She keeps her scanners running to try and give them advanced warning if there are other surface contacts besides the Leviathan.

     She wants to see if Dogger Bank is salvageable, but she is fully prepared to destroy the entire fortress if it will get Yuudachi back. Especially since the Abyssal claims she will just come back later. "...Evangeline here...air support ready..." she radios to the others down below. "...scanning for any additional contacts..."

     When that voice floats in with the fog, Evangeline tilts her head lightly. "...then...everyone can be unbroken as well...perhaps even you..." she says aloud.

Lexicon has posed:
    Aboard the Leeroy is perhaps its only non-Mouse passenger, the program Lexicon steadies herself with one hand on the radar mast's tripod support. Her left arm has recovered from losing it against the Southern War Demon when they sabotaged the magazine, and now she's here to rectify a few mistakes. As the Leviathan crests the horizon, she removes her hand from the stantion.

    "You guys are gonna have a bit of an important job for me, here," Lexicon states as she produces a gem-topped staff from her inventory, with a flicker of digitized light. This is slotted into one of the flagstaff mounts on the gunwale, where the gemstone atop it begins to glow with silvery white light. "Keep this safe for me."

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa was already on the water and ready to go she had her scout planes out trying to keep her up to date on what's going on over the water, she was also keeping information with the Fifth Strike Fleet as well. She did not want to get separate nor did she want to find out what the Abyssals might try to twist her into either. She hears the taunting and grimaces more she must not rise to the bait she'll also form a tac link with ORchid and Neuroi Girl if they allow it or anyone else who is ablet to as well.

"Eva's right what's broken can be fixed."

She makes it a point to keep within visual sight of her allies.

Nagato has posed:
    Nagato's here, the Battleship of the Fleet sortie-ing along with the group. "I promised never to lose another ship again." she whispers to herself, sailing at a steady speed, keeping her guns trained on the horizon... Dogger Bank's voice causes the Battleship to twitch slightly. She broke Yuudachi... she was going to bring her dog home.

    "Everyone, I should not have to say this but be careful." comes the Battleship's commanding voice, it didn't need to be said but the loss of Yuudachi needed to reaffirm it. "Dogger Bank, we will recover Yuudachi and bring you down. No one does this with my Fleet."

Shigure has posed:
    As fog envelopes the group, the radar picks up two incoming contacts from the larger mass of the Leviathan. One is a Cruiser-class signature, the other, a Destroyer. They split up, the cruiser fading out while the Destroyer speeds up.

    A pair of baleful red eyes shine through the fog, winking in and out of view as the contact gets closer and closer... it then vanishes, scopes coming up clear. "Sonar sweep! Kuma!" Shigure calls, but then is engulfed in an explosion from underwater.

    Yamashiro grunts. "Torpedoes! BRE---" her warning is cut off as another detonation engulfs the battleship in a plume of water. Kuma attempts to jink out of the way as a torpedo leaps out of the water to try and attach itself to her, but gets caught by another one aimed for that exact eventuality. She's engulfed in a plume of water, and all three members of the Strike Squadron are out of the fight before it even begins.

    Dogger Bank giggles eeriely within the fog. "My my... how quickly the tide turns~." she says teasingly, the Cruiser and Destroyer blips returning, and the fog partly clearing as the pair step into the open.

    Jutland is just as she was when they first met the Demon, sitting atop her rigging with a smug air about her... but the Destroyer accompanying her would likely cause some to balk. Yuudachi stands slumped over, hair a bleached white and discheveled, obscuring her face. Her uniform is a Shiratsuyu-class, torn and shredded from what looks like whip impacts, welts showing on the porceline skin beneath, glowing an angry red. Her legs are little better, a crosshatching of red gashes and dried fuel oil stains her pale skin. Arms dangle limply before her, hands rictored into claws. "... poi..."

    Jutland just laughs. "Ahahahaha~ Isn't she adorable? Our own adorable little attack dog..." her mirth fades into a smug grimace. "Kill them. All of them." she says to the broken Destroyer.

