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{{Log Header
{{Log Header
|Date of Scene=2019/06/01
|Date of Scene=2019/06/16
|Location=Nord Highlands, Zemuria
|Location=Nord Highlands, Zemuria
|Synopsis=During one of Class VIIs field studies, Rean invites various multiversals to teach the children of Nord about the world beyond Zemuria.
|Synopsis=During one of Class VIIs field studies, Rean invites various multiversals to teach the children of Nord about the world beyond Zemuria.

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A Special Lesson: Multiverse Edition
Date of Scene: 16 June 2019
Location: Nord Highlands, Zemuria
Synopsis: During one of Class VIIs field studies, Rean invites various multiversals to teach the children of Nord about the world beyond Zemuria.
Cast of Characters: Rean Schwarzer, 6888, Haguro, Kotone Yamakawa, Staren, Doctor Strange

Rean Schwarzer has posed:
You all step out of the warpgate in the middle of this stonehenge looking thing. There's a strong breeze flowing through the area, and at the bottom of the hill it's on is Rean and a few of his classmates. And horses.

Two of his classmates should be familiar to Staren - Alisa and Gaius are here, the blonde girl and the dark skinned boy from the last foray into the Old Schoolhouse. Next to them are a bespectacled girl with pink hair, and a blonde haired boy with a stern face. Rean waves to the group and then however you decide to get there, this portion of Class VII leads you all to where the settlement is.

Once there, there's an elderly woman and three children - Two girls, one boy- waiting for you at the side of a yurt. Once everyone's settled in, the lesson begins.

"I guess we should all introduce ourselves. I'm Rean, and I'm visiting from Thors Military Academy."

"The same school as Gaius, right?" Sheeda, the eldest, says.

"Yeah." he says, nodding.

Evangeline McDowell (6888) has posed:
    It is completely correct and required that Evangeline showed up overdressed for what should otherwise be a simple lesson. Stuff borrowed out of Yukihime's walk-in (warehouse of a) closet. Stuff acquired during a shopping spree at three separate malls, once she had figured out how to not punch random passer-by for calling her names.
    So that's why Evangeline nearly got blown away by the wind when it caught her big fancy black cloak, every stitch of her flowy, ribbony black dress, and her huge white scarf. Only the most stringent of combat training and the ultimate power of the greatest type of vampire kept her from tumbling off stage left, pursued by wind.
    The hat's still gone, though. Ripped right off of her head in all its giant-brimmed witchy glory and sailing out into the sky like a particularly badly-drawn UFO.
    Evangeline barely acknowledge the whole 'follow me to the yurt' thing, having suffered such a crushing defeat right out of the gate.

Haguro has posed:
Haguro's a new face in this neck of the woods, looking more like someone's secretary than any sort of professional warrior or soldier from the Multiverse. Luckily, it seems that even their guide is here as a new face himself, so it helps mitigate some of the new place jitters for the cruiser.

Only some, since she's still looking rather tense. The turret emplacements on her wrists and shoulders are on standby, worn more for decoration rather than any plans to actually shoot somebody. Spotting the group of students in the rather rural-looking settlement, she follows up after Rean with a light bow at the waist and a formal salute. "Haguro, fourth of the Myoukou Class Heavy Cruisers, Partner of the Concord, vice-admiral of the Luthan Fleet. It's good to meet you all."

She sounds tense. Why wouldn't she be? There's impressionable minds here, and she needs to make sure she's not making a bad first impression!

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa would be in more casual clothing but this is a class and she is part of the Paladins so she's kept to her normal config on her smart clothing. Which is a sleeveless long coat, shirt, pants and boots.

She seems pretty pleasant as she walks in she's a bit on the short side a bit pale and she has blue hair to boot. That might not mean much though on this world at least there.

"Hello I'm Kotone Yamakwa I'm from a planet called Earth and a Nation called Canada which is part of a larger alliance of nations called the Amer-Russio Alliance. I'm a mechanic and vehicle designer by trade originally but I branched out into electrical field and robotics a bit since I started travelling the multiverse."

