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Angry Guests
Date of Scene: 24 November 2018
Location: Fairyland Hall
Cast of Characters: Touta Konoe, 6802, Archer

Touta Konoe has posed:
    Upon arriving through the Warpgate the two Servants find themselves in what appears to be a cave or rather a network of caves so large that they expand outward for miles. Even the ceiling of the cave is so expansive that a certain Servants dragons could fly through this place with little to no issue. Thankfully it seems that someone has taken the necessary precautions to allow for the traversal of this cavern network supplying lights to act as a guide way.

     Funnily enough along the path there's the occassional sign detailing some sort of tidbit of information.

     Please be wary of the water.

     Please be conscious of giant cobwebs.

     Please be conscious of giant spiders and their webs.

     If you look at the waterfall area you might see the Guardian of the Lake (It sorta looked like the detailings of the Lochness Monster).

     As those who traverse the cave network continue following the lights they begin to ascend up sloped paths and can perhaps see in the distance what appears to be a castle...Or at least what's left of it. At once it looked like it was quite regal but now, it appeared it had been left to disarray decades ago.

     EVENTUALLY though they'll arrive at their desired exit. Popping out from the bottom of a sealed off well, they would see light for the first time shine down upon them as they finally made it back onto regular land. Well as regular as they were gonna get. Once they got out of the cave and began looking around they would see just as had been shown in the picture they were shown prior. An large japanese style building housed upon a rather large island. In the distance across the waters one can tell that the mainland is several kilometers away but probably more surprising and perhaps the real factor that separated this world from most similar iterations of this version of Japan was that there was a tower. A tower so large that it literally traversed past the clouds and beyond the vision that the normal eye can see.

     This was the world of UQ Holder, and the place they were at was none other than Fairyland Hall.

     Upon the sand bar a young man swings a sword. His attention shifts from his training as he notices his guests in the distance and then...He looks back at his sword, and then starts talking to it. There's a pause...Then more talking. Then it looks like there's more talking...And ultimately he just plunges the blade into the sound before heading towards the two from the beach, giving them just enough time to converse before his arrival.

Jeanne Alter (6802) has posed:
    It's a good thing that directions in the form of lights have been left within the cave. If not for those, it's entirely possible the vengeful fire maiden would have just gotten lost and/or set the entire cave on fire in her journey to find an exit.
    Alas, no fire is needed yet. The signs warning her about the giant spiders do have Jeanne keeping her sword at the ready just in case, but it's probably fine. No wyverns are escorting her today, as she's confident enough to go without one, and...
    It's not like she's trusting Archer at his word or anything. It'd just be more amusing if he was lying about this area being safe, is all. By the time she steps out of the cave, Jeanne Alter squints slightly upon finally being able to see the sky again. Everything does indeed match up, so that leaves her with trying to find the actual meeting point instead of sightseeing.
    "This looks like the place you mentioned. Now where's this... Child we're meeting?" Jeanne still sounds skeptical, a distasteful frown crossing her face as she spots someone approaching. She hasn't ID'd him as their contact yet, but the grip on her sword remains while her cursed flag rests against her shoulder. "He better not keep us waiting long. If he takes too long, I might just have to use your place instead."

    Good luck, Touta.

Archer has posed:
     Having been here a few times before to help Touta in his cooking endeavors, Archer isn't exactly phased when he's transported inside of a cave. Though he somewhat knows the way by heart already, he's still thankful for the signs. Especially since if the Dragon Witch he was escorting were to get lost, he's more than sure she'd resort to attempting to burn the entire island down.

     Exiting the cave and making his way towards the beach, Archer is quick to spot his vampire 'friend'.

     " You're looking at him.Seems like he couldn't quite wait to meet up. Anyway, Touta, Jeanne d'Arc. Jeanne d'Arc, Touta."

     He introduces the two, folding his arms against his chest as he waits to see what happens next...

     Hopefully it's something good.

Touta Konoe has posed:
    "Hey, nice meeting ya. Looks like you both made it here no problems, huh?"

