6138/A Lost Hero

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A Lost Hero
Date of Scene: 29 October 2018
Location: Fairyland Hall
Cast of Characters: Touta Konoe, 6384, Solty Revant, Shigure, 6751, Kotone Yamakawa

Touta Konoe has posed:
     Requests go out throughout the channels about an unusual disturbance in one of the less traveled regions of the Multiverse. Reports of some sort of disturbance from the locals are coming in about an underground cavern and an abnormal amount of commotion. The cause...Well they aren't really sure but they do report on a few things.

     1. The area is a network of caves with underground sources of water so large they are basically lakes. A perfect environment to house magical creatures of both aquatic and cavern-like nature. These animals are highly hostile, and extremely territorial.

     2. This cave is the only place from this world that has a Warpgate. The pathways that allowed for one to traverse through the Multiverse.

     Considering that the locals know better than to drop down into these caves without a reason they can only assume that they have an unexpected visitor.

     Touta Konoe however now has a reason...A young man who appeared to be in his teens descends into the caverns. He was the one who made the announcement and had decided to go into the caves himself to see what was going on for himself. Usually this underground labrynth would be so dark that one could barely see a few feet in front of them, but with the introduction of the Warpgate, accomodations had been made to try and give some form of lighting throughout this underground network.

     He's not really sure what's been going on down here but he figures that as he passes through the underground channels he should check around the Warpgate first, after all even if he couldn't find anything someone might pop up right?

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     When there are such announcements go out, telling of trouble a-brewing, often Search and Rescue agents will be sent in. They are not intended to shoot the trouble, that's what the troubleshooters do. Instead they go in to get people out of the range of the danger.

     Such is why Orchid has just come through the warpgate, a swarm of drones at her sides, fanning out while she connects with the local networks, downloading maps, and trying to find the source of the trouble.

Solty Revant has posed:
     Solty doesn't really know what's going on either, she just knows that a friend of hers is going somewhere and that's all she needs to know to follow after! So, as Touta checks around the warpgate he is sure to notice the cute, green-haired and green-eyed girl with the strange furry ears as she steps out of the warpgate and looks around. "Hello? Touta?" She spots him and smiles cheerfully before offering a friendly wave. "Hello Touta! What are you doing in a spooky place like this?" Her ears droop a bit as she looks around at the cavern, and those ears twitch as she catches various sounds (many of which may not be audible to other people).

Shigure has posed:
    Another reckless person barrels into the cave system... literally leaping off the ledge and onto the water with a great splash. "Yori dori midori poi~!" she crows, the translation effect giving "There's, like, so many targets to choose from~." her young frame clad in metal rigging that looks like a giant smoke-stack backpack, bristling with guns. "Night battle is my speciality!"

Izuku Midoriya (6751) has posed:
     Gee, he's really done it now. He always considered himself a little clumsy but this was a new level of blunder that blows all the other competition out of the water. Even if it was was a simple mistake like always...How did it...

     "H-How did it turn out like this!"

     The sound of a young boys frustration echoes through the cavernous formations with great clarity. Any attempt at staying under the radar was immediately ruined with that outburst as he puts his back to the wall trying to think further on the situation he found himself in. It seemed relatively safe at the moment, so he doesn't try too hard to restrain himself and his natural tendencies with a stream of murmuring making his thoughts very clear.

     He had fallen into some shimmering entity while investigating it and it's origins right before he was going to go let someone know about it. Afterward, he had a brief stint with the 'locals' of this alien area aggressing him with varying degrees of hostility. They seemed angry, but after he calms his head a bit it's probably no different than a bear attacking someone for intruding on their territory. More importantly than that, this setting presented a unique problem for him.

     "That's right, I..." The rookie hero brings his hands to his messy hair and rakes his hands through it as he announces his plight to seemingly no one in particular. "I can't fight here, I'll cause a cave in...but..."

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
There had been some call for help here from Touta, Kotone knew of him well enough that if he neede help? One it was no joke and two he was a good young man so double the reason to help him. Kotone was clad in a form-fitting bodysuit slightly armoured in the important places, she also has an assault rifle sung over her back as she moves following the group down.

