Alpha Centauri

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Alpha Centauri (Scenesys ID: 613)
"Targets will be neutralized by the order of the Empire."
Full Name: A06-CnT719
Gender: Male
Species: Accretian
Theme: (OC) RF Online: Rise of Accretia-1R
Function: Enforcer
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (20)
Other Information
Physical Age:  ??? Actual Age: 36
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: James Spader (Ultron style)
Height: 9'11" Weight:  ???
Hair Color: N/A Eye Color: Gold
Theme Song: Three Days Grace "I am Machine" -


A06-CnT719 "Alpha Centauri" is an Accretian who hails from the Accretia Empire, located in the vastness of the Multiverse. His people are those of near pure logic, with powerful robotic bodies designed for a pre-determined purpose. Alpha Centauri is designed for the application of war, and for hunting down a threat from their Empire known as "Singularities": Accretians who turned their own backs against the very Empire that had created them. He has been given the superior armaments and technology needed to carry out his mission, and to bring devastation to anyone who dares to stand in his way. As a war machine, he can come across as cold, merciless, and distant, making it hard for anyone to understand him and befriend him. He sees any non-Accretian as an imperfect being -- an imperfecting being that needs to be either perfected or terminated, for they are no better than the Singularities he hunts. If not for the diplomatic assistant sent with him, Alpha Centauri could easily upset the wrong people.










HEAVY METAL: Given Alpha Centauri's heavily armored body, he is not a light individual. Structures lacking reinforcement may not be able to support him, and bogs or deep pools of water are hard for him to navigate.

ACIDIC WEAKNESS: Though Alpha Centauri's body is rather resilient due to the alloys his armor consists of, he has a high weakness to corrosion and acidic elements. Since he has no good way to purge the corrosion off of him, he will take continual damage until the effects wear off. (Will take bonus damage for multiple rounds. Number of rounds based on attack type and level.)

MENTAL WEAKNESS: Alpha Centauri's organic brain that controls his robotic body requires sleep, and can be susceptible to mind-controlling abilities. If he is not able to get enough sleep, he will start to lose focus, may even make irrational choices, until eventually his body will do a forced shut-down to protect itself.

COLD HEART: Alpha Centauri lacks very little emotion, on the surface. He can come across as being extremely cold and very inhuman, making him difficult to understand. He tends to operate mostly on sheer logic, and is very confused by illogical reasoning. This may cause some trouble between himself and the people of the Multiverse. His lack of understanding extends to a lack of compassion in battle. He is a cold, ruthless killing machine, and doesn't let sympathy get in the way of fulfilling his orders. Unless ordered to be cautious, he won't care about the state of anything in his path, and might not even stop to help an ally in trouble.

HAIL THE NATION: Alpha Centauri is extremely loyal to the Accretian Empire. Orders from the Empire will supersede orders from the Confederacy, which may sometimes lead to conflict.

FLESH IS WEAK: All Accretians are taught that flesh is weak and imperfect, and that anything not belonging to the Empire is weak and imperfect. Alpha Centauri believes in this wholeheartedly, and it colors his every interaction with the Multiverse. He may even be cruel or cold toward his allies because of this ingrained contempt for their imperfections.

MAGIC INEPT: The Accretians live in a society of advanced technology, and so magic is a foreign concept. Alpha Centauri therefore lacks any understanding of magic, even on a tactical level, making it easy for him to be fully caught off guard by it. Many forms of beneficial magic will have a reduced effect on him, too, just because his body and mind are schooled to reject the very concept.


Title Date Scene Summary
Final Countdown December 23rd, 2014 The Confederates make one last push to at least ensure no single Target Zone remains entirely in Union hands, before the factional truce!
Target: Battle of 92 December 15th, 2014 As the battle of resources continues, Alpha Centauri gets a chance to test himself out against a Saiyan named Taylita. This battle almost snaps him in two.
Target: A Battle For Ore November 26th, 2014 The Accretian Empire wants to make some good impressions, so they send Alpha Centauri after another target zone. This time he meets a human who is worthy of a battle.
Poison Pool Party November 16th, 2014 A ruined city on a ruined world turns out to be less empty than it seems at first glance, as Union, Confederate, and Unaffiliated forces investigate a mysterious explosion.
The Rookery - Toph vs Alpha November 8th, 2014 Toph decides to fight for the Rookery, and Alpha Centauri accepts her challenge.
The Hunt Is On November 5th, 2014 A new threat has arrived whom has allied themselves with the Confederacy. This threat is known as the Accretian Empire


Title Date Scene Summary
Your Mission (Alpha Centauri) November 5th, 2014 The Singularities think they are safe, but little do they realize that the Empire is coming to town and they know just who to send for the party.