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     ACTION SCENE! Or rather, Orchid responding to the ship shaking, keeping her balance, extending her arms out and activating her shields from her wrists. Once the fog begins to clear, Orchid has her eyes open, looking around herself for the hostile forces she knows will be there. "Is she as committed to this as you think she is?" Orchid asks aloud, temporarily making herself a larger target as her spider drones fan out from her location. "Sure, maybe you've confused her, but will she fight with all her will? I doubt it." Her plan? Keep the focus on herself, and let the spiders move unscene.

Leyanne Mace has posed:
Leyanne yelps as two of the fleet are knocekd out, snarling loudly. She punches the throttles forward and begins to wave back and forth beside the group, scanning for targets. As soon as Jutland comes into view, all of Leeroy's guns swing to bear on Jutland. She snarls when she sees Yudaachi, letting out a loose growl. "You despicable bastards." She mutters when she sees what's been done to her friend. She snarls. "I really hope we don't have to knock her out to help her."

She looks over her shoulder at the crew, and Lexicon. "As soon as we get the go order, we'll be targeting Jutland. Try and get me radar or laser lock."

Neuroi Girl has posed:
     Evangeline can't do much other than watch as the Fifth fleet is steadily disabled. She is useless against underwater targets. Still, she flies down quickly to rejoin the fleet. When Yuudachi is revealed along with Jutland the little Neuroi stares at them. "...torture...is that how all Abyssals became Abyssals...?" she wonders aloud even as her arms begin to glow brightly with angry red energy. "...I want to help both of you...so...we don't have to fight..." She pauses a moment, then lowers her arms and lets the red glow disapate. "...Yuudachi...this isn't you...they were mean to you until you changed..."

     Evangeline floats foward slowly, then holds her arms out like she wants to hug Yuudachi. "...if you are angry now...you should be angry at them and not us...if you are in pain...we can get you help...but these are your friends...you don't want to hurt us...do you..?"

Reina Kinney has posed:
"We've got trouble!" One of the navigators calls out to Reina, who nods her head affirmatively.

"Affirmative." She activates the ship's intercom. "Attention! Attention! All weapons operators prepare to fire on my command! All other personnel, stay at your posts." Within a span of about three seconds, the weapons operators acknowledge that they're ready to attack when the moment is right, with Reina barely nodding her head as she keeps her focus straight ahead. "They picked the wrong people to mess with," Reina comments with narrowed eyes and a scowl forming on her face. She continues to stare but doesn't open fire just yet, instead giving the order to adjust the Neo Osprey so that they're in a better position to aim at Jutland. "Do not fire until my command!"

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
The fog rolls in, her own senses do pick up the massive form of the incoming masses she's soon got an idea of just how much firepower is coming fleets way. It's quite a fair bit and before she can say anything else? The warning of Torpedos goes out and she stars trying to move to keep from ending up taking a hit, then comes something worse she sees whose with Jutland and her blood boils.

"You bitch."

That's all Kotone has to say she needs to focus she needs to figure out what to do to stop and save Yuudachi. She isn't going to give up on her hell now.

Evevalngline has an idea and Kotone is on board with that, she'll deploy fighters and some dive bombers. To give her synthetic friend cover to reach Yuudachi, as she knows the Abyssals will target her when she tries this she can only hope the cover will help her enough to make it to the fallen destroyer.

Lexicon has posed:
    Placing her hands on the gunwales of Leeroy, Lexicon squints into the fog. She braces as the PT boat maneuvers, a series of rings shooting out around her--marked with strings of numerical code. She's engulfed in pixellated light, which reveals her silver-haired, red-eyed Digital Divinity form when it fades.

    Wings of light sprout from her back, basic blocky shapes, and Lexicon hurls herself over the side. Her hands sweep back, producing her axe. Evangeline is too close to Yuudachi to risk anything, and a peaceful resolution there may still be possible. So like the others, she's fixating all of her attention and her anger on Jutland. The axe's energy blade shines itself into place as she hauls it back.

    "Hey, bitch! You guys like to dive and sneak around like little shits, right? Use the water, hide, deceive, all that bullshit?" A magic circle appears beneath the low-flying DCC, reflecting on the water beneath her, "Dive through this! LATENT KATASTROPHE!"