"Good we seem to be ready here so hopefully I can be of some help with this."

She pauses as she hears some else down here.

"Looks like we better get moving. Sounds like someone might be in trouble here."

Touta Konoe has posed:
     Upon the those who take heed to the call Orchid's drones begin to scour the cavern network. It's expansive. Her drones have likely already traversed several hundred meters but its clear that this place was huge. Though as they continue to explore the light that has been provided within a certain area begins to grow more and more distant. It's clear that there are parts of this cave that have been prioritized in keeping accessible over others. While she does find a network to connect with, how powerful her connection will be underground is...Difficult to say the least.

     Yuudachi finds that she's right in her element. Well sort of anyway. There's plenty of water in this place, how much? No one really records that stuff but considering there's the sounds of a waterfall in the distance its safe to assume quite a bit... In regards to targets there were plenty. While most of the creatures appeared to be avoiding the areas of the cavern that were illuinated, one could see spiders the size of cars traversing the distance. Bat like screeching sounds could be heard from above. And...Something that looked like the lochness monster or something could be seen in the distance. How big was this place?! Even in the water below Yuudachi's feet there's shadows of things lurking below

Touta meanwhile get's a surprise from a familiar face. Actually he recognizes a few faces! He's seen Orchid a few times here and there so he's relieved to see her when she's one of the ones who decides to arrive. Just as he's about to greet her Solty appears. That was definitely a surprise.

     "Oh, I live here. Well uhm...Not here but I'm the one sent the call out. Something's been causing a ruckus down here and getting all the creatures down here flipping out. It's was getting so loud we could hear it up top so I thought I'd go check it ou-"

     Suddenly the a sound can be heard in the distance. The sound of a boy shouting out which besides Touta...There really shouldn't be any. Accompanying that sound is the sound of low snake like hissing in the distance. Kotone arrives just in time to hear as well and with only a nod Touta, who looks towards Orchid hoping her drones had picked up on where they needed to head.

     These are the sounds of the creatures that have appeared before Izuku, Midoriya. Reptilian creatures with long extended necks. Teeth, sharp and plentiful bared at the young man. They weren't just hostile because they the boy had appeared in their territory, they were predators, and prey had just spontaneously appeared at their doorstep. So they'll do what comes instinctual. A few of the creatures at the forefront of the pack dart forward towards the young man, jaws opened wide in an attempt to get their fill of this snack before the others had the opportunity.

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     Once Orchid comes to Touta, she tilts her head, listening to the explanation. "So there's a loud monster, making worrying noises, and this is basically a bug hunt, right?" she asks. Her drones are still doing the scouting/mapping thing. At the sound of the creature in the distance, she turns. "Judging by the echoes and the falloff from my drones, whatever made that noise is that way," she says, pointing. There's a moment where she deals with fear, then activates her dash-boots, zooming forward towards the fray.

     As far as staying in contact with others goes, some of her larger drones will be hanging back at strategic intervals, and acting as relay points.

Izuku Midoriya (6751) has posed:
     Izuku had been mostly in thought and might not have even had enough time to properly react if not for the hissing that rings very clearly through his head as his gaze is pulled upwards on instinct.

     "E-eh? That sounds like..."

     The green-clad boy had just lined himself up with a whole sundry of predators to his location on complete accident. Any more thoughts he'd have are interrupted swiftly by the incoming assault. He can't help but feel sweat drench his brow even in mere moments just from the ominous appearance of these things. He'll need to get out of the situation without using his powers so he will need to come up with some kind of plan to evade them. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is very obvious even for someone inexperienced like him.

     In a quick motion he braces his body seemingly for impact but makes a conscious decision to use that potential energy not to maintain his ground, but dive out of the way of the incoming blitzkrieg moments before impact. Quadrapeds had wide turning arcs so he wanted to rely on their own momentum to slam into the wall he just had his back against without them having time to catch him mid-motion.

