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Alpha and Omega
Date of Scene: 07 December 2018
Location: Shrine of Adversity
Synopsis: Metal Man has a run in with Zero and challenges him to a spar, he also talks to Zero about why he fights and gives his answer to Zero.
Cast of Characters: 11, 6809

Metal Man (11) has posed:
There was something brewing back home and he would need to return for a while. Still, something had caught his attention the emergence of someone. The Reploid, no the Android Zero, after all, neither he nor X were in actuality repliods, when he thought about it. He had contacted Zero, that he wished to face him here at the arena the concord constructed.

He had also spoke he had some personal things to speak of to Zero. Also, an offer of supplies for his little crew if he was willing to do this.

Zero would have had a pass paid for by the Robot Master. The arena had been set up like the small command posts the Wily Army would use a massive gate would have to be moved by Zero to get in and it was under a blinking DR.W logo above it. When he entered there would be no sign of Metal Man, visually but he would be here somewhere, he had to be right?

Zero (6809) has posed:
     There was a couple of people who responded weirdly to Zero's presence a while back, this Metal Man being one of them. It somewhat makes sense though, given that he's from the far flung future. There's probably things they want to know or grudges they want to settle. Unfortunately they'd probably end up disappointed given his current case of amnesia. Then again, they probably already know that, so maybe they just want a good fight?

     Well, whatever the reasoning, Zero's here now as he pushes through the shuttered doors, a loaded Buster Shot in hand. He stops dead center of the room once he realizes the room is empty, a stoic look on his face as he calls out in what is probably(?) an annoyed tone.

     "I came here for a fight, not to play hide and seek. Show yourself."

Metal Man (11) has posed:
Metal Man drops down from the rafter of the room making a three-point landing, his masked face looks up as he does so.

"I am Metal Man and welcome Zero. So the last and the first meet at last. I wish to see how I fair against you Zero and I have questions, I admit I wish to ask since I am the host? Come at me."

He waits looking at Zero to let him make the first move.

Zero (6809) has posed:
     "The first and the last?"

     Zero tilts his head in confusion. He really wished people in the know would give him straight answers, but it's not like there's much he can do to stop people from being vague assholes.

     Zero raises his pistol at Metal Man at his invitation to strike first, the sound of energy rapidly accumulating filling the room as the tip of the weapon glows a bright yellow. The moment the sound reaches its peak, Zero dashes forward a bit, unleashing a charged shot at the Robot Master.

Metal Man (11) has posed:
Metal Man knows Zero is fast and powerful he knows he can not win, but as Zero move in? He does not care, he knows he's been fighting the likely fate. Of his world, of his kind of the Wily Army. The Gods are against their dream he mused. He twists, Metal Man is agile only outdone by maybe a handful of other robots in the history of his world. He doesn't get caught directly and is able to pull away clearly damaged but not taken down.

"We share a creator Zero. I am his first creation and you are his last. That creator being Doctor Wily."

BGM Mega Man 2 Metal Man - Orchestral. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyC-bWPuTV8

Zero (6809) has posed:
     "Neat. I'll let you know when that name means anything to me."

Zero gives somewhat of a disinterested response. Though it's not like he's being rude, it's just that genuinely the name 'Dr. Wily' means nothing to him, or anybody else from where he's from for that matter. It's a name forgotten by time, and Zero is the only legacy of his that was left behind.

     Powering through Metal Man's attack, Zero ignores the damage and pain as small strips of paint and metal are peeled off him. His retaliation is to just shoot a few small rounds at Metal Man as he backs off a bit. Because clearly, his first mistake was getting too close.

Metal Man (11) has posed:
Metal expected as much but for what little it's worth? He's given Zero part of his past. There's no look of anger at Zero's response. He also got to keep moving he knows he's playing rocket tag with Zero, and that Zero hits like a truck. He seems to be getting better as he mostly gets out of the way of the weapons fire from Zero's buster only taking a grazing hit to his right leg and he leaps back again, bouncing off a wall and into a high jump, he doe snot rain blades at the top. No, he doesn't throw them until he's behind finishing his jump.

"That is fair, what would that name or mine mean to you?"

Zero (6809) has posed:
     "If you just wanted to talk, you could have just invited me out. Then again, I'm only good for fighting anyway."