Staren has posed:
    Staren steps out of the warpgate and looks around. Oh, they built a henge around it. Looks nice. He scans the stones for magic to see if they're some kind of ward, because hiding a security system as decorations is always his first thought re: warpgates he wants to keep an eye on.

    He also flings a drone to chase down the witch hat -- it might take time to recover but he'll send a robot for it once it alights somewhere.

    Staren gives those he saw before a friendly nod, then smiles and waves to the group. "Staren Wiremu, Hand and Ingenious of the Concord, pleased to meet you." He offers his hand to shake, then follows along, 'rollerblading' on hovershoes. He quirks an eyebrow at the yurt, leaning over to Rean and whispering, 'Do you need help with building buildings? I figured with the school you had it covered, but...'

    When he reaches the new group, he repeats the introduction, and releases another hand-sized quadrotor drone to record their explanations for any students that couldn't be here today. "So, what do you want to know?"

Doctor Strange has posed:
     "I'm Doctor Stephen Strange, Sorcerer Supreme, Master of the Mystic Arts, and Seneschal of the Paladins." This, he says, hovering a good foot off the ground, having not touched it since he floated through the warpgate. He wears rough hewn cotton robes of a deep, navy blue. Upon his shoulders rests the mantle of a rich, red, high-collared cloak which seems to move independently of the wind or lack thereof. Beneath the clasp of that cloak there is a rose-gold amulet with a complex lattice motif.

     He abruptly touches down after that whimsical string of titles, and offers something much more banal. "I'm from New York." They can hear it in his tone--it's an utterly 'normal' thing to say, entirely different from all that wizard stuff. The same kind of tone one uses talking about how one's day was, or what was on sale at the supermarker. "Specifically," the wizard continues, his brows raised slightly, "The New York of Earth One Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand, Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine." He pauses for effect, inclining his head towards the students. "There's a... lot of Earths. That's the first thing you'll notice in the Multiverse."

     "...nice kicks, Staren."

Rean Schwarzer has posed:
Staren finds a lot of magical energy underneath the structure, as if this was built right on top of a leyline. The stones themselves are just stones though. And have been there for a while.

There's a bird's cry above Evangeline, and a brown hawk lands on the fence next to her, hat in his talons. He's looking at her as if to say "please don't lose this again". Gaius looks over from his spot and chuckles. Guess he knows this hawk.

Rean looks over to Staren like he's got seven heads. "Huh? Oh, no, we're actually outside the Empire right now. This area is technically not under anyone's control or anything, just the nomadic tribes and the two army bases out here. We're just visiting since this area has history. I /think/ they're fine with the yurts and stuff though, but you'd have to talk to Gaius' dad if you want to offer help."

Strange's entrance completely enraptures the two youngest children, and they star at him wide eyed.
"Whoaaaa, how are you doing that!?" The boy, Cota says, staring at Strange.

"That's cool!" Lily, the other girl says.

Sheeda giggles at her younger sister and her friend. "Anyway, um..." She thinks for a moment and then says, "What's Canada like? And a fleet is a bunch of boats, right? Are you a sailor?"

Evangeline McDowell (6888) has posed:
    Using the chinstrap properly this time (it was previously judged unfashionable-looking), Evangeline secure hat to her head amidst fierce headwinds. The hawk barely gets a nod, mostly because it's really hard to move your head against the wind like this. Long, deliberate stomps over yurt-wards later, Evangeline stops when she sees someone's feet. Not sure whose. She's keeping her head firmly down.
    Poke, goes the flopped-over and wildly flailing tip of the hat.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa watches Staren for a moment as well seemingly amused at his entrance but it is question time. She also makes note Haguro who is good to see and Dr. Strange as well Evangeline is a mostly unknown to Kotone but it seems like the entire group should be able to handle a fair number of questions from the students. She sees the bird return Evangeline hat out of the corner of her eyes.

