Allenby Beardsley

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Allenby Beardsley (Scenesys ID: 760)
"I never remember anyone asking to make me a Gundam Fighter."
Full Name: Allenby Bearsley
Gender: female
Species: Human
Theme: (FC) Mobile Fighter G Gundam-1
Function: Gundam Fighter
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy ()
Other Information
Physical Age: 17 Actual Age: 17
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor:
Height: Weight:
Hair Color: Blue Eye Color: Green
Theme Song:


Allenby Beardsley, the spunky Gundam Fighter of Neo Sweden, has proved to be a mysterious element in the ongoing 13th Gundam Fight. She pilots the Nobel Gundam, which despite having the appearance of a schoolgirl, harbors the devastating Berserker System. Having won every single one of her matches thus far, her fighting skill is either unparalleled or she hasn't fought a real challenge yet. Orphaned at a young age and taken in by the Neo Sweden military, Allenby has been in training to be a Gundam Fighter for most of her life, laboratories and gyms taking the place of a true childhood. Though outwardly cheerful, she harbors a seething bitterness at her place in life and still struggles with expressing herself to others in ways that do not involve fighting. Due to the level of her skills, she is arrogant about her abilities and impulsive, quick to challenge others to fights.










Bitter: Although being a Gundam Fighter and representing a country is a high honor, Allenby's circumstances have resulted her in being extremely bitter about the Gundam Fight and her life in general. She is prone to becoming jealous of her fellow fighters and allies, should they be better off, and especially if they've had any display of control over their own lives. She will complain. Loudly. Her own relationship with her support team is strained due to this bitterness and it only reinforces the poor treatment she gets from her team.

Escapism: So far in the Gundam Fight, Allenby had yet to lose a match and easily defeated her opponents. Without anyone her equal, she became bored of fighting and turned to video games to fill the void. It developed into a habit since it also allowed her to escape the reality of her crappy life. Rather than face her problems and her lack of motivation, she'll ignore both in favor of busying herself with other activities.

Doctor Phobia: Years of experimentation into unpleasant "pilot enhancement" regiments and daily interaction with doctors have left Allenby utterly terrified of them and distrustful of their intentions on any level. Allenby becomes combative and willful in their presence. However, when they assert their authority over her, she will freeze up around them and become abnormally compliant thanks to years of learned helplessness.

Berserker Mode: In Berserker Mode, Allenby has little control over her own actions and is mostly directed by her Gundam support team via radio signal to a chip implanted in her head to follow basic commands. If that radio signal were to be severed while in berserker mode, she will remain that way as long as the system itself is engaged and will damage friend, foe, fighter, and noncombatant alike around her. It is also very possible to copy the berserker system's signal and subvert control to an entirely different party. Allenby dislikes the Berserker Mode and would never activate it on herself.


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