Allan Bodily

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Allan Bodily (Scenesys ID: 123)
"Dying for a cause? Death's easy, any old #$^& can do it. Nothing special in that. You wanna make a point? Show 'em you mean business? You come back. You keep going."
Full Name: Allan Bodily
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: (OC) Original
Function: Reusable Canon Fodder
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (20)
Other Information
Physical Age: mid-late 20s Actual Age: Unknown
Still Aging? No Voice Actor:
Height: 5"2 Weight:
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Grey
Theme Song:


Originally a single, uninteresting member of the legions of non-Elites that make up the Confederate work crews, Allan led a nice, normal life of fear and oppression that was completely ruined when a series of unfortunate accidents at work gave Allan the ability to regenerate. An ability so powerful he's even been known to regenerate back from death itself. Now stuck With this new ability, Allan leads the Red Union, A group of Confederate laborers dedicated to improving the lives of the lower classes the Multiverse over. It's just too bad Allan's ideas for improvement involve










Some Restrictions Apply: Allan's ability to uplift people has some restrictions. The biggest is that it's effectiveness is INVERSE to how powerful the individual is: non-elite workers see the best results, while 'elite' combat units and full-blown Elites (including PCs) see virtually no effect. The effect usually only lasts a few days at most, which is enough to temporarily uplift a few people for a mission or some dangerous work, but not enough to keep the entire Red Union empowered at all times. Finally, the permanent uplifts, while extremely useful, are rare. This is made worse by the fact that nobody knows what causes people to be permanently uplifted, making their existence mostly a matter of luck.

Regen Reliance: Allan and his crew are unfortunately NOT hardened combat elites. In fact, Allan himself barely counts as an Elite, and the rest of the Red Union isn't much better. The things they create can help offset this somewhat. But the truth is the only reason the Red Union can stand up to other Elites is because they can regenerate almost as fast as they get beaten up.

Scrapyard Tech: The Red Union works primarily with Scrap and salvage. While they can do AMAZING things with this, there's no getting around the fact that at the end of the day, their stuff is made out of junk. As a result, the things they make tend not to work quite as well as they might have originally and it's not uncommon for them to be stuck using technology that is at least somewhat outdated.

Lack of Funds: Being mostly blue-collar labors and supplied via salvage. The Red Union doesn't see much funding from the Confederacy. While the occasional tech donation might not be unheard off. Allan and his crew mostly rely on raiding for supplies when they're not scrounging through confederate trash.

A Way with Words: Allan has a way with words. That way is blunt. Very, very blunt. Also cursing, a whole lot of cursing. While he's not so stupid as to actively try to piss everyone off nor does he go out of his way to be especially vulgar, Allan does not care about being proper or minding his Ps and Qs. Not somebody you want to send in when tact is important. (OOC: Cursing is kept censored to avoid clashing with MUSH ratings and keep it from getting out of hand)

It's when you shoot people, right?: Possibly due to some confusion on his part, or perhaps simply a twisted sense of humor, Allan makes little to no distinction between diplomacy (the art of talking to people and negotiating) and Diplomacy (his shotgun). Caution is advised when accepting any offers from him to be diplomatic, and the Confederacy as a whole is strongly advised to keep him away from any diplomatic missions that do not involve gunboats.


Title Date Scene Summary
Union Strike July 18th, 2017 The Red Union decide to attack a major business meeting, turns out they were a tad late to the party...
A-party-lypse December 18th, 2016 It's the end of the Multiverse as we know it, and the Red Union not only feels fine, it's partying!
Red Dust June 12th, 2016 Red Union comes to town.

Red Union take things from big company.

Red Union... working with White Fang?

Testing the Hull Ripper June 10th, 2016 Allan has made a horrifying new toy, now someone just needs to test it...
Hot Rock Highway July 3rd, 2015 The Union attempt to move some supplies through scavenger terrorist, Max max style shenanigans ensue.
Baby Badgermole Rescue September 5th, 2014 When the Tarpit 3 settles on a remote village, Toph rallies the Union to rescue the kidnapped badgermole from Genghis Rex, who in turn gets assistance from the Confederacy to drive back the blasted mammals.
WMAT 2014 Closing Ceremonies August 24th, 2014 Closing ceremonies for the 2014 World Martial Arts Tournament.
Hunting for Scraps July 30th, 2014 Zien runs into the Red Union, who decide that her force is the perfect opportunity to get some scrap metal - straight from the source.
WMAT A2 Ariel vs. Neal Cables July 9th, 2014 WMAT Ariel vs. Neal "Psycho" Cables
WMAT B1 Jinx vs. Allan Bodily June 25th, 2014 WMAT first round Bracket B action between Allan Bodily and Jinx of Zaun. SO MUCH BLOOD!
WMAT A1 Neal Cables vs. Yumi Musumi June 21st, 2014 Neal 'Psycho' Cables takes on Yumi 'The Deckmistress' Musumi in a wonderful battle of fire... fire... and /dragons/.


Title Date Scene Summary
The Fate of a Psycho (Allan Bodily) May 22nd, 2017 The Red Union lose a valuable member, and the Multiverse gains itself a new hero. God help us all.


Name Standing Thoughts
Ferham Acquaintance only met her once, apparently not one for robot abuse... no comment on the whip.
Jinx murder... buddy? No, you do not get to shoot at me again!
Sanary Rondel Buddy It's nice to know a the new inventions are being appreciated.
Yari Takane Murderbuddy VERY helpful! Efforts in Vale just wouldn't happen without her!