"What is Canada like? It's a fairly young country located northern part of my world the terrain ranged from forest and grassland in the south. Massive mountains to the west and tundra to the north. The nation is also a former colony of a large Empire and it has a pretty mixed population with people having settled there from all over the planet. Finally, we can have pretty nasty winters in and cast areas are still undeveloped with it being one of the physically largest nations on the planet but also one of the lowest populations for its size. If your really curious I can live some addtional material for you!"

Haguro has posed:
Don't mess this up. Don't mess this up! Taking a second to compose herself, Haguro turns to Sheeda with a quick nod and a gentle smile in return. "That's right. A fleet is a general word that could mean anything from a small squad of ships to an entire navy. In this case, it's the navy for a place called Luthe."

She takes a moment to observe her companions/crib ideas from them, between Strange showing off with his magic floating powers and Staren sending his drone out after Evangeline's hat. She doesn't even have that visual pop that someone like Kotone has color-wise or Evangeline does wardrobe-wise, and Rean has the advantage of being on semi-home turf!

THe girl /did/ ask about her being a sailor, though. That could be it! "And.. Almost! I'm actually the ship itself. Well... A ship, but the rest of the ships in the Fleet are more conventional... Um.." She flounders briefly, then holds an arm out to show off the gun emplacements on her limbs. "They're ships in the regular sense. I'm actually a Fleet D..."

And thens he starts floundering again. "... I can transform into my namesake. I-if you'd like, I can show you what I mean? I just need a clear enough space."

Staren has posed:
    Staren nods at 'nice kicks'.

    Staren blinks at the question about Canada. Oh right, they're asking Kotone. "I 'm from the Free City of Lazlo. It's on an Earth, but mine is... different than most." He scratches his chin. Then vaguely gestures at the others here. "We can compare timelines a bit... most Earths, it's the 20th or 21st century by the AD calendar... on mine it's the 25th. At the end of the 21st, there were..." He looks over the kids, hoping what he's describing isn't too horrible for their minds, "...worldwide natural disasters as the magic came back and portals opened up all over Earth. It was like the Multiverse in miniature. What came through the portals... some were just lost, nonhuman people, or humans from other worlds, some were just animals from other worlds, and others were demons, monsters that just wanted to make people suffer. The disasters destroyed the global infrastructure and... well, three hundred years later, we're still rebuilding. There are small nations and city-states, but it's nothing like the world before... but now we have magic."

    Staren scratches his chin. "Where I come from, the Free City of Lazlo," He sets out a holoprojector and projects a globe that zooms in on the area around lake Ontario, with a glowing dot to indicate Lazlo, "we believe that all people regardless of shape or species can live together. It's..." his ears splay and tail droop briefly, "an idea that sadly many parts of Earth, and even the Multiverse, are too backwards to understand. But I hope to spread that understanding by showing what people can achieve when we share the technological and magical developments of the Multiverse! We can end sickness and give people opportunities they'd never have if they lived locked away from the world!"

Doctor Strange has posed:
     Lily and Cota receive at first not an explanation, but an affirmation. "Yeah," says Strange of his levitation. "It's alright." It's an immense understatement. He /loves/ levitating everywhere. It makes other people have to look slightly up at him. And it looks cool.

     "There are a lot of ways to do it," says the sorcerer. "I have my ways," continues Strange with a nod towards Staren, "And other people have theirs. There's a rich history and a set of rules behind everybody's talents. On my Earth, the stuff that Staren is talking about was never really..." He frowns slightly. How best to explain it?

     "It was always right next door. Some of our neighbors are good, some aren't. One of our good neighbors saw how the bad ones were picking on us, and he decided to teach some of us how to... fight things that would usually be stronger than us, by using the rules of our existence as weapons. My floating is part of that discipline."

Rean Schwarzer has posed:
The elderly woman approaches Evangeline, who is clearly not having a good time. "Is everything alright?" she asks.

Sheeda hums, before saying "Maybe later. That's cool though!" to both Haguro and Kotone's offers.  "Did it take a long time to get here? I know there's something called a warpgate, but are your worlds far? Also, Rean you came here on a train right? How long did it take for you to get here?"