     While airborne he hangs on to a rock and pulls it along with him as he rolls into stability, quickly standing with his inertia and making a break for it, rock in tow for future use.

     "W-what are those? Are these real!?"

     He's seen some crazy things before from people with quirks but being lost in the dark surrounded by things trying to genuinely eat him is a bit of a foreign situation for the young boy.

Solty Revant has posed:
     Solty's ears twitch at the sounds of the boy shouting and murmuring, and at the snake hissing. "Come on!" she says to Touta and the others before taking off at a sprint that kicks up rocks and leaves a trail of dust, each footfall sounding like small explosions.

     When she hears the sounds of the creatures attacking, she seems to disappear all together as she tries to get there before the creatures are able to bite Izuku.

     She doesn't make it, but much to her delight Izuku knows how to handle himself. She seems to teleport in beside Izuku and runs with him. "Are you alright?! Those big lizards almost got you! Don't worry, there's lots of strong people here so you'll be safe!" she says a bit too cheerfully for such a situation. But, her smile and tone are so genuine that it would be difficult not to believe her. "I'm Solty! Who are you?" she asks as they run.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa first up cloaks for the moment her body shimmering and vanishing from view, and she heads in. The move quickly trying to catch up to the creatures and the young man they are assaulting him. She hears his shouting and calls out.

"Help's here hang on."

Then there's the sound of weapons fire and one might get a brief sign of a muzzel flash as Kotone fires seveal shots at the creatures trying to keep them at bay.

Touta Konoe has posed:
     Deku's maneuvering proves effective. Even when faced with an unknown entity using what litle information he has to categorize it and identify a reasonable weakpoint of creatures of that body type allow him to dodge at just the right moment to have one of the creatures slam into one of the walls in the caves. As its head collides into it, vibrations course through the wall, a loud thud echoes through, and the clear surface of the water shakes if not briefly. Unfortunately that only tactic only stops the creatures that had been rash enough to charge in without the rest of the group. Which Izuku will come to realize as several of them start charging at him as they began traversing the wet surface of the cavern floor.

     Meanwhile the group that heads towards the sound of hissing aren't left in the dark for long. The appearence of the other boy running for his life while being chased by a group of strange reptilian creatures should really not need to be explained to anyone. Solty appearing right beside Deku finds that the sounds of hissing increases upon her appearence right next to the green boy. She's just appeared on their radar as well, and now their meal portion size has doubled!

     Meanwhile, Orchid seemed to have a plan already in action. From the way she described it, sounded almost like she was gonna use a dog whistle...But on these strange creatures instead.

t Kotone's approach to dealing with these creatures appears more direct by trying to shoot at the creature. It's usually a simple and effective method. Though, while she does end up taking several of the predators down she'll quickly learn that the amount of bullets necessary to do so is a bit on the steep side since their skin seems quite difficult to pierce through without a reasonable amount of effort.. Thankfully, this has deterred several of them, deeming that this prey is not worth the effort as some split off from the main group and attempt to flee into one of the bodies of water.

     "Hey! Get up here! They won't follow you this far up!" Touta had not dashed towards Izuki like a few of the others had. Instead he had been scouting for a spot that would have been easy for them to reach that was elevated off the lower level of the caves. He knows from personal experience that these things will chase you with alot of speed but once you're out of their territory they would try to go for easier prey.

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     Calling it a dog whistle would be good. Orchid's hands vanish into her arms, and are replaced with a pair of sonic screwdrivers. Now, while the Doctor could use one to take down a Dalek, Orchid is going to use two to take down the hounds. One is set at 40 kHz, the other at seven semitones higher. This is also known as the wolf fifth... and it will HURT the ears to hear. Thankfully, humans won't be able to hear it. Orchid has no idea what the range of hearing on these creatures is, but it's a good bet that this should work SOME good.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa hoped that taking out one would make hte others fall back, but dang she should have brought some AP ammo the good news is some of them are fleeing. Okay the ones that are gtting a fear of guns and man? GOOD hopefully they will breed and pass that on to their kids. For now though Kotone decloaks and will start to move trying to get away from the monsters.