    The axe is swept down into a forward arc, colliding with the ocean's surface. Usually when Lexicon uses this move, it just causes a series of ice spikes. But, that's on solid ground. Here on the water, the source of those spikes becomes much more apparent-- as a large fan-shaped section of ocean freezes beneath the surface, with spiked projections. Being ice in water, this promptly rises beneath Jutland, threatening with spikes-- but more importantly, cutting her off from liquid water for several meters in each direction.

Shigure has posed:
    Yuudachi snarls at the command. She lifts her head to look at Evangeline. Baleful red eyes lift, shining like angry beacons... but the Neuroi would be close enough to see a grin, and get a wink from the Destroyer. She makes like she's going to attack, swinging a hand-turret around, one that seems grafted to her left wrist, but it goes too far and the report sends a shell sailing harmlessly out into the fog bank.

    Yuudachi then keels forward onto Evangeline, and murmurs something to her, before turning and opening fire on Jutland with a defiant growl. "I AM UNBROKEN! she roars, the ice knocking off her arm, but the sentiment is there... Yuudachi might have a limit, but whatever the Abyssals did to her wasn't nearly enough.

    Shigure, Yamashiro and Kuma have all fallen back, their rigging damaged, but their bodies unharmed... they weren't lethal torpedoes, just enough to keep the cherade up until it was time to drop it.

    Jutland looks shocked, her tentacles scrabbling against the spiky ice sheet, black ichor spilling from cuts along the fleshy parts where those spikes pierce through. "WHAT!? HOW!?" she roars, looking very desperate indeed.

    Dogger Bank remains distantly flippant. "Kindness is a rarity on the fevered pitch of battle... but how will you fare now?" she asks, but to whom the question is posed is unclear.

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     Kindness is one thing... Caution is another. Orchid is of the school of thought of 'knock their heads together, sort it out in the brig.' Still, this result does bring a smile to her face. Orchid shields herself from the ice and various shrapnel involved with Yuudachi's attacks. Meanwhile, her spiders imitate Eva, except they are jumping onto Jutliand to give her hugs! Also spinning some silk threads, attempting to capture the abyssal ship.

Neuroi Girl has posed:
     Evangeline's arms slowly wrap around Yuudachi as she falls forward against the Neuroi. Her head tilts slightly as she hears the murmur, then her arms just as slowly release Yuudachi. She doesn't stop Yuudachi from attacking and follows after the ship girl but still doesn't attack. "...she is strong..." she says in answer to Jutland, then tilts her head at Jutland. "...you need a hug, too..." she says, then floats forward and actually hugs the enemy ship girl alongside the spiders. "...you can join our fleet, too...humans are funny...they never actually completely forget something they created for combat...living humans might not know you...but their books will..."

Leyanne Mace has posed:
Leyanne cheers and punches the air, following up by whimpering and collapsing back into her seat. "Ow ow ow.." She mutters. "Okay! Open fire, all weapons, target Jutland! Let's get the space they need to get Yuudachi out of there!"

Lexicon is already doing that, but at each of the tubes, burly ogre-like mice scrawl the word 'hugs' onto torpedoes and slam them home, dogging the tubes shut.

If Plan Hug fails, the torpedoes are launched, the PT boat performing two neat S-curves to make sure it's a neat spread.

Lexicon has posed:
    Lexicon wrenches her axe free, then, and ascends. The weapon is swung up and then rested across her shoulders, such that she radiates authority when she comes to a stop. She hovers there, glancing from Jutland to Yuudachi, then back to Jutland laid out on the plate of ice she'd created.

    With one hand, she gestures using a finger-gun sort of thing (She probably learned it from Arthur), and states, "Acting like you know everything gets you right royally fucked when they prove you wrong, huh?" The second Evangeline hugs the Abyssal demon, Lex depresses her thumb in a mock-gunfire sort of gesture, "Forced out of your element, surrounded, and overpowered-- You've already lost."

