Allo (TP) (Dropped)

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Allo (Scenesys ID: 724)
"Others have looked up to me for my entire life, but I will never understand why."
Full Name: Allo
Gender: Male
Species: Reptilonian
Theme: (TP) Dinosaucers-1
Function: Dinosaucer Commander
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated (N/A)
Other Information
Physical Age: Actual Age:
Still Aging? Voice Actor:
Height: Weight:
Hair Color: Eye Color:
Theme Song:


Kindhearted and unambitious, Allo never sought a leadership role, but was forced into it by his somewhat overbearing Aunt and Uncle, who, at the time, were the rulers of Reptilon. Although he doesn't see it in himself, his zen-like nature, seemingly inexhaustible patience, and ability to keep his cool in emergency situations make him a natural born leader. In spite of his reluctance, Allo takes his leadership role very seriously. In battle, Allo will often try to outsmart his opponent before resorting to violence; however, when combat is the only option, he is a fierce hand-to-hand fighter and a skilled starship pilot. When all else fails, he can Dinovolve into his ancestral Allosaurus form and usually overpower or frighten off any opponent. Ultimately Allo seeks to end the conflict between to Tyrannos and Dinosaucers and herald in a new age of peace for all of Reptilon.










RELUCTANT LEADER: As a member of the ruling house of Reptilon, Allo was content living a relatively quiet existence serving as a public representative to the Dino-sorcerer and Dino-sorceress. However, his Aunt and Uncle thought he needed a more challenging position as he was favored to take over for them once their time had passed. While he demonstrated strong leadership skills, Allo had no ambition to rise above his position; so when he was tasked with leading a diplomatic entourage to Earth, he was overwhelmed with the responsibility. The added conflict with the Tyrannos further complicated the situation and left Allo seriously questioning his leadership skills.

TOO TRUSTING - Allo always tries to see the best in others. As a result, he can often be too trusting and allow himself to be manipulated by his opponents. He's wised up over the years, especially when dealing with Genghis Rex, but his trusting nature can still leave himself open to manipulation.

TEAM PLAYER - Allo is a strong believer in team dynamics and for the most part, is very good at leading his team to accomplish whatever it is they set out to do. However, sometimes he takes his team members' ideas and feelings too much into account and has a difficult time coming to a decision if somebody dissents. This can often lead to confusion and frustration for both Allo and his teammates, since he is so reluctant to pull rank and make a decision that not everyone agrees with.


Title Date Scene Summary
AWftF: Mass Extinction Event May 17th, 2015 Kakarot makes his final stand on the surface of a dying Reptilon.
AWftF: If A Man Cannot Breathe May 15th, 2015 Kakarot goes for the jugular in the form of Reptilon's geothermal power generation, the Lava Dome. Its destruction would plunge Reptilon into darkness, never mind the hellish effects on the local populace and the planet itself.
AWftF: Hope For The Best, Prepare For The Worst May 10th, 2015 Preperations are made to farther defend Lava Dome from Neo-Sayain attacks.
AWftF: If A Man Cannot Eat May 4th, 2015 Kakarot and his lieutenants attack Fern Valley in an attempt to destroy the planet's breadbasket. If a man cannot eat, he cannot fight.
AWftF: Full Frontal Assault April 26th, 2015 Rex takes the fight to Kakarot, while Yuri leads an infiltration team abroad the Bardock.
AWftF: A Reason To Fight April 16th, 2015 Kakarot resumes his invasion of Planet Reptilon. The defenders pay a terrible price for victory in this renewed conflict.
Private Time April 15th, 2015 Teryx goes to get Genghis Rex out of his funk.
AWftF: A Second Start April 14th, 2015 Rhapsody and Deelel meet with Allo to better establish what can be done to help protect Reptilon.
AWftF: End It Before It Begins April 12th, 2015 Kakarot comes to challenge Genghis Rex in order to kill him, fulfilling both his agreement with Princess Dei as well as removing the Confederate link to Reptilon. Things don't go as planned.
Open Invite March 22nd, 2015 Allo and Genghis Rex have a pow wow.
The Lavadome March 22nd, 2015 Allo takes some of their new allies to see part of the Lavadome for itself, to express how important it is to Reptilon's survival.
AWftF: Saiyan Diplomacy March 11th, 2015 Confederate, Union, and Reptilonian representatives meet aboard Kakarot's ship to try and bargain away his planned invasion.
AWftF: Getting Better Acquainted March 5th, 2015 Allo meets with potential allies for Reptilon's situation.
AWftF: The War for Reptilon Begins February 28th, 2015 Kakarot's army of Neo-Saiyans has initiated an attack against Genghis Rex's homeworld, Reptilon. The Confederacy, Union, and Red Ribbon Regiment respond.


Title Date Scene Summary
The End...? (Allo) May 16th, 2015 Kakarot had succeeded in evoking Reptilon's destruction... but is the fight really over yet?
A Little Trip (Allo) April 15th, 2015 Teryx prepares to pay an old friend/enemy a much needed visit.
Inevitable (Allo) April 12th, 2015 The Dinosaucers reflect on the way certain situations are going with the Neo-Sayains.
Complications (Allo) (TP) April 8th, 2015 The discoveries under Freeport bring up more potential future problems
Aftermath & Just Beginning (Allo) (TP) February 28th, 2015 Allo reflects on recent events.