"Go, we need get to higher ground like he's said."

She's bouncing now with inhuman agility as she listens to Touta's very wise advice.

Izuku Midoriya (6751) has posed:
     There's a brief moment of confusion very apparent in the boys face as an incredulous expression comes to the forefront. He's completely caught off guard by the girl seemingly appearing before him and starting a conversation just as fast. He stares wide-eyed as he opens his mouth to say something but only really managing to look ridiculous in face of her appearance while she talks without missing a beat. He does manage to bring himself to nod in response at the very least through his stammering. Once she asks him his name he does give her proper responses.

     "Huh? Y-yeah, my name? Ah, uhm...Izuku!"

     The delivery is a bit weird and her positive aura does help him forget the grim danger behind him. At least until he starts hearing gunshots behind him that cause him to perform what is not unlike that of a surprised squeal at it, bringing the rock to defend his head as he lowers his form a bit.

     "What? Oh no! They have weapons!?"

     He clearly wasn't paying too much attention to where it was coming from given Kotone is virtually invisible to someone like him and isn't broken out of that stump until he hears someone who actually sounds pretty close to his age, eliciting him to look up. It's pretty easy for him to divert and sprint straight up the hill, and once he's about halfway up he drops the rock to cause it to roll down and knock over the ones that are closest to them to secure their escape.

Solty Revant has posed:
     Solty doesn't seem worried that a few are focusing on her now. It's actually how she'd prefer it because that means her new friend won't be in as much danger. "Nice to meet you, Izuku!" She blinks as he talks about weapons, then her ears wiggle and she shakes her head. "No, that's Miss Kotone! She's really nice and is helping to keep the big lizards from ca-AAAAH!!"

     Orchid's whistles go off and Solty shrieks, clutching her ears tightly. Her body seizes up and she goes bouncing across the ground before ending up in a curled up ball on the ground, still trying to cover her ears against the ultrasonic soundwaves. "S-STOP IIIIT!!" she screams pleadingly, shuddering in pain.

     Hopefully it works on those creatures, or Solty might suddenly be a very easy snack!

Shigure has posed:
    It's taken Yuudachi a little while to realize that, oh right, she's here for a reason, not to lob depth charges at the weird looking fish. She tosses another hand grenade-like explosive over her shoulder, than casually skates closer to the action. She angles and the cannon turret on her rigging swivels into place. "Fire one!" she chirps happily, the twin barrels reporting and lobbing a pair of scaled down 12.7cm shells at the iguana-snake monsters. "Fire support is on station, poi~."

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     Orchid DID ask about the sound thing on the radio, but clearly missed a connection. At Solty's request, she stops her ultra-sonic blasters. (she has good ears, and the scream is at a frequency she has separate from the others for communications) Seeing Solty falling down, Orchid lunges forward, to pull the woman into a carry hold.

Touta Konoe has posed:
    With the ultra-sonic blasters going off for the most part the creatures sense of sound are assaulted violently. Some literally pass out from the sound alone. Others recede back into the water. It looks as though Orchid's plan will do its job of thwarting the creatures as it almost seems that the entirety of the group is ready to disperse. Though Solty's powerful hearing becomes a detriment in this situation. So much so that Orchid is forced to turn off her blasters less she harm Solty as well.

     As she does this relief can be given to Solty. The awful sound is gone and Solty can collect her thoughts again. Though so could the remaining few creatures that had struggled to stay. With the sound no longer stifling for them they're ready to charge at Solty who has fallen behind into her curled up position. Thankfully Yuudachi's grenade blast keeps them from pushing any further towards her. Their attention turns towards the shipgirl with discontent. It was one thing to be in there territory, but it was downright insulting to be skating around in the water. That was their home. Their homefield advantage, they wouldn't let that go...And then Yuudachi's cannon fire pierces through a few of them. So...Just like with Kotone's gunfire realizing what Yuudachi's packing they recede below the surface of the water.

