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Allyn (Scenesys ID: 307)
Trouble always seems to follow wherever I go.
Full Name: Allyn
Gender: Male
Species: Human(Shapeshifter)
Theme: (OC) Original
Function: Wandering Troublemaker
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated (None)
Other Information
Physical Age: 19 Actual Age: 19
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor:
Height: 5'11 Weight: 215
Hair Color: Light Brown Eye Color: Green
Theme Song:


Allyn is a quite, moody shape shifting human, from a world where those who were accused of having powers or using magic were hunted down relentlessly, Prefering to live in the wilds and if he can help it stay away from large cities and large numbers of people and keeping to the company of wild animals. He respects nature and dislikes anything he considers not of the natural world. These things make him seem aloof and uncaring for anything other than himself. Those that do not know him , may think of him as being cruel which he does not think that he is more cruel than nature can be. Once someone has earned his trust and his friendship; however, they have a friend for life and he will do anything in his ability to protect them, even if it costs him his own life.










Trouble Magnet: Trouble really loves Allyn and can take many forms. Whether it is getting into trouble for something he didnt do, someone misunderstanding something he says or does, or just something that could be considered bad luck.

Shifting Limits: While Allyn can shapeshift into almost any natural animal there are a few exceptions to his ability. He needs to have seen the animal to learn the form and has to practice it before he even comes close to being able to do it. In Cities: Allyn is unable to shape shift while inside a large city unless he has entered the city already shifted and usually only as a rat or mouse.

Uncomfortable in cities: Allyn doesnt care too much for large cities and becomes rather nervous when he is inside of one. Though he knows it is necessary sometimes or might be necessary to enter one from time to time. He doesnt like the tall buildings as they make him feel caged in.

Lost Humanity: Allyn has spent so much time in various animal forms that sometimes he sometimes forgets that he is human. The more time he spends as an animal the less he sees himself as being human.

Impulsive: Allyn acts on his impulses most of the time and does so without thinking about what the consequences might be, whether these consequences may affect him or others.


Title Date Scene Summary
Sarra's Desert Castle Adventure July 11th, 2015 Allyn and the crew of the Serenity rescue a princess from a monster-filled castle!
Shift March 13th, 2015 Wolves are attacking a Russian village in the middle of nowhere. A mystical call for aid has gone out, and those receptive to the call have answered.
Secrets E'en Walls Won't Keep January 21st, 2015 Archadia advances on Nelveska island, off the coast of Zeltennia, to use its temple as a staging point for an assault against the Black Lion. Unfortunately for them, Zeltennia uncovers their plans and sends forces - aided by the Union - to deal them a decisive blow.
Ajora's Day Mass December 22nd, 2014 Church shenanigans
What A Jackal November 13th, 2014 Some Jackals are causing issues near the roadway to Aleport, so some request to handle the problem has been sent out to the Outsiders and Adventures alike for aid.
Fire In The Hole November 10th, 2014 The Ala Mhigo Resistance has got their hands one some military grade explosives and they have a plan that could shake the very foundation of the once great city they all call home.
A Scream in the Dark October 7th, 2014 After a lengthy absence, Ysabel decides to invite people outside of her world to join in a hunt against the powerful Meraginas.
Mission: You're Making Me Crabby October 3rd, 2014 The Megalocrabs in La Noscea are getting a bit uppity and the Yellow Jackets have requested for some adventures to dispatch them!
Enter The Draken October 2nd, 2014 Mantigora strikes a survey camp to get a taste of the sort of opposition she's going to be dealing with now.
Pirates Be Problems September 28th, 2014 Pirates decide to show their displeasure for some new Maelstrom ships in progress.
Autumn Celebration September 23rd, 2014 Now that Dun Realtai has finished its preparations for the winter, its people throw a celebration for all to attend.
Falling into the Multiverse September 22nd, 2014 A new world has announced its presence to the multiverse at large and has invited noteables from all corners to come and see what they have to offer in hopes of gaining allies.
One Night in Moraby! September 19th, 2014 Maggie finds a kindred spirit in Miss Mihk and finds out how an Arcanist has plans within plans.
Lord Of The Inferno September 15th, 2014 Vi'Sharra and the Immortal Flames have hired out assistance from all corners of the Multiverse to deal with a rather large problem. The problem being that of a Primal known as Ifrit. Can they take this massive aetheric creature down? Or will it be they who become BBQ?
CP: The Battle For Camp Overlook September 13th, 2014 It would seem the Eorzeans are not given to long to breath, as the Garlean Empire with now the aid of the Confederacy start to mach forward to try and take La Noscea. Can the Union step into aid the Maelstrom in time? Or will this be a swift wake-up call?
Picking Up the Pieces September 9th, 2014 Sir Bedivere puts out a call for his Union allies to help him with the reconstruction of the fortress of Dun Realtai.
Yar-Har-Fiddle-De-De September 9th, 2014 Xau'ra introduces the lot of adventurers to Limsa Lominsa
Fireside Meetings September 8th, 2014 A new Unification occured recently. A man from this new dimension allied himself with the Union. He sits now by a bonfire in his universe in the middle of an empty, flat plain, having sent out an open invitation to any Elite that cares to visit. The moon is full, shapes on it suggesting structures and the stars are out in force, but they do not twinkle like they should...
Morality in Absentia September 5th, 2014 A bunch of Elites gang up on a poor, helpless librarian.

