6276/Oh I Just Can't Wait

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Oh I Just Can't Wait
Date of Scene: 29 December 2018
Location: Metastasis Londinium
Synopsis: Archer meets Rhongomyniad face to face.
Cast of Characters: Archer, Rhongomyniad

Archer has posed:
     Arthur Pendragon. Or rather, Artoria Pendragon. It's a name that holds a lot of meaning to Archer, being the corner of one of his more stand out memories. Of course they're not their Arthur, their Arthur is on Moon Cell. Their Arthur also is neither the wielder of the Sacred Lance Rhongomyniad or a Divine Spirit. And that's the crux of why he's here. To crush any lingering sentiments that this person is anything like the one he knew.

     Archer enters the Lion King's room wearing his usual red holy shroud, a tupperware container and a stuffed lion tucked under one of his arms. As he reaches the table, he places his gifts on top of it before pushing them across so that'd they slide in front of Rhon, stopping just short from hitting her in the chest.

     "Sorry for the late Christmas gift, anyway..."

     The servant pauses as he pulls out a chair to take a seat. It takes a lot of self restraint not to balance the chair on two legs or throw his feet up on the table, but somehow he manages to sit semi-respectfully.

     "Tell me about yourself."

Rhongomyniad has posed:
    The castle of Camelot up until this point has been remarkably empty. In fact, the city surrounding it out to the walls has been a ghost town. Made all the more unusual by the small but growing crowd of people gathering outside it, drawn to the new city, to new opportunities, or just to the legendary King it represents.

    Here within the Round Table chamber, Rhongomyniad herself is seated in a throne that is only somewhat fancier than the other chairs ringing the Table. She does not look up when Archer enters, nor when he places something on the table itself. What does pull her attention from the documentation she's reading is those items sliding to a stop just on the edge of her vision.

    Green eyes lift, focusing on the most immediate item of interest. She hesitates, then reaches one hand out to rest on the stuffed lion's head, right between the ears. The plush toy is lifted and moved to rest immediately in front of her where it is placed, sitting up.

    "I am the Tower that Shines at the Edge of the World," she states when prompted. The seriousness of her tone offsets the strange delicacy in which she treats the toy lion, "The Once and Future King of Britain, King Artoria Pendragon. The Divine Spirit who weilds the sacred lance Rhongomyniad."

    The tupperware container is collected next, and she examines it for a moment before her eyes travel to Archer himself, "What else would you like to know, beyond these identities?"

Archer has posed:
     The container, when opened. Contains a mixture of rice, vegetables, and what appears to be chunks of tuna. One can probably easily guess that the dish is eastern in make, at the very least.

     "A love for lions and a habit of being unreasonably stiff in conversation, at the very least you two share that in common."

     Archer mumbles his observations out loud, clearly not too concerned about being overheard.

     "Anyway, I'm not asking for titles. I'm asking for hobbies, interests, aspirations..."

There's a brief pause as he tries to figure out what else to say. He could go on listing things he wants to hear from them, but it's probably best that he gives an actual example of what he wants to hear. After all, learning through example is probably the easiest way.

     "So, take me for example. I enjoy things such as crafting, cooking,cleaning, and being a smart ass. I spend a lot of my free time doing these things I enjoy. Now, you?"

     Archer gestures at Rhongomyniad for a response, hoping that they now get the gist of what he wants to hear.

Rhongomyniad has posed:
    The dish is examined. But it would be rude to eat in the middle of a conversation, and so Rhongomyniad places the lid back on it and sets it beside the stuffed lion. That can be attended to later.

    "Hobbies are not a thing I have ever given much thought to," she states evenly, "I feel as if I am wasting my efforts if there is not some purpose to what I do that exists beyond myself. However..." The woman pauses once, eyes shifting down in thought. Once she finds her words, she nods once and lifts her gaze once more, "Aspirations and goals, these I have. For it is as Gilgamesh says-- Humans cannot be ruled by a god." A hand lifts and she indicates herself, "I have lost much of my humanity. Regaining this identity fully, that is an aspiration of mine."

    "This is in part why I have retracted my attempts at control of Londinium," Rhongomyniad's eyes close, "I am still too much Divinity, and not enough Human, to fulfill my long term aspirations for this country."

    Her eyes open again, fixing a level stare with glowing green eyes, "I suppose this is just a lengthy way of saying my hobby is striving to Be Human Again."

Archer has posed:
     Archer can't help but laugh as Rhongomyniad reveals her aspirations. While it's extremely difficult to pinpoint what kind of emotion is behind that laugh, at the very least it doesn't seem either malicious or directed at them.

     "My apologies. So, becoming human? That' certainly admirable, but..."

     Archer clears his throat, cutting himself off as he forces himself to shift away from whatever it was he was about to say.

     "Anyway, I /could/ lecture you in why picking up a hobby would help in your endeavors, but I didn't come here to tell you on how to live your life, I came here just to talk."

     Breaking all pretenses of being a respectable human being, Archer leans back hard into his chair, a single leg folded up and unto his lap as he closes his eyes.

