Agrias Oaks (Dropped)

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Agrias Oaks (Scenesys ID: -1)
"Have you no honour? No pride?"
Full Name: Agrias Oaks
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: (FC) Final Fantasy Tactics-1R
Function: Holy Knight
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (2-Lieutenant)
Groups: Heaven or Hell
Other Information
Physical Age: Mid-30s Actual Age: 30
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor:
Height: 5'11" Weight: 156 lbs
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Hazel
Theme Song:


A former knight of Ivalice, Agrias Oaks once served as bodyguard to Princess Ovelia Atkascha. Political intrigue led to Ovelia's capture, and Agrias joined a team of mercenaries to recover her ward. This quest led her across the width and breadth of Ivalice, fighting ancient evils threatening the land, eventually leading to her excommunication from the Glabados Church for exposing its dark dealings. Having nowhere else to go by the end of it, she swore her sword to the Union's cause. She views the world with equal measures cynicism, fatalism, and occasional sarcasm. Her faith and idealism both have been tempered into a more level-headed approach after her experiences in the War of the Lions, and her survival instincts are nothing short of ferocious. Old wounds may slow her, but Agrias is an able combatant and a formidable swordswoman. Able to imbue her weapon with divine energies, she is also adept in the use of a shield as both protection and weapon; lastly, she is trained in the use of a longbow, for those times when she needs a little extra reach.











Agrias has survived countless battles, triumphing under soul-crushingly terrible odds, and has not done so unscathed. Her right leg was broken and improperly set, leaving her with a distinctive limp. Scars criss-cross every square inch of skin. In all, she looks like a tattered alley-cat, and her endurance isn't nearly what it used to be.


Having suffered at the hands of demonic machinations, Agrias has a fairly strong bias against them. She'll work with them, especially those Union-allied, but only grudgingly and under direct order. She views them as the enemy, and while she won't backstab allies, she won't go out of her way to help them, either. Needless to say, this may become a problem in a realm as broad as the Multiverse.


Agrias can't enter Glabados-affiliated territory without being dogpiled by bloodthirsty Inquisitors. There's a price on her head that makes travel in Ivalice dangerous for her, and others may be swayed by the offer of coin to turn her in. She's a little paranoid about the bounty on her head, and she is often highly reluctant to deal with clergy or religious figures of any kind, even fellow Holy Knights.

Holy Sword

The techniques Agrias wields require a sword. Though she can use swords that aren't Defender, others are inefficient, and if she's disarmed she can't call on these techniques at all. (PL-1 without Defender, "Holy Sword" power entry unavailable if disarmed.)


Serious and stoic, Agrias sometimes has a hard time handling advanced technology. While it's not impossible for her to learn to use simpler things, more complicated examples can confuse her, and she's distrustful of a lot of it. Mustadio and his explosive experimentation is probably to blame for that.

Loyal Knight

If a situation calls for bravery and self-sacrifice, Agrias will be the first one in line to throw herself under the bus. She's every bit the chivalrous knight, going out of her way to put herself in harm's way for the sake of others. She's not necessarily rash about it, but her determination to risk herself can almost border on the obsessive. She failed Ovelia not once but twice, and for this, her guilt drives her relentlessly.

Magic Resistance

Agrias has a low natural resistance to magic. Offensive magic hits her a lot harder, and supportive magic usually just doesn't work on her. (+1 opponent attack level for magic attacks.)


Once a queen and now a fugitive, Ovelia is someone Agrias will go to irrational, outrageous lengths to protect. She's been used as leverage against Agrias before, and that's only reinforced her protective streak. Threatening Ovelia is a fast way to infuriate Agrias or scare her into submission, depending on the context.

Pain Suppression

Agrias can't suppress pain indefinitely. The mental walls come down, and when they do, the terrible price of her wounds is paid in full. The effects are usually devastating and result in crippling pain that can and will incapacitate Agrias. (+1 day recovery time.)


Agrias suffers moderate paranoia over her heretical status and the tremendous price on her head as one of Ramza's trusted allies. She's a sought-after target for the purpose of tracking down Ramza himself, and she reacts poorly to most religious figures. She can deal with them, but they'd have to work especially hard to earn her trust.