    She then lifts her gaze into the fog with a savage grin, "Gonna keep acting like you hold all the cards? Gotta be rough losing all the resources you sank into these two."

Reina Kinney has posed:
"OK, just WHAT in Falz's name is going on?" Reina asks with a sour frown on her face, emphasizing the Gurhalian curse word extra strongly. "We're supposed to be fighting but instead she goes up and gives her a hug? And now..." Now there's something coming at the ship, which causes a bit of rocking and rolling amongst the waves, but other than that the Neo Osprey seems OK. Unfortunately, Reina seems to have fallen out of her seat.

"Ungh... damage report?" Reina says somewhat dazedly as she forces herself back onto her feet.

"Minor hull damage, but nothing serious."

"Good to see we're still sturdy," Reina says half-sarcastically as she gets back onto her chair. "Hold fire, but stand ready to engage!" Reina also waits to see if the hug fails or not.

Nagato has posed:
    Nagato's aware of the Kagurazaka Maneuver... it's been used to great effect on ... practically everything. She thinks... aiming her guns towards Jutland as she sails towards the PT Boat. "Tiny, if the Kagurazaka Maneuver fails, just unload everything you have on Jutland." she comments, giving her turrets a small knock. "Load AP Shells."

    There's a loud kathunk as shells change over from the standard high explosive to AP as she finalizes her trajectory towards Jutland. Over radio, she mutters, "Evangeline, if that doesn't work, get out of there fast. I'm locked onto Jutland and ready to fire."

    The notion of Yuudachi coming back to the fleet like that gives her a light smile, "Couldn't break the dog, could you? Her loyalty is everything, and not even Samar could break that. If you can't even break a Destroyer, what chance do you have against an /entire fleet/ at your harbor?"

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa has no idea what's going on with Yuudachi for a moment then there's a dawning as she sees what Yuudachi has pulled. She start to smile as that's one last thing to worry about. Eva make her pitch to Jutland and honestly if she takes the offer she'll roll with it. She calls out.

"Who you talking to Dogger!?"

Kotone Asks as she picks up her manouvers and holds off sicking her air power on Jutland.

Shigure has posed:
    Dogger Bank remains silent. Whether it's because she has no answer, or doesn't bother to do so seems irrelevant at the present moment.

    Evangeline would find the attempted embrace met with surface fire from small gun turrets along the tentacles flanks. The spiders from Orchid likewise getting peppered by the secondary batteries as the Demon scrambles to get off the ice and back to water.

    "YOU CAN'T DO THIS! PRINCESS! HELP ME!" Jutland screams, desperation edging her voice as she jinks out of the way, shells, bombs and torpedoes clipping, and striking against her, gouging out large portions of her body.

    As her mobility starts to fail, one tentacle torn from its mounting on her back from an AP shell fired by Nagato, the Submersible Cruiser turns on the group and unleashes a bellow of rage, pain and despair, sweeping her unnaturally widely open mouth to release one of those signature Rage Lasers across the group. "I WILL NOT BE DENIED!"

Neuroi Girl has posed:
     Turret fire peppers Evangeline and there is a metallic shriek as a few holes are punched through her form despite the translucent blue shield. Still, Evangeline does not attack. "...that princess is the one you need to be helped to escape...she isn't nice..." Evangeline says, following after Jutland persistently with her arms held out.

     When Jutland moves to unleash that beam on the fleet, Evangeline places herself directly in the path and right in Jutland's face. She is likely and most probably intending to be the only one hit by both sides in the exchange. "...you will be denied..." she says as she once again tries to embrace Jutland. Even if and when she is engulfed in the rage beam.

Leyanne Mace has posed:
The mouse ducks down behind the console as those rage lasers sear paint off the front of his hull - and, through the vision slits in his closed window shields. There's a staggered black line burnt across the walls and floor bridge where the vision slits were; two of her crew stagger to the back of the bridge to get medical treatment, one of them missing an arm.

On deck, there are a few injured mice too - but the crew have mostly managed to get themselves behind cover. One of Leeroy's torpedo tubes is sliced neatly through and put out of action, and an exocet turret falls into the water. Leeroy's taken worse, but the little PT boat's taken a bit of a pounding.