Now, the part you didn't see: the helpless librarian was defended by a bunch of possessed books with swords. And an elite level knight.

No Sylphing Around September 2nd, 2014 The Union send people to help cleanse the black shroud. Attacking trees, unknown shadow beasts, and Odin kinda complicate things.

Plus there are Bunny Goats! Bunny Goats are cool.

Train Heist on the Great Ocean! Whamon and Musyamon appear! August 31st, 2014 Violet leads a Whamon and Musyamon to capture a Union supply train, along with the help of Kirikou. Allyn, Emiya Shirou, and Michael Knight respond to stop them.
Dark Eldar Attack August 28th, 2014 The Imperial Guard call for aid against a Dark Eldar attack.
Crystal Blues August 25th, 2014 Several shipments of crystal shards have gone missing. Request for some 'adventurers' is sent out to go find the missing shards-- only problem is, these adventurers find far darker things at work...
The Graveyard of Memories August 23rd, 2014 A hunt through the library to find the elusive Arch Curate.
Elemental Judgement August 22nd, 2014 "Adventurers" are called upon to aid the troubles of Gridania, in the way of protecting some Conjurers while the preform a purification ritual to the Central Shroud.
The Needs Of Many August 21st, 2014 Several people from the Union and other locations come down to help with the troubles of the city-state of Gridania.
The Lance of Kresnik - Resummon August 19th, 2014 Jude and a few friends accompany Milla to her shrine to resummon the Four.
Maiden of the Skies August 18th, 2014 Coming on the tail end of the decision to give Burmecian refugees sanctuary in Ivalice, Alexandria decides to bring its own brand of diplomacy to Limberry courtesy of the Alexandrian air fleet and the Red Rose. Though the diplomat herself has a respectable reputation, it's certainly not for her skill with a pen...
Trouble On The Rise August 17th, 2014 The Ala Mhigan Resistance has called out for help from the outsiders of their world. For their youths have gone missing and they fear for the worst. For here in this land, there are far greater things to fear then the warmth of the hot sun.
Battle at Riovanes August 15th, 2014 After weeks of war in the dukedom of Fovoham, with the end result being that the Duke Barrington's forces were forced back into their own capitol, the Archadian army begins to march upon Riovanes itself. A grand, bloody, battle is sure to occur as the Duke's forces give their last in resistance... but will it be enough? <Boss Battle>
Pub Meet: Cuckoolander August 14th, 2014 After an investigation, and a daring jaunt into the mines, the party that pursued Beowulf and his Dragon into the mines wants some answers. And so, they venture down to the pub to see if he's still around for the telling...
Advent of the Kingseeker August 12th, 2014 Having rung both Bells of Awakening, Kingseeker Frampt awakens from his slumber to elucidate the fate of the undead.
Rescuing Gomamon From Prison August 9th, 2014 The Confederacy makes an assault on a Union prison, to free a Gomamon and the other prisoners.
Trolololol August 7th, 2014 The Autobots are searching for answers in the Exoforest. The Decepticons show up. Beelzebumon turns a standoff into a fight. Chaos ensues.
Un Meeting Politique August 2nd, 2014 The Marquis de Limberry, and representatives from neighboring Zeltennia and Lesalia, is deliberating providing political sanctuary to an influx of migrants from Cleyra fleeing the Alexandrian assault upon their home. With Ivalice suffering its own personal crisis, and the possibility of inciting Alexandrian anger, the answer will not likely be favorable.

