6156/Scavenging the Hulk

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Scavenging the Hulk
Date of Scene: 18 November 2018
Location: The Line
Synopsis: Orchid gathers a team to loot one of the Refineries that lay along the Line
Cast of Characters: 6384, Yang Xiao Long, Corona Arclite, Kotone Yamakawa, 571

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     So, while all those who Orchid has hired (and yes, there will be some pay for this day's labor, as well as pizza if all goes well) are approaching the mission site, they will be treated to a mission briefing.

Mission Brief:
Client: Orchid
Location: Abandoned Engine Kingdom Refinery #6156
Objective: Secure the site, salvage tools, study technology, & make sure the place is safe.

    <You know, I could give you pages of background on this place, how it was built by the Combustion Empire, reclaimed by the Engine Kingdom. There's a good five pages Iâve got about the riot that lead to this place switching sides. But the short version is we're going in, looking for some specific treasure, and making sure this place is safe to leave abandoned for the locals.>

    So in addition to driving the cargo truck rented for the mission, Orchid will be remaining outside, both as a reserve and as a spotter. Everyone has been added to her tactical net, meaning everyone gets to see a mini-map, and a heads-up-display indicating what they are looking at actually is. (Equipment provided as necessary)

    <So there are a couple of things we could be seeing, including turbofauna, bandits, or simply unstable cargo. So if you see something, speak up. With the turbofauna, there are people we can sell a body to, but they will pay more for live capture. No moral or legal issues. Same with bandits; the nearby city claims the wreck, and anyone who moved in counts as an illegal squatter. Unarmed squatters we can shoo along, but if they shoot at us, the locals would rather we not kill them, and will pay for live captures but not dead ones. Unstable bits of cargo we'll decide when we come to, stabilize if we can, or detonate at a safe distance from things we like if we can't.>

    On arrival, well. It is a mobile oil refinery that has come to a stop. Thrusters on the back end, wheels along the bottom, a hole torn into one side, gigantic tanks, a row of garage doors, and what is close to an energy cannon at the front.

     <Right, there has been a turbofauna sighted in the area, but that was weeks ago. It may still be here, it may have moved on. Be sharp people. Any questions or concerns? Also, what should I order on the pizzas?>

     Orchid pulls the truck into a stop. Time to pose in, and decide how you want to tackle this.

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang has brought her bike for this trip out, acting as an outrider for the truck. She's got an earpiece with a little one-eye visor to link up with the tacnet under her helmet as she rides along. "Suffice it to say, don't fire unless fired upon, and try to wing instead of go for the kill." replies Yang over the radio. "I'll only bring out Ember Celica if something proves too tough to just punch into submission. I remember that horror monster Zwei cooked up too well." She keeps a distance between herself and the truck. "I'll swing around the front, see if there's any movement from there then head in from that side. I'll keep in touch." she adds, pulling ahead as the truck slows to approach and vanishing around one of the titanic wheels.

    "As for the pizza, no mushrooms or anchovies. Anything else is a'okay with me." she adds offhandedly.

Corona Arclite has posed:
    "So no killin' nuttin' less it makes a big problem of itself," Corona summerizes the summary as she hops down from the truck, boots clunking audibly on the surface. She pulls one of the revovler-like weapons from it's holster to remove the cylinder, tuck that away and replace it with another from her belt. "Iffen anyone needs non-lethal ammo, just give a hollar." The gun is reholstered and it's mate is drawn to do the same. If she needs to switch to real firepower she's got her scattergun. "Otherwise, ready to move out."

    A pause, and a flick of the tail and a shrug. "Don't matter none." She smirks coyly. "Can eat most anything." You learn to not be picky when you grow up on the streets.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa knew the deal given what she'd been involved with the Line and bringing the horrible nightmare to a close. She's also learned a bit about Gil that left her far less angry about him. Either way here she was happy to take this job too as it was right up her alley in terms of her skills. This would be hopefully fun, right? she'd offered her ship the Bluenose for additional cargo carrying, and she was pulling up on her personal motorcycle the Knight. She would bring the craft to a halt pull off her helmet, following that up with pulling cables out of the back of her neck.