     Touta greets both Servants with his usual cheerful demeanor. On the surface he looks just as Archer has described him. A young man of his early teens. Like Jeanne most of his attire is rather...Black. A black gakuran, a black pair of pants, and spiked black-hair. Though unlike his black color scheme, his personality was nothing but bright even as he notices a sword in her hand, and a flag on her shoulder. There's sorta an open-weapon policy...Somewhat on the island. Sorta...

     "So Archer told me something about you needing a place to crash? Well, if you want I don't think it'd be a problem. Though if you do, you'd probably be asked to work a bit. We're in the season right now so we're getting alot more guests than usual. Or if you wanted to just book a room we do have a few leasing options as well, but uh...It might be hard to get a background check on a Servant."

Jeanne Alter (6802) has posed:
    So the child approaching them was their contact all along! This...
    "... Really?" Jeanne sounds nonplussed about the revelation, her eyes narrowing at Archer for a moment before she turns back to Touta. She's not swinging anything at him immediately, though, so... That's something!
    Why did she agree to this again? Right, the not-getting-hounded-by-everyone thing. Loathe as she is to admit it, having somewhere safe to rest without people trying to recruit or kill her has its advantages.
    "Work? You expect me to dig around in the muck and debase myself just for /lodging/? You ask this even knowing that I could turn this place into a smoldering wreck?" That mad smile is starting to creep across her face as her grip on the sword tightens, even going as far as stepping towards Touta.
    She hasn't swung yet, though. She's watching his reaction closely. "What sorts of work do you plan on, then?"

Archer has posed:
     "I don't know if you knew this, Dragon Witch, but nothing in life is free. Even simple commodities."

     Archer chuckles a bit and gives the Avenger a smug laugh as he tempts fate.

     "I don't have use for my Paladins payroll outside of a few side hobbies though, so if you find the manner of work you're going to be given unappealing, I'm willing to part with some of my earnings."

Touta Konoe has posed:
     Touta is a bit surprised that someone who's trying to stay in their home seemed to be getting more agressive, especially someone who was suppose to be Jeanne D'Arc, a saint of all people. But Archer did say she was to angry as he was to smug. "I don't know about any muck, but my boss isn't the type to give free rides to people. You gotta earn your keep just like anywhere else in the world, right? I don't know what kind of Servant you are but I'd imagine that a Heroic Spirit would prefer being a Worker Class than a Freeloader Class right? Still...It'd be a problem if you tried burning this place down. My boss would probably get into a really sour mood if that happened, plus she'd probably put you in debt. Trust me, I'm in that boat and you don't want to join me!"

     The boy takes a moment to ponder as he looks the woman up and down. In regards to what she could do he's not really certain at first glance. Her whole demeanor screams warrior. She would probably fit in well as a receptionist but her attitude...And her smile...Ehm...

     "Well, what are you good at? If you can cook we can put you in the kitchen. If you're good with numbers we can have you do book keeping. If can clean we can have you as house keeping. If you're good with kids we can have you watch over the orphanage. If you're- Oh...I mean if Archer wants to spot you I guess that works. That'd be pretty charitable of him. But like I said, at the end of the day it's your decision. It would probably be more cushy for you if Archer pays."

Jeanne Alter (6802) has posed:
    "I'm aware, Archer. But if this child wants me to work, I want to know what his intentions are." That crooked smile on the verge of snapping remains as she keeps her gaze focused on Touta. She holds that stare for several long moments before breaking into laughter, finally releasing the sword to rest her hand on her hip instead.
    "You have some nerve, don't you? As if I would be cowed by your boss' existence as some sort of vague threat. But if you fear that more than myself..." She scoffs lightly before chuckling to herself, stepping back finally to give Touta some breathing room again.
    "As for work to do..." She starts, then stops. None of those things sound like they'd really fit her, between not knowing much aside from farming and being on the battlefield. Book keeping would be right out, so that leaves...
    "... Cooking or child-rearing? Neither of those sound pleasant, but don't you dare let it be said that I will not make an attempt at it!" She draws her sword and points it towards Touta with a well-controlled flourish, stopping inches away from him while she gauges his reaction once more. "Do we have a deal, then?"

Touta Konoe has posed:
    Truth be told if Touta hadn't already been exposed to so many Servants he might have been a bit more thrown off by Jeanne's display, and not to say that he isn't entirely as a sword is flung his way. That said he's also gotten accustomed to the eccentric way that some act. So he just figures this is more of a quirk to get accustomed to. Though his eyes turning to Archer for a brief glance make it clear that he sees what he had meant now.