The Martians get back into position, refining the targeting of their weapons back on Jutland. "Hold fire. Wait until Evangeline is clear, or a direct order from the Admiral, before opening fire, or you're swimming hime. We... got to let her try."

The PT boat weaves back and forth, keeping a constant range on Jutland, every trigger primed and every turret aimed.

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     "So much for the peaceful appraoch," Orchid says with a bit of a sigh. She's diving in with her shields to protect Eva from Jutland, but less so interested in stopping the shots from the other side. Partly because she's less interested in defending Jutland, but mostly because she trusts the people on their side to hold fire as need be. Slipping on the ice make it harder, so she might accidentally knock Evangeline out of the way.

Reina Kinney has posed:
"What the HELL?!" Reina exclaims, seeing the beam coming at the Neo Osprey. Before she has a chance to ask another question or say something, the Neo Osprey is hit again, and this time alarms begin to blare. "Dammit!" She exclaims, steadying herself by holding onto the arm of her chair before yelling, "Damage report!"

"Torpedoes are offline! Radar is also scrambled."

"DAMN IT!" Reina stomps her boot-clad foot on the floor. She sees that Evangeline is still trying to be reasonable with Jutland, which causes the red-head to roll her eyes. "Crew, work on restoring the radar and the torpedoes! NOW!" She then looks to the weapons operators and says, "Keep your aim fixed on the target, but DO NOT FIRE until I give the command!" As she sits back down, Reina begins to grit her teeth in frustration and anger.

Nagato has posed:
    "Evangline, get off the enemy or..." there's a pause and a wicked grin. She read reports about this, "Take their weapons over. Disable them." she shouts out her order towards Evangeline as her cannons reload themselves. Stupid battleship reload time.

    For now, she just waits and watches... and prepping.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Jutland has been hung out to dry by her superior and now she sends in her bombers the choice had been made as she calls out to her.

"You have bene given an offer."

She sends her bombers in the torpedoi bombers make their runs deploying Torpedos at Jutland while Kotone keeps in formation and her distance from her. The last thing she wants to do is get close.

Lexicon has posed:
    "Hooh?" Lexicon tilts her head back slightly, "So you're panicking now? Still got some FIGHT in you?!" She swings her axe off her shoulders and shoves it forward, presenting the flat of the head to the sweeping laser. Pieces of damaged code flake off her arms and thighs where her body isn't protected.

    Darting out of the line of fire, Lexicon sweeps her axe to one hand, surveying the battle as best she can through the fog. In her free hand, she produces a cluster of glowing blue-white orbs. Once she's found a good angle, Lexicon discards the light motes and brings her axe back, "GEHFARLIHGTERN!"

    Once struck with the flat of her weapon, those motes of light shoot out and downward, but do not strike Jutland. They hit the water ringing the edge of the icy platform Lexicon had created. Water freezes around them-- and then erupts at the surface as thick icy spines, blocking off potential escape from that side of the icy plate she's trapped Jutland on.

Shigure has posed:
    Jutland snarls angrily at Evangeline, the beam petering out, and instead uses one of her tentacles to slap the Neuroi away, or try to. However, that leaves her completely open... especially as drawing that tentacle back to strike sends it sweeping towards Orchid, as if she's deliberately opening herself up to attack. "YOU FOOLS DON'T UNDERSTAND AT ALL! SHE IS ALL I HAVE. EVERYTHING I AM BELONGS TO HER!" the Demon cries out, black tears streaming down her cheeks as she stumbles, unstable on the ice sheet, black smoke billowing from the broken tentacle stump as a fire burns somewhere within her superstructure.

    As she looks around, her weapons detaching and falling away, she just smirks... "Request. Denied."

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     Here's the thing. Orchid very VERY rarely uses her guns, and even then, never in a direct offensive act... but opening yourself up to the reploid can have some different results.

     "So don't limit yourself," Orchid replies, her voice warm, her hands empty. "If you don't like what she's turned you into, find someone new to be your friends. Meaning is where you find it. She has thrown you away, but we still see the value in you."

