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Alicia T. Harlaown
"I know what it's like to feel alone... It's a feeling Im scared of... I also know what it's like to feel loved. It's a feeling I wouldn't trade for anything in the world."
Full Name: Alicia T. Harlaown
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: (OFC) Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha-4R
Function: Support Mage
Factional Information
Faction: Union (7-Ensign)
Groups: Gatecrashers Union, Mobile Section Six
Mage Information
Mage Rank: AA (Synthetic)
System: Mid-Childa
Magic Color: Silver
Device: Intelligent
TSAB Information
Branch: Dimensional Navy
Division: Research and Intelligence
Rank: Master Sergeant
Time: 4 years in her own TSAB, 2 years in Nanoha-1's
Position: Researcher, Lost Logia Rapid Response
Assignment: TSAB HQ
Other Information
Physical Age: 17 Actual Age: 43 (26 years in stasis)
Still Aging? Yes Height: 152cm/5'4"
Weight: 55kg/121lbs Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Red Voice Actor: Nana Mizuki
Handedness: Left
Parents: Precia Testarossa, Lindy Harlaown (adoptive)
Siblings: Fate T. Harlaown, Chrono Harlaown (adoptive)


Alicia Testarossa Harlaown, a mage within the Time-Space Administration Bureau, and support mage in Mobile Section Six. Alicia is the biological daughter of the once great mage, Precia Testarossa. Alicia was brought to a moment near death when an accident seriously injured her at the age of five. Placed in stasis, Alicia slept for over twenty years until she was finally revived and awakened again. Alicia has since joined the TSAB, training to become a powerful mage. Having recovered from some traumatic events in her earlier years, Alicia is now a rather outgoing and friendly person... Though sometimes those dark memories have a tendency to resurface. As a support mage, Alicia uses her skill in magic to help out those she cares about, while seeking to protect others from the troubles she has experienced herself. On the battlefield, Alicia fights with her Intelligent Device, Sweet Melody, to help turn the tide of battle. Off the battlefield, she uses her knowledge of magic and science to study the unknown and help her friends in any way she can.



  • Mid-Childan Magic: Alicia is a practitioner of Mid-Childan magic, which she started learning at the age of six. A lot of her training has been with her sister and close friends, but she has also been taught by TSAB instructors. Her magic is assisted by her Device, which makes casting spells easier. Alicia is primarily a support mage who focuses on the use of utility spells, which she uses to help guide the direction of a battle and help accomplish the mission. She does have an array of offensive and defensive spells, such as standard shooting spells, defensive shields, and more. But they typically do not reach the same destructive levels that others in MS6 are known to use. Alicia's skill instead lies in the use of her utility spells. She has a wide variety of them, from those that affect a single target (such as binds), to those that affect an entire area (such as jamming barriers). Not all these spells are designed to disadvantage the enemy. There are those which can be used to help Alicia or her allies, such as teleportation, safety, and hiding spells. Like most mages, Alicia has a number of generic abilities, such as telepathy, artifact sealing, and minor levitation abilities. NOTE: Being Mid-Childan magic, Alicia's attacks are all non-lethal unless explicitly stated otherwise.

  • Mimic: Alicia's most unique spell which she has developed over the years, based upon what she observed of the Book of Darkness Lost Logia. This spell takes advantage of Sweet Melody's high level of information gathering ability to essentially 'copy' another spell or close-enough-to-magic ability that she sees. Once copied, Alicia can then unleash that spell herself. The result will typically be at a weaker strength than the original spell. Additionally, Mimic can only remember one spell at a time and once the current one is replaced, it must be observed again in order to be used. Finally, particularly unique or complex spells will be beyond Mimic's ability to copy. (Consent Required. Spell/ability must be magic or close enough to be emulated by magic in order to be Mimicked)

  • Barrier Jacket: Alicia's Barrier Jacket is her usual and often most powerful form of protection against life-threatening attacks. Even so, Alicia can't take as many hits as a fully dedicated combat mage. As a result, she usually tries to avoid direct strikes, favouring evasion over endurance. Alicia's Barrier Jacket has two forms it can instantly change between. The first is its Song Form, which are its standard capabilities. This form boasts decent protection with above average speed and manoeuvrability. The second is its Gale Form. In this form, Alicia sacrifices some survival ability for greater speed.


  • Information Support: To supplement her abilities as a support mage, Alicia has also trained in the area of battlefield information support. She uses her magic to quickly and accurately gather data about the current battlefield. This information is typically obtained through the use of wide area search spells. With this information Alicia is able to, among other things: monitor and assist local forces, identify and analyze enemies, and discover hidden objects.

  • Science: Alicia's life hasn't all been about learning magic or how to fight. She is also quite skilled in mathematics and the sciences. Alicia is looking at a career in the Applied Sciences and is interested in the advancement of personal magic. She is quite capable of researching the unknown and applying what she discovers to practical situations. Alicia also has experience working on Devices, having spent time with Mobile Section Six's Device mechanic and the Devices themselves.