    Touta gives a bit of a laugh at her remarks at his boss. Archer must not have told this woman about what this place was...Guess that's up to Touta to explain... But first...It's Touta who steps forward into Jeanne's personal space with his own smile.

     "Sounds good! But before we get you started you'll need to change out of the armor. Not that it doesn't look cool but all the staff has to wear uniforms while working. I can't imagine you'd be comfortable moving around in heavy black armor like that while working on a stove. We'd also have to get you to put the weapons away while you work too. Don't want to freak any of the kids out or accidently get one hurt." As he continues speaking it feels like he's getting closer and closer in fact. In fact, why was that the case? Didn't she just point her blade at him and yet he was being accomodating...Extremely accomodating. In fact as he continued to ask more and more questions he just gave off this aura of...Actually caring?

     "Oh yeah, before I forget is your Master going to be moving in as well? If so I can see if I can get you guys a bunk bed or something."

Jeanne Alter (6802) has posed:
    So this Touta did have some sense, it seemed. Not a lot, but at least it was more than nothing. Of course, what little sense is there is looking less and less... Existing as Touta actually moves closer, drawing a more confused look from the avenger than anyone has likely seen thus far.
    "Uniform...? I see. So you have your own crests here, too. A standard should be simple enough to wear over the armor, but if your employer insists..." Scoffing again, Jeanne tilts her head back slightly as she notices Touta drawing even closer. Just what is this child up to? Even his tone is reminding her of that boy in red, and it's confusing.
    She's got half a mind to just use the entire place to send a message to the rest of the Multiverse and be done with it. It's a tempting thought, really. So many people here, so many examples to be made, so much attention to be grabbed... But. She hasn't determined how deserving these people are yet. Archer /had/ described it as a haven for strange orphans of some sort, didn't he?
    His question snaps her out of that thinking spree, though, and she raises an eyebrow slowly after a few more moments. "Master? I serve no Master. The fool died moments after I was summoned." She states this matter-of-factly, not sounding all that concerned about the implications of such.

Touta Konoe has posed:
    Thinks Jeanne may be miscontruing some things in regards to uniform. Well, that'll be fun when she realizes that there's a traditional japanese maid uniform with her name on it. Another exciting thing that Touta will apparently have the pleasure of explaining to the very...Calm and understanding Jeanne D'Arc.


     It's only at the mention of her Master perishing that he stays quiet if only for a moment, his eyes turning back to Archer since he had not mentioned THAT part. Apparently that had garnered his attention. Of course it would have, and for a moment if just a moment his expression becomes somewhat more neutral. Of course it would, even a child such as Touta could see what she may be trying to imply. Though just as quick as that expression came he makes another statement.

     "I don't know what your deal was with your Master was, if he was a jerk or not but it goes without saying that if you have any issues with anyone fightings prohibited, especially with guests. If you ever want a sparring buddy, I'm always willing to go a round. Anyway...If you don't have a Master are you going to be okay with Mana? I know that Servants for the most part need a Master to supply them unless your an Archer or something."

Archer has posed:
     Archer audibly clears his throats at the mentioning of uniforms. He has a strong feeling that what's about to transpire isn't going to end too well, but at the moment the most he can do is remain optimistic that the Avenger somehow suprises him.

     "Your Master didn't even think to use a Command Seal to stop you? Well that's just..."

     They aren't quite sure how to parse the information they've been given and sort of just trail off part sentence. He's pretty sure this is the first time he's heard of a Servant instantly killing their Master after being summoned. Which probably means they are by far probably the most incompetent person in existence. Kinda sad, honestly.