Neuroi Girl has posed:
     After taking the beam point blank Evangeline's shield shatters and she disappears in the beam.

     When it finally peters out it isn't difficult at all to knock the dazed Neuroi away, and judging by the rosey red glow that illuminates everything around her it was a major hit. Those who are paying attention might see the multifacetted core of the Neuroi as she skids off the water then flails before floating up into the air. Except...she seems to have no head or arms at the moment, and much of her upper torso is gone.

     A static-filled reply comes over the radio after Nagato's order, barely audible. "...I'm sorry...Admiral..."

     For now, all Evangeline can do is float there and try to regenerate herself. A pink glow overtakes the jagged edges of her crystaline body and starts to flow outward, steadily but slowly rebuilding her.

Reina Kinney has posed:
Evangeline is out of the way, and that's when Reina sees her moment.

"Open fire! NOW!"

"Aye aye!"

Several cannons on the Neo Osprey fire their rounds at Jutland. Reina gives the order to keep firing. "When there is an opening, we take it! That is one of the main principles of GUARDIANS!" She presses her right fist against her left palm and smirks a little. "I've waited a while to give them a taste of their own medicine!"

Leyanne Mace has posed:
Leyanne snarls as Evangeline is slapped away viciously, and Jutland leaves herself open. "Do it." She growls, low, and full of anger. She still rejected Eva, after she tried so hard. Time to do it the old-fashioned way.

The first thing away is the Exocet, operating in laser-guided mode because radar is so unpredictable here. It's the first thing to get sent towards the Abyssal. Moments later, the rest of Leeroy's turrets open up, sending a hail of 40mm, 20mm and 50-calibre fire into the wide-open Abyssal.

"Take the helm." Leyanne growls, standing up from her seat and moving up towards the rear deck. "Take us past Evangeline if nobody else has her, then get me within harpooning range of Jutland. When she starts to sink I want to be able to get a 'poon in her. Rig for rescue operations. I'm not going to let her go down and let the hate fester more."

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa says "You don't have to do this! You were more than this once, you can be more than this again!"

Kotone seems to be earnest in her words very enrest in them.

She will have her bombers launch another run on Jutland she can't let up unless Jutland looks like she's going to stand down.

"She threw you away, has left you like this! She's no Admiral I'd want commanding me!"

She will pause though as she sees Eve is handled with Leyanne and she will press the attack.

Lexicon has posed:
    "Tch..." Lexicon sneers at the Abyssal's reaction, "Is that mentality coming from all this garbage stuck to you? You're your own person, you don't belong to anybody." She tosses her axe upward, then catches it in a different grip, "I'll hack all that shit away until you come to your senses." SHe might not know how Abyssals work, but the idea of viral corruption is what she's working from.

    "Or until you pass out!" The idea now is to keep Jutland's attention off of the badly wounded Neuroi who tried the emotional appeal route. And if there's one person present in this fight who's good at getting in someone's face and taking the lumps... Lexicon dives hard, sweeping her axe back and then throwing herself into a spin. "TANZERIN TROMBE!"

    It's a horizontal chopping motion, rather than vertical. Wouldn't want to risk breaking the ice she's got the Abyssal beached on and let her get away, after all.

Nagato has posed:
    Nagato doesn't have to say a word as soon as Jutland's open. Everyone's already there. Nagato, however, is scanning the radar for Dogger... guns swiveling... before firing on the Leviathan, another target to disable while everyone else is working to either destroy or capture Jutland. Armor peircing shells make a rapport out of those massive cannons, screaming towards their target, the red tipped, penetrating shells, looking to find their mark.

    She starts to reload again, eyes scanning her allies... a nod is given, and an affirmative noise towards Evangeline, "You did try."

    Her focus goes back towards the Leviathan, pulling her trusty axe out from a special compartment upon her rigging. "I'm not done with you... we're going to finish this!"

Shigure has posed:
    Jutland snarls at Orchid, "We are discarded. Even your pathetic attempt to appeal to me is hollow."