     That was it though. No more of the amphibious creatures appeared to be lurking. In fact it seemed there wasn't even a reason to go up to the higher elevated parts of the shore now except for cautionary purposes...Or that should have been the case. Unfortunately, Orchid's sonic blast had not just interfered with that of the Solty or the amphibious creatures...

     The sound of piercing screech comes from above, as if Orchid had decided to release another one of her sonic blasters down upon the rest of the group. A large bat-like creature descends from the protection of the darkness in a rage from the noise that just blasted its senses. It swoops down at Solty with such speed that by the time Kotone, Orchid, or Yuudachi were able to line up their sights more than likely the green-haired girl would already be slammed into by the beast.

Shigure has posed:
    Yuudachi grins brightly. "Mmmm, That was great~." she chirps, skating closer to the shoreline, hucking a couple more depth charge grenades into the deeper water to assert her dominance even further.

    And that's when the bat-thing comes diving in.

    Red eyes flare, and a golden light surrounds her rigging as she draws out a pair of wrist cannons. "I'll show you the Nightmare of Solomon!" she bellows, aiming at the bat creature and just unleashing hell in the form of flak shells and tracer fire from little fold-out machinegun emplacements that have tiny fairies manning them. She's turned herself into a very angry hornets nest of fast, stinging insects. "Get out of here! I'll hold it off!"

Solty Revant has posed:
     The sound stops, but the assault to Solty's sensitive ears leaves her stunned for a little bit longer. Orchid gathers her up but Solty is still curled up and still covering her ears. She is just starting to uncurl when...there's another screech! Despite being an android, Solty apparently wasn't programmed with (or has forgotten how) to tune out certain frequencies. "Nnnng! Aaaaah!!" she cries out, curling up tightly again and trying to cover her ears just as tightly. "N-nooo! T-too loud!!"

     The bat hits, and Solty goes bouncing off again. Curled up as she is it isn't as bad as it might have been, but there are obvious scrapes and slashes in her abnormally smooth skin when she finally hits a large rock and comes to a stop. Those cuts reveal gleaming metal beneath, revealing the fact that Solty is an android to anyone who didn't already know. "M-make it stoooop!!" Solty cries, actual tears in her eyes now.

Izuku Midoriya (6751) has posed:
     Is very confused at the turn of events. One second they were aiming to go up a hill to get away from the incoming monsters and the next from his perspective they started dropping, not that he would have turned around if it was just that. The real thing that catches his attention is the cries of a certain sunny sided individual who had come to his aid. They had been right next to each other but in mere moments she had collapsed and dragged behind him for a seemingly unknown reason. His eyes dart around, trying to see what was even causing the disturbance to begin with but once he noticed her ears he managed to come to a reasonable conclusion that it was something to do with sound, even if he wasn't sure what.

    Before he can properly approach her to help he find himself flinching from the scattered light of explosions from the artillery barrage, causing him to raise his hand to shield his eyes as they had somewhat adjusted to the dark by now. It definitely seemed like the ordinance worked, even if he was a little shell-shocked from the onset of events. He can't help but be a little sheepish that they were doing all of this for him which is the opposite of what he would have wanted.

     With the situation resolved he goes to make sure Solty was doing alright- that is until he's faced with the realization that whatever happened had managed to drag an entirely different threat to their position. One that announced its presence in a way that even he could understand. He brings a hand to ear facing the creature on reflex, wincing from the sudden screeching, though his ears aren't particularly sensitive. He does almost immediately recognize that if something sound related debilitated Solty before then it will do so again. He isn't sure of the capabilities of the girl trying to assist her but he does know one thing.

     "Don't you...Touch her...!"

     He rears up his finger in an attempt to supercharge his strength utilizing his powers as lights shoot up his gloved finger, ripping it to shreds. In mere moments he realizes that it's simply moving too fast to aim something that pinpoint, and instead has to curl them into a fist with the streaks shooting up the rest of his arm as he has no more time to think of anything else, structural integrity be damned.