Jeanne Alter (6802) has posed:
    Instead of laughing or scoffing at the comments about her former Master, Jeanne continues wearing that quirked eyebrow. "Stop me? What do you think... Oh."
    Of course they would think that. It wouldn't be unexpected even to herself, really, if she had known anything about the man. "It wasn't by my hand, unfortunately. No, they thought it'd be wise to summon me in the middle of an active battlefield." She pantomimes a sword slicing horizontally through something. "A messy affair, but there were no important casualties. If you wish to cross swords with me, though, then... Perhaps."
    The talk of mana draws an indifferent shrug from Jeanne. "I have that taken care of as well. Criminals individually rarely have enough, but prisons are plenty in certain regions. Although..." Touta's comment about Archer being okay on the Mana front ends up with Jeanne turning to this Archer in particular. "How do you manage it, then?"
    Touta gets a longer stare following that. "What /do/ you do here, anyway? I still don't know if I trust you or this place yet. You know of Servants and Masters already, you haven't soiled yourself even with the obvious threats. What are you?"

Archer has posed:
    "Ah. I see, your master was a fool indeed."

     Archer's face grimaces at what he said, as if something is bothering him about what he said. He can't really be assed to remember it at the moment though.

     At the question of mana, the servant shrugs his shoulders at Jeanne.

     "Don't ask me for all the specifics, but Moon Cell pays for most of my upkeep. It's a bit more complicated than that, but I won't bore you with the details."

Touta Konoe has posed:
    Touta gives the girl a smile. For two separate reasons. One because she didn't end up killing her Master on her own. The other being because she asked a rather good question. She doesn't ask 'who' but 'what' are you? And that is a rather appropriate question to ask. After all, Archer did think this person could handle Jeanne but surely he wasn't negligent enough to leave a normal child at the hands of a Servant, right? Touta gives out a bit of a awkward smile at this point.

     "Yeah, I guess Archer really didn't give the full details on what this place was did he? He's sorta like that sometimes. Anyway, let me explain who I am. My name is Touta Konoe and I'm part of the organization UQ Holder, a mutual aid organization that's run by non-humans and immortals. Fairyland Hall is actually our base of operations but it also acts as a Japanese hot-springs inn that caters to non-humans that are visiting the capital as a second form of revenue. When I'm workind for the inn, I'm usually tasked as a servant...The normal kind not the magical kind. I help clean up, I help cook, and I greet guests. But when I'm not doing that... I'm Touta Konoe, UQ Holder #7. I know that's alot to drop on you but you don't have to think about it too much. At least for work. For the most part we just need some extra hands to help with the inn during the busy holiday season...." He continues on at this point talkind about more hotel and hospitality information completely skipping over the fact that he just told her that most of that information was a cover. In fact, he's basically just skipped over the fact that either he's either non-human, immortal...Or both!

     "Anyway, as far as mana goes you won't have to worry about dragging it from prisoners. The reason I know about Master and Servants is because I ended up makind alot of friends who are either Masters or Servants. And while I can't be a Master for you, a while back one of my friends needed a way to get mana but I wasn't able to help as much as I wanted...So I ended up lookind into a few ways in my world that might be able to do the same thing. I haven't tried any of them yet but I think it looks promising. In fact, Archer if you want I can try with you as well if you want. I don't know how much juice the Moon Cell's giving you but I figure I should offer to you too at least right?" And now he's gone from one extreme to another...

Jeanne Alter (6802) has posed:
    "Convenient. Boring, but convenient." Jeanne replies to Archer with a light shrug, her previous fervor seemingly gone for the time being. Instead, she focuses on listening to Touta's explanation about the entire facility: The cover, the real purpose of UQ Holder, the implications of what Touta may or may not be.
    "That explains the who, indeed. It's not surprising, considering how people usually react to anything they don't understand. A cover /would/ be useful to have, if only to see things." Jeanne starts, taking another look around as she starts to pace around. "I won't make any promises on what I'll do knowing what I do about your ogranization, but that still leaves the question about what you are."
    She stops in mid-step, turning smoothly to face Touta again. "You said you're number seven. Number seven of what? An army? A task force? Nothing specific?" It's less of a hostile, accusing question as it is one that's more just curious, but it certainly sounds more like the former. "I don't need a Master, and I know what someone could do with a Command Seal, so I won't be taking you up on that. But as for working..."
    The fervor dies down again. "... I'll try it. It better not bore me."

Archer has posed:
    "Well, glad to see this worked out rather well..."

     Archer has at some pont or another, pulled out a cellphone that he's now fiddling with. It's kinda hard to tell if he's taking this whole thing seriously or if he just had confidence in this idea.