    Leyanne, Reina and Kotone launch their attacks, explosions peppering the Demon's body, tearing holes in the pale skin and spilling more of that black ichor. She falls to a knee, and takes the chop from Lexicon to the neck, beheading the Demon and causing her to topple over and fall still.

    Nagato's assault on the Leviathan, as it gradually pulls away from the battling group, leaves a few more holes, and sets off a small explosion within the giant fortress, causing more smoke to billow out of the rents in the hull.

    The fog bank begins to recede now, as the moon rises and bathes the ocean in pale, milky light.

Leyanne Mace has posed:
Leyanne watches the beheading and frowns. "Win some. Lose some." She mutters, shaking her head. "Maybe... if there's a next time you crop up, we won't be too late." Leyanne goes back below decks, piloting Leeroy back to join the fleet. She cruises back to where Yuudachi is, the mouse looking over at her. "You OK?" She says, from the flying bridge. "I'm... sorry I wasn't there. I coulda... maybe helped."

She feels bad. Because when Yuudachi got taken. Leyanne was already caught up in chasing the rush over on the Line. She feels like her own Trouble is part of what got her taken by the abyssals.

Reina Kinney has posed:
There's little emotion in Reina's voice as she says, "Cease fire!" With that, she simply stares for a moment at the decapitated demon, before shaking her head. "Sometimes missions don't always end the way you want 'em to. As long as the task is completed."

A pause as Reina sits back into her chair. "Although sometimes, the slightest deviation can get you in trouble. I could write a book about how many times Laia's berated me for straying off course." A pause then she calls out, "Move us back to the fleet!"

"Aye aye!"

With that, Neo Osprey begins to move towards the others, picking up speed rather quickly. Reina can only lean back in her chair and sigh a little. "Truth be told, I would've liked to see a more peaceful ending myself. I didn't want to do that, but Laia told me if all else fails, take action."

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa watches as the fleet's combined firepower take down Jutland she cringes a bit, but she made her choice. She'll move to pull back her planes now the battle is over and she'll be skating across the water for Leyanne's boat to get a chance to rest.

"She made her choice and had to deal with the bed she made. There's nothing I can do now..."

She's going to check up on Eve now and then get back into formation.

Neuroi Girl has posed:
     Evangeline finally finishes reforming, then floats toward Jutland. She looks at the beheaded Abyssal for a few moments, slowly looks at Lexicon, then slowly floats toward Yuudachi again. "...we would never leave you behind..." she says, though why might be a mystery to the others. She holds out an arm and her fingers emerge before she takes Yuudachi's hand. "...is everyone else alright...? ...I'm sorry if I caused trouble for you all...I just...had to try..."

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     Orchid sighs, then shrugs. She did her part, she gave Jutland every chance to chose a different path. Now it's time to clean up the mess, which involves her own spiders, making sure the damaged ones are gathered as well. "It was a very good try Eva," she says to the worried ... what exactly IS Eva? Eh, Orchid will figure that out later. "Sometimes it works, sometimes it lays the foundation for working later."

Nagato has posed:
    The Leviathan's smoking more and that at least fills Nagato's thirst to cause damage to something big. Everyone else had their way with Jutland. She gets a look towards the tail end of the beheading and she gives a firm nod, one less Abyssal to darken these waters. "Everyone, recover and fall back. Yuudachi is recovered, Abyssal threat has been eliminated for now. Well done everyone." she comments towards the Fleet as a whole, "I'll have the docks opened up for everyone to rest, you've earned it."

Lexicon has posed:
    At the termination of her spin, Lexicon slams her feet into the ice of her own creation, using it to brake herself. Her axe snaps out, scattering oily ichor when it lurches to a halt, and she remains stationary like that for a few moments. Angry red marks on her legs and arms show the code shorn off by the Abyssal's attacks, but she ignores them.

    At last, Lexicon straightens, looking first at her weapon. With a disgusted look, she discards it and it disappears. Only then does she turn to behold the shattered monster that used to be Jutland. She sighs, then glances towards Leeroy in the distance, waiving a hand overhead, "Oooi. Salvage this shit before the ice melts."