"I think it was around 8 hours."

This time Emma, Rean's bespectacled classmate, raises a hand. "...How common is magic out there?" She asks.

Lily frowns. "'Rules of our existence?'"

Evangeline McDowell (6888) has posed:
    "Yes, sure absolutely." Evangeline says, keeping her face pointed squarely at the elderly woman's feet. "Ah'm just listening. You know. To the others teaching the wee lass. And the wind. Mighty blow, that."

Staren has posed:
    Staren shrugs. "A few minutes? With the warpgates, you can walk lots of places in minutes. Although some people have ships that fly above the sky at incredible speeds, and can get around even without the warpgates."

    "And magic is fairly common. Even though it's not native to many worlds, as they connect to the Multiverse, even the residents of those worlds are exposed to the idea. What else would you like to know?"

Rean Schwarzer has posed:
The elderly woman nods. "The wind carries many a blessing...but also has a silly sense of humor." She says. "Why don't you come stand over here with the rest of us?" She says gesturing to where the rest of Class VII was standing.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa says "My world has no native magic, for example. It was utter fiction before we unified as was the idea of species other than humans. For example so far as I'm aware I have no way to innately use magic. Didn't take too long from the gate. Maybe an hour or so? As for back home? We have a pretty rapid transit network using trains, aircraft and ground craft as well. I also had magic users be shocked at this."

Well more how the hell is your soul still attached lady. Then not being able to use magic.

Doctor Strange has posed:
     Strange nods at Staren. "It also depends on what you consider magic," says Strange. "'Magic' is a really... really, broad term. Like 'warrior.' There's gotta be all kinds of warriors on this world. But that word applies just as well to a guy in heavy armor with a big sword as it does to a guy in leather with a staff, or... something." He waves a hand dismissively. What even is light armor?

     Lily gets an answer, too. "Anyway--" He begins moving his hands, tracing orange lines of energy through the air to create a circle. "The Multiverse and all the worlds in it have rules." Within it, a square. "Some are obvious, some aren't." A thrust of both palms, and rings of glyphs in some arcane language flash to life between and outside of the spaces of the shape. It chimes pleasantly when this happens. "The Masters of the Mystic Arts learn those rules, and use them to fight, to protect... to help."

     Strange draws one hand back, then bends the other hand downwards. An apple is pushed through the center of the floating mandala, falling to the ground unless she catches it. "Our order isn't the only group of people who are out to protect our world, but we might be the oldest."

Staren has posed:
    Staren looks at Kotone. "That's not /necessarily/ true... although, the kinds of magic they teach in Lazlo are... there have been strides lately, in developing techniques to channel magical energy despite an implant or two, but with your body... even if you learned the technique to cast spells, we'd need to build stuff into your body. But!" He turns back to the group. "The Multiverse makes all sorts of things possible! If you want to be a magician, or a warrior... then don't be afraid to learn what's out there and figure out how you can use it to achieve your dreams!" Staren beams at the group at the end of his speech.

Evangeline McDowell (6888) has posed:
    Holding the hat with both hands, Evangeline finally looks up, follows the finger over... spots the class way the heckin over there doing who knows the heck what, and takes a deep breath.
    "Right. Of course. They're... over there."
    Evangeline arrives somewhere on the end of Staren's introduction of ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS! :D and almost, -almost- adds in something about how the Multiverse is out to get you and is full of bad people and the only way to survive is through strength, either yours or someone else's.
    That thought was totally derailed by Evangeline staring whistfully and sadly at the pretty things that Mr. Dr. Strange has going on, with the glyphs and the shapes and stuff. Ah... magic...

Haguro has posed:
"It didn't take that long, no. It was pretty easy getting here, all things considered." Haguro replies with a more relaxed tone as she starts to settle into the guest speaker role. "As they've already said, magic can be very different from place to place. Something that might be magic for some people can just be science for another, or the other way around. A ghost might be a supernatural being in one world, but just another form of existence in another."