     He's only been able to see very surface level of what other people can do here, and even in a foreign area, there are so many fantastical abilities and people that are abundant. He's not some helpless kid anymore, he's a hero. If someone in front of him looks like they need help he'll jump forward to offer it with his all.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
So things are getting pretty hectic here, and Kotone is trying to follow Touta's advice, get the heck to higher ground, it seemed pretty good, he knew how those things operated she would be wise to listen to the young man. She scrambles to safety but then there are bats? Giant Bats? She's fast but the bats are moving just to fast on Solty. She will still line up attempting to make the shot, thankfully someone else is on the case, the young man they'd been trying to help of all people. She watches as the kid goes in and goes right for the bat, her weapon is lowered out of fear of hitting Deku should she take the shot and then she sees something rather amazing as he goes right after the bat.

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     Things are getting confusing, but the salient facts are that things are getting somewhat safer. Somewhat. Orchid gets Solty back on her feet, this new kid is helping her punch bats, and the important thing... "This way!" Orchid shouts, pointing at a passage that should be too narrow for the bat, and will lead them away.

Touta Konoe has posed:
    The bat goes down in a nose dive towards the immobilized girl, but as it does so Yuudachi's flak shells take very little aim to deal with the flying monstrosity and the shells prove potent as they rip through one of the creatures wings. While the damage is substantial it leads to a whole new problem. The bat would have likely have pulled up slightly as it reached the ground to swoop up Solty or something of the sort, but with the tearing of its wing it has lost a substantial amount of control over its ability to fly or alter its trajectory. Now there's only one direction it can go and that's crashing down with all of its body weight towards Solty instead!

     As the bat no longer capable of flight simply just falls towards the curled up girl, Yuudachi runs the risk of catching both Solty and Izuku in the crossfire if she fires off anymore of her Flak shells. Even as a android, Solty likely wouldn't come out unscathed if she was smashed into with such a large lump of mass all at once. Speaking of smashed though... As the clipped bat finally descends into range, Izuku is able to unleash a powerful punch. So powerful infact that the downward moment of the creature is halted upon his fist and even without working wings is sent flying. In fact...The impact from that punch was so immense that it sends out a shockwave outwards from the contact of the punch. Dust and dirt blast up into the air making the visibility even worse than before. The shockwave's intensity likely blowing a few people off their feet if they weren't prepared for it.

     The end result though... Izuku can see the bat be sent flying through the dust clouds into the distance with even more speed than it had going down. It vanishes into the darkness of the cave with all that is left of it being the sound of a large slamming sound very far off into the distance of the cave.

     With that all said and done, Touta tries to pick himself up. He was apparently one of the ones that had knocked back a bit...Or a lot. He has no idea what just happened, or if the others were okay with all the dust still about, so he gives a shout out from the higher elevated spot checking to see if anyone else had been knocked off their feet.

     "Heeeeeey! Everyone okay?!"

Solty Revant has posed:
     Solty is more or less dragged by Orchid toward the protective cave, but it looks like they aren't going to make it in time to avoid the now free-falling giant bat!

     Luckily for Solty, Izuku comes in with a punch that might even put her own to shame! The shockwave knocks her right into that little cave with Orchid, and after a few moments of silence she peeks out. "...hello?" she calls into the cloud of dust. "Touta? Izuku? Kotone?" She looks to Orchid, then takes her hand and makes her way out carefully. Her ears twitch at Touta's voice and she heads in that direction. "I think so!" she calls back to him, then looks at Orchid again. "Sorry...I didn't realize you were talking about a sound attack. I have really sensitive ears." She rubs them as if they are still hurting, then wiggles them experimentally. "Are you alright?"

Shigure has posed:
    Yuudachi blinks as the bat gets wing-clipped. "Craaaaap!!" she starts forward, cutting off her firing solution to try and bodily tackle the bat away form Solty.

    Izuku has it well on fist though, the shockwave catching the destroyer by surprise and sending her staggering and reeling backwards. "UUUAAAAAAH!" She tips over, flailing head over heels across the water, until she lands on her butt and skids backwards a few more feet. She seems dazed, slowly picking herself back up unsteadily.