     "I have no problems making contracts, but for safety reasons I'd rather they be made by people within the Paladins... I'm sure you understand, nothing against you, kid."

Touta Konoe has posed:
    Touta debates how much he should start telling her at this point but he does begin elaborating on a few things at least. "I'm UQ Holder's seventh main member is what it means. I'd go more into it but uh...Well, think of the numbers like Servant classes."

    Basically he was telling her, this is need to know basis cause we don't want to be exploited. At this point he nods to Archer whose...On his phone? That did feel just a bit rude, even for Touta, but he'll address them both at once.

    "Eh, don't worry about it. I gotcha. Also, just to clarify there wouldn't be any command seals. This wouldn't be that kind of Servant/Master contract. This is something from my world apparently that can be used to give mana to someone without going through alot of hoops. But if you're not interested you don't have to, we'll still need to find a way for you to get some mana though. But as far as work goes, it probably wouldn't be work if it wasn't a little boring. But it's fine, once we get you into your uniform I'll try going over some basic stuff with you and you can just eat what I make as you watch. Sound fair?"

Jeanne Alter (6802) has posed:
    "Were you expecting more death? I could oblige~" Jeanne flashes Archer a sinister smirk as she raises her hand, purple flames starting to gather around it to demonstrate. It starts lifting into the air as more fire gathers into it, threatening to become an all-consuming pyre!
    ... Until about three seconds into Touta's continued explanation. The workaround involving no actual Command Seals even gets her attention in a less hostile way! "Oh? That could be convenient in a pinch. I'll use my own methods for now, though. It's much more satisfying that way." Another sinister smirk, and then she snaps the flames away.
    "Besides. Murderers, thieves, and rapists will not be missed. If what humans call a justice system would permit them to continue going free just because of how much they have in their pockets, then judgment will come by my hands regardless." She pauses again, then...
    ... Nothing. She should've kept the fire burning from before, but she's already stopped it. It'd just look silly to bring it back out now. No, she just settles for tapping on the handle of her sword instead.
    "Otherwise... That sounds fair. If nothing else, this is at least more trustworthy than those Paladins. For now. Now, where and what are we eating?"

Archer has posed:
    "I'll abstain that offer for now, I'm not much hurting much. I'll keep the offer in mind if I do need it, though."

     Archer continues to flip through his phone as he turns down Touta's offer again. There's a fleeting moment of dread as Jeanne seems to be angered, but he's able to keep those feeling masked under his usual smug poker face.

     "Yes, let's eat. Shall we? It's a /good idea/."

     Completely ignoring the Avenger's comment about how she deals with criminals, Archer attempts to lead Touta into going with the dinner plan with not only his words, but with the current look he's giving him. A look that can only be described as 'please'.

Touta Konoe has posed:
     Unfortunately, Touta can't oblige Archer so easily..."You won't be doin that here you're not. UQ Holder has a no-kill policy for humans. It'd be bad if the governments decided that we were just a group of monsters murdering humans. That's how we end up getting hunted ourselves. If you work with us, you're representing us as well. Besides...Can you really say you're giving justice if you're using it as an excuse for being 'satisfied'?" He makes a firm stance on this. More firm than he has with anything else. In fact even with that display of flames he's sorta seems less worried and more steadfast than before. While this wasn't the Paladins this was still an organization, and if she was going to be housed by them she needed to respect that her actions would have consequences to them, all of them. "Look, we're not like the paladins. We have a few backers, it's why we have the inn making income as well. If something happens that causes people to lose faith in us then we just become a bunch of bloodthirsty monsters to them. Till you decide what you want to do about mana..." He stays quiet for a moment contemplating this decision...He looks like this has put him even more in thought. "I'll supply you with mana...I won't try to be your Master but this is a give and take, if you join up we're partners. If you're okay with that...Once you find a uniform that fits I'll show you how to make a simple pizza. Deal?"

     Touta throws in a last but rather conflicting idealogy to the Dragon Witch's. But at the same time, it's less about a moral decision and was based in logic of this world. He imagines this might be a deal breaker for her, but even if she isn't aware he's making sacrifices as well to try and accomodate her. The question at this point is... Will she join for pizza or naw?

