6258/Berserker vs Glass Cannon Rd 2!

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Berserker vs Glass Cannon Rd 2!
Date of Scene: 24 December 2018
Location: Shrine of Adversity
Synopsis: Sarracenia wants a rematch with Yang!
Cast of Characters: Sarracenia, Yang Xiao Long

Sarracenia has posed:
     After their first bout, Sarracenia has been itching to try and put that smug blonde in her place! The princess knows she must be able to defeat Yang, and that perhaps if she does she can gain some of the renown that Yang has been showered in. The worlds will finally know Princess Sarracenia!

     She approaches Yang, hammer resting on her shoulder. The princess has donned a new dress, mostly black but with fiery red accents, less unnecessary poof and frill, and looks like it might be made mostly of polished leather. "Do you spend all of your time here these days?" Sarra asks Yang as she stops in front of the Berserker. She smirks lightly and gives her reddish-blonde hair a toss. "You got lucky last time. This time, I'll prove I am worthy of adoration."

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang looks over as she hears the Princess coming. "Yeah, kinda. I go back home occasionally." replies Yang with a conversational air, grinning pleasantly at the hammer-using Princess. "Nice dress, and I'm not so sure about the 'lucky' part, but I'm more'n happy to go again, lets see if you've gotten any better since last time." she remarks, pushing off the wall and cracking her knuckles. "Arena's always ready, y'wanna flip for the first swing?"

Sarracenia has posed:
     Sarracenia gives a twirl as Yang compliments her dress, revealing that the skirt portion that looked like it was pleated is broad individual strips. It was likely designed that way to provide mobility and allow for better ventilation. Not to mention it just looks cooler when one is twirling. "I suppose. Though perhaps I should hope for a loss in the coin toss. Hmm...Heads."

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang slips a poker chip out of a pocket, showing it to have a wolf head and a horse head. "Wolf is heads, horse is tails." she says, as she heads into the arena. Once in place, she flips it, allowing it to land on the floor. Wolf-head up. "Guess you win, make it count~." she chirps happily, bringing her arms up and deploying her gauntlets, settling into a defensive stance.

Sarracenia has posed:
     Sarracenia follows Yang, her heeled shoes clicking lightly on the flooring. "Hmm...well, I suppose sometimes one must make their own luck." she says with a slight frown after that coin toss. She gives her hammer a twirl in front of her, the twirl flowing into a ready stance with the hammer held toward Yang. "Are you ready?" she asks, her frown turning to a smirk.

     She dashes forward, but rather than going for a hammer strike after all that showy twirling she reaches into her purse and pulls out a pair of Bob-ombs. She tosses one as she runs toward Yang, then quickly switches to a strafing run and throws another with a leap and a twirl, showing off her dress and her mobility. "Aren't Bob-ombs just the cutest?" she asks with a grin.

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang holds her stance, her Aura shimmering into view as she aims to just tank the explosives to the face. She's engulfed in the dust clouds and shrapnel from the little bombs going off around her, but remains standing even though she's bloodied from some of the incoming debris cutting through her Aura.

    "Not as cute as you!" calls Yang as she bursts out of the cloud, bearing down on the Princess with a rapid succession of punches, punctuated by the discharge of the shotgun-like assembly in her gauntlets!

Sarracenia has posed:
     Sarracenia's confident expression suddenly turns to surprise as Yang says that, and there's even a bit of a blush on her cheeks. "...I...I'm cute..?" she says quietly, seeming literally stunned for a few moments. Those punches knock Sarra back and forth before that shotgun blast sends her flying back a short distance. Her dress flutters in the wind as she goes flying. She bounces a few times before catching herself, sliding to a stop. She doesn't say anything this time as she leaps and goes into a spin. By the time she lands she is spinning like a top with her hammer held out to batter anything that gets in her way. "Do not make fun of me!" she growls as she spins her way toward Yang quickly.

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang racks the slides on her gauntlets after Sarra goes flying, turning with her guard up once again when Sarracenia comes spinning in. She uses her gauntlets, reinforce with Aura, to take the blow, and lets it throw her away with the force, skipping across the ground, then kipping back onto her feet to skid to a stop some feet away.

    "Who said I was makin' fun?" she asks, grinning wickedly as her eyes shift from lilac to red between blinks and her hair starts to billow and shed ember-like motes. "You done warmin' up? Cuz I'm on fire!" she quips, slamming her fists together and releasing a kinetic burst that craters the ground under her slightly. Yang then leaps, firing her gauntlets to gain some loft, before slamming down like a comet, rippling the ground and making spikes of stone erupt around her in an area.

Sarracenia has posed:
     Sarracenia blushes even more at Yang's words before bouncing away after her final swing. She lands in a crouch, her dress billowing out against the ground, then slowly stands. "...no one actually thinks that. So, you must be making fun of me." she says, a bit of a dark look on her face. "I cannot permit that. Even that prissy Princess Peach doesn't make fun of me." she says a bit too calmly.

     She doesn't even move as those stone spikes erupt, getting hit by one pretty harshly as a result. Even though it isn't a clean hit, the blow glances powerfully off her side, scuffing the leather and probably causing quite the bruise beneath. Sarra is knocked sideways and has to bounce on her feet a couple of times to keep from falling over. "So, like I said..!" She pulls a Bullet Bill out of her purse and tosses it up. "Don't!" She leaps up, spiraling her way upward, and brings her hammer around before smashing it on the back side. There is a powerful blast like a ship-sized cannon being fired before the shark-faced bullet goes screaming toward Yang.