  • Sweet Melody: Sweet Melody is Alicia's Intelligent Device, crafted for her at a young age so she could begin her training as a Mage. Sweet Melody is a fully sentient artificial intelligence that serves to enhance Alicia's magic and act as her main weapon. Melody has three modes that she can change between instantly. The first is her Standby Mode, in which she takes the form of a pink rose-shaped gem on Alicia's bracelet. The second is her Device Mode, her standard combat form as a staff. Her final mode, Storm Mode, is explained below.

  • Storm Mode: Alicia spends most of her time using Melody in her Device Mode. However, there are times when Alicia is forced to put aside her usual operating methods and engage in heated combat. It is for this reason that Melody's Storm Mode was created. It transforms Alicia's Device into a large poleaxe, providing her offensive and defensive abilities a boost, while sacrificing the use and effectiveness of some of her utility spells.



  • A Fragile Child: Dark times in Alicia's past have left her emotionally fragile. There are a few circumstances which can break Alicia's usually cheerful attitude. Speaking about her first mother and the actions she took can often lead Alicia to deep feelings of sadness and guilt. Alicia has a hard time accepting her own mistakes, especially when people's lives are at stake. It's not uncommon for her to dwell on a mistake she's made for some time. Finally, the death of someone close, or someone she is responsible for protecting, can weigh heavily on Alicia's mind.

  • Strong Bonds: As an extension to the above, Alicia can become quite emotional where her close friends and family are involved. Threats against, or worse hurting, the people closest to her can really earn Alicia's ire. The most extreme of this is when it involves her sister, Fate. Threatening her sister's life is a great way to invite Alicia's wrath. And considering her skill at information gathering, there is no where to hide where she won't find you.

  • Trusting: Alicia's relationships have left her awfully trusting of those who appear kind and friendly to her. This leaves her vulnerable to deception and betrayal. She is very willing to give a person the benefit of the doubt despite their previous actions, if they appear sincere enough.

  • Reluctant: Alicia is reluctant to engage in conflicts with people, even when she knows her non-lethal magic won't kill or even badly injure them. Because of this she usually attempts diplomacy before engaging in battle and may even refrain from returning attacks if she believes there is another way.


A current list of Alicia's spells. Not admin approved!


Wave Shift: A wave of force designed to batter and throw an opponent back.

Heavy Pulse: A pulse of gravity, centred on the target, that spreads out a short distance. Produces a ripping effect.

Crushing Beat: A pulse of gravity, converging on the target to create a crushing effect.

Singularity: A heavy concentration of gravity, sucking everything in and crushing it.

Narrow Expanse: A large blast of magic, finely condensed for high penetration ability.

Mass Effect: Increases the mass of an object CONSIDERABLY. Typically used briefly to increase the mass of a weapon before striking for higher damage.

Detonate: Causes the targeted surface to explode upwards.

Crescent Rise: A crescent of magic launched from the blade of her weapon.

Mirror Strike: An extension of her Blink spell that teleports her to her enemy, creating four identical copies of her that strike simultaneously from multiple directions.


Defenser: (Auto-Guard) Creates a protective dome of magic.

Round Shield: A generic flat circular defensive shield.

Barrier Jacket: Standard protective fields taking the shape of clothing.

Jacket Purge: Instantly releases a part or all of the Barrier Jacket, creating an explosive force centred on the Mage.

Repulse: A blast of gravity centred on Alicia, knocking everyone away from her. Does little to no damage compared to a Reactor Purge.

Mirror Shield: A slightly different Round Shield that reflects the attack back at the attacker.


Ring Bind: A generic binding spell to bind the target's limbs, keeping them from moving at all.

Gravity Bind: Rings which bind the target's limbs and pulls them down towards the ground.

Feather: Negates the effect of gravity on the target.

Anchor: Anchors the targets to a surface, keeping them from being moved off it.

Wide Area Barrier: Standard barrier used to protect civilians and limit collateral damage on a battlefield.

Wide Area Search: Creates numerous magic orbs for detailed searches/mapping of an area.

Wide Area Ping: More area encompassing and sensitive form of gathering information. Very noticeable and easy to track the source.

Bind Break: Destroys any movement restricting effects.

Dimensional Transfer: Generic long-range transportation spell utilizing a coordinates system.

Blink: Near-instant short range teleport spell. Requires line of sight, can take willing and unwilling (with consent) passengers.

Light Curtain: Makes those affected invisible to everyone but each other. Anything too attention grabbing like shouting or attack breaks the spell.

Shadow Curtain: Prevents all forms of long-range detection/information gathering from outside of the field.

Silence Curtain: Prevents all forms of communication from leaving the field.

Disrupt: Non-damaging spell that temporarily disables equipment.

Control: Takes control of one or more non-sapient equipment.

Mimic: Having witnessed a spell/ability in a person, allows her to recreate it. The more unique/powerful the spell/ability, the less effective the reaction. Can only remember one spell/ability at a time.

Ghost Image: A brief illusion spell, designed to confuse an opponent during an attack as to her true location.

Crash Impulse: Magical equivalent of a flashbang. Temporarily blinds, deafens and unbalances.

Miracle Worker: A spell capable of repairing broken things, provided Alicia understands the technology or has the blueprints. (not a heal)


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