Jeanne Alter (6802) has posed:
    "Food does sound quite good right now, yes. All this talk of restrictions is..." Jeanne lets out an irritated grunt, then raises an eyebrow again when Toutat gives her those terms. "I won't kill anyone in your world, but I make no promises if I am to travel to other regions outside of this..."
    She gestures around vaguely. "UQ Holders' reach. And.. Yes, yes I could. There's no reason someone can't enjoy their work. Sinners need punishment, and humans need reminders if they are to be truly as good their God intended." A bitter laugh follows that, but she goes quiet shortly afterwards.
    She can't fault him or the organization for needing to keep their heads down, at least. Jeanne's more than familiar with what happens to someone getting too much attention, after all, and she's even got the whole Dragon Witch moniker to prove it!
    "... This depends, then. I'll limit myself to only what your people would consider 'justified killing' here, but I have my own work to do elsewhere. If I don't gain recognition as the Dragon Witch anywhere, then I might as well die right here." She plants her flag in the ground for emphasis, and that sadistic grin starts to return.
    "Although if that is what you're looking for, it could make for a spectacular showing, don't you think?" She holds that grin for a while, but twitches slightly as the faintest of rumbles comes from her gut. It's been a while!

Archer has posed:
     Archer, seemingly finished doing whatever he was with his phone, finally decides to put the device away.

     "So you'll 'behave' when you're at your guest's house but you're still going to do your thing elsewhere? Fair enough I suppose, so long as no one knows you're crashing here it probably won't cause any issues."

     Archer goes back to crossing his arms against his chest, leaning most of his weight between one leg and the other and he seems to be getting ever so slightly impatient. The longer things go on, the more chances for things to go completely south. That's common knowledge when it comes to negotiations, and that knowledge seems to be slowly getting to them as it starts to make them antsy.

Touta Konoe has posed:
     "No one wants you to die here...Can't say I want you to kill either though but it's not like everyone here is a saint..." Whether that was intended to be a pun or not is hard to tell but he keeps a serious expression on the matter none the less. "If it's to save someone else, you probably won't get any flack from the boss. But anything more than that and you'll be butting heads with me no doubt about it." While it was true that the organization did this for a survival reason, Touta clearly seemed to hold more of a moral reasoning towards the matter. But he's aware enough that not everyone in this organization held that same moral values he had, and if she was going as far as to say she'd rather die than not be able to instill her 'justice' well...Touta respects the desires and wishes of people. In fact having dreams is something he respects in others but this sort of desire was something that conflicted him.

     His eyes turn towards Archer once more with a bit of tedious look to them. Man, Archer really did drop a hand-full on him.

     "Well, I won't push it for it now but..." Touta slowly extends his hand. He doesn't know why this person, someone who is considered a saint feels the need to pass judgement on people like so, it felt so opposite of the expected but he figures that if he gets to know this Servant over time he can rub off on her a bit. After all, that's what Nozomi did with Tamamo once upon a time. So for now, before he tries to reprimand her, he'll just try and take the time to understand this Servant.

     So his hand extends outward for her to shake as a sign of a compromise and good will. It'll also be the hand that pulls her into the inn so one of the other girls can help her put on her new work uniform before she starts working in the kitchen with him and likely Archer if he's tagging along to see whether she doesn't kill everyone once she realizes what this uniform actually is.

Jeanne Alter (6802) has posed:
    "Yes, Archer. That's a good way to put it." Jeanne smiles in turn, apparently approving of Archer's assessment. "I have no intention of bringing trouble to my hosts here, only as far as not bringing the trouble here."
    It's probably not the best outcome, but she's trying! Sort of. She squints slightly when Touta drops that saint pun, having trouble eyeballing whether or not it was intended. She's not too worried about it either way, though, and after all is said and done?
    The fact that Touta's offered hand is taken at all is probably a good indicator of where she's standing on this whole deal. She's still got those gauntlets on, of course, but her grip is strong even through that! "Feel free to push for it when you want, child. Do not be surprised if I push back."
    Pulling, however, is out of the question. As for uniforms... Well, maybe they'll find a good mask or something in there, too. It'll probably be easier than convincing her to not kill people, at least.