Age of Fire-1R

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In the beginning, the Four Spirits created the land and its varied races. Mightiest among them were the dragons, who created a shining, glorious culture in distant Silverhigh... but this golden age came crashing down at the hands of the hominid races, who took their place on the world's stage.

First came the blighters' Age of Wheels, creating simple tools and learning how to harness these basic techniques. Next came the humans' Age of Iron, building on the blighters' base of knowledge, learning how to work with metals. This would prove the downfall of the dragons.

With the Age of Iron came the systematic slaughter of dragons. They fled to the most remote regions of the world to escape the vicious siege engines and weapons of their hunters, while others fled underground in their desperation.

Now, the dragons are poised to rise again, uniting (somewhat) from their underground bastion of the Lavadome. After a series of political whirlwinds, two short-lived Tyrs, and a final desperate power-grab to save the Lavadome, the crippled but charismatic Tyr RuGaard now holds sway over his fellows, ruling from beneath the earth and setting the stage to reclaim the Upper World.

From there, his dragons and their armies of subjugated hominids are poised to sweep across the land in a tide of blood and fire, wresting from the aboveground empires what they consider rightfully theirs... and perhaps Tyr RuGaard will not be content with his world, turning his sights on the multiverse itself.