Can he be convinced to take the risk, against his better judgement?

Bahamut Chases Zu into the Multiverse July 31st, 2014 Zu attack!
Snow Tracks Pt. 2 July 31st, 2014 A brief bit of investigative legwork has turned up that the Dragon-chasing fellow whom the mission concerns has likely gone into the Gollund Mines after the object of his pursuit. Getting in still poses a problem, but it's a problem the mercenary party is keen to resolve - one way or another.
Against School Policy July 28th, 2014 A new world merges, and a number of Elites - Fed, Union, and Unaffiliated alike - go to investigate. Shenanigans ensue!
Digital Exploration July 25th, 2014 Tatsuto Satou and company explore a forest in the Digital World! And what do they discover...?
Snow Tracks July 23rd, 2014 A right crazy bugger has been wandering the Felmarian Highlands night and day, asking after Dragons only to disappear as quick as he came! We thought t'was bad enough he was always wanderin' around outside the house aimlessly like a blind Chocobo huntin' fer seeds in the snow! But now, he's gone and wandered off somewhere else and we're afraid he might have been chasing fairies into the mines! It's a meager sum, but we'll pay ye to find 'em alive, okay?! That damnable place is full o' things far worse than Dragons <Location: Mining Town of Gollund, Free Mission.>
Wartok Bandit Camp Blues July 23rd, 2014 Drakkan is attacked by an otherworldly menace - a Borg Cube!
Horrors Revisited July 20th, 2014 The battle between the Archadian invaders and Duke Barrington's soldiers rages on near the Fort City Yardrow, but there's been reports that the Yuguewood has been rendered impassible to emergency troops and supplies from Riovanes due to unusual levels of undead activity. Put the troubled souls of soldiers long since dead to rest, and help free up the roads to passing wagons!
The Eternal Voyage: Chapter One July 17th, 2014 Leviathan done got whipped, and a certain girl and her seagull butler(?) found a home. Doesn't get much better than that.
Let's Have a Ceilidh! July 12th, 2014 To welcome back her lieutenant, the Servant Saber decides to throw a céilidh, a Celtic-style gathering with food, drink, music, dancing, and other entertainment; a familiar setting which Sir Bedivere can meet some of his new Union allies and get to know them better.
Hell Hath No Fury July 11th, 2014 Faruja Senra has no doubt known troubled sleep for many moons, especially since even his alliance with the Church has been called into question as of late. But with the Cancer stone's recent awakening came the assassin's cryptic message, "...T'would seem you are fated for better things, Holy One...". One cannot be too sure of its meaning, but given the fashion of events lately... it likely bodes ill...
Woodfaire Burning July 8th, 2014 The town of Woodfaire, outlying Riovanes in Fovoham, is under attack by Archadia, but not by its soldiers! The ruthless machiavellian conqueror has unleashed monsters upon the hapless village, including a fearsome Behemoth! <Location: Woodfaire, Fovoham, Story Mission>*
Unexpected Guests July 7th, 2014 Kirika's introduction comes complete with some shadowy 'zombies' and a pretty nasty anthropomorphic boss.
Lofty Ideals July 7th, 2014 Sir Bedivere of the Round Table, formerly of Camelot, now of the Union, leads a relief expedition high into the snowy mountains of the Multiverse. It's a treacherous winter road, and the threat of highwaymen and Confederates is a constant one. Whatever will this expedition of mercy find?
Street Hustle July 5th, 2014 Kotone's just checking out the city of Afterus when she runs into a street merchant from her world and shortly after? Allyn a shape shifter.
Unwound July 3rd, 2014 Mizuki and a myriad of multiversals attempt a tea party, but are beset by icky shadow fiends! A ghost of Mizuki's past appears, threatening all! It would appear that this is the start of another tale of ludicrous battles and dramatic speeches! Watch as reality becomes Unw~~oun~~d!
Into Factorial Town June 26th, 2014 A distress signal from the Digital World's Factorial Town lures heroes, investigators and villains alike to see what is up, and they meet the Digimon Emperor in his role for the first time.
Betrayal of Baert: Final June 24th, 2014 The Lord Baert has now been indemnified by all parties, and all appears to be lost. He may well get away with being responsible for the deaths of innocents, engaging in illegal backdoor deals, and attempting to assassinate his own Chief Operating Officer. But there's still a problem... one nosy little Burmecian Rat still has the evidence and the motivation to have that judgement overturned.