<<Ham and Pineapple for me!>>

Kotone was a costal savage who liked such things she noted.

"As for squatters I have a good array of less lethal and riot control options. Also, leave the plugging one's brain into strange alien tech to me. It's my lot in life."

She was also clad in that stealth armoured body suit she often wore.

"Yang! Corona good to see you both today! Is this it for the crew for this?"

Alexis Maaka (571) has posed:

    <I'll try not to get too trigger happy.> Maaka radios dryly as she stows a Vepr-12 auto-shotgun, modified to her personal preference in specs. Still, Orchid's op, she needs to play by her rules tonight. Plus, pizza AND a paycheck after this? She can't argue with that. <What about salvage rights?> She asks, outriding along with Yang using her motorcycle. <I'm not picky long as it ain't anchovies. Hell, add pineapple if you wanna get frisky.> Maaka quips casually, as she gives a scan of the immediate area, her eyes alert for any hostiles on-site.

Orchid (6384) has posed:
As she goes around he refinery, Yang will see more of those ground-level garage doors, some of which are open to reveal... Garages! But perhaps more importantly, she may notice some tracks, leading towards the big hole. Strange tracks at that, like giant paws, but with a strangely swept area between them. A closer look might tell her more.

     Back at the truck that is their home base, Orchid is setting up what she calls her portable spotter kit: two computer screens, a chair, and a network relay. Her spiders are fanning out from her location, and into the Hulk. "I think that's it for the moment," Orchid says, looking over the data. "I'm not seeing any risk near the entrances so far... Salvage rights are mostly 'first come, first served.' This is why I have the cargo container to fill. I'm specifically looking for machine shop tools, but there are some other things I'd like to look at"

     Oh yeah, that hole. It certainly looks like it was pulled apart by something with claws, and is a good 10 feet across. <You can go in through that hole, or the garages,> Orchid offers. <And it sounds like two Hawaiian style will make everyone happy.>

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang pulls hard around once she spots the open doors, but kills the throttle a little when she sees the tracks leading in. She circles in to take a closer look, then radios over. <Got some tracks over here... some of that turbofauna seems to be still around, keep sharp if you go in near the big breach... Got some open hangar doors over this side, I'm heading in to poke around.> she says, then guns the throttle and heads straight for the doors. Whether there's a ramp or not, she uses her gauntlets to launch herself and her bike up into the opening and skids to a stop in a hard sweeping turn that kicks up blown-in dust and debris in a dramatic cloud as she grinds the metal of her boot against the deck, sending up sparks.

Alexis Maaka (571) has posed:
    <Rog'. Heading toward the garage.> Maaka radios in affirmative, making her way to join Yang as the blonde pugilist maneuvers around the refinery. Her eyes go wide as she takes in the sheer *scale* of the place, taking in the fact it's also mobile at that. God only knows how much energy this thing guzzles, not that she can talk. Body-mods aren't cheap, nor are the amount of food she needs to keep herself running with the bio-fuel cell in her stomach.

    She rides up the extended ramp, following Yang inside as she hits the ground and lands near the perky pugilist after a pretty sizable jump into the garage, her bike making a hard left as it skids to a stop, kicking dust and sparks everywhere.

    "We're in." She messages, hopping off her bike.

Corona Arclite has posed:
    Corona finishes up by pulling her goggles down over her eyes. That despite their archaic look of leather band and brass fittings are modern tech within, giving her access to Orchid's map HUD and other features. "No sense in us all goin' in the same way and bein' potential targets." Besides she knows Yang and Maaka are more than capable than handling themselves. "Rawht, tools, stuff to work with." Stuff she knows plenty about.