     Zero's kinda lost on what the entire meaning of calling him here was for, so he's going to resign himself to the fight. At least for now.

Metal Man's attack gets him from the back, nearly causing the reploid to topple over from surprise. He manages to stand his ground though, and at that point something clicks with him.

     Zero quickly turns around, a green disc forming in his hand as he does so. At first the disc appears to be completely circular, but after a few moments the edges become like that of a buzzsaw. Like Metal Man's buzzsaws.

     "Kinzoku ha!"

     With a hearty toss, Zero throws the newly formed energy buzzsaw at Metal Man, aiming to take him by surprise with a move similar to his own. Or just make him mad if it doesn't work. Either or is fine.

Metal Man (11) has posed:
Metal Man says "I did but I also wanted to see how you fought, after all, you seem to have found something worth fighting for? Have you not?"

MEtal Man finds that Zero has learned something from him he finds the attack coming at him much like a saw blade.

"A quick learner."

He will bring up two of his own blade in hand to combo parry the attack and deflect it away from him.

"Good move, thinking on your feet. I ask you do you believe in whom or what your fighting for?"

He snaps his finger once and bounds right at Zero to punch him.


Zero (6809) has posed:
     The buzzsaw returns to Zero even after missing its mark before dissipating into nothing in his hands. Well, long range hasn't been working too well it seems, time to attempt to engage in melee. A thought that Metal Man seems to share.

     Zero jumps back to avoid the fist, a compartment in Zero's leg opens up to eject the hilt of his Z-Saber, which he promptly activates. A flash of green sprouts from the tip of the hilt before it quickly solidifies into a solid triangular blade, a blade that is instantly brought down on the robot's head with quick and efficient fury.

Metal Man (11) has posed:
Zero has copied him as he hoped he has felt what drives Zero. He has his path he has made his choices in life and that seems to be what he was trying to. He sees the sabre it comes close oh so close that Metal is forced to twist out of the way spinning as he goes, the blade just barely misses him and he comes in for a landing.

"That is enough I yeild I know I couldn't beat you in the end Zero. Even if I mean nothing to you? You still have worth and I see you are stronger than I hoped and have found something given that reaction."

Metal Man was old as far as robots went and very old as Elites certainly did.

"The cache of supplies will be awaiting pickup at the exit of this faculty for you. "

Zero (6809) has posed:
     Zero whiffs Metal Man's head, the blade slamming into the ground and tearing into the floor beneath with from the sheer force of his swing. He's about to follow up with a second swing when the robot calls for a yield, causing the reploid to stop on a dime.

     Zero falls back after that, once again confused. He really can't parse this guy's intention, but at the very least they don't seem that bad. He could do without the whole 'you're stronger than I could possibly ever imagine' spiel though, he's gotten that enough times in his life. Actually probably more than he knows, if he could actually remember it.

     "You're confusing... Anyway. You wanted to know what I'm fighting for?"

     Zero pauses. What he's fighting for? The question seems familiar, but again, he can't put his finger on it. Well, it's whatever. He has an answer.

     "I fight for peace and a better tomorrow. What do YOU fight for?"

     A bit sappy, but it gets the point across. He makes a mental note of the cache thing Metal Man mentioned as to not forget as he begins putting away his weapons in preparation of leaving.

Metal Man (11) has posed:
At this point? Metal Man removes his helmet and mask, his face is plain, rather generic, it's not bad but it's clearly old school robotic design, he looks at Zero for a moment with his green optics and tilts his head.

"I fight for a future where Robots are no longer disposable. That is the simplest way to summarise what I fight for, and yes I am confusing I'm old Zero. I could run from what's coming but then there's no chance for something better. I'm not sure if we'll meet again but good luck Zero. Not only get that future but live to enjoy it."

Zero (6809) has posed:
     "I see. Well, if you ever want to join the Resistance they have a pretty similar goal. Though perhaps another time. So if we're done here... So long."

     Zero finishes putting away all his stuff and then proceeds to leave through the way he came and not some sort of magical sci-fi teleporter nonsense. Because that's less cool.

Metal Man (11) has posed:
Metal Man sauys "Maybe Zero, Maybe. I have the rest of the Clan as it were to take care of. I'm not the strongest I'm the oldest."

HE pauses watchign Zerl port out and he grins "So long Zero."