Aethra Hagano

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Aethra Hagano (Scenesys ID: 326)
"Sophistication allows one to overcome the need for such crudity in one's everyday interactions."
Full Name: Countess Seablaze Ebonclaw
Gender: Female
Species: Troll
Theme: (OC) Alterniabound-1R
Function: Sophisticated Seamstress
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Syndicate (6-Recruit)
Other Information
Physical Age: 22 human years Actual Age: 22 human years
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: Cristina Vee
Height: Weight:
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Purple
Theme Song:


Countess Seablaze Ebonclaw, also known as AETHRA HAGANO, is a refugee from the troll home world, Alternia. She lived a harsh life in a world of ruthless cutthroats and political intrigue amongst the Aquatic Aristocracy, though one fateful encounter changed her perspective. Upon meeting her moirail (a special kind of life-mate) Lupita, her world view expanded, and she realized there's more to life than what's just under the sea. She was a member of the higher castes of troll society, being of violet-hued blood, a variant color that grants a troll fins and gills, and a more volatile temper than warmer colors. Still, despite the hardships in her life and the general tendency toward profanity and coarse behavior of lower blooded trolls, she tries to conduct herself with a bit more dignity, always staying relatively calm and collected, when she's able. Of course this only works so well, since the higher caste in society, the more likely trolls are subject to instability. Her normal level of composure all but melts away in combat, a fact she still gets embarrassed about. Despite her berkserker rage in combat, she manages to remain a crack shot with her automatic crossbow. Combat provides a useful outlet for her blood color's naturally murderous tendencies, so she doesn't take it out on anyone important. Most of the time, however, she's content to just hang around her moirail, sip some tea and have fantastic feelings jams instead of venting through fighting. Aethra would like to consider herself an intellectual, and thus thinks combat is coarse and something she'd rather not deal with. After all, she has more important things to worry about in life, such as how to establish herself in the Multiverse.










Moirail: Aethra has a moirail, a form of troll relationship that is something close to a best friend, blood sister, therapist, heterosexual life partner, and confidant all rolled in together. It is a long-term, platonic relationship, in which they both will act to pacify the other during moments of instability, share their feelings, and have someone they can vent to without the need for violence toward others. Aethra's particular moirail is Lupita Auryon. While when she is near Lupita, Aethra is a cool, calm, and collected individual, the more time they spend apart, the more likely she is to getting violent and unable to regain her composure. Excessive stress without Lupita around is liable to set Aethra off and cause her to wreak havoc on anything and anyone around her.

Aquatic: While being able to breathe water has its advantages, it has just as many disadvantages. Her gills, both those on her neck and her abdominal ones, are extremely sensitive and any damage to either place will tend to make her curl up into a little pain ball. She also has a tendency to get dehydrated faster than normal, and requires easily one and a half times as much water over a day as a human would. Since she's higher blood, too, she also runs the risk of any little temper spat driving her to a murderous rage.

Rage: While she tends to normally keep it carefully controlled, her genetic makeup tends to make her violent with little to no provocation. Without careful control, tending to from her moirail, and a healthy dosage of sopor slime, Aethra's temper can easily boil over into full out murder mode. While it's rarely seen, it's easy for her to go into flat out berserker mode in combat. As such, unless someone can calm her down, she almost always fights until she's knocked out, or is at least rendered unable to fight and can regain her senses again.

Sopor Slime: Trolls have always depended on a green goo-like substance called Sopor Slime for various things; they must rest in a recuperacoon full of it while young to ward off horrible dreams and when older they require proper exposure to it, usually sleeping in it daily, to regenerate things like teeth and broken horns. Because of this, without proper exposure to the slime, Aethra becomes even more prone to the whispering terrors in her head brought on by her bloodcaste's natural tendency toward extreme violence. It also inhibits her body's ability to recover properly after a fight, doubling her heal time if she's unable to sleep in sopor.

Sufferist: Aethra strongly believes in the teachings of the Sufferer, a troll who primarily preached that Alternia once was a peaceful place where all Trolls were treated equally, regardless of blood color, and wishes the world could return to such a state. As the government of her world considers the teachings of the Sufferer acts of treason, she has to actively suppress any outward sign that she actually follows this, on pain of banishment or culling.

Hunted: Aethra intentionally avoided conscription when she reached the age of majority. As such, she's actively considered a draft dodger and likely would be thoroughly punished and pressed into service, if not outright culled, if she were ever caught by any official members of her planet's government or military.


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