    Okay so some sorta critter that may or may not still be here has tore its way into the lower levels. So a lot of stuff might be trashed in there already. "Think we oughta take a looksie on the other side." The fox starts around to the side opposite of where the massive hole is, looking for an alternate access to hopefully a workshop or such for the sort of items they're looking for.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
<<Not everything is a target Alexis o/~>>

Kotone certainly doesn't seem to be the fearful and self-hating girl she was when she first walked out into the multiverse. She is ready to head in and she hushes up as Maaka brings up the issue of salvage which is part of why she's here.

<Don't forget the Bluenoses cargo hold is empty o/~>>

At the mention of turbo fauna? Kotone will make sure the assault rifle on her back and pistol at her hip are ready before she'll head in.

She then cloaks and will dash on ahead to see what she can find with someone like Yang to help with any up close hostiles she's quite confident. They should be able to endure whatever might await them.

<<I honestly like this sort of work over fighting.>>

<<Hey Corona I need to show you my Halloween costume later>>

She sees Maaka go off with Yang so she'll end up going off with Corona in the end.

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     At looking closer at the tracks will reveal what looks like tire-treads in the paws, as if someone managed to combine a car with... a bear? No, there isn't indication of claws. Between the paw-prints is what looks like the trail a giant snake would leave. Something going the same direction? Maybe.

     Once Yang and Alexis are inside the garages, it'll quickly become clear that the people who used to work here probably left of their own free will. There's some dust, and only two vehicles visible inside, and those are jacked up on lifts. There are also some clear signs that this was an Engine Kingdom facility; mini-fridges, pinup posters on the walls, chairs that might have been comfortable once. But this isn't what Orchid is looking for: it is a place for repairing and storing vehicles, not for making parts. There are doors deeper into the facility.

Over with Corona and Kotone, they'll find what looks like a door under the thrusters that once kept this thing moving at speed, as well as a number of... well, garbage chutes, filled with black and grey ash. The door leads to the engine control room. Lots of panels and dials related to those thrusters are inside, along with more posters and even a toaster oven, revealing that people lived and worked here comfortably. Again, doors to other parts of the refinery.

     <I'm getting some telemetry, and am updating your maps,> Orchid tells her crew. Now on the maps are things labeled 'bridge' 'living quarters' a large space labeled 'cargo', and 'main reaction chamber'

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang dismounts, taking her helmet off and leaving it on her bike's saddle. <We have a couple vehicles in here... they're kinda in bits, might be something worth salvaging but I doubt it.> she says, checking out the Engine Kingdom decor. She's familiar with the lacksidaisical seeming nature of the former Kingdom, the grease-rocker stylings and the burning desire for freedom. She wipes some dust from one of the mini-fridges, before turning to one of the doors leading further in. "Maaka, on me. We're going deeper in, If this place is anything like the other refinery back when the Treasure was still running this place, there should be a machine shop off the main hangar bay for machining new parts." she deploys Ember Celica. "Keep your eyes open too, there were more than just the paw marks out there."

Corona Arclite has posed:
    Corona taps the side of her goggles to process the update, and hmms softly. <Get any fix on what might act'ally be in the cargo space?> she asks. The pauses to look over some of the consoles, but there doesn't appear to be any actual tools in the room, just a control station. Her ears swivel a bit, keeping wary of potential warnings for danger. But most of her attention is on searching for the items they're looking for as they make their way into the abandoned (maybe?) hulk of a machine.

Alexis Maaka (571) has posed:
    "Right." Maaka nods, drawing her Vepr as she follows Yang. If they run into anything, she'll let Yang handle the brunt of it. Probably a bad idea to get in the way of someone strong as she is after all. "Way ahead of you. Check those corners." Maaka says, doing exactly that as she focuses on wherever Yang isn't looking, typical CQB training really. You always cover your buddy's back, look where they're not.

    "So where we headed first? Machine shop?"