     "I pretty much got the answer I was looking for now, but while I'm still here I might as well ask if you yourself have any questions. It's no secret that I was familiar with the King of Knights, so I'll permit you to ask anything you want."

Rhongomyniad has posed:
    Rhongomyniad's head tilts, that sprig of hair swaying from the motion. What could be a curious gesture is somewhat muddied by the even stare she gives when Archer laughs. She straightens after a moment, lifting her arms to fold them gently in front of her chin, "Taking up a hobby will help, hm."

    Even though Archer discarded any further lecturing on that, she's already taken and pocketed the sliver of advice, even as the subject has already moved on before it could be dwelled upon.

    "The memory of King Arthur has largely returned to me," Rhongomyniad reveals, "My life up until the Battle at Camlann is like an open book to me. Although I have the life and memory, the emotion often escapes me." Her eyes wander down to the lion again, "As a divine spirit, the emotions of humans are a difficult concept for me. Even possessing the memory of my human life, emotion remains challenging."

    Her eyes return to Archer, staring over her knuckles, "So tell me, Archer of the Moon, with this context to the question: What sort of person was the Artoria Pendragon that you knew?"

Archer has posed:
     "Mmm. That's a bit of a tough question, however..."

     While not correcting the position in which he's currently sitting in, Archer does open his eyes to stare directly into Rhongomyniad's.

     "If you must know, she's what most people would consider a socially inept fool. The kind of person with unrealistic expectations of what a King should be, and the kind of person who'd deny themselves their humanity and simple pleasures."

     There's a dramatic pause as Archer lets what he just said sit for a bit, before he adds on a bit more.

     "Beyond that, she's just a good hearted, albeit slightly dorky person who should probably stop beating herself up so much."

Rhongomyniad has posed:
    The goddess meets Archer's gaze with that same focused, neutral expression she tends to wear. However, the words he gives prompts her to tilt her head once more. Perhaps that hit as close to home as it was intended to.

    Her eyes wander down once more to the plush lion, and she reaches out once more to collect it, holding the toy in both hands and staring at it. She's clearly fond of it, just by the way it keeps taking her attention, something she ruminates on. The words spoken to her before also return to her.

    'I find it difficult to express fondness for anything but the concepts to which I have aligned myself.' 'I know. Try. The first thing which pleases you.'

    "I see," Rhongomyniad states after a long, quiet moment. The toy is placed down once more, and before she takes her attention from it, she pats it twice on the head. Eyes return to Archer, "Thank you for your direct answer, humble swordsmith Gan Jiang. It would seem that you were fond of this King. This King to which I endeavor to return to, in some capacity. Your knowledge may yet prove valuable to me in this journey I have committed to."

    "Tell me one final thing," Rhongomyniad places her hands at rest before her, her face still quite neutral, "When you spoke of hobbies earlier. What hobby did the Arthur you are familiar with engage in? My memory is devoid of such a detail."

Archer has posed:
     "Going back to your roots is well and good, Lion King, but truthfully you should try to avoid going back them completely. Or rather, just try to learn and better the undesirable parts of who you once where. You'll be a much better person and King for it. That's the one bit advice that I, the Tragic Blacksmith Gan Jiang, will forcefully impart on you."

     With that said Archer stands to his full height, pushing in his chair as it's made apparent he doesn't plan on staying much longer.

     "As for hobbies? Other than swordsmanship, I suppose you were something of a gourmet. As in, you ate. A lot."

Rhongomyniad has posed:
    "I do not wish to return to my roots," Rhongomyniad states plainly, "Merely to understand them. Returning to a human in its fullest is impossible for me. But. If I can understand it, this will help me in the long term." She nods once, "In other words, yes. I intend to learn from my past mistakes. Once I can truly appreciate what made them mistakes in the first place."

    When Archer stands, she does as well. The fuzzy white mantle slips in around her armored body as soon as she does so.

    "...A gourmet," the goddess pauses, blinking slowly. Her gaze shifts to the lunchbox containing that rice meal. So that explains that. A hand raises, and she considers with her fingers touching her chin for a moment. Eventually, that hand disappears back inside her mantle and her gaze returns to Archer, "I will offer you the same gift I offered King Gilgamesh. Select for yourself a home within these walls. Camelot will always be open for you should you wish to visit. As thanks for your gifts and your thoughts, it is all I possess that can be offered at this time."

Archer has posed:
     "I humbly accept your gift. Unfortunately with my duties I don't know how often I'll be able to visit, but at the very least I'll make sure to keep the place clean."

     Archer gives the King, a bow as he says this, equal parts out of obligation and because he genuinely appreciates the gift.

     "Anyway, unless you need anything else I'll leave you to your duties, Lion King."

Rhongomyniad has posed:
    "Do as you wish," Rhongomyniad states, "Consider it a 'Vacation Home'. I understand there are pre-existing obligations and do not expect full time inhabitance. Such would be unreasonable."

    The bow is observed. She remains steadfast, however, and appreciates the respectful gesture only with a slight nod.

    "I have no further questions. Safe travels, Gan Jiang."