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Alistair (Scenesys ID: -1)
"What? Lead? Me? No, no, no. No leading. Bad things happen when I lead. We get lost, people die, and the next thing you know I'm stranded somewhere without any pants."
Full Name: Alistair Theirin
Gender: Male
Species: Human (Grey Warden)
Theme: (FC) Dragon Age: Origins-1
Function: Grey Warden
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated (X-None)
Other Information
Physical Age: 20 Actual Age: 20
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor:
Height: Average Weight: Solid
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song:


By turns compassionate, charismatic, and playful, Alistair nonetheless takes his duties seriously. He can be slightly awkward around others, particularly those he respects, and sometimes he might seem irreverent, but he'll gladly give up his life for those he's loyal to. Alistair's Templar training lets him fight mages on equal terms. His Grey Warden ability to sense Darkspawn taint (or occasionally other "demonic" creatures) is also useful. General weapons training also serves him well, though he's most comfortable with a sword and shield. As a Grey Warden, Alistair is among Ferelden's last line of defense against the Blight and the Darkspawn hordes it brings. Originally trained as a Templar, he was conscripted by Duncan, and serves now among the last of the Grey Wardens. Faced with the impossible task of building an army to save Ferelden against the Fifth Blight... and its own infighting.









Endearingly Awkward?
Alistair gets along well enough, but sometimes he can be a bumbling fool when it comes to social situations. It frankly paints him as an idiot, and makes others assume that he is, in fact, a bumbling fool. He is constitutionally incapable of manipulating others, and occasionally has trouble following particularly complex political scenarios. The only real advantage to this is that others might underestimate him. Alistair isn't stupid, despite the claims of some (and by "some" we mean "Morrigan"), but his habit of floundering in some social scenarios makes him seem dumber than he really is.
Grey Warden
It is said the Maker smiles most sadly upon those of his children who become Grey Wardens, for theirs is the greatest sacrifice. By consuming Darkspawn blood, Alistair has become a man tainted, and will always register as "corrupt" or "demonic" to those able to detect such things. Thus bound to his prey, he also suffers terrible nightmares and visions of the archdemon, though he has learned to lessen this somewhat. The Darkspawn will also seek him out, able to track him through their bond, if he stays in an area for long enough. The taint also brings with it increased metabolism and a ravenous appetite; Alistair is constantly hungry, and can put away food at an astonishing rate.
He once served as a Templar recruit, but solemnity and sobriety aren't traits Alistair plays off very well. In spite of the duty he's been called on to perform for Thedas, he doesn't seem to take things very seriously. Alistair is the last person that's going to be "doom and gloom" about his sworn duties, and to some, this might be a point of contention.
Socially Awkward
Alistair is socially awkward. At best, he can fumble during dialogue with others who either impress him or make him uncomfortable. At worst, he can have a complete inability to communicate meaningfully with an individual or group of individuals. This isn't particularly bad, but it can make his life more interesting; scenarios that might be easy for others can sometimes be difficult for Alistair.
The Calling
As with all Grey Wardens, the Darkspawn blood Alistair consumed is a death sentence. Most don't survive the Joining. Alistair has twenty to twenty-five years left in him. The Darkspawn blood eventually drives the Warden mad and destroy them from within. At the end, they begin to hear the "call" of the Darkspawn seeking the Old Gods. Knowing this will befall him, Alistair is desperately afraid of losing his mind. He isn't brave at all about his eventual demise, and he hides it behind a mask of uncomfortable humor and irreverence. Situations that might induce loss of control, or resemble the Calling, will give him definite pause. It might be possible for someone savvy enough with Grey Warden history to make Alistair so uncomfortable he can't even act.
The Companions
Although he's fought alongside them, Alistair does not control the fate of his travelling companions. Most of them travel with his beloved, Solona Amell, and their primary motivation is to halt the advance of the Fifth Blight. Few of them beyond Solona have any personal connection to Alistair; some, like Sten, do not even travel with him, instead following Solona exclusively. Some (and by "some" we mean "Morrigan") are actively contemptuous of him. Really, there's no other explanation for that creepy little ragdoll of hers full of pins...
The Hero of Ferelden
Solona Amell, the last Grey Warden besides himself, is a definite bargaining chip where Alistair is concerned. She is his lover, and as someone who means a grey deal to him, it is entirely possible that she could be used in some manner against him if captured or subdued somehow.


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Info Files


A group of individuals from all walks of life, the Companions are those who have come to battle the Blight under the Grey Wardens' banner. Not all of them travel with Alistair at any given point within the bounds of the Multiverse, but some can be seen in his company from time to time.

  • Dog
A trained Mabari war hound whom Alistair affectionately refers to as "Barkspawn." No one knows how smart mabari really are, but they're said to be as smart as humans. Mabari choose their masters and bond with them for life. Though Dog actually belongs to Solona, he'll occasionally listen to Alistair's commands... when he feels like it. Or when Alistair motivates him with a tasty ox bone. (PL 30)
  • Morrigan
A daughter of Flemeth and one of many to bear the title "Witch of the Wilds." Morrigan is a formidable mage, able to wield elements against her foes and shapeshift. Power is the only real force Morrigan believes in, and she wastes no time on compassion or sentimentality. She views Alistair with a certain disgust, constantly bickering with him, and the only reason she follows him is for the amusement value in harassing him. (PL 32)
  • Leliana
A former Chantry sister from Lothering, this young lady insists on doing the Maker's work directly by helping the Grey Wardens. Sporting a checkered past as an Orlesian bard, she can pick locks and get into places Alistair can't. Like Alistair, she is compassionate and will seek merciful options, but she isn't afraid of violence when the need arises. Alistair has his doubts about her sanity and supposed divine inspiration, but her heart seems to be in the right place. Mostly. (PL 30)
  • Solona Amell
One of Ferelden's last two Grey Wardens, and a former Circle Mage conscripted by Duncan. As a mage, she can wield elements, and has learned from Morrigan how to shapeshift. Though her intentions are good, she can sometimes be a bit cynical and pragmatic. On the whole, she's much more focused and driven than Alistair, and is the one often leading their efforts to raise an army in Ferelden's defence. She cares deeply for Alistair, as he cares for her. (PL 31)
  • Sten
A Qunari who came to Ferelden to investigate the Blight, Sten is not actually his name but his title and rank. He is a taciturn and stoic giant who says little and holds much of Ferelden in contempt, incapable of understanding fundamental cultural differences. Though loyal to Solona, he is not loyal to Alistair, and may not necessarily answer if summoned. He is curiously fond of cookies. (PL 32)
  • Zevran Arainai
An elven rogue and assassin from Antiva, who originally attempted to kill Solona at the behest of Teryn Loghain Mac Tir. His efforts were foiled, and he gave his life over to her, offering instead to protect and serve the Grey Warden. He is easygoing and fond of the fineries in life, and he has no real reservations about his day job. Despite this, he does have a certain code of honour, loose as it may be. (PL 31)

OOC NOTE: The characters listed here are protagonists within the scope of Dragon Age: Origins. If an application is submitted for any of them, they will be removed from this listing and control of the NPCs will be relinquished by Alistair's player. At this time, Oghren and Wynne have not been recruited. Shale was given the opportunity to join, but declined, instead leaving for places unknown.Dropped