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone is moving ahead still cloaked as she's looking about for signs of trouble but rather finds that people lived here once. She'll attempt to patch into any tactical net that has gone up. She keeps moving to check the displays and dials for anything that might hint what they did, her search is brief and unless she turns up something major she's going to be moving on for the refinery, also there's a warning about lifeforms form Yang and she keeps note of that.

<<Let me look the Vehicles over later I salvaged things you'd think were nothing but scrap!>>

With the warning in mind and should she have not found anything major she's going to make a push for the refinery though she makes for the refinery.

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     Passing through the passages, both parties find their way to one of the large cargo bays. The way this place is laid out it also doubles as a hub for getting around. The hole to the outside can be seen from here, light streaming in.

     Judging by the nest pounded into the remaining crates, it is the home to a turbofauna.

     Judging by the broken skulls around the nest, it likes to eat people.

     And judging by Orchid's warning, it had been out when they arrived, and is now coming home.

     Moving not as fast as the line once did, but still faster than anything its size should, it bursts in, all black with chrome accents. Making out WHAT it is will be hard, but there is the impression of a muscular creature, a panther writ large, needle-fangs, and a long tail replacing the lower body, a horrible hybrid creature.

     Oh, and it's psychic, a projecting telepath, as it's radiating lashes of anger at those it found in its lair.

Alexis Maaka (571) has posed:
    "HEADS UP!" Maaka shouts, spotting the creature as it arrives. She takes a nasty slash across the chest, grunting in pain before she draws her shotgun and retaliates. The saiga opens fire, blasting 12 gauge magnum buck at the thing. The psychic anger bullets aren't helping at all here.

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang brings her arms up defensively as Maaka yells a warning, and Orchid calls the incoming. The monster gets a glare of rage right back, her Aura flaring up and nullifying in lash of anger. "Oh, you think you're big and bad do ya? YOU CALL THAT ANGER!?" she snarls, letting her Aura flare brilliantly around her. "LET ME SHOW YOU WHAT REAL ANGER TASTES LIKE!"

    Yang gestures to Maaka to hang back and get to cover, before she gathers her legs under her and launches herself at the Serpantheron, the deck plate buckling under the force of the launch. She ratchets her right arm back, the gauntlet reconfiguring slightly as she rams home a shell into the chamber, then a second, and a third, then a fourth as three new barrels extend to join the one over her index knuckle. "Try this one on for size!"

    Yang's fist comes down, and with a rapid staccatto of blasts, punches a ball of flame at the Turbofauna, right before her fist would meet body.

Corona Arclite has posed:
    They find their way into the cargo hold at the same time as the other group.... And unfortunately at the same time as the turbofauna that has decided to make this wreck its home. "Tarnation! Thin' looks like a cactus cat had a night at the rumpus room with a sidewinde--" The prattle is broken off by a yelp as the creature spazes out and Corona instinctively dives for cover next to some of the busted crates. Though it ends up more like smacking against them as the shockwave of the psionic lash's passing slams her against the busted surface harder than she had intended.

    A quick motion pulls one of the revolvers from her holster and the cylinder spins to life, revealing that it is actually some sort of generator rather than an actual load of bullets. This causes channels in the sides of the barrel to glow faintly as sparks crackle, and a bolt of electrical current zorts out for the cat-snake.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa has had things in the past mentally lash out at her before, heck she's had a Sectoid control her once, which was one of the lowest points of her life. This has given her some experience a warning for the tell tales signs of something poking at her mind that is what gives Kotone the edge she needs to not just get plastered at. She breaks off from snooping about and will now move in to engage the best she's like a phantom at the moment as she moves, making sure to lay down several bits of fire trying to focus on the creature's face and upper body with the rattle of weapons fire.

<<Corona I'll try to pin it down, you hit it hard.>>

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     The creature, which we might as well call Madcoil, is charging around the room, heedless of the attacks thrown its way, running directly into Yang's explode-fu, Corona's tesla shot (as an aside, don't tell Edison about that one) Kotone's assault rifle fire, and Alexis's shotgun blast.

