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Alopex (Scenesys ID: 1057)
"Keep moving forward. Never stop moving. When you stop, so will everything else."
Full Name: Alopex
Gender: Female
Species: Arctic Fox Mutate
Theme: (OFC) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-1
Function: Rogue Ninja
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated (N/A)
Groups: {{{Groups}}}
Other Information
Physical Age:  ??? Actual Age:  ???
Still Aging? No. Voice Actor: Marcella Lentz-Pope (Kindred)
Height: 5'7" Weight:  ???
Hair Color: White Eye Color: Yellow
Theme Song: Shinedown - Cut the Cord


An ex-assassin for the Foot Clan, Alopex left the organization shortly after they burned down her first home in Fairbanks, Alaska. Her early life was that of an arctic fox. She was captured by Foot scientists and exposed to a mutagenic substance that transformed her into her current form. Despite leaving the group of ninjas and mercenaries, the Foot Clan left its mark due to the nightmarish experiments she went through and the constant assault of those looking to claim her bounty. Her escape was meant to allow her to hone her skills and escape her pursuers. What she found was the multiverse instead. Now, she employs a modernized set of ninja-like skills and keeps a blade at her back, though it is rarely drawn. Her confidence in these skills can cause her to stay in rough situations for far too long. When she decides to interact with others, trust has to be established first. Those that earn her trust will discover an ally that is very loyal as she misses having people she can rely on. People that she can share stories with. People to share food with! Especially burgers, because they are totally better than pizza. Her fighting style has adapted well to her new body. She's always been a determined type of person, which is why she was able to keep her mind together after the change, and find a new focus in fighting the Purple Dragons. Unfortunately for her, her mutant status has left her completely disconnected from her old life, and she desperately wants to find a way to return back to normal, which is part of her motivation for fighting the criminal underworld.










Hunted: Since Alopex left the Foot Clan without permission, they are constantly hunting for her. At any given time, it is possible for their personel or hired hitmen or mercenaries to come for the fox. The bounty posted for her around the Multiverse could also lure others into wanting to hunt for her as well.

Motion Sickness: If Alopex isn't using her own two feet to move around, she's going to get dizzy, if not ill, in a hurry. This goes for basically everything, from cars, to boats, to airplanes, to even spaceships. She just does not travel well.

Sensory Overload: While Alopex's senses are super sharp and help her in a number of ways, they can also be used against her. Things like pepper spray, flash bangs, and other sensory overwhelming devices will leave her disoriented for far longer than a regular person.

Old Instincts: Alopex's training has taught her how to control almost every aspect of her body and mind, but when put into a desperate situation, or she gets cornered in a dire situation, instincts can take over and she can end up going VERY feral to escape the situation.

Overconfidence: An expert hunter during her life as a fox, and extensive training to become one of the elite among the Foot, Alopex has rarely suffered defeat and as a result thinks so highly of her own skill that she often can find herself in over her head against multiple opponents or in the midst of an ambush. In the same vein she may walk into a situation she is a trap based on the fact she has a plan to deal with it. Additionally, she has trouble accepting the plans of others and often will stubbornly, rarely accept the advice of others.

Nightmares: The memories from Alopex's time in the labs, being mutated, still haunt her to this day. From time to time, the fox will encounter a bout of nightmares regarding this time, mixed with older memories of a massive bear terrorizing her original family. After these dreams, she can show symptoms of irritation, fatigue, and a hatred of both labcoats and anything that even vaugely resembles a bear.


Title Date Scene Summary
Back To Business As Usual February 20th, 2017 Tesla tries to claim a bunker found in the mountains, but intervention happens.
No Brakes! December 13th, 2016 Remnant didn't get away unscathed by the Multiversal Grand WTF.

A section of Wall fell in Vale, and Grimm began flooding in, seeking blood and fear.

An unlikely band of heroes, and the unlikely alliance between the White Fang and City Security, helped drive the monsters back, so that rebuilding can now begin.

Fright Factory - The Machine Queen October 16th, 2016 Epic Boss Battle versus Tesla... and the Factory itself??
Fright Factory - The Killing Floor October 11th, 2016 Three heroes endure the Killing Floor and the monster lurking there.
Fright Factory October 7th, 2016 Ominous factory investigating turns into Night of the Living Memes.


Title Date Scene Summary
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