She gestures at herself at that last bit. "I'm the spirit of a warship that sank many, many years ago, but I'm not ship-shaped right now." Indeed, Haguro is not shaped like a ship! The only indications that she's ship-associated at all are her gear and name, really.

"And although I was made to be good at shooting things, I learned how to use my hands and feet to improve myself." She clenches a fist in front of her dramatically. "It's... It hasn't been easy, but that's why training hard and being willing to go the extra mile is really important. It's so people like yourselves or those that come after you won't have to go through what we do."

Doctor Strange has posed:
     Strange looks over his shoulder at Evangeline. The mandala dissipates, but the apple remains for whoever wants to claim it. "Yo. What's, uh..." The Sorcerer Supreme gestures vaguely towards her wistful expression. "What's with that look?" He's never met this girl, doesn't know her life--but he has a feeling he knows that look. Better to see if she's willing to discuss it than to guess and be wrong. Or be right. That could be just as awkward.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa says "Maybe but I was more citing in general due to my world's lack of magic."

It does work there just fine but is that the person using the magic bringing it with them? It's something to think n but it would take a lot of work to do and then she pauses.

"That is true however my body is a construct rather than still made of flesh. My world is able to integrate machinery to the human body for medical and other purposes before you ask it was medically related in my case."

She watches as Strange finishes up his but of magic.

"She seems to have really liked that display, Doctor."

She's not met Eva either beore so she just presumes she did liked the display.

Evangeline McDowell (6888) has posed:
    "It's pretty good," Evangeline lifts her hat brim with one hand and cocks the other one on her hip, which kind of makes a cool pose, with all the fluttery bits of her outfit streaming out in the wind. The wistful expression is crushed by the onset of that old person nostalgia expression, "I used to b- used to see that sort of thing before, but it's been a while. It's nice to be reminded that other people still use it."
    Evangeline's voice turns bitter into the last sentence, which means the tone completely mismatches her smile.

Rean Schwarzer has posed:
"I see." Emma says. There's a light smile on her face after the explanations about magic. Relief?

"You hear that Cota? Even a crybaby like you could become a great warrior one day!" Lily says, picking up the apple. Cota pouts. "Hey, come on!"

"Now, now, no teasing."  Rean says. "Anyway, are there any other questions?"

Lily raises a hand. "well..."

And so the clas continued on for a bit, with a few questions about the worlds the others were from and about Erebonia as well. Eventually the lass ended and everyone was free to go home, and Class VII went back to their field study duties.

Staren has posed:
    Staren looks at Evangeline. "...I guess I may need to give that speech again." He glances at the other elites, "Or maybe I just worded it poorly?" He looks back to Evangeline. "If you want to be able to do magic again, then find a way! There's a whole Multiverse of possibilities out there! What's holding you back?"

Evangeline McDowell (6888) has posed:
    "A great big stupid magical seal," Evangeline's pout is both visible and audible. She crosses her arms in a "And that's that" sort of way. "Sure maybe I can still swing a magic thing around but that's not the same as /doing/ magic."

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa seems to take this all in somewhat quietly but seems to have enjoyed herself with htis little primer to the multiverse. She seem a bit sad at Evangelines status, to lose magic would be akin to losing a sense she would guess and it's not a happy thing.

Staren has posed:
    Staren blinks. And thinks for a moment. "...Well, where'd this seal come from?" As he puts on goggles and channels a little potential psychic energy into them to try and observe the flkow of magical energy around Evangeline, which may or may not be helpful.

Evangeline McDowell (6888) has posed:
    Evangeline seems to be completely suppressed by some big, hellish seal that's currently roiling all confused like because it wants to drag her back to some place but can't find the some place, so just the other half, the "no sourcing magic for you hahaha" part, is active. Evangeline, for her part, suddenly turns a little big pink and looks down at the ground, "... some idiot put it on me."

Staren has posed:
    Staren frowns behind the goggles. "Hmm..." He steps forward, "Just want to test something..." He slowly reaches a couple of fingers out to tap her shoulder, and tries to push some of his meager mana reserve into her.