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     Orchid sets Solty back on her feet. "I'm fine," she says in response to Touta. "Kotone? Punch-guy? Ship girl?" She looks around the cave. "Yeah, I thought that was implied, my bad," she adds towards Solty."

Izuku Midoriya (6751) has posed:
     Feels something push back. That must be the air giving in and cavitating from the sudden force and performing a feat not unlike that of a directional explosion when he swung. He can't help but immediately let out a stifled grunt of pain through the smoke through heavy breathing, the arm that he swung with being bare with blood seeming to trickle down, hanging listlessly to his side. Through those heavy heaves, he turns to look through the smoke and confirm everyone's current condition. It seems like everyone's okay, even if a bit disorientated which was to be expected. If these creatures were like animals giant sounds like his attack and the explosions from the shore would deter them rather than attract them.

     It doesn't take long for his endorphins to stop stifling the pain in his arm when he starts to calm down from the hectic situation. Regardless, he pushes through with an arm on his shoulder and goes over to where they were directed to go towards previously.

     "Y-Yeah, I think I'm fine..."

     He offers a brief confirmation as he approached them, giving Orchid and Solty a good once over before his mind registers something.

     "Ship girl? Oh, wait, that means..."

     He didn't consider where the attacks had actually been coming from previously until just now, and he can't help but feel embarrassed when he notices the condition of Yuudachi.

     "I'm sorry! You're not hurt are you..?"

Shigure has posed:
    "Pretty birdies..." says the shipgirl, swaying for a moment before she recollects herself, shaking out like a dog and skating back to shore, mounting up onto dry land and walking over to the injured boy. "You're wounded, poi. We should get you to a medical facility, poi." she says, looking to Orchid, Solty and Touta. "We should get outta here before they put on their man pants, poi."

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
The bat seems to be handled now and Kotone is making for Solty and Deku.

"I'm all right, I haven't been hurt."

she's already slinging her rifle over her shoulder.

"I'm fine Solty. Humm we might need to see if we can do something for you on that with the hearing, well some good hearing protection."

She looks to Yuudaschi for a moment.

"Are you all right there and good to see your intact Orchid."

She looks to Deku and nods slightly

"Once we can all move we should get out of these caves."

She looks very concerned at Yuu now.

If Yuu needs help getting out Kotone will provide it otherwise it's time the group got going to get out of this place before other things come back wearing their big boy pants.

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     "Shipgirl is right, poi," Orchid says, doing a point again. "The nearest safe area is that-a-way."

Touta Konoe has posed:
Touta ends up catching up with the others as well he gives a sigh of relief that everyone seemed okay. "Jeez, I swear we just cleaned this place out a few months ago. Those things are like rabbits or something...Anyway, that punch was crazy if you could do that you should have done that from the star-"

     Touta cuts himself off as Yuudachi collects herself and makes her observation. Upon closer observation within the darkness he can see what appears to be something dripping from Izuku's arm. Touta's been blown up enough times to know what it is. In fact, looking around it seemed like a few of them had ended up getting really messed up. Even Solty looked like she needed repairs.

     "Right...Let's go back on the surface for now. We can take him up to the resort up top to get him patched up a bit then send him home. Follow me, I know a way where the other monsters won't pop up. Just look out for the cobwebs, if you get stuck in them it'll take a while to pull you out."

     Without much more explanation, Touta urges them to follow. It'll take some time traversing the caves but at least its scenic and they even get to see a bit more of the cavern network without really bein in harm's way. As they ascend up out of the caves its like going up a mountain. In the distance they seem a closer up view of that waterfall...And something that looks like what the lochness monster should bring its head out of the water before slowly receding peacefully.

     They can see giant spider webs that literally look like they could have been used to capture the bat that appeared before...And as they get even farther into the caves...There's a castle. It looks like it hasn't been lived in for decades but its definitely a castle underground.

     It does take some time but eventually they find an exit. Touta is the first one to push open the exit door letting sunlight pierce through into the cave for the first time they've gone through the Warpgate. Though once they get out of the cave and onto the surface they probably will realize they just popped out of a well.

