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Since the new tens, mankind has become more and more aware of economic shortages, loss of jobs, and rapid depletion of resources. During the mid-2030's, things hit a fever pitch. War ensued much sooner than the world's nations could prepare. Revolutions cooked up in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, to the point that the governments of all three continents were left scrambling to pick up the pieces.

By 2046, they would fail miserably. The UN burned first, with it's various members making alliances among their own sub-factions during the 'anarchist' riots and revolutions before eventually turning on each other in warfare. With business and politics becoming one and the same, corporations from all corners fought and bled just as the politicians did before them, huddling up in sectioned off areas of the US, Asia, and even several halves of Europe.

Asia's most prominent sub-nation lay in the bottom half of Japan, with connections to the mainlands along the pacific, and its many islands. This region of the world came to be known as Neo Fuji, owned by the feared and respected Izanagi Zaibatsu. Northern Australia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and many other smaller nations came to fall under Izanagi's rule by 2074.

The company keeps things tight and clean on the surface, but underneath a pretty view at a place where work and housing is plentiful the truth is far from shiny and pleasant. The company keeps its fingers in just about every pie they can. The Izanagi runs a monopoly on just about everything that goes in and out of its borders.

Across the world, companies like the Izunagi and even entire countries fight proxy wars using private military forces for the sake of acquiring territory and what little natural resources remain in the third world. The demand for cybernetically and genetically augmented super soldiers is high, and hardened mercenaries now have the same sort of fame as professional athletes and entertainment personalities. A war economy is in place, one paid through blood money and sacrifices of humanity.

Question is, what'll be YOUR pound of flesh, should you decide to join the global game?