He'll have to be dealt with.

Enter Dr. Violet Hunter June 22nd, 2014 Dr. Violet Hunter unleashes a Devidramon on Tokyo, to lure out Japan's Self Defense Force.
Fate Cuts Strange Deals June 21st, 2014 The Corpse Brigade launches an attack against the Fort City Yardrow in attempt to free their own from Archadian clutches, inadvertently causing an impromptu battle between the forces of Ivalice and the forces of Archadia. If it spills out into the city, it could harm the citizenry.
Primary Village Seven June 20th, 2014 Primary Village Seven, in Tatsuto Satou's Digital World, seems to be under threat of attack by a Mothmon flying above its tower. Heroes gather to protect the baby Digimon of the village, but not everyone's there to be a hero!
The Dance to Precede Beatdowns June 18th, 2014 Mizuki prepares a dance the day before the 27th WMAT.
They are the Borg June 17th, 2014 Kotone and Roll check out what sounds like actions of the aliens that XCOM are fighting. It turns out to be something far more personally horrifying to Kotone. It's the Borg...


Title Date Scene Summary
No logs submitted yet.


More to come as things develope.

Mizuki - Allyn thinks Mizuki is a bit strange, but she is one of the first beings he met upon arriving in the multiverse. She made him feel welcome and he is thankful for that. He'd gladly put his life on the line if he were around and she was in danger.

Faruja - Allyn is impressed by the ratman, he was another that made Allyn feel welcome, despite having a small misunderstanding about something Allyn said at first. Allyn considers him a friend and would give his life to protect the rat.

Vesta - Takamachi Nanoha's familiar. Allyn met the little kitten in the bar and grill she thought that it was neat that there was another talking wolf. She decided she wanted to play and Allyn obliged, so he played with the kitten, being careful not to play too rough so he wouldn't hurt her.

Saber - A king? but a woman. Allyn doesn't know her too well, but she has his repect, because she understood what it meant to be offered the heart from a caribou he had killed.

Sir Bedivere - A knight, seems to be a friend and highly protective of Saber who he calls his king. Allyn is a bit wary of him, since he has mentioned that where Bedivere is from someone like Allyn would have been hunted down. He doesn't sense any cruelty from the knight, so that makes him alright as far as Allyn thinks.