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Afterus. One among many worlds generated by a game called Sburb, and the only such surviving world known to the Multiverse. It is a modern world, albeit one filled with many strange and alien things brought to it by the contributions of its expansive pantheon. Its inhabitants are a strange mixture consisting of humans, trolls with candy corn horns, elves with an innate grasp of nature magic, and even the Gods of Afterus itself.

More uniquely, it is a world that is prepared for the inevitable advent of future sessions of Sburb, and one which goes out of its way to prepare its future players for the deadly game in their future. In the island nation of Iksumu, a territory known for the frequent distinctive meteor impacts that bring players of Sburb to the world of Afterus from the distant future, there is a school. It is one of many of its kind scattered across Afterus, administered or otherwise sponsored by the Order of Raven.

Our story begins here, at the PREDESTINATION ACADEMY FOR GIFTED ECTO-YOUTHS, where an endless cascade of socially maladjusted teenagers train and study to one day try their hand at besting the challenges of Sburb. Unfortunately, as some iterations of Alternia came to know, there is no certainty in sessions of Sburb... and Paradox Space does not approve of a bounty obtained without cost or sacrifice.