Zodiac Stone

Agrias was entrusted with the Leo Stone for safekeeping by Ramza Beoulve. This small shard of auracite is the physical vessel the Lucavi demon Hashmal is bound to. It makes her an active target of the Lucavi, and it torments her through Hashmal's whispered attempts to corrupt his keeper. These whispers are a constant test of will to resist his corruptive offers of power. She also struggles to keep the existence of the stone a secret, lest it fall into the wrong hands. (+info Agrias/Hashmal for more.)


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Info Files


Following the final battle with the final Lucavi demon, Ramza Beoulve collected the thirteen stones serving as their earthly conduits, dividing them among his most trusted allies for safekeeping. These were all presented secretly, that one could not reveal the locations of the twelve other stones. To Agrias he entrusted that which bound Hashmal, the Bringer of Order, chief lieutenant of Ultima, the High Seraph.

About five inches long and half that width, shaped like a crude fang or claw, this plain yellowish chunk of auracite is inscribed with the Zodiac symbol of Leo. It serves as Hashmal's physical prison, and he can only exert his mental and spiritual presence in a small radius around him.

Hashmal is a constant dark influence on Agrias' mind. He is driven to resurrect his leader, Ultima, as well as his twisted brothers and sisters. His voice is always whispering in her mind -- he threatens, pleads, insults, complements, reasons with her, and interrupts her sleep in his efforts to weasel his way out of the rock he's trapped in.

Having to listen to him takes a constant toll out of Agrias' sanity. While she is usually the only one who can hear him, other Elites may be capable of hearing his insidious whisperings; sensitive persons may also be able to detect the dark presence that his tiny prison exudes.

It is Hashmal's hope to break his current warden's will, that he might overtake her as a suitable host and continue exerting his influence on the world of Ivalice. It is the imperative of his brethren to destroy Ivalice and reforge the world in their own twisted image; to this end, he works relentlessly. Agrias is driven, stubbornly resisting him no matter how miserable he may make her feel, but it is Hashmal's goal to snap her mind like a cheap toothpick. To that end he is willing to wait years to accomplish this goal.

Due to their insidious nature, the Lucavi stones are considered extremely dangerous. It is for this reason that Ramza chose his keepers carefully, selecting only those with the strongest of personalities; something of a left-handed compliment to Agrias' strength of will.


When she was stationed to Orbonne Monastery many years ago, Agrias Oaks was dispatched along with a complement of two knights, sworn to follow her orders and obey her in every matter as they would their own liege. These two women would become Agrias' most staunch supporters, following her into excommunication and down the twisting rabbit-hole of the War of the Lions, risking even death to continue serving their lady.

The two share an eerie similarity to one another, to the point where they are easily and frequently mistaken for the other, and can finish one another's sentences without much visible effort. They insist they aren't related, though some surmise that they must be either cousins or direct siblings. Of an age, they can frequently pass for the other, and will do so whenever it benefits them in their operations.


The older of the two, Lavian is the cynical and cautious "big sister" of the two knights. Although her features are similar to Alicia's, her eyes are slightly more slanted, and her hair half a shade darker; eyes half a shade lighter. She wears the standard armaments of an Ivalician knight, carrying longsword, sidearm, and shield into battle. Lavian is also trained in the formal arts of an Orator; charismatic and well-spoken, in a cold and precise sort of way. Often, she is the "brains" of any given operation, with a strong bias towards tactical thinking and careful planning. Although easily frustrated by her plans falling apart, she's rather good at hiding it, redirecting that energy and keeping her plans malleable.


Alicia is the younger of the two, friendly and outgoing, more prone to trusting sight unseen than her partner. She has rounder eyes, lighter hair, and darker eyes than Lavian, though the difference seems so slight it could be missed. Like Lavian, she carries with her standard knight's armaments, with longsword, sidearm, and shield. Unlike Lavian, she has the training of a Dragoon, skillful with spears and lances either on foot or mounted as cavalry. Though not stupid by any stretch of the imagination, she often leaves the planning to Lavian, preferring to act more directly. Though lowborn, she has an appreciation for art and architecture, and seems quite knowledgeable about it.


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