     Madcoil is slowed not at all. It is not even slowed by the fury that is Yang Xiao Long, turning and aiming its bulk at the yellow-haired fighter, vulcanized forepaws slamming the deck backwards below it as it goes for full ramming speed. For the other snaks that have invaded the beast's lair, Alexis is getting a side-swipe with one claw, the long tail lashing out; it knows where the invisible Kotone is. And the shear shaking of the room is going to topple a stack of crates over onto Corona.

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang lands from her punch, feet skidding along the deck before arresting her momentum. She lifts her head and sees the monster coming in at her full tilt and braces, spreading her arms and hooking her fingers like claws, appearing like some kind of very angry and very yellow bear as her Aura flares up again.

    The Madcoil smashes into her at full tilt, sending the brawler skidding backwards and kicking up sparks from her boots. But she keeps her footing... and begins to slow the thing down. "This. Really... the best... you got!?" she snarls, digging her heels in and bringing the thing to a dead stop... probaly for the first time in its life.

    "My turn." she wraps her arms around the thing as best she can, heaving it up then springing with her legs. She hoists it up and over, and piledrives it into the deck using its own absurd momentum properties and a few bursts from her gauntlets to increase the impact of the attack.

Corona Arclite has posed:
    Well that sort of worked. Up until the beast starts flailing around and slammes into the cargo containers to send them toppling over. Corona yips as a jagged edge knocked loose of one of the busted ones catchs her shoulder but she manages to make quick out of the way of the entire pile falling on top of her. By doing one of the things foxes do that other canids don't and climb by using her parkour skills to bound her way up the rest of the crashing stack. Then at the top she leaps off, pulling her other gun from it's holster as she bolts and spins away from the crumbling pile. Several laser bolts buzz from the weapon, seemingly at random directions.

    Until the all abruptly turn at a sharp physics defying angle to home in on the creature, trying to tag it in several spots while it's caught up in Yang's insane frontal assault on it.

Alexis Maaka (571) has posed:
    Maaka is side-swiped, sending her towards the wall with a loud thud as the impact practically dents the metal alloy. She grunts, shaking off the impact like she got hit by a truck. "Okay, asshole..." the cyborg growls venomously, switching her shotgun to full-auto. Normally she saves this for special occasions, mostly because if she needs to hold down the trigger with an auto-shotty, then things have gone to hell. Yang's assault is when she opens fire, blasting away while Blondie's got the Madcoil immobilized.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone is fast on her feet and her personal manoeuvre systems seem to be doing a lot of good for her. She doubled dashes away from direct harm but even then she gets clipped pretty badly. Kotone is however ready with a few little nasty things for the turbofauna, she levels her rifle and lays down some serious fire trying to empty the clip into the thing.

"Don't sit still..."

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     Madcoil is a juggernaught, a tianic thing of muscle and steel; it is EASILY more powerful than a locomotive.

     But Sabin was able to suplex the Ghost Train, and, well...

     Madcoil's anger only grows, a constant blare in the minds of anyone for miles around, as it is driven to a halt. Oh, it was still before, but not for many ears, not since the line further twisted it. But now it is still, still enough to be an easy target for Maaka's automatic shotgun fire, Kotone's bullets alternatingly punching through and skidding off in equal number, and the laser blasts from Corona hitting home as the creature is lifted.

     Up, into the air, and over and DOWN! But Madcoil survives the impact.

     Because the deck under their feet does not, smashing open, just enough to let the beast surive the mighty attack... But not enough to give the creature LEVERAGE. The upper half of Madcoil is stuck there, but it isn't done yet. The tail lashes out again, this time seeking to encoil Yang, and CRUSH the puny human's ribcage. Let it smother and die.

     Oh, and did I mention that it is still pissed at the others that invaded its lair? That seething anger pounds into the heads of the others; it hurts less than direct contact, but it still hurts.

