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Years ago, reality decided to fall in on our heads. All our heads. And never stopped. The result was a nexus of universes; a vast landscape unlike anything ever seen before, comprised of thousands of worlds blended together, and within, a vast space-like region where starships, suns and individual planets coexisted. And of course, the inhabitants survived the ride, coming together to form great factions among the like-minded, ultimately resulting in the heroic Union and villainous Confederacy.

Taking characters from books, movies, anime, TV, manga, comics, games, your own imagination and more, Multiverse Crisis MUSH pits the Union versus the Confederacy in a titanic struggle for the fate of the Multiverse. With a balancing system in place to allow themes to coexist evenly despite extreme differences, an extensively written theme, and simple enough basics to allow you to start quickly, we offer a friendly atmosphere with coherent RP and helpful staff. We're open to most ideas, from unusual OCs to non-canon FCs, if you can write and RP them well. If you're at all interested, especially if you have a great character idea you can't find another MUSH for, give us a shot!

Telnet to, or visit our website at!

This is Multiverse Crisis MUSH's ad, meant for use in ad exchanges. It is what you should post on your own MUSH when you're OK'd for an advertisement on board 18.