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang just keeps grinning. She's riling up the Princess, just like she planned. As the Bullet Bill comes screaming down at her, she brings her hands up, setting her feet to brace... and as it slams into her, she holds her ground. Hands plant against the sides of the giant bullet and she skids backwards with its momentum, feet digging furrows in the ground.

    Yang manages to arrest the momentum of the Bullet Bill, hucks it up and catches it over her head. "I'm gonna keep sayin' it, cuz it's true!" she remarks glibly, her Aura beginning to lick off of her body like flames. "Anyway, y'dropped this, lemme give it back!" She hauls back, and THROWS the Bullet Bill back at Sarra with almost as much force as she hammer-smacked it!

Sarracenia has posed:
     Sarracenia's eyes widen a bit as not only is her attack sent back, but Yang said it again! She lands, then just stands there with her eyes wide. The Bullet Bill hits and explodes against Sarracenia, sending her flying back surrounded by smoke and fire. She smashes into the wall before falling forward and onto one knee. "Shut up!!" she screams. "It is even worse if it is true! That means there is someone -else- who gets all the recognition and praise while I am left in her shadow!!" she cries.

     Sarra reaches into her purse and pulls out a red mushroom with white spots. She pops it into her mouth...and there is a noticable surge in power. A burst of energy flows out from her in a small shockwave. "That is why...I -WILL- defeat you and earn some respect!"

     She reaches into her purse once more...and just starts throwing things! Bob-ombs, proximity mines, Missiles, TNT bundles, old-style bombs with burning fuses...

     Dozens of explosions rock the arena, all of them focused around Yang. "Shutupshutupshutupshutupshutup!!"

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang crosses her arms and flares out her Aura as those bombs start exploding around her. She's blasted this way and that, shrapnel tearing through her body and leaving her a bloody mess, her outfit shredding until her Aura finally gives out and she's knocked back into the arena wall.

    It might be over... could it be over?

    The dust cloud explodes, sending debris flying all across the arena, leaving Yang stood hunched over, blood dripping from her fingers, running down her midriff and thighs, and dripping from her chin from all the cuts marring her body. She lifts her chin, showing the gash across her forehead and the blood sealing her left eye shut... but she's still grinning, her remaining eye glowing red. "You're even cuter when you're angry." she remarks, before gathering into a running stance, then launching forwards. She seems to 'blurr' the ground beneath her feet exploding with the force she's projecting through her legs.

    Her attack isn't flashy, it's not complex or anything. It's like her. Simple, blunt and to the point. Yang runs straight at Sarracenia, takes a half-step past her and brings her right fist around into the Princess' chest, putting all the power behind this one final strike.

Sarracenia has posed:

     The hit from Yang is so powerful that it creates a shockwave of its own when Sarra is hit, and like one of her Bullet Bills she gets shot backward. A second later she craters the wall pretty deeply and gets stuck there. Her hammer is still back where she was hit, spinning in the air from when the hit knocked it out of her hands. It lands with a thud and cracks the ground a bit, but Sarra remains stuck in the wall. Now looking much like Yang, cuts and scrapes and one eye closed against the pain, she just hangs there, one hateful eye locked on Yang. "...why....why am I not good enough..?" she says before closing her open eye.

     Even when the arena resets she just lies there, a bit of redness trickling from her mouth.

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang stoops to pick up the hammer once the arena resets, hucking it over one shoulder as she walks over to the downed Princess. She kneels, setting the hammer down and goes to pick the other woman up, wiping away that trickle of red with her thumb. "You're better than you think." she says, chuckling softly. "I'm just Unstoppable." she adds, pulling Sarracenia into a hug. "Don't think you're not good enough just because you can't beat me..."

Sarracenia has posed:
     Sarracenia starts to hug back for just a moment, but suddenly huffs and pushes way before crossing her arms over her chest. "You do not get it. You are much like her. Showered with praise, shown honor and respect, simply for being who you are. I am shunned, feared, even called crazy for being who I am. I am not regal enough to be liked as a princess. I am not pretty enough to be liked as a girl. I am not soft enough to be liked as a friend. I am not weak enough to be liked as a damsel, yet not strong enough to be a hero."

     Sarra takes a deep breath, then lets it out slowly. "But you, just like her...you barely have to try. You can be yourself and everyone likes you. Do you have any idea how it feels to always be the one left behind? The one overshadowed? The one who can never measure up?"

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang's face darkens as Sarra pushes her away. She listens, sitting back with her legs crossed. "Yeah... I do, actually." she replies, the chipper attitude long gone. "My mom left me when I was still a baby... my Stepmom died when my little sister was a baby. My Dad broke down, shut himself off from the world... Summer was an amazing woman, and I've been trying to be more like her every day... but she's something I can't match. I've been looking for my birth mother since I was old enough to understand that she left me." she looks up, frowning at Sarracenia. "If you let these thoughts weigh you down, you'll never rise up. I got where I am today by accepting my flaws, and moving past them." She stands then, turning to the exit but pauses before leaving. "I'll give you three words Saint Oum gave to the King of Vale before the final battle of the Great War." a breath. "Keep Moving Forward." and then she walks away.

Sarracenia has posed:
     Sarracenia notices the darkening and seems a bit intimidated for a few moments. She listens to Yang's story, then hmphs softly as Yang walks away. "Didn't you hear me? I said people like you when you are yourself. Why would you try to be someone else? Especially someone who just left you behind?" she says as she watches Yang go. "People like you, not your mom!" she calls out as Yang is almost through the door.

     Sarra then picks up her hammer and makes her way out the door as well.