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang is caught. She couldn't get clear before it managed to whip its tail around her and began to squeeze. Luckily enough, she managed to keep her arms free, but the powerful muscles in that tail are starting to crush her. She struggles, bashing at the scales with her fists, her Aura flaring and managing to keep the coils just a little bit away, keeping them from snapping bones for the moment, but it won't last. "JUST GOT DOWN YOU FUCKING BASTARD! YOU'RE ONLY MAKING ME ANGIER!" she howls, her eyes shifting red as she slams her fists down into the scales and starts unloading shells at point blank range.

Corona Arclite has posed:
    Heels skid with enough force to cause small sparks as Corona hits the deck and arrests her momentum, tail practically flailing to keep her balance. First at the impact of the landing, and then as the thing's thrashing about after Yang's flaming piledriver imbeds it in the deck, and it's still kicking so to speak. "Com'n gals." Corona twirls her pistols and holsters them. "We can do this, that thing can't stand up to all of us forever."

    Her ears flare back and she snarls softly, but the vixen pushes through the mental wailing on grit and determination, two things besides big guns that go boom she has in spades. She reachs over her shoulder to grab her biggun, drawing it with enough force to click the lever action open and shut again to fire it up. The energy chamber flares to life with green-blue energy as the pulsarium core surges energy into the weapon and she lowers it into both hands, squinting one eye out of habit even as targeting is done mainly through the tech in her goggles. "The bigger they are...."

*KRA-KRA-THROOOM* Forgesweeper fires with enough force that even in her experienced grip the recoil bucks the weapon upward after firing and sending a massive swirling stream of electrified plasma hurtling at the monster.

    "The bigger the holes ya blow in the mutherfraggin!"

Alexis Maaka (571) has posed:
    Maaka narrowly dodges, but takes a good chunk of the hit as she's assailed by that murderous anger. It definitely hurts, causing Maaka's neuralware to glitch out as she siezes up in pain. She stumbles back, avoiding falling into the hole the Madcoil makes, but it takes a moment for her to refocus and get on her feet.

    "What's it take to kill this fucking thing?!" Maaka exclaims in exasperation, growling in pain before she reloads her shotgun with flechette rounds, aiming down the hole. She tries not to hit Yang by accident, and lets loose on the Madcoil with flechette shells over and over.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Dinking around like this is just going to lead them down on the path of the Turbo Fauna just wrecking all of the party bit, by bit. Seeing Yang go off the hook, that's rather scary to see her like this. The macoil mental attack does strain her but it's not quite enough to drop her. She sees it has Yang in it's clutches and it's time to do something about that. Her now-empty rifle and slings it across her back, off her belt comes several grenades which would bear the letters X-COM on them.

She makes use of her superhuman mobility to make a leap for the massive Turbofauna, she's decloaked at this point and has the primed plasma grenade in one hand. She'll attempt to land on the back of the thing and shove the armed grenade down the turbofauna's throat.


She'll attempt to shove it in there. She now at risk here and she'll try to get away, but she might pay for it pretty hard.

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     Between the four sources of fire, Madcoil is going down, but it refuses to surrender, even as... and let's tally this: Yang's Blam hits, but still in those coils the pain can only be absorbed. The overcharge SLAMS into the beast's tail, severing a lower section, but not enough to free Yang. Maaka attacks the still exposed torso, the tiny blades shreding the armor, just in time for Kotone's grenade to go off. The good news? The bulk of the snake body shelters Yang from the explosion.

     The bad news? Yang is still in those coils, and bits of the ceiling are starting to come loose as the creature shakes.

Alexis Maaka (571) has posed:
    Maaka gets hit by the blast, smashed by debris as the Madcoil thrashes about, threatening to tear the entire place down out of spite. Grunting, she forces herself to her feet, hanging her shotgun up as she produces her grappling gun. "YANG, GRAB ON!" She calls out, firing the line down at the brawler to latch onto, before she pulls like her life depends on it. It kinda does.

