Alexandra Knox

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Alexandra Knox (Scenesys ID: 275)
"If you move around the clearing, I'll head into the open. This is a trap, but that should allow us to turn the trap against them."
Full Name: Alexandra Knox
Gender: Female
Species: Demigoddess
Theme: (OC) Percy Jackson-1R
Function: Athena's Brainchild
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (20-Ally)
Groups: Heaven or Hell,
Other Information
Physical Age: 16 Actual Age: 16
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: N/A
Height: 5'6" Weight: Not telling
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Grey
Theme Song:


Alexandra Knox, daughter of Athena, Demigoddess, Smith, Warrior, Scholar. She is eager to learn, more eager to fight for a good cause, and always wants to help others. She suffers from a severe lack of self-confidence, which leads to her avoiding responsibility and a case of severe indecision. In part, this comes from her father's petrification, he was petrified while trying to protect her. She makes friends easily, especially when those potential friends are intelligent people like her. Since she lost her father, she has lived and trained in Camp Half-Blood, learned about monsters and gods from the camp's library. Few monsters would make her pause, but spiders terrify her more than anything in the world. Otherwise, she is eager to fight anything non-Arachnid that needs to be fought.










HALF-BLOOD: As a Demigod, Alexandra attracts monsters and other trouble. She has a distinct odor, too subtle for mortal noses, but which most supernatural creatures recognize instantly. Not only does it mark her as special, many monsters will hunt her down merely for existing. Any friends or allies she may have are in risk of being attacked for travelling with her.

ARACHNAPHOBIA: Alexandra and spiders do not get along. Due to her mother's deeds, spiders hate her, and Alexandra has grown an unhealthy fear of spiders due to this. She freezes up around most spiders, even ones which don't hate her. It doesn't matter how dangerous the spider is, she's close to incapable of actions other than running away when she notices spiders around.

FATAL FLAW: Alexandra's greatest flaw, the one which will likely kill her, is her indecision. Her inability to trust herself to make the right choice. Because she is afraid of making the wrong choice, she frequently overanalyzes situations she finds herself in, leading to inaction that could have disastrous consequences for herself or those who rely on her to make a decision.

ADD: In combat, her ADD helps her. Outside it, it makes her scatter-brained and gives her trouble focusing on a single task. Much of what she does could be done faster if she could focus better.


Title Date Scene Summary
WMAT C2 Testarossa Fate vs. The Black Reaper July 13th, 2014 The grudge match of grudge matches, Fate Testarossa of the Confederacy dukes it against the Black Reaper.
Unwound July 3rd, 2014 Mizuki and a myriad of multiversals attempt a tea party, but are beset by icky shadow fiends! A ghost of Mizuki's past appears, threatening all! It would appear that this is the start of another tale of ludicrous battles and dramatic speeches! Watch as reality becomes Unw~~oun~~d!
Investigation June 29th, 2014 Ainsley and others investigate another murder in Ainsley's world.
WMAT C1 Fate T. Harlaown vs. Hei June 26th, 2014 WMAT Bracket C round 1: Fate T. Harlaown vs. The Black Reaper (Hei)
Betrayal of Baert: Final June 24th, 2014 The Lord Baert has now been indemnified by all parties, and all appears to be lost. He may well get away with being responsible for the deaths of innocents, engaging in illegal backdoor deals, and attempting to assassinate his own Chief Operating Officer. But there's still a problem... one nosy little Burmecian Rat still has the evidence and the motivation to have that judgement overturned.

He'll have to be dealt with.

WMAT B1 Mighty Hood vs. Karian June 23rd, 2014 World Martial Arts Tournament, First Round.
Innsmouth Beach Party! June 22nd, 2014 Ruri Hadou has decided to reward Ariel and Al by sending them and a few allies to the expensive Innsmouth Resort! Nothing bad will happen, surely!
Dresden Files: Changing Seasons June 21st, 2014 Harry Dresden takes Robin Goodfellow, Yuna Kagurazaka, Alexandra Knox and Veiled Lily to the Faerie realms to help resolve the biggest of issues on a major day: Midsummer's Eve.
WMAT B1 Alexandra Knox vs. Evangeline June 20th, 2014 In the first round, the Princess Evangeline of Terca Imperia(Chrysanthemum's NPC) faces off with the daughter of Athena, Alexandra Knox, in a spear-vs-spear showdown!
The Dance to Precede Beatdowns June 18th, 2014 Mizuki prepares a dance the day before the 27th WMAT.


Title Date Scene Summary
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