     Once out though, they're quickly greeted by a large group of rather intimidating gentleman wearing suits. They basically looked like Yakuza to those familiar to the concept as they stared daggers at the group. Perhaps there was going to be more confrontation...

     "Hey guys, these are some friends from the Multiverse. Looks like a few got a bit ruffed up from the cave critters. I'mma let'em stay the night but before that you mind taking care of them?"

     "Hai, Aniki." Or for the multiverse translation. "Yes, big bro." The demeanor of the group takes a 180 turn upon that remark immediately line up on both sides of the boy clearing a path for the group.

     One of the yakuza looking members stares down at Izuku first before he speaks."If you'll follow me, guest we'll bring you to someone to look after your wounds." With that he urges the young man to follow.

     Next was Solty who got the same sort of treatment. "If you follow me miss, we'll see if we can have someone look you over." to which Touta interupts the guy, "We have an android on the island so we can see if he can help you out a bit with some parts and repairs if you need it."

     As for Orchid,Kotone, and Yuudachi who seemed less harmed, two more suited gentleman walk over to them. "It looks like you three are fine for the most part. If that's the case feel free to use any facilities on the island. Or if you both would like to retire to the guest rooms for the night please let us know."

     And just like that all those who had wound up in a cave were to be treated like resort guests

Shigure has posed:
    "Arigatou gozaimasu." replies Yuudachi, bowing formally as her rigging vanishes in a flare of blue-white light. Or to give it the translation: "Thank you very much." She then lifts a hand to her ear, speaking as if she were talking into a phone. "Ah? Okay... yes, mhmm. Okay, I'll talk to him, poi." She then heads off after Izuku and the guy taking him to see the local medic.

    She waits patiently for the medic to finish patching the young man up, then bows after entering. "Is your name Izuku Midoriya?" she asks, "Student at UA Academy, Class 1-A?" If the answer is 'yes', she proceeds into the Paladin spiel, mentioning Mei's name as another member of the Paladins, what the Paladins are about, what their duties are in the greater Multiverse, then finally providing information on applying for a position as Chevalier, which should be expedited due to Multiversal exchange programs with Hero Earth.

Solty Revant has posed:
     Solty is pretty concerned as well when she sees Izuku's arm. "Oh no! Are you alright? Did...did you get hurt because of me?" Her ears droop and she frowns sadly. "I'm sorry...I was supposed to be helping you, but you ended up having to protect me." She looks at Orchid as well and sighs. "Sorry again. Your plan got messed up because of me, too." She walks quietly for a few moments, then clenches her fists and gives a double fist pump of determination. "I'll just have to get better so I don't get in the way again!" she says.

     When Touta offers repairs Solty just smiles and nods. "Okay. But, I don't think I was hurt that badly. I just need some more Resemble skin." But, before she goes she turns to the others and bows politely. "Thank you all for your help! It was nice to meet you, Miss Orchid and Miss Yuudachi!"

Izuku Midoriya (6751) has posed:
     The boy nods when he's directed. He more or less falls back to a sheepish demeanor not present when they were presented with immediate danger and simply nods in response when they were offered a medic. This was a pretty regular occurrence for him. It seemed like everyone was alright so instead he simply defaulted to mumbling to himself on how he was going to get back home from here, given everything seemed so different. They seemed to be throwing around a lot of terms like Multiverse so he does manage to piece a few things together. He stays to himself until eventually he's directly referred to by Shigure.

     "Eh? Oh, uh...Yes, that's me.

     It takes him a moment to take it all in the situation he was in and he definitely needs time to think about it. As he looked at his hands he comes to a resolution.

     "Paladins, huh...That's right, the world is much larger than I could ever hope to imagine. A huge world that spans so many universes with so many people. Even so, I still have that dream I cling on to. Even now, that doesn't change.

     He brings his fingers to a close and has moved to make eye contact with her, giving her a look of determination.

     "I'll do it then, I'll be a hero in the multiverse!"