Corona Arclite has posed:
"It's gonna bring the whole place down!" Corona might of been thinking something similar to Maaka, but a big chunk of the ceiling falls before she can switch out her grappler mod. "Sunnov'bitch!" She bolts the best she can, but with things falling everywhere she has an issue with finding a safe spot. Needless to say, there aren't any, and even when she gets out of the way a girder slams into a set of lockers, crashing them over on top of her with a crushing thud. That could almost be the end of the wily vixen...

Almost. A snapping hiss comes a few moments later and a plume of green energy sears through the back of the now upturned locker, carving a chunk of the metal out with her cutting torch so Corona can crawl free. Good thing she is small or she'd never fit under that thing long enough to get out. On the down side, now she's about as physically banged up as she is mentally from the screaming in her head. "A'right. That's it." The shotgun is put away. Corona grabs her hammer instead from her belt, and as she squeezes the lever on the end it extends to it's full sledge size, power core snarling to life and causing a corona (ha ha) of kirby krackle to ripple around the head. "Ya ain't the only one that can turn the environment against the enemy."

    If there is one thing Corona has gotten from all the ceiling hitting the deck its the sounds from it, letting her keen in on the platings resonate frequencies. She takes a step forward, and heaves the energized hammer down hard against the deck of the rig. The shockwave is aimed so it radiates to under the madcoil and heaves the metal upward, turning it into multiple jagged spikes and edges to impale the monster from below and try to keep it from thrashing around so much.

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang grunts at that tail crushes her, breaking her Aura as the thing dies, and then the body slumps across her, pinning her down.

    She reaches out for Maaka's grapple, and wraps it around her arm, hauling herself out from under the dead monster.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa does some serious damage but it is not enough to bring the beast down, nay it's still fighting and might bring the house down. It's badly hurt and it needs to die though as Kotone vault away from the turbofauna making a three-point landing, sadly for her, she's caught by some of the falling wreckage she's able to scramble away and is now opening fire with her pistol.

The rounds fly, Kotone gets on the move and she keeps shooting at the thing.


Sadly she's not in the best state to lay down a lot of damage still every bit adds up right?

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     The psychic haze fades as the creature, indeed, dies. The extra bullets and slamming only further make sure that it will stay dead.

     Light streams down from the new hole torn in the roof, the light highlighting the dust.

     <Ow ow ow ow...> Hey, good news, Orchid's back on the radio! <My head hurts... are you all.. alright?>

Corona Arclite has posed:
    Corona pants a few times. "Holy hell that thin' was a wopper. Almost makes the Landviathan look like a pushover." Gulps another breath to get air in her lungs and try to shrug off the lingering sting of the mental wailing. "Almost." She lets the hammer thud to the deck and leans on it's pole for support. "Well... it ain't alive. But Ah bet some scientist will pay for having a corpse to discect and see how speed evolution effects these thin's, right?"

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa is panting more out of reflex than any real need she's hurt but not as bad as some of the others and she's looking about to make sure there. She'll make sure to one reload both of her weapons then put them away, she does not want to be caught with her pants down. The call that pizza was here was a happy thing.

"Hopefully we have the run of the place now..."

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     And so they ate pizza. There was some left over, and someone probably took the leftovers home.

     The nearby city was glad to hear that the monster had been killed, and also glad to hear that the nest contained neither young nor eggs.

     The scientists studying turbofauna were glad to get the corpse, and paid well. Turns out it had been magically mutated before being mutated by the local speed force. Divided by five, the bonus involved was about as much as Orchid had paid each.

     After some more searching, they were able to dig out some of the 'refuel shells' intact! Uncharged, but good examples of the technology involved.

     And as far the thing Orchid came here for? Well, there is a machine shop, with the sorts of tools, mill, lathe, grinder, and a few other specialized tools that will let her shape megadiamond and hyperglass without wearing out so many shaping tools.

     Oh, and the porn stash of the last guy that worked in there.